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$24,000 YEARLY
Cleaning Crew Made Up of
Eleven Men and Six
Approximately $24,000 is expended
yearly by the State In salaries for the
janitorial force at the State Capitol. This
includes the salaries of (he superinten
dent of public buildings and property,
his assistant, and a force of eleven men
and six -women Janitors.
To run the department of public build
ings and grounds, outside the salaries of
the above-named officers, the State is
forced to pay out of its coffers yearly
the sum of $19,923, which pays for re-
the building, water and Ice, Il
lumination and power, roof work, flags
and decorations. This makes a total of
approximately $43,000 which is paid out
annually for the care of the Indiana State
Eleven men and six women are on duty
each day in an apparent effort to keep
the building clean. At least once each
week each of the four floors are mopped.
and the force of women each day sweeps
and dusts on each floor.
The entire force works under the su
pervision of the superintendent of pub
lic buildings and property, who is ap
pointed by the State committee on pub
lic buildings and property, consisting of
the Governor, Auditor and Secretary of
State. The superintendent’s salary is
$2,250 per year, and he is under bond
It Is the superintendent's duty to
“take charge of, proteet and reserve from
injury the capitol building and grounds
and all furniture and property therein;
to keep sueh building clean and in
pr >tter order; to attend visitor who rosy
wi.-h to view th“ capitol; to purchase
supplies and make all necessary repairs
on the capitol building; to employ all
assistants and other necessary help who
come under his supervision; to institute:
civil or criminal proceedings against any .
person for Injury or threatened Injury
to the property under his care: to dis
pose of wornont and unvaluable prop
erty. such as furniture, waste paper,
books, etc., and make proper auditing
therefor to the State Treasurer quar
terly ; to keep a complete list of all the
property of the State at the seat of the
government, with acurate plans and sur
veys of the public grounds whereon the
capitol is sltua.ed, end report such prop- .
ertv to the board on the last days of
M;.rch, June, September and December
of each year, and to the General Assem
bly each two years, showing the pur- l
poses of the expenditures from 'the ap
propriations made to his office.”
Ail official acts of the superintendent
are with the approval of the board of
public btilldings and property. Since ;
1919 the Statehouse engineer has been
abolished and hts duties have been trans
ferred to the superintendent.
GETS $1,259 A YEAR.
Salaries expended In 1919 for labor
amounted to S2O 828 50 exclusive of the j
salary of the assistant superintendent. ;
who receives a compensation of $1,250
The last report made by the superin- ;
tendent, gave the following expenditures,
in his department:
Salary, superintendent S 2.250.00
Salary, assistant superintendent. 600 09
Salary, labor—
General appropriation 16,988.50
Fliedfic appropriation 3-840.00 j
Governor's contingent fund.... 955.00
Maintenance, repairs, alteration
and ventilation 12.058.52
Water and Ice 1.926 79
Illumination and power 5,541.22
Roof 243.95 ,
Flag and decoration 149 50
Total $44-591.48
Os this total, $5,155 25 reverted to the
State treasury, and receipts to the de
partment .which were turned over to the
Treasurer, amounted to 5747.11.
The total appropriation for the year !
for salaries, and other expenses amount- j
ed to $49,746.73.
Difficulty is experienced at present in
keeping a sufficient number of Janitors j
on the force at the Statehouse. Accord- .
ing to officials at the capitol building, j
the men and women come and go, and {
sometimes there are node who has
worked rn the building longer than two j
or three months, with the exception of
the custodian.
NOBLESVII.LE, Ind., Dec. 27.—Whll® |
doing some ditching on the farm of P. :
O. Duncan near NoblesvlUe, Friday aft- '
ernoon, TV. J. O. Davis unearthed six
good-sized snakes. All of them were
alive and three measured more than two
feet in length. The bunch was killed.
It is thought they were near the surface
of the ground oa account of the recent j
warm weather.
Japped Rdm
Dsily solid through train with Pullman sleeping cam
Improved Schodulo Commencing Sunday, Nov. 14
Lv. Indunapolia ;*2:40 a. m.
