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"V «n
I D.
Pile Cure
Fr«« Trial Packag* of Wonderful
Pyramid Pile Cure Sent to All
Who 8end Name and Address.
Theft? aiv hmulivds of cases of vulox
"which have lastfil for C:0 und 30 years
and have been cured In a few days or
.weeks with Uie marvelous Pyramid
Pile Cure.
Piles sufferers In the past have
looked upon an operation .is the only
relief. But operations barely cure,
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The Pyramid Pile Cure cures. It re
lieves th« swelling, stops the congest
lion, heals the ulcers and Assures and
the piles disappear. There Is no form
i'f piles which these little pyramids ar-"*
not made to cure.
The Pyramid Pile Cure can be used
at home. There is no loss of time or
,j detention from business. There la no
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your way to a cure. After you have
used the sample go to the druggist for
a 50 cent box of the remedy. Write to
day. The sample costs you nothing.
Pyramid Drug Co., 139 Pyramid Bldg.,
Marshall, Mich.
I Have a Call
for 100 acres,
20 acres or
4 30 acres, from
1 to 3 miles
from town. If
you have such
a tract write me
full particulars
and price.
Over 10 Weat Main Street
Sort Out Your
And print them upon
By' any light during yotir
long winter evenings. We
will be glad to show you
the way.
136 West Main
W.Z. Newton, Mgr.
Stop the
The loose money that slips
thru your fingers and leaves
nothing to show for It, amounts
to a considerable sum every year.
Tou can have all that money,
with 4 per cent interest, to use
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savings account in the
Fidelity Savings Bank
Open Saturday evenings 6:30 to 8
Dr. B. F. Kierulff's
Treats all dlaaasM of ihi
Eye. Car. Nose Throat
10* Cast Main. Naw 'Phona, S11
.* I*"-1
&$*£ **t'
ill 11
Reports From Counties oi Stale
Sliow Tax Fund is Increased
20 Ter Cent
General Fund Will Be Low Until *pril
1—Legislature Must Be More Eco­
nomical Hereafter Commission
Form of Government Undergoing
Severe Test in Des Moines.
Special to TJmes-Republlcan.
Des Moines, Jail. 23.—Sixi.v-H ve
counties of tile state have reported to
the state auditor the amount of (axes
that have been levied in those counties
and the reports show that the amount
Is nearly SO per cent greater than for
the year 1907. The result is that the
deficit In the general fund of tho. state
treasury will be more than met. A
twenty per cent increase means an in
crease of $400,000 In the general fund
for one year. The amount that the
legislature appropriated for the two
year period was only $400,000 more
than the amount available by the es
timate In the general fund and if next
year's taxes amount to as much tho
deficit scare. 'Will amount to nothing.
The increase in the taxes for 190S
was made known today for the first
time when Hevenue Clerk J. F. Wall
of the auditor's olfice compared the
figures with those of last year for the
sixty-live counties that have thus far
reported and figured up the totals. This
shows that there is a total of $1,556,
524 to be paid into the general revenue
fund of the state treasury from thes«
65 counties where during .1907 they
paid only $1,315,211. If the remainder
of lho 99 counties of the state keep
up 'tills"increase"1there 'wdll" be"about the order of the dean of agriculture.
$2,360,000 paid into the state treasury
during 1908 where' there was only
about two million paid in during 1!)07.
The increase is a. little more than 18
per cent.
The last legislature provided that
the executive council should llx the
state levy at such a percentage as
would bring to the general fund $2,
400,000 for 1908 and the same amount
for 1909. The levy was llxed at 3.4
mills. This levy will bring nearly the
amount decided upon. This does not
entirely relieve the embarrassment of
the i?tate treasury. The funds are low
now and will be low. The legislature
has "been drawing on the balances left
over lp the state treasury by appro
priating more money than there was In
sight till the balances have been cut
down. Fees that will reach the treas
There' Is plenty of money in the state The Calhoun county farmers' insti
treasury. There is probably $200,000 tute convened yesterday for a two
but It has been appropriated for epe-i days' session with a good program,
ciflc purposes and- can be used only1 T.afe Young spoke yesterday, and was
for them. Of course the money is all greeted with a good audience. Senator
plied up together and the balances young spoke at the court house dur
shqw only in the bookkeeping. If one ing the day on "Drainage."
fund Is overdrawn and revenues reach I
the stat(? treasury before the books are, CANDIDATES ARE NUMEROUS.
