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Judge Says Rearrest of Ab
sentee Will Be Ordered.
(Although fifteen men were arrested in
the raid on a craps game in a llverj
barn at 332 West Maryland street, and
all were charged with gaming and visit
ing a gambling house, only fourteen were
in City Court when tile case was tried
yesterday afternoon.
Some of the fourteen had been arrested
a number of times before, but who was
missing ?
When the court bail!?; called the roll
after the men had been convicted of
gaming and bad been marched into the
turnkey’s office before the fines were
paid, fourteen men answered to their
own names or fake names, but when
"Tom Smith’’ was called one of the
gamblers called out:
“He is not here—yet.”
The "yet” was evidently an after
thought, but the bailiff said it was all
right, for Tom Smith had a SIOO cash
bond up for his appearance, and, of
course, the court would forfeit the bond.
Harry Schofield, white, of “Indiana
avenue.’’ stayed the fines of three of the
gamblers, while twelve fines were paid.
Among these twelve was “Tom Smith,”
who was not in the courtroom and
who was under a SIOO bond.
The bond was not forfeited but a re
> ceipt for the cash was turned Into the
office of the city clerk nd the SIOO was
turned over to the holder of the receipt.
Fifteen dol’.ars of the SIOO wg left with
the clerk to pay the fine of "Tom Smith,”
and some person signed the name of
“Tom Smith” to the clerk's records.
When the attention of Judge Walter
Pritchard was called to what had oc
curred in his court he said that an order
for the rearrest of the missing man
would be isgned, as the judgment was
void when the man had failed to appear
In court.
The turnkey's records show that
Thomas Smith lives at 1518 West New
York street.
The game raided in the livery barn
caus’d considerable comment around po
lice headquarters, as the police captured
$126.50 and two pairs of dice.
When the case was called in City
Court yesterday Deputy Prosecutor
Ralph Spaan said “the boys are all will
ing to plead guilty to gaming, judge,
bur they want some evidence Introduced
so the court can rule in regard to the
money held by the police."
Lieutenant Woollen testified that ali
of the money eaptuged was on the blan
ket on which the men were shooting
craps except about $9, which he saw a
negro grab and put in bis pocket.
However, William Hynea, one of the
confessed gamblers, testified that the po
lice had taken S9O of the money from
his vest pocket, and the court ordered the ;
police to give him the S9O and the re- j
maiuder of the cash was turned over to
the police pension fund by order of the
The records of the city clerk's office
show that Scofield stayed the flrtes of
Lee Faslev. 313 Fast Ohio street; James
Taylor. 1152 North West street, and Ralph
Thompson. 402 Harlan aveaue.
Efforts to find a record of the address
of Scofield failed, and when the employes ;
of the city clerk's office were asked If the
city was not eat'tled to have the ad- .
dress of persons who stay fines for gam- '
biers recorded, Deputy City Clerk Rhode- ;
hamei said: "No one needs to know.” i
The firtaen men tonly fourteen being in J
court at the time of the trial), were each 1
fined $5 and costs on the charge of gam- j
mine, but the visiting a gambling house
charges were dismissed by the court.
rOU'MbcS. Ind.. Dec. 15 —Mrs. Hattie i
Ervin. 35, attempted suicide flt her home !
hero Tuesday, by swallowing poison. Her
condition is critic:. 1. but physicians be
lieve she will recover. Despondency over
the commitment of her 13-year-old
daughter to an orphan’s home at Oary, '
is said to be the motive for her action. j
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Has Mother Right to
Lick Married Child?
MILWAUKEE, Dec. 15.—Mrs. Lillian
Rebstock Monday in Circuit Court sued
her mother. Mrs. Bertha Mentn, for $250.
charging that the latter had delivered
what the mother called a ‘Ticking.” but
what the daughter characterises as an
assault. She asserted her mother beat
across the arms and knees with a shoe.
In a counter suit for SSOO the mother
charges the daughter brought on the as
sault by calling bep vile names. The
case was takefi under advisement.
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Legion to Ask Free
Record of D[scharges
The Indiana department of the Amerl-,
can Legion will have a bill ready to pre
sent to the Legislature when It meets in
January, permitting all ex-service men
to have their honorable discharge papers
recorded by county recorders without
charge. If the service men record the
discharges they then will have no diffi
culty in obtaining the benefit of such
war relief as may be given by the Con
gress, although their discharge papers
become lost
This Is one of a group of bills the
Legion will foster at the coming session.
Contract Awarded
for Soldiers' Home
Special to The Times.
MARION, Ind., Dee. 15—The Dants-
Hunt Company of Payton, Ohio, with a
bid of $310,000, has been awarded the
contract for additional Improvements to
be made in buildings at the Marlon
branch of the National Military Home
in converting the institution into a na
tional sanatarimn for shell-shocked
veterans of the Wurlrt War.
The company to remodel
the operating 'w ing of the hospital and ,
one barracks within 120 working days.
The nurses quarters at the sanatarium,
which is to be enlarged to accommodate
eighty-seven persons, Is to be Improved
at a cost of $132,000.
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