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Famous Doctor Urges
Pyramid Pile Cure.
Dr. Williams, a prominent orificlal
surgeon says: "It Is the duty of every
surgeon ^to avoid an operation If pos
sible to cure in any other way and
after many trlaJs with the Pyramid
Pile Cure I unhesitatingly recommend
It In preference to an operation. For
sale by all druggists. Little book,
"Piles, Causes and Cure," mailed free.
Pyramid Drug Co., Marshall, Mich.
Ladies and
NOW is the time to place
your order for Fur Garments,
as prices are advancing. Our
stock was purchased before
the advance, consequently am
able to sell goods much cheap
er than I otherwise would.
You will always find a full
line of Collarettes. Boas,
Muffs, at our store, in all the
latest styles.' Now is the
time to have your work done
rosi V£ ueen
ft (rood an inferior weed. can suit
ur taste whether you strong, close
lied or loose. Wc are especially careful in buy
cigar stock and we flatter ourselves that
our judgment It good. Test It andaee.
We hare a full stock of
C*»Aa+ Chamois Vests for Men and
FlUSl HMg Boys, made
of chamois
with flannel.
C«Aa4 HiiMin Chamois Vests for
Girls, made of chamois
covered with French flannel.
"You can afford to
go without an overcoat yrlth
good deal more safety than yoa can afford to go
irithout Frost King. Price, *3.00.
Children's sizes, $2.00.
PETER MAYER, Pharmacist
«•"v 19
West Main Street
fvery Lady Should Have
The B-K
Scissors Sharpener
For Sharpening
Scissors, Knives,
Shears and other
small articles.
Sharpens thom
perfectly and
quickly and leaves
a sunooth, keca
edge. Attached
to any cefring ma
chine in one min
utes time. Guar
anteed to save its
cost a dozen times
jyear. Any lady can sharpen her scisttors
crsheara as good as an expert. Self ud Jnat
lag. Practically indestructible.
Price $1.00 prepaid
4 Mail Orders receive Prompt Attention.
It screw drirar, tracing wheal,
•ciwov*, bimmmr, cigar cutter, win
cutter, ezusfr, eterweeepe, cirtrldqt
extractor, glass button bole
•eiaam. sail il*. .-alar, pipe tonga,
ivtniMU is anioiaa in ona
WAKTKD. It ia irnMt
•a11ar«Ter nro4no«4, Ever/boar
buTiton.i(bt.TH| g.'K.GO.
19 CSt.,Marshalltovvn.lowJL
makes—never spoils
your breakfast I
Baker'* I!onoca Coffee for sale by
L,. fix HbCKHflffl
Oliver Dodge and Prank Wilby were
instantly killed, and Frank Lancaster,
of Cleveland, and Pearl and Robert
Nlcewerner were seriously injured by
an explosion of dynamite in a quarry
at Charleston West Virginian-
Cases Against All Except Dr.
W. S. Devine to Be Heard
This Week,
Judge Burnham Assigns the
Hearings for Friday-Shoe
maker Case First.
Connor Acquitted on Forgery
Charge-Sievers Pleads
Owing' to request of some of the re
cently indicted county officials for an
immediate hearing and the rapid dis
position made ol the criminal calendar,
Judge Burnham on Wednesday evening
assigned the casts for trial Friday, plac
ing that of Sheriff Shoemaker llrst, that
of ex-Sheriff ai.cPherson second, that
against Insanity Commissioner Northup
third and that against Supervisors Will
ioms and Shearer last. Owing to the
change of the plea of guilty
of one of the prisoners who
was expected to stand trial, the
officials' cases were reached this af
ternoon late, when the hearing of Sheriff
Shoemaker was commenced. Court ad
journed at noon until 3:38, to enable
members of the bar to attend the funeral
services of the late Preston M. Sutton,
which were held at 2:30 o'clock. If some
of the Indicted county officials do not
conclude to ask for a continuance, all
the cases will probably be concluded by
the end of the week, with the txception
of that of Insanity Commissioner De
vine, who is absent from the state and
as yet has not been notified of the
grand jury's action.
'tfhe outcome of the cases depends
largely upon this vigor with which the
suits are prosecuted, "The sentiment of
1 the people, and especially of .republicans,
is that no man who has been guilty of
wrongdoing should be whitewashed in
the trial of the case instituted against
The jury in the case of stati against
J. H. Connor, charged with lorging a
sight draft, wan sent out Wednesday
afternoon and alter deliberation a short
lime brought in a verdict of not guilty.
