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America’s Standing With Oth
er Nations Foremost Prob
lem of New* President.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 3.—Sweeping
victorious in the presidehtial and sena
torial elections the Republican party to
day faced the task of fixing America’s
status among the nations of the world
and of ending a technical state of war
that has endured longer than actual
fighting of this nation.
President-elect Harding himself has
frankly said that detailed plans for meet
ing this task are as yet unformed, bat
today these things stood out:
President Wilson having been defeated
in the "solemn referendum” on the
League of Nations, is expected to take
no further action looking to the adop
tion of that pact.
Senator Harding favors first the dec
laration of peace by congressional reso
lution and second the formation of a
new association of nations to which task
he has promised to call the country’s
best minds.
The new Senate will be Republican,
and even some Democrats will be for
Harding and against the Wilson peace
Idea—notably Reed of Missouri and Wat
son of Georgia.
That is the ontline of the situation of
which the new President will be the cen
ter when he calls a special Congress
session which he is expected to do soon
after assuming office in March.
Within his own party he will, of coarse,
have the lrreconcilables, returned in fall
force by the election of Brandegee, In
Connecticut, and Moses, In New* Hamp
shire, while Johnson and Borah remain
(n the Senate.
On the other hand, he will have a
group representing the Ideas of ex-
President Taft and Herbert Hoover that i
while the present league must be modi
fied, It should not be expurgated to
Republicans here hope that when Har
ding’s plana are unfolded in detail he
will have the support of both these
groups, as well as that of many Demo
crats who are anxious to have America's
world status fixed.
Bryan Continues to
Talk —Like a Sphynx
' LINCOLN, Nob., Not. 3.—William
Jennings Bryan continued today to main
tain the silence that characterized his at
titude during the campaign.
He declined to Issue any statement re
garding the election, but Intimated ha
would hare a statement to make proba
bly late this afternoon or tonight.
36 Districts Oust
Booze in Scotland
GLASGOW, Not. B.— Thirty-six Scot
tish districts Toted dry In yesterday’s
elections, according to today’s returns.
Ten Toted “wet” one district went
for limitation of liquor sales.
Marriage Licenses
Ernest Davis. Indianapolis 30
Margaret Taylor. 2510 Cornell av.... So
Kenneth Parr. 815 East Main 5t.... 21
Opal Blue. 710 East Sixty-Fourth st 28
Neison Apgar. 3553 Salem st 65
Eliza Stoops, 245 West Thirty-First at. 30
Joseph and Minerva Tackett 318 N.
East, boy.
Peter and Elizabeth Szomolya, 3010 W.
Tenth, boy.
William and Henriette McElroy, 1133
Maderia, srlrl.
John and Anna Greenwood, 1328 Leon
ard, boy.
Albert and Alma Yondersaar, 2021 Hoyt,
Edward and Lillian O’Callahan, 535
Bell, girl.
Arcie and Will Wallace, 7 E. North,
Walter and Myrlam James, 310 N. Jefr
ferson, girl.
Herman and Isabelle Stoefler, 715 N.
Da Quincy, girl.
William and Effie Gabber, 518 N. Wil
kins, girl.
Guy and Beulah Lewis, Deaconess
Hospital, boy.
Whitfield and Mary Manklns, City Hos
pital, boy.
Roscoe and Mary Shirley, City Hospi
tal. boy.
William and Bertha Mitchell, City Hos
pital. girl.
Alfred and Nora Walters, 38 Hendricks
Place, boy.
Otto and Ruby Comstock, 839 N. DaTld
son, boy.
Johnnie and Cecil Whalin, 813 Eugene,
Robert and Marie Spencer, 927 Fayette,
Ralph and Gertrude Reldy, 1434 E.
Eleventh, boy.
Harry and Mae Mulllmix, 205 N. State,
llalph and Gladys Tlncber, 2004 E.
Maryand, glr.
Earl and Frances Hackleman, 1067 Eu-
Raymond and Bessie Puckett, 1414 8.
New Jersey, girl. „ _
Stef and Tusana Schlan, apt. 3, Emer
son Place, boy.
Paul and Norma Blair, 1938 Hoyt, girl
Joseph and Mary Dubasz, 751 Concord,
* Amber anS Cordle Chappell, 1114 N.
