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Published. Sets High Figure
for .mist One Article.
WASJITdIrGTOX, Dec. 20.—For Just one
article a publishing company has offered
rtVealdent Wilson $150,000, It was learned
today. And the President declined the
Scores of publishers have come to the
White House with offers for the output
of the President’s pen after he leaves
the White House next March 4.
While one man intimated he had an
agreement with Wilson It was said at
the White House all offer* have met a
refusal, Just as the SISOOOO one did.
The President’* reason for refusing
the offers was given as a desire to
market hts literary output for what It
will bring rather than to accept a definite
sum for any article that, when com
pleted, might not measure to the stan
dard the President has set for himself.
Just what the nature of the President’s
writings will be Is not known to any one
hut himself, bnt from the interest he
hue always shown in the economic his
tory of the United States it is probable
he will write further along these lines
According to White House officials there
will be no memolra
•Simply ‘Dance Crazy’
GRAFTON, Mass, Dec. 29.—This town
Is "dance crazy .7 Rev. Joseph A. Jac
jues. rector of St. Philip’s Church, and
Etev. Philip King, pastor of the West
Evangelical Congregational Church, unite
n the statement.
Rev. Father Jacques has told his pa
■ishtoners there should not be more than
>n public dance a week in Grafton. He
laid the dances were frequented hr
Thugs and drunks" from Worcester, not
It to dance with the young women of
he town.
Rct. Mr. King corroborated his st a te
ller, ts, and said he would back him in
ils demand that the dances be fewer in
lumber and higher In tone.
Dachshund Revives
LONDON. Dec. 29.—The war Is over
and the dachshund, who discreetly re
tired into private life during that period,
is now returning into public favor sgain.
At a recent dog show there were at
least twelve of these black and tan dogs
with their curious bowed legs.
Oil Well
and the
i OH Whale
't #
2361 . i
St. Lawrence to Gulf Predicted
Map shows the waterway from mouth of Bt. Lawrence to Gulf, as seen In near
future by Government authorities, and the vast territory which will be trib
utary to the waterway.
CHICAGO, Dee. 29. —Chicago is des
stined to become the ’’buckle" of a j
navigable water belt, which will extend
from the Gulf of Mexico, via the Mis- j
slssippl River, the Illinois waterway,
the Grant Lakes, and the St. Lawrence
to the Atlantic ocean, according to Gov
ernment experts.
Chicago civic, industrial and commer
cial Interests, by the Association of Com
merce, the Commercial Club and other
organisations, are preparing to make
early and Intensive study of plana de
veloped to a basic working point by Col.
William V. Ju-dson, engineer of the
northwestern division.
Colonel Judson’s study call* for the
acquisition and use of Wolf lake In tlie
establishment of an -’lilluua harbotc” Ills
plan has been approved by the board of
engineer* for rivers and harbors, and
concurred in by the chief of engineers
of the War Department,
"It is fair to anticipate that in from
ten to fifteen years there will be a
navigable water J>elt from the Gulf of
Mexico, reaching to the Atlantic at the
Pile. Cured In 6 to 14 Days.
Druggists refund money if I’A/.U
OINTMENT fails to cure Itching, Blind.
Bleeding or Protruding I’lles. Ins'antly
relieves Itching Piles, and jou can get
testfui sleep after first application. f>oc
- Advertisement.
PHE miracle of mechanical de-
A velopment which lias revolu
tionized the world and has changed
man’s habit of life, even in the re
motest wilderness, was made possi
ble by the discovery of oil in 1858,
and the development of oil refining,
in which the Standard Oil Company
was a pioneer and leader.
With the development of the pe
troleum industry came a cheap,
efficient, easily secured lubricant,
capable of keeping the hearings of
the heaviest machinery runningcool
and without friction.
It is the thin film or mineral oil which has
made possible the great mechanical inven
tions of the modern world. When popula
tion was scarce and widely scattered, the
surplus animal and vegetable fats were suf
ficient to grease the simple machinery of
that day, but with the vast development of
mechanical power these sources of lubri
cants would be quite inadequate.
The old system and the new may be visual
ized by comparing the “grease rag M of
Madeira with the marvelous automatic force
feed lubrication in your automobile. In
Madeira the native walks ahead of his team,
smearing the cobblestones with a grease rag,
while you drive comfortably, because petrol
eum has made automatic lubrication possible.
Correct lubrication is the life of industry,
and correct lubrication depends entirely
upon petroleum. All other products of
crude oil, while adding much to the pros
perity, comfort and gayety of the world,
could be given up without the disastrous
consequences which would follow the elim
ination of the petroleum lubricants.
The Standard Oil Company (Indiana) man
ufactures a large number of oils and greases,
each designed to meet an especial need. To
serve industry better, the
tains a staff of lubricating experts whose
business it is to study the problems of indi
vidual industries, and determine the lubri
cants necessary to increase the efficiency* of
machinery, and to prolong its life.
The Standard Oil Company (Indiana) is
proud of its position as the manufacturer of
the lubricants used by so large a number of
important industries throughout the nation.
Standard Oil Company
910 So. Michigan Ave. t Chicago, £ll.
Gulf of St. Lawrence,” Colonel Judson
"All oo mm arcs between the seaboard
and points West and Northwest must
traverse it or cross It on tho way to
or from the sa, and If there lie sufficient
economies In water transportation and
in handling, a largo part will bo diverted
from rail to wator and seek port for
export by the cheaper route.
