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Do You Enjoy Your Meals?
•:On» of the Most Important Question*
to Consider in the Search for
Happiness and Health.
The world wants to smile and be
cheerful, and unless you are cheerful
and smile, at least, occasionally, y°u
will have few friends, fewer opjSor
tunities, no success, and you will go
down in defeat,—defeated by dyspepsia
uvf and a bad stomach.
A good and thorough digestion has
i«a quick, wonderful reaction upon the
•brain. You must have noticed it many
times, for the brain and stomach are
as Intimately connected as a needle
and its thread, one can hardly be used
Ato advantage without the other. If
•i 'our stomach is slow and lazy in di
gesting your food, It will produce at
•once a slow, lazy and cloudy influence
fjupon your brain. Mark it! If your
ilstomach has absolutely quit work, and
^fermentation is poisoning your vitals
as a result, surely your brain is going
s«ftX to be sluggish and correspondingly de
[i *•*. pressed. No one need tell you that.
'Sm-'** But why continue to Suffer all the
^ttiiseries and torments that a disordered
vBtomach brings you?
if your stomach can not digest your
'iood, what will? Where's the relief?
the cure?
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are the
relief and the cure. Why? Because,
"ma all stomach troubles arise from In
S"i {digestion and because one ingredient
j,J of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets is able
gSvf jjto thoroughly and completely digest
fjp9,000 grains of any kind of food, doesn't
stand to reason that these little
Vuygpepsla Tablet* are going to digest
all the food and whatever food you put
-Into your stomach? Science nowadays
'^can digest food without having to use
'Ahe stomach for It. And Stuart's Dys
lwpepsla Tablets are the result of
a 'Vibflentiflo discovery. They digest and
If, \Jdlgest thoroughly and well, anything
^JRand everything you eat.
s«fs v,'-* So, If your stomach refuses to work
5%, 'for can't work, and you suffer from
Jefuctations, bloat, brash, fermentation.
Safe IsSjillouwiess, sour stomach, heartburn,
Lirritation, indigestion, or dyspepsia of
'^whatever form, just take one or two
Si 30 acres, from
and price.

-al "V,^ t*w
The burning: question, to you, Is, "Are
•yOu getting out of life all the pleasure 1rO^l'OSSI CS 111
and the health you are entitled to?"
... If not, why not'.
No matter whether every organ and
member pf your body is in a sound
state of health and strength, if your
atomach Is in anyway disordered, you
are not going to be "yourself." You
are going to be a worried, out-of-sorts,
nervous or sullen individual, whose ac
tlons will reflect your condition inside,
and people will naturally avoid you.
Jf%f Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, and see
2§the difference. It doesn't cost you
fffmucli to prove it. Then you can eat
ffltail you wantr what you want, when
^"?«ver you want, If you use these tablets,
and you can look tho whole world in
^Ithe face with a beaming eye and you
Kine race wiui o. uwuuug apparent in the Third district. In Del
"••Vwill have a Cheerful spirit, a pleasant aware county the friends of both Rann
J^^face, a vigorous body and a clear mind and Young are in arms. Howard Rann,
"and memory and everything will look
and taate delicious to you. That's life.
Get a package Of Stuart's Dyspepsia
I^Ta blets at any drug store on earth for
60c a package.
Send us your name and address to
day and we will at once send you by
mall a sample package, free. Address
F. A. Stuart Co., 150 Stuart Bldg.,
^Marshall, Mich.
I Have a Call:
ftf.* for 100 acres
20 acres or
1 to 3 miles
from town. If 0
you have such
a tract write me
full particulars
Over 10 West Main 8trmt
Dr. B. F. Kierulff's
Treats all diimw of On
iriEye, Ear. Nose Throat
104 East Main. New 'Phone, 814.
VanOrman & VanOrman
Insurance Agents
Over 116 West Main Street,
Offioe Over 106 East Main Strut
Black Hawk
County Aid Jarnagin to Se
cure Cedar Falls Postoffice
His Opponent, One Jaokson, Said to
Have Support of Birdsall Ed.
Hunter Makes His Appearance in
the Senatorial Campaign, Altho Cor
porations Are Supposed to Keep Out.
Sperfal to Times-Republican.
Des Moines, Jan. 15.—Progressive
republicans in Blackhawk county are
supporting the candidacy of Editor J.