Warman. boy.
Alva and Alta Burroughs, 645 Caldwell,
Joseph and Eulaha Schmidt, 518 Sum
•'larence and Dorothy Fischer, 2303
* sfdney and Mary Waltmen, 1375 Silver.
* Edwin and Maude Bockstahler, 1438
1 Harold and Pearl Hayes, 24 S. Harris,
Lawrence and Martha Anderson, Dea-
CO J^° aP ind' & Wagner. 1309 E.
1 Sarah Hnnter, 950 Lynn.
b ’°Peter and Emma Warren, 6101 Bonna,
Abram and Bertha Jones, 839 Paca.
Martha J. Walton, 75, 1215 Herbert, tu
beSnjnn*l* McKay, 68, City Hospital, dla
-1 etes mellitus.
Elizabeth Get. Mer, 01, 2121 Webb,
chronic myocarditis.
t.ifant Hunt-r. 1 day, 950gNorth Lynn,
premature birth.
P {ant Mnnkin. 2 days, City Hospital
lober pneumonia.
Dlca K. Lyons, 43 South Arsenal, car
Miranda Harper, 53, 1913 Howard, car
Jess'e B. Mitchell. 51. 2207 Martindale,
pulmonary tuberculosis.
Charles Crone. 36, 1014 East Raymond,
Addisons disease.
Gllly Shaw, 29, 651 Thornton, pulmo
nary tuberculosis.
j honing Fleming, 63, City Hospital,
t o— ■* t i>srv. 17, 3026 Ruckle,
acute dilatation of heart.
j . -.alley, 75, City Hospital,
chronic myocarditis.
Martha Magdalene Capen, 102. 1627
East Minnesota, cerebral hemorrhage.
John David Kaser, 4, 1106 Blaine, acute
Earl Vasblnder. 28, St. Vincent's Hos
pital, fractured skull, accidental.
Infant Lewis, 3 hours, Deaconess Hos
pital, premature birth.
LONDON, Not. 3. —The latest attempt
o be made here to bring down the high
cost of men’s suits is the perfecting of
horsehair cloth, whieh Is being made
Into suits and sold ready-made at S3O.
The stilts are of four color*—brown,
gray, green and bine. The makers of
tl*e cloth say It la the hardest wearing
mateajAl yet discovered.
? _\”C,
g£&& ' ’’SF'** y^^Si^|BHBBBB|pM
Statements From Leaders
on Result of the Election
(Continued From Pare One.) "*
accpt my cordial congratulations and
good wishes.”
The following message was sent to
Chairman Will H. Hays of the Repub
lican national committee:
“Congratulations to you on the leader
ship of the most successful contest."
WASHINGTON. Nov. 3.-Tbe election
of Senator Harding Is regarded as tbo
death of the League of Nations by Song
tor William E. Borah, Republican, ol
Idaho, one of the Senate “irrcconcill
Senator Borah said: “I regard the
election as the triumph for nationalism
and the death of the League of Nations,
“The people have kept the faith.
“The Republic is always safe In their
hands when they understand the facts.”
“Os course, being a candidate, I am
*orry to Y>e defeated and I am also sorry
for the other good men who were on
the ticket with me.” said Thomas Tag
gart, Democratic candidate for United
States Senator from Indlsna.
“We made a splendid fight, but could
not overcome the odds against us.
“The Democratic platform, both State
and National, should bare appealed to
the people more than did the Republican
platform, but as Indicated by the vote
of the people they did not think so.
“Governor Cox made what I consider
a remarkable one-man fight, and with
out enough money in either State or
National headquarters to pay for post
“I congratulate mv opponent. Senator
Watson, and wish him the best of luei
and hope Senator Harding’s and Mr.
McCray's administrations will be suc
“So far as I am personally concerned
I have no regrets, and I want to take
this opportunity to express to the peo
ple of the State and the Democratic or
ganization my thAnks for the splendid
support they gave me.