Lv. Cincinnati a m .
Ar. Chattanooga 4:05 p. m.
Ar. Atlanta 9:15 p. m . (C T )
Ar Jacksonville (2nd rooming) 835 a. m <ET )
"Sleeper* open 9 “ p. m.
Making direct connection* wRh morning treira for ell Florida points
Dining car service for ail meals.
Winter Tourist ticket* on tele daily, with libers! stopover privileges.
For frooA/r, A'cilvV b/vrmatba or n*trv*lwn mJdratt t
Division PsMsnjror Agent District Pswangsr Agont
tt Four Routs, 7*7 Flotchsr Trust Southern Ry„ 307 Msrchsnts Bonk
A Soring* Bonk Bide., Bldg., IndUnopoli*. Ind.
Indianapolis, ind. Phens Moln X 27 Phono Main GISO
LXakVot a-k iHbsi H/t/'TE'^S
Woman in Triangle
Tells of Shooting
Special to The Times.
SOUTH II END, Ind., Dec. 27.-Tli.it
Mar!; Uyco killed Dallas Anderson be
cause he believed that the latter intended
to shoot first will probably be the de
fense offered by Uyco. This defense will
be a striking contradiction of the story
of Mrs. Emma Emerich, the woman in
the fatal triangle, in whose parlor the
shots were fired Thursday morning.
Mrs. Anderson claims she was holding
a quiet conversation with the murdered
man, who roomed in her home and had
been her lover for more than a year
when Uyco, his rival, pushed open the
door, entered the room and iustantly
Mrs. Emerich since last May had re
ceived attentions from Uyco, who came
here from Boughtonville, Ohio, but she
did not disiuisi Anderson, and an intense
rivalry was engendered between the two
men. Uyco is 26 years of age; Anderson
was 34, and Mrs. Emerich is 30.
One Reason for Asking In
creased Appropriation.
The $35,000 increase in appropriations
; asked for by the conservation commission
would be used In the establishing of a
tree nursery at Plainfield, under the di
-1 rectlon of one of the members of the
department of conservation, and for the
hiring of a plant pathologist, according
to Richard Lieber, director of the de
partment. The commission, In a special
meeting held Thursday requested the
Legislature to appropriate $95,000 an
nually for the department, an Increase
of $35,000 over the $60,000 now received.
Pome time ago, the State planned to
reforest the State by establishing a tract
of land, and raising the tre|s. This plan
was abandoned, however, on advice of a
tree expert from Michigan who told what
an enormous expense the operation of the
tract would entail. It would have been
necessary, under this plan, he said, to
have many workmen, a tractor, and con
stant care of the trees, in order to In
sure any degree of success. The cost of
the tract would run into excess of SIOO,-
000, it was said.
Under the plan now adopted by the
commission, on advice of the expert, the
department would buy shrubs, set them
out at the Boys' School at Plainfield,
where the Inmates there would be en
trusted with their care. A representative
of the department would be in charge of
the nursery.
Besides providing a Urge number of
trees, the boys st the school would be
learning a profitable trade, aul the en
tire cost of the plan would not be greater
than $5,0C0 to $7,000, Mr. Lieber soys.
A plant pathologist, who would be
under the direction of the entomology
division of the department, would travel
over the State, and would work la con
junction with tree experts from the va
rious schools of Indiana. He would in
spect plants and trees which are diseased, ]
and would advise remedies The salary of
the pathologist would approximate $2,000
or $2,400 yearly.
Tha remainder of the increase appro
priation would be divided between the
various divisions of the conservation de
partment, wherever needed, Mr. Lieber
Does Not Disclaim Wife's Ac
cusation of *Spendthrift
rnir.KC.O, Deo. 27.—Those who have
been referring to Joseph I>e Korwln as
“baron” and accrediting him with mem
bership in the Polish nobility have been
guilty of a grave mistake, take it from
“Mr.” De Korwln himself. He is Just
plain "Mr.” De Korwln and not a baron,
a count or duke or even a plain "sir.”
