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•'Contiime'd From Page One.)
royal family he would oe torn limb from
limb by a maddened mob.”
Secret aerrice agents who have been
opening, copying and rescaling all Sinn
Fein mail In Ireland and England de
clare the latest plot embraces the burn
ing of all English homes of members of
the Royal Irish constabulary and the
‘‘black and tan’’ police.
Some of the newspapers took the view
that Sinn Feiners are not wholly respon
sible for the latest violence, but that
Bolshevists were also behind it. Com
munication with Liverpool was disturbed
during the night and this led some of
the morning newspapers to make file most
sensational declarations.
“A Sinn Fein attempt to burn down
Liverpool,” was the score head used by
the Dally Sketch.
‘‘Sinn Fein outrage campaign starts in
England” was the headline over the Daily
Express story.
“It is clear the government’s rounding
up of Irish leaders did not start a day
too early to save the paeoe of Great
Britain,” said the Chronicle. “Still graver
events are feared.”
The Graphic asserted that the Third
Internationale (the communist organisa
tion of Russia) was behind the move
“Government offices were to have been
bombarded on Sunday, bnt the vigilance
of the secret service frustrated It,” said
the Graphic.
“It is probable that more defensive
barricades will have to be erected in
London and elsesvhere before long.” said
the Daily Telegraph. “The policy of
amnesty has been tried, but failed. The
only way to deal with the conspirators
1 with merciless extinction."
‘lt is a dangerous mistake to suppose
that this is merely the work of Irish
ruffians.” said the Morning Post. “Bol
shevism may be behind it.”
Military and police precautions were
taken throughout all England today to
protect public and private property fol
prlTate property following the outbreak
lowing the outbreak of incendiarism at
Troops are on guard at Liverpool and
the city is quiet. Although several ar
rests were made the men who actually
set the fires are believed to have es
caped and to be hiding In this city.
The government claims to have evi
dence that Sinn Feiner terrorists were
responsible for the fires and that simi
lar attacks with the torch are planned
in London and elsewhere throughout
An attempt to set fire to a lumber
yard In North London was frustrated by
the .police.
A policeman was shot dead at Liver
pool while attempting to arrest a sus
pected incendlarist.
Parliament building, in London, the
Premier’s official residence and most of
the other government properties, as
well as most of the members of the cabi
net, are protected by armed guards.
According to the press the Irish ter
rorists have systematic plans to create
a reign of panic in England and the
whole country is threatened with do
mestic warfare.
This was the first week-end since the
Irish disorders became acute, that vio
lence occurred simultaneously in Ireland
and England.
Wholesale arrests by British troops
and black and tan police continue
throughout Ireland. Approximately
1,000 arrests have been made In the last
eight days and It Is believed 10,000 ar
rests will have been made before Christ
mas. New prisons and Internment camps
are being constructed to accommodate
the captives. All of the military chiefs
of the Sinn Fein army and the prominent
civilian leaders are being arrested.
British officers at Londonderry have
been warned to leave the city on penalty
of death at the hands of the Irish Re
publicans if they refuse, according to a
dispatch from that city to the Evening
“It is reported in Londonderry,” says
the Evening News correspondent that
“Irlsh-Amerlcan gunmen” have arrived
from the United States.”
A policeman was shot and a police
sergeant was wounded in an attack at
Castle Martyr.
Reprisal violence broke out at Mul
llnger and black and tan policemen were
reported to have bombed the town. A
15 year-old boy was killed. Two persons
were shot at Thnrles. Looting broke
out at Cork during another flareup of
lncendarism. Soldiers dispersed the
The Irish Office later issued formal
denial of the press reports that Amer
ican gunmen had been imported to Ire
land. or that they were concerned in
the Liverpool outbreak.
“We now have the most efficient se
cret service in the world and we cer
tainly would know it If professional
gunmen were Imported from the United
States by the terrorists," said an official
of the Irish office.
The same government department de
nied that the Irish now being Interned
would be treated as prisoners of war.
It was stated that the trials of the pris
oners would be opened within a week
and that evidence secured by troop and
police raids would be used as the basis
of the prosecution. The government will
seek long terms of imprisonment Instead
of minor sentences as formerly.
Scotland Yard has created a special
department to deal with the spread of
Irish violence to England. Squads of
detectives were dispatched today to
strategic points. Firemen were under
special orders to be on the alert.
Bir Basil Thompson, who succeeded Sir
Nevil Marßeady as head of Scotland
‘Yard, and chief of the metropolitan po
lice, conferred with members of the gov
ernment on further measures of police
precaution. Th" guards about Whitehall,
where many government buildings are
located, have been tripled. Extraordinary
measures have been taken to protect Sir
Hamar Greenwood and his whole fam
ily. Secret service agents have reported
the discovery of evidence that Sinn
Feiners are incensed especially over the
official attitude taken by Sir Hamar and
have marked bis family for reprisal.
LIVERPOOL, Nov. 29.—Six arrests had
been made up to noon today In connec
tion with the outbreak of Incendiarism.
A lire suspect who was arrested near
London was arraigned and remanded for
a week without ball, in order to give the
police opportunity to investigate his
movements and affiliations. The prisoner
gave the name of Wil-iam Robinson and
said be was a student. A Scotland Tard
Inspector told the court that Robinson's
home had been searched and Irish liter
ature found. It was on the inspector's
request that bail was refused.
CORK, Nov. 29.—The General Workers
and Transport Union building was
bombed early today and subsequently de
stroyed by fire.
