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BU8BY BROS., Mgrs—Tel. 262X
W. A. Tapp, R«». Mgr.
Friday, March 20
The Laughable Comedy
Peck's Bad Boy
A story everyone has read
and the play is even funnier.
Prices, 15,25,35 and 50c
Sunday, March
al The Most Successful Play of the
1* Century.
'l Author of the Little Minister
Direct From a City Run.
i-s fv*
PRICES 50, .75, $1.00 and $1.50.
Seats on Sale Saturday 10 a. m.
In Medleys.
With Her Singing Dog. i'fi.
jp. High Class Singing Duo.
M*iss Emerson is the Only Real
Female Baritone and Double
Voice Singer in the Country. -.
"In the Wildytaod Where the
Blue Bells Grow."
New Moving Pictures.
Mourning for the Lost Child
Scullion's Dream ,,
dB»' -V
I ft
Matinee Saturday Afternoon
South Africa
Is in the coil
jfsfjiJ And notv must kneel
To the Standard oil.
I jb'his most powerful of trusts—not sat
•lsfied with its strong hold in this eoun
^tr.v. has extended its field of operation
to Southern Africa. We not only enjoy
'. Ja big local cigar trade, but also have
,,i, .thc esteem and confidence of many out
11 people.
People appreciate
Odeon Theatre
The Swedish Comedy-Drama
A Continuous Laugh
From Start to Finish.
PRICES 15, 25, 35 and 50o
Seats on Sale Saturday 10 a. m.
Monday, March 23
quality of our brands and the courteous
.treatment accorded them. Our Imperial
/:. 'Cigars are unequaled by any trust made
cigar, manufactured for. and sold by
,'ws exclusively.
Barber Shop, Bowling Alleys,
Billiard and Pool Parlors
Dr. Burkart. ostcooath. 302 'W. Main.
•Change of program tonight at Bi
AYill sell space in car for Portland.
Inquire T.-Il.
Mr. F. E. Marshall, of l.iseotnb, spent
the day in the city.
Baxter's grand spring opening will
be Friday and Saturday.
Child's spring jackets at manufactur
ers' prices at 'M. F. Andrews.
A. B. McCartney cleans wall paper.
Telephone New 115, Old 675-J.
Carl's footwear, correct in every .par
ticular. Carl's, 123 East Main.
Mr. P. J. Jacobson, of Oilman, was in
the city on business Wednesday.
Evening tickets 50c at the base ball
fair, Saturday, March 21, .Forney's hall.
One thousand loads of dirt for salt.
Inquire of C. A. Palmer, 408 West
Church street
If you want something stylish in
millinery attend Miss Ott's opening.
Friday and Saturday.
When wanting groceries in quanti
ties see Kendall & West, and save
money. 8 East State.
It will cost you nothing to And out
If I understand your case. Consulta
tion flree. Dr. Mairs. '$•
The Ladies' auxiliary of the B. of
Li. E. will hold an exchange in D. S.
Good's Saturday afternoon.
For Sale—Black mare tive^years old.
weight 1.400 gray horse four years old.
weight 1.500. Eadie-Ward Piano Co.
Will sell part of the .space in a box
car for Portland, Ore., or some inter
mediate point. See C. E. Patterson.
Standard buttermilk bread Is the
original buttermilk bread. Get It at
the Standard Bakery, 110 West Maiyi.
Dr. C. C. Gethman, of Eldora. was in
the city this morning on his way to
Colfax where he went later In the day
for treatment for rheumatism.
New, modern home of 6 rooms in
choice residence part o£ city for quick
sale. Cash or easy terms. See us at
once for particulars. Bell & Hill.
Iowa College Glee club Congrega
tional church, Friday, March 20. Seats
held for ticket holders until 7:50 p. m.,
after that admission at 35 cents until
capacity of church is taken.
