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J» "i
Unless Properly Treated With Hyomei,
Becomes Serious.
Catarrhal troubles are far more dan
gerous than they seem at tirst thought,
You should get cured as quickly as
possible before any dangerous germs,
that you may breathe lodge on the dis
eased tissue and work destruction in
the throat and lungs.
The easiest. simplest, quickest, surest
and cheapest way to cure catarrh is by
the direct method, breathing Hyomei.
This wonderful medicated air treat
ment does not drug and derange the
stomach, but is breathed in. directly
following and destroying all disease
germs that may have been inhaled.
The unusual way in which Hyomei
is sold by McBride & Will is the best
.evidence of their confidence In the
treatment and should dispel all doubt
as to its curative properties. They
agree to refund the purchase price to
anyone whom Hyomei fails to bene
fit, and you do not risk a cent in test
ing its healing virtues. A complete
outfit costs but $1.00 if it helps you,
not a cent if it does not do all that is
claimed for it.
Iowa at Washington.
Washington, D. O.. Feb. 2S.—Post
master General Meyer has ordered es
tablished April 1 station No. 8 of the
postoffice at Davenport, located
7636 Brady street.
The secretary of the treasury has
awarded the contract for fuel for use
of public buildings at Iowa City for
the next fiscal year to George Hum
mer. at $50.'. and for a public building
at Council Bluffs lo the Fenlon Wick
ham Coal Company at $1,140.
The postoffice is discontinued at Be
rea, mail to Anita: living Springs,
mail to Treynor Bear Grove an3
Fanslers, mail to Guthrie Center.
Do lou upeu luur Mouth
Like a young bird and gulp down what
ever food or tnedicintj may be offered you
Or, do yon want to know something of the
composition and character of that which
you take into your stomach whether as
food or medicine?
Mcsi intelligent and sensible people
now-a-days insist on knowing what they
employ whether as food or as medicine.
l)r. Pierce believes they have a perfect
right to
The Cold
of Today
The Pneumonia
of Tomorrow
A large proportion of case9
of Pneumonia are directly due
to neglected colds. That is
why you want to cure your
cold today.
has been successful in relieving
and curing Coughs, Colds, Bron
chitis, Hoarseness, Inflammation of
the Lungs, and similar ailments for
77 years. It is likewise a splendid
remedy for Croup and Whooping
Cough, and very effective in reliev
ing the attacks of Asthma.
Sold by all druggists, in three
size bottles, $1.00, 50c., and 25c.
Jum'iTonicVenalfctfe is a reliable
all-round tonic. Especially good for
children—a safe Worm Cure.
Member Chicago Board of Trade.
Chicago and New York
Cash correspondent for W. L. Greene
Commission Co., St. Louis: Brodnax &
McLiney, Kansas City Ware & Leland,
Chicago. Get our bid6 before selling.
Ask for our daily market letter.
Both 'Phones 165.
Office Room 8 Tremont Block.
a S
If you have catarrh, there is an irrl
tated state of the mucous membrane Mill'KOt AlTCCteU iiV LlVlT|)00l
and weakened tissues which afford an
ideal lodgment and culture medium for
disease germs, especially those of con
upon such knowledge. So he
publishes^bcQadcast and on each bottle
wrapper, whaOd£ln«Ucines are made of
ana\^^esjtymtter-inn This he feels
he can ••mLftfford to do because the more
the Ingredients of which his medicines
"made are studied and understood the"
more will their superior curaXive virtues
be a iTtirccIated.
For the cure of woman's peculiar weak
nesses, Irregularities and derangements,
giving rise to frequent headaches, back
ache. dragging-down pain or distress in
lower abdominal or pelvic region, accom
panied, ofttimes, with a debilitating,
pclvic, catarrhal drain and kindred symp
toms of weakness. Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription is a most efficient remedy.
It is equally effective in curing painful
periods, in giving strength to nursing
mothers and in preparing the system of
the expectant mother for baby's coming,
thus rendering childbirth safe and com
paratively pai tless. Tho Favorite Pre
scription" is a most potent, strengthening
tonic to the general system and to the
organs distinctly feminine in particular.
It is also a soothing and invigorating
nervine and cures nervous exhaustion,
nervous prostration, neuralgia, hysteria,
spasms, chorea or St. Vitus"'s dance, and
other distressing nervous symptoms at
tendant upon functional and organic dis
eases of the distinctly feminine organs.
A host of medical authorities or all the
several schools of practice, recommend
each of the several ingredients of which
"Favorite Prescription" is made for the
cttreof the diseases for which it isclainied
to be a cure may read what they
n'75:" '-"'*.
J\ *ijst ~x
Advance, and Strength in
Continental Markets
The Opening Was Firm, Along With
Wheat, But Realizing Sales Caused
a Decline—Oats Easy, Being Chiefly
Influenced by Corn, Today—Firm
Tone in Provisions Market.
Chicago, Feb. 28.—-Wheat today op
ened strong because of an advance of
more than 2d at Liverpool. The con
tinental markets were also strong.
