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Positively Cures
fit Isn't one of thosft preparations which simply
give to
in porary relief, ana It docen require an
dniKcluK of tno stomach. It cures because it
sets right at tlioaffeotod pnrts and hpnh tlieni up.
Mrs. Zllda Fealoto, of \Vestfleld. Iowa, wrltrs
that she has used it In her family for two years
for the cure of Catarrh. Colds. Sore Throat, etc.,
and that she would not be without It.
Mrs. Nellie Qulmby, of Lewiston, 111,, •writes
that It cured her of catarrh.
It cured Mrs. 8. r. Allen, of Voca, Texas of
catarrh of the bead and throat from which she
had suffered for nine years.
Hundreds of other known cures similar to
these could be given. It splendid for ohtldren
as It Is so fragrant and soothing.
Asthma yields at once to Mother's SalYe tno
breathing becomes easy oiid that horrible reel
ing of suffocation passes away.
A cold Is the beginning of catarrh and catarm
Is the beginning of consumption. Mothers
Salve cures a cold and It cures catarrh It pre
vents consumption.
Mother's Salve will Care Catarrh, Croup
Colds It will be*! Cuts, Burns, Scalds,Sores,
Chapped Skin, Piles, etc. it will prevent
Diphtheria and Pneumonia. Has been in suc
cessful use for 30 years. Is absolutely pure
and prepared from vegetable oils.
PrloetS uid «nt» (»lw«y» In porcelain Jar),
at all dnif£UU, or sent on receipt of price by
For sale by Henry C. SI eg, C. A. Seely
ft Co.. Chas. J. Lander. Sorsenson & El
der. B. A- Morgan and W. H. Evans.
1 'I 'M"H 111111 I11-H-I
We are
Agents for
Try them*
11 I I'ifl'l I l"l"t-H
Reductions all along me line
that will interest
The Popular Tailor.
104 East Main Street
Painters and t:
General Blacksmiths
Pear of Humlong's Carriage Repository
North Center street.
Cfcoice Cut Flowers for Weddings
and Theatre Parties
Decorations for House Parties, Balky Etc.
David Coulton
28 South First Street.
Every Woman
IS int«re»t?U mid tlionld know
about the wonderful
MARVEL Whirling Spray
The new R/rlxer. Injec
tion and auction. Item—Saf
e»t—SIOBI Convenient
rear tfrmlit (hr St,
It Cleuiei lMtiaU
If be cannot »uppiy th
MAftVEL, aoceptpo
other, but
send *um for Il
us at
fall particulars
and direction*
«nliiaMMoJarilea. W»SVWbrB„
Boom 411, Times Bld(t, N. V.
Philanthropist's Visit to the City
Postponed, But His Plans
Desires to Know What Citizens
Will Do Before Aiding
Hospital Project.
Building Plans Being Prepared
and Everything Is Encour
Rev. Father M. C. Lenihan, of St.
Mary's", whose plans for a new charity
hospital for the city were recently out
lined in these columns, is in receipt of
a letter from Mr. Abraham Slimmer, of
Waverly, the philanthropist who has
given BO much of his wealth to hospitals
thruout the state, saying that it will
be impossible for him to visit the city
this week, as he had planned. In his let
ter, however. Mr. Slimmer conveys his
idea a? to his giving, and states that he
haa certain rules, which he will outline
more fully later, after he visits the city
and looks into the plans for the project
here. Mr. Slimmer informs Father Len
ihan that he is willig to help him in
every way possible but that he wants
to know definitely what the people of
the city are going to do. What Mar
shalltown will do in the matter of rais
ing the hospital fund will determine to
what extent Mr. Slimmer will assist.
He iB not giving his money to hospitals
where the citizen? themselves stand
back and wait for him, but instead he
notices the interest manifested and the
amounts subscribed, and then steps in
and lends his aid.