W. Jarnagin, of the Cedar Falls Rec
ord, for the position of postmaster at
Cedar Falls. Jarnagin Is a standpat
ter. He has many standpat supporters
also and his opponent is Chairman
Jackson, of the Blackhawk county con
vention at Waterloo in 1906 when the
standpatters fixed up the proposition
to steal the county. Jackson's nerve
failed him the last minute and the deal
fell thru.
The postoffice situtatlon In Cedar
Falls is odd and the understanding is
that Congressman Birdsall has practi
cally promised the position to Jackson.
So far as the progressives are con
cerned they are looking upon Jama
gin as an eminently honest man and
tho a standpatter not one who woudd
be a .party to a steal. Because Jack-1
son's nerve failed him the last min
ute, thus preventing the steal, is no al
ute, thus preventing the steal, is no
ameliorating circumstance in their
judgment. Furthermore, tho Jarnagin
was a candidate for the legislature
against Feely when Feely got the nom
ination Jarnagin came tb the platform
to introduce his opponent and made
every effort to get Feely elected.
Jarnagin therefore has the friendly
support of the Feely men and of all the
progressives and a considerable num
ber of the standpatters Who are "sore
ber of the standpatters who are "sore"
at Jackson for not consumating the
"steal" of the convention. Jackson has
the support of the standpatters who
were party to the "steal' 'and dttre not
turn against him.
Still another postoffice difficulty Is
A«tA«Mttlilnp uitll lnnlr crnt fVia riAtnfnat\r.tl ftftef
a standpatter, got the nomination after
Young had gotten the support of the
bulk of the political influences of the
county. But before giving Rann the
appointment Birdsall insisted that It Ue
fought out in a primary which made
both candidate considerable expense.
"Rann Is sore because he was put to ex
pense after he was assured he could
have the appointment and Young Is
sore because put to expense when the
lards were stacked against him all
Burton B. Sweet of Bremer county,
is a candidate in,opposition to Birdsall
and It is understood here as assured
that Pickett of Waterloo will also be
a candidate. While Pickett Is a'stand
patter it is claimed that he will poll, a
very heavy vote In the district
Ed Hunter Is active again In the po
litical campaign. The first visible ac
tivity on the part of the man who ar
ranged for the purchase of HO m&ny
counties against Clinton ins last year
was at the meeting of the state cen
tral committee here Thursday last.
Some weeks ago thru the columns of
standpat newspa.pers it was heralded
that the standpatters had control of
the state central committee. It was
heralded that McCoy, a progressive,
had left for Washington and had given
his proxy on the state central com
mittee to "Cal" George, a standpatter,
and that this .made the majority on the
committee standpat.
In the first place MdCoy arid George
were both standpatters and hence the
proxy did not change the complexion
of the committee. It was not the In
tention of Ed Hunter to get Into the
campaign so early but not till the cen
tral committee met Thursday did the
standpatters remember that there was
a rule adopted by a previous republi
can convention Whloh made (proxies
Illegal. It was time for quick ac
tion. Word was carried to Kd Hunter
and In a minute he was at the Savery
Ones An Effort, Now Real Plewur*.
Walking, especially in the early
morning, is fine exercise, If one is ro
bust enough to really enjoy It. If not,
it is burdensome.
A lady at Blount Springs, Ala., where
the water and fresh air did not seem to
build her up as she hoped, found that
Grape-Nuts food was just what she
needed to give strength. She writes:
"Circumstances have made it nec
essary for me and my family to board
for the past five years and during that
time I have suffered greatly, from in
digestion. Improper and poorly cooked
food being the evident cause of my
"Indigestion had become chronic and
complications arose so that I lived
for months at a time on raw eggs
could not even take wine, brandy or
milk—the latter souring on my stom
ach. I tried about every known rem
edy and had been here for a months,
drinking the water and walking morn
ing, noon and night, trying' to get re
"Accidentally I heard of Grape-Nuts
and began to eat the food. After about
three weeks on this food together with
the exercises, I found the greatest re
lief. First noticeable in the morning
walk and early rising, which before had
been done with the greatest possible
effort, but now have become a positive
pleasure—with a gain of 10 lbs.
