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Boißen of the ServicCxStar chapters re-
gathered together tu Ue M dines
atie national convention of the organ-
Hamilton Berry chapter of this
sending as her representatives Mrs.
Messier and Mrs. Bruce W. Max-
afternoon these two dele-
Hei read their reports and told or
convention trip before the mem-
H-s of the chapter, at the meeting held
■ the green parlors of the X. W. C. A.
Hfrs. Florence Webster Long, who spent
weeks in France this summer.
Ho related some of her experiences while
numbers were given and a so-
Hi hour followed the program.
tJSif • • *
Hrfrs. H. E. Whitman, 911 North Meri
street, has gona to Philadelphia,
■v York City and Camden, N. J.. where
H- will spend a fortnight.
rs? " ii
Blr. and Mrs. George Eadeg, formerly
■ this city, now of Pasadena, Cal., are
He guests of Mrs. A. G. Clary, 1546
H>yt avenne.
jjjl • • • . -
Ht. and Mrs. R. C. Jessup of Atlanta,
u, who have been visiting friends in
e city, -Ifeft Tuesdsy for a few days’
ay in Terre Haute. / s

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hubbard, 2244
>rth Meridian street, announce the e.n
gemeut of their daughter, Ruth, to
sederick T. Holliday, son of Mr. and
rs. J. S. Holliday. 1010 North Dela
sre street.
The wedding will take place Oct. 16.
• • • x
Mrs. Herman Munk will entertain
mrsday with-ts luncheon at her home,
honor of Miss Jennie De Yore, tormer
esident of Glendale College. „
The guests will be composed of former
udentg of the school, aud ail young
omen in the State who have attended
e college are invited to be present.
• • •
The Harmony Club will hold its firs.'
usicale of the season Oct. 20 In the
een parlors of the Y. W.-C. A.
Several Intel eating numbers will be
esented, Including “Cleopatra's Night.”
The Legion” (Brell), “Oberon”. (Weber)
id “La Forza Del Detsino” (Verdi).
■• • •
Mrs. Ruth A. Wilhite and Miss Yuba
rilhite, 3004 North Delaware street, who
ve been in California for several
onths, will return borne tomorrow.
• • •
Miss Katherine Lane and Mrs. Olen C.
eller, 1710 College avenue, entertained
Iturday night with a dinner party In
onor of Miss Josephine Miller, whose
larriajre to Joseph J. Pesster of Clnein
atl will take place in October.
"• • •
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Wocber of the Cam
iridge apartment, who have been on an
Xtended motor trip through California,
rill return borne the hitter part of the
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnson. North
Illinois street, left yesterday to spend a
'fw days with Mr. ,;nd Mrs. William F.
franklin at their country home near Mon-
Hpclc'- 1 •*
• • •
Members of the Quaker Round Table
lass of the First Friends. Church will en
jrrtain with a “roast” Thursday night at
rairview park.
Mrs. John F. Ilaines is in charge of
general arrangements and Mrs. John Sink
:s chairman of the “eats" committee.
• • *
Mys. Anna Smiley. , 26.'H North Illinois
Street, has returned from Zlonsvllle,
where she visited relatives.
• • *
Christ Church League cf Social Serv
ice will hold its first autumn'social af
fair at the Propylaeuin tonight. >
The September section is in charge
md Includes Miss Eliza Browning,
Howard RuWaux, Mrs. Jean Parrott.
Mrs James Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
T. J. Landers and Mr. and Mrs. Fred
[eric Krull. *
[ A “stunt” will be pub on by the com
mittee /railed "The League of Extrica-
Before Taking Black Draught Mis
souri Lady Was Troubled Wi.h
Constipation, Headache and
Bad Taste ia SScath.
Grandln, Mo. —Mrs. Susa Brooks
of thia writes) “Soma time
ago I was In a bad fix, with stomach
and Hver trouble. I did not feel good
at any time. 1 was very constipated,
and bad headaches from this condi
tion, and had a continual hurling In
mj/ stomach, and bad taste In the
month. Could tell my lirer was all
"I hJQ" known of Black-Draught, so
decided to try It my3ell I began
with a large dose or doses, gradually
getting to smaller doses. It regulat
ed my bowels, relieved me of the
hurting in my stomach, cleaned off
my liver and made me fedl like anew
If you get up in the morning feel
ing as tired as you did when yon
went to bed—achy, coated tongue,
bad taste in mouth, sallow complex
ion—then your liver has not done Its
full duty, and your system, has ab
sorbed the poisons which your liver
should have taken away.