The plans for the building, which are
now being drawn in Dubuque, are ex
peeted to arrive in the city soon, after
which a more definite idea can be gained
as to what Is expected. Since the hos
pital project has been outlined in the
press, people have begun fo manifest an
Interest,, and a number of individuals
have informed Father Lenihan that
they are desirouB of furnishing and
maintaining rooms in the building,
number of the lodges •will probably ftlr
nish rooms, and the traveling men
the city ^will likely take a room.. A me
mortal room for the late Bishop Leni
han has been suggested by friends of
the deaYt bishop. These memorial rooms
are obtained at a cost of about $5,000,
and entitle those who donate -to the fund
the privilege of keeping at all times one
patient, free of cost, in the hospital.
While in the city Mother Catherine
mot an old friend, now one of the well
known physicians of the city, who,
twenty years ago, while she was sta
tioned at Iowa City, she nursed thru
severe siege of the smallpox. The visit
after so many years of separation was
mutually enjoyable.
First of the Seeond Series in the Uni
versity Extension Course.
The first lecture in the second series of
the university extension course was de
livered Monday evening in the east court
room by Professor Raymond, of the Chi
cago University. This lecture departed
radically from those of the ilxst course,
in the elimination of theoretical 'discus
sion and the presentation of .historical
facta. Mr. Raymond talked^' gen
eral topic of ConstantinopuAand for one
hour dealt w'ith historical facts. He
said that from the time of the ancients
the city, because of its ^oeation, was
considered the key to the military situa
tion of three continents, and for this
reason each conquering people estab
iirtied its seat of government there. The
surpassing beauty of the city, its people,
the sultan and his despotism and the
corruption of the Turkish administra
tion, and the present revolutionary
movements, were all referred to, and the
lfcture proper was followed with stere
optieon views which were very enter
taining and instructive. The lecture was
pleasing and one worthy of a larger au
ditorlum and a full house.
A Fireman Opposes Placing Other Du
ties on the Chief.
Editor Times-Republican—Dear Sir:
lc your issue of the 18th inst. you sug
gest consolidating the duties of the su
perintendent of mains and sewers with
those of the chief of the fire department.
The members of the city council are giv
ing the question of a paid department a
tl'orough investigation and will act ac
cordingly, but realizing the influence
your article will have with citizens who
have an inclination to look favorably on
any proposition that appears inexpen
sive I would say from a personal view
tlut coitsfolidation would not ptbve suc
cessful or satisfactory, and might in va
rious ways incur expenses to the city
that woulcl exceed a good salary annu
ally to either or both positions. We are
to have a paid department to better con
ditions and citizenB should encourage
the adoption of a department of the first
class, even if only two. companies are
maintained. We have the st,ate conven
tion .cityfc Imagine a reception commit
tee's humiliation should a conflagration
threaten the business section and be
acked, "Why does not the chief take
hold and inform his men where thei,r ef
forts would be most successful?" jo be
compelled to say he Is at the sewage
plant or at the city wells (both in the
country). Both positions require com-
V- V-y „-v, -:,„W -. i'
petent men. The superintendent of
mains usually has all he can look after If
he does his duty to the city looking after
the proper laying of water pipes, the
construction of cofferdams to avoid ac
cidents and damage suits and the proper
sealing of sewer pipe Joints to avoid thfc
unnecessary expense of doing the Job
the second time. A chief assumes the
responsibility of the department if flres
are scientifically fought a great saving
of property from damage by water as
well as lire can be accomplished, he also
having the apparatus under his super
vision. Both positions have what appear
to outsiders as minor matters that re
quire constant attention. A moment's
thought will convince any one of the im
possibility of a man being at two ex
treme ends of a city at the same time
and it would readily be agreed that the
proposition was not practical. Yours
List of Books Added During October
and November.
For the benefit of the numerous pat
rons of the public library lists of
books added will be published from
time to time. The following books
were added during October:
Gould—Church in Germany.
Meyrlck—Church in Spain.
Doud—Evdiution of the Individual.
Dreyfus—Five Years of My Life.
Fills—Life and Times of Daniel
Davis—With Both Armies in South
Waters—NiipleB, City of Parthen
Davis—About Paris.
Palmer—Russian Life in Town and
Larned—Churches and Castles of
Medieval France.
Baldwln-rStory of the Siegfried.
Dana—Art of Newspaper Making.
VanDyke—Story of the Other Wise
Antrobus—King's Messenger.