"Since using this food and being so
improved, I meet others al.=o, who have
used it with like results. One lady who
had been a great sufTerer from nervous
and stomach troubles has been entirely
relieved and continues to use Grape
Nuts daily In her family." "There's a
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read "The Road to Well
ville" in pkgs.
late to save tho
"fix" the com ml t-
lobby. He was too
McCoy .proxy or tu
With the entrance of Kd Hunter
into the cathpalgn came also the first
rumor that money from outside
sources is being used in the campaign.
It is known that many hundreds of
thousands of dollars of corporation
money passed into the hands of Ed
Hunter for use In the campaign in 1906
for Perkins. The last legislature en
acted a law which prohibits corpora
tions in the state from contributing
money for political purposes. If this
is ovaded by corporations outside the
state the only punishment that can
be meted out will be on the person
receiving the money, which it is diffi
cult to accomplish.
There lias been no confirmation of
the report that money Is being used In
Iowa for political purposes now. but
the report came from a trustworthy
source. Ed Hunter is displaying spme
activity in the campaign, however, find
it is known that his methods in the
past have been by the use of money.
Manageris and Owners of Western
and Siouthwestern Iowa Attend.
Special to TltnesRepublloan.
Council Bluffs, Jan. 15.—Independ
ent telephone men from western and
southwcMtern Iowa are holding a
meeting here today and tonight. There
are about fifty In attendance. This
association is -comprised of managers
of exchanges and large owners In* In
dependent telephone systems. 'To
morrow morning the greater number
will go to' Lincoln to attend a atate
There was little talk argong members
about consolidation wfth the Mutual
Telephone company, of Des Moines.
Manager C. A. Laubach, of the Coun
cil Bluffs exchange voiced the seftti
ment of many others In saying:
"So far as Council Bluffs Is Con
cerned. there Is no movement on foot
to consolidate with the Mutual of Des
Moines or any other company, nor do I
think that any of the, companies in
southwestern Iowa contemplate such
a move."
Albert Mitchell, Corwith, Sues T.
and S. X. Way.
Special to Times-Republican.
Mason City, Jan. 15.—Suit was'file.l
today in a case In which Albert Mit
chell, of Corwith, a stockholder In the
defunct i^ank there, asks judgiment for
$1,000 of Thomas A. Way and 45. X.
Way. The plaintiff alleges that he
subscribed (for $1,000 worth of stock
in August, 1905, with the understand
ing that If It did not yield a profit of
6 per cent .or that for any reason he
wished to sell his stock, the defend
ants ivould take it off his hands or
make up whatever deficiency ttere
was. The- plaintiff alleges that he
asked T. A. Way orally for the repay
ment of the money subscribed for the
stock, in 1906, but that he gave no
heed to the request He also wrote
to him, but received no answer. The
bank has now closed its doors and
the plaintiff la after Mr. Way for his
Council Bluffs to Entertain Western
Iowa Editorial Association.
Special to Times-Republican.
Council, Bluffs, Jan. 15.—The West
ern Iowa Editorial association will hold
Its semi-annual meeting here Febru
ary 21, notice of which has just been
issued by the secretary, E. A. Stevens,
editor of the Silver City Times. The
program has not been arranged en
Iowa Falls Bank Meeting.
Special t.o Times-Republican.
Iowa Palls, Jan. 15.—At the annual
meeting of the First National bank of
this city, the following board of direc
tors was re-elected:
J. H. Carleton, E. O. Ellsworth, W.
H. Woods and Wm. Welden of this
city F. W. Crockett of Des Moines,
J. S. Newcomer and C. S. Newcomer
of Eldora. The board re-elected W. closed with the distribution of over
H. Woods, president: C. H. Burlln- $500 in prize money to the winners In
game, cashier J. H. Carleton, vice the five-men and two-men events and
president. This bank controls and con- in the individuals. Sixty-five men
ducts the Security Savings Bank and
Telephone Manager Dies Suddenly.
Oskaloosa, Jan. 15.—J. A. Thomas,
local manager of the Iowa- Telephone
exchange, dropped dead at the door
step of his office at 5 o'clock last ev
ening. He was not feeling well and
had started for home. His death was
due to heart disease, from which he
had suffered some for years. He was
55 years old. He leaves a wife and six
Hardin County Medics Elect.
Special to Times-Republican.
