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|4 nnual Exhibition
of Paintings Will
Open New Year's
Many Hoosiers to Display
- Works at John Herron Art
Special Exhibitions—Works ‘l>y Amer
ican artists, ten pieces of sculpture.
Hours—Week days 0 a. m. to 8 p. m.;
Sundays and. holidays. 1 p. m. to 9 p. m.
Admission—Sundays and holidays free;
other davs, 25 cents. Children and teach
ers are free.
Tho thirty-sixth annual exhibition ol
the recent paintings by modern Ameri
can artists will open at the John Herron
Art Institute on New Year's day, and
Trill continue through the month of Janu
ary. In the collection, which contains
more than fifty paintings by promlnen'
painters, th ra Is one painting each hy
the following Indiana artists: T. C.
Steele, William Forsyth. Otto Stark, J
Otis Adams and Clifton Wheeler. At
the same time a group of ten pieces of
sculpture by modern sculptnrlsts will be
on display
The pictures are hnng In the east gal
lery and the adjoining alcove, with
of the works by the same
painter. The artists who are represented
1n the exhibition are: Ernest Lawson,
Theodore J. Morgan, George Lawrence
Nelson, Edith C. Phelps, William Seen
Trie, Charles Reiffel. Jacob Richard, Any
C. Wiggins, Margaret W. Huntington.
Trma Kohn, Anna Lynch Mary Nlcholena
Mac Cord, Frederick C. Frieseke, Frede
rick M. Grant, George. M. Brcustle. Rob
ert nonrl, Childe Has’sarn, Jclm F. Carl
ton, Charles F. Davis, Henry W. Ranker
Gilbert Gaul, Charles W. Hawthorne.
Wayman Adams, Harry Leltb-Ross, Vn
clay Vytlarll, William Wendt. Sidney M.
Wiggins. Charles M. Woodbury Corne
lius Botke, Ettore Caser, Randolph La
Salle Coats, Gertrude Flake. Will Howe
Footh, Dtnlel Garber, Lnclo Hartrath,
Aldro T. Hirbard and Eugene Higgins.
Mr. Costa, whose "Portuguese Villa, Capo
Cod,” Is on display, formerly was a stu
dent In the art school of the Institute.
I Mrs. John N. Carey of this city bus
Maned fifteen paintings by American art-
Hts from her private collection. Otiiei
Heal persons who have contributed to
Be exhibition are Dr. E. Victor Keene,
Biss Lucy M. Taggart and Eli Lilly.
I The sculpture pieces are as follows:
tiessa Cohen's "Card Tray—Hospitality,
Bohn K. Daniel’s "The Combat.’’ Laura
fcardin Fraser's "Baby Goat." Leo
■fried lander's “Baebante." Gaston La
l.■htse's “Woman’s Head,” Albert I*ars-
Isle's "Penqulns," Emory P. Iteidel's
r'Don,” Katherine Beecher Stetson’s
‘‘Denver With Symbols" and Mario Kar
ttl'l "Magdalene.”
Torn Lingerie," by Erieseke. is one
ot the outstanding pieces In the exhi
bition. This large painting, which is
etzikingly realistic. Is considered one o*
artist’s best works, having been tx-
with favorable comment in a
of eastern cities. Frieseke, who
under Whistler, Laurens find
■Jfiitant, has works in tho Luxemburg
tBR enm of Paris, the Metropolitan
of New York, the Art Institute
the Art Museum of Sr. Louis
the Detroit Art Insmute. He was
Rm rded the Potter-Palmer gold medal
Bl SI.CXX) prize at the Chicago exhlbl
In November, lie was awarded the
prr'ze at the Panama-Pacific F.x-
the silver medal at the St.
