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Ignorance, Prohibition
and Poor Homes Blamed
Eighteen Police Chiefs in Meeting Lay Crime
to Three Main Causes .
SAN FRANCISCO, June 21.—Ignorance,
prohibition anJ poor homes—those three
things which are found in the American
scheme of society were blamed today as
the causes of crime.
Eighteen police chiefs attending the
International Police Chiefs' Association
convention here were interested in the
causes of crime.
Lack of education or ignorance was
the answer given by four.
Three blamed poor training and poor
Three blamed prohibition.
Two placed the responsibility at the
door of poverty.
Two others blamed “after the war”
Dope, women and unemployment re
ceived one vote each, and one more went
to "just pare laziness.”
“Children should be kept in school un
til they are at least 18 years old," de-
Assistant Manager of L. E. &
W. Buried in Crown Hill.
Fmeral services for Edgar Wilding, 4 V \
assistant manager of the L. E. A " ■
Railroad, who died at his home. "411
Central avenue, yesterday afternoon fol
lowing an Illness of two years, will be
held at the residence this afternoon at
2 o’clock. Burial will be In Crown Hill.
Mr. Wilding was born in Indianapolis.
Oct. 21, 1874. He lived here all Ills life,
was educated in the public schools of
the city, and at the age of 17 entered the
service of Bowen and Merrill ns an order
clerk. In 1891, he entered the employ of
the L. E. & W. Railroad as a ticket
_ clerk. He rose to be assistant general
manager, which position he occupied for
five years prior to his death.
He was a member of Mystic Tie Lodge
No. 398, F. and A. M., the Scotish Rite
and the Shrine, and the Grace M. E.
In addition to the widow, Mrs. Ida
Wilding, he is survived by a son,
Harold; a daughter. Luclle. and a
brother, George, all of Indianapolis.
Eclectic Association
in Business Session
The business session of the annual con
vention of the National Eclectic Medical
Association was held this mornins at the
Hotel Lincoln. The afternoon session
will be devoted to addresses on technical
subjects. A banquet will bV held to
A party of the delegates was held last
night at the Circle Theater to close the
first day of the convention.
The treatment of influenza and pneu
monia was discussed by the following
physicians: Drs. P. \V. Moses, Indian
apolis; C. R. Campbell, Newton, Ohio; It.
B. Douglass. Terre Haute; J. W. Kannel,
Ft. Wayne, and T. D. Hollingsworth,
Akron, Ohio: Dr. W. I’. Best of Indian
apolis, presided.
Other speakers were Drs. Morse Ilar
rod. Ft. Wayne; Berl I. Billman, Sulli
van: J. H. Haupt, Terre Haute; H. H.
Belding. St. Louis, Mo., and Brose Horn,
Gas City.
The convention will close Friday night.
Resignation of
Woollen Refused
The resignation of Evans Woollen as
president of the Art Association of In
dianapolis has been refused unanimously
by the members of the board of direc
tors. Mr. Woollen is ill and was forced
to relinquish his duties some time ago
at the order of a physician. Carl Lieber
has been appointed temporary chairman
of the executive committee and will serve
until Mr. Woollen can resume his duties.
Mr. Woollen is president of the Fletch
er Savings and Trust Company. He has
served as president of the Art Associa
tion continuously since 1907.
A resolution of appreciation on the re
cent bequest of $95,000 made by James E.
Roberts, late Indianapolis millionaire,
was adopted.
State Tax Board Acts
on Bond Petitions
The State board of tax commissioners
has acted on the following petitions to
issue bonds: Disapproved. $71,000 sohonl
houae, Greene Township. Jay County;
approved. Van Buren Township. Kosci
usko County, J. E. Cooper road. $71,000.
Lagro Township Wabash County. Walter
Hansing road, $54,000; Pawpaw Town
ship, Wabash County, O. P. Conner road.
$30,000; Delaware Township, Delaware
County, school building at De Soto, $52.-
000; Adams Township, Madison County,
•i-sooi bnllding at MarklevlU*, $50,000.
clared N. A. Boyd, public safety com
missioner of Binghamton, N. Y. “Lack
of education and improper training dur
ing the years of youth are the things
which people our Jails.” commented Chief
J. M. Broughton of Portsmouth. Va.
“Our criminals come from homes
where they were surrounded always by
ignorance,” he said.
11. G. Ferguson of Denver placed wom
en In the list. “Wine, women and song”
make criminals, he said. “Women are
the most to blame.”
Those who blamed prohibition were
inclined to specify that lack or proper
enforcement or inability to enforce it
properly was the element which made
it a cause of crime.
"Prohibition causes crime because it
fails to prohibit,” Said Chief W. A. Ren
kin of Denver's detective department.