Northwestern receipts continued light.
May opened at 98% to 99, sold at 991i,
and dropped back to 9S1,*.. Minneapolis,
Duluth and Chicago receipts were 224
Realizing sales caused a decline.
May closing (i Vj lower at 97% (ii-'Jii.
Corn opened firm with wheat, but
at soon broke on realizing sales. May
opened at 61% to 62%. sold at 62 14.
and declined to 61V£(!i61%. Receipts
were 156 cars.
Prices eased off along with .wheat.
May closed Vi lower at 61%.
Oats were easy, and influenced chief
ly by corn. May opened at 53
."3%, and sold at 53',4. Receipts were
143 cars.
Provisions were tirm.
Chicago Grain.
Chicago, Feb. 28.
Wheat—No. 2 red, [email protected]« No.
No. 3 red, 980-99 Xo. 2 hard, 99
1.05 Xo. 3 hard, 9614 May op
ened at 98% to 99: highest. 9914: low
est. 97% ($97% closing, 97% @98 July
Corn—Xo. 8, 571i No. 3 white, 57%
No. 3 yellow not. quoted. May opened
at 61% to 62%: highest, 62%: lowest,
61% closing, 61% July.
Oats—No. 8 white, 51%fj)53%. May
opened at 53%@53% highest, 53%
lowest, 53 closing, 53 July old, 44%.
Chicago Produce.
Chicago, Feb. 28.
Pork—May, 11.57%.
Lard—May, 7.55.
Ribs—May, 6.55.
Rye—Cash, 84.
Timothy—March 4.So.
Clover—March 19.20.
•Butter—Steady creameries, 21 #31
dairies, 20©28.
Eggs—'Easy 19% #20.
Poultry—Firm chickens, 11% tur
keys, 12% springs, 12.
Ranqe of Prices.
The following range or prices are
furnished by A. J. Clark, broker,
member Chicago board of trade, room
8. Tremont block.
3 3"
by sending a postal card
request for a
booklet of extracts
from the leading authorities, to Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Invalids' Hotel and Surgical In
stitute.'liufiulo, N. Y.. and it will"come to
by return nos*
Mav 9fl 99»4! 97%i 97%' 98%
July .j S»3%| 93%! 921i 92%! 93
Sept. .. 90 90%| S9%| 89%! 90
Corn— 1 1 1 1 1
Mav .| 62%! 6214| 6114' 61 61 TS,
July .... 59 "s 60 59141 59%: 59%
Sept ,j 59 5914! 58%! 58 59
Oats— 1 1 1
Mav .1 53^1 53%| 53 53 53%
July 45%! 451^1 44%l 44%| 45
Sept 1 37%| 38 37 37%) 37%
Pork— 1 1 1 1 1
Mav .111 .65 11.70111 .551
11 .57111.55
July !12.00!12.07|11.92|ll.95jll.92
Lard— 1 1 1 1 1
May .| 7.62| 7.65! 7.55] 7.55| 7.55
July .: 7.S2| 7.85 7.75 7.75j ,i
Ribs- 1 1 1 1 1
May .| 6.62| 6.65| 6.52: 6.551 6.57
July ,| 6.921 6.951 6.82! 6.85! 6.85
New York Stocks.
February 27.
Below is a list of the more active
I sLocks as furnished by A. J.
Clark, broker, Tremont building, Mar
shalltown, Iowa:
Erie Common ..
I American Smelter
C„ M. & St. P.
ITrnon Pacific 113%
Canadian Pacific 144%
13 Vi
110 Vi
68 Vh
Southern Pacific
Brooklyn Rapid Transit
IT. S. Steel Preferred
U. S. Steel Common
Copper ...
American Car and Foundry ..
Missouri Pacific
B. & O.
American Sugar
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe..
Northern Pacific
New York Central
Rock Island Common
Rock Island Preferred
Chicago Greait Western
Illinois Central ...............
"Western Union
Peoria Grain.
Peoria, Feb. 28.
Corn—No. 3, 57.
New York Grain.
New York, Feb. 28.
Wheat—May, 1.05.
Kansas City Grain.
Kansas City, Feb. 28.
Wheat—May, 94% No. 2 hard, 99®
Corn—May, No. 2 mixed, 55Vi#
Oais—No. 2 white. Rl.
St. Louis Grain.
St. Louis. F-b. ^8.
Corn—May. r.77s.
Outs—May. 50
New York Produce.
New York. Feb. 2S.
Butter—Weak: cream fry, specials
SO31: extra. 30 third to first. Jrn
23: held, common to special. 25'p'31:
dairy, common to fair, SOIL'S: process,
second to special, [email protected] factory, first
23, seconds 21!/)22. held. 21 (jt)23 imita
tion creamery, first 24 @-25.
liggs—Easier lirsts 23, seconds 22
Poultry—Alive, quiet chickens, 11 Vi
fowls. 131&: turkeys, 14. Dressed, quiet
chickens. 10W18 turkeys, young hens,
fancy 18. fowls 10({(/14.
