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riBi.isnvo n.-vii.v IVY TUB
!Ore Yrnr. bv V«n ...... :f'W
(Hy the Montli. by Mail
Jjelivercd On
Tier, per Month'... '....
I Fntercd nt the I'ostofllce at Mnrshalttown
iloiwi. us sccoetl-cbiss in'rn iiiiiiicr.
sion preamliU
in the
Isciksu. ro».i i,
tcnoi fl in to in iK tl li ti
of our rood t"- Aunb- £t
:ples «td imt pu.
the riatioli ii. "uV eS&nil ov-'r~ the coi:
than, we i, :i e.:n.tr into uaihy
self govern in'
2 nt' pt'.oi).Ses."Und-.races' A^O'
will slviire. wir Kieais'".andin' ike theVn
real." To b.» i.':'i:ik mere a
ininde.i 're )ub.ue !'i who h-n '.'.Si:
general t.erins «i»
who'.d6es„n't hi
in it-to- xhe eiiV'
be .•agiviij.sv :ici
pialtei t'0'Ois
to rev-' 1 'Oraiv
"ileso.'vo.d-. Thet
quirviirf^iny. ".er
are wiliins'
wh'a.'t he:'! ii: i-i'is'
of ir.ei':
against lVa
,i- 'K
t' t'bii
where one or iiii
"'pop-up'1 wilH
is liiiii
ords w.i.th
every b.odj'i'
YA .CCii!
SM S.1 I.K'.V AS
lie nf (lit 1
number points 1
relief'aifwinsf v-ieono'^'--':!
ns a spft( ia^i ar!i-iii|i/i^id :?s
rith school wwk. v'h:le. ?it 01
•etierai aoqu:- r-e- sKf
people On ro 1
lne resuiattanvrcim prevent
Hon of t11 •list, ..1
rable--exieiit.'.:'.Ii c-i: w-s •.•
laution-are! leads to
*-here it.-is- ne« o-
:from. ,lh'?."uisf:sistf wm
a 1 ii
pox- -hosintuia- MHJ.-ir out
death fiu 1
cimn 1 uel
(40 to 1 1
atefi '11 1
In dot br, fr t' 0
period 1
mcst tu r= i'
c^nt). '-t,.. :te
doubt of tl."
and re'.-a'-in
and is
fiafe-Ruar-i-i 01 a ins'
wheie it ,1
east( rn tit "I 'br JViv state Af-yn
Chasp i\ is onpo- iiv trie ron i.i
cept." Tho Now York Commercial Ad
vertiser (u p.t i!iinks 1 lit* growth (if so-
C'lalisin in Masaehusetts a harmless
•'fad" •iJiat,iiee(l'e'ftws'(?.\iia'''p"'1S any alarm,
Tho Philadelphia Kecord Mud.) reads ill
th'.cse elections an indication-that
1 f.-
l(, CM
I' 1
B. invaded-in--sijue et'
Ihe penalty mu.-t ti­
JU«:t oi
Jc e" ov
bins this joaii-.soire
rors. .-..Authontiefi'
quite. set! ,-d -ispor.-.t
va«-eir i'' -1 1
Ji 11
to the ••. 1
democratic, republican and: prohibition
forces, but fbMfated their.candidate bv
a plurality.of over 1.50O. 1 .t-oin.ir.ent-.
ing on his election .Mr. Coulter-said.
"So far as I am-conoer-Rftd, this city
will be run in the. intelest of the whole
people. The measures which the: voters
have enacted irjto lav.s at this eltct.ton
am heartily in favor of. .1 have always
they get to the letter. The social
democratic party, of which am proud tlo'ti,
to be
member, declares for the co-op­
erative commonwealth and public own
ership of all the means of production
and distribution. It will be my aim and
of my fellow socialists in the city
government to enter a wedye wherever
possible for municipal ownership and
see to It that no more valuable franchis­
es are
given to any corporation what­
.'P. 1
1 1
1] fr (Iii
a 1 It
JC ii
only way for us to do now."
commented one of the republican lead­
ers of
Masachusets, "will be to adopt
•we have
The -f tl fi' of J'
LI? \T
the so'i'i£L'2.l'tl*1'5i"'riiCsc r*»a*. iS' -maivo.r
Mi ui I «Vkp of
Cuut-ffr»': a---jouvnv %itvttti Tnuinb'.: r, b^-
longing to thi mil I as in,, .,!
