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British Government Said to
Deem It Inadvisable at
LONDON, Nor. 26.—Although violence
in all Its forms still stalks through Ire
land, the British government has decided
not to impose martial law at this time.
That the advisability of imposing martial
law on Ireland has been under considera
tion by the Cabinet since Sunday was
revealed today.
News of fresh disorders was received
during the day. Michael Moran, a Sinn
Fein volunteer, was shot while attempt
ing to escape from black and tan police
men in Galway. Martin Lyons, an ex
aoldier, was shot and killed.
The body of Dennis O'Donnell was
found at Mitchelstown riddled with
A serious clash between civilians and
police occurred at Millstreet, in County
Cork. Houses were burned and shops
looted. While,civilians were attempting
to put out a fire bombs exploded in the
burning houses. The women and chil
dren fled from the village in panic.
The Roman Catholic bishop of Galway
has received an anonymous death threat
if any effort is made to interfere with
the soldiers and police in that district,
according to a dispatch from Dublin.
The telegram added that the bishop
had notified Sir Hamar Greenwood, chief
secretary for Ireland, that he would be
held responsible if any attempt were
made on his tthe prelate's) li’e.
NEW YORK, Nov. 26.—The British
Union Jack, along with the French Tri-
Color and the Stars and Stripes, flew
defiantly in the upper windows of the
Union Club on Fifth avenue today, fol
lowing the smashing of the club's win
dows yesterday by 6.000 rioting Irish
men. The exclusive club was besieged
by the Irish, enraged at the sight of tne
British flag, following a memorial serv
ice at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in honor
of Terence MacSwiney, the lord mayor
of Cork, who died hunger striking.
Order was not restored until 300 po
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1 Icemen had been hurried to the scene.
Three of the rioters were arrested. Club
officials explained they were Ignorant
ot the MacSwiney memorial service and
that the British flag was flown in honor
of the tercentenary of the landing of
the Pilgrims. The club is opposite the
militaryUponors to
LONDON, Nov. 26.—Impressive mili
tary honors were paid today to nine
British %rmy officers slain in Dublin
last Sunday, whose bodies were brought
here for burial.
Ceremonies for six of the slain officers
were held in Westminster Abbey and
services for three others who were
Roman Catholics, were conducted in
Westminster Cathedral.
DUBLIN, Nov. 26.— Arthur Griffith. M.
P., founder of the Sinn Fein, and acting
president of the Irish Republic in the
absence of Eamonn De t alera in the
United States, was arrested today by
black and tan police.
Professor McNeill, another prominent
Sihu Fein leader and others were ar
rested at the same time.
Mr. Griffith charged that police agents
had recently sought his life, hut have
failed to'frighten him out of his ordinary
“I did not attempt to disappear to save
myself from assassination,” said the Sinn
Fein chieftain. “I continued to go about
my affairs as always, eating at the same
place and sleeping in my home every
night where I could have been found by
raiders if they sought me. This is no
surprise to me. I have been expecting
arrest for soipe time.”
Mr. Griffith was arrested in his homo
and his seizure caused a great sensation.
In many quarters he has been regarded
a moderating influence.
The arrest of the acting president of
th’ Irish republic was but one incident
iu the increasing activity of the soldiers
and police. Reports of arrest of promi
nent Sinn Feiners were received hourly
from all parts of the country. More Irish
people have been “rounded up” by the
police since last Sunday than in the raids
which followed the Dublin uprising in
CORK, Nov. 20.—Two men were killed
and three wounded in a bomb explosion
here today. This was the second explo
sion in Cork this week.
In the confusion following the explo
sion police were at first unable to ascer-
tain who threw the bomb. The neighbor
hood where the explosion occurred was
surrounded by a police cordon in an
effort to set a trap for the perpetrators.
Boy May Lose Hand
Special to The Times.
ENGLISH, Ind., Nov. 26.—Ferris
Longest, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
Longest, residing four miles southwest
of here, may lose his left hand, which
was badly mutilated when it was
caught in the gears of a tractor engine.
Longest was helping Bnchrer raise
the traetoT from a mud hole when the
accident occurred.
Three fingers were amputated.
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Sailor Dies of Wound
As the result of a self-inflicted wound,
Casper Bailey, 19, a sailor, died at the
City Hospital last night. Ills toother,
Mrs. George Chapman, 1230 West Nine
teenth street, tod the police the boy was
afraid to return to the Navy because tc
had overstayed his leave a few days.
Bailey was at his mother's home when
he shot himself.
DOORN, Holland, Nov. 23.—The for
mer kaiserin, Augusta Victoria, was able
to talk with her children today. Phy
sicians believed she will rally from her
illness. Prince Adelbert and the for
mer crown prince left Doom today.
To Carry Fight on Alien Laws
to Supreme Court.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 26.—Japan is pre
paring to carry its fight against the Cali
fornia alien laws (barring Japan from
land ownership) Into the United States
Supreme Court, according to information
reaching Washington today. It was re
ported that the Japanese government
would shortly institute litigation and
that Japanese officials believe they can
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will not settle the status of the Japanese
immigrants in America. No mention may
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CHERBOURG, Nov. 29. —Seven of fifty
American Army court-martial prisoners
from Coblenz, who were on board the
transport Pocahontas, made their escape
by breaking the glass in one of the port
holes of the vessel. Four of the men
were recaptured.
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All linen scarfs stamped in many
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10© —Full size handkerchiefs,
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SAN ANTONIO, Texas, Nov. 26.—Wild
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25c West Electric Curlers,
15c Clark's Rubber Shirtwaist
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Btreet floor, aisle six.
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mahogany, walnut; in various
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Women’s 25c Hose, 13c —Cot-
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