Iowa Falls, Jan. 15.—The newly
elected officers of the Hardin County
Medical association are as follows:
President, Dr. W. M. Morton, of
Iowa Falls vice president, Dr. W. E
Marsh of Eldora secretary, Dr. W. E.
Whitney, of Eldora treasurer, Dr. J.
W. Thornton, of Ackley.
Bank Opens at Bassie.
Special to Times-Republican.
Sioux Rapids, Jan. 15.—The Bassie
Savings Bank, at Bassie, opened up for
business last week, with Charles Gil
more, president: John Spindler, vice
president, and Charles Miller, cashier.
Mr. Miller has been connected with
the First National Bank of L,inn
Grove for the past two years.
Carpenter Ends His Life.
Clinton, Jan. 15.—W. E. Williams, an
expert carpenter who resided a great
many years in the town of De Witt,
committed suicide by taking a quantity
of carbdlic acid in the barn at the rear
of his boarding house. His dead body
was found by neighbors.
Iowa at Washington.
Washington, Jan. 15.—Margaret
Hamilton of Des Moines, has been ap
pointed special agent of the depart
ment of labor at a salary of $1,200.
Aaron T. Feck has been appointed
postmaster at Iiadega, Taylor county,
vice C. W. Hamilton, resigned.
Aunt of Author III.
Special to Times-Republican.
Sioux Rapids, Jan. 15.—Mrs. Tour
gee is seriously ill at the home of her
son-in-law, Rev. Henry Albertson, of
this place. Mrs. Tourgee is a cousin
of Efc P. Roe, and aunt of Albion Tour
gee, author of "Fool's Errand."
Junk Dealer Who Induced Boys
to Steal Arrested and Pun
ished ill Court
H^undreds of Brake Shoes Taken From
Milwaukee Cars in the Yards—Po
lice Succeeded in Punishing Real
Culprit on Charge of Receiving the
Stolen Property.
Special to Times-Republican.
Davenport, Jan. 15.—In an effort to
eradicate the practice of indulging
young boys to steal, and of making
thieves out of otherwise promising
youths, Magistrate I^ouis E. Rodde
wig Monday afternoon imposed a fine
of (5 and costs on Samuel Schoor,
west end Junk dealer, who pleaded
guilty to receiving stolen property, and
discharging Isaac Faulber, who, it ap
peared, was employed by Schoor.
The special representatives of the
Rock Island and Milwaukee railroads
have been in Davenport- for some time
looking up the loss of several hundred
brake shoes which were deliberately
removed from freight cars, and they
finally arrested seven boys ranging
from the ages of 18 years to 10 years,
and who have been stealing the useful
metal from the cars and selling their
plunder to junk dealers.
The boys were arrested last week,
and the police found themselves In a
perplexing situation. The boys would
have to be taken before the juvenile
court, and the county attorney believed
that there was another! way to do
away with the practice, and according
ly ordered the arrest of the junk deal
ers. One hundred of the shoes were
missed by the Milwaukee and forty
six by the Rock Island. Monday after
noon three of the boys were secured
as witnesses and one man was fined
and the other let go, with the under
standing that if the some thing hap
pens again, they, or any other dealers
who make a practice of buying stolen
property, will be dealt with more se
Emmett Brennan, Sioux City, Stumbles
Into Vat of Boiling Lard.
Special io Times-Republican.
Sioux City, Jan. 15.—While at work
at the Cudahy Packing Company's
plant yesterday, Emmett Brennan, of
this city, slipped and fell, feet fore
most, into a tank, or vat, of boiling
lard, and before he could be taken out
both of hl4 legs were literally cooked.
A call was immediately sent for sur
geons and the police ambulance, and
the man was taken to the Samaritan
hospital, where the burned members
were swathed in cooling bandages.
Patrolman G. W. Overmlre, who ac
companied the ambulance to the pack
ing plant, found the man In intense
agony, and in such a faint condition
that he could not intelligently the
details of the terrible acclden the
hospital the patient was made a.- com
fortable as possible. The flesh of the
legs is cooked deeply, and it does not
seem possible that the llmibs can be
Bowling Tourney Ends With Distribu
tion of Prizes.
Sioux City, Jan. 15.—The first an
nual tournament of the Iowa and
Northwestern Bowling association
the same board of directors was elect- being from Omaha, Des Moines and
ed with one exception, A. Fletcher gloux City.