Exposition and 'he gold medal in
in I'.XG. One of his variations or
Yellow Room." owned by Mrs
is also on exhibition.
hr 4hown.
i&ntU” a typical work of IVfl-
Ksm W<lßßßknown as the "western'’
Irtist' atten'lor. in the
Baliory. Weidt, who was born in G“r
fconyr came (to the United States at an
Barly age. As an artist his work Is a
Bemarkahle etxampie of self teaching. He
Bias his wortks placed In the National
Bkrts Club of New Y’ork City, the Chi
cago Art Institute and the Cliff Dwellers’
blub of Chicago, as well as in nnmer
loua art museums and clubs In the wet
■■rn States. iHe was awarded the bronze
■modal at tb<e Pan-American Exposition
[beld In Buffalo in 1001, the Kahn prize
|l"t 1904, and honorable mention at the
[loot St. Louis Exposition.
| One of the group of American painters
known as “the younger set,” who has
L:> pleasing mode or presentation. Is
Bi-nest Lawson, who has fire canvasses
1, . display at the Institute. Os these
If are Ihe property of Mrs. Carey.
1 ' r Ee outstanding characteristic of all
t : artist’s works Is strength and vigor
■ • hined with beautiful colors, ne
s* <>w3 a fondness for depicting land
.- ipes of green and yellow corabina
t: ns and for making bridges his
p dv. Lawson, who sent a large group
|< his work to the Institute for exhibi
t i in February. 1916, is not a stranger
It • the patrons of the art galleries. His
Ld. vamea are owned by the National
■ ilery of Washington, D. C„ the Brook
lyn institute, the Metropolitan Museum
"rail the Montclair Art Museum. His
rv irk shows restrained evidence of his
tv.-o years study In France. It Is also
cbvious to the connoisseur that he was
n student of John Twachtman. He was
awarded the silver medal at the 1904 St.
Louis Exposition, the gold medal from
the American Art Society of Philadelphia
in 1907, the gold medal at the Panama-
I’aciflc Exposition and the first Halle
garten prize in 1917.
Woman's City Club to
Hold Election Jan. 10
Election of officers for the coming year
will take place during the first annual
business meeting of the members of the
Woman’s City Club, on the evening of
Jan. 10, to be held In the tea-room of tho
* A ticket of candidates has been named
by tho nominating committee, and in
clndes Elizabeth Rainey for president.
Mrs. Leo K. Fesler for vice president:
Hazel WOllams for secretary; Miss Edith
M Dickover for treasurer, and Josephine
English for auditor; Isabelle Somerville,
Miza Delle L. Williams and Miss Ella
IGroninger for one-term directors; Mary
Davis, M. E. Hoag and Minnie nodde
for the two-year directors, and Ida An
derson, Eva Reynolds and Sara Major
Arerv for the three-year directors.
Nominations may also bo made from
the floor during the session. A number
of amendments to the by-laws of the
club constitution will bo offered by the
committee, reports from the past year
will be heard and plans for the coming
sea son will be discussed.
Y. M. C. A. Announces
‘Open House 1 Program
“Open house" win be held at the Young
Men’s Christian Association all day to
morrow. Many features have been
IJfenned for the day’s program, lnclud-
JVg a concert In the evening by Von
Bladen’s orchestra. A collection of war
Tellcs and trophies will aUo be on dis
play in the music room, the majority
having been contributed from the recruit
ing stations of the Army, Navy ani
Marine Corps.
, In the morning there will be tourna
ments in hand-ball, volley-ball, checkers,
chess, bowling, billiards and cue-roque.
In the afternoon there will also be a
number of special contests in the gym
nasium and swimming pooL Boxing and
wrestling will be the athletic features
in the evening.
1 A silver loving will also be awarded
Inthe championship individual bowling
Mrs. E. P. Brennan, 2934 Capitol ave
nue, entertained this afternoon with a
theater party in honor of Mrs. John H.
Willford, a recent bride. Following the
performance, tea was served to the party
at the De Luxe Shop. The table was
attractively decorated in shades of green
and white, with a basket of narcissus
tied with green tulle forming the center
piece. The guests Included Mrs. Harry
Eicholtz, Mrs. Marie O'Brien, Mrs. Allen
T. Fleming, Mrs. Chester L. Zechiel, Mrs.
W. H. Blodgett, and Mrs. Freddie Ben
nett of Vancouver, Wash. Yesterday
afternoon Mrs. Allen TANARUS, Fleming enter
tained with a tea for her daughter,
Mrs. Willford. The tea table was effec
tlvilv arranged with a centerpiece of
white blossom** and green tapers in
crystal holders and the parlors were
bright with holiday greens and poin
settias. A program was given during
the afternoon by Miss Pauline Marshall,
Mr-. Marie O'Brien, Miss Roberta Max
well and Mrs. Lawrence Wells, vocalists,
and Mrs. Alma Kratzer Basham, reader.
