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t3."UorticultaraIit" will rcceiroat-
Untlon next wek.
tCrSickncss of the Editor will nc
count for want uf editorial matter iu
this week's paper.
TMr. W. II. Jones, late student of
BrookTillo College. ha taken nn a
.cUool ttho Impendent School llou9e,
. .
near Union, in this township. Ho pos
sesses the industry ami talent to prove i
a good teacher.
ticJrDy a recent change on the In
diannpolls and Cincinnati Railroad, the
Hackirora Sunmannville will hereafter
ronr-li Ttrori Willo about 5 o'clock P. M..
ling some three hours sooner than
.. , .M
" John C. Schocko to Mary Morganthal,
KV Wo have the facilities for execu. Kdxvnra JcnnlnßH t0 K,ixabclb Schorn
ting, in a neat and cxped.t.ou. manner. Krancl Kifk t0 l0bcccÄ Dickson,
in want of such, w.ll do well to gue u.
a can, as our cnargc ure n,.iuc.c i
-K.0ur merchants havo been quite
bu-Y during tho lait few weeks. Tco-
p!o must have their winter clothing,
and now is tho time .to buy at bargain.
of thoo who uro liberal enough to ad-
ertIso In tho "American."
terThit turkey, that big turkey.that
rreat uiir turKoVi wuu-ii wo uiun i cni
on Thanksiriving day, will do s well
fur ChrUtmm. with a smaller ono for
Nw Ycarday. Our most intimate
friends will bo expected to dino with
tThe snow'Vnd ruin during Satur
Isy and Sunday swelled our rivers, so
that for several days ther could not be
forded. Wo were, o usual, deprived of
wjr mails from Indianapolis, lly the
-waj, why can't our malls during high
Wkter bo 'ent via. Cincinnati? Will the
Toslmnitcr at Sunmanavillo reo to It?
W fr.niAfivi)r)tip Kxt li.nnironftre
m . If t rt f l-.l.rii.. r,MN.Iiit nf thrt Villtlt'A
jtacKsinuii iniiii u.u ...-....,..
e . il t . . 1'. .
ArtAsK-iatioii. Why is it wo have
not leen fitnoni? the favored one? We
----- e
hold a cerlifltate, and should bo jlcrtstMl
to receive if, anticipating as wo do a
Ich trsat.
tCrWe are pleaao to lonrn that Dr.
Uabb, cf raiiflcld.whohasbern ser'mus.
1y ill fr n length of time, In Improving,
and bids fair for n speedy recovery.
0 rKi-r,..nl.l-na tlmi th Dr. ufTtfra bin
property for salt'. His ndverti-cment
Mill Do found In another column.
' " -
fciV-ns Indebted to us for Jobl
Work and Ade-ertl-ing, will be expected
to fork ovtir" between this fttul the
ft S T....a.. UBa
Wo havo contracted i
,rv. -..Mia,;. ,.v ...,v
. I I' ... I f ... k.. I '..1. .,..,.1 1.i hi.l I
nne Miiiaii'Mi niin.ii iihiv 'w mn
, i i. i . ,
1 al ef . .... a.. k .I.I!.l...llal.l
,T tuni,nr(l,m, .-.hii -
. - I ... . . . . .. M. .Ii.... t . h ii I . .ll M I
in'Ti'i ii roil mir iu,inu"ii' i r.nw i
.. ' ,, mi i
rcu,ö. t,uM..
!r Tho Muftieal World U a weekly
1eritslieal publiehed in New York, by
11. Storrs Willis, at $J,00 por year.
It Is a gem Inj Üutktj point of view,
besides each number contains a choice
tiipcn nr run If. Our inti eal Iricroi
m a a j
would do well to MihScribfl for it. We
shnll be clad to ethihit ft mini lor to
such at may be inclined to subscribe.
Tlm Tlro)killo Unua Ilnnd nrnnosc
giving a roiirrrt In this pl.-icoot. Friday
r . '
evening the 31st Inst., (New YearsKvo).
Due noth o will bo given as to the phuo.
Theirnn isc n Daiol hn Urn Invited
nnd Is eonlidenilv exm-itid to bo nres.
t i
entttnd participate in tho exercises ol
thy occasion.
5jr Jlilcolnt Lowes, IN.-j , Inntpres-
m engaged In canvassing J-ranklin
County, for thoemlo if a work entitled
'Livingston's Travels In South Africn.
It 1 a superb book and will no doubt be
Meli received. Mr. Lowes Is no stran
ger to m ar 3" of the citizens of this
count, and we trust he will bo well pat'
rnnir.e!. Tho work, however, will show
what it at a glance, And will require
no recommendation from an source.
The season of tho year is nea'ly
at hand, when pertons nro in tho habit
of making up clubs, nnd subscribing for
i)wpnper. Will our friends seo that
our list of subscribers is increased. 'It
is certainly to llio interest of all to sue.
tain their county paper, instcadof send
ng ttbroad for iiowsp.-tpern. Wo nk
only that a little effort ho made on the
part of each of our nubscrihcrs, in or
der that wo inny ho enabled to place
our paper on a paj'ing basis. Next
week wo shall Jsend Prospectus to nil
and hopo to Increase our circulation by
tho end of tho present volumo toatloast
tP Seo advertisement under head of
"wanted." Tho 'Scientific Arthan" is
an Indispensable- nssUtnnt to ever) me
chanic, and 'should bo stibscrihod for
Jargcjy, hy tho mechanic of this conn
ty. Thro nro quilo a number of per
ons out of employment at this season
of tlio'ycnr, who could by a littlo effort
mako handsouo wages by 'Canvassing
tho county firr stitiscrlber! tovflo Arti-
an. It Is a western, enterprise and our
pooplo will, no doubt, foci a pride in
giving it th rnoouragemcnt it so much
Wood, Wood, Wood.
Tb cold weather admonishes of oar
want of something to keep us warm
besides clothing and a house Wood,
wo want and wood we must have, if we
have to pay the money for it. A num
bcr of our subscribers haro promised
to nav us in wood. 7 bare from week
to week notified you of our want in
ii,:- .f Until. TP von cannot pay us
hiiia iiti vuuihii j i
tho wood, let us havo tho money, that
wo may bo alio to buy it of others.-
This, friend, itho word with tho Dark
I 11 t r, C innnnv nml eint, nf
Wo nro out of money and out of
wood; brinij us ono or tho other.
