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Rickard Announces Jess and
Champ Jack Will Meet
on Irish Day.
NEW YO*K, Dec. I.—Jack Dempsey
and Jess Willard will fight a return battle
for the world’s heavyweight champion
ship March 17, nest, according to Pro
moter Tex Richard. If the boxing com
mission sanctions the bout it will be held
In Madison Square Garden. The boxers
are understood to have agreed upon a
percentage division of the receipts.
Reports of the match had been circu
lated for some time, but official announce
ment of contracts having been signed was
not msde until today.
Dempsey is preparing for the first real
campaign he has launched in defense of
his title since he became heavyweight
champion of the world. He will engage
lc a number of bouts against the best
men available prior to his big champion
ship affair with Georges Carpentler. The
first of these :s but two weeks away.
On Dec. 14, the champion will collide
with Bill Brennan in n fifteen-round de
cision bout in Madison Square Garden.
He has been in light training with this
bout in prospect for more than a month,
but with the definite announcement of
the date has set about working in earnest.
Dempsey does his training in Central
Park and aboard the I'nited States train
ing ship Granite State, which is anchored
In the Hudson off Ninety-Sixth street.
Numbered among his sparring partners
•re Bill Tate, Dan O'Dowd, Battling
Thomas and Young Jack Johnson. Today
the champion took on two new partners
In A1 Reich and C.ay Turner, and from
now on will box at least ten rounds
Dempsey is keeping fit. He takes the
best of care of himself and does soin - *
sort of work every day, whether or not
he has a bout in prospect. Since he
took up golf more than six weeks ago
he gets plenty of outdoor exercise in ad
dltion to his regular rosd work. He i
looks the tart cf a champion.
The manner in which Itemnsey won
from Jess Willard led ring followers to
believe that big Jess would be foolhardy
to seek a return match. Y.'iliard evi
dently does not think so. For several
months Willard has been going through
easy training sprouts on his Kansas
farm. He believes he can come back.
Willard should be as much of an *t- ;
traction ayainst Dempsey as Brennan.
Several years ago Dempsey knocked
Brennan nut. Now Bill is going to get
another chance. And so is Willard.
NEW YORK, Dec. I.—The New York
State Boxing Commission today revoked I
the permit of the Central Manhattan ;
Boxing Club, which Monday night staged ;
the lightweight contest letween Willie'
Jackson and Johnny Dundee, both of j
New York.
The commission announced it had
taken this action because commlaslnners
attending the contest had "witnessed in
fractions of the boxing law, the laws
of safety and a complete disregard of '
the rights and comfort of ticket holders." j
The Central Manhattan Club, which 1
only operated Monday, is the first club 1
to have its permit revoked.
MILWAUKEE. Dec. I.—Joe Welling.
Chii ago boxer, has been suspended from
fighting in Wisconsin for one year by the
State Boxing Commission, it was an
nounced Tuesday. The action was taken
after referee Waiter lioulohan and other
witnesses testified that Welling had made
no effort to do his best in a recent bout
here with Lew Tendier.
NEW YORK. Dec. 1.-—-Jack Sharkey
and Joe Lynch, who will meet in a re
turn bout of fifteen rounds at Madison
Square Garden tomorrow night, wound
tip training here today. Kereutiy them
rival bantams met in the Garden and
fought to a draw decision.
CLEVELAND, Dec. I.—Carl Tremaine,
local bantamweight. will met Pal
Moore. Memphis. In a ten-round bout
here tomorro r night Tremaine holds
two newspaper decisions over ths
Memphis flash.
Association Averages
G. Dl*. ro. A. E. Pet !
St Paul 165 140 2b.17 225 .967 '
Louisville 168 IV. 4501 2169 261 .:*r2 '
Milwaukee 17b B 4730 2018 273 .I*sl I
Minneapolis Id*’, 136 4134 21C5 278 .I*oo
Indianapolis ...lfi!* 141 4510 ?.mi 209 d*M !
Kansas City ...166 ldli 4377 2132 2.*4 .937.