De Korwln is in Chicago fighting for
the custody of his 8-year-old son whom
he had never seen nntll a week ago. The
boy Is In the custody of his mother, Mrs.
O'lle Young IleywortU de Korwln. h'dr
ess to the *23,000,000 estate of the late
Otto Young.
Mrs. De Korwln charges that her bus
band Is an International spendthrift, and
that it cost her $190.0 iO to "buy off"
various morganatic wives and sweet
hearts who had claims against the bride
De Korwln has declined to discuss the
charges of his wife but hastened to dis
claim any pretension to nobility.
Crawford Fairbanks has purchased of
Lilly Schmidt a one half interest in the
property at 23-25 North Pennsylvania
street, the other one-half interest in
the property is owned by Edward Schmidt
and others. The Aetna Trust Company
holds a ninety-nine year lease on the
property and occupies the ground floor,
subleasing the other stories of the built’-
ing, which is four stories in height.
Sport Hose, 2 Pair
MOST extraordinary! UT ■■■
You've wanted them and R§|
here they are—priced so H
low! Women’s wool sport Vpi
hose, plain and Richelieu r. : )i
ribbed style; irregulars that
look like $2.00 hose, while
-30 dozen last, 2 pairs m
—Main Floor.
Please Read!
. Extra Special!
$1 C-95
%Jyggk 10
kwKHiSb wlllilif The bargain of the
season! These coats
ing, full lined. Plain
/ f /a sleeves. Don’t miss
I Ls this plush coat sale
Cloth Coats
"IF we told >ou the former iK _ mm mS
J- prices of these coats, you mj* 7
might doubt us; so we'll leave IB JH A
It to you when you see them, Jy 77 ° ®
A truly remarkable lot of coats. M I
The materials consist of
Bolivian, goldtones, wool ve- W t, fsl*
lours, tinseltones, etc. Fur
trimmed and plain collars, largo
pockets, belt and button
trimmed. All sizts. Be sure and look over this extraordinary
value Tuesday $-1.75.
—Second Floor.
f Whoopee!
*?4- 75
OOI) old times, eh? Men's
AvJT finest overcoats, plaid hack,
v heavy weight; colors green, brown,
v Lgray and blue mixtures. Choice
/ of tho house, overcoats made to
sell f° r $50.00 and $60.00. Tues
/ day, $- 4.75. The sizes are 34 to
filn&JKt Sixty-nine men's overcoats,
made of dark mixtures in con
'tPmlI AV- Borvative and ulster models,
ny&T sizes 33 to 14. Every coat all
!. •' wool and worth S4O. Tuesday—
sl9 75
Hip, Hip , Hurrah!
Boys’O’Coats xgpl|k
and Mackinaws
$ 16.50 to $24.75 Values |-1|
T lIE choice of the
house —and we In /tj —SM JPcga#’ - '
elude the ttmonsU fcfl fa yk VNsPf/
DUBBLKBII-T ov<>r Ik ill */A \\|
coats and mackinaws forail H m M *yflrfr
boys. All-wool coats in y Rl 133 SB / Willi vX
dark gray, green and 111 // VIJ \v\
blue mixtures. The |l§ HI jl§ //
mackinaws are regularly m H m //et YA
$16.75 and the over "
coats regularly $20.75 i
and $24.75. Choice, Jv
Tuesday —Main Floor.
Up to SIO.OO
Boots % A ' 95
YOUNG women's black mK-t—. 'YL
and brown vicl and TL ■ iKliy l
Russia ralf boots; high Ha TLi tQcAßt'
cut lace models, with VsTl PjF*
English, low or Cuban
Misses' and children's high cut lace ts jf yfsg
boots, brown or vici or Russin calf; S, ,kT jjß
i',a?.. ’ rh u m . *2.99 JRfQvfMr*
Boys’ double-wear school shoes, Eng- vL
lisb or blucher models; extra qualitv , JW
oak soles; sizes up to Aft Mff
6, Tuesday
Over Thirty-two Years In This Ham# Location.
gjgy WwA*® 1 260-270 'WWasK St.