Marriage License. Issued by tho
clerk of Franklin County lor tho month
of November IS." 9:
Kliphakl Iiurber to Hulda Simmons,
King D. Stephens to Catharino Uris-
Wn. John Aiddinger to.Elirabctl. Otto,
Mathias Furling to Anna Maria Ovelicr
011vcr Benton to Amanda Hyatt, Wm.
chambcrs garah Urndbu rn, Snm'l
o M Afjn l)M
1 Emcrclino Thomas, Seth Murray to
Loi,i S, co. Snider to Sarah
Ann Petro, 11. F. Powen to Jano Miller
Michael Ifcmlicn to J)radi;t Geling,
Henry Foriina to Mary Ann Iluhman.
SiJT Tho htuck of .11 Winery and Tan
M'J' lwkU wt
I !Vst Injft 4ia.it
llohmail'rt Stlpt.'1'b.
irlng to purchno uch
-"" "" "ir"
Urticlos should not fail to givo her a call.
Mr- o' Uo same Chtnblihment
kciT WtftI wk'cU'J Motk of
niruo cunning io io purci.asea cheap.
IcrSunio of oursubneribers complain
of not receiving their paper regularly.
All wo havo to nay is that our ptipcrs
are mailed In time- every week, and
H'ftt tho fault is not ours, nor do we
belioTo our Vol ilnstcr hero is at fiult.
liaTJohn 1. Williams, Kmj., is dmuIh.
otmly cng.tged In Toil Tucking in 1 1 1m
place. It requires nerve to engage In so
precai ioun a buninem nuch times
l5r W. A. SinU U vtviurc in
Li,;,,,, u (,lM ,lcn,natiMiit at
lllooinhig (Jrovo. I To given the utiiKt
satisfaction wherever he goes.
XqT All kinds of Country Produce
will bo received at thl olüce on sub
To Fathers and Mothers.
You know how important is. for your
children that you hhouhl keei good
hnilth. How licqucntly do wo nee fee-
bio parents tlrcMe.l in mourning on nc
count of tho death of their bolovedchil-
Wh , , , .
m w
er caro nnd remedies, nil' these trial
and troubles can bo avoided.
health urn h nMorcd to tho
, ,,r . , .... . .i i i i
ami 1 1 To aii'l luijiplness to tho child.
uri the health of tho mother and
, . . , . .
y,M obviiito tho neeesN f V of I 'aregoi ie,
(Jodfirya Cordial and olhcr 'niuiio..
tin relics for crying children. W'o cn
treat you, as we detdro to itnprovo tlie
condition of our race, to proctiro Dr.
Morse's Almanao und read how dia
scs nro cured In nccordaucu with na
turvs laws with Innocent Hoots nnd
rHruNia'.-During tltU critical po-
rioU Morss'ii Indian Jlnot Till will bo
'required, becauso theylcnnso tho body
front thox morbid humors, und tho-
y)' drive nwny all pains, and Klvo
....... I e ..... ... .1 ..i.. i'.. ..
vu,,w lUMI1U11 l" l" '"i'icr. i ron,
t ti.reo ol theso nils, taken two
or threo times ft week tluritig invgiuit y,
hviH the inotlivr a salo and eay
if.. i . i i . i
ujiverv. urn win no mii-o id it vo ii
w i
st ul and healthy constitution to the
Morso'a Indian Ibot Tille nre
sold by nil thalers in Medicines. I'oi
Lalo by W. Morrow Co., Urookvillo.
Newiirom Virginia.
Maimhon C. 11., Vu., Oct. 21, TS.
Jr. C, M. Jiickson. Hear Sin I take
pleasure in ndding ono ceitillcato to
your list, nndrecommeiuling Iloodand's
(terman Hitters to nil who may bo nf.
dieted with Dyspepsia or Dilcs. I had
been nfJlicted somo four or fivo months
with Dyspepsia, when I commenced
taking tho Hilter, and th?3' ntTected a
perfect euro. I had nlso severe pain In
tny dtoniuclattended with Piles. I havo
never httU an attack of tho .11110 nature
itico I was cured by tho Hitters, and T
very cheerfully recommend them to all
who may bo similarly afilictod.
JI. ('AUYi:il, latoP. M.
Witness Jan. M. I'lovd.
Ask for Iloofland's (ierman Hitlers
It is sold by druggist und storekeepers
in every town ami village in tho United
States, West Indies nnd South America,
at 73 cents par bottlo.
no 41 t
Da. Rouack's Scandinavian Hi.ood
MEDiciMKM.At last, in Sweden, tho in
grcdients oftwo Remedies that disinfect
tho blood of every corrupt clement,
havo been found. Dr. Itobaek has com
hin)d tbtu. If o oHcrs tho result in hip
Scaiidifcai'ian Illood Purifier and Hlood
Pills. They are striking tho faculty
with amazement, and causing tQtsands
of tho eicu to rejoice. In casoi ot Indi
destion, liver complaint, scrofula, rhou-
mutism, diarrhea, in tact, in nil cases o
disease, not organic, they cure tho pa
tient as certainly as day succeeds dark
ness. ' ft Adv.
Thuriday. De. 3.
flour pt bfcl. .
Wbt -
Cor M
Omtt -
built ....
....... .. ...M. ......... ...
Fla S4 par bu.h-
Butur lb............. 4
Erfji per dui.u.. ..
Lard lb......... .............
Tallow H H ............
Candle " M M ................
Coff.. " i
Sugar " " ..
Tobacco " " ...mmm...
m is
IM 0
AjIe pr bu.li n 1 (Xil M
rnJ Appla ft blüh I 2.VJ1 fiO
Paa Nr bnoli 1 ti
SwMt Potato 1 U
IWor pr lb.... - M OA a 07
Tirk " M oim o
n,ii rr lb lOct
XoIimm iMtr sat ntr
ntiinlug t'hilJ
lt prtM
Clor S4 . .tl 0
TlmnthT oo1 I.M a 1.7
wnfniflV-TiffinrrTT trnt rrrr
or the
Indiana State Journal.
