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[JTuerta Is Advised by Physi
cian to Go Away for
MEXICO CITY. Not. 29.—Provisional
President Adolfo de la Huerta, who will
relinquish his office to Gen. Alvaro
Obregon tomorrow night, plans a trip
to the Cnited States unless his entrance
into the Cabinet of President-elect
Obregon interferes with bis plans.
Provisional President De la Huerta
has been ill for some time and his doctor
advised him to go away for s. rest. If
he goes to the Cnited Stateß the Brat city
he will visit is El Paso, Texas. Beyond
that he has no further plans for the
It is doubtful whether De la Huerta
will enter the Obregon Cabinet, although
hi! has been urged to do so. His friends
say he has no political ambitions beyond
representing Sonora his native State in
the national Senate. But De la Huerta
will not seek the senatorship until his
health permits him to return to public
In Informal conversations with mem
bers of the American Chamber of Com
merce, the provisional president said the
aim of the new administration will
be #o get Mexico out of debt. Since last
Vfay the cost of conducting the govern
ment has been reduced C 0.000.000 peso*.
The army is being reduced to one-haif
of its former size.
“In this connection we are confronted
with the same problem as the European
war governments,” said the provisional
president. “Loyalty to our soldiers has
to take material form. We cannot throw
them back into private life without pro
viding for their future. Mexico wishes
to see her former soldiers happy and
prosperous. Several measures for the as
sistance of former soldiers already have
been adopted. One of these is the estab
lishment of agricultural colonies.
“This work of putting the soldier back
into civilian life in a contented frame of
mind calls for a considerable outlay of
money. But it will not take long for
the men to become producers and then
the government will get this money back
in revenue.”
Speaker Outlines Plans for
K. C. Soldiers’ Memorial.
The action from the executive commit
tee of the American Legion is being
awa’ted in regard to the memorial hall
to be erected by the Knights of Colum
bus In honor of the gold star men who
participated In the. World War was the
statement of James A. Flaherty, supreme
knight of the Knights of Columbus, who
jsas in the city for participation in the
exemplification of the fourth degree. Mr.
Flaherty pointed out that the propose*
memorial will not be a headquarters for
the American Legion, but will be a me
morial hall where patriotic entertain
ments may be conducted.
“We feel that some of the objections of
the Private Soldiers and Sal ors Asso
ciation and the Veterans of .Foreign
Wars may thus he accounted for. In
choc-sing the American Legion as the re
cipient we felt that it was the organi
zation representative of the largest body
of ex-service men.”
Mr. Flaherty said that In addition to
donating SI.O'iO.OOO for erecting the build
ing o' the K. of C. will provide an en
dowment fund of $1,000,000 for the main
tenance. He said he understood a site
been chosen by *the Government for
the building and as soon as a decision
is reached by the American Legion Corf-'
mittee work will be begun upon the
At the exemplification ceremonies held
at the Claypool hotel. 215 K. of C. mem
bers. the largest class conducted in the
State, were conferred with the highest
degree of the order. Besides Mr. Fla
herty, Thomas C. Flynn of Chicago, past
supreme master of the fourth degree of
the Marquette province, attended the
ceremony. The degree work which was
given by the Indianapolis assembly, was
done by the following: Edward B.
Scorer, the Rev. W. M. Lyons, the Rev.
Alphonse J. Smith, August F. Krieg,
Thomas E. Flaherty, Joseph A. Naugh
■ten, Norman E. Patrick, Oscar F. Berry
and J. Madison Walsh.
The following committees had charge
of the arrangements: William A. Fox,
chairman of arrangements; Joseph A.
Kebler, chairman of banquet: Ellis
Seorles. chairman of press, and William
J. Mahony, chairman of reception. A
reeption committee for visiting ladies
was composed of Mrs. John W. Trenck,
Mrs. P. J. Kennedy and Mrs. EHis
Searles. Music was furnished by SS.
Peter and Paul Cathedral Quartet.
At a banquet held in the Riley room of
the Claypool hotel in the evening, Joseph
A. McGowan presided as toastmaster.
Toasts were given by the Rev. W. M.
