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'grßolibille gincricnn.
V. IL FO.STf.rt, .
fsj Our legislative news is meairro.
this weck, owing to our not receiving
try mail from Indianapolis from Fri
day until WedncJxj night, and when
it did eon.o, for t-ome rertM-n. we did not
gtl the latent papers. The Lrmlnturt
appear to to doirg very littlo except
wrangling over the election of Senators
to Wipercvdo Wright and Fitch. Hy our
text issue we hope to ho alio to an
nounce that the thing is JUL
Bridget and Turnpikes.
Over and often has the public atten
tion been called through tho medium ol
the Irens, to tho importance of con
structing a flridgo across tho West fork
of Whito Wafer at this place, until the
abject appears to have become flat,
tale and unprofitable. When our river
becomes unfoitlablc, wo are apprised of
the necessity ot constructing one, but
the subsidence of thö water in succeed -
edMjy lethargy and ho interest matii.
fested U entirely Iot, to Lea jam rcviv-
d by a succeeding ireshet.
o recur to this Mibjec-t, and urge
upon our citizens, and those interested.
to tako sncli decisivo measures as will
lead to intercourse with the Western
portion of our County, in dclianco ol
oar streams.
Want of unity has hcrctoforo. been a
drawback to tho fulfilment of such n
Vorthy enterprise; thero hato been too
many individual interests in conflict.
A union thould bo had by which some
.eligiblo point can bo selected, and all
jthisjai ring cease.
A point which has been mggested,
and which to us appears tho most prac-
.'tiblo ol all othors, is in tho locality of
Ilm rmiilonpn rf J. ). St. Jtihik'n deeens.
J. Wo nro led to thU opinion Iron,
tbe fact that a fiftm basis for such a su-
perbtruction can lie had at that point.
Expeiienco has demoustratrd the neces
sity of constructing tho abutments upon
a solid foundation. Had proper alten
tion been given to erection of the abut
mcnts to tho bridgo across tho east fork
cn tho road leading to Mt. Curmcl, we
would not now bo denied intercourse
With tllO Ea?tCrO portion Of Our County
by a swollen etrenm. -
With tllO aSSistanCO Which would Un-
doubtedfy lo extended to this enterprise
by Our County Board, in addition to
liberal donations from private citizens I
ro uo not question but that a Jruige
can bo constructed, especially r.s stated
belore, if this rivalry relating to its lo.
cation can bo suppressed.
In connection Jvith this subject, we
would call attention to tho importance
ef a Turnpiko to extend from said
Bridgo to Sunmansville, on the Indian
a pol is and Cincinnati liailroad, givin
r f I
us two or threo hours rido to tho latter
i- .i.m I.-
t'IMV W VVW T VIIIUIV IV rill IMttfe nvtu 1 ,
all tho travel South, Morth nnd West,
''would bo over this road. Wo have a
daily mail, (high water always exeep
tea) iroin nore to mal aiauou. w un a
Tnrnpike tho travel would bo immense
ly increased, and tho lands in tho west
ern portion of tho County would bo
come populated, and enhanco in value.r
thereby reducing our taxation bv in-r1
creasing our taxables. Wo may haver.
- m I
something moro to pay on this subject
la futute.
That Investigation
Ts'ow that tho elections aro over, we
msy be permitted to call tho attention
of our Doard of Conn!y Commissioners,
to tho matter of investigating tho ac-
counts of our Auditor ami Treasurer,
wi'.hout being liable to tho chargo of a
desire, on our part, to effect tho election
In relation to their suiTra-'es. Wo are
advised to do this, at the ui-rnt oliei.
tation of many citizens, who nro not sat
isfied or content with tho partial exam-
ination hau, but who still entertain the
- i . . . ...
.pat tncro ,s someth.ng wrong.
t?Q t t,onr Ps,t,on. a' to the
, .in v.iuo, inen cannot oo nail
except by tho employment of compe-
. ... 1
icni persons, wnoso services tho Hoard
.uou ucau m o rcqnismon, giving them
-...r.v, ... uo jusuco not ii to the
oClccs and tho public. If errors exist,
tbey should bo corrected. If the Hooks
havo been kept properly, justico to the
fTWr. .Ki.t.i :'..i .
tion ?umina.