The prosecuting witness did not testffj
in court exactly as he did before the
grand jury and would not say in court
that Conner informed him there was
such an institution in Boone as the Citi
zen's National bank, on which the draft
was drawn.
George Slevers, held for participation
in the robbery of Mr. Freest at. Oilman,
came into court Wednesday iifternoon
and changed his plea to guilty. His com
panions in the crime, Danforth and
Barnes, had previously entered the
same plea.
James Sanfor?l, who was Indicted for
stealing a watch and other valuables
from guests at the Globe hotel, was on
trial most of today.
Sanford's was the last of the criminal
cases resulting from the work of the late
grand jury, with the exception of the
charges lodged against the county oltt
Attorneys Meet and Pay Tribute to the
Late P. M. Sutton.
Immediately a:fter court convened this
morning Judge Burnham presided at a
meeting of the Marshall county bar,
called to give isuitable expression re
garding the death of the late Preston
M. Sutton. A committee to draw up
suitable resolutions was appointed and
reported the following, which were
unanimously adopted:
"The members of the Marshall county
bar, having been assembled to pay due
and suitable tribute and respect to the
memory of our deceased brother, Hon.
P. M. Sutton who departed this life Nov.
19, 1901, deem it: proper to present the
following expression of our regard and
"In the life and achievements of P.
M. Sutton we have a striking illustra
tion'of what may be accomplished, from
an humble beginning, by merit, ac
companied by determination and ener
"By virtue of iperseverence and indus
try he became and was regarded by the
community as a person to be entrusted
with positions of honor and responsi
bility, which he filled with credit to
himself and satisfaction to the people.
and to Ktar warp, to cat suler and
(In battar iiliifwtl« than iu
other aoiaaen on dra Market. Bo
oloud in han4wBe leather cm* for
also acquired by the same char­
acteristic, eminence in his profession as
a lawyer and will be remembered by his
associates as a leader at the bar.
'As senator, lawyer and citizen he
was always identified with the prosper
ity and advancement of the community
and yvaa always ready with hand and
purse* to forward every movement tend
ing to promote the best Interests of the
common people, and more especially
with reference to the education of the
young, in which he took a very earnest
"By the above expression we recog
nize and seek to set forth our apprecia
tion of his worth.
'To his family and friends we tender
our sinccre sympathy and with tht
community regret the loss of one of our
ablest and best citizens.
"Committee for Marshall County Bar
Laurel Citizen Takes Laudanum—Will
George R. McDaniels of Laurel, made
an unsuccessful attempt to end his
life Wednesday night by swallowing
quantity of laudanum. To nerve
himself to commit the rash act, Mc
Daniels Imbibed a generous supply of
whisky, which, when the other poison
was taken into his system, acted as a
neutralizes After working over him
all night the doctors pronounced him
out of danger.
Domestic troubles are said to be the
cause of the man's desperate act.
Dining Cars on Central Abolished and
Portable Lunch 8ystem Installed.
The dining cars that have been oper
ated on the Central's eastern and Illi
nois divisions for a number of years
were discontinued this afternoon on
train No. 3, and the dining car in ser
vice will be brought from Keithsburg,
111., to this city. Instead of the dining
cars, beginning tomorrow morning, on
train No. 4, there will be installed the
portable lunch system, which has been
found by past experience with other
roads to be very satisfactory.
The matter of inaugurating the new
system has been in consideration for
several weeks by Generul Passenger
Agent George S. Batty, who has had the
matter up with Mr. Murphy, the repre
sentative'of the George Allunson estate,
which has the news and refreshments
privileges along the line. The nego
tiations have resulted in the new ser
vice being tried. Portable lunches are
nothing more or less than a traveling
buffet, which is handled from car to
car, as is best seen fit. Hot lunches,
consisting of nearly all the delicacies
that are served on buffet cars, and cof
fee, are to be served.
Spreads Like Wildfire.
When things are "the best" they be
come "the best selling." Abraham
Hare, a leading druggist of Belleville,
O.. writes: "Electric Bitters are the best _r
selling bitters I have handled in twenty
Holiday Goods by the Box anc
the Crate Arriving at
Silverware His Forte This Year
--Diamonds in Stock--Every
thing There.