Liverpool Grain.
Liverpool, Feb. 2S.
Wheat—Steady spot Ts 1 lid May
iS 2 d.
Corn—Steady spot 5s 2'4d!t 5s 4,»d
March, os l%d.
New York Exchange.
Chicago. Feb. 2S. Xew York ex
change was at 10 premium.
New York Money Market.
New York. Feb. 28. —Prime mercan
tile 4 (a 5 'a sterling firm: 4.S6.65W
1.S6.70 demand, 4.S3.60(n'4.83.65 at six
ty days.
Favorable Action On Proposed Road
Again Seems Unlikely at Grinnell.
Special to Times-Republican.
Grinnell, Feb. 2S.—The general de
sire to hear Rev. ],vman Abbott at the
college chapel tomorrow evening, is
great and the anjjiety of the college
authorities, that no student of the col
lege shall miss this opportunity for
lack of a seat is so marked that en
trance to tne chapel is to be ga.ined
only by tickets. These are furnished
to the students first, and, when they
are fully supplied, to the general pub
lic. The tickets are free and will en
title the holders to reserved seats up
to 7:43. Seats not claimed by that
time are declared open to any comers.
The subject of the address has not yet
been made public.
E. W. Xoah and Louis llopstadter,
both formerly in the employ of Marvin
Brothers, have formed a partnership In
the plumbing and tinning business and
rented the south room in the new
Proctor building on the west side of
Main street. They will keep a stock
of materials and fittings for use In
their line.
Mr. and Mrs. Othello J. Worcester,
of 522 Broad street, are rejoicing over
tho birth on Wednesday night of a son
weighing seven and a half pounds.
A meeting of the Retail Merchants'
and Manufacturers' Association was
called for 9 o'clock this morning, to
consider matters of grave and imme
diate importance concerning the town
ship election to settle the question of a
tax in favor of the proposed Waterloo,
Pella and Southwestern railroad. There
seems to be an even more intense feel
ing among the farmers of this town
ship than when the former election
was held, and many think that favor
able action is just as unlikely now in
view of the three per cent tax, as
when four per cent was asked.
Miss Janet Lindsay, rooming at 927
High street, with Mrs. Addie Walker,
was taken several weeks ago with a
severe case of grippe. Her mother came
from their home in Ottumwa to care
for her, and was herself taken sick
and has been seriously so for 'the past
three weeks. She is now just able to be
taken to her own home, and the daugh
ter will go to take care of iher.
The members of the Walker house
hold at 927 High street, have all had
serious experience with the grippe and
its accompaniments. Mrs. Walker, her
son George, her mother and her fa
ther. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Chaffee, have
all had Mieir turn, but all are reported
at present as making a nice recov
At tflie mid-week meeting of the
Congregational church last evening,
Rev. .lohn .Marvin, who was elected
clerk of the church at the annual meet
ing in January, tendered Iris resigna
tion of that office, giving as his reas
on the fact that he .had been called
to the pastorate of the Congregational
church at Ogden. Mr. Marvin will be
gin his work with the Ogden church
at once but will not move to that
place before April. Mrs. Marvin also
resigned her office of deaconess in the
church 'here last evening.
Grinnell high school basket ball team
met the fa.st Oskaloosa team at 'the
men's gymnasium here at 4:30 this
afternoon. The Y. M. C. A. of Des
Moines meets the college teaim at 7:30
this evening.
T. B. Bump went to Eldora this
morning in search of fat cattle to
butcher for the home market here, the
country Immediately surrounding this
city not 'having a sufficient available
supply o.f good Stuff of that kind.
Look for the signature of E. W.
GROVE. Userl the World over to Cure
a Cold One Day. 25c.
List of Winners in Contests at Hamp
ton Institute.
Special to Times-Republican.
Hampton. Feb. 28.—The winners of
prizes for the best corn exhibited at
the annual meeting of the Franklin
County Farmers' Institute, which came
to a close in this city Wednesday aft
ernoon, were as follows:
Reids Yellow Dent—First. P. G. Tim
inerman: second, Carroll Bros. third,
Henry Paullus.
Common Yellow—First, F. C. Beed
second. C. H. Lovin third, G. D.
Common White—First, X. E. Ferris
second, Frank Rutt third Henry
Calicoe—First, A. H. Personnett
second, Henry Paullis third, Ben
Best Single Ear—First, Carroll Bros.
second, N. E. Ferris third, George
Oats—First, Fred Nancolas second,
G. E. VanWert third, Frank Rutt.
Apples, Wealthy—First, George A.
Northwest Greening—First. Geo. A.
Bird second, Jennie Argent third,
Mrs. Ed Pohrman.
Siloa.m—First. Mart Whitehead sec
ond, Henry Paullus.
Collection—First. George A. Bird:
second, Mrs. Ed Dohrman.
There were twenty-two entries in the
boys' corn judging contest, and the six
winners, who took prizes, werer as fol
Merle Brooks. GS per cent: Frank
Tintt. per cent: Fred Paullus. 04
p.-r cent Alvia Personalte, 63 per
cent Ceorgie Paullis. 6^ per cent:
Charley Rutt. 60 per cent. The prizes
ranged from $12.50 down to $2.
