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Maia Extensions and Reservoir
New Improvements.
Improvements which will total s4oo,<X>o
have .been added to, or are in the pro
cess of being added to the equipment of
the Indianapolis Water Company, ac
cording to a report of Frank O. Jordan,
•ecretary of the company, made at the
request of the public service commis
sion. The Improvements listed In the
report . have been added since Oct. 1,
An expenditure of approximately 5(500,-
000 Is contemplated by the company dur
ing next year, the report shows. These
improvements will include water main
extensions to an amount of $223,000, a
10,000,000 gallon capacity reinforced con
crete reservoir, which is estimated at a
cost of $285,000, gome new wells and
Improvements at the filter plant.
The list of improvements completed or
now under course of construction. In
cludes an expenditure of $29,300 for addl
, tional pumping capacity, $25,000 for an
additional water supply, $4,175 for addi
tional land, $19,500 for a booster station
In which two centrifugal pumps with a
capacity of 12,000.000 gallons dally will
be Installed, $5,700 for improvements at
pumping stations. $2,500 for improve
ments at the filter plant, $22,000 for
canal bridges, $231,000 for improvements
on the distribution system, and SIB,OOO
for baflle walls in the sedimentation
Many Votes Not Cast
in Decatur County
Special to The Times.
GREEXSBI'RG, Ind., Nov. 8. —Late
X>ecatur County election returns show
that many women who registered, failed
to vote. Over SOO persons of the county
did not register and 1.000 failed to vote
after they had registered.
There were 10,858 voters who registered,
6,861 men and 5,097 women, and it is
estimated that 342 legal voters did not
register. Os this number nearly all
were women. It is estimated there are
11,000 voters in the county, but there
were only 9,563 ballots cast. About one
hundred ballots were spoiled in voting
which would bring the total vote of the
county to 9,663. Counting the spoiled
ballots and those who did not vote,
there were 1,437 vtes lost in the county.
Prosecutor’s Race
Cost Him Only $75.02
Special to The Times.
COLUMBUS, Ind., Nov. B.—A statement
of campaign expenses filed In the county
clerk's office here by A. T. Conner, suc
cessful candidate for prosecuting attor
ney of Bartholomew County, shows that
he spent only 2 cents In his campaign,
In addition to a $75 contribution to the
connty central committeee.
The pennies were spent for a postage
stamp, according to the statement.
fSjTKfingogfgCft "
Underselling [ Like a shower from a golden horn of plenty come the values
I Campaign : i listed below. Read them carefully. As quantities are limited in
WTn ..W some cases, we cannot take phone , mail C, O. D, orders.
$1.75 Hot water bottle, $1.39.
$2.00 Hot water bottle, $1.50.
$2.50 Hot water bottle, $2.00.
2Sc Atala face powder, 11^.
$4.00 White enameled night
lamps, $2.00.
98c White enamel candle
sticks, 49^.
—Pettis toilets, street
floor, front.
50c to $1.75 Books, 19c
400 Copies of books pertaining
to the late war.
—Pettis books, street floor,
aisle four.
45c Stationery, 25c
“Lawnsdown Linen," in pink,
blue, buff and white.
—Pettis stationery, street
floor, aisle four.
All Silk Underwear,
25% Reduction
.It?, bloomers, envelope
chemise, nightgowns and pa
—Pettis undergarments,
second floor.
Women’s $2.98
Athletic Union Suits,
Flesh and white athletic union
suits, box of 3 suits, $4.25.
—Pettis undermuslins,
second floor.
Women’s $5.95 and
$6.95 Blouses, $4.95
Georgette blouses in light and
dark shades, tailored and dressy
—Pettis blouses, second floor.
Children’s $1.98-
Garments, $1.25
Dresses, creepers and rompers
cf ginghams in plain colors,
checks and plaids.
—Pettis Infants’ dept,
second floor.
$2,50 Axes, $1.59
Fine cast steel, several differ
ent weights.
—Pettis, basement.
$6.50 Black Satin
Charmeuse, $3.25
Forty inches -wide and beauti-
ful quality.
—Pettis silks, street floor,
aisle one.
39c Dress Ginghams, 25c
Zephyr dress ginghams, small
plaids, 27 inches wide.
—Pettis ginghams, street
floor, aisle two.