Hosted up to show it no one is the
wiser and no damage is done. But all
-are agreed that the legislature must
be more economical or else raise more
by taxes.
mlssloners and fixes the i^ of 'the,
of the plain that these salaries would
attrdct to the positions men of em
inence and worth in the community
and of such high standing that there
would be no scramble for the positions
—that rather the office would seek the
It is not working out that way in
ict. There is a scramble for the posi
tions. The men who were most active
In the campaign for the adoption of
the plan were men of worth and emin
ence and such as would make excellent
commissioners. When the time came to
suggest candidates these men one by
one refused to serve with possibly one
or two exceptions. Each and everyone
of them had pleaded tihat his business
affairs demand his time and that he
could not leave his business and be
come a commissioner at. a salary of
$3,000, for the law demand that the
commissioner devote all his. time to t'he
work. J. G. Olmsted, a wholesale shoe
dealer, consented to lake a position on
the commission tho It would mean a
sacrifice of at least 15,000 annually to
him, but made the provision that I. M.
Earle jor men of his type serve. Mr.
Earle is a 'prominent lawyer and re
A committee of 300 of the foremost
business and professional men of Des
Moines pushed the commission plan
thru the legislature and induced the
people to adopt it e,t the special elec
tion some months t.go. This commit
tee has been endeavoring to select a
ticket at five men that the entire com
mittee could agree t^pon. A subcom
mittee of fifteen was first asked to pre
pare the slate. It failed. Then 230
were added to the committee of 300
But the slate does not contain th®
names of men of the class first determ
ined upon. It may be that the final se
lection- of a mayor and four commis
sioners will be wise and will result in
the selection of .honest men and men
thoroughly able to discharge the du
ties of the positions and most believe
that it wilt so result. But the things
that are complicating the situation are
those that are complicating the situa
every municipal election.
The Des Moines Water Company's
charter will expire in two years and
lho new ruinmission must handle tluii
situation. The water company is iic
tive. l-'urihermoro the followers of
botli Congressman Hull ami Coventor
Cummins have been active. This Is not
done with the sanction of either Cov
entor Cummins or ConKi'essina.n Hull
tint polities is so Interwoven that (he
friends of these men will titfht.
The committee of citizens who are
ensineerlns:. or trying to engineer mat
ters are not all united on the slate.
There are many of the members of t.h'
committee who early saw that ii
would be Impossible to get lawyers and
professional and business men making
$f5,000 to ff.O.OOO a year In their pro
fession or business and they at once
decided to insist only on competency
and efficiency in the selection. Many
of these have united oil ox-Mayor John
MacVlcar and Alderman lOngem" W'at
orbury and Alderman Ham-cry. All
three of these men in their official life
have been conspicuously In the "re
form" movements and are classed as
•'an 11-oorporn lion."
Seven Young Men Win Prixes in low*
State College.
Ames, Jan. 23.—The names of the
winners of the Armour niul Rosenhaum
scholarships to Iowa State college
which were competed for during the
college short course, have been an
nounced with their respective standing
as follows, the first six securing Arm
our and the last the Rosenbuum
There was no demand for his serv
ices- in Calhoun county, 'as the county
ury:wilt'relieve the situation somewhat js ably served in our county attorney,
but the general fund will again be p, p. Hunter, but the people were anx
low ^tiring the first of April. It will be ioiis t0 hear him, as was evidenced by
low again about this time next year every town in the county being re pre
when' flie legislature meet* sented in the audience.
Humboldt County Aspirants Becoming
Active—Contents for All Places.