Lyons, Joseph M, Nurre of Bloomington,
Mr. Flynn and Mr. Flaherty.
RICHMOND, Ind., Nov. 29.—David
Heinley, head of the book publishing de
partment of the local Frlendß central
offices, has .been appointed editor of
Friends Sunday school quarterlies.
Miss Evan White, also of the offices,
was appointed editor of Penn Weekly
and primary literature.
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Another Big Cut in the Price of Drugs.
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75c Bellana *
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Cutieura Ointment so*
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25c Colorlte. 12 Colors, each Is,
HAAG S Drug Store, 156 N. Illinois St., is only 6 doors north ot lerminal Station
HAAG’S DRUG STORE, 101 W. Washington S;., lS in the Point ttoom of the Lincoln notei.
HAAG S DRUG STORES, 27 and 63 South Illinois St., are on the first square south of Wash
mgton St., on the way to the steam Union Depot. The other 3 stores are located at 114 North
Pennsylvania St., 65 Virginia and 802 Massachusetts Ave., corner of College.
Movies on View This Week Exhibit Some Strange People
Girls are finny.
Charlie Ray was so sure of Ms “gal”
that after a kiss or two he a cute
cottage, furnishes It a i only a lover can
do and is ready to receive Betty Graves
as his wife.
But the sweet-faced Betty was not
ready to be '“received” as Mrs. David
Warrington, or, in other words, the movie
story wife of Charlie Ray in “An Old-
Fashioned Boy.” I don’t blame Betty
for wanting to know for whom the house
was being furnished before her lover told
her she was the girl.
No girl can resist the boyish love ef
forts of Charlie Ray in this movie and
in the end Betty is ready and willing
to become Charlie’s wife. In contrast to
| the lovesick Charlie there is a quarrel
l lng married couple with three cute chll
; dren—they certaiuly are darling?. The
| quarreling wife leaves her husband nmr
i takes her three children to the home of
| a bachelor, wjio, of course, is Charlie.
Bachelors naturally do not know that
j taffy will give the youngsters the cramps
j andl the "Bach” calls in the father of
! Betty, who is a doctor, to attend the
i children. Doc ueel les to quarantine the
| house so that Bett/ can be brought to
i her senses and set the sterling worth
; of David Warringti n, who has the house
waiting for Betty when she says the
j word. The father of the kiddies shows
'rp and complicates the whole affair. In
the end the quarreling father and his
wife embrace the Dove of Peace and
Betty is ready to become the wife of
Opinion: Here is a Charlie Ray pic
‘ ture that Is ns fresh as the morning dew
and full of little tricks which toy with
your heart. You are bound to this
“An Old-Fashicned Boy” is on view
the first half of the week at the Alham
i l>ra.—W. D. H.
-I- -I- -I
On seeing Allan Dwaan's latest con
tribution to the silver (screen, “The
Scoffer,” it is evident that Dwan has
gone into “deep stuff,” and by his
marked ability to develop the intensity
of dramatic scones
liiKgaiN-y- cSZ'xZ 1,88 turned out an
interesting nor. ie
p!ay in story
Igf of Val Cleveland.
& ~*sjjL~ : In “The Scoffer"
Dwan has bad a
2SrV-. the director. ‘ The
story concerns Dr.
Arthur Richards,
an unscrupulous
Mary Thurman. doctor who ge .
cretly performs illegal operations, and
when one of his patients dies. Richards
throws the blame on hlg friend. Dr.
Stannard Wayne. Wayne is seat to
prison for five years, and on being re
leased becomes an unbeliever and a scof
fer. The story from then on conivrns
the efforts of Mary Thurman as Margaret
Haddon to convince Wayne that his
rebellion against the Divinity Is wrong.
Wayne might have saved himself from
a prison sentence by hiring John ltuckels
hans to defend him, but a director must
have a story and John is not a movie
The method used by Miss Haddon in
changing Wayne from a God-hating man
into a devout follower forms the climax
of the story. Philo McCullough is seen
as the corrupt Dr. Richards and James
Kirkwood is dramatically effective as
Dr. AVayne, who is made the "goat” for
the crimp* of another.