Th rrnt of th flrt tlx month f tlme'wlilrh
will follow th Imu uflliln tiro-ppFlui will b fraulit
with Krett Intcrf't t th tx-oiil hi Iiiuuiia, An
extra olin ofourHtal l.-)rtUtur coliiiiiriiconoD
th 20ib uf NoriMiilirr, ami will, in all itoUWiMy,
rnntltiun during tho full time lti.ttrI to It ly the
Ciiiintitutiun ajjoiirnlnir mi tbo 'J'Jlh of Po't'iiilxT.
Tim rt'iruliir hii'iinlnl t'ioliin will ruininfiice on tlx
"lit if Jatiuary, lj'J, aii i-uttlluuc until tho Mil ol
M'i r.li.
Matter of Ital Imixirttnrf to tho people iif Imli
una nn to Im nein. I upmi I v lluir icprrx'iitiiilrc In
tia(j).U'ntlAM'inhl ,ii l II IxiU'flii lotcre.t it
a Hi..... I'
ooliiliiiiiit an emly knowleilo of it rrnrreilinu
An riperleneotl ami eoinpeteiit rorp of reporlor
will I e etnployed ti fiirnUh for Ihn Jominal end
diiv n lull neeoutit or tue i-n-nif-i ttiinoui ich.
Iii ii'lilitloii to tlm rro iliiiu' of Iii Hille I.f'rl
latiire will tu Ilm ilnlnt; of t ollere, whlili biol)
ronvrne on Ilm Mil of liveint"T urnl will eontlim,
luolon until tho .Irdef Mn nil. TeU j;iadilo ab
ttrnol of Conjrrrulnnal proeveilinjc, Willi all th
other new furnlhel by tho AoeUtpl l'ric, wil
boi'uhlNho l In rneh Uiie of the Imlly JotHXAt,
end the moat linortnnl portion trauifvrrid to tU
column of the werkt JuIHaL.
After tho adjournment ef Cong-re and the Plot
I.e aiataturo tho Jul a ai. ill be made mUeellanaoui
a well a politleal, In the matter of It eoaleiit
Home new, and whatever reUte to the welfare ol
. . III. ..Ill .t.. 11 A I I .. I I M
ill . oininon wiMiiui. n ill roceivo epnri'ini uni i i
In hört. th. Jot aiAt will b. a paper t.nnoelth
Wimiii in I nonioii rriinerp r. whiij i"' '
i . ,.e. i- i...... i...... i I.... ... ... r.... ii r...
a. - f . I : . I . 1 .. I I ..
lieh aolie a
r"".' W"A"' V" "V. '""'V '
ai it eunrr inn ohi or in" Toiiiiir, i
....-.!.. I. ... ....i...
i i i. . i i I ii ii.i
iIk. ra It In be. u a im v Incuri eil n lien v v l I una 1
pene for leleitmphlo new, n porter, em respond
enl,Ai'., liu haw not lniieneit It olmeriplioD
prle. We will end Hie W'ei'kljr JvtMIL to euh-
H'llbcUat tliO fulInWlhlf Ii W
' t i: n M n .
Hngle pef j three inoiitli $ f.?
it I (10
" " ono jear I in
rise roplr 7 ftd
Ten epi( one j i nr, and a ei.py toetuh nniKi r... Ii tlJ
Twenty eopin on yvnr, and Inn ci ku to i lub
inn ler , 19
Flftv eopli 4 one yur, hh-I two etplei to club
UmUer... jO 00
Till: li.UI.Y J of It SAL,
Contnlnlni the lateat teleKmplilo new rerel?d
th" evening l i fore piihlli-iUi'in, Willi tho pioceedla;
of the r(Uliiiiire up to Ilia hour of a l.'niiriintrnl, the
dei lfioiii of the Siipreiiio Court, and the eiiernl and
loeal new nftho M.t and Uly, will hent If the
Mrljr iiiornliiff epre train to iiIhpiIImt Iii th
rullroM'l town at üit eetit per tnoiilh, or fit per year.
Suh'f rider redding oft the line o r4ilrnnd ean alio
receive thi'lr pnpeu hy enprexhy innktn; arrange
ment for tlirir di livery al eouvi nl. nt point. Tho
who ennnot inako uh an atti'iiii'iil( Will have Ihelr
mpeii forwarded Ly 111 varllv( iiiuil leatlnx the
All Kolxeription mut aoeonpanl'l lyth
niniiry. ,n di'lui'tloii in ado on the jrli-e of I'm
)ol!y Jim UN 41. teepl to m r-ou re'i ivliij il fur
delhery l y t iiii l -r.
T ""In nil ri -1 w!ire lli" mi her of a elnli tr llip
Weekly Jm ItN VI, leeeli i nil e 1 1 rn ropy of the pii
per ttio entile pind n-t w III he aitdi i.i'i Inl.liu lor
ilrlhiiiion, eoi piin the iiialtt ri ln' nf lli'iren of
linder. AH Unit I lieoi aiHty lo I n don l fur
Ilia order nt " to Hnln ll.o Miler ef pnu r.
Wrtiiled, and the iiiiino ot I It c n'i'nU Io whom hy
are to ho addrm.ed.
U I ii i ii. nn q oruei iir j'l'per ninrrt Iflii'l
ami eonC, Iva w III l.o avoided l.y willing name4
l.ot tdliee i and etMuUkl Ultlu( tly.
Addie. i
Journal Company,
If rmVer 1?, liiJ.
ftf ft-a a rr r f
A. Ircsh Arrival.
f. b. um & cö
icr.M utr.sta fmjii, J
A nwownen Io their iiiimeroii ft 1 u 1 nu I eu!eni.
II . Hu ll' U(o it 1 1 v t 1 of
Whl. Ii e.iiiil.lne lit i.rlei-, o.iiil.iv and variety, nil
llwl eonld l.e.lii-lri.il. 'I'o p u ll, ulni Io t It ''I li.nj.
.iud" of niti.'li'i and Ie, would ulinotl to uu
iiiiponil.ii Jul.,
i i. . . i. i i . ....
ii" in..' urii hi tr i im urim car a
In the ataple a well at the fnuey depart nirnti. and
lu Ihntdepartuiuut whli Ii pciU'ly refer ti Ladio'
Dress Goods aiidTrininiings,
f hey 0-fy ryimrMltlon.and a they h?e mad It a
promineiit depurtmrnt, they invito Ilia attentionot
thilr eiuloiarr and erlllia. fuillnir aoure.t il.ui
all will awatd llieu th vitdii of ui aiili lu thl
Iiino.it eoinidele, and will lo fuoud tho rlehe.t
and elieript'il in llil minim.