Wo shall await with a cood deal ol
nr!oli it. a ...t. . f . 1 . ii I
tt:' ' " .r
"'v 1 1 . iiiu milium oi Liio e iisii i ii rr lionm i
;- - .uauer. uo ncavy
VV...JWVJ. mvS.uu...
Ing, induces them to watch narrowly I
their expenditures. is
In addition to tbe abovc.it would not
Improper to examine into amounts ,
allowed ibr extra services, and to whom
allowed; amounts of stationary nur-
chased lor each office ic givin thchmslüd in 1,10 3'tfstt,,'dl,y u,lJ t;'
rublic a clear nn(l comi.rchcnsivoCTvicw hon. Ii1 W.!'.Uo .ins whero ho was
....... .
v. i icir internal ana.rs, that thoso who
rcaa may understand.
We think wo may count with safety
upon Messrs Goble and Stoop who will
have an eye or, tho expenditures hercaf-
ler, end any allowanco made, will no
doubt, undergo a criti.-al examination
beforo passed upon.
77 ,o i .
"3- A hfo of S.A. Douglas, "author!.
mA k.. I- i i i .. . I
cd by its distinguished subject " is to
k. .tt: I. vr v i . ' rv " "3 w u eoiimericii.
,,D r,,r l'"llS PiCtUr f tU Vil1 "rhnncy the phcelinls- ofthat .tore
Kenias. I Blstisnitth tr 7 nno h '
Tni Wat the Monet Gois. During
the past quarter, tho disbursements by
tho General Government amounted to
over 21 ,000,000 lor civil and war pur
poses, and apart from tho demands up
on tho Treasury for interest upon the
ruiblic debt. Tho Navy alono drew up
on the Treasury for 7,200,000 during
tho quarter, n much larger um than
tho nnvnl expenditure for any one fiscal
year between 1S15 und 18-fG, and about
equal to the average annual expendi
ture for tho Navy during tho war ol
18121815. Great expenses havo been
rceently incurred f r vessels chartered
for tho Paraguay .expedition, which
upon a critical survey wcro found un-seaworthy.
Km A gentleman named Fanshaw,
residing in Saratoga county, New York,
offered to allow ono Sanderson to burn
down his cow honso if Judge- Parker
failed to get G.OOO majority lor Gover
nor. Mr. Sanderson won tho privilege
of touching off the cow house, and the
cow house was burnt to the croud. I
burning t' o cow hon Mr. Sanderson
fco burnt two cm u-m-tli ftio Mr
ra,i:,u. ndniit that hi friend had n
pcilVct right to burn tho house, but not
the cattle. For doing this latter, Fun
Ulmw lias commenced Ruit i'ainot Sun-
i t. r: ,:.. ii' .
....v...u....ui.aVii nc.inM.iny
MVS hogs haro been in actiro demand
.vb..,..v. riuuii ox mo week; ntw
wim iiiuo exception lüo fpofulative
feeling has been kept up, and a. further
dvanco established; the market closing
moro excited than it bus perhaps been
at any other time tho present season.
The sales during.the week add up GO,.
000 head, including head for fu-
ture delivery, beginning at ?." 73(G .
iur ':,lf; ?C -"'(' CO for melium, and
$ü G0(C 0 for heavy, and le:irin i,iT
at 5d 1', G 50 lor light, fG 73?iC fc'O for
medium, and 87 for heuvv, the uiakct
closing buoyant nnd excited.
t" The Philadelphia Inquirer states
thnt during tho height of the pressure
and panic of last fall, n hading woo!
house ofthat city ascertained that it
had on hand promissory notes amount-
'n- Jn 1,10 Srogato to $oJI,000 and
"J1 K,Tcn "Y ninnutactunng tvm in
cn "giana mat Had suspended tern-
rraniy. Jliocntiro lot of pnper was
renewed for six months, with the inter-
ost in "ao paid in advanc-.ar.d all
c I'JI'er tuus renewed, Willi tho ex-
coption of about threo thousand dollars
was paid at maturity.
TcT Tho Lafayette Courier reports
that Air. T. S. Cox, of that vicinitr, has
commenced tho cultivation of pepper
mint and tho manufacture of oil Iron)
tho plant, on nn extensive scale. This
is a new cntorpnso in Indiana. St
f,lCl.i. tf t i i ... I
T V :"v "' h,l,,cno
I'rouuceu the hulk of the perpcrmint for
tho uso of tho -svholo world.
