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Following Special Values on Sale From 9to 11 Only. No Phone, Mail or 0. 0. D. Orders, As
Quantities in Many Instances Are Extremely Limited.
$3.00 to $5.00 Un
trimmed Hats, 89c
Silk velvet untrlmmed hats
in black and dolors. Street
and dress models.
—Pettis millinery dept.,
second floor.
$9.50, $10.50, $ll.OO
and $12.50 Silk
Umbrellas, SB.OO
Purple, brown, blue, gTeen,
taupe silk umbrellas, with
bakeltte rings or with all
bakelite handles.
—Pettis umbrella dept.,
street floor, front.
Umbrellas, $3.95
Sliver trimmed service
umbrellas, with silk cord
—Pettis umbrella dent.,
street floor, front.
sl.lO Bleached Sheet
ing, 69c
Avery excellent quality of
bleached sheeting, two yards
—Pettis beddings, fifth floor.
$4.35 Breakfast
Cloths, $2.98
Fine imported mercerized
satin damask breakfast cloths.
Size 54x54.
—Pettis linens, street.
floor, aisle two.
Art Goods
AH package goods, one
third off.
49c Angora yarn in white
and black, 29*.
75c Stamped towels,
—Pettis art dept.,
fifth floor.
$2.75 Shopping Bags,
Caratol leather shopping
—Pettis leather goods,
street floor, aisle three.
Women’s $7.98 Kid
Gloves, $4.50
Full 16-button length kid
gloves, in white only.
j/ —Pettis sieves, street
floor, aisle four.
Sheffield Plate Bud
$3.48 Bud vases, $1.75
$2.48 Bud vases, $1.25
$1.98 Bud vases, SI.OO
—Pettis silverware, street
floor, front.
$1.25 Drapery Mate
rial, 67%c
Imported English warp
print reversible drapery ma
terials in rich, soft shades
and colors.
—Pettis drapery dept.,
third floor.
89c Cable Marquis
ette, 48c
Cable marquisette in white,
cream or ecru.
—Pettis drapery dept.,
third floor.
75c Colored Voile and
Marquisette, 42%c
Double bordered voile and
marquisette in dainty floral
sprays and bluebird pat
—Pettis drapery dept.,
third floor.
55c Ribbons, 35c
Moire ribbons for hair
bows ard sashes. All shades.
—Pettis ribbons, street
floor, Bisle three.
$9.50 Fur Collars,
Coney fur collars, full
shawl size; black, brown and
gray. -
—Pettis fur collars, street
floor, aisle two.
Women’s 12%c Hand
kerchiefs, 8c
Colored handkerchiefs,
neatly hemstitched.
—Pettis handkerchiefs,
street floor, aisle three.
$1.25 and $1.50 Ves
tees, 75c
Lace and net vestees,
tucked, ruffled, etc. Many
with collar attached.
—Pettis neckwear, street
floor, aisle two.
VME tMSW ST OR E _jt ST. 153
Wall Paper, Bundle,
Eighty remnants of wall
paper in bundles containing
3 to 5 rolls.
—-Pettis wall paper,.
third floor.
$7.50 Velours, $5.00
Ntovelty crossbar valours.
In Pekin blue, pheasant, Co
penhagen, castor and buff;
56 inches wide,
—Pettis woolens, street
floor, aisle one.
$2.00 Corduroy, SI.OO
Imported, mercerized cor
duroy, navy grounds, stippled
with gray. For children’s
6uits or coats.
—Pettis corduroys, street
floor, aisle one.
$2.00 Silks, $1.25
Broken assortments of
novelty Georgettes, mar
quisettes, crepe de chines,
striped pongees, etaxnines,
poplins, etc.
—Pettis silks, street
floor, aisle one.
$2.85 and $3.00 Silk
and Cotton Satins,
Novelty printings, suit
able for linings and kimonos.
All are 36 inches wide.
—Pettis linings, street
floor, aisle two.
$1.25 Cotton Taffetas,
Mercerized cotton taffetas,
handsome designs in bright
floral patterns on dark
—Pettis linings, street
floor, aisle two.
$1.25 Filet Curtain
Net, 68c
White and ecru fllet cur
tain net, 38 inches wide, and
launders perfectly.
—Pettis drapery dept,
thirl floor.
$7.50 Lace Curtains,
Pair, $4.75
White, ivory and ecru cur
tains, with overlooked, cord
ed or scalloped edge. Plain
or figured centers.
—Pettie drapery dept.,
third floor.
$12.50 Kitchen
Tables, $7.95
Very solid, well built
kitchen table, dropleaf style,
size when closed 42x22, open
—Pettis furniture dept.,
fourth floor.
Kaltex Waste Paper
Baskets, $1.69
Just forty of these baskets
in three different sizes, round
or square.
—Petti# furniture dept.,
fourth floor.
Books, 25c
400 copies of good books
on the recent war. The pub
lisher's price for these book3
was SI.OO to $1.75.
—Pettie booke, street
floor, nlele four.