Special to T!mes-Republican.
comm ssioners the law Provides fo. algrims, the present Jncum
the selection of a mayor and four com- jjen^
Humbold.f, Jan. ?3.—Some lively po
litical contests are developing in this
and T/ Allen ailditor
DevUle and
mayor at $3,500 and that I attorney, Frank S. Dovrien and Claude
missioners at $3,000 ft was argued superintendent. Clarence
during the campaign for the adoption
Uve Stoc
M. Cooper. Knlerlum ...fiS3
H. P. Corn wall, Ankeny.fifio
IVank Sanders, Hartley.MO
C. firown. Anamosa. .145
Harry Steenlmch, Persia Gflt
Hav Catewood, Pack
wood 50G
T. Burford, Des
Moines fi2"
To he eligible to compete for one -of
these scholarships the student was re
to he under 21 years of age and
of limited means or dependent upon Ills
own resources and otherwise unable to
secure a collego education. The six
Armour scholarships were of $
each: the one Rosenbaum scholarship
of $200 was awarded under the same
conditions except there Is no restriction
as to financial circumstances. The win
ners may have eighteen months to
qualify for entrance. The scholarships
will be paid in monthly Installments on
Attorney General Speaks on Law En
Special to Times-Republican.'
Rockwell City, Jan. 2-1.—Attorney
General H. W. Byers addressed a large
and enthusiastic audience at the court
house here this afternoon on law en
forcement. Tho call for the meeting
was signed by our best citizens, and
the meeting itself was presided over
by Senator Henry Young, of Manaon.
Mr. Byers' speech was well received
by the people, and was to the point as
to what the legal department of the
state proposed to do in persistent vio
lations of the law.
,M. Mic^aulson: county
Messer, who holds the office, and Ar
thur D. 'Cromwell olerlt of the courts,
Daniel T. Oxborrow. 'for re-election
recorder, Margaret Preble surveyor,
Floyd Goodrich.
It also seems probable that John
Cunningham, the present auditor, will
shortly announce himself for county
attorney, which promises to be an- in
teresting, three-cornered fight. On the
democratic side, however, everything
is exceedingly quiet and nobody is yot
sjoking a nomination.
Ft. Dodge Has Chapter of I. C.
Fraternity of World.
Ft. Dodge, Jan. 23.—A preliminary
meeting of the I. C. ©. students was
held here in A. O. TJ. W. hall for the
purpose of seeing whether or not a
subordinate chapter an I. C. S. Fra
ternity of the World, could uot be
formed in this city. Out of the twen
ty-five there, twenty pledged them
selves to join the new fraternity. The
number present was greatly kept down
by the many conflicting entertain
The fraternity is organizing subor
dinate chapters all over the English
speaking world. At present there
are forty-eight in eastern states and a
few in the western. The Fort Dodge
students, of whom there are about
175, will probably have the honor of
being the first body to form a chapter
in the Cedar Rapids district, compris
ing part of flv'e 'states.
By the next meeting, to be called
within two weeks, it is expected
that the local chapter will have :"fifty
members. All present at the meeting
and a committee of twentv-five from ias^ night were much enthused and
promised to boost. It is planned to
secure study rooms for the use of the
students in the fraternity and a lodge
room will also be secured.
these was selected to prepare a slate.
The slut'e was prepared and a meeting
of the larger committee now number
ing 530 is called for Friday night
which the slate will be reported.
Faville Speaks at Humboldt.
Special to TSmes-itcnubllcan.
Humboldt, Jan. 23.—Hon. F. F. Fa
ville, of Storm Lake. United States
district attorney, delivered here a
very interesting and forceful address
upon "Certain Inalienable Rights."
Among other subjects he treated of the
necessity for abolishing railroad re
bates, for curbing the power of trusts
and monopolies and the suppression of
the liquor traffic. He dwelt strongly
on the need for the rigid and impar
tial enforcement of law.
Only Entire Concrete Bnilil-
injr Constructed
Structure Is Built Upon Piers of Con­
crete, Is Five Stories High and Has
Roof of Concrete Fire Proof and
No Insurance Required Method of
•special to Times-Republican.
]avenport, Jan. 2:1.—Tho city of
Davenport bears the distinction, and
the Davenport Hag & Paper Company
is in a sense justly proud, of posses
sing tho only entire concrete building,
as far as known, in the entire coun
try, (ieorge \V. Nolit. secretary of the
company which has erected its new
home on Second and Rock Island
streets, of the now material with the
use of the comparatively new rein
forced concrete construction, has ex
pended some effort looking up tho
matter satisfy, if nothing else, his
own curiosity, ami he has been un
able to llnd another building standing
or iiv course of erection toduv which
is constructed entirely of concrete.