,l 1
been a 'no' man. and I don t- care wlio-)-yj:, -,y-f^-iinftvwnrel» to one horst',
people above all personal views. They
voted for no license. NTo bct'iiRe
best socialist ideas, just as
been ready
to "lift*
Utau.tbat.the voters were ready to acf
socialists "are evidently, a force to be
reckoned with by .the -other..pa rttns."•.H
Continu- s:
"The proposition that .le^t'i'ythiim 'his is a soUre
should- bi 'onp in evei bo i- a try at- man is. not. -100
trfieUV&ioKe,''VspeSjaily it^vlliese persoiis^jh't^l l'JO years.
a a a
,, 'at sra«o- /bure-'rf- -':'.t.Vi«:''.'sumf-otnl-SoC
Grandpa lioar, of .M,i.-'s u-hus- !is ir.Vs Tov:V 7. cV:i'uit llr
introduced a sug-ar-eo i'i unti-i'Sv') in-
)1(i (1

t| Jl|t tl A
to'vvaid-.coi''' .• h'i var&^oi^t/x bti :g'j-.]•/ -fortim," for ai'. -is'.' x-:y.- lt- :'U
1 a a
like Debs.,
VinU-- .T.in
=. iOii' .=•.
vl re* rt
l.- \'ry
Will he ext' :i'!.
enjoy, ie:i
whi'tih!'. OraiKiita
V'V^ieH'1'.. :e,.A^ aat
Thi:' i.uen.
piaf .a-n^i-ree:
4 Ii 0
|. in.'is. BUt:
,,, 1 ,re ""im
1 111M
:i:! rsy ^,'' ry
Th I'eU
,'!( .S
Evcry^triHi£.i! a
lnr.ouneerl it! !oa a
plns.'a i:a?e of .s^Ka'.j'pos
1 1--
\la.rrn,- aj... o.i: ea'ls f-!: y::jo
-i ii -Very-
)f tiavr-1 and th- fa't ai
)enetrate everjs.- .Towa eein-.tv
pit., fin Itus (i uiittv 'ml JJ.nupe
Tbereds one paragraph in an ai ticb.
which appeared in tho Tribune last
Sumlnv- mac I wish. t- ni'-inn.n
iop, a~ it .carries its o\v iritei pi'.Op
tion uith jt, Tne writei, di'
to Kurope. liuritig ihe first nint
months of thi present year, t.l4.t
have been sent to the same market.
In the face of these fueis. we find that
the production of horses almost, ceased
four or five years ago. is it any won
der then that prices should have ad
vanced during the past year? I feel
certain in 'taking a fair view of the
question during that time ihat the
prices of horses have advanced from
'M, to 50 per cent, and I wish to put on
record right here that the prices are
going to advance as much again in the
coming year
Stop that cough right away with
Mull's Lightning Cough Cure. Twenty
five icents. For sale by the McBride &
Drug Company.
•-.Secretary (Inge estimates the surplus
fi«r tli pres..nc fiscal year at $40,000,000.
"Tii" prophets who (inured out a deficit
'hundreds of millions if the Philip­
pines. were retained are nut good at
ciphering." re-marks the -Otturnwa
The P.urlingum llawkeye asserts that
revldent proposition: "A
years old until lie has
When he has done that
he enters his 101st year, or the first
:yciXjviof-iiis su'inid century. Some peo
(ple sv'ern. to think that ,when he has be-
•Kuii.-Ui's 101st yvvxr he 'h.is onti re(l upon
(lift i-i- oiKi yiHir-pf his. second century.
x$. a' ,'i.ii" i|M^'Oornpjiny and the city oliieials^
poi^imeis- w. ti^plac^named. "The result is." says
,l (*4.11 1 01 'ii 1 th-Pemocrat.. ".\rarsh:illtown is ,hf iriti-'
1 e. ':-m, u- innsj to love Des ilQines.-i.-'.-h the s:.iji(?..
ofti" !'i r. :e.rve.t iondii'. ss that riistinsiiishes thi(i
'f '.t'.i.v ieT-'ction of 1 Uui cluef- of the state for
1 i.wr. I'.ut tie- fiio i-.o fai'toiy Is npt'
11 likely to go theie."
eH'iiv p:
1' 'ire
•led'.i'n•'"••i"?? :!u»tuv- "it seems td bo ouite well settled,"
is 'ai/--- obsfeves the Keokuk Gate City, "that
ii? :f .iv riFsii' SeM'or' Quay, who_.fai:!ed of election by
hv'io.in !hi i.'dviu-'i'.fnViij.