Fearful Slaughter
of deadly microbes occurs when throat
and lung diseases are treated with Dr.
King's New Discovery. 50e and $1.00.
Will Drug Co.
7 1 1
Bntclicr Stufl' and Li^lit Steers
Finn, With Other Rinds
About Steady
A Light Run and Excellent Demand
From All Sources Brought About
Renewed Activity, Today in That
Market—Good Demand and Steady
Prices for Sheep—Lambs Higher.
Chicago, Feb. 28.—Cattle Meager
receipts resulted in considerable activ
ity in butcher stuff and light steers,
at limn prices, while oilier kinds held
about steady.
Receipts for the week thus far total
up about 58,000, which is 4,000 less than
for the same period of last week. Ship
pers have been comparatively busy aiul
the quantity of cattle sent out for the
week to date shows a gain over a week
ago, which leaves about 5,000 less for
local slaughter. There is considerable
Lent talk in the air, and it would be
advisable to keep receipts down for a
while. Most of the letters and circu
lars sent out by commission houses
this week advised conservatism next
week, giving the impression that a
liberal supply would be dangerous and
Hogs were strong to 10c higher, be
cause of renewed activity brought
about by the light run and exce.llent
demand from all sources.
Fifty-eight thousand hogs for today
and Saturday will make 2,000.000 for
January and February at the Chicago
I'nion Stock Yards, or around 70.000
more than ever before for two succeed
ing months. Counting about 135,000
received outside the yards the grand
total at Chicago for the two months
will be about 2,135.000, or 493.000 more
than combined Chicago receipts for
January and February, 1907.
Sheep were steady to strong, with
good demand lambs were 10?fl5e
higher choice lambs iwere scarce.
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago, Feb. 28.
Cattle—Estimated receipts for today
2,500: beeves, 3.90#6.00 cows and
heifers, 1.8004.90 stockers and feed
ers, 2.75fi'4.90 westerners, 4.0t)@4.7o.
Hogs—Estimated receipts for today,
23.000 opened 5®10c higher: light,
4.25tfi4.47V4 mixed, 4.25(^4.52 '4
heavy, [email protected] rough, [email protected]
bulk of sales, 4.40fit14.50.
Sheep—Estimated receipts for today.
10,000 opened weak 3.25f(f5.50 lambs
[email protected] yearlings, 5.00fji6.25.
(For Comparison.)
Chicago, Feb. 27.
Cattle—Estimated receipts for today,
7,000 opened steady: beeves,
6.00: cows and heifers, [email protected]
stockers and feeders, [email protected] west
erners, [email protected],
Hogs—Estimated receipts for today,
36.000 opened steady light, 4.15CV4.40
mixed, 4.15®4.45: heavy, [email protected]:
rough, [email protected] bulk of sales, 4.35 (g
Sheep—Estimated receipts for today,
12,000 opened weak 3.2~6i'5.ii0 lambs,
[email protected] yearlings, 5.00(Tj6.25.
Representative Hog Sales.
Below are given a few of the repre
sentative hog sales:
Average/ Prica
50 mixed and butchers. 22S 4 25
68 mixed and butchers. 20S 4 "5
73 mixed and butchers. 225 4 .»i
.85 mixed and butchers. 238 4 40
40 good heavies 293 4 -5
67 good heavies 287 4 30
59 good heavies 4 1")
65 good heavies 289 4 40
42 light hogs 149 4 :o
58 light hogs 167 4 -!7
76 light hogs 172 4 .,5
72 light hogs 18S 4
Representative Cattle Sales.
Below are given a few of the repre
sentative cattle sales:
14 steers
12 steers
16 steers
12 steers
19 steers
15 steers
13 steers 1186
9 steers 119:1
21 steers 1280
14 steers
7 steers
23 steers
A .00
Kansas Citv Live Stock.
Kansas City, Feb. 28.
Cattle—Estimated receipts for today,
2,000: steady: native steers, 4.50tf?5.75:
southerns, 4.00(S5.25: westerns. 4.25
in a a a a a a 2 8 1 3 0 8
5.50 cows and heifers, 2.50tfi5.2r:
stockers and feeders, 3.40f?i'4.80.
Hogs—Estimated receipts for torla^.
10,000 5&>10e higher heavy. 4.35
4.50: packers 4.25fd'4.45 pigs and lights
[email protected]
Sheep—Estimated receipts for today,
2,000 steady 4.40(Tti6.25 lambs, 6.25(&j
Omaha Live Stock.
Omaha, Feb. 28.
Cattle—Estimated receipts for todav.
1,500 steady native steers, 4.00 (a I
5.60 cows and heifers, 2.75(ffi4.75 wes
tern steers, [email protected] stockers and
feeders, [email protected]
Hogs—Estimated receipts for today,
5,500 10c :higher heavy, 4.25
mixed, [email protected] light, [email protected]
Sheep—Estimated receipts for «toaay,
6,500 steady [email protected] lambs, 6.J5(H)
St. Louis Livestock.