“The bootleg sets them crazy where the
other didn’t.”
Unmarried Men
More Numerous ,
Bulletin States
There arc more single men in Indian
apolis than there are single women, ac
cording to a bulletin released today from
Washington by the Department of Com
And that’s not the half of it I
The proportion of men married after
reaching the age of 45 is greater than
that of the women marrying after admit
ting that age.
r e obvious explanation," stated the
bulletin, “is that women marry at
younger ages than men.”
The number of widows exceeds that of
widowers and there are more divorced
men than there are divorced women.
There are more married persons be
tween the ages of 25 and 44 than in any
other 'Piss, the bulletin states. Most of
the divorced men and women are also in
that group.
The tabulated statistics show that, out
of the population of 314,194, there are
119.17(1 males and 121.688 females over
15 years of age. Single men total 35,814,
and women, 29.217; married men to the
number of 74,730 are in Indianapolis and
'tuber of married women is 73,583.
There are 6,204 widowers and 16,048
widows, 1.994 feminine divorcees and
1,555 divorced men.
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New Location
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Indiana Member, at
Opportune Time,
Steps In.
Tariff Bill Debate to
Continue Ahead of
Special to Indiana Daily Times
and Philadelphia Public Ledger.
WASHINGTON, June 21.—Under per
sonal leadership of the President the Ad
ministration party in Congress was able
to set Its signals and clear the way for
action on its legislative program. Agree
ment was obtained to terminate the snarl
Into which three paramount Republican
measures had drifted. A skillful parlia
mentary move by Senator Watson of In
diana robbed the Senate Democrats of a
talking point for political purposes.
The situation as oharified by the days
development follows:
The Senate will resume consideration
of the tariff bill. On its passage the
Roldiers’ bonus measure will be taken up
and held before the upper House until a
vote shall have been taken. The ship
subsidy bill, even though approved by
the House in the meantime, will be held
In committee until after passage of the
House Republicans will be permitted to
defer action on the shipping bill until the
conclusion of their reported series of
three-day recesseß over a period of two
or three weeks. President Harding has
agred to the Campbell proposal to afford
his party in Congress an opportunity of
revisiting their constituencies to make
clear the purposes and necessities of the
There will be no adjournment of Con
gress until both the bonus ami subsidy
bills have been passed. The Senate line
up indicate'! more than enough votes to
enact the soldiers' bonus bill over a pres
idential Teto, yet the story persisted that
Mr. Harding had let it become known
he would not wield the ax of disapproval.
At the White House it whs stated simply
the President's letter to Chairman Ford
ney “still was on file.” In that letter
he insisted such a bill should carry its
own method of financing the bonus.
After the Senate had voted, 51 to 22,
to table a motion by Senator Walsh,
Democrat, Massachusetts, to sidetrack
the tariff bill for the bonus, other mi
nority Senators launched such a furious
attack on Administration policy as to
cause Senator Watson to bring in a pro
posal calculated to silence them, or at
least to rob their political speeches of
real effectiveness. The Indiana Senator
offered, and the Senate adopted, a mo
tion providing specifically for n '‘special"
order making the bonus bill unfinished
business Immediately after passage of
the tariff measure, without shutting out
the right of any Senator to move In the
meantime to supplant the turiff.
The effect of the Watson strategy was
to enable Republican leaders to say that
if the Democrats loved the bonus so much
they could expedite its consideration
and passage by refraining from speeches
delaying passage of the tariff. Every
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: i
Atlas Peck was seen sitting on his front
porch today making a terrible face about
something while reading a paper, and it
developed that he was reading about the
quinine industry.
A petition is being circulated to raise
money with which to build anew Jail in
the Calf Ribs neighborhood. This is a
worthy cause, and we should all con
tribute out share, ns anybody is liable
to get in Jail at any time.
Sile Klldew is learning to sing in the
choir, and last Sunday finished only
about three lines behind the rest of them.
Democratic speech against the tariff or
for the bonus would have the effect of de
laying Just that much consideration of
the soldier’s bill the Senate having gone
on record by 52 to 8 with a promise to
take up the measure the moment the
tariff is out of the way.
The outcome of the day's developments
on Capitol Hill was a victory for Mr.
Harding In his opposition to the pro
posal by Senator McCumber, Noreh Da
kota, to lay aside the tariff for the bonus.
The President wished to have 'he Senate
complete its tariff task. Senator Jones,
Washington, chairman of the Commerce
Committee, gave notice he wou’d not re
port the ship subsidy legislation until
the bonus was passed.