Crane Does Good Comedy Work—Bebe Daniels Vamps a Husband—Lloyd Is Different
The term a' big photoplay can be
rightfully applied to Erich von Stro
heim’s “The Devil’s Passkey,” and suc
cessfully fulfills the prediction that Von
Stroheim would soon become a master
In developing detail.
Von Stroheim paved the way for seri
ous consideration on the screen with
“Blind Husbands,” and his latest movie
has the big sweep of understanding and
powerful scenes as "Blind Husbands”
The setting for "The Devil's Passkey”
is Parisian and Von Stroheim has been
assisted hv the Baroness de Meyer and
the two have been able to create a com
pelling dramatic atmosphere In which
the characters have the opportunity to
take part In numerous dramatic scenes.
The way In which Von Stroheim has
handled the eternal triangle situation im
presses upon the visitor at the Ohio
the truthfulness of the situations and
it is easy to state that “The Devil's
Passkey” is not only one of intense in
terest but demands serious consideration.
Mr. Stroheim appears to have the same
ability which Is possessed by George
Cohan on the stage, to take a common
situation and by a peculiar turn or by
the introduction of something new give
the entire production wealth of novelty
which the public Is demanding.
Another thing that should be said In
the nroducer’s favor, is that he has suc
cessfully picked the right type for each
Maude George in her characterization
of Renee Malot, a clever modiste who
succeeds in getting some of her fashion
able customers indebted to her, and In
this way is able to hold a menacing hand
over them, deserves particular credit.
Bhe Is an Intelligent screen actress who
never overacts.
Una Trevelyn, Ruth King, San de
Grasse, have prominent roles and they
properly fit Into the picture. The pro
duction has been given a lavish settlrg
and the careful attention to detail again
shows the sincerity of purpose of the
“The Devil’s Passkey" is on view all
week at the Ohio.
-I- -!- -!-
Hall the appearance or Bebe Daniel*
as a star Since the screen debut, the ad
mirers of Miss Daniels have been anx
ious to see her in a play of her own She
Is appearing at the Alhambra In “You
Never Can Tell,” a comedy drama that
is well adapted for her
For a time we thought that the play
wasn't going to end right, when the
heroine was lured to the Frenchman's
room, but we breathed easier when we
found that be was a tailor who wanted
to hire a model That Is Jnst one of the
surprises that we got during this play,
however “You Never Can Tell” Is full
of half mysteries and surprises
Bebe Daniels Is a cloak-room girl In
a Mg hotel In the play, who decides to
marry a rich man She might not have
$1.98 Lingerie Satin,
White lingerie satin, 36 inches
wide, washes beautifully.
—Pettis silks, street floor,
aisle one.
In the Basement
$2.95 ten-gallon garbage cans,
$3,75 copper bottom wash boil
ers. $2 70
$4.25 15-lnch oval aluminum
roaster, $2.95.
$6.50 turkey roaster, $4.98.
$2.26 set of heavy aluminum
saucepans, $1.49.
—Pettis, basement.
Women’s $38.50,
$39.50 and $45.00
Coats, $31.00
Coats of Bolivia, plumette, sil
vertip, silvertones and velour.
Fur trimmed or plain Shades
of brown and blue.
—Pettis coats, second floor.
Women’s $8.95
Skirts, $4.75
All-wool plaids and plain
—Pettis skirts, second floor.
Women’s $22.50,
$25.00 and $29.50
Dresses, $16.95
Satins, tricotines, velours and
taffetas. All new fall models.
dresses, second floyr.
Dolls and cabs 10% off.
Geographical lotto, regularly
50c, 3&<.
$4.75 combination game
boards, $3.59.
$1.25 Ouija board (large sire),
26c chess or checker board,
50c ruhm games, with instruc
tions, 39<*.
25c bagatellp boards,
SI.OO sky roll, 85<b
—Pettis toys, basement.
$1.25 Garment Bags, 08c
Cedar bags for storing gar
—Pettis, basement.
Lace Collars, 49c
Lace collars, tuxedo shape,
Venise and filet patterns.
< —Pettis neckwear, street
floor, aisle two.