Bacheller—Dri and
Blanchard—Revolutionary Maid.
Boone & Brown—Eastover Court
Caine-»-Eternal City.
Cotes—Crow's Nest.
Dix—Old Bowen's Legacy.
Greene—Flood Tide. I
Hawkins—Tristram of Blent.
Horton—Like Another Helen.
Jordan—Tales of the Cloister
King—Wartime Wooing.
Lloyd—Drone and Dreamer.
Low—Supreme Surrender.
Matthews—Royal Marine.
Naylor—Ralph Marlowe.
Parker—Right of Way.
Raine—Garthowen. 'j
Scollard—Son of a Tory.
Serae—Land of Cockayne. 'J
Sheldon—Born to Serve.
Stephens—Captain Ravenshaw.
Mother Catherine and Sister Stanis
laus, of Mercy hospital, Dubuque, who
have been in the city for the past week
looking into sites for the new hospital
returned Monday to their mother home
Mother Catherine expressed herself as
being well satisfied with her yisit
Marshalltown, and extremely so as it re
ferred to the hospital, the prospects for
which she considers bright indeed
Mother Catherine, while here, invest!
gated six different sites, any one of
which is suitable for hospital purposes,
She says that from all that she could
itarn she sees no reason whatever why
the new modern charity hospital here
can not eventually develop to be one of
the largest and most important in the
Htate, next tb the mother hoose, in Du
buque.:. She thinks that Marshalltown'
cfntrdl location will draw a very large
outsldp patronage, and b)-Ing to Mar
shalltown the sick of neighboring towns,
whose patients now are sent either to
Chicago or Des Moines. She also says
that Marthalltown's ^physicians rank
higher, than thejr do in most cities in
the state, and compare favorably-with
ail the larger cities.
Alden—May and Margaret.
Blanchard—Daughter of Freedom,
Johnson—Little Colonel's House
Kaler—Larry Hudson's Ambition
With Perry on Lake Erie With Por
ter in the Essex With Preble at Trip
rend a, Her School and Her
Ambrose—Italian Child Life!
Bignell—Mr. Chupes and Miss
Bolton—Famous Leaders Among
Men Famous Leaders Among Women
Farmers-Boy's Book of Famous
Lodge & Roosevelt—Hero Tales
From American History.
Wagner—Patriotic Quotations.
During November the additions were
as follow?:
Fiske—Life Everlasting.
Brady—Colonial Fights and Fighters.
Priest—American. Antiquities.
Tuttle—History of Iowa,
Baker—Seen in Germany,
Miller—Poetical Works.
Barr—Lion's Whelp.
Besant—Lady of Lynn.
Gordon—Man from Glengarry,
Jewett—Tory Lover.
Naylor—-Sign of the Prophet.
VanDyke—Ruling Passion.
Yonge—Caged Lion.
Yonge—Chaplet of Pearls.
Yonge—Clever Woman of the Family
Yonge—Dynevor Terrace.
Yonge—Lady Hester.
Yonge—Love and Life.
Yonge—Magnum Bonum.
Yonge—Three Brides.
Yonge—Unknown to History.
Hurll—Jean "Francois Millet,
Tappan—In the Days of William
Thompson—Lives of the Hunted.
Alcott—Aunt Jo's Scrap Bag.
Alcott—Cupid and Ch£w-Chow.
Alcott—My Boys.
Alcott—My Girls.
Butterworth—Little Sky-High.
Cheever—Madame Angola.
Diaz—Flatlron and Red Coat.
Harbour-^Marcia and the Major.
Henty—At the Point of the Bayonet.
Kaler—Tim and Hp.
Perry—Cottage Negihbors.
Plympton—^.ittle Olive the Heiress.
Quick—In Fairyland of America.
Saunders—Tilda Jane. 'f
Spofford—Children of the Valley.
Stoddard—Two Arrows.
Trowbridge—Bound In Honor.
Trowbridge—His Own Master
Trowbridge—Jolly Rover.
Trowbridge—Pocket Rifle.
Trowbridge—Silver Medal.
Trowbridge—Young Joe, etc.
