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Open Saturday Evenings
Main Office 6 to 8:00 P. M.
Branches Until 8 P.M.
fetbtnga enD tTrust Company
Pretty School Teacher Found
With Bullet Hole in
Her Head.
FREEPORT, N. Y„ June 24.—Wil
liam Creasy of Covington, Ky., charged
with murdering Miss Edith Lavoy,
pretty school teacher, was Investigated
by police today as a “male vampire."
Just after he was arrested, following
the shooting of Miss Lavoy In the par
lor of her home here, a book was
found In Creasy’s pocket In which were
the names of twenty women living In
different parts of the State.
They will be questioned by police In
an effort to ascertain what secret pow
er, If any, Creasy possessed over
“She committed suicide,” Creasy
screamed, as several persons burst
into the parlor shortly after hearing
the revolver shot.
The body of Miss Lavoy lay on the
couch, a bullet hole in the head. One
arm hung over the edge of the sofa
and a revolver lay partly on the floor,
partly grasped In her dead fingers.
Baby Born on Ohio
River May Never
Know Native State
EVANSVILLE, Ind., June 24.—Har
old Bess, living on the Kentucky side
of the Ohio River, was rowing his wife
across the river to a doctor at Mt.
Vernon, Ind.
Half way across.the river a child
was born to Mrs. Bess. Friends are
puzzled as to whether the baby is a
Hoosier or a Kentuckian.
Silent Orator to
Preach Optometry
l The silent orator on the Merchants
Keat and Light Company building
wjll flash a statement for the Ameri
cahv Optometric Association, begin
ning tonight, as follows:
"Optometry is a science that deals
with the mechanical errors of vision
and the adaptation of lenses for their
correction. Optometrists from every
State attending twenty-fifth annual
Congress American Optometric Asso
ciation at the Athenaeum this week.
Wonderful exhibit’Of optical products
in connection.”
- ■ ■ ■ ■ . .
FT. WAYNE. Ind., June 24.
Thomas M. Glenn, 74 years old, vete
ran Pennsylvania Railroad conductor
and for twenty-five years station mas
ter of the Union Station at Chicago,
died last evening at his family home
here after being bedfast for six
Vacation Tours
An Eleven-Day Cruise
Quebec, Saguenay, Halifax and New York
A Cruise You Won’t Forget
A trip of mrasnal interest and
beautiful scenery through
lands builded on tradition and Ample Time
living in manners foreign and U Cioen
interesting to every traveler. at
These cruises are on boats of All Stop
exceptional sturdiness and Round Trip
great convenience. Rates
Throngh the St. Lawrence and $l5O
Saguenay rivers, visiting Que- and Up
bee, Montmorency, Halifax
and New York.
Richard A. Kurtz, Mgr.
Indianapolis First —
YOU remember the hot days of last
summer when suffering humanity
all over the country pleaded for
relief and large cities everywhere were
experiencing terrible Ice famines? In
dianapolis alone had no shortage. The
large supply held by the Polar Ice and
Fuel Company could have been sold and
shipped at a larger price than that paid
here. No babies suffered —no food per
ished —no hospital went without ice In
ndianapolis on account of lack of ice.
Foresight and a willingness to gamble
ith the weather precludes the possl
lity of an ice famine in Indianapolis.
\Ve now have twenty thousand tons of
ice in storage. We know this is more
than we will need, but it is there for
your protection in case of an emergency.
Polar Ice and Fuel Cos.
25 Cash and Carry Stations
Main office. 646 N. Illinois St. With four branch**.
▲ firm equipped to care for avery detail. Conscientious serf lo*. Honest prices.
Circle. 191*. . As**, tt-IM.
Statement Issued on Killing
of Sir Henry Wilson by
DUBLIN. June 24.—80th the regu
lar and Irregular branches of the Irish
Republican army today disclaimed any
connection with the assassination of
Field Marshal Sir Henry H. Wilson
at London.
The following statement was issued
at the headquarters of the irregular
“The shooting of Sir Henry Wilson
was not done at the instance of the
Irish Republican army. If It had
been, the Irish Republican army
would acknowledge the fact.
“The death of Sir Henry Wilson is
to be deplorqd, not because it occurred
apparently at the hands of Irishmen,
but because he was a victim of the Im
perial policy pursued by the British
Government In Ireland. There Is up
use trying to saddle the responsibility
on Ireland or any group of Irish peo
ple. It would be hypocritical to con
demn such actions as the shooting of
Sir Henry Wilson, while the causes,
which provoke such deeds, remain.
"Scenes of outrage and carnage in
the north are the result of British In
stigation, British connivance and Brit
ish duplicity. In all this Sir Henry
Wilson played a part that time will
define. And he played It not for
Ulster but for his imperial masters.”