Assisting Mrs. Fleming were Mrs. Wil
liam H. Blodgett. Mrs. Wells, Mrs. P. J.
Clark. Mrs. E. P. Brennan and Mrs.
George Maxwell.
• • •
Mrs. George Paulils of the Chalfant Is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. Harold
Stansbury, In New Orleans.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Taylor, formerly
of this city but now of Dallas, Tex., are
visiting In Indianapolis.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Schaf, 1410
North Delaware street, will depart Mon
day for Pasadena, Cal., where they wl’l
visit their daughter; Mrs, llervey Bates
Perrin. They will return home the first
of May.
• • •
The Omega Delta I'hl Fraternity held
its annual Christmas dance, Tuesday
evening, in the Assembly Room of the
Claypool Hotel. The active members In
clude Philpott Brown, Malcolm Moth
orshead, Wilson Jillson. Lionel Mnrttn
dale. Jake a. Pierson, Elijah Nicholson,
Georgo McGailan, Hugh Ziegler, Daniel
Malono and Jabez Hearle.
• • •
Miss Emma D. Winans and Miss Anna
May Pogue of Bowling Green, Ky., are
passing the holidays with Mr. and Mrs.
George Slnnett, 1302 Lexington avenue.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Griffith enter
tained last night at the Woodstock Club
with a beautiful debut dance for their
daughter, Miss Anna Louise Griffith.
Holiday decorations were used through
the rooms, together with baskets of
vnri-eolored blossoms sent to the de
butante. Miss Griffith was attractively
gowned in orrhld-hued radium silk,
beaded in crystal. Assisting In the bos
pitalltles were Mr. and Mrs. -Walter C.
Marmon. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hammond,
Mr. and Mrs. Newton Todd and Miss
Lucy Todd. Dr. and Mrs Harry Kahlo.
Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Longaker. Miss E.lza-
Why Not Start the New Year With
These Labor-Saving Appliances
Let Your New Year’s Resolution Be —Do It Electrically Every Day in the Year
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air alone. It’s suction machine ’on the market fKp J
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dust, and without ex- tiling, from the most deli- Mg|
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Anew shipment enables us
to make immediate delivery
of washer or cleaner. Terms
to suit your convenience.
The Electric Shop
48 Monument Place Appliance Department Phone, Main 1828
'■*- ; u 1 /
egister /
Girl, 6, Uses Toy
Balloon in Jump
VENICE. Cal., Dec. 31.—Evelyn
Thumb, 6, dreamed of making an
ascension with a toy balloon Santa
Claus brought her. When she awak
ened she tried It, taking oil from her
mother's third story flat. She laud
ed In a bed of hydrangeas, and today
Is nursing a skinned knee, a cut Up
and a knowledge of gravity.
beth and Miss Dorothy Marmon, Sir. and
Mrs. William Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
Meredith Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas
Jilltson, Mr. and Mrs. Cortland Van Camp,
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Van Camp and
daughter Rosamond, Mr. and Mrs. John
T. Martlndale, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Van
Camp, Mr. and Mrs. Philemon Watson
and Miss Catherine Watson, Mr. and
Mrs. William M. Taylor and Miss Eleanor
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Coburn
and daughter Catherine, Mr. and Mrs.
Alvin I.ockard and daughter E.izabetb,
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Harry Murphy, Mr. and
Mrs. William B. Wlieelock, Mr. and Mrs.
Theodore Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Griffith. Mrs. Ovid Butler Jameson, Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel D. Miller, Mr. and Mrs.
Otto Ilauelsen. Mr. and Mrs. Louis H.
Levy, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred It. Garstang.