Watson—Young Barbarians.
Property owners are hereby notified
to clean the snow from their sidewalks
within twenty-four hours, otherwise the
work will be done by the city and the
cost taxed to the butting property.
h. £i. JONES, Major.
Chicago Great Western to Better
Its Passenger Service Early
Next Month.
Nos. 1 and 2 to Be Made Fast
Thru Trains and Two Locals
to Be Added.
Railway Men's Club Is to Be
Formed--D. W. Wheater in
Rock Island Wreck.
It is understood thru information that
is thought to be reliable, altho as yet It
has not been announced officially, that
the Chicago Great Western railway is
planning to materially better its train
service early in February, and will put
on two new local trains on this divi
NOP. 1 and 2, now leaving this point
for the west and east, respectively, at
4:46 a. m. and 10:35 p. m., are to be made
thru trains, stopping on this division
only at Des Moines, Marshalltown, Wa
terloo andi Oelwein. At present each
of these trains is local on a portion of
its run between Kansas City and Chi
cago, No. 1 being local from Chicago to
Oelwein, and thru the remainder of the
way, and No. 2 local from Kansas City
to Oelwein, then thru to Chicago.
To relieve the fast trains of the local
business two tew passenger trains will
be placed into service. Altho the sched
ule is r.ot yet made It is said that the
iww train west will leave Oelwein about
o'clock p. m., arriving here at about
o'clock. The train east will arrive in
this city about 6:30 p. m., passing No.
9 at this point.
This new state of affairs wi\l greatly
increase the road's service and business
as well. As the conditions are now the
thru trains, 1 and 2, are not quite fast
c-nough to compete with other reads In
to Chicago, and with the many stops
cut out the time can be reduced and
trains can arrive in Chicago two or
three hours earlier in the morning-
Marshalltown Traveling Man Has an
Experience That He Doesn't Care to
So far as known there was btit one
Marshalltown man in the bad Rock Is
land wreck, that occurred early Satur
day morning at Victor, caused by the
blowing up of the engine boiler, while
the train was running fifty miles an
hour. Mr. Daniel W. Wheater, of 52$
North Third street, a representative of
Shannon, Mott & Co., wholesale flourt of
Des Moines, was in the wreck, and says
that he doesn't care to repeat the ex
perience again. Mr. Wheater bqftrded
the fast train at Marengo, and. ^is
passenger in the chair car, which was
one of the only two cars of the entire
train that did not turn over, even tho it
did go into the ditch and stand at an
angle of about forty-five degrees. Mr
Wheater says that before any of the
passengers knew what had really hap
pened, for they did not hear the noise
of the explosion, they thought the train
was passing a depot that was on fire
Huge sprays of fire fell like myriads of
rockets on all sides. Then came the
Jolt, Jolt, caused by the cars running
over the ties, which lasted but a few
moments before the front coaches and
sleepers tumbled down the embank
ment, tearing down the right of way
fence, and lay on their sides in an ad
Joining field. Where the boiler lay, com
pletely overturned In a pasture ten rods
away, a hole three feee deep was Dored
In the ground. The cab was thrown
over a fence In the opposite direction.
To the wrecked boiler there wasn't a
single attachment left excepting the
throttle. Many of the flues were blown
all to pieces. "It is a miracle," added
Mr. Wheater, "that we weren't all
killed. Every one who witnessed the
scene was of the same conclusion. I
talked with one farmer who lived three
miles distant from the scene of the
wreck, and he told me that the concus
sion from the explosion was so great
that one of his men, who was carrying a
half-bushel basket filled with corn, had
it Jarred from his hand also that the
dishes on his kitchen table rattled as if
the ground was shaken by an earth
Iowa Railroad Men to Meet Today
Por This Purpose at Des Moines.
Superintendent C.* W. Huntington, of
the Iowa Central, was in the city Satur
day afternoon, being on his way home to
Oskaloosa from Cedar Rapids, whore he
had been to attend an informal meeting
of railway superintendents, held at the
office of Superintendent G. A. Goodell. of
the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & North
ern. The conference was the second one
held at Cedar Rapids, to discus® the
advisability of organizing a railroad
club, similar to a number that are al
ready In existence in different parts of
the country. There Is a territory be
tween Chicago and Omaha that the Iowa
superintendents think needs an organi
zation of this kind, and a meeting will
be held in Des Moines today, at
which time the railroad men will try to
perfect a permanent organization.
