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We Will Help You to
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•string* an& £m*t Ca
Trial of Negro, Charged With
Sheriff Murder, Begun.
MADISOXVILLE, Ky„ Dec. 28.—With
100 armed National Guardsmen patrol
ing the city. Dee Ellison, negro, went on
trial here today charged with murdering
Sheriff It. S. Hunter. Ellison was ex
pected to plead guilty.
The death penalty was demanded by
citisens of Madison, who were enraged at
the time of the shooting. Ellison is
charged with shooting Hunter when tho
latter went to the Ellison home in re
sponse to an appeal for help from the
negro's wife, Nov 5.
For a week hundreds of armed men
scoured the country searching for tbe
slayer. Ellison was captured a few days
ago at Hannibal, Mo., and taken to Louis
ville for safe keeping. Troops were or
dered to Madisonville by Governor Mor
row to prevent mob violence during the
Minneapolis Authorities Await
Arrival of Portland Officers.
MINNEAPOLIS. Dec. 28.—John L. Eth
eridge, prominent bond dealer of Port
land, Tacoma and Seattle, was held by
police here today on information from
SherifT Thomas Hurlburt of Portland.
Sheriff Hurlburt wired that he was
sending a deputy to return Etheridge to
Portland on a charge of larceny as bailee.
Information here was that Etheridge, as
president of Morris Brothers, big bond
house operating in Portland, Tacoma and
Seattle, had resigned his position last
week, leaving a deficit of SIOO,OOO unac
counted for on the company's books.
Etheridge, with hie wife, was about to
board an east-bound train here when ap
prehended. Mrs. Etheridge was not held
and remained at a hotel here. They ar
rived vestorday afternoon from Seattle.
Eschbach Cites Senate Inquiry
as Showing ‘Extortion Ring.’
(Chairman of Special Coal and Food
Commission. B ritten for S nited Press.)
Daily developments before the commit
tee of the United States Senate investigat
ing the conditions of the coal industry
ore each day vindicating the position of
the special coal and food commission of
Indiana and exposing to public scrutiny
one of the most sordid combinations and
cooperation among the interstate com
merce commission and the Geological
Survey Department of the United States
and the National Ccal Association, that
perhaps has ever come to the attention
of American citizenship.
It is almost beyond human belief that
a great association controling the pro
duction of practically every pound of
fuel In the United States should have paid
the salaries and expenses of the men in
the United States l*epartment of Geolog
ical Surrey to make reports purporting
to be the results of the investigation of
the employes of the Federal Government
from unbiased sources and scientifically
correct, and at the same time to he pre
paring the orders of the Interstate Com
merce Commission of the Federal Gov
ernment regulating the distribution of
The reports of the geological Survey
have been used throughout the United
States and especially in Indiana aud
were quoted by operators in practically
every hearing in Indiana in defeuse of
their injustice and extortion.
More injustice has been done the pub
lic in its purchase cf fuel under the guise
of Interstate commerce regulations than
under the influence of any factor in com
mercial life except the inordinate greed
of many operators aud wholesalers, and
now the public learns that these orders
of nation-wide importance were prepared
by the very interests the government
was seeking to regulate aud control.
The investigating committee of the
United States Senate is rendering the
American people the greatest economic
service in a decade and when its final
report reaches the people we predict that
its disclosures will convince Indiana citi
zens at least beyond a reasonable doubt
that one of the most outrageous injus
tices of our commercial history was be
ing practised on fuel consumers in
America and that every step and every
order of the Special Coal and Food Com
mission of Indiana were undertaken In
the Interest of Justice and fairness and
In order to protect our people from bur
dens of greed ar.d extortion which ought
never be borne by a free bom liberty
loving people.
Rotten Management
Is Charge of Expert
Special to The Times.
RICHMOND. In'!., Dec. 28.- Accord leu
to the report of J. D. I.yon, made Mon
dry to the board of works here, the bad
condition of the municipal light plant,
which has a valuation of $1,000,000, is a
result of poor management In operating
methods and neglect to make needed re
pairs at the right time.
Numerous breakdowns at the plant,
which necessitated the shutting down ol
factories, brought about a demand for a
thorough examination of the plant.
Improvements will cost about $25,000,
it is said in the report, and competent
employes are needed to keep the plant
In proper condition.