Toledo IMS ]O9 43*15 2325 327 .1*34 i
Columbus 10*; 111 4347 2UBO 326 .932 i
Covington 101 1576 12.3 14 .992
Gossett 09 214 87 5 9*31
Zwilling 135 243 25 7 .975
Henline 11l 451 97 17 .I*7o
Petty 33 *1 S3 1 .975
C'avet 741 13 87 5 .952
Relilei 11l 244 20 12 .933
J. Smith 125 383 403 36 .956
O’Mara 32 41 93 7 .950
Korea 131 128 282 25 943
Wolf 52 34 112 14 .922
Schreiber 153 345 517 71 .924
itebg 151 305 28 22 ,3S !
Shiauers 100 184 18 15 .931
Stryker SO 1 47 3 .911 j
Rogge 43 15 76 0 938
Whitehouse 37 8 SB 5 .!3**
Jones '. 40 22 67 9, J 8
G. W. L. T. ret.
Jones 4*l 20 13 0 .006
•Whitehouse.. 37 15 10 1 .000
Petty 33 14 14 0 .50)
Hogge 43 17 18 0 486.
Ca*et 30 14 17 0 .452 !
Daw 13 33 0 .373
Flaherty D 1 2 0 .333
IStryker 30 6 12 1 .333
Murray 8 13 0 .25*
Crum 5 0 2 0 .OuO
•Minneapolis and Indianapolis.
tToledo and Indianapolis.
G. W. L. T. Pet.
Overlock, St. Paul. 8 4 10 .800
Hall, St. Paul 48 27 8 0 .771
Williams. St. Paul.. 46 20 6 0 769
Coumbe, St. Taul... 32 19 7 0 .731
Nelson, Toledo 34 9 4 0 690
Merritt, St. Paul... 47 21 • 10 1 .667
Eldrldge, Col 7 4 2 0 .667
Middleton, Toledo .46 26 14 0 .650
LAFAYETTE, nld., I>ec. I.—E. R. tZeb)
Carmen was last night elected captain of
the Purdne football team, for the 1921
season. Although Carmen is only a soph
omore at Purdue, he lias only one more
year of col.ege boothall. having played
at Lombard College for one year. Car
men's home Is Joiiet, 111.
He played end on the Purdue team
during the season Just passed and was
considered one of the best wing men In
the State.
; , Previous to the election of captain,
fourteen “Ps" were awarded to the foot
ball players as follows; Birk. Cooley,
Stan Wood, Swank, Ciaypool, Carmen. Don
Field*. Rate, Wagner, Macklln, Murphy,
Meeker, Watson and Kerr. Minor “P"
were awarded to Bendlxon, Doug Field*,
Geyer, McCoy, Gulley, Pierre and In*-
keep, manager.
—Rotary Club Squad
Alley. Captains.
1. Rotary Club No. 2 C. Dyv
2. Rotary Club No. 3 A. Rapp
5. Rotary Club No. 4 G. Gets
4. Rotary Club No. 5 (~ Lennox
5. Rotary Club No. 6 W. Coval
0. Rotary Club No. 7 U. Stenger
7. Rotary Club No. B.<S. Fenste-rmacher
8. Rotary Club No 1 W. Keltzell
Alley. Captain*.
J. Redeemer Grays ...T. K. Berg
2. City Hall No. 2 W. MaeNeeley
[3. City Hall No. 1 R. 11. Bryson
4. The Gibson Cos R. M. Thompson
3. Lutheran League <;. Loco 111 •
lit. Armour A Cos F. McUaughan
i 7. Ounian Bros W. R. daman
8. Oolitic Stone Cos T. D. Broucher
Central Alley Five 2.770
Marott Shoe Shop 2,712
Stores Correct 2,053
Coca Colas 2,628
Hinnenkamp Buffet 2,623
Capitol Alley Five 2,616
Strauss Says 2,380
Thornton Coffee Shop 2.581
Indianapolis Electric Shop 2.5J7
Elks No. 2 2,571
Rotary Clubbers will club the clubs in
the city pin tournament on the Demo
cratic alleys tonight and it will be not
at all according to schedule if a change
Is not brought about la the leadership
column, which has not been shifted a
great deal since the opening evening.