25c Stationery, 9c
“Postage Saver” station
ery, packages of 60 sheets.
—Pettis stationery dept.,
street floor, nlsle four.
Palmolive soap, 6 cakes
37*. (Six bars to a custo
12c Kirk’s Juvenile soap,
80c Djer-Kiss talcum, 19*.
50c F. E. I. tooth paste,
$2.15 Coty’s face powder,
$1.29. (One box to a cus
—rettls toilets, street
floor, front.
SBO.OO Wardrobe
Trunks, $53.50
One of Mendel Drucker’s
best numbers; open top
style, with hangers, drawers,
etc. Just three of these.
—Pettis luggage, fifth floor.
$4.75 to $5.25 Suit
Cases, $3.25
Black enameled duck, fancy
cretonne lined.
—Petti# luggage, fifth floor.
$62.50 Rugs, s4l
Axmlnster rugs, size 9x12,
floral and oriental patterns.
—Pettis rug#, third floor.
$1.60 Shirtings, SI.OO
Silk and cotton madras
shirtings, fancy satin stripes
on white grounds.
—Petti# Bblrtlng*. street
floor, aisle one.
Lingerie Batiste, 35c
White, flesh and light blue
grounds with bluebird de
—Petti# wah materials,
•treet floor, aisle one.
$3.75 Heather
Tweeds, $2.25
Homespun effects, all wool
and suitable for winter skirts
and suits; 56 luches wide.
—rattle woolens, street
floor, aisle one.
35c Wall Paper, 22%c
Plain duplex oatmeal wall
paper In tan only.
—Pettis wall paper,
third floor.
Boys’ $2.25 Sweater
Coats, 95c
265 of these sweater coats
for boys of 8 to 14 years.
—Pettis sweaters for boys,
third floor.
Stationery, 6c
The Dainty Initial station
ery. packages containing 15
sheets and 10 envelopes.
—Pettis stationery, street
floor, aisle four.
Women’s 39c
Stockings, 21c
Fine gauge cotton stock
ings. in black and colors.
These are subject to slight
imperfections. (2 pairs to a
—Pettis hosiery, street
floor, slsie flee.
Women’s $2.45 Union
Suits, $1.47
Fleeced cotton union suits,
sleeveless style. (2 stilts to a
—Pettis knit underwear,
street floor, aisle five.
$2.00 Pencil
Sharpeners, $1.29
The Boston Pencil Sharp
ener, for all size pencils
—Pettis stationery dept,
street floor, nisi# four
Men’s $2.19
Shirts, $1.25
Percale shirts in a full
range of sizes. (Only two to
a customer.)
—Pettis shirts, street
floor, alale six.
Men’s $2.75
Nightshirts, $1.75
Flannelette nightshirts In
stripes. Collar attached. Just
two to a customer.
—Pettis nightshirts, street
floor, aisle six.
$9.00 Mesh Bags,
Silver plated mesh bags,
fish scale mesh, draw string
—Pettis Jewelry street
floor, aisle four.
Women’s Shoes, $3.95
Havanna brown kid and
black vici kid vamps and
field mouse kid upper. All
sizes and widths.
—Pettis shoes, street
floor, aisle six.
Women’s $2.25
Boudoir Slippers,
$1.65 '
Black kid boudoir slippers,
with silk pompon and low
—Pettis shoes, street
floor, aisle six.
Women’s $10.95
Bathrobes, $6.95
Also kimonos and break
fast coats, made of box loom
crepe, narrow wale corduroy
and Beacon blanketing.
—Pettis negligees,
#econd floor.
Nemo Corsets, $3.48
A discontinued model of
Nemo corsets, white material
and low bust model. Size 23
to 36 inches.
—Pettis corsets, second floor.
Infants’ $1.25
Blankets, 75c
Beacon crib blankets in
pink or blue with figures in
animal, floral and other de
—Pettis infants’ dept.,
second floor.
Women’s $2.98
Outing Flannel
Gowns, $1.75
Cut long and full, collar
and collarless styles. Lim
ited quantity. (2 to a custo
—Pettis andermutUos,
second floor.
$7.50 Electric
Laundry Iron, $3.75
Double pointed iron, highly
nickel-plated; has separate
stand and cord. Element is
—Petti# bßsemsut.
White Dinner Ware—
Unselected Quality
$1.50 Dozen B. & B plats*.
6* each.
$2.65 Dozen medium plates,
12* each.
$3.25 Dozen dinner plates,
14* each.
$2 65 Dozen soup plates,
11* each.
$1 20 Dozen fruit saucers,
6? each.
65c Each gravy boats. 27?
38c Each vegetable dlshca,
19#* each.
48c Each vegetable dishes,
29* each.
65c Each vegetable dishes,
34* each.
4Se Each small platters.
21* each.
75c Each medium platters,
35* each
98c Each largo platters,
48* each.
$3.20 Dozen teacups and
sauoers. 20* pair. These are
first quality, plain white.
—Petti# basement.
