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3nMatm Sails Himes
Dally Except Sunday, 25-29 South Meridian Street.
Telephones—Maiu 3500, New 28-351
Advertising offices j ‘' hicß f.°- Detroit, St. Dnula. 'i. Logan Payne Cos.
i York, Boston. I’ayiu,. B.irtis * Smith. Inc.
THERE IS STILL 'TIME to do that late Christman shopping early!
PERHAPS Dampier was assured that he would not be tried before
THE POLICE got the finger-prir.ts at Seligs, but who is going to find
the fingers that made them?
WE WILL NOW discover how very easy it is to ride a street car with
out asking for an unnecessary transfer!
NOR SHOULD ANY ONE overlook the opportunity to help Herbert
Hoover play Santa Claus to the children of Europe!
NEW YORK’S POLICE force is busy rounding up suspicious charac
ters. A part of the Indianapolis force appears to be busy rounding up some
of its own members!
Guard Your Own!
When thieves make away with thousands of dollars from the vaults of
a bank and thousands of dollars worth of furs from a store in the heart of
the business district of the city, it becomes evident, even to the most im
perturbed of our citizens that the community is not sufficiently policed.
And with these two demonstrations of inefficiency in mtnd, it is diffi
cult, indeed, to maintain the position that no improvement in our law en
forcement agencies is necessary.
Yet there are in Indianapolis, and have been for a long time, citizens
who were so smugly satisfied with themselves that they were ready to de
nounce as unjustified any and all criticisms of our law' enforcement ma
In short, while nearly every city in the country was making extraordi
nary preparations to combat an era of physical violence for money that had
long been predicted and was most certain to come, these citizens were con
tent to resent any predictions of local unpleasantness.
Their influence was great in the community. Under it, nothing was ac
complished toward making it more difficult to steal and rob in Indianapolis,
even though the chief of police himself predicted, more than a year ago, a
period in which the police force would be unable to cope with the robbers
and the thieves.
This predicted era has come upon us. The greatest efforts of the police j
to stop the criminals are insufficient.
What has long been predicted has arrived, and today the man with j
valuables can not go his way with a sense of confidence in the appointed
agencies to protect him.
Indianapolis is not alone in this situation. Other citiei In the State axe
experiencing the same treatment at the hands of burglars and hold-ups.
Other cities, however, are taking extraordinary measures to protect
Indianapolis has not yet been stirred to that depth.
But Indianapolis will be.
In the meanwhile, the individual may do much toward preserving the
general peace and protecting his own, mere’y by so conducting his af
fairs as to remove the possibilities of heavy spoils.
This is no time to carry large sums of money, to exhibit valuables in
public, or to leave valuable property unguarded.
More * Misinformation'
In the first of a series of statements which the Citizens’ Gas Company
is now making to a part of the g&s consumers of Indianapolis, the company
said/that much “misinformation" concerning its affairs was being spread
in the community.
In the very next statement made it proceeds to spread some more of
this “misinformation.” It says:
“At the present time the dividends of the company are strictly limited
to 8.26 per cant. This requires annually 8200,000.'’
In the statement which accompanied its plea for 90-cent gas, the
company declared that the amount of its stock outstanding was |2,000.000.
‘The $200,000 which it now says is “required” for dividend purposes an
nually is 10 per cent, NOT 8.26 per cent, on $2,000,000 of capital stock. .
The rest of the gas company’s statement appears to be a labored effort
to show that If more than $200,000 is available from profits it must “go into
the property to increase the facilities of the company for tendering public
No attempt has yet been made to explain to gas consumers why they
should pay 10 per cent dividends on the capital stock of the company and
in ADDITION provide money “to increase the facilities of the company for
rendering public service.”
The yas company is now before the public with the novel plea that the
public should pay it a gas rate sufficient to permit “reasonable returns” of
10 per cent on its capital stock and also sufficient to enable it to increase
the value of its property out of its earuings at the rate of approximately
$900,000 annually.
Mother’s Pies
At last pie seems to be recognised and is coming Into Its own. Even
a medical Journal tells of tests made of foods in disrepute because of sup
posed indigestibility, wherein pie has been fully vindicated.