Eight teams of Kotarlnn* will go after
the wood in the 7:15 shift and the
plus should drop rather hard.
In the 9:13 shift another gathering of
strong fives will twin the mineralite and
the evening should be one of plenty
Interest to the fans.
There wasn't a terrible lot doing on
the drives last night, Indianapolis Elec
tric Shop being the only club to make
anv kind of a showing. The Electrics
didn't have much 'till they hit the final
round .then they got a 911 score, which
boosted them to ninth position.
Hamilton had to crash out a 215 and
a 197 to prove himself the best man
with the Electrics.
Myers was there for 212 In the opener,
but failed when he was needed most.
National Autos rolled 2.507 for the
second high total honors, but failed to
piace with the leaders.
The Kansas City Gennies, headed by
the illustrious "Flddledelink." tried
everythine from sneaking up on the pin*
from behind to getting on the good side
of the little dark fellows, but they
couldn’t make the ripple.
Johnny Yott. dashing young plumber,
bore evidence of having played football
at Gary when be tripped merrily in with
a vest pocket load of wood.
The Gennies will be hard up for root
ers after Dec. 11, on which date
Michael "Fatty" Kelly leaves for tne
Isle of Dart, leaving the burden on the
shoulders of Foxey Pat.
Ed Quinn of the Columbians came
through like a flash in his third game,
carrying 219 pins, after losing his rep
in the first and second.
Klrkhoff closed up shop for the Co
lumbians with a 231.
It wasn’t Cheney’s fault the Berkshire
Llfes didn’t get the derby. He shot
three good counts; best of which was a
Jack McCann. News leader, got away
on his 95 foot and his team failed to
Jess Gavin dtdn t go over his usual
mark for the -Santa Maria*.
Willie Shine was one of the big shoot
ers for the Electrical outfit, starting
with 212 and bitting close to the big
lire each time
Among the fiilen heroe* were five lit
tle Kreis Transfers
Riker of the Inspectors stood out in
front of the Nordyke shooters last night
with a trio of good scores. His 234 was
high for one game.
It was also due to the work of "Rlke"
that the Inspectors piled up their 989
Ugh came total. Wesenberg and Buck
ner were his chief aides.
Causer of the Lynch Specials was sec
ond high for one fcamo with a 226 score.
Casey Joins Buffalo for
Big Game With Canton
NEW YORK, Dee. J.—Eddie Casey.
Harvard star and all-American half
back lust year, will play la the back
field for the Buffalo All-Americans
when they meet the Canton Hulldogs
at the Polo Grounda, “aturday, ac
cording te James MeNell. The win
ner of Saturday’s game will be
matched later with tha undefeated
Akron eleven.
Mitchell Named Braves’
Pilot for Next Season
BOSTON, Dec. I.—The appointment of
Fred Mitchell who has been leader of
the Chi*ago Cubs for the last three
vears as field manag*rr of the Boston
braves, was announced by President
George 'V. Grant Tuesday.
In taking the place of George W. Stal
lings, Mitchell returns to the team for
which he acted as battery co*ch before
going to Chicago.
Cop These Plums
100 Dozen
Silk Ties
Bought to Sell at $2.50
On Sale Thursday
About 40 Dozen Are Italian Silk
Jack Rohr
Severin Hotel Haberdasher
.wonu-.l and Walton of the same club
also went big.
They didn't have much to boast of in
the Lutheran loop. Spier of the Trinity
Browns wsis high game man. Brink -
meyer and Rescuer of the Redeemer Grays
were his only rivals.
Dunmeyer of the Browns shot within
an ace of the big mark three times, but
couldn’t make the curves break at the
opportune times.
Phillips of the Gus Ilah'.ch crew doesn't
often pound out one of those 246 scores,
but wueu he does lie lets ’em all know
about It.
Hebhle of the Coca-Colas was in the
190* twice and hit for 200 the third time.
Moxiey rested on his elbows after
starting with a 223.
O’Connell of the Western Union Tele
graphers plugged away until he finally
got his little 202.
Buckeyes, three of them shooting blind,
won two games from the lloosiers in the
Evangelical circuit.