W v ihnie alo to rail attention to mir itnck of
buk im mm,
Wh!h, for Tfir'u t r nnd trle, wr iUtallni-o com.
petition, Tho eitior of our I'.iiii in a
Whit h peruliurlj (It him for loleetlng rcady-inaJ
Clot hini;.
In triuh, every drpnrtmnt of the trade I full
and complete, a eu-tuiner will flod oj.uu eaauil
nation, to j nothing of the
At wliirb every article will le ani l, (live it a
eixll. It will afford u plianr I exhibit not
tfoo.l, thoujh we boold not eil you Ihe worth ol
a prnnr. W t. HAKIMI 1 CO.
Urookville, Nor. 17, 1S.'S. iiotl-tf
or.Aira is
(AI J. JlJift)U
r CAr-sntt, iri.
0(H ASSOUTMKV'T f ilielc in Ilm Uro
iV. line at I'air price. may 7-tf.
n OLDKX SYXI'l'. Tb" rcry bt artirla in th
J rnaraet, pt contPtly on hand by
BO'.IO W'. MRBiW 4 fn.
Linck Cc Farquhar's
T IXCK i FAPwQUHAR luve rccflvcJ, iin.l arc
J J now i)in.lnif a livwanJ tulindiil Aiiurtmeut
I of Fane htutU .
Thl itockhM loen carefully ami Juli'loun1y .
pctcl lr thu Sinlor inrmUr, Mr. II. I.inik.wlili
pirlal view to tho wlibc aii'l inntvt f LI lud
jmironi. o art uouruilooa to offur '
Great Inducements!
To Caihaoa cbort tlm lu;r. S frent.
riin-hrtucii of f lor J upward, elave tue goodi,
ouJ will irUe " w
23 jTSlOFL G- ilUVTG !
Whrromilrk return era to follow. We rnipriful.
. . . . - ...
iy hit itonurni.i rrit'inl anl Ih putiif K'iipiaüy
loeiill an. I oviiinliio ourtotk l.tfoio Waking pur-
lha.. rl.evihore.
All kind of niercliiintibln Country Produce ta
ken In cit'li4ii! Il!ire nl fi ( r pjlce.
nolü LI.Mli A iAliyi-llAli.
THHfXIiKKSlUXKl), re.ldinf U Ilath Town-
1 hlj, Frutikllu ounty, Ind., will oner for eale
Saturday, December 4tli, IMS,
A Farm, Uuated on tho Itillintflllo and hentiieky
Traea Un, four and a hull' mile anitth of llillliiK-
... , ., ,,,, .. 1 i i
vil e. conui.n Ol ro rre, a--... e.ea . "m.
I , , .. . . r ..i,,iiu .1 I i.. ....
M'Oid. Ihero l tl I frame dwelling 11 ald (arm
" "
I . 'V I. aaa 1 ta itil Trtt ttiat tl Mr M ( i mi ft 1.1 fa rut I
hern and out l.i.ildlnit-. well, on l.urd, Ac,
M. . . , ,. - , t.
Tr.aua. Ono hnlf l-.wni one fourth lirt of Jnnu
arv. Ih.iUi butunee lt of Jnnuurr, I soil, wild lnir
' ' ' . .. . ' ' . .
rt from date ol' lite.
l'o. ix. loll jiveil .Mnh l(
rPII H jiirtnerhlp herrlof.ire exUtlnf under th
L ii'imo aiiddyle of P.A .1. 1 i rrer, In the mill
ln liillne, Im tu en diolve I l.y limtiinl riu -iit
Ji.liti 1'nri-r retii Injj and tho liiiine to l e eontin
ued l,V I' lll'l I'.'li' r. All per. ..nn iiidelilnd I i III
mil iirm nr hen hv nolllli'd t eom fort aid nu
oiiVe I in im-1 in I it til. nitnl. J, A J, lOltltl'R.
aatl..Kv In Au 'I tl'.
N obloVl'lvIap of iriimiUn
rplll. MAI' IS ON HXI an I ready for delivery
L tu mli. ril.ei and all oilier who feel dlpoid le
an iragn nu enteri.rbe irolleu up for llio people o
thl eoiinty rpeelitliy, I lie pi oprletor hn leen a
Klent ekpeiMe lo eoinpli In ll.i limp and It I to he
hoped tint hi fellow elilnen w ill aid hl in In carry
liiitheenterpiio tlii.niiili. Th uulUy tu liliu Ii
Kn ut hut In liidh idiinl It I niii.
I ilelrc In 1 ini'luv n ii-'Mie tri toil Ijfrnt nmn In
eai li tow iiMji In i'fiiiv i it llior.i4ily In obtain nti. I
ei iiir, ami to li.nn a hm-rai aii.iwnnen win ue
iiia lo, tall en v d,iy ( oon ) hj eji 1 I v !lui J mil 1
lor'aofluTtrliilllouii'llI Hioulivi.'tv. ' I
hi. ( all eov il.t,y (tmi)tij 'ii 1 1 jMv ihn
'i nfl'ieo, ttf hit lioue In Itioukv i'.'n .
I .1 tMr! 1 N'Otll.r.
CöaüIjälÜlVEiVii "lJÄLli"!öf"'lii;AL
IN pnriifnr wllh nn order oi"lt ' (' mrt of ('..in
im. 11 Tie 1, of l'riinl.llii e.iuniy, at th'4 .t.-her
Term of ald Courl. l!in iii.l..ri,'re I will r'l ill
l'irtölo Am 'tl. 11, on lh pre in I on 1 urd y , le
eeinl'i r I, I .. I.ehcei ii Ii. hour ef (!) uYlocti A.