An oocaslonal dose of Thedford'a
Black-Draught will help inis lmpor>
ten* organ to function properly.
Get a package of Thedford's Black-
Draught liver medicine today.
Druggists sell It, or can get It for
7 rT> —Advertisement.
The Laxeiive
Internal Cleanser
for Quick Relief'
of Constipation
Grapoio docs not contain calomel, or
other mercury salts. It is purely vege
table, mild but positive in action, and
absolutely harmless. The small, choco
late-coated tablets are easy to take,
and give a natural movement, with
out purging or griping. p -ire 25 cents.
Henry J. render, Washington and
Penoaj Iranla street*, southeast corner
Michigan and Illinois streets, Indianapo
tt*. fhd., and all leading druggist*.—Ad-
tion,” which will b* followed by done*
**• • • •
Mrs. R. U Mason and Robert L.
Mason, Jr. of Greenfield, who spent the
week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Perry Pow
ell, S4M Carrollton avenue, returned home
Monday. \ -r
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kershawe, 2322
Ashlnad avenue, who have been spend
ing several days in Chicago, have re
turned home.
• • •
Mrs. Charles Douglas Herron of
Washington, who has been the guest of
her mother, Mrs. H. J. Hilllgan, 1441
North Delaware stret, has Returned
* * *
President's day was observed by tho
Meridian Heights Inter Se Club yester
day with a luncheon at thoc'heme of the
president, Mrs. Perry Powell, 3166 Car
rollton avenue.
The regular meeting followed the
luncheon, and each member told briefly
of “the most interesting place In the
United States” that she had visited. as
the introductory program for the sub
ject to be etudled this season, “Travel
and Active Citizenship In the United
States and Her Possessions.” x
•• • *
Mies Beatrice Dunn, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. R. Dunn, and William Mul
rine were married Tuesday In St. An
thony's Church, by Rev. A. H. Bnsald.
Lowell Amos was best man wfth Louis
Henry, Jr., and George Sheridan as
Miss Gladys Boots, maid of honor, wore
a pale green organdie frock, with hat to
match, and carried ap arm bouquet of
pink roses.
The bride was gowned in Ivory geor
gette crepe over eatln, embroidered In
pearl, her veil was arranged Roman style
with a Jeweled band, and she carried a
shower of bride roses.
A wedding beeakfaet was served at the
home of the bride's parents.
Masses of golden rod and garden
Cowers combined with asparagus fern
were used through the rooms.
Mr. and Mre. Mulrlne have gone to
Chicago and'will bo at home after Oct.
10 at 282 Holmes avenue.
• • •
The marriage of Miss Marguerite
Brlnkmeyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
E. G. F. Brlnkfheyer. and Kurt W.
Schmidt, took place last night in the
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church,
the Rev. J. D. Matthius officiating.
Attendants Included Mrs. Edua Brlnk
rftpyer, maid of honor; Miss Louise
Goebel. Mrs. E. T. Radcliffe. Mrs. W. B.
Gates and Mrs. C. D. DeWltt, brldea
irialds: Cart F. Schmidt, best man; Ray
mond Hottmin, Gur-Meyer, Ralph Rat
cliff and Leigh Felton, usher*.
The musical program* was Slten b?
Paul Elbert, organist.
Out-of-town guests who arrived for the
wedding are Mr. and Mra. William Haase
of Quincy, 111., and Mra. E. % Radcliffe
of GaMbnrg, 111.
Q. How much weight will a parachute
support and h<rw fast doea It drop?
J. K. C.
A. The average parachute has a diam
eter between twenty-five thirty feet
It is designed to support a weight of
about 200 pounds in falling. With ap
proximately this diameter, and a 200-
ponnd weight attached. fho- rale of
descent will be lietwecn fifteen and twen
ty t'*t per second, which is a safe rate
even wheu the weight consists of a Iju
man passenger.
(-) ''"x)
' ' , X —-
Those Flavory Pork and Beans
Here is a flavory, savory dish that will ap
peal to the whole family r
Phoenix Pork and Beans are not only quality
, . pork and beans—correctly cooked
—but they have the most appetizing taste
' you cap imagine.