At Cincinnati, a few days since.
Judge Fruden decided in favor of run-
ning omnibuses on Sunday, takin tho
ground that they aro a public necessity.
The Judgo is correct, ns a largo num.
'"ns uepena upon tins mode
CÜDVt:nco "eir respective
... I ...... IT Iii 1
T iiUU nero i-een a reverso de-
i-ision uio law woucj, in a short timo,
have proven a nullity.
trä. Archbishop Hughe has under
taken to build a magnificent cathedral
in Xew York, whith will cclip.o all the
chnrche in the United States in point
ot splendor.
It appears that by merely addressingn
nUT 10 ono hundred and fifty of the
'ui,1,u' ho has reeeived subscriptions
t0 tl, nount of 5103,000
An Editor and others Indicted for libel
, v o unuerscanci mat -Mr. James Uor-
lilrtliltxIIHMIina Imnn i n .1 w. ... I I... . I. .. I
ß invchr counts W
tt ii,0 otl Ue noiu JollIJ jj Irt,i
saul libel consisting of a point-hUnk
tlmrgo in the columns of the Herald
il.,.. I II... 1.:.. i ...i ii.. .
"V , ' i " , , " '
,kn, t:,Ul blf(,rü yor
Investigating Committee, wherof Mr
II. was Chairman. The charge was n
very gross one, and wo think Mr. Has
IV'" mvc'1 lo ,mn character and to
''is constituents whoso good name
WouM lls, havo Lt,tIl compromise-l Ly
ins perpeu anon oi an aci which was
in cllect lbrerv to vindicate himsell
from t Im liro;n i iw-oiim.i lion rf 1 1 1 1 1. 1 I '
- and. as ho does not desire u nccunia. 1
- - - v. ...v v .. v. .
ry vcrJ, ho lftj tukoll lho wll ' .0(ri(
O)0a to him. Should the chargo U
fully retracted, even atthislatoday.it
not probable that tho prosecution
, . 1rt , v,,",,cUvcl r.
Inlurl even o one who E S b
We understand that Mr. liennett wa J
"ouoncss noeraico on uan.
MWHV. James J. S.ualley, James I)
Littlo and Kdmund G. Sutherland, who
havo mado themselves busy during the
'"to canvass, assailing Mr. llaskin
IKV"al !nty, havo likewise re-
VC arc not informed as to tho timo at
which these indictments will bo tried.
but they will doubtless evoke n (Uei a
ua lively interest. 1. irnne.
t&rlt is slated that tho nrieo naid
Editorial Gleantaffi.--
t2T Congress meets on Monday next.
tnU'A railroad is now approaching
completion through Missouri, which
will cnablo passengers to go from Bos
ton to Kansas in threo days.
tr!lon.B. F. Butler, an eminent
member of the New York bar, and for
merly a celebrated politician, died at
Paris, on th'o Sth inst., in the C2d year
of his nge.
Sr"X Tho ''Pieeolomini 1'oyal Bridal
Skirt,M and the 'Pictolomini Hustle"
are till tho rage among the New York
fashionables, just now.
I"r2r Tho telegraph informs ns that
liob't Owen, late minister to Naples,"
lis dead. Which means no doubt tho fiv-
ther of Bob't Dale Owen. Ho was ly-
ling dangerously ill at last accounts.
tST Mr. Alexander Clarkson, young
est brother of C. F. Clarkson, Esq., for
merly tho editor of tho American- In
this place, died at his residence in Bar
tholomew County, on tho 13th ult.
t3r Tho Democracy of Kentucky
,,oM !btflr ?ftJ.c Convention at Frank
fort, on tho Stuof January next. Nom
inations are to bo then made for Gover
nor, Lieutenant Covornor, rud other
tato ilu-cr$.
tCif Martha Guyon, nn unmarried
woman, twenty-five years of ago, was
arreted at Alle-neny x'Uy, Pu., on
Thursday, for murdering her new-born
n,ai0 y angulation
ivafc. Nathaniel P. Bolton, -late U. S.
Consul at Geneva, and ono ot tho pio
neer editors of Indiana, died nt Indian
npolis, on Friday, of nn affection of the
lungs, to which ho had long been sub
ject. iT It is stated on tho authority of n
gentleman recently from Madrid, that
the SpiMiish Court is entertaining a
l01H.ition from France and Fngland,
fo orcct IWto K,co nnd Cul:i ,nt0 nn
1 independent State.