Ko that lite .statement that this city
and the Davenport Hag & Paper Com
pany have the only building construct
ed entirely of this new material is as
yet unchallenged. There are other
1 concrete buildings in pavepport, but
the difference existing between them
und the Davenport Bag & Paper Com
pany's building is that brick or stone,
and possibly both, enter into the con
struction. This pertains to the Mulli
gan building mi Fourth and Iowa and
the Johnson building on East Second
It is interesting to review the con
struction of the warehouse now Hear
ing completion at Second ahd Hock
Island streets. Different from build
ings erected in the past, the entire
structure is built upon piers of con
crete, which is reinforced around
twisted steel rods, the piers being
sunk in some instances 15 feet below
the surface so that the weight of the
building is not upon the walls, but
upon the large piers. Even the cross
beams and the ceiling and floor braces
are of reinforced concrete moulded
over steel bars or rods and the floors
are made of tho same material. It Is
of course impossible to build any
thing like this of concrete alone with
out the use of steel, but with its as
sistance and the reinforced concrete,
the structure is practically one- solid
stone building strengthened by tho
steel braces and plates.
The building is composed of live
stories and basement with a roof of
concrete covered with tari It is fire
proof thruout, so that in? insurance
will be required tin the building. The
only wooden construction is .in the
window frames and the shelving In
the interior. The first floor is com
posed of office room in front, with a
reinforced concrete vault adjoining,
and a shipping department in the rear.
The basement is also divided into two
parts, the smaller front room under
the office being for the storage of tar
paper, and the large room lor other
The Thornton News.
Special to Times-Republican
Thornton, Jan. 23.—Rev. Simpson left
yesterday for Cylinder, where he will
assist Rev. Cuthbert In revival meet
ings for a couple of weeks.
Mrs. Simpson left yesterday for
Kenosha, Wis., where she will visit her
parents for some time.
H. R. Bradshaw of Fort Dodge, spent
Saturday and Sunday here with Mr.
and Mrs. Simpson, preaching Satur
day evening, and twice on Sunday. He
returned home yesterday.
Mr. Andrews, the butcher, and Chris
Mortensen, our creamery man, have
finished putting up ice and have a fine
crop. Mr. Brogan, we understand, will
secure his ice at Clear I^ake.
Our cement and tile factory will be
gin operation the last of this week or
the first of next, as soon as the ma
chinery is properly adjusted.
Theodore Welker, a former resident
of Thornton, now living at Clear Lake,
left here last night for an extended
trip in Colorado and California.
William Graham Milar, actor and
lecturer, will appear in the opera
house Friday evening. This is the
fourth number of the lecture course.
Henry Price, a former resident, is
here looking after his business Inter
Traar Newa.
Special to Times-Republican.
Traer, Jan. 23.—Dan Conner lias
bought the Wilson property in north
Traer, owned by the Wilson heirs.
Consideration $2,0(1).
Mrs. Thomas Preston and three chil
dren have bees spending the past two
weeks with Relatives and friends in
Marshalltown and Albion.
Mrs. William Mow.ery, who has been
ailing for the past year, took a turn
for the worse last week, and is now in
a critical condition. The. physicians
give very little encouragement for her
Mrs. Marcus Kahler came home
from Iowa City Tuesday morning,
where she had been called by the seri
ous Illness of her daughter, Elsie, who
is attending school at the university.
Mrs. Kahler left her daughter much
Mr. T. A. Smith left Wednesday for
Winnebago. III., where he will spend
the next couple of weeks visiting with
relatives and friends.
Mrs. Rachel Odey, who has befen
critically ill at the Kinner home, is
somewhat improved this week.
Mrs. Roma Ladd was hostess'to the
Five Hundred club Wednesday after
noon, at her spacious home in North
Traer. At the close of the game, Mrs.
Ladd served a two-course luncheon.
It now develops that Mrs. Robert
Camery, who it was thought was suf
fering from stomach trouble, has ty
phoid fever. Mrs. Camery Is the sec
ond member of the family to become
.' *»i»'
Y"~5' '*iw
TteS-f^Mtfe^ fttarshalltcauu JfliuTt, $m\mxx 23 1903
low lias distinction ot Having
7v*(ir^ ^--,
afflicted with Iho disease, Mr. '.I'nierj.
having had it three months ago. .Mrs.
'aiwry is in a precarious conditio .1.