“Thia campaign has giTen me an op
portunity to see more of Indiana than
1 have ever seen in the past, and I am
certainly proud of our good old Booster
State, and to know it you must travel
over and through it and come In con
tact with the great, hearty anj cordial
South Bend, Ind. —“I had thought there was no relief for me until I began
taking Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription. For some time I
suffered from organic trouble, with pains in my side, backache,
and bearing pains. Thru this I became so nervous and weak
that I could not do anything. I was a miserable wreck, became W
so thin I only weighed ninety pounds. No medicine seemed to y
give me relief, until I began taking the ‘Favorite Prescription.’ V
After I had taken a few doses of this medicine, I knew I had at
last found something that was goingYto help me. I felt so much T A
better. I have just finished my fourth\bottie and am feeling fine.
I have gained in weight. I now weigh 140 pounds and do not have an ache or a
pain.—MßS. THERESA WILKESON, 622 No. Walnut St.
greeting which I received from Hoos'aza
of all political partle*.”
"I am glad the result was decisive,
because it makes very clear the desires
of the people,” eald Dr. Carleton B. Mc-
Culloch. defeated candidate for Governor
of Indiana.
“We can now all turn to and give
our best efforts to solving the problems
that confront us.
“Governor Cox made a courageous fight
against tremendous odds, and the Na
tional and State organizations 'pulled
every last pound that In them lay.
“Mr. Taggart was Indefatigable and
• Every candidate and worker was
loyal and untiring.
“So while we are disappointed In the
result, we know we did all we could.
“I wish for Senator Watson and Mr.
McCray every good thing, and pledge
them the cordial support of a devoted
Indian lan.
“I expect to resume my prsctlee at
“It was a bully rood fight"
"The President asked for a 'great
and solemn referendum' end he got it,"
said James E. Watson, Republican, who
was returned to tbs Senate.
"It was surely a ’great’ ene for tl*
Republicans and certainly a ‘solemn’ one
for the Democrats."
SAN FRANCIPCO, Nov. B.—“lt’s the
end of the I-eague of Nation*." was the
emphatic declaration of Senator Hiram
Johnson, commenting on the victory of
Senator Harding.
The Senator today Isaued the follow
ing statement:
"No amount of sophistry or pretense
can obscure the Issue in Tuesday’s elec
"The men and women who bear the
burdens and pay the price of war finally
have had the opportunity to pass upon
the foreign policy of their country.
"On the one hand was the interna
tionalism of the League of Nationt, and
on the other the American policy of
Washington. Jefferson and Monroe.
"The menacing, dangerous and en-
tangling league has been emphatically i
and overwhelmingly repudiated.
‘‘The sons and daughters of America!
have determined that America shall re
main the nation weTiave ever known,
continuing steadfastly In the old path
that has led to our present greatness and
‘‘lt’s the end of th° League of Na
tions; It’s the recrudescence of Amer
“The victory of Senator Harding Is
the response of the American spirit to
the endeavor to denationalize it.”
HYDE PARK. N. Y.. Nov. 3.—“ The re
sult of the election in no way changes
the duty of this country to Join the other
nations in the splendid effort to solve
International difficulties, to end miltar
ism and to avoid future war* for all
time,” declared Franklin D. Roosevelt,
defeated candidate for Vice President, in
a statement issued here this ifteruoon.
(Continued From Page One.)
for Congress, received 14,380 votes, and
Charles S. Batt. Democratic. 11,908.
The entire Republican county ticket
was elected.
LA PORTE, Ind., Nov. 3.- Thirty-five
of sixty precincts in La Porte county
give Harding 6,196; Cox, 3,130: Watson,
5,720; Taggart, 3,010; McCray, 5,067; Mc-
Culloch, 3,018; Hickey, 8.030; Ilepler,
For Judge Superior Court Fifth district,
16 precincts of La Porte Cojinty give
Travla. Republican. 2.863; Bowser, 1.37 L
LA GRANGE, Ind , Nov. 3.—La Grange
County waa carried by the Republicans
by a plurality of 2,100
SHOALS, Ind., Nov. 3.—Twelve out of
twenty precl*t in Martin County give
Harding 1,840, Cox 1.710, McCray 1,947.
MeCulloeh 1,786, Watson 1,004, Taggart
GOSHEN, Ind, Nov. B.—Elkhart
County was carried by the Republicans
; by 0,400.
I CORYDON. Ind., Nov. B.—The Repub.
itjan plurality in Harrison County will
‘ be about 500
I ANGOLA, Ind., Nov. 8. —Complete re
| turns for Steuben County give Harding
4,874, Cox 1.079, McCray 4,838. McCulloch
1 1,668. Watson 4,937, Taggart 1,454.