Elinor Glyn. author of “Three Weeks,”
and “The Career of Katherine Bush,"
and other widely read novels, arrived in
New York recently for the purpose of
t entering the motion picture industry
! Mrs Glyn wil! write scenarios directly for
I the Famous Players Company v She Is
j the thtrd to arrive of the British authors
j who were won to the motion picture pro
fession' by Jesse L Lanky Sir Gilbert
Parker, author, and Edward Knoblock,
dramatist, were the other two
Mrs Glyn’s first story when she ar
rives in Hollywood will be written for
Gloria Swanson, whom she believes to be
the best looking and smartest woman on
the screen today
been the only girl who has made this
resolution, but she carried It out it! a
novel way During her search for a rich
husband, she gave us plenty of laugh*
and once or twice made us sit on the
edge of our seats
Bebe did not try to carry all the play
by herself, but has excellent support In
Doctors Recommend
Bon-Opto for the Eyes
Physicians and eye specialists pre
scribe Bon-Opto as a safe home remedy
In the treatment of eye troubles and to
strengthen eyesight. Sold under money
refund guarantee by all druggist*.
75c Shetland Veils, 49c
All-silk Shetland veils in
black, navy blue anil brown.
—Pettis neckwear, street
floor, aisle two.
$3.50 Silk Allover
Lace, $2.69
allover lace, in
black and navy blue.
—Pettis laces, street floor,
aisle two.
8c to 12y 2 c Fancy
Laces, 5c to 9c
Torchon Cluny, Normandie
Val , etc.
—Pettis laces, street floor,
aisle three.
Men’s $3.00 Nightshirts,
Outing flannel nightshirts,
neatly trimmed.
—Pettis laces, street floor,
ulsle three.
Men’s $3.50 Shirts,
Negligee style shirts of
printed madras.
—Pettis furnishings for men,
street floor, nlsle six.
Men’s 95c Undergar
ments, 75c
Shirts or drawers of ribbed
cotton, ecru color.
Pettis underwear for men,
street floor, aisle six.
Women’s $1.95 Union
Suits, $1.55
Slightly fleeced cotton union
—Pettis knit underwear,
street floor, aisle five.
Women’s $6.95 Union
Suits, $4.00
Genuine imported Swiss
ribbed cotton and wool union
—Pettis knit underwear,
street floor, aisle five.
Women’s $2.00 Sport
Stockings, $1.45
Two-tone heather effects, in
assorted shades.
—Pettis lose, street floor,
aisle Ace.
55c Whue Pajama
Check, 29c
Thlrty-six-inch white pajama
checks, small dimity checks,
especially for undergarments.
—Pettis white materials,
street floor, aisle two. I
* !
her cast The play as a whole is well
worth seeing You will enjoy the story
as well as the opportunity of seeing Miss
Daniels in her first independent produc
tion *
At the Alhambra first half of this
-1- -I- -I
There are plenty of laughs stored in
“The Saphead.” It is a sort of a drama,
but ft is so funny that It probaly will
be classed as a comedy. There is a
laugh every minute, caused by Buster
Keaton, who is co-starred with William
H. Crane.
The piny In question is “The Sap
head, which is on view at the Colonial
today and the of the week. It has
all the qualities of a successful photo
play, and reflects the best efforts of the
The story is Interesting, and although
wo were doubtful as to the success of
a combination of Kenton and Irvin
Cummings, who pities the villain, we
had no fault to flua with the finished
production. The story Is interesting
and the cast was good, and nothing was
omitted that would insure its success.
Irving Cummings has the part of the
villain of the piece, and Buster Keaton
it the sapbead, from whom the play
takes its name. William Crane Is Nick
Von Alstyne, father of the saphead. There
is quite a bit of dramatic work by
Cummings and Crane, but the audience
gets many glimpses of the saphead at
some comedy work that turns the tide
to laughter.
The scenes of the play are laid largely
in the stock exchange, wfcere the for
tunes of the Van Alstynes are rescued
from destruction by some clever sap
head work on the port of the saphead.
“The Saphead" is a play that you will
like. It amuses without effort, and of
fers a big amount of entertainment.
At the Colonial all week.
-!- -I- -I
Judging by the way th* audiences are
receiving Charles Ray's work In “Peace
ful Valley,” at the Circle, the fans de
\ -■ ,
\** ,
\ts ®r i
1 *
$4.00 Tablecloths,
Imported damask with fast
color blue borders. Size.69x69-
—Pettis linena, street floor,
nlsle two.