Anyone visiting Hellberg's jewelry
store early this morning would have
seen huge boxes and crates of goods
just received, ready to be unpacked
When asked what was in them Heilberg
replied, "Oh! everything. But mostly
silverware. I'm going to have in my
store this season anything and every
thing a person can ask for In holiday
goods. And if anyone asks me what to
get for Chrlstmast I'm going to tell
them silverware. It is the most satis
factory in the long run. Silverware is
always in style, always useful and de
sirable, lasts a lifetime and gives more
value for the money expended1 than any
other article that can be bought."
Heilberg certainly has an enormouB
stock of silverware, In the cupbr.ards
under the cases and everywhere he has
the little boxes stored. Knives and forks
by the hundreds instead of dozens, solid
spoons even by the hundreds, and every
conceivable piece of silverware ever
sold in a Jewelry store. Hundreds of
fancy clocks in new designs are already
shown. Those artistic pieces of statu
ary in oil colors have been attractlnj
much attention. They are odd, artistic
and not too expensive to be beyond the
reach of anyone desiring a beautiful
home ornament.
This year Heilberg will have dia
monds. It is always a risk for a dealer
to carry much of a supply of these
stones in a town the size of Marshall
town but Heilberg has them this year,
a large assortment and none but per
sonally selected stones in the lot. Hell
berg 1s always supplied with desirable
mountings and is prepared to put up a
fine ring to order on Bhort notice, If
ample capital, unlimited nerve and long
experience don't make Hellberg's stock
a marvel this year the day of wonders
will surely have passed away.
Distressing Stomach Diseases
Permanently cured by the maaterly
power of South American Nervine
Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer,
because this great remedy can cure
them all. It is a cure for the whole
world of stomach weakness and indi
gestion. The cure begins with the first
dose. The relief it brings Is marvel
lous and surprising. It makes no fail
ure never disappoints. No matter
how long you have suffered, you cure is
certain under the use of this great
health-giving force. Pleasant and al
ways safe. Sold by C. J. Lander, drug
gist, Marshalltown. Iowa.
Reliable and Gentle.
There are pills and pills. Tou want a
pill which is certain, thorough and gen
tle. Mustn't gripe. DeWitt's Little
Early Risers fill the bill. Purely vegeta
ble. Do not force but assist the bowels.
George P. Powers.
Homeseekers' Excursions.
The Chicago Great Western railway
will sell tickets to various points In the
west, on October 15th. November 6th
and 19th, and December 3d, at one fare
plus $2 for the round trip. For informa
tion apply to J. A. Ellis', ticket agent,
Marshalltown. I
Ely's Liquid Cream Balm Is an old
friend in a new form. It is prepared
for the particular benefit of sufferers
from nasal catarrh who are used t,o an
atomizer In spraying the diseased
membranes. All the healing and sooth
ing properties of Cream Balm are re
tained in the ifew preparation, ty does
not dry up the secretions. Price, In
cluding spraying tube, 75 cents. At
your druggist's or Ely Brothers, 56
Warren stret, New York, will mall It.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets eyre biliousness, constipation
and headache. They are easy to take
and pleasalnt in effect. For sale by drug
There's safety. There's strength.
There's happiness. There's an all
year's pleasure and health if you take
Rocky Mountain Tea this month. 35c.
Mc^rlde & Will Drug Co.
At Chicago Tuesday George W. Cass,
former secretary of the Illinois State
Bar association, was Indicted by the
grand jury on the charge of embezzling
J25.000 of friends and relatives of Cass.
itenartt $1001
The readers of thlB paper will be pleased to
loam that there is at least one dreaded disease
that science bu been ablo to core in all its
stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure known to the med
ical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucons surfaces or
the system, thereby destroying the foundation
of the disease, and giving the patient strength
by building up the constitution and assisting
nature in doing its work. The proprietors have
so much faith in its curative powers, that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for any oase that ft
falls to care. Bead for list of testimonials.
Address, F. J. CHENEY As CO., Toledo,0.
iuf Sold by JDrumriRtft.
Ball's Family Pils are the best
An Eastern Resident Says to
Everlastingly Seek After
New Manufactories.
Marshalltown a Splendid Town
in One of the Grandest SeoQ
tions of the Country.
Editor Hamaker, of Reading, Pa.,
Gives Wholesome Advice to
Business Men.