M. Nii.N nYI.i.'k I'. M.t.f iil l d.t.V. lho e.i-t hnir
i f Ihe ..Olli enl 111111 1 r of eclW.n lklilv.U (Mil),
tow 11 1 2 it liii.tfo 1 1 ent, coniiiirliitf elhiy aere.
in ore 11 leml I .1. the oiilh' wcl n mirier ol the ..nih.
wi.tn..rterof ti'il.in thlily wi (.11 ), town 'i nf
rmißo U eiMt.eonialnlniJ S.'k 14 -1 0 a.re, iii'.ie or
. .1 11 -1.. 11 iii ..ii. hi . . I
iea, nil 1 iii'iKiii'( 111 1111 1 1 J i'i..'.i.'rri, no.rti 01 i
t... H.I.I Und. are lluiitedlu l'ow nnd t.....r.l
town.h.i... rrniAllii eoiii.ir. Indiiii'it. Tin re I tieiir
thirty aereeleiii... on Ih'e ititriv-llvo er triiet i
I.. t....... l,.l.l.. . ...I ..il.. P li.ii.n,v.,ii,lila Ml., I I
whl di Join th elhly acre tniei, w
lilt h I nil ilmiier
Und, a pnrt level an t a putt rolllnjt, Huld tiiict
wilt i" old epiirnlel.v, II .le.lre.l l.y pun liner.
Tl KM ' 4" .' ""''''''l 'f Ihe j llehan iioi.
eyco.hMMie ii1"' I" 'r'r ;;-;. I-"'";'
l,',tw,.,entr.o.ni.Vv'li'i'. Uli Inleie. on d
1. 1 . .. 1.1... are lo '-o n eured l.y note.
wllh iilhVic.it fit chol.l r.nri."- wafvlnjC I netlt t,f
Vilirilli.il and appiuUt nienl lue. ,
.No.2,'iH tit) W'll.rt.N M OR 1. W .Coiil.
IO') n.'.e'i of Imorove I I tu I, M I h.-i.-i in. Irr etil
)) llcnllotl Uli I .'ij n.rr. Mini I in I, Wllh
iniiif of wnier In ei v fi. Id. wlililn I'll" iill" ol
llro.il.v Hin, Ind., Illld tho lu ulln.' of ). r I'lini'. ii
In II.
A linn l.iifuy ll.T'c, well .mine.!, nu 1 peifivtlv
I'entln and Mile f.. I1 IV f 1 1 1 1 . i ! V .
II in n end, tiet wt 0,1 tin - nii'l f-'Ui iimnllMold, o
lljierli'l" 'o.'U,
I will nil ihn above th'-np and en r'ionibl
leriiia. full en I ee um lit tny c.ill.v, ovir l'.re
rooni of I, I. n l A l'',n ijnlin r.
Nov. .V.'". (M'M '0 JN FAIiQI IlAJl.
Nolle I here l.y ifiven, thnt I will eil at public
aili'tiolion Mondiiy, tho tWenly-e'ond day of .No
vember, K'iH, at the t-f-lttt-u.'o of W'lllliim Murdiy,
lute of i'mnkliii county, deiraed, all hi peronnl
iiroperly, (not t.tkin l.y tho .widow), ennUtltiji of
liore, eanie, liojr, corn, one two iicro wu..ii, a
ennlic, fiirmliiK iinpleuieiit, houehnld nnd kileh
ti furuilur, anil other article too todlou In men
Hon, t
A credit of ten month will piven mi ll niiiii
ovor tho pnrehner jflv inr I I ml wllh approv
ed aeeurity, waiving valnaiimi od w irn !' rm-n I
low. J A MIM MtltrilV, Adnr
ivr"i sTAiitM;!'""
rivr. Mtf.Ks i:sr or iir,ti..KNiLf.r..
I cm pre, nre. I w'uli a iliili to d i nil kln.lv o
ri'l'iiuinx ol linn Til ut rv m iio of wo I. y,
nl.'... liu niPti to or.. r n iii.eii ir port ildo I. team I.n
jine, Kinn Hi ret. hi .Vnliiii heim rn ti.r niniml'uu
lure.l by Owen, l.iine.v lyvr, of lUmiltun, O.
Ml .ll-.illi.
Mnnnfimhiet'r and JW-b r In
wood wonwKB MAnniNBny.
viui'iiiu'.wi, init.
11 cr, tlrey nd Woo l I'lnncn, ( hnir Scat I'liin
or, Tenouinic Mncklnr . M .lildinjr MaeMiic, I'oiier
MorUtin? Mni 'inc", ll.il. .M. rlUru M :telilne. Hub
t'ortnit: awl Ilcwintf .M.irhine. iilaneluird' I'u
tent Heii.ii nj Mutdiiiit, l:!n.'liard' l'ut.-nt yjiok.
WHKKKT. MAnu::i;v.
I'roer' Tiite-a .insl Sth:..!l ii-. Pnnldi
Schrtill S:.w. M Mm, du-'. Ktilwav tut r.irSaw
Turning l.nlhe. rnom Itim-üu . n;)t., H-dlow
tird. t hnlr C'li'inka, .ttv. rd-r -wtii-ited,
f .'' I. N i; .V i;niii.i;v,
li left. A rieh and aplendid urti-l., .tuet tbe ivle
l.ir inn i eminx en(,n. i l:i (inn ciuine mein PO
fore they ira jona.
1 W. Vomw A rn
G E R JI A 15 V ITT E 11 S,
Liver Complaint. Jhsvrmij. Jaundice,
Chronic or Xcrvous Jhbility, Dinet
tes of the JCalnnja and all dis
eases arising from arfiaor-
Jtrcd Lictror Stomach.
Furh M conMiuiiition. In win il liilon. i'ulno or
Iltoml to the llrml, Ai'i'lilT 'C ill'! MolilHi he. Nu-
', Ucai'tbiim, lisiit fr Vmul, Kulm or Weigh
In tho Ktiiiiiiii li. Sour l.'i Hi tntlonn, Irinkinjj or Klüt'
Irring at th l'lt rlli tuinai b, Kw iininif of tho
llcu'l. Hurrii'il ami hitHriilt Krrn thlnjr. l'lultorini
of tho limit, chokinz or KulTix-atiim SonvatUn
whrn In a I) lug pootm. Dlmiumof '.lon, Dot or
Mel before tho firfht, Fever an. I Inll I'alu In the
henj, ilenVienry of lVmpiratlon, Yellownen of the
kin and even, pain In tho Mo, la k, ehoxt, liitibn,
Ao., nid len fiii'lic or lirat, linrninif In the flrb
cininl Iiuainiug oT Lrll eutl great dopretkion
of Spirit.
1 ho iiroprietor. In willlni the ttentinn of th
puulle to thl preparation, do aiih a f.lliir of
ine uinioai eonniluiira In It Irtuei a n. aliiitaUitii
to tho (lixcuKcn fur nhli h It I roeoiiiineinlixl.
