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Negroes and Whites Gathered
in for Chancing and
* Forty-three reputed gamblers and a
number of reported blind tiger operators
were arrested in the week-end police
Lieutenant Winkler listened, peeked
and then raided a reputed poker game
at 1129 St. Paul street.
William Werrick, 1129 St. Paul street,
was charged with keeping a gambling
house, Ed Sexton, Glenn lladigar, George
Fowler and James Jasper were arrested
on the charges of visiting and gaming.
Four reputed craps shooters were ar
rested in a room at 121*V4 East 13 ashing
ton street. They gave their names as
Arthur Field. 41, 2210 Park avenue;
James Cornell. 41, 4250 College avenue;
Charles Miller, 45, 2020 Ruckle street, and
Harry Wilson, S3, 1239 Park avenue. The
arrests were made by Lieutenant Hous
ton and Patrolmen Lee and Stoddard.
James Williams. 30, negro, 613 Fayette
street, was arrested on the charge of
keeping a gambling house and nine other
negroes were arrested on the
Tisiting a gambling house and gaming,
the arrests being made by Sergeant Mar
ren and squad.
• William Glenn. 36. negro, 711 Locke
street, was arrested charged with keeping
a gambling house and four negroes were
arrested charged with gaming and visit
Ed Miller, 39, 937 Roache street, was
arrested on the charge of keeping a
gambling house and nine men caught in
the raid by Lieutenant Cox were held on
tbe charges of gaming and visiting a
gambling house.
James L. Miller. 43, negro, 305 Osage
street, was charged with keeping a gam
bling house and six men caught in the
raid were charged with visiting and
Ed Duncan was charged with keeping a
gambling house when he and five men
were arrested in a raid on a house In the
rear of 1526 North Capitol avenue.
W. C. Calvert, 39, £29 North Illinois
street, was arrested on the charge of
operating a blind tiger.
Joe Ebner, 2140 North Illinois street,
proprietor of a poolroom, was Arrested
on a charge of operating a blind tiger
last night. Lieutenant Cox and squad
saying they found two bottles of
whisky in the poolroom.
Pete Marsh, 120 South West street,
was arrested on a blind tiger charge
after Lieutenant Winkler and his squad
charge they caught him selling two
drinks of liquor to Frank Bnkle.
Arthur Craig and Callie Cowles were
arrested on a statutory charge after the
police raided a room at 426tj West Wash
ington street. Aleck Samnardgriff. pro
prietor of a poolroom at 546 West Wash
ington street, was charged with operat
ing a blind tiger. The police eharge
they found some white mule whisky in
his poolroom and thirty-eight empty
whisky bottles under the floor of the
Emmet Suttmiller. proprietor of a
poolroom at 1023 Virginia avenue, was
arrested on the charge of permitting
minors in bis poolroom.
Newton Campbell, 1419 North Senate
avenue, was arrested on the charge of
permitting minors in his poolroom.
(Continued From Page One.)
their successors In office, Its engineers,
accountants, clerks, assistants, employes,
attorneys and agents, and each of them,
be, and hereby are enjoined and re
strained from making and from taking
any proceedings of any kind, or nature,
to enforce against the plaintiffs, or either
of them any orders regulating and fixing
the price at which coal mim'd by plaint
iffs, or either of them moving in Intra
state commerce In the State of Indiana,
shall be sold by fhorn to Jobbers, whole
sale and retail coal dealers, and to the
public, or either of said classes, and
from Instituting, procuring or aiding In
the Institution, proanrement and prose,
petition of any civil or criminal, or other
proceedings against the plaintiffs, or
either of them or their, or either of their
officers, employes, agents and attorneys,
or revoking the license of plaintiffs, or
’either of them to engage In the business
of mining coal In the State of Indiana,
or proceeding further with any hearing,
or determination for the purpose of re
yoking such licenses, for or on account
of the failure or refusal of plaintiffs to
abide by, or observe any regulations or
orders of said commission; or for, or
on account of their asking, demanding or
receiving a higher price for their coal
than that fixed by said special coal and
food commission of Indiana.”