Mr- w- S-
years." You know why? Most diseases Greater American, an illustrated peri
begin in disorders of stomach, liver, odical published at Reading, Pa., who
kidneys, bowels, blood and nerves. Elec-lj^g been spending a few days in Mar-
trie Bitters tone? up the stomach, regu-
Hamaker, editor of the
shalllown, the guest of Mr. Henry Mc-
lates the iiver, kidneys and bowels, pu
rifles the blood, strengthens the nerves, Neely, and who has been devoting his
hence cures multitudes of maladies. It time to gathering material for an lllus
builds up the entire system. Puts new
life and vigor into any weak, sickly, run
down man or woman. Price 50 cents.
Sold by Geo. P. Powers, druggist.
trated article concerning Marshalltown
and'other points on the Iowa Central,
is very well pleased with this city and
with the territory tributary to it. Con
cerning his impressions Mr. Hamaker
gave the following interview, which
contains much good advice for the busi
ness men to follow In promoting the
growth of Marshalltown:
"This is a great country you have, the
finest in the world. What magnificent
agricultural resources, the granary of
all nations! Marshalltown is a beauti
ful little city and I have made many
pleasant acquaintances among the clti
zens—but above all things you need
more manufactories. Your citizens
must not expect them to come without
the asking. So great 1b the country
and so numerous are Its railway fa
cilities thut there are literally hun
dreds of towns scattered over this and
adjoining states that offer substantially
the same general advantages as to rail
ways and markets. You can not exRect
factories to come to you without sb
llcltatio'n and inducement Many of the
towns and cities go almost wild on
bonuses they1 offer. A little town in
Michigan the other day offered 550,000
bonus for a shoe factory another town
$25,000 for a tannery another town
$125,000 for ttie location of an educa
tional institution and $8,000 for the
headquarters of a life insurance com
pany. Donation of factories and
grounds and freedom from taxes for a
long period of years are common,
Exery town nearly is ready to give a
big bonus and other inducements for
an Industry. And this bidding for in
dustries goes on just as strongly in the
easterp states as in the western, and
perhaps more so, as they have had
greater experience as to their great
advantages. The result Is, if a town
wants industries she must tMoroughly
organize her forces and systematically
advertise and seek thru every channel
to secure them. You can not expect,
results in a day, or a month. If you
get one reasonably good factory in
year you are doing well. If you get
two or more in that time you are in
great luck.
"Marshalltown ought to raise from
$5,000 to $10,000 a year to be used in' ad
vertising the town and securing indus
tries, and keep at It year after year. It
is only by continuous effort that a town
can secure industries. Take Atlantic
City as an illustration. She started
with raising $5,000 and now expends
$50,000 a year for that purpose. But see
what results she has accomplished
What growth in population and wealth
"Take my own city of Reading. See
what she has done to secure Industries
After standing still for a number of
years she began to advertise and seek
industries, and kept at it until she got
them. The result Is, property there has
tripled in value in the last ten years,
and population has increased enormous
"Marshalltown Is a nice, bright town,
but if her citizens think industries will
come to ^ier without long and persistent
effort they are mistaken. Don't abuse
your Commercial Club if they do not
succeed immediately. Any body can
criticise and abuse. Generally those who
do the least themselves are the ones
who criticise the loudest. Don't abuse
the people who are trying to push your
town or encourage others to abuse them.
The only way to do is to pull together,
'a long pull, a steady pull and a pull al
together.' By the way, I want to con
gratulate your Commercial Club on the
map they have gotten out. It is one of
the best, most effective and catching
advertisements I have ever seen. It
makes a man thinking of a new ligation
interested in Marshalltown at once, and
he can see that he can make no mistake
in locating in your city. Your only dan
ger, then, is that some other city may
make a better offer or cause him to
think its citizens are more public-spir
ited or more united In pulling together.
Dissensions in a town, especially if
shown thru its press in persistent
abuse, will drive more people away than
one would imagine."
"5 Golden Wedding Anniversary.
One of the happiest of events took
place Wednesday at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Jucob Snyder, in Timber Creek
township, six miles southwest of this
ity, the occasion being the celebration
of the fiftieth anniversary of their mar
ried life.
This aged couple has for some time
past cherished bright anticipations of
having their many relatives and neigh
bors meet at their home on this occa
sion to share with them the joy and hon
or of this eventful day, and truly they
were not disappointed, for about 115
guests, coming from far and near, com
posed the gathering. Among the hon
ored guests were their children and
grandchildren as follows: Mr. and Mrs.