14" Senator J'ouglus writes to friends
'n Washington that owing to tho sitk-
ncss of his wile lie will not bo ab! lo
reach thot city until n couple of weeks
after the coniincncciiUMit f 1' the session
' Congress.
fTU Tho jury Jit Bon ling-grcen, Ky.,
in tho c::80 of Miss liny vs. Uenj. II.
Covington, lor tho breach ol marriage
promise, last Mond.iy evening, render
cd a verdict of $4,000 in faror of the
f JCVt $t Fwing, pastor of tho
Presdiyterian charch in Uloomington,
III., h is recently inherited n lortuno of
9100,000. lie doubtless hears tho ufilif-
tion with becoming Christian roigna
fijr Tho X. A. Tributio says i
man recently advertised to tho amount
of f-C, nnd ho informed us yesterday
Mint lu hti.tu tlmt n 1 1 rvl i.nm i t li.nl
'V'". PJ
that advertising is not beneficial to the
tOT Senator Sumner, who, as has
hcen announced, feels tsuflicicntly res
tored to resume his Senatorial seat at
l'10 opening of the coming session has
engaged rooms in Washington at the
liners oecup.eu oy mm acme i.mo oi
urooks assanit.
Iy "! ushions" fresh from France
tell us that "plain black velvet bonnets,
onlv trimmed with lace, will bo the
most comma ii fntt coifluro for the cold
weather. Tho bonnet in decidedly
more likon bonnet, coming forwar I on
topft the bead, and pr jectiny at the
t-'iT In nil but four counties of Mich.-
igan, Wisner, tho IJcpublican candidato
tor Governor, has a majority of D.f.Gl.
Tho remaining counties, (iratiot, On-
'"aerially change this majority.
Tho Indianapolis OKvn savs it
h underwood that tho Sena-
torial election will como elf this week,
and that Henry 8. Lane, of Crawford
villo will bo tho candidato of tho lie
!"bliean, und Win. M. McCarty of
Shelbyville, tho nuti-Lecompton Candi
Jfcir Messrs. Cameron ä MeNcely .of
the Indianapolis Citizen have made a
proposition to the Legi.-daturo to do tho
State Printing at just one-half the rates
hcrctoforo charged, being Ics than tho
prices paid to their hands. Thev expect
... i .... j . . ...
" p touhuo r.ura., oy which
they still eMect to realize a handsome
Aü0 ,r,al f,r t,ie J'ov- Iwntel
I'owney, a Lathoi.c I'nest, on a chargo
?' lh man nam.d Kclley,
.lt,nff ith Ät St-
ün ft"' re',ull0,, on Monday last in tho
J"ry 0nU'n5 ,,,rn ßu,,,y of murder in
tho seeond degree The term of im-
pnsonmcnt in the rcnitcntiarv was fix.
eil at eight years.
A Wins-AWAKF. "Lady." A "lady"
was detected, a few days since, in Cin
cinnati, in pocketing a package ot gloves
in a store. When charged with tho
tllcft K,,e burst into tears and tendered
$20 bill inpayment. Tho merchant
took but 85, and gave her Sl" change,
t . . t V'
v" -'-"hiiij wio casu ub uiiii, inai
i.mi .....w ...... , f...
I'ortbs Aosriesa.
Cards and Card Playing:.
It is a lamentable fact that card play,
ing is carried on to such an extent In
this country, as to vio with tho deprav
ity of tho Old World. We observe it
on board our water craft, infsting our
cities, towns and villages, corrupting
tho youth of our land, and holding oven
tho aged in bondage.
Tho attention of Legislature bodies
have been called to It; nets up acts have
been passed, until cur statues groan
under tho weight of what uro intended
to bo sumptuary law for tho supprcs
(ion not only in tho traille, but their vi lb
uso to which they arc applied.
Thero is no particular harm in a
gamo of cards for ninu?ctnet but ex
perience has demonstrated, that evils
has invariably followed theirintroduc
tion into society.
Wo can say of Broohville, in propor
tion to its population, It is as little in
festodas any of the places surrounding
it, m far as wo can learn. ,
By renson of tho nhsenco of man of
our citizens, as alirjrangcrs, wo enjoy
a brief Kcason of tr'-uility and ro
pose. v .V - .' V " T
So long as thoso who administer, fab
ricate nnd execute tho laws, cngago in
tho practieo of card playing, tho Staluto
relating to its sujipression becomes n
dead letter, and lcgilators uro Jwasting
their precious time and tho peoples'
money in vuch enactments.