The'elevators here are having hard
work to supply the increasing de
mand for corn. .The Kingsbury peo
ple have hail a (urge number of ear
loads of Kansas eorn shipped In. which
they arc retailing at. tifi cents per
bushel. Henry tt, in lhe employ of
the T. A. Smith elevator, has been in
tip* soul hern part of the state tor the
past several weeks, buying southern
corn. A large amount of southern
corn has already been shipped in. I*
Is a poorer grade than the Kansas
corn, and retails a few cents cheaper
per bushel.
The regular annua! dinner of the
'ongregational church was held oil
Wednesday in the church parlors. At
10:30 a. in., a business meeting was
held and various topics and reports
of different 'societies were read ail*
discussed. A very prosperous church
year was reported. At 12 o'clock a
picnic dinner was served which was
enjoyed by a large number of the
congregation. The afternoon wus
given up to social festivities.
There is trouble brewing over the
Daniel Kagun farm north of town,
its to who ivlll be the tenant for the
ensuing year. Owen liagtin, who i-'
the guardian of Daniel Kagan, seems
to have rented the farm to two dif
ferent parlies. .Mr. Maripiis, who was
on the farm last year, claims it for
this year under a lease made before
witnesses, and lias
Items From New Sharon.
Special to Times-Republican.
New Sharon. Jan. 23.—The body of
Mrs. K. T. Dean was brought here
Wednesday morning from Eariham for
burial. The deceased was an old and
respected resident here for many
years, but lias been in very poor health
for t'hg last few years. The body was
accompanied here by Mr. and Mrs. P.
L. Stanley, of Eariham, and Prof. M.
J. Dean und wife, of Belle Plaine. The
services were held at the Dean resi
dence. on Main street, at 2 o'clock yes
terday, with interment at South cem
John Johnson of Rein beck, is visit
ing here for a few days. He joins his
wife, who is helping to care for her
mother. Mrs. Edward Wood, who is
very low, having suffered a stroke of
paralysis a short time ago.
Tad Beatt.v, a resident here several
years ago, Is visiting friends for a
few days.
Walter Bryan is visiting the "Elec
trical Show" and attending the Inde
pendent Telephone Men's conven
tion at Chicago this week.
The Grand Army veterans have
moved their lodge paraphernalia from
the K. P. rooms to the office of John
Sanders, where they will meet in the
Zearing News.
Special to Tlmes-Kppuniican.
Zearing^ Jan. 23.—Miss Ethel Eng
lish returned to her home in Nevada
Monday evening, after a week's visit
with Miss Queen Burkhart.
Mrs. T. J. Pollock spent several days
in Des Moines this week.
Ben and Bernard Miller arrived
Monday evening from Miller, S. D., for
a .visit in the home of their parents,
Joseph Miller and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greenawalt, of
Nevada, were guests in tlic J. C. Burk
hart home Tuesday, and Mr. Greena
walt looked after the interests of the
Nevada Journal.
Miss Alice Cary went to St. An
thony Wednesday afternoon, for a visit,
with friends.
The N. O. C'S were entertained by
Miss Mae Craft at the R. S. Grimes
home,) Tuesday evening.
Frank Beach transacted business at
St. Anthony Wednesday.
Miss Queen Burkhart went to Mar
shalltown Wednesday evening to wit
ness the play. "The Red Mill."
H. O. Grimes went to Marshalltown
Wednesday, where he Is employed as
a carpenter.
"A Good Name at Home"
"Is a tower of strength abroad"—and the
excellent reputation of C. I. Hood Co. and
their remedies in the city of Lowell, where
they are best known, inspires confidence
the world over, not only in the medicines
but In anything their proprietors say
about them. "If Made by Hood It's Good."
"I believe Hood's Sarsaparill|i the beat all
round family medicine known today." MRS.
G. D. FaRLEV,652 Wilder St., Lowell, Mass.
"I recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla to any
one." John B. Duffv. 14 Auburn Street.
Lowell. Mass.
"I am a strong and healthy woman today,
from taking Hood's Karsaparilla, which I
keep in the house for all the family." Mas.
Fannik Balch.108 Leverett St., Lowell. Mass.
"1 consider Hood's Sarsaparilla the best
blood-purifier in the world." Mas. Jennie
E. Carlton. 118 Liberty St., Lowell. Mass.
Hood's Sarsaparilla is sold everywhere.