The snannv Phoenix Tomato Sauce imparts
an unrivaled flavor that makes folks pass the
dish for a second helping.
If yon have revfer tried Phoenix Pork and
Beans, do so today. Your grocer ‘will
fully refund your money if you are not fully
* pleased. -
SCHNULL & Indianapolis
Mrß. Housewife , v
Do Ypu Know?
1. How much milk you should use per
person in your household?
2. What sort of is most frequent
ly wasted by the American housewife?
3. Why a kitchen or furnace Are ahould
never be poked from above?
(These questions will be answered to
morrow by the Housewife.)
1. Crystals that sometimes appear in
home-made Jelly are due to excess of
sugar; or because the juice is boiled too
long before addtng the sugar, or because
spattered syrup on the Sides of the pre
serving kettle dries and gets Into the
Jelly when poured out.
2. If you mix _ the cereal with the
water when tt Is cool and then bring It
\ slowly to a boll In a double boiler it
j will not and need not be stirred.
3. To store iron or steel utensils so
they will not rust, cover with an un
salted fat or wrap carefully In news
paper.—Copyright, 1920.
Municipal League to
Convene Here in Nov.
A meeting ot the Commercial Secretaries
of Indianapolis wHI be held Nov.' 49 to
discuss the progress of the city manag
ing plan in connection with the Confer
ence of _ghe National Municipal League,
[which will meet in Indianapolis that
; week.
j The National Municipal League will
bring 400 to 500 men and women „of na
tional and international note to the city.
Frank A. Vanderlip, financier and phil
anthropist, is treasurer of the organiza
tion, and Charles Evans Hughes, candi
date for president -on the Republican
i ticket t* i the-, last presidential campaign,
is president.
Both Mr. Hughes and Mr.
| will be In Indianapolis for the league
j conference.
Julius Bopetfwald of Chicago. R. H
i Childs of New York City, C. R. Woodruff
of Philadelphia, Albert Shaw, New York
I'Clty, Harvey Stuart Chase of Boston are
I among the men of wealth and note who
1 will attend the conference.
Buy only *‘Diamond Dyes"
Each package of "Diamond Dyes” con
tains directions so simple that ''any
woman can diamond-dye worn, shabby
skirts, waists, dresses coats, gloves,
stockings, sweaters, draperies, every
thing, whether wool, silk, linen, cotton
ors mixed goods, new, rich fadeless
c*lorp. Have drirggltt show you "Dia
nTorid Dyes Color’ Card.”—Adyectipement.
Kiwanis Clubs Provide for
Women's Entertainment'.
' -■*-
A number of social event* bas been
planned for the visiting women who will
come to attend the convention of the
Kiwanis (Jlubs, 1° Wo held here tonforrow
and Thursday, with headquarters In the
Hotel Severin.
Dr. Carl Lucas is in charge of the
-woman’s entertainment, and. has ap
polnbeda feeeptlon committee of local
women, who will as hostesses for the
out-of-town feminine guests.
The group Includes Mr*. Clyde Titus.
Mrs. Felix Geddes, Mrs. A. P. Conklin,
Mrs. Ed Ilereth, Mrs. M. J. Hamrael, Mrs.
G. A. George, Mrs.Brommert, Mrs. Cecil
.Crabb, Mrs. Henry Dlthmep, Mrs. Jack
Quill, Mrs. Alec Scott, Mrs? John Hook,
Mrs. Lucas and Mrs. George Doran.
Registration for the Women will be
conducted at the Hotel Severin toraor-'
row morning, opening at 9 o’clock and
also at 9 Thursday morning.
Vaults quicker and more economically ' if? |
than wita any other machine. ftp • *
The PRIMA saves the tima and
:: ALL the clothes. When you see it • S
work you will realize that it has no S! *
iliii equal and you will surely want it. :§
\ii|i i| j i Your washing will qot worry you after i8 |
:i| ||; you own a. PRIMA Home Washer. H '
i|ii Won’t you allow us to prove these >
: Si:;: strong claims in your -home, with a fl
PRIMA Wa*hr? Just telephone or call.
HI; 1 Primatlectric Appliance Cos. r—llafa.
