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vv T^JS-
A Bloody Affair
is lung hemorrhage. Stop it and cure
weak lungs, coughs and colds, with
Dr. King's New Discovery. f0c and
$1.00. McBride & Will Drug Co.
61 Sale I
Hordes, Mules, Cows
and Hogs
111 North Center Street,
Friday, Feb. 28, 1908
Bring in your stock and have them
listed Will have plenty of buyers.
Jt Ji Jt jt «S & jX JtJt Jt Jt JX j& J»
German American
and your breakfast will
be right
D. S. Good
Grocery Company
"Everything Good in
jS Ji
& 3 J* -.*
Room 15 Woodbury Bldg., Marshall
town, la., 'Phone 54.
Money to lofln on first mortgage on
,-?oocl Iowa and Minnesota lands at 6
percent interest. Don't forget that I
have plenty of propositions to match
anything you have. If you want to
insure your property in a good com
pany it will pay you to see me! I have
plenty of Minnesota, Iowa,- Kansas,
Missouri, Colorado, North Dakota,
South Dakota and. Nebraska lands for
sale or exchange: also plenty of town
property, and merchandise and drug
stocks, for sale, see me at once.
Pon't forget that I can cry your sale
and do it successfully. I guarantee
satisfaction. A square deal is my
motto. Call or write for dates. Yours
lor business. M. U. KENDALL.
Member Chicago Board of Trade.
Chicago and New York
Office Room 8 Tremont Block.
alket 0 )ens
find CascaretB so g*od that I -would not bo I Conner
trithout them. 1 wa6 troubled a great deal with
Best For
Tho Bowels
iw Doweis
Pleuant, Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do Good,
Nevor Sicken, Weaken or C»ripc, 10c. 23c. 50c. N'-vor
eold Id bulk. Tho genuine tablet stamped C.
Guaranteed to cure or your money back.
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N.Y. 6ox
VanOrman & VanOrman
ii nsurance Agents
Cvei lo West Main Street,
Transient Rooms
Leland Hotel
WILLIAM H. DAVIS, Proprietor.
Employment Agency.
2te«n Beds. 106 North Center 8t
i. -t
Light Receipts and Higher^
Liverpool Trices
Decline Follows Opening Because of
More Liberal Receipts Than Antici­
pated Firmness in Oats Loss in
Hogs Affects Provisions Range of
Prices on the Chicago Market.
Chicago. Feb. -6.—Wheat today op
ened .strong because of higher prices at
Liverpool and small local receipts.
Commission houses were good buyers
and selling was scattered. -May opened
at 95% lo 96. and sold at 96%. .Minne
apolis. Duluih and Chicago receipts
were 1 86 cars.
The market continued strong until
near the close, when a reaction was
caused by realizing sales. -May closed
'i lower at Ho ',2 ft 95%.
('••in steady at the opening, but
later i. .I to be weak because of
receipts, wnich were more liberal than
had been expected. May opened at
6(1 "s to 61, and sold at 60%. Receipts
were 144 cars.
Prices ruled firm. May closed
higher at 61.
The bulls bought oats at the open
ing and the market was linn. May
opened at 52% «i-52 ?*. .Receipts were
156 cars.
Provisions were easier because of the
decline in live hogs.
Chicago Grain.
Chicago. Feb. 26.
Wheat—No. 2 red. 9(isg?i itfcfy: No.
red.' 96%: No. 2 hard. !iOr"g(/'
1.02%: No. 3 hard, 94%(z 1.00 .May op
ened. 95%(fi 06: highest. 96% lowest,
closing. 95tofti-.-.% .Inly, 90'.
Corn—No. 3, 56% to 57: No. 3 white,
56'.4.(a157: No. 3 yellow, 58 ft 59 May op
ened. 60%ft'61 highest. 61'-: lowest.
60% closing, 61: July. 5S~sft'59.
Oats—No. white. 51 £5 May op
ened, 52%ft52"is highest, 53 Vi: lowest.
52% closing, 53 July, old, 44%.
Chicago Produce.
Chicago, Feb. 26.
-May, 11.40.
—May, [email protected]%.
-Cash, 83%.
Barley—75 @88.
Clover—March. 19.20.
Timothy—March, 4.85.
Butter—Steady creameries, 21fii32:
dairies. 20(U28.
Kggfs—Strong 18%?il9%.
Poultry—Easy: turkeys, 12%: chick
ens, 11 springs, 11%.
Ranqe of Prices.
The following range of prices are
furnished by A. J. Clark, broker,
member Chicago board of trade, room
8, Tremont block.
95%| 96%|
ao%i 90%:
I 87%I 38 I
Cash correspondent for W. L. Greene stocks as furnished by A. J.