As a rule sickness is caused by an
accumulation of poison in the system,
get rid of the poison, you will feel as
well as you ever did. I can tell you
how. Dr. Mairs, 120 East Main.
At a meeting of the three Rebekah
lodges of the city Wednesday night,
Mrs. Mary E. Kellogg, of Sioux City,
president of the state assembly, was
present. Mrs. Kellogg is on a visiting
tour of the different lodges of this part
of the state.
Don't forget the Roya.1 Highlander
masquerade Monday night, March 23,
at Red Men hall. Everybody come and
mask. There will be prizes given for
best costumes and free membership
in the Highlanders waltz prize. Admis
sion 10c, evening tickets 50c.
Miss Anna Penders, of Rockwell, ar
rived in the city Wednesday evening,
and will remain for a visit of a week
or ten days at the home of her aunt,
Mrs." D. McMahon. Miss Penders will
go from here to Oskaloosa to visU her
brother, Mr. Richard Penders.
Mr. and Mrs. William Ellwanger,
who have been spending the winter in
Green Mountain, left Wednesday night
for their home In Saskatoon, Sask.,
Can. Mrs. Ellwanger's daughter. Miss
Marie Adams, has accepted a steno
graphic position with the Marshall Oil
Company, In this city, and will remain
Invitations have, been issued for the
approaching marriage of Miss Esther
Robinson, living near Albion, and Mr.
Valentine Brown, of Green Mountain,
which will take place on Wednesday.
March 25. Miss Robinson has been
teaching in the country, her last school
being Vienna No. S.
The home and education department
of the Women's club was entertained
Wednesday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. J. L. Williams, 409 North Third
street. Mrs. J. W. Burroughs conduct
ed the study on "Principles of Cook
ery." and Mrs. P. R. Benedict on
"Cooking Cereals." Following the study
hour the hostess served refreshments.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bartmess. 214
West Main street, entertained the Fort
nightly club at 6:30 o'clock dinner,
Wednesday evening. The dinner was
ill three courses, the hostess being as
sisted in serving by Misses Gertrude
and Allie Mansfield. The evening was
very enjoyably spent In playing five
hundred. Guests aside from the club
were Dr. and Mrs. H. T. Mairs, Dr. and
Mrs. F. P. I.ierlc, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Wiley, and Mr. and Mrs. George Mc
At the regular meeting of
camp. No. 61. Royal Neighbors of
America, W/jdnesda.v night, several
members of the order from out of the
city were present. The degree staff
of the State Center camp exemplified
the camp served a four-course suppsr
at the close of the session, covers b~
ing laid for
100. Dancing was then
"Peck's Bad Boy," that notably pop
ular farce comedy, which has for twen
Ly y.-ars ivigned supreme in its spec al
Geo. J. Allen, optical specialist.
Part of a car to Portland, Ore. In
quire T.-K.
Mr. J. C\ Haas, of I'liion,
day in the city.
i'\v skirls, voile
.11 M. I''. Andrews.
For Sale—'Pedigreed
Chemically pure. F. L.
Miss Clara Keeler, of Albion. left
Wednesday for Illinois, where she will
visit a sister.
Mutual Benefit. 33 North Center
street, will pay 26 cents for butter,
and 13c for eggs. Win. Mo wry.
For Sale—Black mare live years old.
weight 1,400 gray horse four years old,
weight 1,500. Eadie-Ward Piano Co.
Serviceable, stylish tan and patent
leather Oxfords for men and ladles, at
Ctrl's Shoe Store, 123 East Alain
I can cure you of that headache,
backache, liver and kidney trouble. I
hE.v« a remedy expressly for your trou
ble. Dr. Mairs.
Standard buttermilk bread always
just right, the original article, per
fected and improved, at the Standard
Bakery, 110 West Alain.
Miss Fanny Quaife. who spent last
summer in Europe, will give a talk on
Italy and Pompeii at the public li
brary, at 3:30 o'clock Friday afternoon.