St. Louis, Feb. 28.
Cattle—Estimated receipts for today.
fiOO steady steers. 3.75(26.00 stock
ers and feeders. 2.40'ai4.t5 cows and
•heifers, 3.25(0^5.25.
receipts for today,
7,000: 10c higher: pigs and light. 4.U0
©4.55: packers, 4.00 laC 4.55 hii(.e)icr«
and best heavy, [email protected]«0.
Sheep—Estimated receipts for today,
S00 steady 3.50^5.50 lambs, 4.50 fa
Brittaln & Co., for farmers* hogs, de-
Ilvered in wagon load lots at their
fards, or bought by their country
Balesmen, are paying the following
prices today:
All hogs over 200 pounds—4.00.
Pigs, 160 lo 200 pounds—3.90.
Pigs. 140 to ICO pounds—3.70.
Pigs, 120 to 140 pounds—3.50.
Pigs, 100 to 120 pounds—3.25.
Brittaln & Co. are paying today, ac
cording to grade, the following prices
which, however, arc subject to change
without notice:
Choice cows and heifers—2.75.
Good cows and heifers—2.25W2.50.
Calves. 150 to 200 pounds—4.00.
Calves, 200 to 300 pounds—3.50.
Calves, over 300 pounds—2.50®!3.00.
Physicians Give Free Advice by Which
Parents May Profit.
It was an association of gentlemen,
professionally physicians and chemists,
all of whom were born in the drug
trade, so to speak, and who have been
connected with it all their lives, who'
remedy ever put upon the
popularity ever enjoyed by any and Instructed them
talned, not by flamboyant advertising
or appeals to ignorance or vulgar pre
judice, but by inherent merit. All phys
icians recommend it, and many, very
many, prescribe It.
Many parents call in the family phy
sician. Many other parents take ad
vantage of what the physician told
them when he was lirst called in con
sultation. All good family physicians
say: "Give the children Castoria."
Healthy parents know this remedy of
old. for they took It themselves as
children. It was more than thirty
years ago that Castoria made a place
for Itself in the household. It bore the
signature, of Charles H. Fletcher then.
as it.does today. Tho signature is its
guarantee, which Is accepted in thous
ands of homes where there are chil
Much is printed nowadays about big
families. Dr. William J. McCrann, of
Omaha, Neb., is the father of one of
these much-read-about families. Here
is what he says:
"As the father of thirteen children
I certainly know something about your
great medicine, and aside from my own
family experience I have, in my years
of practice, found Castoria a popular
and efficient remedy in almost every
Charles H. Fletcher has received hun
dreds of letters from prominent phys
icians who have the same esteem for
Castoria that Dr. McCrann has. Not
only do these physicians say they use
Castoria in their own families, but they
prescribe it for their patients. First
of all it is a vegetable preparation
which assimilates the food and regu
lates the stomach and bowels. After
eating comes sleeping, and Castoria predatory interests. Vigilance is neces
looks out for that too. It allays fever
ishness and prevents loss of sleep, and
this absolutely without the use of opi
um. morphine or other baneful nar
Medical journals are reluctant to dis-
is about to have the dreams of a life-
cuss proprietary medicines. Hall's charge that Herman Rider, of New
Journal of Health, however, says: "Our York, is traveling in the south work
duty is to expose danger and record the ing against the selection of democrats
means for advancing health. The day instructed for Bryan, and adds,
for poisoning innocent children thru "But why should tne rank and file of
greed or ignorance ought to end. To! democrats leave to their representa
our knowledge Castoria is a remedy tives the duty of doing what the rank
which produces composure anil health
by regulating the system, not by stu
pefying it, and our readers are entitled
to the information."
J. M. Brainard, Boone, About to Have
Dreams of a Lifetime Realized.
Special io Tlmes-R puoilcan
Boone. Feb. 28.—John M. Brainard,
lihvjtrv biUirtl
of this citv. also curator for the Kric
-son library historical department, and
time at last realm d. Mi. Biaina.nl is
one of the up-to-date library man of,
the Boone Standard during its palmy
state. He has long, wanted to secure
a greater co-operation .between the
townships of the \anous Iowa counties
and the libranes located the coum.\
seats, oi othei town.-, so fai as that
5.00 the extension of the pi
5. 5
fore called a. meeting of the Ericson
News of Jewell Junction.
Jewell Junction. Feb. 28.—Clav Hill
Alden todav visiting relatives here for
a few davs.
Mrs. Conrad is still treating Mrs.
John O Johnson, who has .been
finite ill for some time.
Mr. Roper of Fort Dodge was in
town todav representing the American
Tobacco Company, and he sold over
1.000 pounds of shewing tobacco. This
is an indication of good business here.
Jewell is about ft) have a. third bar
ber shop in the south part of town,
to be opened uv Ok I piiilol. who has
been working for 11. hlmoir-.