Commission Co., St. Louis Brodnax &| ciark, broker, Tremont building, Mar
McLiney, Kansas City Ware & Leland,
95%! 95%|
90%i 90%|
87% 87%
C.. M. & St.
Southern Pacific
Brooklyn Rapid Transit
TI. S. Steel Preferred
IT. S. Steel Common ....
torpid liver and headache. Kow sin^e taking JvPU-Oing
CuscaretHC'andyCathariic I feel very much bettor
1 shall certainly recommend thorn to my friends
as the best mcdioine I l:ave ever setui."
Auua Bazinet, Osborn JkUll No. 2, Fall Kiver, Mail*
60 61
5S%! 58%!
5S%| 08%|
53 %j
44% I
52%| 53
44%! 44%1
37 I 37
92jll. 77|11.77|11.95
1 1 1 I 1
7.50! 7.501 7.45j 7.45)
7.70j 7.70| 7.65| 7.67|
I I 1 1 1
6.50| 6.50| 6.45! 6.45]
6.77j 6.77| 6-72) 6.75|
New York Stobks.
February 26.
Below Is a list of the more active
Chicago. Get our bids before selling. Close.
Ask for our dail^ market letter.
Both 'Phones 165.
Union Pacific
Canadian Pacific
I Erie Common
(American Smelter ......
American Locomotive
Missouri Pacific
B. & 0 78
Louisville & Nashville 96
Pennsylvania 112
American Sugar 114
A tchison. Topeka
Santa Fe 68
Northern Pacific 121
New York Central 94
Rock Island Common 114
Chicago Great Western 35
Western Union 47
Peoria, Feb.
Corn—Xn. 8, 5C.
New York Grain.
.Ww York.
Wheat—May. 1.03.
Corn—May. 70.
•b. 26.
St. Louis Grain.
St. Lo
Feb. 25.
Wheat—May. 96"s.
'oi it --.M.-iy. '''"7%.
Oats .May. 511'.
Kansas City Grain.
Kansas City. Feb. 26.
Wheat—May, 92%. Xo. 2 hard. M7%(f/'
Corn--.May. 55 N'o. 2 mixed. 54%.|
Oats—Xo. 2 white. 51.
New York Produce.
Srw York. Feb.
Ponttrv-, A live.
11%, tow Li, 1J
14. Dressed
—Dull chickens, [email protected] turkeys, [email protected]
IS: fowls, I0«f 14.
Butter—Weak: creamery, specials,
30% ex. 30 3rd to 1st, [email protected] held,
25({*30% dairy. 20 (if 25: process, sec
ond to special. 23ft 2512 factory, tirst,
-3, held "3 imitation creamery, tirst 24
If 25.
Eggs—Steady unchanged.
Liverpool Grain.
Liverpool. Feb. 26.
Dull spot, 7s %d May, 7
March 5s l%d.
spot, 5s 2dt£'4%d
New York Exchange.
Chicago, Feb. 26. New York ex
change wits at 10 per cent discount.
County Sunday School Institute to Be
Held There Thursday.
Special t.. Times-Republican.
Grlnnoll. Feb. 26.—Mrs. J. E. Van
Evera. who sprained her ankle two
weeks ago in coming out of one of the
stores, has found it far more serious
than she at tirst xpected. She has been
at her daughter's home for greater
convenience and better care than she
could give herself at her own home,
but is now so far recovered that she
can return home.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lee are reported
as seriously ill at ttieir home. 1623
Third avenue. The labor, care and
anxiety consequent upon the illness
and death of their daughter. Mrs. Har
ry Kowler. ol" Brooklyn, have left them
an easy prey to the prevailing grippe
and its attendant ills.
The body of Mr. James Lackey, who
died at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
Harry Wire. a.t Long Beach, 'al.. about
a week ago. arrived here last night,
and was interred in Hazelwood ceme
tery by the side of his wife this morn
ing. Rev. J. A. Hurley of the Baptist
church officiating.
A county Sunday school institute
will be held in the Fnited Presby
terian church tomorrow, beginning at
10 o'clock. The opening devotional
services will be led by Rev. W. W.
Woodhurn. A paper on the assistance
the Sunday school may give to sup
plement home training, will be given
by Prof. H. Horn, and the reverse
of this by Rev. II. W. Tuttle: a free
conference led by St-ite Field Secre
tary Rev. F. F. Fitch. The opening
song service in the afternoon will be
led by J. W. Harpster. followed by an
address. "The Purpose of the Sunday
School." by Rev. Kilns Handy, and an
address by the state secretary, when
music and the benediction will close
the institute.
Miss Faith "Willard is reported to
have passed the critical period in a
case of serious blood poisoning result
ing from a slight scratch of a pin
while nursing a patient in Brooklyn,
and to be on the sure road to recovery
unless complications set in that can
not now be foreseen.