'..- 1
'I'b' thir Pennsylvania lesislature-. and was 1
1 iptu^utt In 'llHtllltl
tie 11. SUoliOtiiuO
al eoniHats .are
•iji-i-O 'Of-
ire.-. They, usu
e' peopiv'-'io'rtiiv
er.ee 1
fains rhOvins 1
hfficutt to sec how an.v sort:
the' .0
ia IteeOr',.:, 'that
solrie o£ ili ad
r:e,i.'to what- we
rliot,-- :b'
M.lttn- 1-^'
•bound to
I 1
»i 1
1 1
t" 11
r. I
I Jo to
l-,r iu j*-
I i-,.nns' at mvftUlon
.o a the v
c. looiios-^ of thr- labor
1 ir.i sitisfV'l that the
i' r.i-. 'h.'iv that th-1 hot se
it's inrliuence as a, medium
J. ..
Ksockton. -Mi-'- '1,1= .ttir,. c-.to, ,, mao I
the pr'jtMh. of id. .it In. tnc. pitbull mo'
ttpv tlio Tirop'irt uui oil'd have b'
knows it, and recognize the will of the probably, noiie, at all. Tins .Indicated
tin, extent, to wnlcn the hoi— ds ar.
agent ot pleasure Is beiiiKvi'^ilfitated
graning Thnes-IUpublicmr, inarshalltflttnr, faM^Thwradag, gccemlrer 21,1895
will 1101
bo'Riven -a Feat in the senate. J!e has.
Triond?,' b!.it._it ..-w^u|d: overthrow
ii ii it a
1 1' 'ii..1 "body thinks .it can not art'ord to
n.i ii n.a- j.i,,
a.!-., nef at-.-rhn-s-poMaclp of the peop!»
/Pica- j. .'fejijtVs iun snootin.u oaeh
vm. 1.1 :h .Mi ,i h- :n .South Afi.'ica:'the Washinprlor.
ivi- -0, triumph "I'.ir the -Press' as-ks^^Whef^is^ihO stai'':Of tleth-
'i ti I in 1 t" 1 on irth. kvu vs'd to
.MO-.^years after that spec-
1 «i .d u1 Love our
liy IliMt iio- -rieMsies .' No, kill 'em, ud 'em 'to
si r-p'-rit bj blazes av::vi?s iKts r:'boroy:ai?hilev:t,hrouch
|-lit. aii'l eTirptv o,ut :-.t'he. go.ul in an
,'uitt ., |,.nv- .•• ...I, as if w«re of- no .'noro:-ac-
nhi::^ "but the
-j count '.!u\r. d:t -h.
water. This^is what we
Ce':. Mil i-'s es'i -i
I 'rue./---.-AVhi'tt.- a-^satire it :all is! Iioy.e"
h. 1 veji h,-iuty? good ill No, it
hen with- rheebaVk: on."
1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1
I l^s.fen red .that Jijl«i:
hairiT:'aii: Ai'le
i'ri-.i! ti i!H!oun'
ti:e. seiiato ('tn'r
reported n.a- a
i'!^.-w(ll-not have th« -usual relish
'this 'it.
of the small er.m
lus'.-iiltentioii to pres
v.hich will be
the Ih'U'-i
would he no occasion for regret, but the
pood citizens of Utah, who detest po
lygamy as much as it is hated in other
parts of the union, urieve at tile stig
ma that has been cast upon the entire
state. her. the incident Is closed by
his exclusion from the house, tliero \wlt
In: no eiul nf rejoicing in I'tah."
It is ditlicu'.t to understand the confu- "yb liveries, with brilliant
VlonA* thought ,that Pleads vo such,£ cbckji.k^ in their hats. The duke is
v-ry fair and the rtvic.lioss a decided
brunette and thw ma.Ue a handsome
eeiipU:. They are great, friends of Ad
miral Dt wo.v.