LOGANSPORT. Ind.. Nov. 3—Beven
; teen precincts out of forty-nino in Cats
County show Harding leading, by 487
i votes.
VEVAV, Ind.. Nov. 3.—Harding car
ried Switzerland County by a plurality
of 11*. Watson received 7.309 votes;
Taggart, 2,375; McCray, 2,502; McCul
loch, 2,882.
NORTH VERNON, Ind . Nov. 3-Com
plete returns for Jenninge County give
Harding a plurality of 800; McCray. 741;
Wotaon, 7*6: Uenham (candidate for
Congrese). 78*.
PERU, Ind-., Nov. 3. —Forty- out of
forty-four precinct* In Miami county
give Harding 6,878, Cox 5,735.
Thirty-eight prectnct* give McCray
6,267, McCulloch 5.m
Thlrty-aeven precinct* give W*t*oa
6.1*3, Taggart 5,208.
BLUFFTON. -Ind.. Nov. 3.—Twenty
niae pradnets out of thlrty-fonr in
Well* County gave Cox a plurality of
200- and Taggart a plurality of 298
Twanty-seron precinct* give MeCul
loeh a plurality of 246.
Whltely County showed an unofficial
plurality for Harding of 582
Watson and McCray ran about th*
The entire Republican county ticket
was elected.
RICHMOND, Ind.. Nov. 3 Elxty-nw
out of *l*ty-*lx precinct* in Wayne
County give Harding 12,436, Cox 7.941,
Watson 11.055, Taggart 8.029, McCray
12,217, McCulloch 7,80*
HARTFORD CITY. Ind., Npv. 3.-~Cnin
plete return* from Blackford County
IN the olden days, perhaps in
your grandmother’s time, it
was sometimes considered
fashionable to be delicate, pale
and with an inclination to faint
at the least provocation. It is
different now. America is raising
a strong race —a race of strong
and vigorous mothers. When a
woman becomes nervous, suffers
from backache, sleeplessness, a
general tired out and fagged feel
ing, with a dragging down, she
should turn to the right remedy.
She is positive she can get relief
and assistance from Dr. Pierce,
because her mother, sister or aunt
tried Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Pre
scription and found that it relieved
woman’s distressing ailments.
Over half a century ago Dr.
Pierce prescribed his favorite
medicine in diseases peculiar to
women in a large practice, then,
in 1870, he began compounding
and selling it to druggists. Here
is what many a woman says of
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription.
Retains Office
X : • A
gave Harding, 3.125: Cox, 2.555; Wat
son, 3004: Taggart. 2.560; McCray, 3,-
OfA); McCulloch, 2.504: Kraus (for Con
gress I, 3,000; Cook. 2,030.
St. josKrn.
SOUTH BEND, Ind., Nov. 3—Flfty-sl*
out of 116 precincts in St. Joseph County
give the G. O. P. g plurality of 300.
GREEN&BUUG. led.. Nov. 23.—Com
plete returns for Decatur County give
Harding. 5.404; Cox. 3.876; Watson. 5,414;
Taggart, 3,917; McCray, 5,426; McCulloch,
3,913; lien bam (candidate for Congrese),
5,579; Canfield, 4,020.
KOKOMO., Ind.. Nov. 3.—Howard
County is Republican by the unprece
dented plurality of 4XOO. George W.
! Freeman defeated Mrs. Anna Tapp Knep
! pie. Democratic candidate for the Legis
| lature, by _ 4.400.
COVINGTON. Ind., Not. 3.- Harding
larriod Fountain Couuty, receiving 5.218
'otes to Cox’s 4.180. Watson received
4.971; Taggart. 4.172: McCray. 4,972; Mc-
Culloch. 4.210.
HUNTINGTON, Ind., Nov. 3.—Harding
carried Huntington County with a vote
of 8,100, agalnar 6.506 for Cox.
Watson received 8004, Taggart 6,447
McCray 7,969, McCullloch 6,518.
BROWNSfOWN, Ind, Nov. 3.—Cox
carried Jackson County, receiving 4,5%
vote* to Harding s 4,31 k
Taggart received 4,628 vot*a and Wat
son 4,184.