Other clauses prohibit the commission
from compelling the plaintiff companies
to sell their coal to parties designated
by the commission; from requiring the
coal companies to produce and sell speci
fied amounts of coal, from making and
enforcing any order or regulation inter
fering in any manner with existing con
tracts between the companies and their
customers and from Interfering with the
companies’ right to ship coal outside
the State if it s*es fit to. from compelling
the coal companies to produce their books
and records for inflection by the com
mission or its agents for the pnrpose of
determining what shall be the extent
of any orders or regulations prohibited
by the injunction and from prosecuting
the companies under the special coal
and food control act.
0 Judge Baker, in rendering his sweep
ing decision concerning certain actions
cf the coal commission of this State,
expressed himself In a decisive manner.
In discussing the first reason why the
three judges hearing the case were of
the opinion that the Injunction should
be granted. Judge P>aker said:
"The operation of the statue, as In
dicated by the orders of the commls
alon, la a direct interference with inter
state commerce. When the coal is
levered from the ground it becomes an <
article of commerce and the owner of
that commodity, under the interstate
commerce clause of the Federal Consti
tution, which recognizes no State lines,
has the right, so far as the State Is
concerned, to sell and to contract to sell
his entire output to citizens of other
"The orders are also an interference
with interstate commerce by reason of
the showing In the bill that the out
put of three of the five mines that are
being operated by the complainants has
been Coi|tracted to tho Pennsylvania
company, an interstate carrier, under a
contract meeting the approval of the
Interstate Commerce Commission, which
approval carries on implied finding of
fact that the coal so used Is directly
consumed In, or in aid of, Interstate
In declaring that the action of the coal
ec mmission Impairs the obligation of pre
existing contracts, Judge Baker said:
"Our conception on that point is this:
That there is a distinction to be made
between the contracts of a carrier or
other public utility which, at the tlmo of
Eiaklrg the contract, is of ti<Rt public
haracter. and by making the contracting
rhen it bears that character it knowing-
T la making it subject to the power then
Following is the coupon used by the community chest in its campaign
for $1,000,000 for the support of charitable, benevolent and philanthropic
institutions of Indianapolis:
Total Amount Advance How
Subscribed Payment Payable
COMMUNITY CHEST Obtained by Team
of Indianapolis, Ind. Mr.
"Help Fill the Community Chest”
I Will Do My Part.
In consideration of my interest in having the charities and the philan
thropies of Indianapolis maintained by means of a Community Chest, and in
consideration of the pledges of others to this end, I hereby agree to pay for
one year, beginning December 13, 1920, to FF.EDEIIIO M. AYRES, as Treas
urer of the Community Chest, or his successor in office,
The total sum of Dollars? payable in installments of
j per month. First installment payable December 15, 1920.
I authorize the COMMUNITY CHEST OF INDIANAPOLIS to expend ray
subscription for such needs as, to it, seems best.
Solicitor Must Print Home Address •
Legibly Name of •
Below This Line. Employer
existing, by virtue of the existing char
acter of tho enterprise, to change the rate
or make other requirements that are in
consistent with that contract; and, on tbe
other hand, the contract of a business
enterprise that had the standing of a
purely private enterprise until tiie time
had arrived when, for the first, the State
had declared that it was affected with a
public Interest. Taklu* the insurance
company rate case as an illustration of
that, we conceive that all policies at the
old cate remained in force and were of an
absolutely binding nature after the pas
sage of the legislation which brought the
private business of insurance into the
public regulable class. To hold other
wise. in our judgment, would ba to give
the legislation, which should be pre
sumed to be prospective, a retronetlce
In discussing the third reason for
granting the injunction, Judge Baker
held that it la beyond any power of
tbe State to order the owner of a purely
private title to sever coal from his soil.