'.JllclUSiOIl." MiiV,
The X)n.\' enp0rt i''ni6crat observes,
hat. Des. iioaves is nrnkitiR-'a.-great ef'-*
fort to capture, the Marshnlltown cl.u-
cpvopvi-'u^'t'iv^'. .v.se :!t!et .:iry, havint heard that there fS
\-e be it V- r... ,r'.lii:t!e frict'on beiwer-n the oflieiais of
-ill 1 bsi" 't 1
I. sej.atol^. die
•, to of ,nr it.
i,t ii px "n 1
"ti'T !i',: lo-t li-s. 1 lit) 11
a' lam'u K" u- 1 ii framing- 11,1
ad1 injr 1» H-pb1' aim and
a confer«*
'Xv, he is no un»? -nto a fiyei hi 1^
-jtifo reachinifi a. usspvrate olimax this
("!,' bn
The rational com-nut.
pl{i I thmw plenty
vlll be rumrvr
r, *, '"apitor tlran. its. presidential nonur:
nee V, S- t.
I, I lil* 01i(
i' tnis t'tne
i- ijnr iiiiS to
to ufc
-s t11 11 1) tVP
ii a' Vi
0 jitt a-i tro t.h a?
-I )#e, and noM it
I, i\ to light out
tn .t' s: [ii,"mii"y •. untong
s. ai ltaii .n In
1 the autorno
'i 1 i, in »n», Jl had be
if flojHe writ rs to
it ve- pos.tio1' .vay,
•-'Urpose as,- ar. Ud Ov-ite
it1- brtt dlng to
Senator llav,!tn« i»-the. author of a
:'esolu tier. instructing the judiciary
(•oinniHtea^to investigate reports tliat .-jf.us
oiitvcraiTitsts1 liave been appointed to
f/.-doral positions bv the president. Also,
I pi 'i-tramists bn^ boil tkcLid to of
fiee. by. tht^peopioi of- Utah in violation
r.f tho- eoinpact--befwecn thc- Lstate and
the federal government. Now that ire
subject is up the searchlight should bv
-mado to disclose all such violations of
The governor of Sourh Carolina has
Just issued a pui-our
the "armlepH forger. who is one of tilt
most .ciorwpUtnoas ennmeters ever--con-
tilled Sti the" state penitentiary. Janvier
IS a gi idoate ot a Ihiologa tl tnr.ary
and attf .1 U'lt '•jn nt Se\' I tl i"- 'O
tho editor of a religious paper at Clin-.
on 'K. he became a p'-eaoher. He
shot off one of his arms while hunting in
fleorgia, colleeteii considerable accident
insurance money, and then shot off the
other mm in the Same way. Tho insur
ance companies refused payment on the
•second claim, but the case was compro
miirtd It developed la.rer that while he
bad one arm Fowler had forge! his
the sublee.ti/it.'tno horse in fa\ oi '.JifeAin,
say«: "Ijast-. Sunday 50 saddl.e hoifceS
g-alb ped past a hi 'ii .v.: uri .ast r.r.d
avenue near k.-on l'atk it. t«• .. ....
minutes^and (luring the same interval,brothei -in-hnvs name for $1,(»'0, and he
lur.e b.i p,i~-d Tnt«. ii«iu,e nt' to the penitentiary. While
there be learned, to use .a' pen fastened
to the stump of his right arm, and lie
lias written a history of his life under
the title "From Pulpit to Penitentiary.'
!u Jias
ir, this ('ouiury. Juht o.nc "I'1 hopes to regain the confidence of his
show the growth is In another direc
In IS'jJ, CIS horses were exported ..llock and resume preaching.
A case of smallpox was discovered ill
Palatine, a Chicago suburb, Tuesday. belonged
ct or
and it was immediately quarantined.
When the Spanish minister and his
'Anrcrican wife drive.out in Washing
ton theyni tract no little intention.