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn B. Millikan, Mr. nnd
Mrs. C. E. Jud-son, Mrs. Edna S. Severin,
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Alford, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Foster. Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer Zieg
ler, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Tlmberlake,
Mr. and Mrs. Sewell Nebeker, Mr. nnd
Mrs. Clarence Rhoades. Mr. and Mrs. A.
E. Dietrichs, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour
Avery, Mr. and Mrs. William Lynn. Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Stone. Miss Alice and
Miss Lucy Holliday, Miss Sara Francos
Kaekley, Miss Katherine Ferriday und
Miss Sallie Hauelsen.
• • •
Wellesley bannors combined with
southern smilax and holiday greens gave
a festive aspect to the ballroom of the
Propvlaenm. Inst night, where the an
nual ball of tho Indiana Wellesley Club
was held. The grand march was led by
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Jewett. Miss
Gertrude Hinson nnd Mrs. Dora Bosart
Evans read palms during the evening.
The local members of the club, who acted
as hostesses, included Mrs. Jewett, Mrs.
Gordon iNimeron, Mrs. John Curry, Mrs.
Francis M. Fauvre, Jr.. Mrs. James Glpe,
Mrs. Nathan Graham, Mrs. John W. Hol
man. Mrs. William 11. Insley, Mrs. Homer
McKee, Mrs. Jesse C. Moore, Mrs. James
B. Nelson, Mrs. Clyde Morrison, Mrs.
John Cinrke. Mrs. H. 11. .Prescott, Mrs.
Robert W. Winslow, Miss Hannah Mary
Bradford, Miss Amelia Henderson, Miss
Ethyl Hutchison, Miss Stella Morrison,
Miss Lueetta Ohr, Miss Florence Venn
and Miss Marjorie Turner. The com
mittee on arrangements was headed by
Miss Amelia Henderson. The proceeds
from the dance will go toward the Wel
lesley endowment fund.
• • •
A pretty party was given by the mem
bers of Tri Psl, In the home of Mrs.
A. C. Franke, 2614 Central avenue, this :
afternoon. The guests Included Delta !
Delta Delta daughters of the members,
the sorority pledges and their mothers.
Red tapers set In tall holders agalneit
a background of holiday greens and
vivid poinsettlas gave a gay aspect to
the living room. In the dining room
the colors of the organization—green,
gold and violet—were used in the dec- I
orations. An Interesting program was j
given. Including a group of readings by j
Miss Winifred Pratt of Greenfield, violin
numbers and college and sorority songs
by the Tri Delta girls in chorus. An
exchange of gifts was a feature of the
Gamma Phi Delta Sorority girls will
hold the'.r New Year's watch party to
night at the home of Miss Helen Francke,
2614 Central avenue. Miss Marie Meld,
who i* home from the University of
Wisconsin for the holidays, will bo the
guest of honor. Tho hostess will be as
sisted by Miss Doris Carson.
Miss Freddie Bennett of Vancouver,
Wash., is the house guest of Mrs. Marie
O'Brien, 808 East Sixteenth street.
* • *
Miss Myrtle Barr of Brazil and Miss
Jean Silsey of Pittsburgh, Pa., are the
house guests of Miss Elizabeth Holly,
312.'! North Illinois street. The young
women were classmates at Hamilton Col
lege- ...
Mrs. Philip Hildebrand, 2548 North Il
linois street, will be the hostess for the
meeting of the Lincoln Division Kindling
Club, which will meet at - o'clock to
morrow afternoon. All members are
urged to be present, as Important busi
ness vfiil come before the organization.
* • *
Mr. and Mrs. IV. l>. Miller of the f'hal
fant are passing flic holidays at Butler.
• • •
Miss Dorothy Good, 1.51 East Forty-
Seventh street, is passing tho week-end
with friesulj in Seymour.
Events Planned in
Honor of Mrs. Hal pern
Mrs. Isaac Halpern of St. Louis, past
president of the local Council of Jewish
Women, nnd national chairman of the
Junior Auxiliary to the Council, Is to be
tlie honor guest for a number of affairs
planned by the Indianapolis Council for
next week. On Sunday afternoon a
meeting of tho Juniors will be held, Mrs.