In discussing the fourth reason of the
court In granting the injunction. Judge
Baker said:
"The fourth ground for granting the
injunction is that, assuming that there
might be some residue after the de
mands of existing contracts and of in
terstate commerce were satisfied, the
orders of the commission direct the com
plainants to make shipments of car loads
of coal. The showing by the complain
ants 1* that the Indiana coal contains
a large amount of sulphur and that It
can not be safely stored at the mine:
that if stored there or anywhere else it
would be likely to be destroyed by spon
taneous combustion; that it requires
quick and prompt hauling and quick and
prompt eonsumtlon by the users, and re
quires that care be available at the month
of the pit, into which the coal can
be placed.
“Neither the act nor the plan of oper
ation of the commission makes any pro
vision for the supplying of complainants
or other operators with cars by which
they could comply with the mandatory
"The further reason that affects the
orders as to this supposition surplus
that might remain after interstate com
merce and contract parties have been sat
isfied is that the showing of the com
plainants demonstrate that the necessi
ties of transporting this coal arc such
that It is Impossible to get bills of lad
ing. and to collect by the well known
method of a bank collection, by means
of sight draft attached to bill of lading,
and that without such security, or any
security, the complainant* are required
to ship to parties whom they declare to
be unknown to them and of whose credit
they have no information and ara given
no information.
"Os course, if the complainants are re
quired to part with this coal and not to
receive compensation therefor It would
be a case, in that respect, and to that
extent, of pure confiscation.”
In giving the court’s fifth reason for
granting t**e injunction, Judge Baker
held that we would agree with the State
that this ground for a temporary in
junction, or any injunction, would not
be tenable if we were enabled .to read
See. 11 of the act with the same under
standing that counsel for the State and
the coal commission put upon it, but, as
we read that section, we find no definite
assurance that penalties, or prosecutions
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dress. —Advertisement
for penalties, will bo suspended a day
longer than the final decision in the
Marion Circuit Court. There is no di
rect and clear, definite, positive assur
ance that the penalties, or other pen
alizing means would be held in abey
ance until the question had been car
ried to the highest court to which it
1 can be carried.
| "For these reasons the temporary in
i junction to restrain the enforcement of
! the orders presented in the bill will be
I Issued.”
The opinion of Judge Baker is very
clear that the coal commission must
comply with the opinion of the court
as long as the temporary injunction is
in full force and effect. It is under
stood that the State is considering ap
pealing to the United States Supreme
Court for a final determination of the
powers and actions of the coal eora
In answer to a question of Attorney
Tomorrow and Every
Day This Week We Will
Wash and Iron
One Dollar Bills
Beginning at 0 o’clock each morning we will have on hand 1,000
soiled one dollar bills. At frequent intervals during the day the
money will he washed, wrung and ironed. If you have soiled
money bring it in and exchange it for clean. This demonstration,
which will take place in our cast window, is for the purpose of
proving that the
Apex Electric Washer
will wash the most delicate fabrics without Die Apex Electric Washer washes every-
T . ... , , , thing, ranging from a dainty lace collar
injury. If the Apex will wash paper dot- th( . heavieiit of blankets. It doe, the
lars without tearing them, it will certainly work so well that there is no necessity for
wash your fine laces and sheer garments. boiling or rubbing the clothes.
See Demonstration in Our East Window Tomorrow
vnNNFrITT hardware co.
t Ili i JL-d\_S N-/ A 120-124 E. Washington Street
Notice To Our Patrons In the
Eastern Portion of the City
Our new Rural Street Booster Station is nearing completion
and on Thursday, December 2nd, we expect to connect it with our
24-inch Rural Street feeder main. This work will necessitate the
temporary discontinuance of service on the section of the Rural
Street main lying between Twenty-fifth Street and Roosevelt
Avenue, and the water service for the eastern section of the city
will be furnished through smaller lines. Approximately 48 hours
will be required for this work, beginning Thursday oi this week,
and during that period the pressure will be somewhat reduced and
by reason of the increased velocity in the smaller feeder lines the
water may be somewhat discolored.
The installation of this Booster Station with a daily capacity
of 12 million gallons will materially benefit the eastern section of
the city, especially Tuxedo and Irvington.