.They drive in a handsomely appointed'
victoria and the men on the box are in
A curious lawsuit which Brow out of,
the purchase nt a piano has just been
livered at her residenc«i-but when it ar
rivt tliero It could :.itio lie carried:
through the door. Tin- window sashes
wi-ro then taken out, but in vain, and.
it wnp next decided to. remove the win
dow uiie. The piar.o dealers were
unwillin 10 hear tlie expens»» of that
u)erat!on, and so was the purchaser,
and as a result the instrument was
tak.-n buck to the piano-rooms, and the
fWomiin demanded the return of her
money. Vpon the refusal.of the dealers
to o.,iinply with her-request she entered
suit and the case lias been decided
J«illl!Sl her. ... ...
kl ni un
if- Xew .York.
on firiri'i
ca for 1 hie* oi.h tltvy aov",n:
He Upnk^ -.1 u"" wi I am- rd it.
fftlTpn and that
out- fr .t.he.fr-iOoint jaoers will ernergt
bill tllh:? i^ui," thi law\
been, pardoned Fowler
Chief Justice Hnodgrass, of the Ten
nessee supreme court, has formally an
nounced his candidacy for the Tnited
Htates senate. Justice Snodgrass is In
favor of expansion.
"The people of Utah are exceedingly
sorry that they ever elected Mr. Rob
erts to congress," said Mr. It. (1. Know
lea, of Ogden, to a Washington Post
reporter. "They are sorry because it
has brought our state into prominence
of an undesirable sort and conferred
upon our people a notoriety that we
had'much rather escaped.
tire odium of the episode
could be
by the principal in the case, then {here
,| ll"-.-.l-r 'lieu lie llS.ll,
hi''n shoul 1 have 'ii r. cied.,,is
p, riiM t-ted ti-i Jiasseiri.to-'th.e (lails. Thr^
l-f|ai!2 -r.-'eiin-n»-t3'bft-.cr,Barde(l.
indulip ,n a seven i\ 1, i« but happily :lh"" .iri'-:miire
b'- hOui-V cur-
'aKftit"»l by
r-.-motv tha.i the. lianser'i.f putrefaction
afiMV thift :ai!s have h,- i„--ned. .1
chang ian I prtM nt- hv iare- on the
port of thr- t'liif-uim Tie i'.ict that
the oiihUintr scms to assume Unit
1 j.niii food-? au» Irnprrlhliahte simply
becMMso th fey ha v-" boonsubjooted to
'nea t-' atel lu rn ncally sea led. They
ear-fUlly put i-'-sh meats nr.d: fish- itl10
the ice box. and leave 'canned meats
and fish in tht.- enter atmospbereew: 1I1
Ti'u.t. even re'riovlni tb,em from the ca ns.
I'l'ofes^or N'.iuuhan'says ih.at Ui.i's Is de-.
cob dly ui.raf'. and "ral', eases of,
meat poiS'inlntr .which have come under
I r.ifc ob-elv.iL on tt'H tr.ii 1 |o rni'.'i'f"-
wsl-l rneot in A^iisri:ivw.ton February 2i-,-i -j-he policy reeommfuded bv l'rofi ssor
(Wa^'inittop.s ^.I'lniniay,. .anniversary 1 \*iiUKban's observation -is. the prompt
to 1, upon tbi uiU"iilwn iliiti' und Miiiew.l nf (.nir.ed .11 Miles to ihlna-
1 I O Ku
ware, and the lti-i-ping- nt the tooil in a
'"..ul jilace. The .removal- from the tin
'W*i!-'jirevorit tnttalllc .poisonin.ir. and a
'cool'..atmosphere- :will lb lay put.refa'
tiveichanges, and prwent poisoning- by
ltomatni'S. Tl,ese preeautioiib an- f-o
ifiiniplf-t :that householders who neKleet
to take thetn pav 'the penalty of lazl
wlien thev incur illness from
canned foods whteh have bewn I-er
"rpitiv-d to take tnoir chances in oper.
Written for the 1 Iniei-KcouliIie iti.
"Refolved. That under certain clr
ouinstiinccs a minister of the gospel
can creditublv engage in a pri/.e li^ht."
to A,. P.. I' o.tier, taking part in tne debate are
required t" stiek closely to the nues
ion." "M !•-'•. P-lrdscye- has the floor,"
reifiarke'-l tin:- writer, comfortably set
tling- back in his chair, "i think it the
most disgraceful thing I ever heard of,"
said tile first, speaker of the evening,
referring to live rounds at It'iyal Halt.