The lecture at the college chapel last
evening by A. E. Kepford, under the
direction of the state board of control,
on the subject. "Tuberculosis. Its Pre
vention and Cure." illustrated by stere
optican views, was of interest to the
large student body, as well as many
outside the college ranks, that were
present, and should be very helpful in
the growing crusade against the
"great white plague."
If nothing interferes with the normal
train service, the body of Colonel Sam
uel F. Cooper will arrive here Thurs
day night and the public funeral will
take place at 1:30 Friday afternoon at
the Congregational church, Rev. George
Atkinson, formerly a student here at
Iowa College, but now pastor of the
Congregational church at Campbell,
Calif., accompanies the body and will
speak, with Professor Parker and oth
ers, at the funeral.
The school board has re-elected Su
perintendent Eugene Heneley for the
coming year, at a salary of $1,650. Su
perintendent Heneley is now in Wash
ington. D. C.. at the national meeting
of superintendents. I
The call has been issued for cau
cuses in the various wards of the city
for next Friday evening. February 28,
from fi o'clock until S. for the selection
of delegates by primary vote to attend
the county convention to be held in)
Grinneil on the 6th of March. The I
township primary caucus for the same
purpose is called for Saturday from
2:30 to 5:30.
The vote on the question of consol
idation of rural schools in the north
east part of Chester township, as rioted
in thesv columns yesterday, will take
place on Saturday of this week.
Mr. G. E. James, who has been for
so many years connected with the gro
cery store first as the "Grange Store,"
and later under many different owners
and so recently bought and now con
ducted by Mr. Darner, that he seemed
a very part of the business itself, has
resigned his position. Mr. S. S. Part
low is taking his place for the present.
Headaches and Neuralgia from Colds
world vcldo Cold and Grip remedy re
moves cause. Call for full name. Look
for signature E. W. GROVE. 25c.
Items From Roland.
Special I ii- 'i:T llcaii.
Roland, Feb. 26.—E. G. Mossman was
a Des Moines business caller Monday.
Miss Emma B. Sheldahl went
Story City Monday for a short visit
with relatives.
Miss Agnes Hegland returned from
P.uthton, Minn.. Saturday evening,
where she has been for the past few
!•:. G. Sehlanbusch is in Chicago this
week buying goods.
Mr and Mrs. ,1. TO. King are the par
ents of a baby boy, born last Wednes
Poust Hanson has gone to Rake,
with iiis family, where they will make
their future home.
.Mr. and Airs. B. R. Dawson of Story
City. spent Sunday at the o. A. Gaard
The public school teachers attended
the county teachers' meeting at .Nevada
last Saturday.
Mrs. I. A. Iverson is visiting rela
tives in Webster Ci y.
Charlie Watney has i•
it working at
the meat -Market, and we understand
will h-.-ive sunn with a party from here
for New Mexico, where he has land in
I. M. Cole will begin the erection of
a building on his vacant lot on Alain
streel, as soon as possible. This will
be a great improvement to the east
side of the Street.
Slashed With a Razor,
wounded with a gun. or pierced by a
rusty nail: Biickl»n's Arnica Salvo
Jie«Is the w.jund. Guaranteed. 25c.
McBride & Will Drug Co.
p- *•*,-1 .•»
»».t»,«^-.\st»7-..• 1
Lack ol' interest and Little
Demand For Any Class
Packers Were Inclined to Hold Off for
Lower Levels, and Shipping Demand
Was Small—Receipts Were Heavy—
Market for Sheep and Lambs Stow,
With Meagre Trading..
Chicago. Feb.
Cattle—Steers were
slow and dull, without quotable change.
Butchers' stuff was steady, but there
was little demand for this or any oth
er class. There was a lack of interest,
largely as the result of liberal receipts.
The three roads report 796 cars in
sight l'or today, which is interpreted to
mean a moderate supply. Last ed
nesday's receipts were very small be
cause of the snow blockade, and to
morrow most traders look for from 10,
000 to 20,000 head. Probabilities are
that receipts will be lighter tiiis week
than last, for the opening day showed
a shortage of 10.000 head. This ougnt
to tone up the market some if the
outlet for the beef is normal.
Hogs were 5 to 10 cents lower. Ship
ping demand was small, with packers
inclined to hold off for lower levels.
Receipts were too heavy for the need.
of the trade.
Shippers' purchases for February to
date are around 240.out), or about. 100.