It I no nnw ami uiitrird artli-le, but ono that hn
tooil tin lrtor a ten jronr trial lieforo tho Anier
''"n I J I , nml II npntntioii una lo urc unrlvil
I lo'l bjr nur linllar pri pnrntlon etlnnt. Tho tetl
ninny in l( nvnr irlven ly pronilnent nti'l veil
known I'll v -,i-l:t n 4 ami Imlnl.Unl In nil i.nrt t.f tlie
oiinrry Im inimetiM-, nnl a currlnl tM iinnl or th
Alimiiiac, p'il'li-lio.1 a ii nu n 11 t lv tho iTotirletor, n'l
I'" nud ftniti of nny of M Azi iiln. ennnot In l
f., .I i .i ... .i t .1 .i .1 i ii I.
"'i,' in oii rheju-n mai mi reuip.iT uroauy
uoorliig wie pr-nt r..:. i.iiry u nn nrnliitu
rou Tin: ki'kkdy cum: of
Cough, eol.ln, liilluenn, enmp, Roamone,
Druinhlli-, I'nciiiiiulilii, lirii!i' of the
liowel rl-injf from rrld, Inrlrinnl
eoiiminipiloii, ii nd for the reliof
and Ol' ut all pililn) eure of
Put lent In advanced
, Ingo of tho Utter
Thl relebratad irernrnllon. like th Piller, ma
ho rowllduntially roliod on. It I ilculirned fur a rlm
of ilieamii liuira ifinniul an. I ..... 111 MM
UiH,r i. ,,.h the i. .,,! ,,r tl.i. ,...n. ... ...i i.....
thcp mm inliijr fimn i,ioht (i...m Ihtit em-
Mnent ..utl.oi liy, lr. IHI,n) !"I wilt lint MylMt
. I . r ' . . . .
'"""" our iniinniialil Whnt Iii J'i
t i ... t . . .a m
'Inrrii nml
Yellow Fever nro to tho. of other cniintrkut hut,
I fitii nver I'liiifldentlf Hint lliey uher In dineiMn of
Krenter eomplli ty and inoiliillly ihun tlie.t. Intlrr."
A further proornf the lei i lido rt..lllv of dl.en.e
rn 1 1 i n n Tfoti a "I'nininoii mid" inny U ei n ly a
ghiiiee ill tho lollnaliiK atntUth-, Hken, fi.nn the
.record of I ho I'.onrd of llcalili of fhllo.leli.lilii.
eniife.edly one of thoi,,t heulthy U.-ilHU lu Ihe
I li io i
Is.'.i. ..iit .Il1i In ri.l!t!hl,
I'M'. I 1. 1 I i.!"Ml l. I, ,(
" alt oll.rf'.ll.ruiui;;:!
llllllll't'l ),
l:j. mini it itt,.
I'l.'d of t'"iiii'i'ti. n,
" " ell ollo r u,r,l
IV. tett .tet.,
.i of 'I'liaotnptlon,
" oll ul her Ul.rmH,
Trom the nnre, it will ho een that nearlv una
luurin 01 in 1. hui iieiiiim in um country ar rnued
. . m . 1 . . . . . .
eoniiinpili.n, to ny nntlilni; of the numrioui oilier
dieHe ipi iiiln k Irmn a "ll-ht cold."
Io not trlflo wild your hciUh 1 hut, If itifferlnfl
rrmn a coiikii, or el 1 on Ilia iiiik, Ihiv a bolile nf
IltlOJ'I.AN 1) A I.S A M It; Ct II I' t A t, and yoi
may rnfely eoiinl tin n eine. Tli..ii'iii 1 1 hue dt.n
und hnve ei riillod to il woii.lerf.il r tf i t.
t'ouuh ..inetlnif pn.ect d from a illnleie or
'lypepth-I11I of tlm toiiiin h, In whl'li e,o tl.n
tiei num Illttei In. ni l . n.r.l. n rnei of wok.
ine, or pMieru un.i'iry m 1 im Mi in, nuiliinf;
leoin a f r.t -ml.. I eonj-li, i!i i.cimuii lnu 11 w ill lu
I'oni. I 01 ii ifrct Inn, t't.
I'm .,in d oi.lv I v hr. ('. M. J;i.. .'flfl. i ii. li
Hirt el, IMiilnd'-'phiii. and Cir ml l.y l'inKl!H and
Mn ke.'i er I 11 1. nc ,i..iit Iii t, 11 1 led bill. 1 and cuu-
II. Iii, I'rl.'e 7.1 rt ill 1 p. r l olllt-.
Sol I hf M. , !iii!.l'ro. I III. .Tohnl ri,.a.
ill. It iil iir'i. ('. Van ',n, Meintnoia,
nnouKVii,Li: i si).
rclr to IniTin my customer ikt I are dtrm-
Invd t i nll a liu ii.wii' tUna any kutuur In
the maihet. Myj ile lor
lt P I. .. .
i ii iii
,. ,. f . , , , . ,,
Vti-' "l" f,:r,hrr b"tic' wl" U " "L
Htl'kfl piece 6 eta, t
rore-iiuarter ltol 0
I.oln lti,nl... T "
"" oionk 7
.tri lullvll y nur (.alrniiajfc.-raT
Mlt'llAI'L DCIIItl'Nr.
?. la-.a. n3.i i
S.d. TIM'TS'
MMIK WIIMtIXNi:i tnke. plea. uro In heios
1 ul.le tu oiler t.i Ihn I ' rt r in r r mid Imid owner ot
llil county Iho I Uli to uo the hbnvo 1'ntent on low
term. 1 u thl fenea I enmbiiied dnr.il.llll v. lioi-
'liiliy, colivviiieni-o and ein up. iei, ri"tiirln no
'o.t and tin dliflnir hole, run .q mndc In the Haiii
or hed, and at t up and mevej at deaure witlmut
Injury in a in-ri Inn.
I he leiieo l.eh.ff al.ove rronn l w ill lnt without
repulr twlc.i a Im.t a a pi and bond fei.ee, t'au
bo in min by any fur in bund In bud weHil.fr. when
nlh rio Idle, and coat et lernt 'iU ceuu per rod h M
limn i no oMiunry oonr.i lein-e.