"Come Out of the Beaten Path ”
Ofd.r. l
on vjll \u\\U
Dollar hS
Mended Up to $4.50 Gloves, pair,
Women's and men's kid and suede “dr M.
gloves big line of colors, various styles;
these gloves have been mended and were sold up
to $4.50 pair, while supply lasts, pair, $1 00.
—Main Floor.
Men’s Work Shirts Tuesday, 2 for
Factory damaged lot men’s ehambraj f}s JL
w.,rk shirt*, well mode, fu.l cut siitr's
that are sliglitiy imperfect, sizes 14’ j to 17Vi;
until .sold. 2.5 dozen on sale, 2 for $1.09.
—Main Floor.
Children’s $1.75 Union Suits
IVrlnr cotton, einatlc rtbt>ed uni n suit*
well fleeced, age lb. 12 and 14, drop seat
style, seconds; formerly sold for up to $1.75,
Tuesday, choice fI.UO.
—Main Floor.
$2 Granite Combinettes, each <£*4
10-qt. gray granite combinettes or slop JL
Jars. bT handle and enameled covers;
seconds of a $2.00 value, while 72 last, each, $i 00.
$2 Oil Mop Set, Tuesday • 0
1 niversale oil ;nop s. t. lir-e aize ;noj JL
and a quart bottle of liquid oil, au actual
$2.00 value, the set, SI.OO.
Former $2.50 Silk Hose, pair at... Cm'fj
Women's 10-atrund pur* silk hose, Nots- JL
seme and other brands, fashioned earned
l*g. fully reinforced; black, white and other colors;
sold short time ago $2 09 and $2.50 pair, Tuesday
—Main Floor.
98c Fiber Silk Hose, 2 pairs for ~.
Butterfly fiber silk boot hose for women, JL
wide flare lisle top, double sole, with high
spliced heel; splendid quality; back or cordoean;
former 98c value, " pairs, $1 00.
Main Floor.
Women’s Large Union Suits, 2 for
Women's sleeveless union suits, fine d* JL
stitch, bleached cotton, knee length. lace
trimmed, sizes 46, 48 and 50, seconds, It.ou kind
Tuesday, 2 suits for sl.6f>.
-- Main Floor.
Women’s 59c Vests Tuesday, 3 for. 4
Kayser's -deereies* vests, for women, JL
mvln* ribbed bodice and taped shoulder,
white or pink, now priced 49c ami 59c; Tuesday,
3 for SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
59c to 98c Boudoir Caps, 3 for
Boudoir caps, made of lace and net, all JL
wanted colors; 39c to 98c qualities; while
they last, three for SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Women’s Trimmed Hats, choice..
Trimmed velvet kata for women; also JL
one lot nntrlmmed hats, wonderful values,
while they last, choice, SI.OO.
—Second Floor.
Boys’ Combination Suits, 2 for...
Combination suits for boys, of khaki Mr M
cloth; aizes 3 to 8; regularly $1.50 (limit
two), two suits, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Boys’ $1.50 Pants, choice only ((^-g
Bants for boys, of fan cy cnaslmeres and Mi I
• lark heavy corduroys; si/.cs 6 to 10; reg
ulariy $1.50 (limit two), SI.OO.
—Main Floor.*
Boys’ $2.98 to $3.98 Raincoats. > • •
Tan color raincoats for boys, made with WjL
slash pockets and military collars; sizes
8 to til years; regularly $2.98. $3.50 and $5.08
Tuesday (limit one), choice, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Men’s and Boys’ Sweaters, choice..
Shawl collar sweaters for men and boys— JL
men's In gray only; hoys’ in gray, t>luo
and maroon; $1.50 values; also young men's slip
over sweaters; sizes 34 to 42; regular $5.95 values
Choice, SI.OO.