The vision of pies, now known to be good pies, and at the time most
strongly suspected of an excellency never equalled, all but going to waste
because of supposed indigestibility, haunts the memory. It is painful to
think these pies were under ban when really they were so good, and when
only now are they vindicated by the medical fraternity.
Since our Nation began, many a man. by reason of either the appetite
of youth or a product devised as only mother love can make, has defied
indigestibility for years and faced all the awjul results promised by a firm
but unsympathetic medical fraternity. Still he lived to tell the story.
• There is progress everywhere, in thought, as well as deed, id making
pie, however, no one can excel those of once upon a time. The old sash-:
loned mothers without thtT modern gas range, devoid of a convenient “pie
factory,” often upon short notice, could fix a dish which is never to be j
equalled, yet always remembered. Generations ate and after all these '
years can rest assured pies were digestible.
If it were not poor manners it could be asserted, as many will secretly
think, “I told you so.’*

Compromising With Vice
Word from Bloomington illustrates the harvest of poor law enforce
ment. It is to the effect that about 150 cases of automobile stealing and
store breaking have been committed in the last few months, and that a
grand jury investigation Is about to be made to clear the situation.
The report tells of one young man who committed suicide recently,
supposedly because of business troubles, when really he believed he was
about to be arrested for automobile
Bloominp*on has been a hotbed of petty crime.
Simi ianeously a dispatch from the same community asks for a State
appropriation of over a million dollars to maintain Indiana University, a
place for the youth of Indiana to be educated.
► It is not to be believed that the seat of Indiana Univereit is funda
mentally worse than any other city of its size, so it necessarily follows
that the fault is in the law enforcement. Other towns of similar size have
the same number of boy% similar human nature and like opportunities for
crime, but do not have the l< irime. They are all governed by the same laws.
It is simply a repetition of an old story, of a scene enacted In Indian
apolis daily. Here a misdemeanor is winked at, there a compromise is
entered into,and everywhere there has arisen a lack oj respect for law
and other man’s rights, all of which logically results in suicide and prison.
So as certain as night follows nay, if the laws are not properly, en
forced by the authorities, crime will increase until the effects strike like
lightning, in the most unexpected places. One compromise like one lie
begets another and all begin in the abJUlv to “get by” the authorities and
avoid the enforcement of law.
If a little college community culture end refinement as
Bloomington finds one hundred and as a result of poor law en
forcement, what is inevitable in a of Indianapolis with its
mixture of interest*?
U. S. May W/ike Up Some Day
to Discover She’s Lost Hawaii
i uay< wn
One cf the types of Japanese picture brides who come to Hawaii by the
ndreds each year to marry Japanese.
*West by Southwest*
“IVest by SonthwMt," th*> expe
dition limdcd by W. D. Itoyre,
owner <*t The Time*. I* now on the
high e, en roule irom Vanoonrer
, to Ilauall. on the flr?,t Iff- of the
■ voyage which will extend to New
Zmlxml, AuitnlU and the South
Sea island*.
F* OR more than twenty-two ytnrx
American* hare been wont to regard
Hawaii as *o much our own, ao thor
oughly Americanized that wc have been
‘nclined to pass over lightly any sugges
tion that some fine day we might wake
up to discover that Hawaii had passed
from under the control of the Stars ana
Stripes. Thl* doss not mean that Ja
pan, or any other nation which might
covet the Islands which ore our strong
hold In the Pacific, must necef;arily scire
Ihem and displace our flag, hot theic
I* grave danger that political control
may pass out of our hand* within n
decade unless tv# take steps to forestall
It is something of a shook to learn
that 11 per rent of the Hawaiian popu
lation of •j.afl.doo is Japanese and to dts
cover to Just what extent the little brown
man has Insinuat-d himself into n plso,.