Railroad clubs are not for officials
a'one, or. for any one class of railroad
men. Invitations have been extended to
representatives of the traffic, operating
pnd passenger men of Iowa roads, as
well as conductors and engineers. The
object of the club will be the exchange
of information, the betterment of knowl
edge of railroad affairs and similar ques
tions that might arise in every-day
railroad life in any and all departments.
Delos Clay Purchases the Ulmer-Ben
son Bakery.
Mr. Delos Clay, a'popular and enter
prising young man of this city, has re
cently purchased the bakery business
formerly owned ty the LTlmer-Benson
Baking Company, at 120 West Main
street. Mr. Clay has teased the bulld
ihg now occupied by Mr. Needham for a
term of yearsj and will fit up a neat,
clean and modern bakery. He will cater
to the very 'best class of pastry and
bread trade and will aiwayB be ready
to figure on party orders to suit your
desires. He has employed one of the
best bakers in the state, a man who Is
qualified to do any and all kinds of
pastry work. The bakery will be con
ducted hereafter in a business like man-
^v:-^^,.:v---r^:'v .• X,''-,-•. »V"»
guiming Timea-HepuMitem, TOarshattttfxm^ tarni, Tuesday gmtuaxg 21, 1902
Declamation—Miss Minnie Daley.
Piano Trio—Misses J. Welch, F. Moon
ty and M. Daley.
Vocal Solo—Miss C. Mlnetor.
Declamation—Miss F. Mooney.
Piano Solo—Miss J. Welch
Piano Duet—Misses M. Barr and -C.
Piano Solo—Master M. Roskopf.
Piano Duet—Misses J. Welch and F.
Misses Margaret Barr, Josephine
Welch and Frances Mooney and Master
Michael Roskopf will finish the full
piano course in music at St. Mary's con
servatory this-year. Miss Cecelia Mine
tor has taken up the music course, also
voice culture.
County Auditor.
Please announce that I will be a can
didate for county recorder, subject to
the decision of the voters at the repub
lican primary election to be held March
I ask at the hands of the republicans
of Marshall county the nomination to
the office of county recorder, to be made
at the coming primary election.
nor and all orders will receive the very
best of attention, four patronage is
most earnestly solicitea.
McNeely-Shea Case About Concluded
—Criminal Cases Next Week.
The suit of McNeely Bros, against
Mrs. T. Shea, of Dubuque, which has
occupied the attention of the district
court and a Jury since last Friday even
ing. is nearing a close, the testimony
having been concluded shortly before
noon and the arguments commenced.
The suit, which was brought to collect
$425 on a monument contract, payment
of which was resisted on the allegation
that the contract had not been fulfilled,
has been vigorously contested.
The criminal cases have been set for
next week. There are five cases on the
criminal calendar this term. The cases
against Hendryx and Miller, for larceny,
and William Marcus, for burglary, are
sot for Monday, and those of W. S.
Devine and G. W. Smith for Tuesday.
St. Mary's Senior Music Class Enter
Saturday afternoon, in the convent
I-ajlors, St. Mary's graduating class in
music, assisted by Misses Cecelia Mine
tor and .Minnie Daley, gave a musicale
iii honir of Mother Catherine anu Sister
Stanislaus, of Dubuque, who are visit
ing the sisters at St. Mary's. The fol
lowing numbers were given:
Piano Duet—Miss M. Barr and Master
II. Roskopf.
Piano Solo—Miss Frances Mooney.
si- •}.:'
You will please announce that I will
be a candidate for the nomination for
the office of county auditor at the repub
lican primary election on March 11. 1902.
Please announce that I will be a can
didate for the republican nomination for
county auditor subject to the voters at
the primaries March 11.
County Recorder.: .'
I wish to announce that I will be a
candidate for the republican nomination
for county recorder, subject to the will
of^he voters at the republican prima
ries on March 11.