Noel for the commission seeking to de
termine the scope of the injunction,
Judgo Baker Bald:
"On tint present showing of the bill,
Mr. Noel, there are definite allegations
that they have existing arrangements py
which their Interstate business will con
sume their entire output. They have
three mines that are taken entirely out
of the case.
"As to the other two mines, the allega
tions of the bill are that they would be
consumed in the Interstate comnutreo that
they have, nnd so all of the order* will
be restrained as to those complainant*!,
on the facts alleged in their bill, and the
question is left open for the complain
ants to adduce evidence of a situation
and you to meek, as to the existence of
any tacts on which the Legislature could
mako any finding at ail of such oppres
sion or wrongs, as would Justify the
classing of the business ns one subject
to regulation, giving you the plain bene
fit that you have had heretofore of the
presumption of validity, together with
tho holding that there is such a continu
ing, general police power that was not
hamstrung -to use a common expression
—by the fourteenth amendment, so that
no change of circumstances could be made
after the adoption of that amendment.
"Counsel should have no difficulty in
drafting an order to correspond with the
finding of tbe court.”
i Judge Anderson then gave tho*opln
| ton of the three Judges in overruling
a motion of the coal commission asking
that the petition of the coal companies
for an injunction be dismissed.
Attorney James W. Noel, in arguing
against the granting of the injunction
late Saturday in the Federal Court, con
tended that the cost figures of the coal
| companies submitted to the court were
| “padded” and that the sheets contained
elements that did not properly belong to
such tables showing cost of production.
Attorney Charles E. Martlndale of In
dianapolis and George Sutherland, for
mer United States Senator from Utah,
presented the arguments for tho coal
companies which resulted in the court
granting the injunction.
One of the specific requests of the
coal companies In the prayer for an In
junction was that the communion be
enjoined and restrained from making any
order "regulating and filing the price”
of coal mined by them
The declai a of th* United States Court
is a remarkable vindication of Walter
Myers of Indianapolis, w ho was the only
cumpatgn speaker who gn\f attention
to the Goodrich coal commission law
in tho laet campaign.
Mr. Myers dU‘ usaed this law In a
speech at Hope, where he declared that
tbe orders of the commission interfering
with Interstate commerce and with con
tractual rights would not -bo sustained
by the courts.
Jesse Esehbacb, chairman of tbe com
mission, Issued a public statement in
which he attempted to show that Mr.
Myers was "unpatriotic" in his explana
tion of how the coal commission act was
interfering with the luws of the land.
The statement was printed in the Indian
apolis News and other papers that sup
ported the Goodrich administration and
not one of them bad the courtesy to
print a reply from Mr. Myers.
in the court decision Saturday are to
be found direct parallels to tbo speech
of Mr. Myere which Escliboch declared
May Revive Fight for
Universal Training
I WASHINGTON, Nov. *29— An attempt
to revive the tight for universal military
training may be made during the special
session of Congress to be called by
President-elect Harding after March 4,
it was learned today.
I Representative ICabn, California, chalr
, man of the House Military Committee,
1 and other friends of universal military
i training, have little hope of bringing
| their object before Congress before then. ]
' partly because there would be insufficient j
time So act upon it and partly because it j
; is known n majority of the present Con- i
j gress is against it.
Hannah Ann Mansur,
Pioneer of City, Dead
Hannah Ann Mansur, 94, widow of
I William Mansur, died at her home, 1321
■ North Meridian street, today,
i Mrs. Mansur was born In Lawrence
-1 ville, and came here in the early days
i of the city.
Funeral services will be held at 2
o’clock tomorrow afternoon at the home
of Mrs. Mansur’s nephew, George E. I
; Hume, 2901 North Meridian street. The j
services will be private and friends have |
been requested not to send flowers.
Mr. Hume is th* only surviving rela
tive. Mrs. Mansur was the mother of
threo children, all of whom are dead.
Tha board of public works today
adopted a resolution for’s main drain to
be known ns tho Langsdale avonus and
the Wilmington avenue drain. The sewer
will start at Fall creek and the first alley
west of Northwestern avenue, run south
in the alley to Langsdale avenue and
thence to a point 220 feet west.
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