of power. Under our laws ail Children
horn in American territory are AtnorJ
• ans. The Japanese accept this ruling
In Hawaii at least, hut they at the same
time continue to uphold to their children,
future American citizen* n;Nt voters, the
traditions of the land of the Mikado. A
Japanese la. one of the most adentsblo
chsp* in the world —outwardly, lie may
yield to the customs of .mother land, hut
Inside of him he still la Japanese to the
Japan Is methodical In wbnf she does
If, ns we have reason to su.ipect, she
hopes secretly to some day he tn pos
session of Hawaii, she Is starting with
the youngsters who are horn to Japanese
there. While Americans are struggling
withs school system in the islands which
is sadly hampered by the lack of compe
tent teachers and the Inability to hold
them on the Job, the Japanese are giving
fhelr children In Hawaii a thorough edu
cation In things Japanese by means of
their language schools. The teachers are
experienced instructors sent out from
Japan Ifnd their textbook* arc made up
of less.?i* which doi.i profusely with
J a pane mi ideals and history and give hut
scant Mention for teaching anything
about Atnerhs, <f which these children
are subjects, or about Hawaii, of which
they are residents.
Japanese children In Hawaii start their
school day in the early morning hours
with a couple of hours at a language
school; then they go to the American pub
lic school, returning after It lets out for
Blanks for the entering of subscriptions to tho European Relief Com
mittee are being sent out by the Indiana branch from the headquarters at
147 North Pennsylvania street. Checks should be made payable to Sol S.
Kiser, State treasurer, and sent to tho headquarters or to the Meyer-Kiser
Bank, 136 East Washington street. The blanks are as follows:
f , 1 X
Herbert Hoover, National Chairman
Caleb S. Denny, State Chairman
In the name of little children I have loved there will be at my
Christmas dinner table invisible guests who are the starving babes and
children of to whom I herewith send
Dollars for fodd and medicines that they may live.
Addres3 :
Ten Dollars Buys One Meal a Day for One Child of 3,500,000 Little
Ones Who Perish Unless America Saves Them. Five Dollars Provides
for One Child Five Months. One Dollar Will Keep a Child Alive One
Month. Indiana Headquarters, 147 North Pennsylvania Streete, In
dianapolis, Ind.
!i MOW DARE 1/ - , /a ifti ME <SAVS ME 1 —\
MA6GIE- VOUYELL f I MERCY* /T;i \ fH IK feu. Ri,ht f THE jail is 1
at ME ? I LtTTEfi rRO K \ WWAT'S KKKKKir 1 £■ i K PROMT OP l ' l \ THE *TOP L
• COME /iLR£> what co lirA Brother.] happened fnfffih out, a tme mS )fv'/ _S the } $ A j \ floor f s
v vou / ,and SAYS HE’S //// cK TOP FLOOR ?£ s<>
1 ? Lw’mfcv u n* — J J° MM lrAi ' l m7 Lwinoow (J p•y rr —gm • J v
;\ miMVx tap (fax ■/ fml JX
I ■ ik- " y 1 ' 1 itii'- ,-j .....' I
■ I _ j . ■ __ -i Li——l II -I II ,1111 II II I l 111 >'■" .11.1—I, - 1.-.. I 11l ■
more tutoring In the language school.
How are you going to Instill American
Ideals and ambitions Into children who
aro being crammed with Japanese all of
the time except when they arc st the
public school? Yet these ore future
voters and cltlxena of Hawaii, and, tak
ing into consideration the birth rat* and
growth of Japanese population, by 1930
the Japanese will be In n position to
control things if they vote as a whole.
But, do the Japanese want to have
control In Hawaii and If an, how are
they going to bring this about In n
peaceable manner? In the text article
to lie published by the Indiana Dally
Times ibvse questions will Be answered.
is Your Child
Physically Fit?
If not it is jour first duty to find out
what is the matter with him
Do jou know how to proceed to this
end? ,
W* offer you the best Information In
the world in a specially prepared Bed
truss bulletin on “The School Child*
It tellit you how to teat his eyes, his
hearing -Low to overcome fiat feet, to
regul*l hi* appetite, how to forestall
tuberculosis, what to do when hs gets
contagious diseases!
tExtract from an'editorial printed In
the Davenport Democrat and Leader:
Dowu at Washington, lowa, the super
intendent of a Junior high school saw
titc value of what the Detnocrntms of
fering, ami sent Mr, Hasktn the ad
dnesvf: of the parents of the 25 scholars
li hi* sch - >l, ask ng that to sack home
he sent the booklet ’The Reboot Child *
Health • • • The school man forwarded
ft \:.o for postnge and Washluftou gut
n veritable flood of valuable literature.