$3.50 and $3.75
Sheets, $2.50
"Mohawk" and “Wearweir
brands, extra size 81x99. Take
advantage of this opportunity.
—Pettis beddings, fifth floor.
Opportunities in
Wall Paper
40c plain duplex, oatmenl
Harmonellas, all the wanted
shades, 22Va<.
60c tapestry, stripes, two-tones
and weave designs, 35tf.
15c living-room cutout bor
ders, yard, lO^.
30c stripes, floral, allover leaf
designs and grass cloth, 20<*.
—Pettis wall paper,
third floor.
45c Silkotine, 25c
36-lnch silkotine for
and drapes.
—Pettis (lrnpery dept.,
third floor.
37c Colored Curtain
Scrim, 17c
Excellent quality, 27 inches
wide Dainty allover and border
—Pettis drapery dept ,
third floor.
$8.50 Oriental Couch
Covers, $4.98
Reversiblo tapestry, large size
couch covers, beautiful patterns
and color combinations.
—Pettis drapery dept.,
third floor.
$2.25 Filet Net, $1.35
Double lace edge filet net with
dainty patterns in ecru only.
—Pettis drapery dept.,
third .floor.
* /
Women’s 39c Stockings,
Cotton stockings in black,
white and colors.
• —Pettis hose, street floor,
nlsle five.
90c Chocolates, 50c
Assorted chocolates of various
—Pettis candy dept,
sire to see this favorite In rube roles
or rather the small town or country
boy, and It might be added that as a
delineator of this
Sraith Ru *
protect his sister
Charles Ray. from temptation.
Ray has plenty of opportunity to do the
human stuff which the fans enjoy so
much. >
The picture Is well directed, detail
is well worked out and the interior
scenes have a real homespun look to
them. Harry Myers and Ann May are
well cast. \
“Peaceful Valley” is a good vehicle
for Ray and one that wil. meet with
the favor of all Hay fans.
The Circle bill this week also Includes
-I- -I- -I
Tom Mix is becoming known on the
screen as a man who Is able to do many
darlDg stunts and “The Texan”"sustains
that reputation.
"The Texan," which is on view at the
Regent this week, is based on a novel
by John B. Hecdryx. Mix has the role
of Rex Benton, whose slx-stooter Is al
ways handy and who takes pleasure in
pulling off stunts w'hlch gets him Inti
much trouble.
Finally Rex falls in love with Alice
Marcum, an Eastern girl, and his es
capades with Cupid gets him into many
funny and yet thrilling situations.
The cast Includes Wlnthrop Endlcott,
Charles K. French and Sid Jordan.
-I- -1- -I
Wanda Hawley In “Her Beloved Vil
lain” Is the current offering at the I*it
Thls picture has been discussed In this
90c Wrapped Caramels,
Chocolate and vanilla flavors.
—Pettis randy dept.,
$2.00 French Serge, 85c
All-wool French serge, in black
only, 36 Inches wide-.
—Pettis woolens, street floor,
aisle one.
$3.50 Storm Serge, $1.89
All-wool navy blue storm
serge, 56 Inches wide. Sponged
and shrunk.
Pettis woolens, street floor,
aisle one.
69c Sateen, 39c
Black mercerized sateen, 36
Inches wide.
—Pettis linings, street floor,
aisle two.
49c Dress Chintz, 25c
Old-fashioned dress chintz,
smali designs.
—Petti* wash materials,
street floor, aisle two.
43c Outing Flannel, 25c
Full width white outing flan
nel. Good weight and well
fleeced. A splendid opportunity.
—Pettis domestics, street
floor, aisle two.
$5.00 Tablecloths, $3.49
F’lne mercerized satin damask
tablecloths, size 2x2 yards.
—Pettis linens, street floor,
nisle two.
Men’s 25c Handker
chiefs, 3 for 50c
Colored border handkerchiefs.
—Pettis handkerchiefs, street
floor, aisle two.
75c Corona Colored
Overdrapery, 41c
Heavily mercerized, in beauti
ful color combinations—bird,
verdure and stripe patterns
• —Pettis drapery dept.,
third floor.