Albertus Snyder, of Camp Clark, Neb.,
and five children, Daphney, Goldie, Viv
n, Ralph and Iva Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Evans, of Monroe, and children, Clara,
Clifton, Willie and Roy Mr. and Mrs
A. E. Langdon, of this county, and chil
dren, Clarence, Bertha, William, Laurel
and Roy Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hulsizer,
of this county, and children, Eddie,
Fred. Nell, Holla, Arthur and Ethel Mr.
and Mrs. Adam Snyder, of Topeka, Kas.,
and children, Iona and Olive Mr. and
Mrs. AlVa Synder, of Marshalltown, and
children, Lydia and Lyda Mr. and Mrs.
W. Shettle, of Webb, and diildren,
Florence, Clara and Livi.
Father and Mother Snyder were mar
ried at Lafayette, Allen county. Ohio.
Their union has been blessed with seven
children and now twenty-eight grand
children, all of whom but one were pres
ent on this pleasant occasion. They have
resided in Marshall county since April
TOarshalllxrtmi inxm Thursday dumber 21, 1901,
1.6, 185t), and have lived in their present
homestead sinne 186.".
An elegant family dinner was served
at noon on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs.
Snyder were the recipients of many very
beautiful presents.
Society Entertained by Mrs. William
Sandoe Wednesday Afternoon.
Mrs. William Sandoe was hostess
Wednesday afternon at her home, No.
1104 North Center street, to the mem
bers of the Beethoven Society and a
few friends at the regular meeting of
the society. Mrs. W. R. Forney, the
newly-elected president^ gave her "in
augural address" as it were and Mrs.
Sandoe gave a report of the recent
Fifth district federated ciub meeting it
Vinton, which she attended as a repre
sentative of the Beethovens. The fol
lowing program was then given:
Piano solo, "A Song From the Heart
Mrs. S. G. Mason.
Whistling solo Selected
Mrs. Sandoe.
Reading, (a) "The Young Gray Head"
Reading, (b) "Two Otherly Other."
Mrs. H. T. Mairs.
Vocal solo, "Gae to Sleep" Fishe)
Mrs. Eila Baughman.
Paper, "The Lyre" Illustrated
Mrs. W. R. Forney.
Guests of the society for the afternoon
were Mrs. G. W. Burnham, of Vinton
Mrs. Will Clutier, of Tama Mrs. Tames
Haskell. Mrs. Belle Waldo, Mrs. Arthui
Jackson, Mrs. H. V. Speere, Mrs.
Charles Glick and Mrs. G. W. Harris.
The Children's Friend.
For coughs, croup, bronchitis, grippe
and other winter complaints One Minute
Cough Cure never fails. Pleasant to the
taste and perfectly safe. C. B. George,
of Winchester, Ky.: "Our little girl was
attacked with croup one night and was
so hoarse that she could hardly speak.
We gave her a few doses of One Minute
Cough Cure. It relieved her immediate
ly. When she awoke next morning she
had no signs of hoarseness or croup."
George P. Powers.
Opportunities for Homeseekers.
On the first and third Tuesdays of
each month the Iowa Central railway
will sell home-seekers' excursion tickets
to points in Iowa, Minnesota, North and
South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska,
Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, etc., at one
fare, plus $2, for the round trip, with
final return limit of twenty-one days.
The Iowa Central route Is the short line
to the north, northwest, west, south and
southwest and equally able to place the
land-seeker in the midst of the richest
farming belts of the western states. Full
particulars and printed matter of Inter
est to the home-sepker will be cheerfully
furnished by agents upon application or
by addressing George S. Batty, G. P. &
T. A., Marshalltown, Iowa. :-.-f
How to Treat a Troublesome Corn.
To remove a troublesome corn or bun
ion: First soak the corn or bunion in
war mwater to soften It, then pare It
down as cipBely as possible without
drawing lplood and apply Chamberlains
Pain Balm twice dally, rubbing vigor
ously for five minutes at each applica
tion. A corn plaster should be worn for
a few days to protect It from the shoe.
As a general liniment for sprains, bruis
es, lameness and rheumatism, Pain
Balm is unequaled. For sale by all
'}r Winter in California.
Winter tourists can avail themselves
of the usual low round-trip rates to
California and Pacific coast points now
in effect via the Iowa Central route. A
trip to California In four days, from St.
Paul, Mason City, Marshalltown, Oska
Icosa, Hedrick, Peoria and Intermediate
points via the Iowa Central and south
ern route, is a a feature worthy of rec
ognition. The popular Pullman tourist
car service has again been inaugurated
for the season, placing the Iowa Central
Jii a position to afford the traveler with
the comforts desired in these days of
thodern travel. For further particulars
and Illustrated pamphlets call on Iowa
Central agents or address George S.