Miss f'itie Foval has opcn-d a mil
linery sln.p in til" rMw.rd* building,
ju*l south of Millett lunch (•outlier.
J.-well has an enterprise known as
the Jewell Voveltv ompanv. winch
arc making hens' m-sts.
Lawrence T/aw son Ints se\ -red his
connection with O'Connor's lunch room
and i-! helping his father get ready for
his sale next month.
Steve Hoon- who has been serving on
tho petit lurv. was excused along with
the rest of the Jurors for thl« week.
special fi lend of Cuictioi Chat les Aid- Years——Two Burglaries.
rich of the state historical department,
iibiaij. to the counti\ di.stiu.ts. upon
equitable terms, arranged by a joint I
meeting of the boards of libiai.\ and
of ownership trustees. He has there-j
library board of tins city, and thou obtained
trustees of Pes Moinos. Jackson and
Worth townships for March 7th. to
take up his proposition. He tiliinks
that the people of the country districts
will be glad to co-operate in this work.
after being shown lust what returns
thev get—the privileges of the library
as accorded to the people of the in
corporated citv. This meeting will be
watched with interest, and the results
noted bv all persons interested in li
brary work in this state. This is
practicallv tilio first -movement in the
state of this character.
is loading his car for Nebraska today, coming year are: President, David
where he is going to farm. I Muir vice president. D. W. Mott, Jr.
Pete E*pland and wife are over from I secretary, J. E. Johnston treasurer, 1
1 I
State Convention ot HepuWi
eans Instructs Delegates
For Secretary
Charles Nagel Elected National Com­
mitteeman Over Former Leader—
Bryan Declares Money is Being Used
in Selecting Delegates—Warns Dem­
ocrats Against "The System."
St. liOiiis. Feb.
first gave to the world Castoria. which Senator Wiiiiam Warner, Attorney
as every one knows is a pleasant and General Herbert S. Hadley, John R.
effective remedy for the ailments of in- jj0imeSi
l'aiits and children. It has always been
recognized as a meritorious^ prepara
tion. and its reward lias been the
state convention last evening elected
joplin. and John H. Both-
well, of Sedalia, delegates at large to
the republican national convention.
vote for Will-
iam H. Taft and "to use all honorable
means to secure his nomination for the
Charles Nagel, of St. Louis, was
elected national committeeman from
Missouri, defeating Thomas K. Nie
former state chairman and
republican nominee for senator two
years ago, by a vote of 630 to 435. This
action is expected to eliminate Nie
dringhaus from state politics for a
time. It also puts Jeptlia D. Howe in
the saddle in city politics.
Senator Warner, who was chairman
of the convention, started a boom for
Attorney General lladley. the oppon
ent of the Standard oil corporation for
governor. In introducing Hadley to
the convention after his election as a
delegate at large, Warner referred to
him as "the next governor," and as
"already governor in the hearts of the
In replying, Hadley said he hoped
Warner was a true prophet. This was
taken as an admission by Hadlev that
he has decided to become a candidate
for governor.
Bryan Issues Alarm Cry.
Lincoln, Neb, Feb.
that money is being used to defeat the
democratic party will in the selection
of delegates to the Denver convention,
William J. Bryan will print the fol
"Watch the personnel of delegations
to Denver. Money is being used in
some of the states of the Mississippi
valley to get delegations obedient to
sary. Put none but the trustworthy
on guard. The democratic masses are
aroused, and they must not be be
trayed by the representatives of 'the
Mr. Bryan followed this up with a
and file should do? Why,«ot trust the
rank and file to say what the party's
course shall be? So far as Mr. Bryan
is concerned, he has not asked and
will not ask for the vote of any man
or of any state. He does say, however,
that it is the duty of democrats in
precinct, county and state conventions
to instruct their delegates as to their
choice for the democratic nominee."
|y|rs. Lockard Married Thirty
pliline Kel)
thirtieth wedding anniver-
)rv |)f Rev_ lj0(,laril
the state. For years he was editor «f ,neml,ers of the M. E. church planned
the Aegis, of Story county, later edited
.lIltl wite
anU c.lITiPd 0lll a verv
Isp for them Af
day.s. and is pel haps one of the best|)l]g. Rev. I,ockard was surprised
known ducatoi and publishers in the.to
--. is
successful sur-
prayer nlee
ma !):i
rt oi the church
neaHv Jilie(1 After mee
ung he lin-
t() eak to some one and on
.,i home he was again surprised to
oos. He interested Senator f. ,T. jlandK)Ille cllair.
Ericson. of tins city, in the measure
preceded linn to the
'j'liev were presented with
Woi1nesdav nifr,lt
4.b!)|-some jeais ago. with the lesult tliat. Jim-tman grocery store and
4.95 a law was enacted, which provided for
Ho(J h:ir(lwarc
burglars entered
store. At Hartman's
of a it.\ several dollars worth of
|jet |imv-eK
Afc Hot]R(
nd about $2.50 in cash,
thev took
several knives
revolvers and two or three dollars
Jn lsh
thought to be the work
]oca| parties, but as vet no clue has
The Hampton News.