The only 200 score of the league was
registered by Aldag of the Badgers.
The City Hall leaguers are getting
warmed up to their work and pounding
all sorts of clever counts.
The Public Healths rolled three good
scores to sweep the Finance five off the
boards. Speece was there with plenty
of wood.
Board of Public Works also won three
from the Public Safety combination, de
spite the noble efforts of Fehrenbaeh.
Shine of the Indianapolis Light and
Heat, opened with a 142 In the Electrical
League, then returned for 208 and^.’o4.
King was Just the opposite. He started
like a twin six and then finished in a
slump. Such is life on the alleys.
Richardson likes nothing better than
to roll n 112 and two 114 scores, proving
his consistency to the fullest extent.
Fink, Liberty lead-off man, was the
best Allison man, getting three big
scores, including two double hundreds.
The General Tools took three games
from the Gibson Company in a special
The Foxite League honors went to Mrs.
Gelse!' and Team No. 1.
Mrs. Geisei then turned around and
thumped Mrs. Fox, woman champ, for
four consecutive weeks, in the Capitol
ladles' match. The winner had scores of
183, 190 ami 179. Let * put her In the
city tourney.
Chief and Shane had a close battle in
the city three-cushion tourney last night,
t’hlef winning. 49 to 48. Both player*
needed one when Shane mlaaed six times,
while Chief went five rounds in the "one
hole.” The contest went 131 Innings,
with Chief counting fire for high. Shan*
had a four. Tonight Mitchell and Frye
Vogler continued his winning pace in
the State Three Cushion Billiard Tour
ney last night when he defeated Flneran.
.t 045 in seventy Innings Vogler nr
gotlated a high run of seven, while
Flneriin'* beat count was one of three
In tho afternoon contest Flneran de
fented Black, 50 to 38 In ninety three
innings. In winning the game he counted
a high run of eight, which is the best
in the tourney t*> dste This afternoon
Head was carded to play Wildman.
CHICAGO, Dec. 1, Jack Layton of St.
Louis Jed a field of twelve today in the
race for the world's three-enshion bil
liard championship by bis victory here
lost night over Clarence Jackson, whom
he deposed.
Pierre Manpome of Milwaukee climbed
to third place by beating Angie Klerk
bef-r. John Daly of Now York de
feated Alfredo I*e Oro of New York.
State Infantry Athletics
The first separate company of State in
fantry, which will be mustered into Fed
eral service within the next week, has
mapped out an extensive athletic pro
gram. A strong basket ball teem is ready
to book games with college, high echoed
and legion teams throughout the State.
The team is composed of former high
school and college stars On Friday eve
ninsr. I tec, 10, the company w ill hold a
trsck and field meet at the coliseum.
State fairgrounds Ten events are on the
program and prlzeb will he awarded first
and second-placo winners. On Sunday
morning. Dec. 5. a cross-country run
of five mile* will be heid. This event
is scheduled for 10 o'clock and will fin
ish at the State fair grounds
Indoor baseball and boxing will also be
featured during the winter.
Basket-ball tenm* are requested to >r
range dates Friday and Saturday nights
by getting In touch with the command
ing officer, room 209 Statehouse
He’s Col. McMillan Now
DANVILLE, Ky., Dec. 1.---At a ban
quet here last night given by the Dan
ville Chamber of Commerce to the Cen
tre College football squad, Governor Ed
win P. Morrow, tho principal speaker,
announced that he had made "Bo" Mc-
Millen Centre’s famous quarter back, a
colonel on hla staff
SEATTLE, Dc. I.—Boy McCormick,
English light heavyweight, won a four
round decision over Fireman Jlra Flynn
of Pueblo, here last night.
Ferndale and Indianapolis
Gridders to Decide City Inde
pendent Title Dispute.
Rivalry, and plenty of it, will be the
big tiling In the Ferndnle-Ijidinnapolis
('lull football game scheduled for Sun
day afternoon to decide the independent
championship of Indianapolis. The site
for the battle has not yet been picked,
hut it is probable that It will be staged
either at Washington Park or Ferndale
The Ferndales played through three
seasons in the amateur ranks without
suffering defeat, and this season they
stepped up to the independent class and
have met with just as much success.