000 more than a year ago. Somebody
must be making money cutting up
hogs, or they would not be bought in
this off-hand manner. This bulge lias
put Chicago right up with eastern
markets, a fact that country buyers
must not overlook. Some orders were
countermanded today because Chicago
was high compared with Pittsburg and
The gain since Saturday- is calcu
lated to start another tin. and heav
ier receipts are expected the rest of tlie
Estimating the run the remaining
four days of the month at 100.000. Feb
ruary receipts will round out about
S60.000, the heaviest since 1902, when
S73.000 arrived in February.
Sheep were strong r.nd lambs weak.
The market was a slow one and there
was but meagre trading.
Colorado is cutting stuff loose with
a vengeance. Already 600 cars have
been shipped from northern Colorado
and shippers from that, feeding ground
predict that the end of March will see
most of the stuff run.
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago. Feb. 26.
Cattle—Estimated receipts for today
22,000 opened steady to shade lower
beeves, [email protected] cows and heifers,
[email protected]: stockers and feeders, 2.75
4.SO westerners, [email protected]
Hogs—Estimated receipts for today,
38.000 opened steady: light. 4.204.45
mixed, 4.20ff?4.50 heavy, 4.20f5'4. 2%:
rough, [email protected] bulk of sales, 4.40 Cat
Sheep—Estimated receipts for today,
18,000 opened steady to 10c lower
3.25ffi!5.50: lambs, 5.00(0-6.90 yearlings,
[email protected]
(For Comparison.)
Chicago, Feb. 24.
Cattle—Estimated receipts for today,
4,000 opened steady: beeves, 4.00
0.00 cows and hsifers. 1.85(^5.00:
westerners, 4.00 (jii 4.75 stockers and
feeders, .75W4.75.
Hogs—Estimated receipts for today,
22,000 opened strong to 5c higher
light, 4.15(fi-4.40 mixed, 4.15?i4.40
heavy, [email protected]: rough, [email protected]
bulk of sales. [email protected]
Sheep—Estimated receipts for today.
12,000 opened strong, [email protected] year
lings, 5.00fft'6.30 lambs. 5.00#7.00.
Representative Hog Sales.
Below are given a few of the repre
sentative hog sales:
Average Prioa
28 mixed and butchers.. 203 4.20
35 mixed and butchers.. 220 4.30
25 mixed and butchers.. 215 4.32%
59 mixed and butchers.. 220 4.35
12 good heavies 335 4.20
good heavies 379 4.30
good heavies 262 4.40
good heavies 285 4.42%
light hogs 170 4.25
light hogs 162 4.37%
light hogs 172 4.40
light hogs 183 4.42%
Representative Cattle Sales.
Below are given a few of the repre
sentative cattle sales:
15 medium steers
16 medium steers
10 -medium steers
21 medium steers
32 good to prime steers.
20 good to prime steers.
16 good to prime steers.
20 good to prime steers.
Kansas Citv Live Stock.
Kansas City, Feb. 26.
Cattle—Estimated receipts for tod iv,
7,000 steady native steers. 4.50W5.75
southerns, 4.25ft 5.25 westerns, 4.25W
5.50: native cows and heifers. 2.75W
u.25: stockers and feeders, 3.25 4.50.
Hogs—Estimated receipts for tod ty,
14.000: strong heavy. 4.".0^4.45 -pack
ers. 4.20'» 4.40 pigs and lights, 3.S0tfT
Sheep—Estimated receipts for today,
5.000 steady: -l.4oftMi.00 lambs. 6.00®
Omaha Live Stock.
Omaha. Feb. 26.
Cattle—Estimated receipts for today,
4.300 steady to strong: native steers.
4.00l?i5.60 cows and heifers. 2.50fti4.75
western steers. 3.25Of 4.S5 stockers and
feeders, 3.75'if 4.75.
lings—Ksti'i:a.t«?-I receipts for today.
11.000: steady: close easier: heavy,
4.1554.3o mixed. 4.1 ori 4.15 light.
4.00ft 4.20.
Sheep- Estimft-d receipts for today.
9.000 steady 6.00 lambs, 6.25ft
•. r**
c"' ^-9.r *\v*H'riyw\^,x&K**>zr*
fimes-ll^ublijcm^ filar shalltonm IxrnKi, F^taarg 26 1908
«. -*1 ?V- '11a *.**•-?
St. Louis Livestock.
St. Louis, Feb. 26.
Cattle—Estimated receipts for today,
2,200 steady steers, 3.25iit.10 stock
ers and feeders. 2.40to4.6f cows and
heifeirs, 3.25 (ti'5.25.
flo|s—Estimated receipts for today,
3:500: steady: pigs and lights. 3.75 (a
4.50 packers. 4.00((4.50 butchers and
best heavy. 4.45C/4.55.