Farn and Towsilip rights for Sals
('II and ice th feiit-c at tny rr bleue la irovk-
villi' before cin'ii,;;!! lurlln r '., fell' Ihk.
nvnl '. if. I t!OM.S liAr.TCN
.N'SI'MITIOX 0 Oi.n Dn. Sni'nn II. Tics.
1 rt tic ei ti !:ii .1 li.li..'l riiv. i. i in.
jlr.vi'i;: i.wWi.l to an i.'i uiii-ed
tk 1 j.ll I' iif In 1 1 end Ilm reni
niiil nl bit l..v in ei.ilin to
Ith" litt. I tlii'.ii;;! '. tho land
t'.V ,Ml':!i.'lll.J Vi !iii II llil' proved Hi.
1 -.nc ' .t'nl 1. 1 tin t'tin of t'on.
UHiplloli, Itrniii tiilie, Athiim,
I. in r t'..nj..ili;t, Ci n-!it, i,
pr.-ln, ,lc., free of cliui'je.
Tho nl I lr. ha br.iulit hi
Ileine ly t.i irre.it perfet lioii In
pruHi.-e of tho but tlfiy year.
a nu H. ur.r.s
TirnTTC A?JTi4 "na eonii.ienl Hint it will
liiuuoAiwiJir,ir n ,,,,.,,.. ,,r to r ...nc.,..
od CViiii!iij.!nrt, Ai M nlüiiciit
circuin.'tariec ennbU bin., he will
eitl caeli epptl-ant who furnirh
n a w
rVl ' 'won oi nn ympioin
klo, , ,:, n.i.uililv of hi mi.dl.'ine
with niinulo nnd etprb-it tlirec
li m tor preparing It theinn dve.
when they li'ill havo tried It,
and learned it bencliiiil itl'ect
DR. S.7I. Dl'UNS l tli.-ir cno. :et, opj.lionnt
willMnd.1 i imp ('.I cent,) lo
ipity the rt turn letter, nnd t ai.
R j't't in the Ii. ( Tiofnt pf ihln
! H'1 crt if vtii of. Addrc
it. -i. ii. l'.rnx,.
Nr.WY03K.l New York.
dissolution or part:;ersiiip.
Ta" li-,i t:ic oil : ; berelnf.irn i .-1 : n f lietween tho
uni!t.riu""l i" Mtilin;: l iii( uii.b r the rtyle
of tieo. llollan I A f o., i 'nolvcd I y mutual con
11. LINK.
..w j. ir. rARrriAF.
ia. i hi .A- "d.
Tbl sttcstlen of tsyari Ii reipectfull InriUJ te eur new and rplendld at:k ef
Ford'ioiandgcntlomen, which. Wee UMipurcdWiI at pricai wb'chenalle ui to offer aurb Imla
niontt to jirouipt paying cutoiner on time, or for cask, a ha nvr boon had In thl market. Ottf fa
cilltic ar mob thatw dof uooful oompolitien a to the prlao aaj qaalily of eur Oood. Ourttla of
Are entirely new, to wlileh we wouU Invite the ij-eulal attention of I.adln. We liare rrerytLIaf Id thll
lino w hl. h e.in l denlred. I.adie will do wall to eiawiuo, a il will owt nothing, and lu provo a
cCt. W have rocuivod oni vory hundium
Mantilla Shawls!
Which doerr partieular atter.tlnir, keinj; and the prerailing fohlon of th Winter, at almot tho
civlutluuof 11 ülhon. 'To Cullcuiu w would iy that wo ar well tuppliod wila all tho varillof
W'hleh have been aeleeted with apenlal reference to the nubile want. Our atoek (n thl line, m wellM
with everything elic, 1 the largeit lu the ioarkt. We deep alio every variety and quality of
Katlnettt, Twd, Orercoatlnf , and All klndi of goodi for ien'a wear. ' Alio, BOOTS a ad 11011,
2&L jSl 3 jöi-2Xr X CAPS.
Young meu would do well to examine Ue
W lilel i new being o nalverially worn, and wliUU Ii moie durable and benmifol thsn anythlag
kiud vor oll' rod to tho tra lo. Iu ald.liod to lb ahve, wo am alway well jj.;: J wiia
Groceries (uccusware, Harthrarc, Ac,
Wlick we lull at the Itweit aataet prlril.
TaVen la eichaage for OooJi. Glee a eaU,ant we promiie 70 net te ge a way tfiuatla
DrokUle, Jfof. II, 18J.
5 all Cloods
t -A..I.I r.ectfiilly call tha altrnllen of my
cu.toiner, and ibo pul'.lie, to icy Vail eupldf ef
Goods for Men's Wear,
CnnitictlaR In .rrt cf
Cloths. Cns'iimcrre. Wftlatcoatlr.sr. Over
coatlnjtiml Tunilshlnj uoodi,
Whl.di will bo found lurt'cr, en'l mom Bided I"
tvle. ihun any l-.ek of i-.od I hnvn ever epeiie.
f.i'r th" l'. ei lion t.r the I'ublic, all of win. h I will
bplu I tu Linke, up to Older Into if.iriiielif ,
iii injl thone pun hii'ln: fn'in mo tli.it no lloii
.hull cid mi. Ill alylo.llnUh or workmaiililp.
I am a I ti imwlii roeelptera Im go aorlmut ol
Siilinblrt for tho coming enon, all of which I
will eil low for eaali, or In pruinpt eutomer ox IT
on lime. JOHN W 1 I.I.I A MS, Mercliant Tailor.
.M t. t u. und, I nd., Oct. fl, no30ilf.
ron IHK
Two. , Mnlu hlrrrt,
Ih-ookvilU, !I ndifina.
I Jul Iii receipt of a ipleudid tlo. k ef
Dry Goods and Clothing,
"fall kind, AUo, llali, Cnp, Ibn.l and shoe,
Hardware, Qiiceuwnie, ("inn eile, Ac, In wild
V' le lit tare hii been taken In tho eleollon, wllh
direct reference In tho want and tnia of the n.
.i of lhi vlt liiliy, all of which will le told veiy
low for
Caih or Mcrchantatlo rroduce.
Theput.ll are rexpeeifulty Invited to drop In,
and aller an examination of our toek, w ricoti
Ibteii t thut you will avail yniinilve of the o.p..r.