Storm Warnings
WASHINGTON, Not. 29.—Storm warn
ings for Lakes Superior, Huron and
Michigan were ordered displayed today,
the weather bureau announoed.
Funeral Today
Funeral services for J. W. Thompson,
43, who died Saturday at his home. 3357
Kenwood avenue, will r be held at 2:30
o'clock this afternoon, llurial will be
made in Crown Hill cemetery.
Mr. Thompson was general sgent of
Indiana for the Inter Southern Life In
surance Company. He was a member of
Ancient Landmarks lodge, F. & A. M.;
the Scottish Rite and a member of the
Grace Presbyterian church.
He is survived by his widow, three
daughters, Helen, Harriett and Margaret,
and one son. John William.
Warrington Funeral
Held at Home Today
Funeral services for Jesse Warrington,
74, who died at his home, 271 North
Randolph street. Thursday, were held ut
the residence at 10 o’clock this morning.
The pallberears were Walter C. Marmon,
president of the Nordyke & Marmon Com
pany; Howard C. Marmon, vice presi
dent; Harry C. Moore and Max Thomas.
Cumberland; Robert Roberts and Carl
Bright, Indianapolis.
Mr. Warrington, who had been In the
employment of the Nordyke A Marmon
Company for thirty years as chief engi
neer and mechanical superintendent, was
a resident of Indianapolis for nearly for
ty years. He was bora in Mahony Coun
ty, Ohio, and worked at Salem, Ohio,
before coming here. He had been In busi
ness for the past two years.
Mr. Warrington was a member of the
American Society of Mechanical Engi
neers and is survived by two daughters,
Mrs. 3. K. Bain of Detroit, Mich., and
Miss Florence E. Warrington of Indian
apolis; and two sons, David Warrington,
Jacksonville. Fla., and Charles Warring
ton, Indianapolis.
Burns Funeral Held
at Ritter Ave. Home
The funeral of Miss Margaret Burns,
19. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Waiter L.
Burns, who died Saturday night, was
held at the home, 345 North Ritter ave
nue, this afternoon. Miss Burns suffered
an atta k of influenza two years ago at
which time her decline in health began.
Miss Burns’ two brothers Sergt. Victor
L. Burns and Corporal Paul E. Burns,
were killed In France. The parents and
one sister, Mrs. Yarlan Parker of In
dianapolis survive.
(Continued From Page One.)
disposing of the resources of that state,
in view of the cost of exercising the
mandate. Lord Robert Cecil is supported
by Sir Mlllen. minister of reparation for
Australia, and one of the most forceful
members of the assembly.
“What right has American to attempt
to tell us what we should do?” declared
Senator Mlllen. “Th® United States re
fused to enter the League of Nations.
She dodged all responsibilities. But now
she claims privileges. When we think of
what Australians paid for oil it is amus
ing to hear American oil mugnate*
pleading for privileges on ethical
grounds.” Senator Mlllen intimated he
believed there might be some connec
tion between the American note and the
German protest against the supreme
council maintaining mandates for the
German colonies.
Senator Mlllen said that irrespective
of the American note, the league should
tell Germany that her position regarding
her former colonies is without founda
The French support the attitude of
Lord Robert Cecil, but some of the
smaller states are rallying to 'the pro
posal of Signor Tlttoni, of Italy, that the
natural resources of the world be pooled.
However, the Italian suggestion has
strong opposition.
The big allied powers have clinched
their hold npon the countries for which
they hold mandates, the Council of the
League of Nations voting in favor of a
permanent mandate commission, which
will have wide authority.
There will be nine members of the
mandatory commission and all w-111 be
selected by the council. This commis
sion will regulate all affairs relating to
mandates and will decide questions such
as that involved In the monopoly In
Mesopotamia for which country Great
Britain holds a mandate.
The session of the council was secret,
but It is understood the decision for a
mandatory commission was unanimous.
Rain fell throughout Sunday and the
delegates composing the various factions
spexit most of the day in conference try
ing to smooth over differences which
threaten the future of the league.
The “International army” of the League
of Nations, composed of British, Belgian
and Spanish troops, will be moved to
Vilna before the end of this week to
occupy the district until after the ple
bescite, an announcement Friday said.
Denmark, Holla if and, Sweden and Norway
have promised to furnish troops if it Is
necessary to reinforce the Army of Oc
French Educator
to Address Legion
Ferdinand Genet, head of the history
department of Ecole de Cardinal I’le, an
academy for boys In Montmnrlllons,
France, is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. F.
C. Warfel, 4817 Broadway. Mr. Genet
will talk before Post No. 4, the American
Legion, tonight, in Castle ball, on “Some
of the Problems of Reconstruction in
He comes from the same parish as the
two little French orphan girls adopted
by Post No. 4.
M. Genet spent three years at the front
with the medical corps of the French
army, later being transferred to the staff
of interpreters and assigned to TT. S. A.
Hospital No. 77, located In Montmo
rlllions, under the cmmand of Dr. Warfel.
NOBLKSVILLE, Ind., Sot. 29.—Mrs.
Sarah Stephenson. wife of Newton
Stephenson, committed suicide at her
home in this city today by drinking acid;
an empty two-ounce bottle which had
contained the poison was found in her
baud. She was deaAfevhen members of
the family found her Bfc bedroom.
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with pins, ostrich, fancies, etc.; up to
$5.00 qualities 91-00
Candies at SI.OO
ES.2 lbs., 91-00 3 lbs. for 91.00
50c CANDIED FIGS.3 pounds, 91-00

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