Sheep---Estimated receipts for today,
1,500: steady 3.50(i'5.50 lambs, 4.50
Brittain & Co., for farmers' hogs, de
livered in wagon load lots at their
fards, or bought by their countrj
salesmen, are paying the following
prices today:
All hogs over 200 pounds—4.00.
Pigs, 160 to 200 pounds—3.85.
Pigs, 140 to 160 pounds—3.60.
Pigs, 120 to 140 pounds—3.5.0.
Pigs. 100 to ll!0 pounds- 3.S5.
Brittain & Co. are paying today, ac
cording to grade, the following prices
which, however, are subject to change
without notice:
Choice cows and heifers—2.75.
Cutters—1.75ra 2.25.
Qood cows and heifers—2.25'?T!2.50.
Calves, 150 to 200 pounds—4.00.
Calves, 200 to 300 pounds—3.50.
Calves, over 300 pounds—[email protected]
Many Prospective Changes Recorded
In Vicinity of Belmond.
Special to t'imes-Ri.puMi'-au
Belmond. Feb. 26—Moving has begun
and tile following people will move
into this vicinity: Jerry Brennan
moves from the J. X. Johnson farm,
two antl one-half miles east Mr.
Sweeley. northwest of Goodell: Mr.
Hans Harkama has moved onto the
Wisner farm: his father moves onto the
place avcated by llans: Air. Henry
Freeslaher moves two miles north of
Alexander and .Mr. Fred Glets moves
Bruce, on the Rievson farm, which Mr.
Giets bought: Revson moves onto a
farm bought from Freeslaber, near
Olaf. Mr. Otas Aladson moves onto a
farm vacated by Gieis. south of Bel
mond: .Mr. Raining onto a place south
east of Belmond: Mr. Sat
off moves from
the Clark place to Belmond. Report has
it that Air. Kerder will move onto the
Shight farm Air. R. .Morse moves
from Belmond north, onto Mrs. Sulli
van's farm Elmer Tomas moves onto
the Alenenga farm, west of Goodell Mr.
Fierkaut has moved onto the Criste
farm, east of the city two miles Air.
Ed Webb leaves the Richard farm and
moves to Belmond Air. Ed moves from
his father's place, west of Belmond.
to Air. Tom Cullium's farm, five miles
south of Belmond. A Mr. O R. Aleyers
has moved onto the Box farm, near
Salsburg Jo Sprensel has moved his
family onto the farm five miles south,
bought of Mr. Senn, who has left for
parts unknown.
The ice man has lost out on his ice
Dumont News Notes.
Special to Times-Republican.
Dumont. Feb. 26.—Mrs. Fred Hilliker
is on the sick list.
Mr. Billing lias returned to his fam
ily after visiting in the west for the
past few months.
Rev. William Cunningham and wife
have returned from their trip to Kan
sas. where they spent the most of the
J. Harlan will move to the farm of
A. Al. Allen in East Franklin in a
few days.
A. W. Crook will move this week to
a farm southwest of Sheffield. We
are sorry to have this family leave the
A. Sidmore disposed of his livery
barn, to C. E. Craighton of Geneva.
Air. Craighton will not move to the
town this summer but will employ L.
Shaffer and M. H. Barnes to run the
business till fall.
F. E. Cutler of Aredale was in tlie
city .Monday. Mr. Cutler recently re
turned from spending a summer in
.Miss Grace Keister held a neck tie
sociable at her school, and the re
ceipts of the evening were $24.
The Y. P. A. association of the
Evangelical church held a very suc
cessful three days' convention over the
Sabbath. There were a large number
of delegates from abroad and many
Used in
millions eff
good papers were read and some ex
cellent addresses given during the time. oreary. The last five named are dem
Forest Schmltz and sister Cora, of
place. AT. H. B-irnes and wife.
Grandma Boyde remains very poorly.
Mrs. J. N. Buckmaster of Aredale spent
a few days with her last week, and
assisted in caring for her.
Reason Enthroned.
Because meats are so tasty they are
consumed in great excess. This leads
to stomach troubles, biliousness and
constipation. Revise your diet, let reas
on and not a pampered appetite con
trol. then take a few doses of Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
and you will soon be well again. Try
it. For sale at all dealers. Samples
)t rV
Senate Committee Upholds His
Action Discharging ftegro
Committee Holds That Shooting at
Brownsville Was Done by Soldiers,
and That Guilty Ones Could Not Be
Singled Out Foraker May Carry
Fight to Floor of Senate.
Washington. Feb. 26.—President
Roosevelt's action in dismissing a bat
talion of negro soldiers of the Twenty
fifth infantry because of the Browns
ville. Texas, riots, was indorsed by the
senate committee on military affairs
yesterday by a vote of S to 4.