Please announce that I will be a can
didate for the office cf county recorder
subject, to the decision of the republi
can vqters at the primaries, March 11,
wish the republicans and old sol
diers of Marshall county to know that
I. am'.a candidate for the republican
nomination for county recorder, subject
to the will of the voters at the pri
maries, March 11.
Please announce that I will be a can
didate for the office of county recorder,
subject to the decision of the republican
voters at the primary election March 11,
1902. J. P. COOPER.
Editor T.-R.: Please announce that I
will be a candidate for the nomination
for the office of county recorder at the
republican primary election on March
H. 1902.
Please announce that I will be a can
didate for the office of county recorder,
subject to the decision of the republican
voters at the primaries March 11, 1902.
I wish the republican voters of Mar
shall county to know that I will be
candidate for the republican nomination
for county recorder at the primaries on
March 11. OSCAR ALLEN.
Please announce that I will be a can
flldate for the office of county recorder,
subject to the decision of the republican
voters at the primaries March 11, 1902.
Please announce that I will be a can
didate for the office of county recorder,
subject to the decision of the republican
voters at the primaries on March 11,
County Attorney.
I want to be the next county attorney,
and hereby announce myself a candi
date for the office, subject to the ap
proval of the voters at the republican
primaries, March 11, 1902.
Please announce that I will be a can
didate for the office of County attorney,
subject to the decision of the republican
voters at the primaries, March 11.
,Will you please announce thait I will
bo a candidate for nomination as county
attorney, before the republican primary
election of March 11, 1902.
A Little Boy's Life Saved.
have a few words to say regarding
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It saved
my little boy's life and I feel that I can
not praise it enough. I bought a bottle
of it from A. E. Steere, of Goodwin, S.
D., and when I got home with it the
poor baby could hardly breathe. I gave
the medicine as directed every ten min
utes until he "threw up" and then I
thought surely he was going to choke to
death. We had to pull the phlegm out
of his'mouth in great long strings. I am
positive that if I had not got that bottle
of cough medicine my boy would not be
on earth today.—Joel Dement, Inwood.
Iowa. For sale by druggists.
I'll brave the storms of Chllkoot Pass,
I'll cross the plains of frozen glass,
I'll leave my wife and cross the sea,
Rather than be without Roqky Mountain
McBride & Will Drug Company. •,
Edwin Hardoastle, wanted for shoot
ing John Wellman, a farmer, at Platte
ville, Wis., Jan. 2, has been arrested at
Deadwcodi, S. D.
Sepreme Court Remands Impor
tant Marshall County Suit
ior Retrial.
Findings ol the Lower Court Re
versed on Appeal of LeGrand
Quarry Company.
Lower Court Gave Plaintifl
$5,000 Damages for Loss
of Eyesight.
An important opinion was handed
down by the supreme court at Des
Moines'today in a case appealed from
the Marshall county court under the
title of B. Lanza vs. LeGrandi Quarry
Company. The decision of the lower
court is reversed on appeal of the
defendant quarry company.
B. Lanza was a former emplo$"e of
the quarry company, and three
years ago while engaged in
blasting was severely injured by
a premature discharge of the
explosive he was using. As a result of
the explosion Lanza lost the sight of
both eyes. Suit was commenced in the
district court for $25,000 damages. The
trial came on before Judge fiurnham
and a Jury, and Lanza was awarded a
verdict for $5,000. A motion set aside
this verdict was sustained and a new
trial was granted. The second hearing
was also before Judge Burnhim, and
the second Jury awarded plaintiff dam
ages in the sum of $5,000 for the second
From this second verdict the quarry
company, thru its attorneys, appealed
to the supreme court, and the hearing
in that tribunal, which has Just been
concluded, resulted in the reversal of
th© lower court. The case will now
come back to Marshall county for re
trial. The grounds on which the su
preme court bases its ruling have not
been received here.
Photographs of Representative lowans
to Be Gathered.
There is in preparation in this state
a work to be called "Men of Iowa,"
which is to Include the photographs of
the representative men in the state in
all walks of life. The idea is taken from
"Notable New Yorkers," a collection of
photographs of men of national reputa
tion, classified into professions and the
various departments of commerce.