.Mich., li.niU'i'ii Kev J. J. Axtell, the
CongTi.giitlotiai clergyman, ami tho m
lounUeeper. the battle ending In a
draw, "This minister who was drawn
into the prize tight and was thus sud
denly called upon to defend himself or
show thi" white Weather, from tho ac
count I have heard, was an athlete be
fore he was a minister and that's where
all of this foot ball playinj? leads to.
Wi.' send our boys to college to educate
thein to be Christian ministers and wo
graduate young men who can fence,
box and indulge in a rough-and-tumble
fight called foot ball. They care more
for a graduating reputation as men of
muscle than men of piety and Christi
anity. This young minister from his
own account was only too glad to settle.
by the manly art of self-derense that
he was not a coward. 1 wonder if he
read his Hible that evening'.' Does that
young man know Lhat Christianity,
pure and simple, is to turn the other
cheek? It's all nonsense that he had to
assert himself or be run out of town.
He simply wanted to fight this saloon
man and if the ministerial association
of Michigan does nut expel hltn from
membership they are as much to blame
for this disgraceful affair as
he is."
"Generally, madam," remarked Mr.
Pessimist, "you are on the right side,
but in this ease I am surprised that you
do not see there is an underlying prin
ciple Involved. Th© trouble with the
country today ia th»t w» have a lot of
ministers who preach one thing1 and do
another. They nil prench pence and
then many act war. They talk non
resistance, but act self-defense. They
claim Christianity is founded on peace
principles, but nearly all find the best
of reasons for every war we have ever
ens-awed in. This man, this prize-lljjht
inc: parson, beloiiKS to the muscular
Christianity crowd. The preacher in
Iowa who a few years iiffo shot a
drunken dnmRisl who assaulted him
til.- same class. And the
tains him
*, isters and members to keep up the pre-
I-.adjiidica ted in I'rovidetU'.-. li. I. iian Kiieiand is flsrbtini with the Chrls
iHiycr of tho instrument ordered it do--] ttnn- Boe'r.-«. who are so reliirious that
As'" ciinstnms approriehc-s the
thoushts of the small hoy turn serenely
to Sunday school work. -'b: v-.
Quotim the statement of the ilves
tnn N"ivs that' New Kiifflund is aiiiunst
'expansion." the New A ork t-im says:
"This .is a mistake which several tsoutii
er.rt n--\\spapers make. .Surely th".v
cannot believe, that the: .Aikinsoniun
handful amounts to mvi-c than a slice
of east wind. .Mr. Peed Js .1 New
Yorker, obviously out .of. sympathy
w-it-h the feelintf of lus state and dls
trtet as in expansion. The Hon. (ieorjfe
Frishi--- lloar is a wurthv person, but
^Hrlstia-ns^ttinR-.-at'.nfeiT.ChristmftS^l^' 'doesn't represent his state or his
li.acrty in the state on'this question. The
^ntiment-of republican New England
as' to expansion agrees with that of the
most progressive of the southern dem
ocrats. The N( Engrland expansion
ists, tiro few, but they have damnable
.iteration and lire-tipped pens."
P('il.( I.NIN'I FflOM. OA X\KHF ior?.
The su.'oj^'i of fii':"i p'li.soning- is dis
eti.ssed in Atj|ileton's Popular Seienc'.
Mi inthiy-r by, -Pr.1fess.1r Victor C.
VAUfiltan. who ('nf( S that while in
.lue "uses the illness i^due to metallic
l»uisi mnfr. in a majority, of instances
.iho i'e-is- us substn:••• es aro .fortne'd
by pull' fcictiVe1 char,tr•.•?." Til.- piur'e
frii'tioi-. soiuotiines le -'.i:s in the ca 11s,
win^-- to iinperi'"»:ien in the sealins:.
th0 of thP
pK-jiized world is war? Chris-
only i'ii» true church is allowed in all
of Coin Paul's dominions. Christian
I 'lilted States is. lishtirifT with Roman
Cnthi'lie .Philippine?. This prlzo-tleht
injf parson ought to be with Ceil. Otis.'