The committee found that the shoot
ing at Brownsville on the nights of
August 13 and 14. 1!»(»fi. was done by
some soldiers of the Twenty-fifth in
fantry, but that the testimony was not
definite enough to identify the guilty
men. Four members of the committee
voted against this finding, and one
member did not vote at all. The res
olution declaring the guilt of the ne
groes was submitted by Senator Lodge
and was adopted after five resolutions
by Senator Foraker and one by Sena
tor Dupont had been offered as substi
The vote was reached after a pro
longed investigation extending over
two sessions of congress, and evidence
had been taken covering thousands of
pages. Practically every negro of the
three companies of infantry dishonor
ably discharged by President Roose
velt testified in his own behalf, while
evidence in support of the president
was given by many army officers and
citizens of Brownsville.
Thruotit the entire controversy the
anti-administration fighf has been di
rected by Senator Foraker. In the
final vote in the committee a majority
of republican members came to his
support. The Ohio senator expressed
himself as greatly gratified at this, as
it was apparent from the outset that
all of the members were convinced
that the negroes did the shooting.
The fight will be carried to the floor
of the senate. The reports of the com
mittee will not be submitted for about
ten days, as Senator Warner, who
conducted the examination of witnesses
on behalf of the administration, will
be absent from Washington for that
period. Action by the committee
therefore will be postponed until his
return. After the reports have been
made to the senate it Is expected that
Senator Foraker will press the matter
to a vote then. If he should secure the
same proportion of the republican
mennbers as he had in the committee,
the report will be defeated.
The Ohio senator proposes to Intro-j
duce a bill to restore to the military!
service, such of the discharged negroes
as were shown beyond a reasonable
doubt to have been innocent of any
offense connected with the affray.
The committee was in session yes
terday for nearly three hours. It was
in the main harmonious. Practically
the only passages at arms were of a
preliminary nature.
Senator Lodge offered a resolution
a« follows when the matter came to a
"That in the opinion of the commit
tee the shooting affray in Brownsville
on the night of Aug. 13-14, was done by
some of the soldiers belonging to the
Twenty-fifth ITnited States infantry
stationed at Fort Brown, Tex."
Senator Foraker offered as a substi
tute the following:
"The testimony wholly fails to iden
tify the individuals or any of them who
participated in the shooting affair."
The Foraker substitute was defeated
by a. vote of 8 to 5. the affirmatives
being: Scott, Foraker, Bulkeley and
Dupont. The negative votes were:
Warren, Lodge, Warner, Taliaferro,
Foster, Overman, Frazier and Mc-
Garner, were in attendance at the con- The lodge resolution finally was
vention here and visited their uncles
and aunts over Sunday. that Senator Dupont did not vote, mak
Merlin Barnes, of Cody. Neb., came
Thursday to visit his parents at this
j0pted by the same division, except
three republicans and five demo-
cr ts
jn favor of supporting the dis
charge of the negroes and four repub
licans on record against it.
Grand Junct'on l-eb.^e.-The ice
It is put up under the supervision of a competent
chemist, from the finest materials possible
insuring the user light, wholesome, easily digested food. I
Therefore, CALUMET is recommended by leading
physicians and chemists.
Perfect In Quality
Economical in Use
Moderate in Price
Calumet is so carefully and scientifically prepared that the
neutralization of the Ingredients is absolutely perfect. There
fore C.'alumet leaves no Kochelle Salts or Alum in the
food. It is cbeMlcully correct. "For your •lomach'*
Mite" Me Calumet. For economy's sake buy Calumet.^
SI.OOO.OO ATlven for any substance In
jurious to health found la Cilyniil»
harvest was cut short by the recent, .mlles of Marshalltown. Good
moderate weather, and the supply ...Ii, Address
next summer in this locality will bej
verv much less than the demand.
The Grand Junction schools that had For Sale—Second hand 2 horse pow
been closed for one week on account
The small pox scare is over. The dis
ease has been corralled, and is of such
a mild form, as not to be dreaded, ex
cept the trouble it makes.
County Attorney ii. o. Clark was in
town yesterday morring, looking after
some matters pertaining to his office.
Ed Quini has gone to Haswell, Colo.,
to prove up his homestead.
Merchants complain that the muddy
roads affects trade.
Wanted—5 or 6 room cottage.
dross "W-26," care of T.-R.
Corn Wanted Car load lots. Send
prices. Fairview Farm, Parkersburg,
Wanted—To sell naif interest in a
steam laundry to practical man, who
will lake management. Good opportun
ity. Address S. G., Box 315, Waterloo,
Wanted Competi-ut girl or woman
for general housework. Airs. L. J. Pat
terson. 543 North Tnird street.
Wanted Names of parties who
have used Swamp Root as a medicine.
Address A-15, care T.-R.