Battv G. P. & T. A.. Marshalltown,
Notice to Contractors.
The city council of Marshalltown will
receive sealed bids for the construction
of permanent sidewalks, either of ce
ment or vitrified brick, along and in
front ol lots 12 and 13 of Anson's third
subdivijion to the town of Marshall
and along south side of 211 Soiuth First
street, the contractor to furnish all ma
terial and perform the work In accord
ance with specifications now on file in
the office of the city clerk. Bids will be
received by the city clerk up to 5
o'clock p. m. December 6, 1901. Bids
must specify the price per square foot
for cement and vitrified brick separ
ately and must be uccompanled by a
certified check for $100. The council
reserves the right to reject any or all
bids. C. H. SHAW,
City Clerk.
Modern 8urgery Surpassed.
While suffering {rom piles," says G.
F. Carter, of Atlanta, Ga., "I got De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve and was en
tirely cured." Cuts, burns and bruises
quickly cured. Beware of counterfeits.
George P. Powers.
It starts the circulation, expands the
system, strengthens the heart, brings
peace and happiness if taken this
month. Rocky Mountain Tea made by
Madison Medicine Co. McBride &
Will Drug Co.
Seven diamond stick pins, valued at
about $200. were picked up on Park
street, Portland, Ore., and have been
identified as part of the $10,000 diamond
collection stolen Sunday night from jA..
F. Lowenthal's room at the Portland
Perfect digestion means pure blood.
Pure blood means clear complexion,
a bright eye and an elastic step. In
digestion is always the result of negli
gence. To fail to assist nature in rem
edying a defective system and to bring
about harmony in the natural functions
of the body, is worse than unwise—it Is
a crime against nature a!nd self. Ov
ercrowding the stomach, or eating food
difficult pf assimilation, is one of the
main causes of Indigestion. Indiges
tion is known by sallow, spotted or
pimpled skin dull and lusterless eyes
disagreeable taste, with coated tongue
fretful disposition and 111 temper. Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin and Herb Lax
ative Compound gives instant relief,
and is a complete cure for all forms of
stomach troubles, dyspepsia, bilious
ness and constipation, sick headache,
nervousness, rheumatism and ma
laria. Sold by all druggists in 50 cent
and $1 bottles, but never in bulk. We
will be glad to send you a trial bottle
and a very interesting little booklet on
stomach troubles, if you will mention
your symptoms. Pepsin Syrup Com
pany, Monticello, 111.
Former Assistant Postmaster
Pleads Guilty on Being Ar
raigned at Des Moines.
Case Continued for Sentence for
Indefinite Period and Nay
End the Matter.
Is Released on His Own Bond
and Given His Freedom
Friends Interfere.
Telegrams to the T.-R. from DeB
Moines this afternoon announce that
Max ICruskopf, former deputy postmas
ter in this city, was arraigned in the
federal court this afternoon, entered a
plea of guilty to the indictment, which
charged the withholding of postal funds,
and that sentence was continued indefi
nitely, Mr. Kruskopf being released on
his own bond.
Friends who accompanied Mr. Krus
kopf to Des Moines interceded in his be
half, and the continuance of the case for
sentence and the releasing of Mr. Krus
kopf on his own bond means that no
further action will be taken in the mat
ter so long as Mr. Kruskopf's conduct is
acceptable to the court. This out
come of the case is gratifying to
Mr. Kruskopf's friends, who have
tpen working earnestly in his behalf.
Kruskopf was indicted on the charge of
failing to deposit postoffice money, in
stead of failure to "account" for funds.
The penalty for this crime is not so se
vere as for embezzlement.
Postmaster John Q. Saint, Dr. H. L.
Getz. Mr. D. T. Dentnead and Mr. Max
Kruskopf went to Des Moines this
marning, where matters pertaining to
the indictment in the federal court yes
terday of Mr. Kruskopf will be looked
Mr. Denmead goes especially to look
after his own interests as one of Mr.
Kruskopf's bondsmen, he, with P. S.
Balch, N. A. Carmean and W. J. Fort,
having been on Mr. Kruskopf's bonds
for $2,000, for his appearance before the
grand Jury.
Mr. Kruskopf's failure to appear on
Wednesday Is explained as being an
oversight on the part of friends who had
been intrusted with the matter of let
ting him know that his presence was
desired in the federal court. He was to
have been informed, and was not, and
consequently did not deem It necessary
to go until called upon.
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