$3.75 to $4.49 Marquis
ette and Voile Curtains,
Pair, $2.49
Hemstitched, lace and inser
tion edges; white, ivory and
—Pettis drapery dept.,
third floor.
THE~ TME.W 4tORE g. ST. 11353
space. Included In the cast are Tully
Marshall and Lillian Leighton. A Hank
Mann farce completes the bill.
-I- -I- -I
Walker Whiteside opens in "The
Master of Ballantrae,” at English’s to
night for a three-day engagement. On
Thursday night David Warfield appears
in "The Return of Peter Grimm.”
Charlotte Greenwood In "Linger
Longer Letty,” opens a four-day en
gagement at the Murat Wednesday
Frances Pritchard in “The Dance Duel”
Is the chief offering at B. F. Keith's
this week.
The Lyric is featuring "Apple Blos
som Time” this week.
Carmelo’s “Lovey Mine,” a musical
comedy with twenty-flva people, Is the
feature at the Rialto.
Anew vaudeville bill Is on view at
the Broadway.
“Follies of Pleasure,” with Clyde J.
Bates and Sid Gold is the current offer
ing at the Park.
Apply Zemo, Clean, Penetrat
ing, Antiseptic Liquid
It is unnecessary for you to suffer
with eczema, blotches,ringworm,rashes
and similar skin troubles. Zemo,
obtained at any drug store for 35c, or
SI.OO for extra large bottle, and prompt
ly applied will usually give instant relief
from itching torture. It cleanses and
soothes the skin and heals quickly and
effectively most skin diseases.
Zemo is a wonderful, penetrating,
disappearing liquid and is soothing to
the most delicate skin. It is not greasy,
is easily applied and costs little. Get
It today and save all further distress.
The E. W. Rote Cos.. Cleveland. O.
You Look Old, Worn Out,
Tired Out
While The Cause May Differ
The Remedy Is The Same
Why do run-down anaemic, over
worked, tlred-out men and women con
tinue to drag around in this condition,
unhappy themselves and making every
one around them unhappy, complaining
about their condition, when Vinol, our
non-secret cod liver and iron tonic will
create a hearty appetite, aid dlgeatlon.
Induce sound sleep, make rich, red blood
and In this natural manner create vim,
vigor and energy.
There are many men and women In this
city, says Henry J. Huder, our leading
druggist, who were once run-down,
anaemic and sickly, and are now strong,
hearty and well, all owing to Vinol.
Your druggist sells Vinol, therefore ac
cept no substitute —Advertisement.
$7.98 Lace Curtains,
Quaker lace curtains, In white,
ivory and ecru.
—Pettis drapery dept.,
third floor.
$16.50 Silver Tea
Sets, SIO.OO
Four-piece tea sets —sugar,
creamer, pot and tray; Sheffield
—Pettis silverware, street
floor, front.
Children’s $2.98 to
$3.95 Creepers and
Rompers, $2.69
Plain checked and striped
—Pettis infants dept.,
second floor.
$6.50 to $7.00 Corsets,
Rengo Belt and Pettis Special
corsets, in sizes 22 to 36, in cou
til; sizes 20 to 26, in flesh bro
—Pettis corsets, second floor.
Women’s $3.50
Flannelette Kimonos,
Allover figured patterns,
trimmed with piping.
—Pettis negligees,
second floor.
$1.48 to $1.59 Cut
Glass, 69c
Cut floral design, figured foli
Six in handled nappies.
Six in unhandled nappies-
Spoon trays, jelly dishes, com
ports, oval nut bowl.
—Pettis, basement.
Madeira Embroidery
One-Fourth Off
Tray cloths, lunch sets, nap
kins and other odd pieces.
—Pettis art dept., fifth floor.
“While New York Sleep*, a Fox movie,
will conclude Its engagement at the
Murat with the Tuesday night showing.
-I- -I- -l-
“Beware of the Bride,” a comedy fea
turing Eileen Percy, la the picture at
Mister Smith's this week, sharing honor
with Harold Lloyd In “High and Dizzy.”
“Beware of the Bride” tells tHe story
of Mary Emerson, a young bride of a
month, whose husband is called away on
a business trip. Taking advantage of
If your digestion
doesn’t assimilate
ordinary food, and
health requires
something attract
ive to taste and
easy to digest, try
the wheat and
barley food.