Wanted Man with rig in each
county to introduce and sell our fam
ily and veterinary remedies, stock
food, etc. $75 to $150 per month. We
mean business. S'.iores Farm Remedy
Co.. Tripoli, Iowa.
Wanted Salesmen to sell high
grade white lead. $8 to $12 per day
guaranteed. Exp?rience unnecessary.
Splendid side line. Ritzman White
Lead Co.,' ("levelaxd. O.
Wanted—Men to learn barber trade,
will equip shop fo- you or furnish po
sitions, few weeks completes, constant
practice, careful instructions. tools
given, Saturday wages. diplomas
granted. Write for catalog. Moler Bar
ber College, Chicago, 111.
Position Wanted—By young lady
stenographer. Own typewriter. Ad
dress Box 67, Green Mountain, la.
For Sale—House and lot at 610 East
State street.
For Sale Two horses, weighing
between 1300 and 1400. also wagon and
harness. Will sell separate. Call 108
South Center street.
For Sale—Pure bred chickens:
Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpingtons,
White Orpingtons. One Mtinn's green
bone cutter, one clover cutter, one in
cubator. one Successful brooder, one
spring wagon, one road wagon, one
9-year-old mare, city broke.. These
things have to be sold by Monday,
March 2. 'Phone S91 new, residence
804 East State street.
For Sale Good roll top desk.
South Third avenue.
For Sale or Trade 280 acres, Clark
county, South Dakota unimproved.
All tillable. 5 miles from market. Will
exchange for Seattle -property. M. C.
Kecnan. 11 West Main street, Mar
shalltown, Iowa.
For Sale—Rural New Yorkers x-d po
tatoes. Finest quality. A. E. Emersan,
Rowan, Iowa.
For Sale—A good upright piano.
Will sell cheap because I have two.
J. P. Cooper, county treasurer's of
For Sale—Three quarter sections of
the finest land in the Panhandle, 22
miles west of Hereford, Texas. We
will sell this land a.t a bargain. Mc
Donald & Mahood, Marshalltown, Iowa.
For Sale 87 bred ewes, with 30
young lambs. H. A. Cole, Marshall
town, Iowa. R. D. No. 1.
Grand Junction News. For Sale—120 acre farm 3% miles
Special to Times-Republic:... Union
of small pox, opened again last Mon- tional Harvester Co., Chicago. Good as
day. with few absentees among the new: will be sold cheap. Address R.
pupils. G. Pinney, Albion, Iowa.
Wanted—A lirst class shoe cobbler.
Address Carl's sho'2 store, 123 East
Wanted Good girl or middle aged
woman to cook at county J'arrn
Koontz. steward. Marsha.iltown.
Wanted Good girl for general
housework. Xo washing. Mrs. George
Powers. No. 8, West Lincoln street.
Wanted—Room and board with an
elderly couple by invalid gentleman.
Able to lake care of himself, but
would like homelike surroundings. Ad
dress "S.-25", care T.-R.
Wanted—Ten competent shirtwaist
makers. Permanent places at good
wages. Airs. W. M. Maier, 222 East
For Sale—The Meeker homestead,
furnished or unfurnished. Centrally
located. Steam heating plant. Alodern
conveniences. Also premises directly
north. Address F. L. .Meeker, Mar
sliaMtown, Iowa.
~For Sale—Residence 1412 West Sum
mi t. six rooms two blocks from car
line easy terms. F. J. Barnes, Sol
diers' Home.
[owa Good rich soil
lmprovements a]s0
soil, well improved.
I Box 35, Union, Iowa.
fifty acre
Address Lock
gasolene engine, made by Interna-
For Sale or Trade One thorough
bred Norman stallion,
May: weight 1.500 lbs.
good action and bone. Will trade for
good young draft mares, from 2 to 4
years old. For information write E. S.
('rouse. Ijiscomb. Iowa.
For Sale—One six year old stallion:
weight 1750. .Mr. Louis Eckhaxdt, two
miles north o: State Center.
For Sale At half the first cost
price, Carbide machine, nearly new, foi'
VanCleve. .Marshall
('hesler White Swim
We also carry fu
of pure bred stock.
W. H. Adams of this place, has an
nounced himself as a candidate for
county attorney.
Frightened Into Fits
by fear of appendicitis, take Dr. King's
New Life Pills, and away goes bowel
trouble. Guaranteed 25c. McBride &
Will Drug Co.
lighting about 80 lights. Has been
well taken care of. Correspond with
M. G. Cappron, Grinneil, Iowa.
For Sale—160-acre farm 2% miles
from town. Barn 52x82, hold 70 tons
hay. Granary 16x32. New windmill,
j'° I good well, good farm house, henhouse.
Buildings in first class condition.