.Mr Jin kin wn- delighted, and so is the
Democrat.'' F J, H.t
s lo p right now. Take stock of your
child's condition. Use this booklet as
a guide.
Frederic .1. ITftxkt". Dlreeter,
The ln‘*Uuu lloliy Time*
Jr./on untie a Bureau,
WnahiUKton, D. C.
I Inclose herewith 2 cents In
stamp* fur return postage on a free
copy of the booklet, “The School
Child’s Health. '
A New Serial of Young Mar ried Life
By Ars Lisle
"Where’s Betty?” I echoed-my voice
taking on r. note of fear from Terry
The canteen was ready to clo*" for
the night, and there were not Half a
dozen persons there- -hut if there had
been a hundred. I’m suro Terry, the re
served, wouldn't have noticed them.
"Yee -whore’s Deity I” he repeated Im
patiently. “You saw her. Did she men
tion her plans?”
“No not n thing. Who fold you I’d
seen her?” I naked cautiously, ready in
my new found loyalty to protect betty
even from Terry.
‘‘l met Nor rays at the club, and got
It out of him that he dined you and
Betty last niffht. Nov she's uo slacker
—Betty—doesn't chuck up lief work ex
cept for good cause, I didn’t like It—
directly 1 heard sue was bock. 1 tele
phoned her place- nothing stirring—
called Virginia Dalton—no informal ion
nor yst from the Bed Cross. It’s a bit
thick- -and not Uko Betty.”
•‘Dll, Terry—there ia something I 1 felt
If last night—ber ejos, and-the way she
held hor hand to her lips ul! the time.
I said thst a friendship was two-sided,
and Id Ilk* to help her the way she
does me. Then ehe answered Just this,
•Not tonight soon perhaps, Anus?' Oh,
Terry, what can we do?"
“I don't kDow." replied Terry, Half
under his breath. “I don't know."
Whereupon Carlotta r-tnrge*. whom I
had entirely forgotten, stopped Into the
breach of fear lying between Terry and
“It’s Mr*. Bruce you are looking for?"
she said calmly. “Well he on her track
In a Jiffy. Y"ii see she lives In one of
my father's t.nildlng- and of course the
operstor at the -switchboard will tell me
all we care to know. I’ll go 'phone at
On toe word. Carlotta hurried off in
the direction of the telephone booth nt
the rear of the long room. I noticed
Appetizing and strength-giving, lus-
Ci ° US Sealdsweet craP®*™ l * are ricll in
msgprnj more palate-pleasing. Sealdsweet grape-
A fine showing* of Sealdsweet grapefruit right from the groves of Florida*
Sealdsweet grapefruit will be served in a number of ways, unique and original*
Come and learn more about Sealdsweet grapefruit, once scarce and high-priced
luxuries, now produced in such quantities as to give plenty for all.
To every person who attends there will be made a gift of copy of beautiful and
instructive book, “Florida’s Food-Fruits”, containing manv-tested recipes for dishea
\ /
made from grapefruit and oranges.
' j — Grapefruit Demonstration-Display—
Wm. H. Block Cos., Grocery Department
pIoS&BES# Granges
You buy oranges for the juice. In Seald-
The weight of an orange indicates the qunn
tity of juice, Sealdsweet oranges are heavier
becau,eiuicier ’ • m&m/
Ripened on the trees, sweet end delicious, \ ‘
they quench thirst, satisfy hunger and build /- *. v! : .vvV
strength. V:.:*.Vj’
that she stepped on the way and spoke
ta the lieutenant —and suddenly the cen
ter lights switched on again, brightening
the shadowy gloom of the canteen, which
had been ready to close for the nigh’
when Terry burst into it.