Tomorrow night a theater party has
been arranged under the direction of
John A. George, and between 10 and 12
u. m , Thursday, the Women will be en
tertained by a motor trip which is bo.
lng arranged by Felix Geddes, assisted
by Donald. Brown.
Thursday afternoon automobiles anil
chartered street cars will tako>th'e women
and men to Broad Ripple Park, where
the Kokomo-Indlanapolls kiwanis base
ball will take place, to be fol
lowed by a clara.bake at 6:30 and a
dancing party In the evening.
A. P. Conklin Is to look after the com
fort of the vroAen at the clam bake and
Ed Hereth will be In charge of their
enfertalnmenv at the dance.
Q. What is an accredited school?
L. F. It
A. An accredited school Is a school
which has proven that its courses are
satisfactory and that its graduntes are
capable of a certain educational' slnndlng
which is required by higher institutions.
These schools are passed upop by ac
crediting associations and by the boards
of colleges.
Open the containers, weigh and'freshen
the curoq cucumbers by allowing .them to
stand for an hour or two in clear, cold
water. /
It is believed that the pickles are im
proved In texture (made more crisp and
firm! by dropping them into a lime x bath
(oYe ounce of lime to one gallon of
water) for about two hours.
The lime used is calcium oxide and
jfi. SUITS I :
fiS|| . sflvert'ones, Merges! 28 ?6 * 50 1
n . King carries a complete _
I iHfflr in all *{yfes and mat/r?a£. line of DRESSES,
HJI Oar $19.50 Leader BLOUSES. FUR§, ggS(
M<*nns a genuine saving t„ SWEATERS and flllD- I
irice. ranging np,t„ <IM . SUITS. v J
! Faces —that are white and thin
Eyes—that lack lustre
, ' Step into the playgrounds of
some school during recess. Notice the difference in
the children. Some are while-faced, with lack lustre
eyes —playing games perhaps, but without enthusiasm.
Others are rosy of cheek, sparkling of eye—playing
with an enthusiasm that never seems to lag—just
*• healthy normal kids.
' What makes the difference?
„ Mainly the kind of food eaten, 'fhe rosy-cheeked ones
invaribly drink plenty of'hiilk; the others are either
not getting enough to eat or are getting the wrong
' *** kind of food. v
School authorities have made
many effTTbts to correct improper feeding of children,
■usually serv'ng a recess luncheon of milk. This has
- worked wonders for the children —but why put off on
_ * the school what should be done in the home?
* V x.
Give v your children plenty of
% ' rich, fresh milk—Polk’s Best —and give them a
v - chance to build a strong body. ' \-
- . ‘ \J *'
® Polk’s Best Milk is a perfect
food for children. The minerals help to sturdy
frame and beautiful teeth; the protein makes flesh,
n the carbohydrates furnish'energy and the vitamines
encourrfge growth- and ’protect from disease.
Order a quart of Polk i Best Milk
today for each chad in your family—they need it;
and remember that milk'is a protective , energy-pro
, ducing food for older folks , too.
Return your empty
pryi 'V7'C
we can not make de- ak fj
liveries to you. . /
' / . 's ■■ / S
v % - Ask Your Physician
Order by Phone. North 852,. Auto. 23-331.
can be obtained from drugstores. The
color mvy be intensified by neutralizing
the acid with a soda hath (one teaspoon
ful of soda to one gallon of water).
If either of theso bathsls used it' Js
necessary, immediately afterward, to
plunge the cucumbers into .clear,
water for one hour.
t Drain well and place in a granite kettle
which has been lined with flyinach or
grape leaves, cover the cucumbers with
the leaves, and pour over then! bailing
water. ”
Allow to stand In these, leaves until
thoroughly eold.x drain well, and cover
with a scalding vinegar solution (on*
p'nt of vinegar to three pints of water)
C5dF quickly and allow them to stand
for three or four hours.
By go treating with grape or spinach
leaves a better green color may be ob
tained in the fin shed product)*
Rlace cucumbers In a fresh vinegar
bath (two pints of vinegar to two pint*
of and allow them in stand until
the hext morning.
BUREAU. Washington, D. C.
The Times will be glad to print YOUR
husband’s favorite recipe. Addreaa
Recipe Editor, Dally Time*. -

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