Ten-Cent Charge to Local
Asa relief measure for the In
dianapolis Street Railway Company
an order increasing the fare for city
rides on interurban cars of three
companies has been Issued by the In
diana public service commission.
Companies affected by the change
are the Indianapolis & Cincinnati
Traction Company, Terre Haute, In
dianapolis & Eastern and the Inter
state Public Service Company. The
increase is from 5 cents to 10 cents,
and the purpose of the order is to
compel passengers to ride the city
cars, it is said.
Eclectic Association
Elects Year's Officers
Dr. Morse Harrod, Ft. Wayne, has
been elected president of the National
Eclectic Medical Association, The
final meeting of the association was
held at the Hotel Lincoln yesterday.
Dr. J. E. Holman of this city was
elected first vice president; Dr. E. B.
Saxton, Tampa, Fla., second vice
president; Dr. A. J. Neliana. Cincin
nati, Ohio, third vice president; Dr.
W. P. Best, Indianapolis, recording
secretary; Dr. W. Mundy, Forest.
Ohio, corresponding secretary; Dr. J.
P. Harvill, Nashville, Tenn., treas
urer; Dr. T. D. Alderman, Brooklyn,
N. Y., chairman of the council on |
medical education, and Dr. W. P.
Best, chairman of committee on
The 1923 convention will be held at
Waukesha, Wis.
Cricket Hicks, one of onr leading beau
bramm/s, had the misfortune to lose
AN Indianapolis woman recently asked her
washerwoman how she found time to do her
own washing. “I don't, ma'am," replied
Sally. "I can’t afford to. I send my washing to the
Purely from the standpoint of cost, what do you
think of this home washing business? We’ll leave
out the disagreeableness of it!
Wbat does the home washing cost? We can't tell
you. You can't tell without putting in a cost ac
counting system. But our guess, based on all the
facts we can obtain, is that washing done at home
costs two or three times what you think it does.
• * *
Go down into the cellar tonight and make a price
list of all the laundry equipment, not only the big
items like the washing machine, but everything,
right down to the clothespins. Total it up and figure
the interest on your investment. Then estimate de
preciation, for everything on your list is wearing out.
Find out about how much supplies like soap,
starch, and bluing cost per week. Put down an
amount to cover gas and electricity. Make an allow
ance for repairs to machinery and for clothes lost or
damaged. If you employ a laundress her wages,
meals, and carfare must be counted in. If your wife
does her own washing her time and work should be
put down as worth something.
If you have ever worried lest a servant should in
jure herself while operating laundry machinery, yoji
his nice, new straw hat Sunday morning.
At the time of the accident he was stroll
ing along the lane when a puff of wind
blew his hat off, and a cow se'zed it be
fore he could perfect Its rescue. She had
just finished eating a pile of shucks and
the-hat came In Just right as dessert.
• *
The Excelsior Fiddling Band, says
Frlsby Hancock, must have gone to eat
ing onions, as they are growing senti
mental, having gone out last night and
played right soft and low Just as the
moon was rising.
• •
Yam Sims says there is always some
thing to set a person back. He got a
haircut today and now his hat Is too big.
Dancing Held
to Celebrate
Residents of Broadway between
Twenty-Third street and Twenty-
Fourth street celebrated completion
of resurfacing of the street with a
dancing party last night. The block
was closed to traffic, lawns decorated
with Japanese lanterns and the street
You, Sir!
Here's a problem which men can no longer dodge
There’s a Laundry Service to Fit Every Need and Purse
Send if
Telegrams Sent to Gov. Len
Small and Carlos Black
The Associated Employers of Indi
anapolis have sent telegrams to Gov
ernor Len Small of Illinois and Carlos
Black, adjutant general of Illinois,
urging that no expense nor effort be
spared In apprehending and punish
ing the leaders and participants in
the Williamson county massacre.
A circular letter was sent to 5,000
business men, clergyman and other
citizens asking them to send tele
grams or letters to both Governor
Small and Brigadier General Black
protesting against the outbreak In
Williamson County. The circular com
mended the stand Governor McCray
had taken in promising county offi
cials the assistance of the State Gov
ernment in any emergency.
Steals From
Grave to Sell
Costly Ribbon?
The crime wave reached the grave
A woman, giving her name as Edna
Mathews, 30, 1318 North Capitol ave
nue, was arrested after police were
told she was seen stealing expensive
ribbons from flowers on graves in
Crown Hill Cemetery. These ribbons
sell readily.
MONTREAL, June 24.—Dr. John Sni
ton Webster made no defense in his
wife’s divorce suit, declaring the idea of
divorce was a lesser evil than having
to live with her.
The schools are through
f J® for tlie year. Has your
I daughter’s development
been recorded by the cam
era? It should be, and
j mhJtb preferably by a character
f'l* portrait made by
Ninth Floor, Kahn Building
might make a mental note of the risk of a damage
suit, even though you couldn’t very well make an
allowance to cover such a possibility.