I have a new remedy that will re
lieve rheumatism, neuralgia, gout, in
one application, and will cure any
o"dinary case in a few days. Dr.
A'airs, 120 East. Main.
For Sale—Five room house In the
First ward, good sized lot, also seven
room house in Second ward. We will
sell either one of these places on
monthly payments. See Bennett &•
Master Donald Mooney, son of Mr.
and Mrs. John Mooney, Jr., 708 May
street, reached home Wednesday ev
ening from Albert Lea. Minn., where ho
has been for a short visit with his
cousin, Mr. Jatnes Wymore.
Master Harold MePherson, aged 13,
ssn of .Mrs. William Wilkins. of Ma
rietta. is very ill of cerebro spinal
meningitis, having been stricken sud
denly Tuesday morning. Master Mc
pherson is a nephew of Mrs. John
Timmons of Marietta.
S. C. Bell, who has been confined to
Ids home for the past few months, suf
fering an attack of blood' poisoning
t'lue to having received a slight scalp
wound in a runaway accident, was
able to be down town for the first time
Wednesday. His daughter, Miss Ad
lie Bell, of Marietta, spent Wcdncs
lay in the city with him.
Announcement has been received
here of the marriage of Miss Verne
Cory, daughter of Mrs. A. W.
Van Cleve. and Mr. Roy Barrigar, both
of Cedar Falls, Saturday, March 14, In
that city. They will be at home after
April 1. at 703 Walnut street. Cedar
Falls, where the groom is associated
with Mr. VanCleve on a weekly paper
published there. Mr." Van Cleve was
formerly employed as a compositor
and sketch artist on the T.-R., and the
bride has many friends in this city.
Held far i.ey.md the envious reach of studying and when my .lay's work is
imitation, cones to til.- Oilcm theai -r. finish'd I am not an\ mon* nervous
on l-'i iday nigh: March
Ole Swanson has met .with instan
taneous success. It is an interesting
story wjtll
delightful comedy, sensa-
tional scenes and many delightful pic
tures of the northwest around Pine
Island, Minn., and appeals to the pub
lic. The character. Ole Swanson, that
good natured Swede, always creates
a scream and a comedy that will be as
loving a stage character as that of
Uncle Josh in "The Old Homestead"
and the popularity of this play will
never diminish, but will live with the
theater-going public as the years pass
by. At the Odeon Sunday night, March
22. Prices 15, 25. 35 and 50 cents.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Wallace, 505
North First street, entertained the
twenty-four members of their Five
Hundred club and a number of other
guests, about forty in all, at 6:30
o'clock dinner Wednesday evening. The
decorations were in green and white,
carrying out the St. Patrick's day idea.
The hostess was assisted in serving by
Mrs. Mary Steward, of Green Mountain,
and Miss Esther Forney. At cards, the
two prizes were won by Mrs. W. F.
Koontz and! Mr. C. E. Smith. Other
guests from out of town beside Mr.?.
Steward. -ro Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Nich
ols. of Lfseomb.
Should Have Steady Nerves.
The nervous system of the musician
is often very sensitive and any habit
like coffee drinking may so upset the
nerves as to make regular and neces
sary daily practice, next to impossible.
"I practice from seven to eight hours
a day and study Harmony two hours,"
writes a Michigan music student. "Last
Lotus September I was so nervous I could
practice only a few minutes at a time
and mother said I would have to drop
my music for a year.
"This was terribly discouraging as
I couldn't bear the thought of losing
a whole year of study. Becoming eon
tlie work in a very creditable manner
Mr. and Mrs. Bentley, of Oelwein, the inCed that my nervousness was caused
latter a member of the supreme bene
ficiary board, were present, as were
also visitors from Union. Dixon, 111.,
and Jewell, Kas. A committee fro.n
largely by coffee, and seeing Postum
so highly spoken of, I decided I would
test it for awhile.