Their record for the closing season is
clear, and among their victims are such
teams as the Mapletons. Brooksides and
Belmonts, also several strung State
The state title hopes of the Indian
apolis Clubbers were knocked into a
cocked hat by the Gary Elks Sunday,
but the Canning Crew is still eager for
light and confident of a wiu over the
Haughville representatives.
The. training of the Indianapolis Club
for the Sunday game will open tonight,
all players being ordered to report to
manager Canning at his office not later
than 7:30 o’clock. Following a business
meeting the team will take a jaunt out
to Fail Crook and College avenue, where
a stiff signal drill will be held.
Although they received several hard
knocks during the linttle, the locals rc
taurned from Gary in fairly good shape
and t!ie line-up will be strong after a
few stiff joints are brushed out of camp.
Knightstown, 18; Cambridge City, 8.
Mooresviile. 50; Carmel, 14
Atlanta. 28; Kokomo Rubbers, 27.
Tabernacle, 23; “Y” Junior Leaders, 19.
N'OBLESVILI.E. Ind.. Dec. I.—When
the time was up lapt night the score la
the gam<* of basket ball between Atlanta
and a five representing the Kokom >
Rubber Company v,as a tie. 27 to 27. By
agreement the teams continued the con
test to break the tie, with the result tha'
in the next few seconds the Atlanta hoys
scored a point, winning the game I.y:
the score of 28 to 27. It was one of th"
best basket-ball games ever played lu
Hamilton County.
MOGRESVILLK. Did.. Dee. 1 Moores
vllle K.k* defeated the Carmel Kelts 50
to 14, on the basket ball court here !at
night. The Kelts kept their fighting
spirit up throughout too contest, but the
uncanny basket shooting of Curtis and
Lay was too much for them.
Coach Lyons sent his C.hr'.stamore nst
gregation through a long practice drill
in preparation for tomorrow * gsme with
the Two-ln-wne (Tub. at the Chrlst.imore
gym. On Monday night they will at
tempt to even matters up with the Green
wood leant, who spoiled the locals' clean
re>-or I last Frldat night when they
emerged on the long end of a S6-to-25
score. The Greenwood team had to tight
all the way to win and the Christa more*
are confident of winning next Monday's
fray Severnl local dates are open on
the Chrlstamore schedule and tennis d*
siring to book gmnev re requested to
Cull Woodruff 130 anil ask for Ciaytou
or Hen-ley. or address 1806 Columbia
The Federated Basket bail Teague will
launch out on Its schedule Dec 16 with
two gnmefl on the Y M C. A. floor. Tho
schedule calls for a steady campaign
until the Anal gsme Feb. 17 Toe Y
gym ha* been secure! for *ll the games
and 7:45 p. m sharp and will find each
game on it* way The schedule follows;
Dec. 16, l’olr-0 Dice vs, Junior Champa;
I ten Zare vs Kurt-te 8 ■ Club; I*ec. 23.
Pair l> Dice r*. Knrt-Te-8e Club; Junior
Chamber of Commerce vs. Pen ’/are.; Jar.
6, Kurt-Te Se Club v* Junior Chamber
of Commerce; Pair O-Plce rs. Den 7-aro;
Jan 13, Junior Chamber of Commerce
vs Palr-O-Plce: Kurt-Ta-8a r lub va. Den
/.are: Jan 2<>, Kurt-Te Se Club v*. Pair
O-Dice; Den Zare v*. Junior Chamber of
Commerce; Jan. 27, Junior Chamber of
Commerce vs Kurt-TeSe Club; Den
Zara va. Pair O-Dbre; Feb. 3, Den Zar#
va Kurt Te-Se Club; Pair-O-Dle* ts
Junior Chamber of Commerce; Feb. 10,
Knrt-Te Se club v* l’air-O-Ptee; Iren
/are va. Junior Chamber of Commerce!