All right. Add it up!
* * *
Very likely your wife is one of the thousands of
Indianapolis women who are convinced that the
standard modern laundries of this city are doing the
high quality of work that good housewives insist
These women have discovered that good laundries
treat clothes just as gently as they can possibly be
treated at home; that they get things beautifully and
hygienically clean; that their scientific methods
actually prolong the life of garments, and that they
are responsible business institutions in case of loss
or damage.
* * *
Very likely your wife would like nothing better
than to end the work and worry of wash-day if she
didn’t fear that it would cost too much to "send it to
the laundry."
It doesn’t cost too much. For most people it costs
less than the wearisome old-fashioned way. There
are different classes of laundry service. Pick the
one which fits your case—and save money.

HIS advertisement i9 published to acquaint the women of Indian
-I- apolis with the advantages of modern, scientific laundry service
as rendered the following standard laundries of this city: Best-
Grand Launory, Crown Laundry, Excelsior Laundry, Fame Laundry,
Gem Laundry, Paul H. Krauss Laundry, M. & H. Co-operative Laun
dry, Model Laundry, Progress Laundry, Sanitary Laundry, Sterling
Laundry, Tiffany Laundry, Triangle Laundry.
Police to See Gas
Stations Licenses
Patrolmen were today instructed by
Chief Rickhoff to see that all filling
stations in their districts have proper
CARDIFF, June 24.—Watching a cow
boy film, Albert H. Young recovered his
speech, which he had lost when wounded
in the war.
to keep shop running daring duU season
we’U give a real bargain in
Our Customers Recommend Us.
Drexel 4455. 1517 Kelly St.
WETOGRAPH Secret Writing Systiia
Invaluable for lovers and for keeping
recipes, addresses, secret memorandum or
other information safe and private. >o
stranger can read your postals if you use
the W i eto-Graph. Great fun for lovers or
friends. Don't miss it. Send 10c and we
will send the Weto-Graph by mall with
full instructions. Address PENN PUB
LISHING CO., BlatrEvllle. Pa.
JUNE 24,1922.
10:00 O’CLOCK
Men’a and Boys’ Suits, Furnish
ings and Hats.
Cor. Washington and Delaware
< is ; i‘sm 5. i
Own a Home
Like This in
We are now building several
nifty bungalows in many differ
ent styles and sizes teat will
soon be ready for occnpancy
that you should not fail to gee.
Don’t worry planning to build.
The lot and home you have
dreamed of is ready for you in
S 3OO Cash
$ 25 Monthly
Just think how easy it is to
own a home in Westridge. Tou
are now probably paying more
than $25 per month rent with
nothing to show for your
money but worthless rent re
ceipts. If you haven't the S3OO
to pay down probably you have
a vacant lot that we will gladly
take as down payment. One
of these beautiful bungalows
open for inspection Sunday has
electric lights, cement porch
with brick columns; cement
walks, driven well, cistern, ga
rage, two bedrooms; attractively
and substantially bnllt. Other
bungalows now being built will
be ready in a couple of weeks.
Come Out
Sunday Afternoon
Take This Bus
There are nine of these busses
running out to Westridge. Take
one nt the corner of West Wash
ington street and Capitol avenue
and get offset Vine street In
Westridge your fare will
be refunded when you arrive at
the addition or during the week
we will meet you ana take you
out free of charge.
If you are driving, Westridge
lays just one mile West of the
city limits on the north ,side of
the National Road (West'Wash
ington street) which is paved
ell the way out and a beautiful
drive. Our auto will meet you
at the end of West Washington
street car line If you care to take
the street car.
$1 Down and
$1 Per Week
Buys a big beautiful lot In
Westridge. No more attractive
offer was ever made Indianapolis
citizens. Our restrictions assure
you that you will have no un
desirable neighbors or shacks to
lower the value of your prop
erty. We want you -to see this
sub division, and be convinced
there Is no addition near Indian
apolis for moderately-priced
homes that will compare with
City Builders
Realty Cos.
1160 Fairfield Ave.
Phone WAsh. 4344.
Evenings, Call Mr. Roberts,
WA sh. 0491.
Cuticura Quickly Soothes,
Rashes and Irritations
Hot baths with Cuticura Soap, fol
lowed by light applications of Cuti
cura Ointment, afford immediate
relief in most cases of rashes, Irrita
tions, eczemas, etc. Cuticura Talcum
is also excellent for the skin.
■wpk K-ebrrwbyM-C. AddrW'OatWwU*-
trtWrWi.Dmt. 10r,K>14aa (Terr
wh-re.fi 3. p K-. Olßtmttt SI aaSSOa TeinmSe.
BWPCuUciire So—p ilwtm wilfcoat was.

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