Repp being chosen to fill the vacancy
occasioned by the death of W. F.
In the winnings, most of them
Frank Fanton, of Des Moines, was
the individual star, winning the hon
ors in singles and also making the
highest score for nine games. His
score was 634 and for the nine games
1.729. For the nine games event he
was presented with a silver cup. As
his prize in the individuals he received
The first prize of $70 in the five
men event went .to the Omaha Mix
ers with a score of 2.766. The second
prize of $60 went to the crack Des.
Moines team, and the third prize of
$45 to the Brewed Malts, of Sioux City,
Moore and Berger, of Omaha, with 1,
204 points, won the Jirst prize of $40
in the doubles.
The place of the next tournament
has not been decided.
&,• Steamboat Rock News.
ft'peclPl to Times-TteDUbllcan.
Steamboat Rock, Jan. 15.—G. W.
Hathaway has sold his home in town
to Mr. Henry J. Eckhoff. The latter
will move here from Aplington in the
near future.
The German Baptists are holding re
vival meetings, which are well attend
ed. Rev.. Stern, the local pastor, is as
sisted by Rev. Bleitstren, of Parkers
The Alice Dale Company, which was
billed here for Monday night, did not
arrive until after 9 o'clock, on account
of the wreck on the Iowa Central. Not
withstanding the lateness of the hour,
there was a large attendance.
Hon. D. L,esh, of Yakima, Wash
Is here visiting with his mother and
other relatives.
The board of education, at a special
meeting last night, ordered our schools
closed for a short time on account of
two cases of scarlet fever existing in
the William Moore family.
The Traer News.
Special to Times-Republican.
Traer, Jan. 15.—James Buffington,
who* was operated on some time ago in
a hospital at Iowa City, is recovering
slowly. A five pound tumor of can
cerous nature was removed.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nichols, late of
Traer, now living on a claim in New
Mexico, are the proud parents of a
baby girl.
F. Orr and family will soon leave
for Dakota, to take up a homestead
Mr Orr filed on a claim some time ago.
Mrs. Truesdell. of Garwin. and Mrs.
.Elmer Bailey, of Ashland, Neb., are
Ttoff»yiyahF IHtahalltewii fffura, Jamrarg 15 '1908."s? ."W6
spending a few days with the former's
'daughter, Mrs. Roma l^add.
Traer has nine civic societies, all
flourishing, with a total lodge member
ship of 570.
One of the largest gray wolves seen
in this part of the state for many years
was captured by Will Neeble last
week. It had killed a yearling steer,
two calves, and done other damage be
fore it was finally captured, it was
caught in a trap and then shot.
Mrs. Clifford Shortess of McAllister,
Okla., arrived here yesterday for an ex
tended visit with her parents, Mr. ami
Mrs. R. H. Moore.
Mr. Asa Ames, of Chicago, is here
for a few days calling on old friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Harris Gates arrived
home from Indianola last night. wher*
they have been spending the past two
weeks with relatives.
James Henderson, accompanied by
his wife and Dr. Hervey, left Traer
Monday for Des Moines, at which place
he will undergo an operation for ap
pendicitis. Mr. Henderson has been in
very poor health for some months past
and his many friends hope that he
will find permanent relief.
Carl Keyas. formerly of Traer^ but
frlends between trains Monday. Mr.
Keyes was on his way to Mt. Vernon,
to Fpend a month's vacation with his
mother nt that place.
Miss Mvrtle Wulf. who has been a
faithful clerk in the T. H. McGinnls
store for the last four years, has re
signed her position,
Bert Beaoh of Aekley, Buys Bijou at
Iowa Fails.
Special to
Iowa Falls, Jan. 15.—A change has
taken place in the management ot
the Bijou theater in this city. A. E.
Wright, who has been associated with
A. H. Phlnney In the management of
the theater, selling his interests In the
enterprise to Bert Beach, of Ackley.
Under the new management, the show
will be given every alternate night In
Ackley, the other nights the programs
being given In the Bijou here. 1
Garrison News.
Special to Times-Republican.
Garrison, Jan. 15.—Mrs. Arthur Don
ald is much improved.
George Robinson, who has been laid
up nearly all winter with rheumatism.