"At the very buckle of the belt, where
two parts of the through route come]
togethes, lies Chicago. At this point, j
Chicago, already the greatest rail center \
of the world, and seemingly destined j
soon to become the western terminus ]
of great ocean routes and also the north- j
ern terminus of one of the greatest of
inland waterways leading to the Gulf of !
Mexico, there must necessarily be great
and continually increasing provision for
the transfer of freight.
"This interchange must be carried on
in the most economical and expeditions
way so that vessels and cars may have
the quickest ’turn-around.’
"Fortunately there is a break in the
middle of the waterfront bHween the
Illinois Steel Company plant and Gary
which is not yet used for industrial pur
"This undeveloped waterfront is some
three and one-half miles long. Tho area
just back of it, covered by Wolf Lake,
Lake George, and nearby marshy regions,
is about six square miles in extent. The
foreshore of Lake Michigan iit this point
is reasonably shoal and Is already pub
licly owned.
"A part of this frontage and land
lying submerged by the. small lakes is
in Indana. There is the best of reason
for believing there Is no constitutional
objection to concurrence pn the part of
these two States In creating nud en
dowing with sufficient powers a joint
harbor commission under whose adminis
tration harbor facilities might be es
U. of Oregon Faculty
Lands an ex-Governor
EUGENE. Ore.. Dec. 09.-~R. P. Ilass,
ex-Governor of New Hampshire, has ar
rived from the East to Join the faculty
of the University of Oregou here, in the
department of economics. During the
spring term he will teach industrial re
lations, industrial arbitration and other
subjects having to do with labor.
Russia an*. >rmany Figure in
Reports Again Circulating.
PARIS, Dec, 29. —Rumors of war are
again circulating in the council cham
bers of Europe.
These reports center about both Russia
and Germany, the latter being concerned
In the former’s martial preparations.
While the Bolshevists are said to be
massing troops along the western fron
tier in readiness for a spring drive
against the border state, the Germans
are allowed to bo keeping a steady
stream of munitions moving toward
The French foreign office was in
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roll 95<*
formed today that Germany’s reply to
tho demand for demobilization of the
citizens guard had been handed French,
British and Italian representatives In
Berlin. It was said to have been accom
panied by an oral threat that .persistence
in the allied demand would jeopardize
the Brussels conference In which the na
tions are attempting to reach an agree
ment on reparations.
Meantime, Germany’s refusal to de
mobilize the Einwohnerwehr (citiaens 1
guard), has brought a serious situation
to a climax, Including the possibility
of allied occupation of the Ruhr in
dustrial district and perhaps otner parts
of Germany.
In French official circles, It Is declared
the allies are determined to carry the
Issue to a conclusion with Germany,
which so far has evinced no signs of
yielding. Allied military leaders are un
derstood to be in dally conference here.
wide full range of colora in
floral and Persian patterns, for
comforts, kimonos, house dresses,
etc., special yard 220
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Inches, sufficient for large,
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§9.00 quality, pair 85 98
wide, good heavy weight, in
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stripes, checks, etc., on light or
dark grounds; extra special,
yard 22<*
LONGCLOTH, yard wide,
soft, even thread, launder
nicely, adapted for underwear
atul general use (no phone
orders) extra special,
yard 19£
BLANKETS, size 70x80 inches,
largo enough for double bed. soft
and fluffy, very durable gray or
tan body, with pretty color
stripe borders, SB.OO quality,
pair $4.48
Prospects of another major campaign
by the Bolshevists are regarded so cer
tain that the allies are reported to be
shaping their policies with this con
tingency In view. The French Chamber
of Deputies actually has set aside 60,000,-
000 francs to provide war material for
the border states, against which the Red
drive Is expected to be directed, particu
larly Poland and Roumania.
The French foreign office declares that
War Minister Trotski recently doubled
the strength of the Red cavalry divi
sions which now are estimated at 100,000
men. The soviet concentrations along the
Esthonian and Lettish frontiers are said
to be approximately another 100,000.
The allies are declared to be extremely
anxious, to maintain a solid bulwark of
border states against the Bolshevists.
Esthonla and Latvia are recognized as
friendly but Lithuania is leaning toward
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Extra heavy ribbed cotton, brush fleeced,
closed crotch, first quality; $2.50
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senmless, ribbed top: black, gray, navy, champagne,
eordovan; all sizes; 35c and 39c qualities.
Special 25£
Clearance of Dolls, Games,
Books, Toys and Wheel
Rather than carry them over we are sacrificing them
at almost unbelievably low prices.
flowing curls, eyes open and
shut, teeth, shoes and stockings;
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display; SIO.OO qualities.s3.9B
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ss.oo quality 82.98
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ders), $1.25 quality 79 and
Times Carrier Boys
Invited to Show
The Times carrier boys will be guests
of the Lyric theater tomorrow after
noon. The invitation was extended the
boys by Charley Olson, manager of the
The carriers will meet at The Times
office and will be accompanied to the
show by the district men. Tiiey will oc
cupy the entire balcony of the theater.
Hoke to Give Talk
“A Review of the Year in Business” is
the subject of an address that will be
delivered by Fred Hoke of the Holcomb
& Hoke Manufacturing Company, at the
weekly luncheon of the Indianapolia As
sociation of Credit Men tomorrow at the
Claypool Hotel.
up to $7.50 qualities 83.50
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