In the usual liquid, or in tablet form called
Sargatabs. 100 Doses One Dollar. Pre*
paraxon!y by C. I. Hood Co., Lowell, Mass.
\l.' ,*•/ .....
die plowing
and made all preparations to remain.
Mr. iH. E. -Bea-ston. near GladbrooU.
at.so claims the farm for the coming
year under a written lense made with
Owen lOagan. guardian. The matter
vvi.ll probably be litigated at the Feb
ruary term of the district court.
Prof. F. L. Mahannnh, of tills place.
Is having all kinds
Oilar Valley Circuit Holds An­
nual Meeting and Arranges
Season's Meetings
Races Will Open at New Hampton and
Close at Dows—H. S. Stanbery, of
Mason City, Elected Secretary—
Curtin, of Decorah, Retains Presi­
dency—The Oa'tes Selected.
Special to Times-Republican.
Waterloo, Jan. 2X. The annual
meeting of the Cedar Valley circuit
was held in Waterloo yesterday. For
est City and 'edar llitplds were
dropped from the circuit. No races
will lie held in Waterloo this year
h'-cause no speed cour.se Is available.
11. S. Stanbery was re-elected secre
tary of 'the circuit a.nd Mr. K. J. Cur
trouble. While
away on his Christmas vacation, Mr.
Maihannah placed his gun on a seat in
a passenger coach at Cedar Rapids and
stepped out on the platform a few mo
ments before the train started. When
Jio returned to the coach Ills gun was
gone. Mr. Mahannah Immediately no
tified the police. A search was insti
tuted and tho gun was found in a
pawn shop owned by one Louis Felne.
of that city. Air. Mahannah identified
the. gun. demanded It ami was given
possession of it. Felne later arrested
one Met rail in his shop -While he was
attempting to pawn an overcoat,
claiming he was t.he same fellow
sold him the gun a number of hours
before. On the trial McGrail produced
several witnesses, who swore he was
in the country sawing wood at the
time ho wim accused of selling iho gun,
and was therefore .set free. The Ce
dar Rapids papers state that McGrail
has now commenced -suit for $5,000
damages for false arrest and Imprison
ment. against Mr. Mahannah and
Up to this time no pa­
pers have been served on Mahannah
and it is difficult to
wherein he is
at all liable, a.- lie had nothing what
ever to do with the arrest.
Miss Jessica Graham, high school
teacher. Is confined to the house' with
grippe and will not be able to attend
to her school duties for some days.
Miss Eathyle Keith has been quite
sick with the grippe the past few days,
but Is improving now.
Decorah succeeds himself as
The circuit for 190S will be practic
ally the same as last year. Osage
is a new member and as It now
stands Mason City has no place In the
circuit. .Mason City was unable to
make any definite move in Uie mat
ter because cf the uncertainty re
garding the existence of the necessary
track next summer. The old grounds
will not be available and it lis im
possible to tell about the new track
for certain. However, those connected
with the matter say the track is al
most sure of being completed early in
the summer. In «uch a case, the
races will be held at the new track
during the ilr»t week In August Just
as last year. A week Is open In the
circuit at that time and Mason City
wants that week for tho usual circuit
races. Tho following Is the circuit
as arranged yesterday:
New Hampton—June 16. 17,
Decorah—June 23, "4,
Marion—July 1, 2, 3, 4.
Laporte—July 7, 8, 1).
Waverly—.July 14, 15, 16.
usage—Ju.y '-'1. 22. 23.
Albert Lea—July 28, -!, 30.
Dows—August u, 6, 7.
Feared That Mason City's Race Track
Will Not Be in Shape.
Special to Times-Republican.
iMason City, Jan. 23.—It is probable
that Mason City will be counted out of
the Cedar Valley racing circuit this
season, according to the statement
made today by the local officers follow
ing the meeting of the circuit at Wat
erloo yesterday. The action of the
•county fair directors in moving the
fair grounds precluded a definite state
ment on the part of local representa
tives at the meeting. The track, it is
feared, will not be in shape at the reg
ular time. Mason City was given her
place in the circuit, and the next to
the last week of the-season, E. -S. Cur
tin, of Decorah, was made president,
and Mose Stanbery. of Mason City,
secretary. New Hampton will start the
circuit and Albert Lea will get the next
annual meeting.