On view at the Circle all week.
I :
One of the performances of merit in the
rather involved “Something to Think
About,” which is now in its second week
at the Ohio, is that of Aioute Blue, who
was born in Indianapolis in ISUO and
educated at Purdue University.
Tn this De Mllle movie, Blue has the
role of Jim Durk, a country chap, who
compels Gloria Swanson hs Ruth Ander
son, to marry lilm instead of Elliott Dex
ter as David Markley.
A stery of the West, of a ne’er-do-well,
of a man, a boy and a girl is “Just Pals,”
with Back Jones as the star, which is
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75c Imperial Granum s e
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$1.25 Newbro's nerptelde , .88
There’s really no reason why Anna Q.
Nilsson should be doing this to herself.
She is one of the well-known and ar
mired leading ladles of the screen, whose
nutural bloom of youth can always be
depended on to gc.t her “by.” You car.
observe 4his when you see her this week
the attraction al the Regent ail week.
The picture is founded on the novel of
the same name by John MacPermott.
Many thrilling “stunts” are performed
by the star. The story itself deals with
the lives of a dejected waif utid a beau
.('•.) H-hool teacher who become united
through unusual circumstauces. The
a.cues of the story are laid in a small
town on the border lice of the wheat anil
cattle country. Buck Jones Js seen In the
role of Blm, u “nobody,” who proves, be
fore the end of the picture, however, that
there is “considerable fight in him ”
The supporting cast includes Helen Fer
guson, George Stone, Duke R. I.ee. Wil
liam Butkly, Edwin Booth Tilton,
Eunice Murdock Moore, Bert Apling,
Slim Padgett, Ida Tenbrook and John J.
-I- -!- -!-
The Isis is offering as its attraction
for the first half of the week. Ethel Clay
ton in “Sins of Rosanne." which has been
discussed in th.'s space. The couicdy
end of the bll lis a movie called "Uncle
Tom's Caboose."
-i- -!-
Opeuing at English's tonight is the
new musical comedy, “It’s Up to You.”
which is the latest offering of the pro
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of Cough Remedy
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come the ordinary cough and for
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bronchial asthma, there is nothing
better. .
Pinex is a most valuable * l i
concentrated compound of . ' |
genuine Norway pine ex- W 1
tract, and has been used for J 1
generations to break up A 1 j
To avoid disappoint
ment, ask vour drug- *ll
gist for “2'4 ounces of wL.
Pinex” with full diree
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teed to give absolute
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The Pine*
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$1.25 Taniac
at Mister Smith’s with H. B. Warner
in the Pathe feature, “One, Hour Before
Dawn.” Miss Nilsson is now playing an
Important part in thy screening of an
Edward Jose feature to be distributed
by Pathe in the near future.
deters who gave us “The Sweetheart
-!- -I- -I-
Barney Bernard, who has been absent
from the Indianapolis staip* for several
seasons, opens a week's engagement at
the Murat tonight in “His Honor, Abo
Potash.” 2
The feature act at B. F. Keith's this
week is Wilbur Mark and company in
"Two Is Company."
The Orrin Davenport Troupe, a circus
act with horses, Is the big offering at the
Harry Lang in "The Lid Ltfters" is the
offering at the Park this week.
The Rialto is presenting ! a musical
comedy called “The Hrauty Parade,"
with Cbh'k York and Rose* King and a
chorus of twenty.
Rub Musterole on Forehead
and Temples
A headache remedy without the dan*
gers of “headache medicine.” Relieves
headache and that miserable feeling
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blister. Used only externally, and in
no way can it effect stomach and heart,
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•* r * o/ *”n prevents tmeumoniai.
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Dugan-Johnson Cos.
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Truss Dept, under management of
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Be sure its Bromo
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The genuine £/
this signature CC?# //
Price 30c.
Anew vaudeville bill is being offered
at the Broadway todav.
-I- -I- -I
Elaine Hammerstein's latest movie,
“The Daughter Pays," might be called a
“Belated Moneymoon.” This story gives
an unusual twist to an unhappy mar
riage which, of course, ends happily.