Strike at tho trunk of tho evil, with
a lictvr'a hand und tho branches will
Thero is no dearth of law upon tho
subject, but let every citizen so that
tho law has vitality, n few examples of
its severity will operato beneficially
nnd society will reap a reward.
Tho attentio n ol the public has been
especially called, in selection of officers,
to tho use of ardent spirits, not reflect
ing for a moment that card pljying is
tho greater evil of tho two, being the
parent of a majority of tho vices under
which Micictj" labor.
Cards originally wcro intended for a
humane purpose, they were introduced
in Franco during tho reign of Charles
VI. A. D. 1 !!.", who lived 45 years and
reigned 42, CO of which he passed in a
-tato of almost constant insanity, to
amuse bun in his lucid intervals, the
gaino of cards was introduced. They
wcrepaiutcd in gold and divers colors.
It whs u revival of nn ancient amuse
ment, and in loss than four years, the
mania for card playing becainoso great
that the provost of Paris forbado their
uso. But as tho Court naid no utten
tiun t0 laW of tourso tl0 columon
iw-w.i.U 4ikr..,nt-.l.wl:
I I ..v.. tw
It is a singular fact that no change
has been mado in tho form of figures,
on tho earth since the days of Charles
I. Thoo winch aro nowplaj'cd with.
resemble in all respects, thoso which
were used to amuso that monarch, and
a very just idea of tho dress ot that po
liod may bo obtained from them. The
figures had a distinct meanincr.
Uy the hearts were meant the Church
men, from tho Trench word Coeur,
meaning heart, and theso cards are
called "gzno Je choeur" or choirmen.
lly the Spades, which arc In factpiko
heads, aro meant tho nobles or military.
Ily the pquiro stones or tiles, which we
call diamonds, but which tho French
call ctineaux, was intended tho class of
workmen; and lastly-, tho suit, which
wc call clubs, but which is in fact but
tho leaf of clover or treloil, was meant
to represent the peasantry.
letter froa. Tayctto Cov.nty.
Columbia, Nov. L, 53.
Ma. Fosrr.n:
Some people would say
that Columbia is a "finished town ami
not very big at that; but lookingaround
I notice somo things just made, some
that tiro not finished, and somo that
will never bo finished. Mr. 1). O Darby
tho worthy post mastor of this place has
a "bran splinter new" Sorghum mill,
and is making molasses good ecoivh
r th) Piesident to sop his dogger in.
This of itsolf is indieativo of lifo in this
place. Hut this Is not all; tho same
O'Darby has a premium washing ma
chine, that il it did not knock tho socks
off all his competitors at tho Stato Fair,
it ditl take the premium and tho dirt
out of a hrnti Hit, nicely. Uut this ma
ch ine is notfinishod as Mr. O'D, expects
to mako somo very important improve
ments on it, after which ho may well
defy competition. Speaking of Sorgh
um I may as well say that Mr. O'Dar
by is not alono engaged in tho making
of this molasses; Moses Savage, Thorn
as Jones and others here, have made
somo as good as wo want in this cli
mate, and thoso who want bettcr.should
go South. Somo old liners think, no
doubt, it tastes Mrongly of wool, nnd
that it is decidedly unconstitutional to
thus interfero with tho institutions of the
scuth. Democrats who enraM in th
manufacture of Sorghum molasses, mut
expect to be read ot of the part y.
I said in tho onset that somo
would call this an 'finished town.' Now
do you helievo it aflcr tho ,7i of in
formation I havo given you above. If
you do, you had better como up here,
and my word for it, you w ill find us
"alivo and kicking," and our Marshall
ready to prove to you from tho Iliblo
and the Declaration of Independence
that Slavery is right and ought to bo
I erpetustsd.
This Mr. Editor is ray firit letter to
you, and as you kuow but little of us,
op here, I dare not tell you all at onco
for foar you could'nt boro' it, so good
bye till next timo. SOKGIIUM.
Greenwood Correspondence.
G a Kenwood, Ind., Nov. 25 th, '53.