France to Aid Poles
if RedsJ3other Them
PARIS, Dec. 28.—France will help Po
land again If she is threatened by the
Bolshevists, according to Minister of War
Halbert 1, arguing for War Department
cr?dlts before the Chamber of Deputies
today. He persuaded the chamber to
vte credits of 400,000,000 francs for war
m iterial.
said frankly it was intended for
Poland If the need arose.
“Poland has saved the world’s peace
once already by her heroism." he said.
“Should she need help again she will And
France ready."
Another Noblesville
Factory Closes Down
Special to The Times.
NOBLESVILLE, Ind., Dec. 28—The
Union Sanitary Manufacturing Company
in this city closed down last night for
an indefinite period because of a lack of
orders. Every warehause which the com
pany has is filled with finished good3.
*\ltS ro demand for them. Two hundred
men are thrown out of employment.
NOBLESVILLE, Ind., Dec. 28.—Joseph
Vickery, 50. one of the leading busi
ness men of Sheridan, was found dend
in bed at his home. The coroner has
attributed Jiis death to heart trouble.
The widow, one son and one daughter
survive. Mr. Vickery was an active Sun
day school worker and well known ovei
entrtjl Indiana.
Commissary for Foreign Af
fairs Says Russia Can
Stand It.
Special Correspondent of International
New* Service.
Special Radio Dispatch.
(Copyright 1920 By International News
MOSCOW, Dec. 28.—George Tchitcher
in, Russian soviet commissary for for
eign affairs, has Just granted me an ex
clusive interview regarding the decision
of the United States to deport Ludwig
C. A. K. Martens, soviet representative
in New York.
M. Tchiteherin said:
"The decision of the United States gov
ernment to deport the soviet representa
tive, especially in view of the motiva
tion of that decision, namely, that Mr.
Martens, being an agent of the soviet
government, belongs to an organization
seeking by force and violence to over
throw the United States government,
seems to be the product of an incompre
hensible, panicky state of mind which
will appear to impartial observers as a
puzzling psychological curiosity.
“It would be unkind towards America
to believe that the decision represents
the opinion of the American people, espe
cially of the American working men, who
have given so many proofs of their sym
pathy toward soviet Russia.
“We also refuse to believe that it rep
resents the viewpoint of American busi
ness interests, whose many negotiations
with us demonstrate their great desire to
re-establish relations with Russia.
"However, the decision to deport our
representative precludes the possibility
of any and all business with America
for the time being.
“We have instructed our representa
tive to cancel all pending deals until a
reverse! of the United States decision
maket business possible.
"If she must get along without Amer
ica’s cooperation in her economic recon
struction. which needs immense amounts
of materials, Russia shall do so. and It
is only fair to say that with peace and
the concentration of our forces on eco
nomic efforts together with the readi
ness of Europe to utilize the Russian
market, vve shall be less hurt by this
incomprehensible attitue- of America
than America will hurt herself.
"We shall not impose ourselves where
we are not wanted.
-We have Instructed our representative
to return immediately with his staff."
Indianapolis Indorsers of
Photoplay Give First Matinee.
Several hundred children greeted ti c
first of the holiday series of matinees ar
ranged by the Indianapolis Indorsers of
Photoplay, assisted by the neighborhood
parent-teacher clubs, this ni'ternoon'in
the Community house at Annette and
Udell streets
Two pictures. "The Wizard of Oz”
nad "Puss In Roots,” were presented.
The hostess Included Mrs. C. W. Meggrn
bolfen. Mrs. 11. C. FWderJohn, Mr*.
William Klicrkamp. Mrs. V. 0. Wiley
and Miss Frances Hull.
Tomorrow the same films will be shown
in the Garrick Theater, North Illinois
and Thirtieth ,-treets. with Mrs. James
<'gden, Mrs. T. A. Beil, Mrs. David lloss,
Mrs. C. G. Tomerlin, Mrs. Mary Hay
and Mrs. C. W. Jackson as hostesses.
The pictures will be offered in the At
las moving picture house,' Mart Indale,
avenue and Nineteenth street, Thursday
afternoon, with Mrs. George Parvus, Mrv.