—Main Floor
Boys’ 89c Overalls, 2 pairs only. • • •
Striped Stlfel blue denim overalls for
boys, with bib; sizes 4 to 15; was 89c for
merly, Tuesday, 2 pairs, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Men’s Former $3 Value Overalls..
Overalls for men, of extra heavy white, JL
black, blue denim; sizes 32 to 42; sold six
months ago for $3.00, sell now for $1.50, Tues
day, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Boys’ $2.98 Wash Suits, only
Buy now for later use—boys’ wush suits, JL
in Norfolk and Oliver Twist styles, of dark
gray, blue and checked ginghams, fast colors;
sizes 2 to 8 years; regular $2.98 values, choice
—Main Floor.
Up to $3.98 Novelties, choice
Odd lot of Xmas novelties, Including Up'JL
manicure sets, imitation white ivory and
shaving outfits; sold up Cos $3.98 each; while they
last, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
The Last One This Year —
and It’s a Wonder, Folks!
Tomorrow, Tuesday
Dollar Day
THE crowning feautre of the last week of 1920—the most won
derful year in our history! While quantities are plentiful,
we can not guarantee all bargains to last all day, so come early l
$1.98 Velvet Hand Bags, only
Velvet hand bags with ehain handles. 4JF JL
tassel trimmed, neatly lined, black and
co.ors; $1.98 quality; while they last, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
59c to 69c Dresser Scarfs, 3 for
Dresser scarfs, lace trimmed, good qual- 4)/ JaL
ity cotten centers; 59c to 69c qualities;
while they last, 3 for SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Women’s Handkerchiefs, 3 boxes •• Q 1
Women's handkerchiefs, packed 3 In n Qjg JL
box, left over from Xmas; SOe to 75c kinds;
while they last, 3 boxes for SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Up to $1.85 Sleeping Garments j&'S
Boys' and girls' nleeping garments, made JL
of a very good quality flannelette, as
sorted pink and blue stripes, neatly trimmed in
braid with col ar and pocket, excellent workman
ship; sold up to $1.85, special, SI.OO.
-—Second Floor.
$1.69 and $2 Flannelette Gowns
Women's gowns, made of a good weight 4|g JL
flannelette, in neat stripes of pink and
blue; double yoke and long s.eeve*; full size,
neatly trimmed in braid, sold at $1.69 and $2.00;
special, SI.OO.
—Second Floor.
SI.OO Flannelette Gowns, 2 for
Children's flannelette gowns, made of a
good quality flunneiette, of assorted pink
and btue stripes, neatly trimmed in braid; stzea
4 to 14; sold at SI.OO, s'pectnt Tuesday, 2 for SI.OO.
—Second F;oor.
75c and 89c Petticoats, 2 for
Women’s flannelette pett oats, made of
a dark gray outing; also light patterns
of pink and blue stripes; full length; sold , 79c;
also women's gingham petticoats, made of a good
quality gingham, full size, so.d at 75c and $Sc;
Tuesday, 2 for $1.09.
—Second Floor.
Women’s $1 Middy Blouses, 2 for.. I?*!
One lot of women's middy blouses, made 43? JL
white material with sailor collar and lace
front, neatly trimmed; all sizes, 36 to 44, special,
two for sl.<X>.
—Second Floor.
79c Storm Serge, 2 yards for only. I&'i
34-Inch ha.f wool serge and Danish pop-
htr cloth, in all winter shades: regular
*.9c quality, 2 yards for SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Regular Up to $1.75 Serges, yard..
French serges and storm serge*, width tpr JL
42 to 50 inches; good, firm weaves, all
dark colors and black; up to $1.75 qualities, yard
—Main Floor.
$1.49 Plaid Suitings, yard only
Dark color* with large over plaids, in
contrasting colors, 42 Inches wide; suit
able for skirts and dresses; regular $1.49 quality,
yard. SI.OO,
—Main Floor.