Mother followed the directions care-
fu and thouRht had never tasted
sirch a delicious drink. We drank Pos
tum every morning instead of coffee,
and by November I felt more like my
self than for years, and was ready to
resume my music.
"I now practice as usual, do my
to ag:.in than when 1 began.
prove that in the drama, as in many cannot too hiyhlj recommend,
other »liins. he that keeps in closest I'ostuin musicians who practice halt
touch witli nature is mo-u !ii --ly to
shake ha nils with suet ess. When ex- recommends Vosnnn to his patients.
Governor George \V. JVck of Wisoon- Words cannot express my appre.-iation
sin wrote the "ketches upon which rue for this most valuable health hevnran'\
play indicated Is found, tl. by his x- and
Sf4f If-
day. My lather is a plnsician and
elusive permission. he humorou jy iorlty over all others. "There's a
struck a universal human keynote, to Keason."
which humanity responded with roars .Vane' given by Postum Co.. Battle
of lautfhter and applause. Prices, ll, Creek. Mich. Kc.id The Road to Wcll
25, 35 and 50 cents. ville, in i»kg:s. v.- .. -.
has proven its super-
spent the
and line paiiamas,
Don't forget the violin
Bijou tomorrow night-
eon(est at
•Nice comb honey only IS cents a
pound at Kendall fc West's S East
Visit. Baxter's opening and hear the
orchestra Saturday afternoon and eve
Simklns & Estel, funeral directors
and licensed einbalmcrs. 216-218 East
Mil in.
'ifj^r "-'Ti'^
Dr. IJorle, glasses fitted.
ular business meeting
the afternoon.
Ttirtfs-llqwMimtr, llfarshattlflxroi fflttia,
Dr. Buliard, osteopath, 28 E. Main.
.Mr. J. A". Williams, of Union, spent
the day In the eily.
.Mrs. J. C. Kv.-rist. of Albion, visited
in tie eily Wednesday.
At iny oll'lee in the evening. Dr.
Mairs, 120 East Main street.
Send you vehicles to the Buggy
Works and have Mieni repainted.
Send your vehicles to the Buggy
Works and have them repainted.
M. I'". Andrews can please you, when
you want a suit. Sec the new styles
ftvni $10 to $3f«.
For Sale -Black mare live years old,
weight 1.40H gray horse four years old,
weight 1.500. Kadie-Ward Piano Co.
Buy the Standard buttermilk bread.
The more you eat the better you like
It. Standard Bakery, 110 West Main.
Who will win tomorrow night, ben
nox furnace Co. or J{. B. Y. M. C. A.?
Indoor base ball league. V. M. C. A.
gym. Good game assured.
Miss Pearl E. Smith left this morn
ing for Grundy Center, where she was
called by the illness of her grand
mother, Mrs. Mary L. Nichols.
Indoor base ball tonight. K. R. Y. M.
The body of Nettie Dell Sloan, aged
41, who died March 13 at Pueblo, Colo.,
of tuberctilor peritonitis, passed thru
the city Wednesday afternoon, en route
to ni
for buriiO^
A product called Kodol has now been
made which completely digests all
food. It relieves the weak stomach
wholly and instantly, yet permits one
to eat what will Is.
The Ladies guiul of
church will meet Friday
of Mrs. Archie Parker. 7
avenue, for an all-day sew
C. A. vs. Lennox Furnace Co. and Iowa reason of cancer of the throat. Mr.
Central railway vs. C. I. Business Col- shlo'n has taken a discharge from the
R. R. Y. M. C. A. gym. 10c. home.
The residence property of the late O
B. Barrows, corner of State and Third the home of Mrs. Dc ano
streets. Is for sale. Will sell with or Wednesday afternoon. Tli
without the buildings. C. C. Trine.