CONNFR3VILLK. Ind., Nov. 3—Com
plete returns from Fayette County show:
Harding 4.7-12, Cox 3.768, Watson 4.639,
CUfaidPlJUvunz €a
127 West Washington St.
fv, VV
Good Clothing
For You And
Your Family
Take Your Choice
Cash or Payments—
-127 West Washington St.
for tired aching feet
For prateful relief from that swollen,
dry and slit! sensation, bathe your feet
with Resinol Soap and hot water. Then
apply Resinol Ointment, rubbing it in
thoroughly and allowing it to remain
on for ten or fifteen minutes or over
night, if possible.
This mild treatment rarely fails to aoothe and in
vigorate tired, aching feet. AU druggiata tell
Resinol Soap and Ointment.
■'<**•* * ***!>• to
day. Makes 701x9
nod and noio
Easy to apply
to act
Taggart 3,755, McCray 4,709, McCulloch
NEW ALBANY, Ind., Nov. 3.—Senator
Watson led the ticket in Floyd County
with a plurality of 255. Harding’s plur
ality was 201 and McCray’s 182.
MARION, Ind., Nov. 3.—The Repub
lican plurality in Grant County Is esti
mated at 4,000. *
Harding carried Montgomery County by
SALEM, Ind., Nov. 3. —Complete re
turns from Washington County show.
Cox 4,107. Harding 3,669, Taggart 4,118,
Watson 3,647, McCulloch 4,134, McCray
To Cure a Cold In One Day
NINE tablet*. The genuine bears the
signature of E. W. Grove. 30c—Adver
For Thursday Only, We Offer
One Hundred Lovely
lew Trimmei Mats
Made of Lyons and
Panne Velvet
The greatest hat values of the season! We obtained a generous dis
count from the manufacturer —the hats are offered you at a fraction of
what they would regularly cost. Hundreds of newest models, nearly
every one different, in styles for the girl, the woman or the older wom
an, are offered.
The Styles The Trimmings
Mostly close-fitting crushy effects. Flowers and fruit are used with
very youthful and charming. Large, charming effect also pins of jet
- . . , . ,# . , ’ stuck in at interesting angles. Os
floppy brim hats, medium aue modob, , rich f( . alhm and t „ sels art festured .
in all the rich shades of brown and Made of Lyons and panne velvet. Sale
blue, admired this season. price, $1.85.
J* 5-j: Pl *" 0 ” t
Just Arrived—soo COATS
Newest shades, all the desired materials.
25% to 40%
524.50 U ,200.00
Suits *oft-J2l Men’s Suits
tones, goldtones and vr Checks, stripes and plain tL to
mmmmmmmmmmm —m——
Dresses $ 1 Overcoats *IQJ2
serge* and silk. | g A JJp Topcoats ajid Raincoats 3
Furs" ”SQ;M |Trousers tIH
A Saving of 40% W VF Work and Dross W A f P D
Out-of-town Men’smothes
Anti-Parochial School Bill De
feated by Vote of 2 to 1.
DETROIT, Mich.. Nov. B.—Michigan
will send five new Republican congress
men to Washington and eight for an
other term, it was indicated a* returns
continued coming in early today,'
A hard fought battle between oppo
nents and proponents of the antl-pa
roehial school amendment to the State
constitution resulted in Us defeat by
approximately two to one. returns show.
The amendment, If adopted, would ex
clue all parochial schools from the State
and force a)! children between the ages
of 5 and 16 to attend public schools.
Next to President, the school amend
ment was paramount in the election.
Two Jailbreakers
Are to Be Returned
City Detective Barnaby and Deputy
United States Marshal Wicker left today
for Mnskegoe, Okla., to return H. H.
Tunnlcllff and Oliva Brown to Indianap
olis. They are two of the prisoner* who
escaped from the Marlon County Jail
July B.
Tunnlcllff was a Federal prisoner wait
ing to be taken to Atlanta, Ga., at the
time be escaped.
In a message received by Bherlff Robert
Miller, authorities at Muskogee state that
Tunnlcllff is nursing an injured leg as
the result of being shot.
* f *Murine for Re3!
>or Ato# Dess, Soreness, Grant*
gist for Munpe when your Eyes Need Cari/**
MixrUso Hjro Bsiasdy Cos., Chltagg

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