M. E. Robbins and Mrs. David Ryrkitt
in charge, and on l'rldny afternoon tho
Garfield Theater, 220'! Shelby street, whl
pres at the pictures, Mrs. John ii. ltlddle,
Mrs. Herbert Schiegel, Mrs. Samuel
Cooper and Mr*. John Lewis being the
hostess committee.
Man , Playing in
Bad Lucky Puts ‘For
Salc f Ad on Self
CHICAGO. Dec. 2S. —Any one who
lias $2,500 to spare can own Obert
Firmin, body nnd soul, for one year.
The only restriction is that whoever
buys Firmin must not require him
to do anything unworthy.
Firmin is offering himself for sale
because of the needs of his wife and
13-montUs-old dnughtcr. He de
clares he has been unable to earn
money to support them.
“I don't want charity,” Firmin said
in making his offer. "I Just want n
chance to make good for $2,500. I’m
worth it. All I want is the assur
ance that the wife and baby will be
cared for. I don't care where I go or
what I do so long as It’s honest."
Firmin Is a native of St. Johns,
New Brunswick, and Is n deop sea
sailor. He attributes his Inability
to get work to his unfamiliarity with
the ways of the "land bibber." Ills
wife was Myrtle Smith of Cleveland,
with whom he eloped and whose par
ents. he says, have refused forgive
Reproductions of a painting by Henry
Reuterdnhl of a United States fleet in
battle formation are being distributed
by the Indianapolis naval recruiting of
fice from 402 Federal building. The pic
tures are given by the Government to
business houses that will pla<* them in
conspicuous places to promote naval re
Although tho year of
1020 passe* on, perpetu
ate It* memory with
photographs of your
■tatk n*M Kell* ms*
Your Xmas money will be
well spent if you buy some
thing in Jewelry. You will
always have it as a re
membrence of your kind
Everything in Jewelry
The Fletcher M. Noe
iewe'ry Store
103 fcl. ILLINOIS ST.
OppositlkTermina! Station
cS /W"'
—&f %

The Tiekville fire department has been
made more efficient by the addition of
two more tin buckets.
• •
The Horse Doctor, who has been xery
busy for the last month, will now be aide
to take a rest, all of his patients except
one mule having passed away.
• • •
The Ladies Hearsay Club held a meet
ing at the home of Mrs. Poke Eazley
Thursday afternoon. Poke, being laid
up with rheumatism, had to be present,
so he Buffed his ears with cotton, but
it turned out to be absorbent cotton, so
lie heard ail the. gossip.
Anglo-Franco-Italian Confer
ence to Discuss Allegation.
PARIS. Dec. 28.—The allegation that
Germany has failed to disarm as sh<*
promised to do at the Spa conference
will be taken up by the Anglo-Frnnco
-1 Milan conference which will convene in
a few days at, Nice.
Germany previously had been warned
that, unless she carried out the disarma
ment conditions imposed at Spa. allied
troops would extend the zones of occu
pation in Germany and take over the
Ruhr valley, the chief coal fields of
The interallied mission In Berlin,
h°:tded by General Nollett, Is reported to
have turned over documents and figure*
to the council of ambassadors to prove
that Germany had n<n reduced her armed
forces. In accordance with the Spa agree
The council of ambassadors decided,
however, that it was not competent to
deal with this important matter, and the
question of German disarmament is being
put up squarely to the allh'd govern
ments themselves. Tho next allied decis
ion in the matter will lx- tried at Nice.
2 to 21 Years for
Burglary and Arson
Special to The Time*.
SEYMOUR, lnd., Dec. 28.—1n the Jack
son Circuit Court here Monday afternoon
Judge James A. Cox sentenced Dan Cline
of Bedford to the State Prison at Michi
gan City for a term of from two to
tw-nty-one years when ho pleaded guilty
to burglary aud arson lit the general
store of John Sprague. which was de
stroyed by tire last week.
Howard Greer and Noble Bearer* of
Bedford are under SI,OOO bond for con
splracy nnd William Reedy of Terre
Haute i* held here in the county Jail in
default of $5,000 bond in connection with
the same fire.
Defies Recapture
Special to The Times.
MUXCIE, lnd., Dee. 28.—N0 trace hs*
been discovered leading to the recapture
of Halford Johnson, a prisoner from
Jeffersonville Reformatory, who escaped
Sunday night from Sheriff Thomas Hiatt,
t 9 whom he had been paroled, while the
two were nt the homo of Johnson's
grandmother, Mrs. S. V. Templln. It has
been hinted about the city that John
son's escape came as the result of a plot
to give the man his liberty.