Friend Foster: This is Thanksgiv
ingday and tho turkey dinners nro eat
en. I cannot eay much about such
things, ns owr turkies were spare-ribs
and sausago. Indeed, I havo seen but
few turkies anywhere this Fall, they
having mostly died last Spring on ac
count of tho wet weather. I hopo you
you had a nieo time eating good things.
Tho roads hero aro worse than when
I last wrote, and when tho snow all
melts they will, bo still worse. You
seem to bo glad to have winter, wo
would be glad to havo summer.
In a former letter I tnado a remark
that was calculated to do harm, and it
was mado unthoughtcdly and.premu
tu rely. I remarked that the Allopathic
physicians hero wcro rapidly losing ty
phoid fever eases. I had . bcnso in
formed, but lalscly, nnd I now mako
tho "amend honorable" by stating that
our Allopathic physicians havo had en
tiro Miecess in such case, ns well as in
all others, and they deserve and get a
full sharo of practice. I regret any re
mark that would throw any Imputation
on tho character or skill of thoso gen
tlemen. So far ns I can learn they
havo tho confidence of the cntiro com
munity, and they havo Leen hero long
enough to build up a lino reputation.
As tho ''hair of tho dog is good for tho
bite," a correction here will bo propo. .
Tho larmcrs havo chiefly sold their
hogs in this section at 51.73 gross,
though now they could get 85. I paid
$(J net. Tho railroads aro busy junt
now in Iran porting hogs, anil thou
sands daily puss to tho river. The
cholera has dono much mischief here,
and somo larc farmers will havo to
buy their own moat this winter. Corn
is ulsopiito scarce, and Instead of hav
ing any to R'll fconio farmers have to
buy. I helievo it is felling at UÖ(o to
cents. The roads are so bad that every
kind of business stagnated. More
anon. G.
Indiana Legislature.
Ukhxid.y, Nov. 21, ISjS.
Senate. 1 ty Conner : A resolution
that the pretended rlcetion of Jcsso D.
llritfht mid (itnhatn X. Kiteh to the
Sonate of tlio United States by a por
tion of the meniherst of tho General .s
Hfinhly of Indiana during tho nesnion
of lfc"7, was illegal, uneniiHtitutiontd
and void, ami that tho State of Indiana
in net nt thiti time legally or conslitu
tionaly represented in tho Sunato of the
United State.
Studabalcr moved lo lay tho resoln-
tion oti the table. J he yeas and nays
oeini; deinuuded, tho voto resulted
. .. i. . v
follows :
Ayes. Cnrnaham, Culh, Connelly,
I'isk, U'din;;, Hamilton, llarrovo.
Jleiiren, Jviiniiii's, Johnston. Line, Lo-I,.
max, Met'lure, -MeLean, Miller. O'Hri
cn.Odell.Siio. maker, Slack. Stml-jhaUer,
Tarkington, Wallaeo, Williams and
Wilson '
Nays. Anthony, Ilecson, Bennett,
Illair. Jlobh, lirown. Conner. Cooper.
Cravens of Jellerson, Craven ofMndi-
Ron, (julver, (Irccn, Ilendn'. Hill, Jonen,
Ivinlej, Mnreh, Slurray, Jlieo, Kohin-
son.bteelo, hteven. riiompsjon, 1 urner,
Wnner, nntl Weir 2G.
AN illmms ofTercu an nmendment that
iiuisin ach
on.ith no tho TTnito.l Stnto, S,r,u.o
confinnctl Lnlit andI iteh in
their ßcat it was inexpedient to enter
tain nny qucction looking to the elec
tion of United iStatct Senators.
.Murray ohjectcd to lho amendment
M l.eini; out of order. .
Tho J'rcsidrnt decided it in order.
from which decision .Murray appealed.
as not K'lng
;i-rtn:un to tlio
JltflVen moved to lay tho appeal on
the table, which motion did not prevail.
Wallace voted against laviinf tho ap
peal on tho table, staling Li reason fur
po doin that ho very well knew that
thoso who proponed tho original rco
Itition had tho power tocarry itthrouh
and ho would not voto to const! mo the
timoof tho pension, but let tho question
pa to a Hettlement as hoon us possible.
Murray' appeal was sustained by 2ü
ayes to 21 nays.
Tarkinton proposed an amendment
that tho election of all ofiicers bo post
poned till lho regular nesxion.
Tho t.nicndmcnt was tiblcd by 20
yes lo nays.