Feb. 17, Patr-O-Plce vs. Den /.are, Kurt-
Tp Se Club va. Junior Chamber of Com
The Indianapolis Y M. H. A. Junior*
defeated the North Side Vets, 21 to 20. in
a fast game on the ('utnmunal b Hiding
floor. Both teams displayed good team
work nnd It was not until the final min
ute of play tDist the Hebrew boys were
a hie to toss tlie winning foul goal The
winners play the Broadway Knights at
th* Cummunal building tonight.
MORRISTOWN. Ind. Dec. 1 Morris
town Bankable* defeated tho Morristown
Juniors. 26 to 20. In a game featured
by the playing of Heck, midget Bankable
forward, who registered eight field goals.
The Bankable* would like to book game*
with the beat Independent teams In the
State. Addresa Roy Dyer, Morristown,
Trade Mark
Copyright, 1019
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Strong Basket Card
Arranged for Wabash
by Director Vaughan
Purdue, Notre Dame, De Pauw
and Butler to Be Met
by Scarlet.
Athletic Director Vaughan of Wabash
College today announced the 1920-21
basket-ball schedule for the Scarlet five.
Twenty games are on the program and
all strong teams of the State are in
Purdue nnd Notre Dame will be met
and two games are carded with De Pauw.
Butler also appears for two. one in In
dianapolis and one here. The schedule
as 8 whole appears to be one of the most
attractive ever arranged for a Scarlet
five and gives it a chance to battle for,
the State college nnd university honors.
The schedule follows:
Dec. 4—-Manchester here.
Dec. 7 —Rm-Roes at Indianapolis.
Dec. 22—Earl ha m here.
Jan. 7—James Millikln there.
Jan. S—Knox there.
Jan. 11—Purdue there.
Jan. I.B—De Pauw here.
Jan. 2b—Baden University here.
Jan. 22—James Millikln here.
Jnn. 28—Notre Dame here.
Feb. 2- —Auburn University here.
Feb. 4-f-Knox here.
Feb. 8— Purdue here.
Feb. 12—Butler there.
Feb. 15—Marietta here.
Feb. 18—Earlbam there.
Feb. 21—Butler here.
Feb. 25—Notre Dame there.
Feb. 26 —Franklin there
March 4 —De Pauw there.
Tech Celebration Goes
With Cup Presentation
A victory celebration far 'in advance
of all others of its kind frer staged in
Indianapolis was held on Monument Cir
cle yesterday afternoon by Technical
High School students when E. I*. Graff,
superintendent of schools, presented the
east side institution with the schoo board
trophy, emblematic of the city hign
school championship
Paul Hodges, Techn’s yell leader, sent
some 3,w0 students through their yell
puces for more than thirty minute* pre
ceiling the presentation of the cup. then
repeated the act following the presenta
tion. The cup was officially presented
to Milo 11. Stuart, principal of the
*<'hoo!. who In turn handed It over to
Captain Nipper of the victorious Green
and White eleven.
Much praise and credit for Tech’s vic
tories was given Archie Krehart. coach
of the team, who turned a handful of
green material into a crackerjack com
bination in a few short week*.
Gipp’s Condition Worse;
Life Rests in Balance
SOUTH BENI), Ind., Dee. I.
George (>tpp, famous Notro Duine
fnothwll star, today suffered another
relapse and only faint hope Is held
out for hU recovery, according to a
bulletin Issue! from Bt. Joseph’s
Hospital, Just before noon today.
Glpp lias been unconscious for
most of the past forty-eight hours.
He is suffering from pneumonia.
With acknowledgments to K. C. B.
" I smiled
and lie me'
\ftER MONTHS And montlsfii
A MY peru*ded xaa*
rt \ photographer.
f / - V WHEN THE ptotarM earn*
,Bf5T / I SHOWED thorn to a gang.
Os AMATEU* art crttlca.
... |
•V • I
••♦ * .
• • •
s s •
“DOESN'T HE look M&tnOl*
• • •
“HAS IT got a Calif
• • •
“A GREAT nMmbkMk 4 t
• • • •
AND THAT last <HMy y * v
s * •
•• • l
✓ SO WHEN Mend wit*
s * •
s s s
1 TRIED again.
THIB TIME they wero great. * >.