When paroled Johnson was serving a
term of from two to five years for theft,
having been sentenced from Winchester.
; f
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Examiner Reports $1,000,000
Award (or Roads Illegal.
The commissioners of Kosciusko Coun
ty violated the law when they let con
tracts amounting to $1,000,000 for twelve
roads Dec. 18, according to a report of
A. L. Donaldson, examiner of the State
board of accounts.
According to the report, the contracts
were awarded Jan. 30, 1920. and on June
22‘ all the contractors asked to be re
lieved of their obligations. This was
done, the report says, despite the fact
that the contractor's relief law applies
only to contracts let before June 1, 19t7.
. New estimates which were 20 per cent
higher than the original estimates were
then drawn, the report sets forth, and
the contracts relet to the same con
tractors who were previously relieved.
The new estimates are said to have added
approximately SIOO,OOO to the cost of
the roads. The report emphasizes the
fact that in every case the contractors'
bids were only a few dollars below the
Half of the roads Involved are county
unit roads and half are township roads.
It was pointed out that the commission
ers did not comply with the provisions
of the county unit road law which re
quires the approval of contracts by the
county council.
The report declares that the contracts
are null and void and as such should
be set aside.
Kosciusko County is the home of Jesse
E. Eschbach, chief examiner of the board
of accounts. He returned from his home
COLUMBUS, lnd., Dec. 2S. -Amos
Daugherty, 65, foil on an icy step while
attending the funeral of Mrs. Levi Bar
ker, in East Columbus yesterday, receiv
ing a brokoji hip. He was taken to tue
Bartholomew County Hospital for treat
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It i* t marvelous portrayal of the human
body at it* beat. One behold* initficouipojjte
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a figureof stri king appearance in i tr erect car
riage. clear skin, sparhlingeyes, strong I: mbs,
steady nerves and firmmuscles:fairly vibrat
ing in animation—keen, nlert. fresh, and
spirited: with anairof unbounded confidence
and a face radiant in color and illuminated
with a glow of hope and cheerfulness.
The Great General Tonic
nothing In bu m efficacious a* a rebailder of exhar.nted nerve* and
pbysicul forces than LYKO. the great general tome. It tends torenew
tbe worn-out tissues, replenish the blooc', create new power and endnr
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David Kautz Collects $lO for
European Boys and Girls.
Little David Kautz, to whom Santa
Claus has been exceedingly good during
the eight years of hie life, felt sorry
about the little children In Europe. So
he went about telling people and they
gave him money and this morning he
brought $lO to headquarters of the
European Relief Council, 147 North Penn
sylvania street.
“I’d like to hnve two' invisible guests
for the holidays,” said David, who Ib the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Kautz, 4040
North Pennsylvania street, ‘‘and I’ll be
back if I con get $lO more.”
Members of the Second Presbyterian
Church contributed $358 as follows: Mrs.
Mary E. Miller, $5; Mrs. Irene Walker,
$5; Louis E. Lathrop, $100; Mrs. George
Wlieelock, $5; Mrs. William B. Wheelock,
$25: ,T. H. Plum, $5; J. T. Mitchell, $10;
Flora L. Wachtstetter,' $T>; G. H. A.
Clowes, S3O; Lucinda H. Spaan, $5; Gilo*
L. Smith. $10: Agga M. Reid, $100;
Ladies'. Aid Society of the church, $25;
Mrs. Sarah L. Spann, $25.
Provision was made for entertainment
of five Invisible guests by Edward Baker,
through A. S. Hadley, 1803 College
Frequent Hold-ups
Effects Man’s Nerves
Spectat to The Times.
HARTFORD CITY, lnd., Dec. 28.—Po
lice have been unable to find any trace of
a “stick-up” mhn who Jammed a gun
in the face of Jess Null, aged grocer,
and told him to •'shell out.” Null yelled
out Instead of shelling out and the would
be robber fled.
Null's store ha* been robbed twice this
winter nnd the aged man say* the ner
vous strain Is so great he contemplates
selling his business aud retiring.
As Easy to
Clean as a
China Plate
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