Innliy of purt hn-lnir evrtyihli'it lieeded, at pfleci
thnt will prove entirely niLfuctory, and only ak
you to jlve u atrial. We ar determined to cllal
pi l.-c a low, If not lower, Ihn our competitor",
who at tb inu and rcpei'tubl biiln.
J! kville, del. It, 1H.".H. A. W, At'AMft.
Mrs. E. Holtmann
W'ltf! I re.prelf.iltT H publU attentioB to
V In r lnrio nnd r.ililonua!o tck of
millinery and Fancy Ooodi.
Cnii.i.ilu ol' Sllk.SulIn and Uruld Ilonael, flnn.
in l, Cup and 1'ancy Trlmmlnp, lttbl.on, iMn
llll:i.t'l.mk. blick lind colored ilk and ntlur Iu
re, needle-worked collar, ehoiiilett,aleete, Ac.,
whieli ho I prepnred tu eil at i.rlcoi that cannot
full to (rive Mil-liii'llon.
Mio ha nlu on hand a Urge and fcncr! aort
meiit of Notion, u. h a a Una variety uf Jewelry,
ll.."l ty, (i!ovi ,etc, which ho will wll at the mo
n .'.need pil.'e fur t'h. Sho feel eunifdciil Hint
lieenii mit the lntc of her old eiutmiifr ami
iit'iv out rrif-Store net tloor ..utU of Mr.
Illlt' new icldenee, Mnill Itict t.
t-A ;
i'iii'i.il BiKiirliaontalwuv on luind.
T. lloll.MANV.
fP k'
10 OilUU'IN.
'I'M n üb"! Iber tb-ir to eilher rent, r empb-y
1 a e.iiitpi ti nt i.twvcr to run the Steam Snw
Ml'.l. .im He ul the" Ji...iudniy 1111. to lul u
iiorlhwi i or r.rt..ik i!!e, on the hit air
nl. Hicy nl.n wiii.t iu iii.loy n rompi'tenl riigl
lit er t.i run Ihernme. None oilier Ihun oin et- nl
pi r.oii neod epi ly. .NuAII I "A It M It'll AIM..
Ai'i'illiii. JOHN MAliTI.V.
exMaYgb mills.
The milling bu.inc will 1 conducted by the
un.ler.ine.t, uiuler Ihe name of (Jeo. Ilolluod A Co.,
TliPliii'hvt market jirlco itjoa.h, will be given r .i
Tlnne Unvlnn grinding lo b done will rIt ii a
cnll. Wahin?t'in Holland with accoiniodatU
miller will alwav be fouad t th mill rend to
wait on alt who coll. O K 1IOM.AN1.
l!r.w.kviller:..p.2S. W. HOI. LAN I. tr
Election ol' Directros.
Notice 1 hereby T;if en, than anelelifn for ey
en Mreetor for tlm Urookville and I'liirfli ld Turn
,i.Uo Com.nv, will be held at tlio Iii ff George
llolliind, lij., In the town ot T.rookv ill, on Mmi
d.iy, lec inl-i 1. Ij5, at 3 o'clock l. M., of m". 5
diiv. (no.".7tl) 11 y or.lej of the Itourd of lirictoi.
MINISTRATOR. police I hereby given that th undrrrip nod hn
been appointed Adminiitrntnr nf the catc ft v il
liuia Murphy, lute of 1'ianklin four.ty In liana.de
cned. Bald citato I nppol I eelTnt,
oSMw JAMfSMrRrirV, .Htn'r.
f .
ef U
Cedar (iovc, l-Vanklin County,
'T- y. E. Iliad; -uiada coffin alwayi ea IttL
ofalUUe. inarch 12-If.
T A i;jir iti;n:m:i, ,.,.., ,et f d,,
V M li I. i'u a Huri oa nr J fjn, lor tl- cur cf
llheiiiBrtll.m, In-, Nwrllinj, imln, e.jitmctl.
or I'ainl'il Mnew, Mii.el,.. ,,t Jul,,t., JUututijla.,
Nervo.i llenJ,,. I,,.,,,,, nnjilili.f of th.it i.atui.
lcr-oiiafl,,,e., bv cnMinjr.li me,.,,,, hv i.i, p.
plli illon. Ire ..f i li'ir-e.Mlilili wliUnilv ih'ia ef
t Won b.rr.il vlM.ic. T!i IoPir or.kr". te t J a,
reward of '
lor any fmlnru In nnaiicmpt to euro. Th: fn1! li
put up In birg-a bolll,., M, , Ik. rhear.l roedieli.
w know or in !,. 0f reijairi . .mail a tri.a
to j.crlorm certain cur,
All vrdaii addrea. to
TII0S, lir.TftT,
werrkJ-if. ' trkvii:, I4.
WILLIAfyl F R A N K ' 6
I MO Vcct 4(in-
l!K:.UWIt M 11 !, AMT A?ll tiVll Hi
V Iii lliieet.n i f t!l e!iiii ,f Jln-tik I1 p4
Ik euiintr ft-eiiviatly. An In Huli..ti , exteotlnd I
my ol I Mend, and i uiirti i to cnli and euiia
e.y funiiinr bi l..i j.iin h t. e!.-i win n., ir 1 cm
eil at i.i.'iin.iiti pii, , ., I nn, (,lual and reiall
Mvelf bt mi; a pin. 'ileal Wviltn.mi and having
food Imii'U i iicei.d with my v!ul. :.!,icai, I aw
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Th iond year of tili eL! w:il r 'd lm
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I urih " April, 1, i
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n.l lthmli r, 1th R-.i lor, 2 r-srt Menial Arlihnie't'ie,
1'rim.iry tlmiiim.i, 1'rini.iry Geegrai by, Sd
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i ieiu iii-tory, j-rn li'i.Mn In Khcit.ria
Aljr'i. Natural I'hilixi.phy, UUeloric,
rhyiolnjy, Alrononiy, ".
lleoinctry, Tninotiittn , furve vlng , Men.
11 nnd M-ml rhiloanph'y, Lalia,
GreeV, It..ok-krplnr
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Deelalminj Bn, omrolnff ar iril aii..u.f
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Ihe laid of moral and rtdiioui Inftm.-ilt..
X. It. UnniJiTAt. Try Iweniy-Bv cent. 5
rtivluelion I inada from t'lltion bill on neount of
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