FOR HERE'B wiuU happened.
“LOOK THIB way. ploaao.- VTSmT /
AND HELD up somothiog.
AS HE poshed the batten. JhtJ’L,/ ii \
AND NO one ooald help. 0 } / |
• • • J ----- fl! - -rr
BUT LOOK pleasant.
• • •
FOR WHAT he held up.
In paefratfea of 30 protvetnd bf * * * , T IGHT op a Chesterfield and sens* the good
mpec ml moisture - proof wrapper. WAS A full pack. ness of those fine Turkish and Domestio
i AJao io round AIR-TIGHT tine of SO. * * * tobaccos in that wonderful Chesterfield Mend.
V OF THE cigarettea. Taste that flavor! Sniff that aroma! You'll
""" ——l,—L Ml, 1 I. —M, h
<tr &, With. EBDIE ASH‘ y
The barnstorming wrestlers have
no mercy. They are now staging
double-header bouts.
-I- -|- -I
---( the rate “wonder fives” are pop
! ping up here and there that Wabash
J College “Wonder Five" of a few years
: hack must have been the original Tiggly
j Wiggly—known all over the world.
-I- -I- -I-
Magnate Mike Moroney of Blue Cab
j fame is now residing at the Ciaypool.
I Taxied into the big leagues, as it were.
| -I- -i- *l
- St. Louis Nationals have
pieked Orange, Texas, as their spring
training camp. Branch Itiokoy evi
dently wants to be sure the jaunt
will not be fruitless.
Hartford City has the right idea.
After the grid team of that city finished
its schedule a post season game was
carded as a benefit affair for the play
ers who Bvere knocked by the wayside
j during the season's conflicts.
I -1- -I- -I-
A1 Feeney, Indianapolis athlete, la re
ferred to as the midget 0 f Jim Thorpe’s
; Canton (Ohio) Bulldog eleven. He
weighs “only” 190.
; Charlie White has organized tho Char
lie White Rooster Club, the idea being
; to get the Chicago boxer anotfher chance
i with Lightweight Champion Benny Leon
ard. Jack Johnson might try the same
plan and get himself boosted out of tho
1 Leavenworth iron bouse.
Johnny Evers was reported in splendid
, mood on his return to Chicago to re
ceive the greetings of the fans over his
appointment o< new Cub manager. Hav
ing just hopped over from-Cuba It was
an easy matter for Johnny to smile.
-I- -I- -I-
If Jack Hendrick* Is unable to dis
pose of Dynamite Jimmy Smith t*o
another hall club, he might offer him
to Jack Ilempsey tvs a spurring part
•I- -I* -!-
After Dube Rellley reports to Nash
ville and gets lit form the fans there
will think the American Association is
a league of orators. Duka holds all rec
ords for long distance curbstone speak
-I- -I- -I-
The price of beef is said to be falling
and It will fall even harder when Jess
Willard tries his comeback effort against
.Tack Dempsey next March.
Johnny Evers evidently means to ask
Ms players to consider baseball ns work
nnd "*>t a vacation pastime. That will
be difficult for some.
A Sure Thing That Wasn’t
A number of the so-called "silk shirt
boys" are singing the blue*. A stranger
went Into their midst till* week find
took their bank roils right out of their
hands anti at their own game. It hap
pened like this: The stranger was from
the coast and after he had mingled with
the "boys" awhile a boxing discussion
started. Old fights were recalled and a
difference of opinion arose regarding the
length of the Bat Nelson-Ad Wolgast
bout in 1910. The argument grew hot. The
“silk Bhirters” believed they saw a
chance to make a “sure-thing” killing
and they rushed a messeuger to the
phone to make Inquiry regarding the
bout In question. The messenger re
turned post haste with his information
and the betting started. The stranger
covered everything. Fives, tens, twen
ties and even fifties were flashed, it is
said, and the wager is reported to have
grown into the hundreds. When the
stranger continued to show a willingness
to keep betting the "silk-shirters” be
came suspicious aiul sent out after more
information regarding the length of the
match In question. The messenger
again returned and his words apparently
satisfied the “boys” they were right be
yond a doubt. They offered more money
and the stranger covered. The ' silk shirt
boys" contended the Nelson-Wolgast bout
was a forty-two-round affair; the
stranger contended that it was forty. It
WAS forty rounds, with Wolgast the
winner, the bout being heid at Point
Richmond, Cnl.