There is to be an entire absence of bi
ography and fulsome personal praise
that is so objectionable to many men.
The only printed matter Is the name of
the subject and a brief two line identi
fication. The object of the work Is to
secure the portrait of every represen
tative man in the state In one volume
for the purpose of contemporary histori
cal reference. In addition it will be a
valuable souvenir at home and abroad,
and an enduring monument to the
greatness of Iowa, portraying the
statesmen, professional men, financiers,
philanthropists, merchants, manufac
turers and al others who are earnestly
endeavoring to aid In the development of
the state. The selection of'the subjects
will be made by gentlemen in the vari
ous professions and commercial bodies,
and only those who are carefully select
ed will be included In 4he lists. The
compilation is by the Iowa Historical
If a man keeps both hands and both
eyes faithful to his own business, he
knows little about his neighbor's af
fairs, and if he regularly takes Dr.
Crane's Quaker Tonic Tablets he will
live in perfect health. For kidneys,
liver and bowels, prompt, pleasant and
permanent. The perfection of purity
in medicine. All drug stores fifty
Licensed to Wed.
Walter H. Bollenbacker, barber, aged
19, and Mary L. Schneider, aged 20, both
of Melbourne.
John Hanousek, boiler maker," aged
23, and Victoria B. Mourse, aged 23,
both of Marshalltown.
William R. Leibsle, implement dealer,
aged 21, of Melbourne, and Minnie F.
Richmond, aged 22, of Rhodes.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh Oat
contain Mereory,
as mercury will sorely destroy the sense of
smell and completely
derange the whole system
when entering it through the mucous surfaces.
Buch articles should never be used except on
prescriptions from reputable physicians, as
damage they will do is ten fold to the good yea
can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney A Co.,
Toledo, yj.,
O., contains no mercury, ana is taken
uu uicrcury, ana la lIXfQ
internally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the
system. In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It is
taken internally and is made in Toledo, OhlOk
by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free.
19* Sold by Druggists, price 76c. per bottle*
Hall's Family Plls are the best.
Mantes Corbott?
The Shirt
after it has been
ironed in our laun
A»"fit" can be
ironed into a shirt
just as easily as a
"misfit." All that
it requires is a little
You don't find
shirts going out of
our laundry with
a triangular shaped collar and
a blue veined bosom.
When the shirt leaves here
it's a snowy white and a com
fortable shape*
Your package will be called
for and delivered.
Meeker's Empire Laundry,
117 West Main.
Greene's Infallible Liniment
Funeral Directors.. 'v'' Gold Coin
Good Looking Men
Look Well in
a Neat Dressy
like those made by Lewis A, Crossett.
Without fail see that your next pair has
his name on the strap. They are sold
only by
9 West Main Street
the famous pugilist, praises
Greene's Infallible Liniment should be in
every home. For all the daily accidents in
ever walk of life it has no equal. Prepared by
J. W. GREENE & CO., 17-19 VanBurtn St., Chicago ^171,
For sale by the McBrlde A Will Drc Compfcr.y and F. B. Wiley, BforahaU*
(own, Iowa.
jt Jt jl Jt jl je Jl jl-il 01 Jl
You will always find at ALLEN'S a complete
Watches. Clock!
and Jewelry
most highly, under date
of May 20, 1901, he says:
"You ask what I think of your Infallible LinimentiS
I can answer in a word by saying that it is an honest
article and worthy of confidence. I find it very valuable
for bruises, strains and sore muscles. In training it is
an excellent conditioner. You are welcome to my en-f
dorsement and I hope it will do you good.
Yours truly,
(signed) JAS. J. CORBETf.
Is that made from Benson's Cream of
Patent flour, and wise in her day and
generation, she will use no other—and
her daughters follow her example. For
bread it can't be beat in any quality.
good flour should possess and is far #u
per ior to that made by the old-fashioned
Mat. pi fc
.' '.,r
to select from. All repair work done first class.'*'
jcjeirjc irjoir jeiriPtrinetrtrt^riririr«ricr,
a a

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