While House agreement with the nouse
plan fi.r a series of “gentlemen’s agree
ment” recesses was embodied In a letter
to Representative Mondell, majority floor
leader. On that score Mr. Harding In
dulged In compromise, although he did
not yield on his poiut of demanding ac
tion before an adjustment.
From a purely political standpoint,
the President has brought his party in
Congress to a semblance of orderly pro
cedure, and ended, for the moment at
least, the panicky working at cross i*ur
poscs which was threatening the whole
legislation program.—Copyright, 1922, by
Public Ledger Company.
Webers /f'
—ice cold
Weber Milk Company . c . •
DRexel 0548 at fountains
(Copyright, 1922. Weber Milk Cos)
Earl Marshall Convicted by
Jury in Criminal Court for
Killing Mort Gregory.
Earl Marshall, negro, who shot and
killed Mort Gregory, another negro, was
found guilty of manslaughter, by a Jury
in Criminal Court today, and sentenced
to State ptison for an indeterminate
term of from two to twenty-one yearg.
Marshall was alleged to have used a
Shotgun in the crime, which took place
Nov. 7, 1921, In the rear of 1110 East
Nineteenth street. Gregory had par
ticipated with him, he said, In a craps
game, where their trouble started. Mar
shall told the Jury he left the game,
went to his home, secured a shotgun
and returned to be met by Gregory, who
had a revolver. Gregory was found by
the police In a pool of blood, clutching
a revolver, police said.
Marshall was indicted for first degree
murder and a change of venue taken to
Shelby County. The grand Jury before
a trial reconsidered the case and re
turned another Indictment charging mur
der in the second degree, on which Mar
shall was convicted.
Causes Call
of Speed Cops
A woman’s nightmare caused a run of
the police emergency squad early today.
Mrs. A. F. Jensen, 5040 East New York
street, telephones police headquarters
she beard voices and thought burglars
were trying to break in.
Sergeant Allison and squad sped the
five miles from headquarters at break
neck speed. No burglars around when
they got there.
K. E. Robertson, 5050 East New York
street, explained be and fits wife were
sleeping in a tent in the back yard. Mrs.
Robertson had a nightmare and he tried
to awaken her. The noise awakened a
dog. The dog barked.
Auto Injures Boy
Bicyclist’s Ankle
Stanley Rhuk, 21, 1941 Hoyt nvenue,
suffered an injured ankle when an auto
mobile driven by F. G. Noonan, 313 North
Arsenal avenue, passed over It on Shelby
sireet north of Deloss street. Noonan
took the young man home anti reported
the accident to the police. He said
Slink rode bis bicycle Into the car.
The automobile of Glen Harding
knocked down Margaret Cummins. 545
Bell View place, at Washington and Penn
sylvania streets. She suffered slight
bruises. Harding took her home.
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Goose Again
Lays Golden
Egg, tt Seems
LAFAYETTE, Ind., June 21.—An East
ern hatchery sat on a golden egg in
western Indiana and hatched $30,000 in
working the old baby chick game on
farmers and poultry raisers, postal agents
revealed today.
The victims are waiting while the
agents try to find the proprietors of the
King Hatchery Company, 1400 East
Twelfth street, Cleveland.
Advertisements flooded this part of the
State, guaranteeing safe delivery of 97
per cent of the order and asking cash
with all orders, specifying that they must
be received before April 18. The orders
were sent and so was the cash. No chicks
were received.
Anti-Bonus Statements Are
Not True Feelings, Says
Ex-soldiers of the World War who still
are suffering from wounds or disability
Incident to their service have entered a
protest against the use of their names
to fight adjusted compensation, na
tional headquarters of the American Le
gion announced here today upon receipt
of information from the Disabled
American Veteran's organization.
“For the solemn purpose of correcting
a rank injustice to the disabled," Robert
M. Smyth. Cincinnati. Ohio, national
staff representative of the Disabled Amer
ican Veterans, charges in a letter to the
legion that "certain financiers corralled
n few disabled soldiers recently, brought
them up before President Harding (for
which they were probably well paid)
and had their picture taken.” This pho
tograph. Smyth alleges, was published
broadcast with the statement that “dis
abled veterans are against a bonus.”
Smyth quotes hia organizations magazine
to the effect that “the payment of a bonus
will not prevent nor delay taking care of
the maimed and the crippled veteran and
taking care of the war cripples ought not
to delay nor prevent paying Just compen
sation to all ex-service men." The dis
abled veterans in their last two national
meetings have indorsed adjusted com
pensation, the publication shows, and
urged its immediate enactment into law.
Burglars Strip
Car in Garage
Burglars broke into the garage of Wil
liam K Marshall, 3030 English avenue,
last night and stripped the car of three
tires, a set of tools, the motometer and
a seat, police were informed.
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