:it the home
The reg­
the production her.' and our theater- the evening. Mr. Kaley is a cousin of
goers will see the Barrie plav staged Mrs. F. S. Hynds. where he has been
with all tlie care that marked its lire- I a guest since Saturday, and a small
seiltation In the Empire theater. New company of friends was entertained
50, 75. $1
Dr. Wood, eye, throat, nose, and ear.
Miss Myra Davis, of Albion, spent
Wednesday in the city..
Mrs. Ha lis Erickson. of l.aMoille,
spent ihe day in 'he eily.
Mr. John ('lemons of 'lemons, was
in the city on busin.-ts Wednesday.
Dr. Cora Williams, diseases or wom
**n and obstetrics. ilTieo over Fidelity
bank. Hours 10-12 a. in., 1-4 p. m.
We have liOO l.\S whit cedar posts at
II cents each. This is less than regu
lar price in 1x7 posts, same i|iiality.
Citizens' Lumber 'o., 3(lti Market street.
The Ladies' Aid society of the Pres
byterian church will meet wilh Mrs.
A. W. 1 lea Id and Mrs. George Gregory,
at the llealil home. 101 Wesl Stab'
street, Friday afternoon.
Veiling, one and one-fourth yards
wide —for square veils—the latest fad.
The demand is so great for these veils
manufacturers have been unable to IIII
orders. They won't last long. Hurry
in. M. F. Andrews.
David A. Shion, member of the
soldiers' home from Mahaska county
since August, 18114, loft Wednesday
evening for Barnes City, where lie was
summoned by the serious illness of hi#
sister, Mrs. Absalom Hart, who Is be-
lleved to be at the point of death, by
The W. C. T. IT. was entertained nt
T. Smith
subject for
the afternoon was "The Conditions on
the Isthmus of Panama." An interest
ing paper on the subject was read by
Airs. George Downing. Mrs.1 flraham
played a piano solo and Mrs. Egan. of
the soldiers' home, gave a reading. The
attendance was good.
Miss Jessie McMahon was hostess to
tlie Drake University club, Wednesday,
evening, entertaining at the U. S. Pat
ten home, 205 West Grant street. Dur
ing the business session of the club,
Paul's plans were made for elaborate ban- I
iet for the members and Iheir friends .,
South Third t,, be given April U. Following the
business session lig.it refreshments
will be held in were served, and a most pleasant even- tre ttnent
ing was closed will' college songs and
stories. you simply breathe and inhale Its
Charles Frohtnan will give local play
goers a chance to make the acquain
tance of Peter Pan, when J. M. Barrie's
latest anil greatest play will be pre-» tained about a dozen fri
sented by Mr. Frohman aL the Ideon o'clock dinner Wednesday
theater on Monday night. March 23. An complimentary to Hon. C. W. Kaley, of brings to th. se snliermg organs the
excellent cast has been engaged for Lincoln. Neb. Cards were enjoyed in balsam laden air they would get in the
York and the Duke of York's theater, Tuesday evening at I tie l-Iynds home Inland swift to cure. It insures against
London. Prices
A Good Suit Business
Right now there
women's suits.
Women are buying
And if they buy frorifi Whitton-Whitehead
Co., they're coming next season for the same
Whit tori
Dr. and Mrs. J* A. Walscr. corner medication in dry air from which des
of Fourth and Church streets, enter- troys the germ life that causes op
riends at 6:30, pressed breathing. Nasal Catarrh.
veiling Throat Irritation and Lung Trouble.*, it
his honor. coughs and colds. It gives you pure air
A :Good Suit
a fine business in
Reasons? Plenty of them.
Our suits are in perfect style. They have
the marks of quality and high-art designing.
Then, they fit No other line of suits re
quires so few alterations, that means quick sales
and less expense.
Then, the service. That means the wear.
The high quality of the Whitton-Whitehead Co.
garments provides for satisfactory wear and the
retention of the graceful lines long after the suit is
If you want suits that wear well and give satisfac
tion, the Whitton-Whitehead Co. garments will please
you. Call on us when you are in need of a suit.