Everybody was wrong but the stranger
and the reason he was certain of his
ground was due to the fact that he
had witnessed the bout.
American Legion Will
, Introduce Boxing Bill
In Indiana Legislature
A bill asking that boxing be legalized
In Indiana will be introduced in the
Indiana Legislature during the 1921 ses
sion, which opens Jan. 6, through the
Indiana American Legion.
At a special session of the State
legion executive committee yesterday aft
ernoon, tentative bill drawn up by the
special committee on boxing was re
ceived and ordered prepared. A special
legislative committee also was ordered
appointed by the State commander for
the purpose of handling this bill and
seeing that It gets due consideration
from the legislators.
The bill provides for a State boxing
commission of three capable men to be
appointed by the Governor of the State.
This committee, in turn, is authorized
to appoint four deputies, or Inspectors,
whose duty it will be to attend bouts
and submit reports of them to the State
All bouts will b of ten rounds and
no boxer under 18 years of age will
be permitted to compete. An admittance
age limit of 16 years also will be im
The State commission will have the
power to issue licenses good for one
year, but a special permit must be se
cured for the holding of each bout. No
one person will be permitted to conduct
bouts lu the State. License will be
granted only to clubs and responsible
organixatlons. This provision is made
so that no “roving promoter” can step
Into the State, pul! an unsatisfactory
show, then jump out before the com
mission can take action.
Colleges, American Legion Posts, Y.
M. C. A. branches, K. of C. councils and
other such organizations may s'age bouts
without obtaining a special permit.
Western Putt-and-Drive Lead
ers Threaten Uprising and
Cause East to Speculate.
NEW YORK, Dec. I.—Golfing circles
in the East were agitated today over ths
announcement that the Western Golf As
sociation had proposed an invasion of
tho East for the purpose of wresting
control of tho game In this tountry from
tho United States Golf Association. A
hitter war for the supremacy is being
The first effect of the challenge, it was
lieliered here, would be to draw a sharp
line of distinction between those play
ers who cling to the rules agreed on
between the committee of the United
States Golf Association which recently
vir.lted the Royal and Ancient club ot
St. Andrew In Scotland and the Eng
lish parent body and those who preset
the, regulations of the Eastern associ
ation. Outside of the amateur rule the
principal differences are those relating to
6tymle.a and to lost and unplayable ball*.
CHICAGO, Dec. I.—lnvasion of the Fast
by the Western Golf Association as part
of a plan to bring all the goif clubs of
the country under the same set of rule*
is proposed in amendment* to the W.
G. A.s constitution and by-laws submitt
ed by mail to the directors today.
The changes to be voted on at the an
nual meeting on Jnn. 15 involve adoption
of anew name, the “American Goir As
sociation," that would “act as the author
itative body for making and enforcing th*
rules for the playing of golf in the United
States.” {
There have been rumor* of a golf war
between the W. G. A. and the United
States Golf Association, the controlling
body in the East, for several years.
Offe of the chief purposes of the new
golf organization, if approved, would b*
to revise those rules which it is said
were originally intended for Scotch and
British course* and are not practical for
American courses.
Decentralization of control would b
effected by the proposed constitution, it*
advocates claim, as the nine director*
and officers would be chosen from not
less than seven different States. Similar
action in the case of the board to allot
amateur and open championships would
draw these different members from dif
ferent sections “in proper relative pre-por
tion to the number of golf players con
tiguous thereto.”
In making the proposal, Croft W. Hig
gins. assistant secretary of the W. G. JL,
said American golfers had been "muzzled
both by tradition and by the oligarchial
methods of government No other sport
could exist under such conditions.”
The membership of the Western Golf
Association of nearly 300 clubs had been
restricted to those clubs west of a line
through Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Atlanta,
while the U. S. G. A., embracing about
400 clubs. Included some within W. G. A.

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