Haiperu presiding, to be follow'd by a
t~a In the temple. Mrs Halpern will
speak on “Immigration, a Vital Natl >nal
Problem,” at the regular meeting of the
Council women, M unlay afternoon. A
musical program will be given at the
close of the business session by Mbs
Ruth Mossier, vuca.lst. accompanied by-
Mrs. Simon Kiser. A luncheon Tuesday.
In the Tyndall Room of tin* Columbia
Club, will lie given in Mrs, Ilaini-rn’s
honor. Tuesday night, Mrs Halpern will
be a guest for the program to be pre
sented under the auspices of tho educa
tion department of the Council in the
temple, which will Include a reading of
"The Country Cousin," by Jeanette Kilng
Rope for These Men
CINCINNATI, Dec. 81.—Tenunts of
an apartment house building were
notified their children, like bundles,
must use the rear doors or suffer rent
increases. The children damage the
front entrance, the owners charged.
of Cincinnati, field representative of the
Drama League.
Ex-Mexican Consul
Reported Kicked Out
SAN ANTONIO. Texas, Dec. 31.—Teu
dola Beltran. Mexican consul here for
eight years under various governments
of the southern republic, was removed
from office by Dr. Hidalgo, minister of
foreign relations of Mexico, over a month
ago, it became known today. The re
moval follows charges made by the
Chamber of Deputies that Beltran was a
Carranza sympathizer, It was said.
His present whereabouts are not known,
but reports In Mexican circles indicate he
Is In Muiterey.
Do You Want One?
We are again distributing copies
among our friends win care for
This book will help you keep
track of your expenses during 1921
and will allow you to budget your
income if you want to do so.
Several thousand people have
used this book for two years. If
you want one call or write for it.
It is free, with our compliments
and best wishes.
1 |-W ild &Co..stateßan^
UdLaf! IM-125 E.HxvkaiSt.
Says He Will Demand Efficien
cy in State Affairs.
Special to The Time*.
GREENSBURG. Ind., Dec. 31.—Gover
nor-elect McCray addressed a courtroom
full of farmers at the closing session
of the Decatur County Corn Show heru
Thursday night. He took for bis sub
ject, “The Model Indiana Farm,” and
apoke on the progress of the farmer
who runs hla farm on a business basis.
Breeding of high-clags live stock was
also touched upon by the Governor
Referring to his coming administra
tion Mr, McCray recommitted himself to
a business-like administration and said
he would conduct, the affairs of the State
In the same manner he bad conducted
bis farm, demanding efficiency from
every department. He said he hoped he
would be as successful us a Governor
as he has been as a farmer. The hearty
cooperation of the Decatur County peo
ple was asked In his new work.
Quite a stir of mirth was caused when
the Governor-elect wa* asked by EM
Hancock to come to Greensbnrg and he
replied he did not see how he could
spare the time, since he would leave
behind In Indianapolis ao many of his
worthy constituents, who wished so
much to talk with him about those
things which are within his power at
this time to give.
One Pound Baby Dies
ABILENE, Texas. Dec. 31.—After four
days’ struggle for life, a one-pound boy
born to Mr. and Mrs. IV. B. Pruitt of
Abilene, Christmas, Is dead.
THE spirit of the
season prompts us
to express what we sin
cerely feel —a wholesome
appreciation of your
favors during 1920 and
a wish for your happi
ness and prosperity
throughout 1921
L-S. Ayres cUCo.
The Store Wid Rem am Closed Until
Monday, January Third
J. Hulse, Revenue
Agent, Resigns
John Hulse, revenue agent in charge of
the Indianapolis division, has tendered
his resignation, effective Jan. 15, to the
commissioner of Internal revenue, it was
announced today. Mr. Hulse has helu
the position since March, 1919, when he
succeeded A. 11. Ltndop. He entered the
revenue service In 1915 and soon became
one of the expert Income tax examiners
of the department.
. Robert Ander of South Bend, Villlam
Stein of New Albany, E. L. Glass of
Vincennes and Mr. Hulse will form a
company to render accounting, income
and excess profits tax advice.

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