Murray demanded tho prcvioin ques
tion, which wus agreed to by tho fol
lowing voto :
Ate Anthony. Ilecson, Bennett
HIair, Ilwbbn, lirown, Conner, Cooper,
Cravens of Jefferson, Craven of Mudi
noil, Culver, (i recti, Hendry, Hill, Jones
Jvinhy, March, Murray, liico, Robin-
aon, Meelo, hlevens, 1 liompnon, Turner,
N aner ami NN et.' L'o.
Xaym Carnaiiam, Cobb, Connelly,
risk, Hamilton, Jfargrovo. Hell'iVn.
Jenninn, Jolmton, Jiine, Lomax, Mc
Lean, Miller, O linen, Odell, .Shoema
ker, Mack, Studabaker, Jarkington
Wallacoand Williams 22.
Messrs (tootling nnd Wilson declin
ed voting on the resolution.
lho President asked if tho Senato
would determine how this voto should
bo sent on to Washington, in order that
thoso men might bo turned out.
Murray naid tho Senato would tako
caro of Hi action without any sugges
tions from the chair.
Hook, Xov. 27. The joint resolution
of Mr. Austin, ponding at tho adjourn
ment on Wednesday, camo up.
Dobbins withdrew his motion lo in
definitely postpone that resolution.
-M wards moved its commitment to a
committee of threo to inquire into the
legality of that election, and report
what action should bo taken. Ho'was
not prepared to voto on tho original
resolution, and thought it proper to in
quire whether tho decision of the Sen
at precluded all action.
Tnrnie opposed its committal. Ho
thought all tho facts in the caso wcro
known, and the conclusion of that com
raittco would bo a foregone one.
ttlytbo disliked to soem fractional if
he did not tako tho course marked out
by tho majority. Ho should do bis duty
fearlessly, though hd stood alone. Iiis
own opinion was formed. So fur as tho
election of Senators was concerned, it
was futilo and foolish to urge on this
Murray was ready forjnvestigation
if needed. IIo hoped that there would
bo decisivo and detinito action.
Clements nt first was disposed to vote
for tho reference, lie now was willing
to bravo the storm that seemed to be
browing. It was poor economy to
wnsto time nnd money on this Huhject
when t( ey could not reverse tho decis
ion of tho Supremo Cour.
Dobbins wus not afiaid of any inves
tigation. It wns useless to refer the
subject to ft committee
Hall, of Rush, argued ugainst the lo
gality of tho election of Bright and
Gifford to put himself right on tho
record, offored an amendment that In
dianu is now legally and constitutionally
represented in the Senatoof tho United
States, and tho election of now Senators
would bo a farce.
Merrifield opposed tho commitment.
We knew all tho fucts in tho caso. Wo
could not altor tho decision of tho Uni
ted States Senate, even tho Senate its
elf could not alter it. They could no
more reverse their decisions than tho
Supremo Court could sit upen and re
verso its decisions.
Mr. Austin stated tho object of Mr.
IMward's resolution being simply to de
termine whether tho action of lho Son
nlo of lho United Slates had precluded
all action on our part, he should voto
for it.
Mr. Raird: In reply to the gentleman
from Porter, would say that lawycisdo
tako up tu tho Supremo Court qucotions
they havo ono decided, to enablo them
to correct any error into which they
may havo fallen. So wo now wish to
send men to tho Senato to get n rear
gument of tho caso. Gentleman talk
about retrenchment, it they wish to
save $GU0 a day lo tho State, why don't
they let us havo our own way nt onco
land elect Senators without any further
! fprnililffV
ii vi.M
Mr. Davis stated that his opinions
were formed. Much ns ho regrclted
lhc facts ir. reference to tho election o
15ri.ht and Fitch, ho could not. by any
voto of his change tho action oil tho
Senato. Hence he thought an mtempt
to elect Senators hi their place vain itnd
foolish. Rat bail this Legislature the
power, there is not a man who would
fooneruso it than himself. You cannot
reverse tho decision which has placed
thorn firmly in their seats. Why con
sume timo in attempting it?
Tho motion to refer to a committee
wan lost: ayes .41), nnyn 5t.