"Why. Mr. p. ssanist," Pflsd Mary, the
traveling nein's wife. "I supposed yoii
v.as a Christian and yet. you justify
war and flirhtini?! "f course we can
not deny that that this country or En-
ginnd is carryintr on- war contrary to
the Christian ]irlneip1es they profess,
i-.tut if the whole world was Christian
ized there wouldn't be any war. If the
real principles of the Christ inn religion
were carried en.it there wouldn he anj
saloons and there wouldn't be any prize
furhtintr. I don't like this font ball
craze in our colleges, but 1 don want
ni hoys to trrow up as Piody-t \vo
shoes. 1 don't want them to he known
ris tied to their mother's apron striiiBR.
And Henry, my husbard. says they
have a ripht to strike buck if sotne
other boy strikes first. Of course they
have a ritrht to defend themselves and
know that if some drunken man
Should insult mo when they are pres
ent lie would be sorry for it. Still. 1
am tryinff to l-'et them to join our
church and 1 know our minister
wouldn't have a prize tipht. But he did
strike that burglar whom he found In
his house one nicht. 1 don't see how we
can fu-t alons- without resisting some
times, only wish It wasn't, necessary."
"Mary, you are all right," said her
husband, "only your're not. much oi a
philosopher. We're all Christians: the
world Is becoming Christianized every
day. and yet we never were tiKhtin^ so
hard and so much as we are today. In
business we are killing 0110 another
every day. The survival of the fittest
(an anti-Ohristian dcictrine. by tho
way) is more and more illustrated by
the actions of the Christian- world, The
••whole plan of creation is on the kill
order. From man down to the ant it is
war on the weaker. Mary.'you are one
of the best illustrations of tho peace
doctrine' when it coin-s to educating
the boys. Christian principles... of
course. Still, would you think more or
less of our boys "if they.- failed to de
fend you when yon needed defense'.'
What would y.iU think of me it'-^—r-~
"I think y.iu li'.-ed calling to order,']
-•aid the Silent Partner ""he sulij.-i
under discussion is prcaohet's as.prize,
fighters." I
"No place where I have ever been
has seemed to me as superlatively clean
as Paris." said Willard Smith to a New
York Tribune i- porter. "Tt fairly gllst
ens of a morning-, as though the entire
city had been fresh scrubbed with soap
and water, and this is really practically
what happens to it, for the streets are
hand swept and hand sprinkled. The
White Wings of Paris go over them
with coarse brooms, and they art
sprinkled by hand with a garden hose
The hose itself is mounted on wheels
for a portion of its length, so that itjii)
may be easily pulled from one to an-j &
other of the innumerable hydrants ihatl^.
line every thoroughfare Then, too. i,
in the new Paris that the seeond em-
pire and the genius of Huron
A Sure Sign of Kidney Trouble.
A Trial ltottlc Sent Free of a Mod
a W S I
T.ct us Rive you piece of advice:
full fellowship. Why
shouldn't 1 hoy? Ho was a man and
bad the rlnhts of man, 1. e., s-.-lf
dolVnso. And this prize tighter with the
title of "reverend" now can do some
ijood iu Uoyai Oak. Mich. This salouii
crowd v. ill not now disturb his nicot
ines. T!v\v will not now insult him 011
the strc or push him off the side
walk. lie's Jill riKlit: the only thillK 1
object to, he's masquerading. A licht
injj pardon is a misnomer, but. the fault
is in the name, not in the person.
Wiiat earthly pood is there in this
flahtins: day and ago for Christian min-
tlie back is tin almost infallible
si^'ii of kidney disease: a surer Sinn is
the condition of your urine If you have
a pain in the back then look to the con
dition ef your urine. It is easily done.
Take a Rlass tumbler and till it with
urine: after it has stood twenty-four
hours, if it has a sediment, if it is milky
or cloudy, if it is pule or discolored,
stringy or ropy, your kidneys and blad
der are in a dangerous condition anil
need immediate attention, or the con
sequences may prove fatal:
l)r. I'avid Kennedy's Favorite Hom
ed Is the one medicine that really cures
all diseases of tin- kidneys, liver, blad
der and blond, rheumatism, dyspepsia
and chronic constipation and ci.rrectn
the bad effects of whisky ami
At every peraon uaes towels in their office
and business house,
inartn have bequeathed to us, the $
houses are ali built of a peculiar ycl- fit
low sandstone or limestone, which, like
the famous Indiana, limestone, Is said
to be so soft at the time of its flint %.
quarrying as to be easily sawed into
blocks, but later burdens through at- I £,
rnospheric contact. The houses are ,j,
built with very thick walls, and once in 4
•o iiimiy years—six, eight or ten I have
no memory for figures—a fraction of
the outer surface is scraped off and tin: ,9'
building is restored to its original fresh 1
and cleanly appearance. It Is effective, 4,
hut 1 must confess those interminable
rows of spick and span yellow houses
grow tedious to the eye and you long
to have the monotony broken in some
To my mind one of the prettiest 't
scenes in the world is tht1 Avenue du
Hols du Boulogne on a spring morning.