Agents for Thompson's Glove Fitting Corsets.
Long Silk Gloves. Long Kid Gloves.
29-31 West Main Street
Dr. Kierulff fits glasses perfectly.
J. Neiinan was In Ladora on
busi nes
The regular monthly meeting of the
M.'irshalllown chapter, D. A. U. will be
held Fridav afternoon al the llonie of
E. Downing, 124 Ea.-t State
Mr. Frank W. Millions, aged 2 1, of
Vanclew, and Miss Nida Kellogg, aged
25, of Dcs Moiii'
re given a. license
to wed in Des .Moines. The ceremony
was performed Wednesday.
Mrs. L. I''. Kellogg arrived home
Wednesday evening from Austin.
Minn., where she was called a few days
ago owing lo the illness of her moth
er. Mrs. A. E. Perry. Mrs. Perry Is
now much improved.
Miss Blanche Young, of Minneapolis,
accompanied by her little niece,
Blanche McConibs, daughter of Mr. H.
!•'. Mcf'ombs. arrived in the eily Wed
nesday evening, and will remain in
definitely as a guest at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hughes.
The Adam Reisinger homo, 712 West
Nevada street, which has been quaran
tined for smallpox, was released Wed
nesday night. This was the last resi
dence to be released on account of the
disease, there being no others under
quarantine at the present time.
Attention Masons.
Marshall lodge No. 10S, A. F. &
A. M. will work on the third de
gree Friday evening al 7:30.
11. G. HOEt'K. W. M.
That Is What Hyomei Will Do in All
Forms of Catarrh and Troubles
of the Breathing Organs.
It's not a question of Hyomei hav
ing cured some one else but will it
leach your own particular case. If it-f
i"old in the head. Catarrh, Bronchitis,
Pneumonia. Croup or any affection of
the breathing organs McBride & Will
says yes. and will refund the money
fa |s
t)li, sam( pi
,|Kll.ation for
.,„ successfully do
this, because the Hyomei system of
is different from anything
I .. t. a# 131 n/ »n .1 TP iiho
t'lit if fi iruu I ho silt*
Pine and Eucalyptus forests. The air
that stamps out Bronchial troubles.
The prince of entertainers Marshal
P. Wilder says: Hyomei is easy to use,
It Pays to Trade at Headquarters
and kills the germ of disease. It helps
the voice.
Hyomei complete outfit, $1.00.
Glass Blowers Coming.
Backnia.n's Famous Class Blowers,
who will open their engagement in
MarsbaIIIown oil next Tuesday even
ing al the old post office building oil
East. Main street, come highly recom
mended, and this is without doubt the
liucst exhibition of its kind that has
ever visited tlie city, fine of the many
features is glass steam engine in oper
ation. All I lie beautiful ornainenls they
make are given away to their patrons.
The admission is only 10 cents and
every visitor receives a present.
Potatoes for Seed.
have a carload of ReikJSLij'er
Ohio potatoes for sale.
Corner First Ave. and Nevada St.
Indoor Base Ball
Standing of the Clubs.
P. W. L,. Pet.
l^ennox Furnace .. 11 11 0 1,000
Business Men .. .. 12 4 ,f67
V. .VI. C. A 11 7 4 .036
Business College .. 11 7 4 .630
Trowel Company .. 12 5 7 .41S
Lennox Machine •. 12 4 8 .333
Shorthill 12 3 9 .250
Iowa Central 11 1 10 .091
By heating the Lennox Machine
Company's team of the y. M. C. A. in
door ball league Wednesday night, the
business men's team mounted into sec
ond place. The score of the gam. was
6 to 2. The Marshalllown Trowel Com
pany won from the A. E. Shorthill
Company by the score of 5 to 2. but
I he result did not change the relative
standing of either team. Tlie score of
the first game was as follows:
Business Men 0 0 1 5 0 0 *—G
Lennox Machine 0 1 0 0 1 0 0—2
The teams lined up as follows: Bus
iness Men—Boardman, pitch Egerma
yer, catch McConnell. first base: Doo
little, second base: MeCreej"y„ third
base Bradbury, left short: Waterman,
right short Hull, left field. Lennox
Machine—Lemmon. pitch Smeltz,
catch Wittel. first base: Klrcliberger.
second base Stump, third base: B.