Special to Times-Republican.
Hampton. Feb. 2S.—Low J.
champ, tilie la.ughing philosopher, de
livered one of his famous lectures a.t
the M. E. churnh this citv Wednes
day evening. This was the fifth num
ber in the Hampton lecture course.
The Franklin County Meat Produc
ers' Association 'held its annual meet
ing in tins cutv. presided over by Pres
ident David Mulr. E. H. Mallory, the
efficient retiring secretary, gave a re
port of the local work during the year
just passed. Officers elected for the
J. Scantleburv: delegates to the state
convention, James Donaldson. ^. H.
Harrison, E. A. Mallory and Frank
Wednesday evening at the ihome of
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. McDowell, their
daughter, Miss Mvra. was united in
'marriage to Mr. Will II. Fox, Rev.
E. T. C-ruwell performing the cere
mony. These young people are high
ly esteemed bv fhelr many friends.
It is understood that Mr. l4,vid Mun
dias. upon t,he urgent request of many
of his friends, consented to becom.
a candidate for representative. Mr.
Muir is one 1 Franklin county
staunch republican" and a most exem
plary citizen. He has large real estate
niiterosts West Fork township, where
he lived until a few years ago, when
'he moved to this city. Allho a cit\
man as to residence. Mr. Muir keops
in touch with rural affairs to perhaps
a greater degree t.han anv other resi
dent of Hampton. He was Just elected
president of the County Meat Produc
er** Association.
Wanted—By middle aged woman, po
sition as housekeeper for gentleman
with no small children. Address or call
J03 East Church, Marsha 11 town.
Wanted—Competent girl or woman
.for housework. No washing. Mrs. M.
F. Andrews, 5 Soulh Fourth street.
Wanted—Woman to do washing at
the house. Mrs. D. W. Xorris, Jr., 411
Jerome street. New phone.
Wanted—Woman cook at the Center
Hou se, 108 South Center street.
Wanted—Bell boys at Pilgrim ho
tel. Steady work and good wages.
Wanted—Dining room girls and
chambermaids at Pilgrim hotel. Steady
work and good wages.
Wanted—Office man at Stoddart ho
Wantej Position as housekeep
er for a home. Address W-27, care
Wanted—5 or 6 room cottage. Ad
dress "W-26," care of T.-R.
Wanted—A first class shoe cobbler.
Address Carl's shoe store, 123 East
Wanted Good girl or middle aged
woman to cook at county farm. J. C.
Koontz, steward, Marshalltown.
Wanted Good girl for general
housework. No washing. Mrs. George
Powers, No. 8, West Lincoln street.
Wanted—Room and board with an
elderly couple by invalid gentleman.
Able to take care of himself, but
would like homelike surroundings. Ad
dress "S.-25", care T.-R.
Wanted—To sell half interest in a
steam laundry to practical man, who
will take management. Good opportun
ity. Address S. G., Box 315, Waterloo,
Wanted Names of parties who
have used Swamp Root as a medicine.
Address A-15, care T.-R.
Wanted—Men to learn barber trade,
will equip shop for you or furnish po
sitions, few weeks completes, constant
practice, careful instructions, tools
given, Saturday wages, diplomas
granted. Write for catalog. Moler Bar
ber College, Chicago, 111.
Position Wanted—By young lady
stenographer. Own typewriter. Ad
dress Box fc7. Green Mountain, la.
For Sale Cheap, $100 piano cer
tificate. New phone 930.
For Sale Bonnie View White Wy
andottes. The great utility breed.
Eggs from two fine pens also a few
fine cockerels. Mrs. N. W. Burbank,
New Sharon, la.
For Sale—One large, sound work
mare. W. II. Sloppy.
For Sale—Don't keep t'hat scrub bull
when you iian buy a good low down
wide out recorded Augus bull, guar
anteed, for $75 up, of H. L. M. Bruner,
Toledo, Iowa.
For Sale My residence, at 514
North Third street. Modern, eight
room house, good barn, tAvo lots, very
desirable place for a home. Will sell
on easy terms. C. W. Spat ks.
For Sale—Best of deciduous fruit,
vine alfalfa, dairying and vegetable
Jand, famous Feather river alluvial
soil on Northern Electric line and S.
cheap irrigation terms easy,
write for free printed matter. Irrigated
Land Co-, Sacramento, Cal., office 505
For Sale Mv residence, at 307
South Fourth avenue. Seven room
house deep well, good cistern, city wa
ter and sewer in house, good barn.
For "Sale —One-half dozen Pullets,
2 cockerels, Full blood Silver Lace.
1507 West Main. New phone 661.
For Sale—The Meeker homestead,
furnished or unfurnished. Centrally
located- Strain heating plant. Modern
convenience. Also premises directly
north Address F. L. Meeker, Mar
shalltown, Iowa.