Up to $2.50 Silks, a yard only O *3
l"repo de chine and Georgette crepe, all vPJL
silk. 40 Inches wide, firm weave, over 50
shades, a remarkable offering; values up to $2.50,
for yard, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
49c Sateen Lining, 3 yards for
Yard wide, good weight, for linings, pet-
tlcoats, bloomers, etc., very lustrous finish;
regular 49c quality, 3 yards for SI.OO.
—Main Flo.or.
$1,49 All-Wool Serge, yard gjj
Heavy double warp, strictly all-wool t&prJi.
storm serge, 36 Inches wide, all colors
and plenty of navy; regular $1.49 value, for vard,
—Main Floor.
Up to $1 Turkish Towels, 2 for... .0 J
Soft spongy weave of fine yarn, bleached JL
with fancy borders, In blue and pink;
large sizes, some are slightly soiled; up to SI.OO
values, 2 for SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Men's 50c Wool Socks, 3 for only..
Men's heavy, part wool socks, full lengths J
firm knit, elastic top; sell regularly 50c,
Tuesday, 3 pairs for SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Men’s Work Shirts Tuesday at
Cone's Boss work shirts, best grade, JL
Indigo bine and medium blue cbanjbray
and cheviot, full cut, extra well made shirts, sizes
14Lj to 17G), first quality; each, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Women’s Fleece Lined Hose, 5 prs. 4|
Women's fast black, fleece lined cotton JL
hose, elastic rib top, double sole; slightly
slightly Imperfect, 35c value; Dollar Day, 5 pairs,
SI.OO. —Main Floor.
Men’s $2 Union Suits, at, suit
Men’s Onetta ribbed ecru color cotton
union suits, fine grade material, full sizes;
closed crotch, button f.ap seat. Regular size*
30 to 46; our $2.00 value, Tuesday Dollar Dav
suit, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Men’s $1.69 Nightshirts, only
Men's muslin night shirts, fancy trimmed, QP JfL
pocket, V-neck style; sizes 10 to 19; reg
ular $1.69 value, Tuesday Dpllar Day, each, SI.OO.
x —Main Floor.
Women’s Former 50c Hose, 4 prs..
Polly and Durable Durham brands, first 4$fJL
quality, women's fine gauge lisle finish
hose, seamless and seml-fashloned; black, white
and cordovan; Tuesday, former 50c values, 4 pairs,
—Main Floor.
Wool Sport Hose, 2 pairs only
Women’s sport hose, plain and Richelieu JL
ribbed style.; irregulars that look like $2.00
hose, while 30 dozen last, 2 pairs, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Men’s Former 25c Socks, 8 pairs.,
Men’s socks, black and other colors, first V*
quality, fully reinforced; Dollar Day,
lormer 25c value, 8 pairs for SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
ifflTTTi qtn tn PITOT? "Pi
Up to $2.50 Beaver Slippers
200 pairs only—women’s heavy beaver VJL
slippers that we sold up to $2.50 last week,
Tuesday, while they last, pair, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Men’s Beaver Slippers, pair
Just 180 pairs men's heaver slipper* with
leather soles and heels; black and gray;
while they last, pair, SI.OO.
—Main, Floor.
$1 Sateen Bloomers, 2 for only
Misses’ sateen bloomers, made of a good C/JL
quality sateen in black, white and flesh;
sizes 14, 16 and 18; also women's bloomers, made
of a good quality sateen, in black only; all mad#
with elastic waists; sold at SI.OO, special, 2 for SI.OO.
—Second Floor.
$1,76 Bedding Combination Set...
One 72x90 bleached seamed sheet
one 42x36 bleached pillowcase: was $1.75
value. Tuesday, Dollar day, SI.OO.
Former 20c Calicoes, 10 yards. • • •
Genuine American calicoes, in navy, graver JL
and light styles, stripes and figures, was
a 10c value; 10 yards SI.OO.
$1.50 Aluminum Kettles, each
4-quart pure aluminum preserving ket- JL
ties, Vlko ware, actual capacity; $1.50 value,
only SI.OO.
Women’s Up to $2.45 House Dress.