“ There's a Reason
Get at the Real Cause—Take
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets
That’s what thousands of stomach
sufferers are doing now. Instead of
taking tonics, or trying to patch up a
poor digestion, they are attacking the
real cause of the ailment—dogged
liver and disordered bowels.
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets arouse
the liver in a soothing, healing way.
When the li% r er and bowels are per
forming their natural functions, away
goes indigestion and stomach troubles.
Have you a bad taste, coated
tongue, poor appetite, a lazy, don’t
care feeling, no ambition or energy,
trouble with undigested foods? Take
Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel.
Dr. Edwards’ Olive Tablets are a
purely vegetable compound mixed with
olive oil. You will know them by their
olive color. They do the work without
griping, cramps or pain.
Take one or two at bedtime for Quick
relief. Eat what you like, 15c and 30c
45c Can Openers, 29c
Can openers with black han
—Pettis, basement.
$1.79 Stamped Night
gowns, $1.29
Made-up gowns, stamped with
attractive designs for embroider
—Pettis art dept., fifth floor.
60c Kashmuir Yarn, 39c
A heavy yarn for sweaters
and tarns. Comes in many pret
ty shades.
—Pettis art dept., fifth floor.
19c Bone and composition;
buttons; dozen, 10<*.
25c Black supporter waists
for children, 10<.
15c Tape, all widths, white
only, B<b
16c Shirt bands, dozen 60<.
25c Skirt markers,
25c Black and white snap
tapes, 12<L
5c Pearl buttons, 4 and 6 on a
card, 3f.
18c Silk braid; black, white
and colors, 10 L •
25c Skirt braids; bolt.
10c Buttons for underwear,
—Pettis notions, street floor,
west aisle.
Women’s $6.50 and
$7.50 Gauntlet
Gloves, $3.98
Genuine capeskin gauntlet,
also real kid gauntlets. Not all
sizes in each group, but all sizes
in the lob
—Pettis gloves, street flcmr,
aisle four.
Women’s $4.95
Kimonos, $3.49
Flannelette kimonos, satin rib
bon trimmed.
—Pettis kimonos, second floor.
—Pettis, basement.
hi* absence she goes to a masked ball,
where she had agreed to meet a former
suitor, also a newlywed, and identify blrn
by a suit of ormor. Mary Is forced to
dress In the apartment of her partner to
the dance, and helps herself to the ab
sent wife's silk hose and Parisian slip
pers. When the wrong man gets the
suit of armor and appears In it at the
ball, the fun quickly runs at high speed.
The Lloyd comedy has been discussed
before In this space and was found to be
different from the regnlar run of Lloyd’s
for Men
Real Coat*
Priced Right.
Sjgso fljlgl
Up to $74.50.
Newest •> nfwi
models, ,51
! 24 50 til
Up to $85.00.
Raincoats *9§
SIO.OO Dinner Sets,
40-piece dinner sets, two decora
tions. Unselected quality.
* —Pettis, basement.
$15.00 Silver Fruit
Baskets, $8.50
Quadruple fruit baskets, with
—Pettis silverware, street
floor, front.
$2.98 to $3.50
Bracelets, $1.98
Sterling silver bracelets, fancy
designs and mounted with white
Pettis Jewelry, street floor,
aisle four.
Women’s Wrist
One-Third Off
Swiss movement, 15-jewel,
twenty-year case.
—Pettis Jewelry, street floor,
aisle ,fcmr.
Women’s $7.98 Kid
Gloves, $5.50
Full sixteen-button length kid
gloves in white only.
—Pettis gloves, street floor,
aisle four.
$1.25 to $3.50 Cigarette
Cases, Half-Price
Genuine leather cigarette
—Pettis leather goods, street
floor, aisle three.
Men’s $7.50 Collar
Boxes, $3.98
Soft or box styles, with draw
string, silk lined-
Pettis leather goods, street
floor, aisle three,
55c Ribbons, 39c
Pure silk moiro ribbon, in all
—Pettis ribbons, street floor,
aisle three.
Women’s 35c
Handkerchiefs, 25c
Venise edge handkereniefs.
—Pettis handkerchiefs, street
floor, aisle two.

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