As to results from my ad in the want column
of the T.-R. I have to say that I have a large
number of inquiries from the city and from
towns in adjoining and distant counties which
shows your circulation to be wide and attracts
the attention of all those interested in the
matter of farm help. Sincerely
1412 West Sum­
mit siv rooms: two blocks from car
line- easv terms. F. J. Barnes, Sol
diers Home.
For Sale or Trade 280 acres, Clark
count*' South Dakota: unimproved.
Ml tillable- 5 miles from market. Will
exchange for Seattle properly. M. (.'.
Keenan 11 West Main street, Mar
shalltown. Iowa.
For Sal©—A good upright piano.
Will sell cheap because I have two.
Cooper, county treasurer's of
For Sale—One six year oid stallion
weight 17"0- Mr. Louis Eckhardt, two
north of State Center.
For Sale or Trade One thorough
bred Norman stallion, coming 3 in
Mav weight 1.500 lbs. With extra
osition that will interest you.-
good action and bone. Will trade for
good young draft mares, from 2 to 4
years old. For information write E. S.
Crouse, Liscomb, Iowa.
For Sale—Three quarter sections of
the finest land in the Panhandle, 22
miles west of Hereford, Texas. Wa
will sell this land at a bargain. Mc
Donald & Mahood, Marshalltown, Iowa.
For Sale 87 bred ewes, with 30
young lambs. H. A. Cole, Marshall
town, Iowa. R. D. No. 1.
For Sale—On easy payments, bar fix
tures, new and second hand billiard
and pool tables, billiard and bowling
supplies. We lead in cheap prices. The
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company,
Marshalltown, Iowa.
For Rent Six-room modern cot
tage, 205 South First street. fSf.
For Rent Sixty acres south of
Marshalltown, 3 miles. No buildings,
for term of 1 to 10 years. Send propo
sition to '. C. Cottle, 1230 Westlaka
avenue, Los Angeles, Cal.
For Rent Furnished room at 122
East State street.
For Rent—Furnished room, modern,
202 North First avenue.
For Rent—Furnished room for gen
tlemen adjacent to hotels. Address
A-ll, care T.-R.
To Exchange—Farms and lands for
merchandise, residence, hardware, (ho
tel, restaurant, buildings, livery, stal
lions, automobile, drugs, clothing,
shoes, racket goods. Acme Exchange
Co., Cherokee, Iowa.
Lost Last night, large garnet
brooch, probably at high school gym.
Finder return to T.-R. Reward.
Breeders' Shorthorn Sale Marshall
town, March 11, 50 registered Short
horns, a dozen bulls, some choice heif
ers. For catalog write Lewis Bros.,
Flowers for all occasions. We make
pieces for funerals and have carnations
in any quantity. Choice blooming
plants. Send us a trial order and let
us get acquainted. No order too large
or small. New phone No. 10, Green
Houses, 1400 East Nevada street.
Beauty bringers. are Satin skin?
cream and Satin skin somplexion pow
der. Only 25c.
Cut Rates on household goods to
Pacific coast and other points. Su
perior service at reduced rates. The
Boyd Transfer Co., Minneapolis, Minn.
Wanted Everybody to Know that
Reliable messengers furnished.
Prompt service, reasonable rates.
'Phones—New, 805 Old, 63.
Pure Bred Live Stock Auctioneering Also Farm Sales
5 East State. Manager.
For Sale
It will pay you to exchange your
property for a laundry that we have
for sale or exchange.
We will have several small farms
that you can get possession of if you
wish to buy.
Six room house, nice lot, small barn,
on paved street, water in house and
sewer, a bargain, will give good terms.
See us about this.
A barber shop for sale or exchange.
Modern house close in, at a bargain.
We want to buy a small barn.
See us for anything in our line.
Over 108 East Main St.,
Marshalltown, Iowa.
We will compile your catalog, print it and your sale bills, cry your
sale and clerk it. See us before claiming your date. We have a prop­
March 3—E. Braman, 3 miles northeast of town, closing out sale.
Good horses and cattle: also a few Shorthorn cattle, Poland China and
Berkshire hogs. Send for catalog.
The best bargain I ever offered for
a poor man to get a home.
For Sale—160-acre farm 10 miles
from Sodloy,. Saskatchewan, Canada,
130 under cultivation, 80 acres of fall
plowing readv for the drill, house 16x40,
barn 24x32, price $30 per acre, only
$500 down, will take half of each crop
as payment on land, will sell the buyer
seed wheat and oats on time, will throw
in the 80 acres of fall plowing. I have
the best improved stock farm of 16
acres in Iowa, it must be seen to
appreciated. For particulars write
W- B- HERRIMAN, room 13 Woodbury
building, Marshalltown, Iowa.
Two Scotch Shorthorn bulls and one young Scotch Shorthorn cow.
We also carry full lines of Fire and Life insurance and have herds
of pure bred stock.
F. HOUGHTON. Residence 1411 South Center St,
Marshalltown. Iowa.
New 'Phone 796 Res. New 'Phone 650 Offioe.
Over Seig's Drug Store.
F. G. HOUGHTON, Albion. Iowa.
Rural 'Phone.

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