$2.25 Fruit Bowls,
This is cut with cosmos
design and has chair bottom
—Pettis basement.
$1.98 Footed
Comports, $1.25
Cut in poinsettla pattern.
—Pettis basement.
50c Safety Razors, 25c
Highly nickel plated, with
removable blades.
- Pettis hnsetnsnt.
59c to 89c Bathroom
Fixtures, 39c
Lot Includes number of
styles of f>oap dishes and
robe hooks.
—Pettl9 basement.
10c Dish Mops, 6c
Small cotton mop on stnoth
wood handle for washing
dishes, jars and getting Into
places where it is impossible
to use the hand.
—Petti# basement.
Women’s $4.95
Blouses, $3.75
Georgette blouses, in light
and dark shades, long and
three-quarter sleeves. Bead,
braid and embroidery
trimmed; fancy and tailored
—Petti# blouses, second floor.
sl.lO Dozen O. N. T.
thread, 12 spools, 85*.
18c Spool silk thread, col
ors only, 13*.
79c Cap shape hair nets,
dozen, 39*.
65c Scissors, pair, 30*.
10c Black and white, belt
ing, all widths, yard, 4*.
18c English twill tape, bolt,
—Pettis notions, street
floor, nisle one.
- $1.45 Chopping
Bowl, 75c
Wooden chopping bowl, 15
inches in diameter.
—Petti# basemnnt.
$1.50 Cannister
Set, 75c
Set of four cans, finished
in white, have tight-fitting
--Pettis basement.
$3.25 Aluminum
Kettle, $1.98
6-quart size with patent
strainer, attachment in cover.
—Pettis basement.
5c Soap, 3%c
“Lenox” brand; 10 cakes,
35*. (No delivery.)
—Pettit, basement.
MEM! Kirsdibaum SUITS
LESS Than Original Wholesale Price
5 25- or su ** s ma^e
to sell for SSO
for suits made
oj) 0““ to sell lor S6O
<g jx Aooo for suits made
Pf ‘tRJ/ to sell for S7O
This is another link in the chain of events that proves Pettis is the place to buy men’s fine clothes at
saving prices. With the hearty co-operation of the A. B. Kirschbaum Company, we are staging a sale
of men’s suits at less than their original wholesale prices.
Styles for Men and Young Men
The young man who wants
the smartest new effects will
find a pleasing assortment here.
Single ami double-breasted coats
in one, two and three-button
models witli fitted lines.
These Domestic Items
Benefit Every Housewife
Providing she comes down and takes advantage of the very
unusual low prices—
sl.lo Sheeting, 69c—Bleached “PeppereH” brand, 2Vi
yards wide.
SI.OO Sheeting, 62c—Unbleached “PeppereH’' brand, 2 1 q
yards wide.
40c Bleached Muslin. 27c— Fine quality and soft finish. Yard
37c Bleached Muslin, 25e- Splendid quality, contains no
dressing. Yard wide.
b’sc Unbleached Muslin, 19c—Medium weight and free from
56c Outing Flannel, 39c —Light and dark colors. Also plain
pink and blue. Petti# domestics, street floor, aisle two.
//ose /br f/i/s Sale Come From a Well
. /
Known Manufacturer
pgfrf But we are honor bound not to divulge his name. However, you
f may come expecting to find the greatest values you have seen in
Jfvt $1.29
$ {'■ HIT /A Pure thread silk hose of beautiful quality, in black, white and
MJJ j&SBr If ( (jjL brown. Full fashioned with all necessrav reinforcements. These
hose were made to sell for $2.35.
At $1.29 At 97c ! At 74c
Sport wool stockings in heather ! Thread silk hose, with shaped Thread silk hose, in black and
shades, both plain and fancy stitch, j seams. Black, white and brown, white and brown. A quality that
shaped seams and full or semi-fashioned | Hose made to retail for $1.65. if perfect would sell for $1.35.
Furl fashioned cotton stockings, in black, white and brown; made
jk M With all necessary reinforcements. Well worth SI.OO.
jgM. £ ds&f / AH of these hose are subject to slight misweaves, but they are in
/ many cases so slight as to defy detection. — Pettis hose, (tract floor, aisle five.
The more conservative man
will find appropriate styles in
two ana three-button double and
single-breasted models in wor
sted, cassimeres, cheviots and
the new chalk lines.
A complete range of sizes for
stouts, slims, shorts and other
irregular sizes.
Men. if you want to save from sls
to $25 on your new winter suit this is
your opportunity.
—Pettie men’s clothing, third floor.
Girls’ Serge Dresses Underpriced
$12.50 to sls (t*Q Q£?
Navy blue, serge dresses in adorable models.
Cunning high waist lines, normal waist lines, pleated or
plain skirts.
All with striking wool embroidery, smocking, yarn and rib
bon trimming.
Sizes 8 to 14 years.
Flannel dyr AC
In sizes 12 to 20 years. Red and blue, emblem and tie
—Pettis Junior dept, second floor.

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