Tiier. “Lootie,” as wo sometimes dit
respectfully called our lieutenant, cairn
over and beckoned me to one side.
“Take your time, Mrs. Harrison —take
.vour time. I’ll leave the place in your
charge and you put out the lights, lock
up and -end me tho key* by registered
mnll. That will be all right, as our unit
doesn’t come on again for three days.
Miss Sturges tel.s me that you have a
very Important communication for one
of tho Hed Cross workers and want to
locate her at once, Hope you get her.
Good night."—Copyright, 1920,
(To Be Continued.)
"The stare Incline, but do not romr*!."
Many planets frown today on man’s
activities, according to astrology. Venus,
Neptune, Mars and the sun are all in
malefic aspect. Jupiter and Saturn are
Disturbing to poise and serenity are
the mingled influences of the stars. Krona
sunrise to sunset the wise will guard
against depression or irritability.
Women may lie especially susceptible
to the sinister power of the planets.
Nervousness, weariness and excessive
sensitiveness are supposed to be encour
aged by this day’s sway.
Persons whose birthdate it Is should
avoid ehanges in ,he coming veer. Busi
ness affairs should be very prosperous.
Children born on this day are likely
to be ambitious and not Inclined to stick
to routine work, but they will succeed
best as employes. These subjects of
Capricorn are usually very gifted.
(Any reader can get the answer to
an? question by writing the Indiana
Daily Times Information Bureau,
Frederic J. Haskln, Directory Wash
ington, r>. C. This offer applies
strictly to information. The bureau
cannot on legal, medical
and financial matters. It doe* not
attempt to settle domestic troubles,
nor to undertake exhaustive research
on any subject. Write your pea lon
plainly and briefly.> Give full name
and address arid ciclose 2, cents in
stamps for return postage Ai. re
plies aro sent direct to the inquirer.)
Q. Where may I buy some of the ma
terial used by the Postoffice Department
for moil sacks? T- B- 8-
A. The Postoffice Department says that
the cloth used in their mail sacks Is
manufactured for them exclusively. Sim
ilar material may be purchased from
other manufacturers.
Q. Which State Is known as the Cen
-tennlal State? L. C. G.
A. This name Is applied W Colorado,
because of the fact that this State was
admitted to the Union in the Centennial
year, 187 C.
Q. What Is an amnlgum arc? H. H. M.
A. This Is an are In a vacuum tube
having electrodes of mercury amalga
mated with zinc, cadmium or other metal.
The spectra of such arcs contain the
bright linos corresponding to tbe metals
in the electrodes.
Q. What is \neant by calling a man a
sulphite? H. P.
A. This is a name applied to a person
who is spontaneous and original In his
habits of thought and conversation.
Q. What is the origin of the term
“halcyon days?" E. IJ. C.
A. This name wn given in ancient
time* to thte seven days before and the
seven days which follow the shortest
day of the year. The halcyon bird, or
kingfisher, was supposed to neat at sen
In a floating nest at the time of the win
ter solstice, a period of calm and tran
quility being provided for its
Q. France and Denmark are raising
money hy means of lotteries. Can people
In the Ulnted States buy these lottory
ticked*? p. O’B.
A. Thp PostofHce Department say* that
the passage of lottery tickets through,
the United State* mail is prohibited.
Q. I would.like the date of next East**
Sunday. s. S.
A. Easter Sunday will fall on March
27 in 1921.
Q. How many States operate employ
ment services? H. H. M.
A. Thirty-three States now' have.sueh
services with offices In about 200 cltio*.
Q Kindly tel Ime the correct pronun
ciation of the word “Italian.”
F. B. N.
A. “I-tal-ian” is accented on the
ond syllable ar.d the first “I” Is short, as
In the word “It.”
Q. How much gold Is there in the
world today ? F. G. S.
A. The estimated supply of gold In
the world at the present time Is about
f9,000,000,000. The greater part of this is
not pure gold, but has been alloyed.
The Inhabitants of China are counted
ever year in a curious manner. Tbt
oldest master of every ten houses has t<
count tbe families and make a list, wbicl
Is sent to the imperial taxhoug?.

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