The story opens with a mother telling
her daughter, Elaine Haminerstein of
her olff-time romance in which she
jilted her former lover, Richard. For
tune, has not been kind to the mother as
her marriage to another test her with
pretty Elaine and a crippled daughter
as well as poverty. Richard is wealthy,
nnd. on learning of his former sweet
heart’s poverty, offers his hand In mar
riage to Elaine. It is purely a matter
of dollars and cents to Elaine, who,
111 c all other movie heroines, wants to
help her invalid sister without working
for the money, becomes the wife of
Richard, former sweetheart of her
No sooner is the marriage over than
the rich husband attempts to make
Elaiue pay for her mother not marrying
him.- The story resorts to a roadhouse
compromise but Elaine comes through
the ordeal in a splendid manner and
wins the love of her rich husband. Then
they start on their P lated honeymoon.
Miss Ilnnnnerstein by her capable act
ing and good looks saves this movie. The
story lacks action. The settings are
| tastefully chosen and the photography Is
| good
; “The Daughter Pays” Is on view all
1 week at the Colonial.
CL /ti'rft fra
127 West Washington St
Good Clothing
for You and
Your Family
Cash or Payments.
Suit Y ourself.
CL 4/n V fra
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Peasant way to
breakup colds-'
EVERYONE in the family can
rely on Dr. Kind's New Dis
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up coughs, grippe and stubborn
colds. No harmful drugs. At
your druggists, COc and $1.20.
For colds and coughs
New Discovery
Sallow Skin Not Pretty
Constipation destroys the complexion,
making it yellow and Ugly. Keep the
bowels at v urk cleaning out the system
daily by using Dr, King’s Pills. 'They
do the work thoroughly and gently.
Ruy a bottle today, 25 cents.
n Prompt! Won’t Gripei
LfcKinffs Pills
Say OonnersviDe
Man Murder Victim
fn The Times.
COXNERSVILLE, Ind., Nov. 29.—The
local police are confronted with a mys
tery In the death of James Perkins, 35,
whe.- hnriv was found let" Sunday with
a bullet wound In the heart.
Beucsuiuu* ueurd a shot shortly be
fore the discovery and police suspect
that a murder was committed, as no
weapon was found on or near Perkin’s
Perkins claimed Greensburg as his
home, but was employed here by u
wholesale house.
Ills body was found at the edge of
the business district, a half block from
where he roomed.
Demands Dower
Especially in Winter
\V/HEN you step on the starter you want to
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i • 4
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Massachusetts Ave. and Bellefontaine Street
St. Clair, Alabama and Ft. Wayne Avenue
Capitol Avenue and North Street
West Washington and Geisendorf Streets
Virginia Avenue and South East Street
Meridian Street and Russell Avenue
East Washington St. and Southwestern Ave.
Kentucky Avenue and West Morris Street
- ' X
Indianapolis (Indiana) Indiana
/ 2340
ource of ‘Crime Wave’
Lands in Marion Jail
Special to The Time*.'
MARION, Ind., Nov. 29.—This city’s
recent “crime wave” suffered a severe
set-back with the arrest of Albert Wal
lace, 32, an ex-convlet, who confessed to
Sheriff Fowler that he had broken into
twelve stores and dwelling houses during
the past week.
Wallace was sentenced to the Jeffer- j
sonvllle Reformatory eleven years ago
for grand larceny
Grove's Iron Tonle Syrap
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Take 100 Chickens
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Special to The Times.
LOGAN'-r 1 >RT, Ind., Nov. 29.—John
Adair, farmer, living In the vicinity of
New Waverly, ten miles east of here,
reported to Sheriff Charles Grant, tha
theft of 100 chickens, twenty bushels of
corn and five bushels of clover seed.
The corn was sacked.
GENEVA. ■ Nov m -Th Swiss army
authorities have JiWt finished carrying
out experiments with anew long auto
matic pistol capable of firing fifteen bul
■ • " '• a iai- nce of 300. metres.
The weapon is easy to manipulate, and.
the trials are reported to have given
complete satisfaction.

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