Poduska. left short: c. Poduska. right
short Brown, left field Otto, center
The score of the second game was as
Trowel CompanyS'v!. .1 0 0 0 3 1 •—5
Shorthill 0 0 0 0 1 1 0—2
The following is the line-up of the
Exclusive Agents For
La Grecque Tailored Underwear
This underwear has many distinctive features.
It combines usefulness, smoothness of fit, beauty
design and workmanship. Fits so smoothly over
the figure that it materially lessens outer dress
measurements and accentuates the waistline.
La Grecque Tailored Underwear is made in gradu
ated sizes so each wearer gets just the garment to fit
her individual figure, iv: v,
Every seam doubled and sewed flat, making it soft,
pliable, easily laundered and unstretchable.
There are no bands and gathering strings to in
crease the waist measure—no bunching or wrinkling at
waistline and hips to spoil the fit of a gown or add un
comfortable warmth. Every line is carefully shaped
and well defined, giving the wearer the shapely chic
style and dressy comfort dear to every woman's heart.
Their extraordinary durability is such that they will
outwear three ordinary garments.
See Display in Our West Window
500 beautiful new skirts in all the new and up-to
date styles and materials. Prices from $3.75 to $22.50
One of our most important departments—Ladies', Misses' and
Children's Footwear. We have purchased the best wearing
and most stylish Footwear that money can buy, and we $bso
lutely guarantee the fit and wear of every pair sold.
Marshalltown, Iowa
teams: Trowel' Company—Adam%
pitch Welch, catch Hoekrkige, first
base Swab, second base Burritt, third
base Jones, loft short Worden, right
short Bowman, left field Hunnlcuti^
center field.
Shorthill —C. Anderson, pitch Li'.r^
vcy, catch J. Anderson, first base
Thompson, second base Ackley, third
base Paxson, left short Porter, rignt
Carlson, Wood and Dunn were tha
Standing of tha Cluba.
P. W.
Number/ Four ... 42 30 12 .714
Rexalls ..... 36 24 12 .667
Imperials 36 21 15 .583
Hudsons 39 19 20 .487
Boosters 42 20 22 .478
Invincibles 36 16 20 .444
Hawkeyes 36 16 20 .444
Crescents 36 15 21 .417
Sycamores 27 10 17 .370
Blue Jays 30 9 21 .300
The Hawkeyes took two from tha
Hndsons at the Cook alleys last night.
Keller bowl'ed for Beinert in the third
game, changing the handicap of five
a'lowed the Hudsons to the Hawkeyes
for that game. The scores:
Colemnn .. 106 123 148
Richeson 156 175 153
I'ursel .. 14 153 154
Curtiss .. 3 43^. 146 164
Dooley .. 173*-'•c.167 123
Uandi 'ap
Toials .. 720 764 747
Carroll .. 127 12#
Chiles .. 114( 177 133
Beinert .. 1)j' 148 141
Dummy .. IIS 110 -j 189
Fowler .. 1"S 187 155
Totals .. 684 802 741
try the following delightful dessert:
English walnut meats.
doz. figs, cut up fine.
1 10c package JELL-O, any flavor.
Dissolve the JELL-O in a pint ot
boiling water. When cool and just
commencing to thicken stir in the flga
and nuts. Serve with whipped cream.
Delicious. The walnuts, figs and
JELL-O can be bought at any good
grocery. This makes enough dessert
for a largo family and is very eco*
t- if

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