Mr. Rlytho moved to utrike out all
after tho word resolved and insert a sub
(tlitute declaring lho election of liright
and Fitch to tho Seriate, in 1837, im
proper und irregular, and tho fact that
they demanded and consented to hold
their seats on such tenure is worthy of
I . i.i... ir j J . . s ' J.
mem, oi wiu u. . oenaio s in a a el
I ........ I. ..1. ...... .. : ..
I'i inu-iiK inj iiuiner in vriijaiioii on
tho part of thin Legislature.
Jlc mado ii 1'j'ief hpeech, ivini fiuh
stantially the mtno reasons lor his
course as those assigned hv .Mr. Davis.
Mr. llariiey Moke on the Mi'utUute.
That tliftt) seemed now to lo a choice
I-Vlls, uild ho bliOUlil VOto lr the bub-
-Mr. Ilranham called for the previous
hu uie on iir. ixyino 8 substitute
stood ayes U, nays 83.
A call of tho llouso was demanded
and decided out of order.
Dobbin appealed from tho decision
v uufc .us ,Te;u was mm on
ii... i.... i ?. .1
T, ,.-!
Tho question then beinr. Shall the
muin question bo put? it was carried:
Ayes Tit, nays 12.
Tho vote on tho original resolution
resulted as follows:
AY KS Austin, Jiaird, lloyd, lioxlev,
llianham, Brotherton, Cavins. Clark.
Loigioi., Collier, Comstock, Cotton,
Davidson, DllVoll, J-J wards, Fordyce, !
(Jiegui v, (Ji illiu, Hall tf Grant, Hall ot '
Pni. Il.....;ii ... . f If . II -i. r
Ktiii, ilan illon ot lioone, Hamilton of
ii ay ne, iiarnson, Jl unter, JeJrncs,
Johiistoti, Jones, Mansfield, Mollett, Mil
ler, M.urray, Martin, Nebeker ot Ver
million, Mebeker of Warren, Parks,
l ower, Hitter, I'obinon, JJowe, J ! y -nearson,
Scott, Sherman, Shields, Stan
field, Stiles, Thompson of Klkhart,
Tread way, Whetzel, Whitcman, Wild
man and Mr. Speaker 31.
Mays Black, Mythe, Uo vman, Carr,
Claypool, Clayton, Clement, Davis,
Dobbins, Dougherty, Durham, Karly,
Firestone, CJitlord, Hancock, Harney,
Hartley, Jordan, Keefer, Kelly, Kempt,
Luwhcad, Lewis, 31cL:iin, Major, Mcr
rilield, Neleum, Newton, l'arrett, Pros
er, Shockley, Shut), Smith of Perry,
Snyder, Stanley, Sullivan, Summers,
Icobs, lhompson ot Mtulison, lurpie,
Usrey, Waterman, Wheeler, NVood
Kesolutions wcro introiluccd in
to tho South Carolina Senato on Satur
day declaring that the Constitution of
tho United States contains no grant or
power to interfero with the commerce tt
foreign tuitions; therefore that all acts
of Congress purporting to prohibit the
slavo trade between foreign countries
aro unconstitutional, null, and void.
Also, that tho act of Congress declaring
tho ßlavo trad piracy, inasmuch as it
proposes to convert into piracy that
which U iiot so in tho very naturo of
things, or in tho senso of tho Constitu
tion, is unconstitutional, null, and void.
An Editor on Tbial. Seth W.Swig-
gett, editor of the Sioux City, (Iowa.)
Oaalo. and H. u. Jlobmson, judges at
tho recent election, having been indict
ed for refusing to receive lho voto of n
lalf breed, wore tried a few days since.
Of courso they wcro acquitted, and to
. . t . i . ....... i
crown all ono oi mo witnesses oi mo
propecution was fined S1U for contempt
of court. Gazette
f0l This ends the chapter.
ilrtu ZlttotvtintmtntB.
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tt,ooo,ooo Insurance ) tcec.wo is
Losses Equitably Adjusted sxd Promptly
For Poüde, pf'ly to
Agent, ürokill, I od.
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tlf;tPtory to (h Jitor of thii J u per, to caorsit
the county for uWriUrr lo Iba ciTiriC Arn
max, nllirhrl t Ciucinnatl. CutuinlitiuDi libr
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tato I'rotably not anhent.
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rinU f all I.mi Ii lr im. kinn Hunncta. Mr. Mo
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colit uirjj (lie i ntron t flier old ruoioiutri, at
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I.ndii' will li-atrall and examine onr atock, if
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