With Judge Prouty He Will Speak
There on Jan. 28.
Mason City, Jan. 23.—The Cummins
club will' be addressed 'here Tuesday
evening. Jan. 28, by Governor Cum
mins and Judge S. F. Prouty. The gov
ernor will apeak in the afternoon to
the club at the court Tiouse, and both
will speak in the evening at the opera
Many Pythons at Clinton.
Clinton, Jan. 23.—Prominent Knights
of Pythias from many parts of the
state are in Clinton, attending a meet
ing of the Seventh Pythian district,
covering the counties of Clinton, Jack
son and Jones. Grand Chancellor Bil
by of Knoxville, and Supreme Repre
sentative Bernard Murphy of Vinton
are among those who are attending
the meeting. The convention closed
With a banquet last, night, at which
covers were 'laid for 400 guests.
Don't Wear
A Truss
'"*". .-tVA,
Brook*' Appliance ti a
new iclentlflc discovery
with automatic air cush
ion* that drawi tbe broken
parts together and blnd
tbem at yon would a bro
ken limb. It abiolutely
holds flrinly and comfort
ably and never slips
always light and cool and
conform* to every move
ment of tbe body without
imuuaK ehaflng or hurting. I make
It to
your measure and send It to you on a strict Knar
antee of satisfaction or money refunded and I nave
put my price so low that anybody, rich or poor, caa
buy It. Remember, I make It to your order-send It
to you—you wear tt—and If It doesn'tsatisfy you, you
send St bactC to me and will refund your money.
The banks or any responsible citizen in Marshall will
tell you that Is the way I do business—always abso
lutely on the square and I have sold to thousands of
people this way for the past Ave years. Remember.
I use no salves, no harness, no lies, no fakes. I Just
give you a straight busloeBidnl
atirewoinblfi price.
C. E. BROOKS, 6727 Brooks BMq.. Matahall, Mich.
Transient Rooms
Leland 'Hotel
WILLIAM H. DAVIS. Proprietor.
Employment Agency.
Clean Bade. 105 North Center 8t
Justice of the Peaec,
New 'Phone 909.
u«0 ran
hr/Mife-*. (W
./ ', .•.- ct S». .v
NVi 110 mnui
trating- and soothing' properties, allays nausea, nervousness, and
all unpleasant feelings, and so prepares the systefm for tha
ordeal that she passes through
the event safely and with but
little suffering, as numbers have
testified and said, "it is worth
its weight in gold." $1.00 per
bottle of druggists. Book containing
valuable information mailed free.
IHE BRADFin i* pfahi.ator CO.. Atlanta. Ga.
$17.00 $17.00 $17.00 $17.00
is to love children, and no hon6
can be completely happy with
out them, yet the ordeal through
which the expectant mother
must pass usually is
full of suffering
danger and fear that she looks forward
to the critical hour with apprehensioo
and dread. Mother's Friend, by its pe*e«
To buy a standard make of sew
ing machine right at home at the
right price.
Our Prices on New Home
Sewing Machines:
New Home Ruby, hand lift.. .$17.00
New Home Ruby, auto lift.. .$19.00
New Home, hand lift .$31.00
New Home, auto lift ,$33.00
New Home Cabinet .~$354)0
No trouble to find needles, shut
tles and other repairs. Every ma
chine guaranteed. Complete stock
on hand. Delivered a your station
Tremont Block,
160 acres of land In Stutsman county.
North Dakota, for town property, or
640 acre Mercer county, North Da
kota, for merchandise.
80 acres Improved Iowa land for town
20-rooin hotel In good toyn, well
rented, for land. -J
4 city properties for land or roer-i
40 acres of Missouri land and cash
for town property.
3-chair barber shop In good town,
doing good business, for sale or ex
2 good Marshalltown residence prop
erties for small Improved Missouri
Iarm- 'td
This Is only a few of our bargains.
Remember that we make a specialty of
Belling real estate and all kinds of
property at auction.
Over" 14 East Main street, Marshall
town, Iowa. New 'phones, 162—780—
Do It Now
Gregory Coal, Coke S Lime Co.
About Your Winter Fuel
218 EAST MAIN 8TREET. Marshalltown, la.
Gillette Transfer Co.

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