Women’s house dresses, made of Scout JL
percale and standard gingham, 5 neat
styles, all sizes to 42, up to $2.43 values, Dollar
day, SI.OO.
85c Floor Coverings, 2 sq. yards... -g
Congoleum and felt base floor cover- l
Ing. 0 feet wide, slightly imperfect, beau
tiful patterns; regular 85c; special, 2 square vards
for SI.OO
—Third Floor.
48c Curtain Marquisette, 3 yards..
3C-inch curtain marqniaette. in white JL
ivory and ecru color, plain and band bor
ders; 4Se quality, 3 yards SI.OO.
—Third Floor.
Women’s Up to $2 Union Suits at..
Women’s heavyweight fleeced lined union S
suits, long sloeve, ankle length, heavy
plush fleece, seconds of a $2.00 value, a suit. $1.90.
Former 39c Muslin, 7 yards for
Genuine Hope and Farmer's Choice JL
bleached muslin, soft finish, no dressing;
was a 39c value, 7 yards, SI.OO.
Former 25c Outings, 8 yards
Heavy weight dark fancy outing flannel, JL
long nap, good styles, did sell fo'r 25c;
8 yardk SI.OO.
Up to 65c Underwear, 4 garments..
Children's fleeced lined vests and pants; 3
sikes 28 to 34, very heavy and warm;
values up to 65t each; four garments, SI.OO.
Men’s or Boys’ Winter Caps
Choice of any man's or boys’ winter cap JL
in stock, made of flue kersey and novelty
casslmeres. sizes to up to $3.00 values,
choice, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
39c Curtain Nets, 3 yards only
Filet curtain nets, 36 inches wide, white w
and ecru finish, neat patterns, S9c quality,
special, 3 yards for SI.OO.
—Third Floor.
$1.48 Scrim Curtains, pair only £><g
Scrim curtains, 2‘/ t yards .ong, in white, 8
ivory or Arabian finish, with plain cen
ter, and hemstitched border, regular $1.40. sllghtlv
Imperfect, pair, SI.OO. ■*
—Third Floor.
$1.49 Rag Rugs, Tuesday only
25x50 colonial rag rugs, hit-and-miss pat- M B
terns; washable; regularly $1.49; Tussdav
each, SI.OO.
—Third Floor.
Regular $1.69 Carpet Sweepers
Carpet Sweepers, metal case, mahogany JL
finish, complete with bristle brush, reg
ular $1.05', Tuesday, SI.OO.
—Third Floor.
Children’s E. Z. Waists, only
E. Z. waists for children, of bleached
cotton, ■nell fleeced, drop-seat style, taped
front, back and over shoulders, buttons for out
side garments, strictly first quality, any slsa
choice. SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
Boys’ Waists, choice, 3 for 0n1y... {£<4
Plain blue and striped gingham waists I
for boys: sizes 7 to 14; regular 60c value, ~
3 for SI.OO.
-—Main Floor.
Women’s Up to 69c Hose, 4 Prs Q 4
Women’s black, tan and gray lisle hose, H 8
all sizes: assorted lot of values up to 69c-
4 pairs, SI.OO.
$1,70 Comfort Combination for
7 yards comfort calicoes, in a large line dJL
of floral designs, and 2 white cotton batts •
was an actuai $1.70 value; the set, SI.OO. ’
—Basement. 1
Up to $2.50 Petticoats, only
Women’s petticoats, of very good quality wl
sateen, in black and colors, some black
with flowered flounce: sold up to $2 50- clmtr*.
Tuesday, SI.OO. ' ’ cno,cc *
—Second Floor.
Men’s $2.50 Driving Gloves, pair..
Black leather gauntlet driving gloves; B
nnlined; also leather palm Jersey back
gloves; $2.50 values; choice, Tuesday, pair, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.
59c Knitting Yarns, 3 balls for o<fl
Fleisher’s knitting yarns, all wanted col-
ors; sold for 50e ball ; Tuesday, 3 balls, SI.OO.
—Main Floor.

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