Is out now when the weather is extra
Rev. and Mrs. B. B. Keister spent
several days last week with Mr. Keis
ter's father at Clinton.
The M. W. A. held open installation
last week.
Mrs. Phil Hardlnger continues quite
Boughton, the magician, appeared in
the Presbyterian church Monday even
ing to a large and appreciative audi
ence. Only one number remains on the
entertainment course which the en
terprising ladies of that church have
Mrs. John Barr is visiting In Clin
ton this week.
Charley Burkey, who has been liv
ing on the Jack Urice place, southwest
of towrt, has moved Into the Criswell
house In west Garrison.
H. W. Stecker has returned to his
work In Chicago and Milwaukee, after
a week at home.
Will L.ahue and wife have moved
back Into the Moody property.
Phil Clltes Is quite sick at present
wth stomach trouble.
Mrs. E. S. Genung, who has been
quite sick with erysipelas, is again
able to be about the house.
Bert Merchant left Friday night for
Klngsley, where he is to Spend the
balance of the winter, and perhaps the
next year. Mrs. Merchant will follow
In a t&w days.
:viv-.. ::"H Hubbard.
Special to Times-Itei'iilillcan.
Hubbard, Jan. 15.—Mr. and Mrs. Art.
Ziegler and baby returned to their
home in Missouri, after a week's visit
with Mrs. Ziegler's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Granner.
Dr. Brubaker was called to Buckeye
on Thursday in consultation with Dr.
Bridgeman, of Radcllffe.
Ntr. and Mrs. Chance Stoner, of Ea
gle Grove, are visiting at the E. F.
Hough home.
Miss Roxy Early, of Liscomb, is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. M. C. Nix.
Mrs. C. D. Andrews, of Grinnell, is
visiting her brother, D. E. Byam, and
A. W. Mitteret",-. of Eldora, was a

Mr. and Mrs. Cris Hough made a
short visit at Eldora the first of .the
Mapleton Lodge Installation c?y
Special to Times-Republican.
Mapleton, Jan. 15.—The following
officers were duly installed in Quarry
lodge, No. 404, A. F. and A. M., Mon
day night:
Earl G. Carhart, W. M, C. C. Jacob
sen, S. W. Loyd Crow, J. W. J. R.
Welch, treasurer C. E. Carhart, sec
retary F. W. Hayungs, S. D. G.
Tronstrom, J. D. J. E. Scott, S. S.
John Seitzlnger, J. S. G. G. Harris,
The trustees and officers of the
Mapleton Masonic association are J. E.
Scott, president J. E. Duschl, vice
president C. E. Carhart, secretary J.
R. Welch, treasurer H. S. Gillspie, F.
W. Hayung, and C. E. Carmody.
Special to Times-Republican.
Bayard, Jan. 15.—Dr. W. L. Thomp
son's little baby Is quite sick and. Dr.
Ross, of ePrry, was called,in consulta
tion yesterday morning. Later today
the little fellow seemed to be resting
No one here has a word of censure
for Senator Allison, but regardless of
the editor of the Grinnell Herald, who
was formerly a Guthrie county boy,
the county will round up a nice ma
jority for Hon. A. B. Cummins.
The Woman's Relief Corps install
officer0 tonight, 'and entertain the old
soldiers and give a free supper. .Well,
I guess I am going.
Estimated Valuation of Proper­
ties Left to William H.
Baker, Webster City
The Latter Was Left by an Aunt of
the Webster City Man, Mrs. Au­
late of Coigate, Okla.. called on Traer laborer of this city and father of four
teen children. He Is a hard working
and deserving mc.n, and is now await-
Mrs. tra Perry is critically 111 of
pneumonia at her new home in north of the number. Mrs. Mitchler is an
Traer. A trained nurse from Cedar
Rapids Is In attendance. Mrs. Perry's
chances for recovery are very small.
While attempting to pet out of a
buggy, Mrs. John Koler, Sr., fell back
ward on a step, dislocating her shoul
der. and sustaining other Injuries. Dr.
Crabhe was called and reduced the
gustus Mitchier, of Sterling, III.
Consists of Dwellings and Farm
Lands—Other Iowa News.
Special to Times-Republican.