Scales. Address, H. R. Pepper, Rowan,
For Sale All or half interest in
good lumber, coal and grain business.
Good business opening. Salary for
management. Address M-20, caro
For Sale—Well improved eighty acre
farm 2% milese northeast of Gilman
owned by Carl Bobzin. For further
particulars write W. F. Ward, sol#
agent, Montour, Iowa,
For Sale My residence, 1102 Wes*
Main with or without adjoining lots.
New phone 42.
For Sale Small drug stock for
cash. Only drug store in town. Have
permit. Fine opening for doctor. None
here. By combining the two would
have good thing. Other business. Ad
dress lock box 675, Eagle Grove, Iowa.
For Sale Five acres of improved
land, four miles northeast of Mar
shalltown. Address C. F. Brooks, Routa
No. 7, Marshalltown.
For Sale—On easy payments, bar fix
tures, new and second hand billiard
and pool tables, billiard and bowling
supplies. We lead in cheap prices. Tho
Brunswick- Balke- Collender Company,
Marshalltown, Iowa.
For Rent—A good 160 acres, Mar
shall county. J. C. Holiingswor.th &
For Rent Furnished room at 122
East State street.
For Rent—240 acre farm, for grain
rent. Well improved, near creamery.
James Stockdale, Hampton, Iowa.
For Rent Sixty acres south of
Marshalltown. 3 miles. No buildings,
for term of 1 to 10 years. Send propo
sition to C. C. Cottle, 1230 Westlako
avenue, Los Angeles, Cal.
For Rent—Furnished room. 407 West
State street.
For Rent—Furnished room, modern,
202 North First avenue.
For Rent—Furnished room for gen
tlemen adjacent to hotels. Address
A-ll, care T.-R.
Sale Postponed Owing to the
stormy weather the market day sale at
Steamboat Rock has been postponed
till Tuesday, March 3, at 10 a. m. Jack
Kramer, auctioneer, Lowell Carpenter,
Dissolution of Partnership—The firm
of Kirk Bros., at Clemons, is this day
dissolved, J. P. Kirk retiring. The bus
iness will hereafter be conducted by
Willis Kirk, who will collect all debts
due the old firm and assume its obliga
tions. February 25, 1908. J. P. Kirk,
Willis Kirk.
For embroidery stamping, call at 507
East Church street.
If you are looking for a good location
to start a lumber yard or bank, writs
at once to C. E. Gtinhus, Cresbard, S.
Flowers for all occasions. We mako
pieces for funerals and have carnations
in any quantity. Choice blooming
plants. Send us a trial order and let
us get acquainted. No order too large
or small. New phone No. 10, Green
Houses, 1400 East Nevada street.
Coarse, discolored, oily, red skin
rendered fair and inviting by Satin skin
powder. 25c.
Cut Rates on household goods to
Pacific coast and other points. Su
perior service at reduced rates. Tho
Boyd Transfer Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
Wanted Everybody to Know that
Reliable messengers furnished.
Prompt service, reasonable rates.
'Phones—New, 805 Old, 63.
5 East State. Manager.
The best bargain I ever offered for
a poor man to ge.t a home.
For Sale—160-acre farm 10 miles
from Sedley. Saskatchewan, Canada,
coming 3 in'130 under cultivation. 80 acres of fall
With extra plowing ready for the drill, house 16x40,
barn 24x32, price $30 per acre, only
$500 down, will take half of each crop
as payment on land, will sell the buyer
seed wheat and oats on tune, will throw
in the SO acres of fall plowing. I have
the best improved stock farm of 160
acres in Iowa. It must be seen to be
appreciated. For particulars write to
W. B. HERRIAIAN, room 13 Woodbury
building, Marshalltown, Iowa.
Pure Bired Live Stock Auctioneering Also Farm Sales
We will compile your catalog, print it and your sale bills, cry your
sale and clerk it. See us before claiming your date. We have a prop
osition that will interest you.
For Sale—A Shorthorn bull also a few Plymouth Rock cockerels
and pullets.
few places for sale and rent.
|ret,. 26 R. G. Tweed, bred Poland China and Duroc Jersey sow
sale, also some Shorthorn bulls, LeGrand, Iowa,
Closing Out Sale 1- A. Gitton. 1 mile we: and mile North of
umty. Iowa. Horses, Cattle ^5 Thoroughred
Farm Alachiiu*t\—Time of Sale, I-eb. 2i, Ofi.
lines of Fire and Life insurance and have herds
F. H. HOUGHTON, Residence 1411 South Center St.,
Marshalltown. Iowa.
New 'Phone 796 Res. New 'Phone 650 Office.
Over Seig's Drug Store.
F. G. HOUGHTON, Albion. Iowa.
Rural 'Phone.

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