This avenue, as you undoubtedly know,
is the short street that runH from the
Arc de Triomphe to the entrance of the
Kois. the great park of Paris. It is real
lv, though not In direct line, a continu
ation of the Avenue des Champs Ely
sees beyond the Arc. The houses there
set well back, and between them and
the street itself the space of ground is
laid out into beautiful lawns and flower
beds. The sidewalks are lined with
flower stands packed with the most
beautiful flowers—roses with stems a
yard long, great double violets, etc..
and all offered for sale at prices which
to an American seem absurdly small.
Heautifully dressed children, attended
by neatly (dad nurses, are playing
about all over the lace, while in the
street itself a continuous procession of
vehicles of every description is winding
its way to and from the Bois. First
you'll see an Englishman, smartly
turned out for his morning ride, fol
lowed by a Frenchman, In costume
more bizarre, for his. Next a family
carriage, heavy, respectable and pon
derous, with a Parisian grisette Imme
behind on a man's
costume that would throw New
York Into a apoplectic fit. Tho latest
thing 1« automobiles and the latest
thing in everything Is sure to be there,
and so interesting Is it all that when
the diminishing crowd recalls you to
yourself you will And the luncheon
hour come and the morning flown with
out having been aware of its pels

wheel, clad
1m it
the system. It Is wonderful how it
makes that pain in the back disappear,
bow it relieves the desire to minute
often, especially at Tiiirht. and
away that sealdinjr pain ill passing wn-j.,
ter and in a remarkably short time
makes you well and strong, lb*. lM"id.
Kennedy's Favorite iteio -Iy is sold at
all driitf stores for Jl,,, a boitje, or sl
bottles for $r,. '(i01 :Vy- -c".
If you would r,k6'"!rf try this wonder'
fill medirin" ym can do so, absolute!.:
free. Send your full name and adf'o
to the lr. Tbivid Kennedy 'otpora.lo.ti.
Uondout. N". Y.. when a free bottle, to
Kethr-r with ,a pamphlet of valuable
medical advice will be sent you by mail
postpaid, providing you mention this
paper when you write. The publishers
of this paper guarantee the genuineness
of this otter.
1 will furnish clean
towela e*ery -week In any cumber wanted
the price of the usual price of laundry
ne. Leave orders at No. tEaat Linn, ov
1. iCerty ccatai card,
W. L. REftD.
Loan and Insurance Broker.
Futircm of non'rMldent Client* •Ollcltad
ration* vlaclDR btulMM b.ou huda Will
litve It attended to. katovto all bun la
Dray and Expressman.
cfi/M tcacnutr
Marshalltown, Iowa.
rpHE McCOMBS BROS. Have the Omnibus and
Transfer Line in Marshalltown, and they exercise the same
care for their patrons as they would if they had competition.
They meet all the day and night trains. The firm has been
established for years, and their reputation for looking after the
comfort of passengers and their baggage is well known every
The firm is now incorporated as a regular part of the
railroad companies' transfer system and is authorized to issue
claim checks for baggage just the same as a railroad. All
calls should be left at the barn. Safe delivery of baggage is
insured. All employees are uniformed.
McCombs Bros.
For Rent!
After November 1, double store robm on North
First avenue, now occupied by J. A. Lane.
Geo. E. Adams & Son.
Through iirst-class and Tourist Sleeping Cars to points in California and
Oregon every day in the year.
Personally Conducted Excursions I
Every Thursday.
Only one route by which you can leave home'any day in the week
and travel in tourist cars on fast trains all the way. For descriptive
pamphlets and lull information inquire of nearest agent
Chicago & North-
.•*' --'-A'-'.

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