Webster City, Jan. 15.—A fortune
has come to William H. Baker, a day
ing proceedings in the Whiteside coun
ty, Illinois, district court, which will
order the $76,000 ostate of the late
'Mrs. Augustus Mltchler divided among
the heirs, Mr. Baker being a lucky one
aunt of Mr. Baker and dilring the past
years .the passed away. Ter home was
located in Sterling, 111. The property
of which the estate consists is locat
ed In Sterling and In that Immediate
vicinity and consists of dwellings and
farm lands.
The estimated valuation of these
properties Is placed at $75,000. How
ever, It Is probable that the property
will 'bring .more than this. The mat
ter is now in the hands of an admin
istrator appointed by the Whiteside
county court. It will take several
months yet for a settlement of the es
tate to be made, as there Is some liti
gation to be gone thru with.
Mr. Baker Is one of the six heirs to
this estate. He Is looking after his
Interests thru an attorney located in
Sterling, and while the exact amount
that he will receive has not been de
termined, It Is estimated that he will
receive In the neighborhood of $10,000
/at least.
Veteran Eastern Insurance Man
Leaves Son Large Bequest.
Boston, Masis., Jan. 16.—Albert C.
Atwater, of Iowa •City, according to
reports here, will receive a large for
tune thru the death of his father, Le
onard Atwater 90 .years old. Mr. At
water until r*sent'ly was engaged In
the Insurance business from which, he
Is credited with having become very
wealthy. He was well known in in
surance circles thruout the east.
TflKE BRDS Spltts
Spices offer
opportunity for adultera
tion than almost any
other article of food.
When you buy in bulk
you cannot we of
When you ouv a pack
age of TONE'S you get
spices that are guaran
teed absolutely pure,
fresh,, clean and full
strength—you know that
you are g^ttini full value
for your money. .,.„w
10 etntt a package
at Grocers
"I hare suffered with pile* for (hlrtr-sls ye»n
One year ago la«t April I began taking Caieareta
,S a for constipation. In the eonne of a week 1 noticed
the piles began to disappear and at the end of lis
business caller here on Thursday, weeks they old not trouble me at all. Cascareta
vvr« -Rtinlf orient a few davS last have done wonders forme. 1 entirely cured and
Mr. C. c. Buck spent a iew aajs mst feel like a new man." O^orge»m
tte.elc with his family in Iowa Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. ByAm spent Fri
day In Des Moines.
Miss Lillian Granner is quite sick at
her hom,e, east of town. ..
Mr. and Mi-s. W. Jones have re
turned from an extended visit at Lake
Kryder, KapoleonTOl
Best For
The Bowels
Never Sieken, Weaken or Gripe. 1#«, S5c. He.
jold in bnlk. The genuine tablet stamped
Shiaranteed to :ure or yonr money back.
your money I
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N.Y. jgj
Two cupf of
Falcon Self-Riling
Pancake Flout, one
cup milk, two egga,
one tablespoonlul iugar,
butter the tire of a wal
nut. Mis thoroughly
before adding the flour.
or Gems
The Kind You Have Always Bought* and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and ha* beenmadeunder his per
sonal supervision since its infhncy* y-
TheM Yon Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
fMC OCNTMia OOMMft*. f* WWMt
Charles WJHughes
Real Estate Owner and Home Guilder
Making Pancake^
And the more they ate the better they liked them.
Falcon Pancakes are almost as indispensable as bread—easilj dig -3.ed
highly nourishing.
... i, .......
Allow no on© todeceive you in this*
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Jnst-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment.
ig a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare*
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Woriui
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep*
The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend,
Bears the Signature of
WW *Q««
I am arranging to erect twelve
houses in Highview early next
spring and parties taking advan
tage of this proposition will not
only save from 10 to 15 per cent
on the cost of their homes, but will
have the benefit of a special ar
rangement that will enable them
to secure a home practically the
same as paying rent.
I am willing to assist
you in securing a home
of your own, it is up to
you to take advantage of
Is advertised
1907 Complete Gas Stove $10.00
Gillette Transfer Col
make them, use
Pancake Flour
constant convenience to the busy houiewife.
corn and iye—an ideal food combination adding® new delight
to the breakfast table. If you enjoy the good things ot
life, then ask your grocer for Falcon Self-Rising Pan'
cake Flour,
and haye a treat for breakfast tomorrow
Shannon Mott Company
Des Moines, Iowa
press the fact oil
your mind that it
pays to.

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