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Many a Meal
Has Been Spoiled
by the cook's inability
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you cook on
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blacken the utensiL There
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any odor or smoke.
Use this stove and your cur
tains will stay dean longer.
Cooking will be a real pleas
ure and much cheaper.
Write for booklet giving full
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Zemo, Cleveland.
GEO, 0. CM
I Charcoal
-Sewer Pipe
IK Phone* 140-554
502 South Center St
Marahalltown. Iowa.
A* a special attraction We' are'offef
tftC for sale for the next thirty daya
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add" marea foal, by prixe win
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St SON. Marahalltown, Iowa.
r$, JM' wtyX1 fH*&*.'jt hv* t- r-thhm/J *&te
Cummins Declared to Have Been at
Forefront of Fight For Better Gov
ernment—Wilson Held to Have Failed
in Essentials of Statesmanship-
Blunders in Mexico.
Special to Times-Republican.
t'edar K:pidx, May 17.—An eloquent
plea for endorsement of Senator Albert
B. Cummins, of Iowa, for the presi
dency of the L'niled States was made
today by Howard J. Clark, of Des
Moines, in his kevnote speech as tem
porary chairman of the first republican
state convention in session here. Mr.
'lark eulosized the lrwa senator and
expressed high hope for his ultimate
victory in the race for the presidential
Mr -Clark said in part:
"Today marks a new epoch
history of the republican party in
Iowa. We meet in convention to ap
prove the choice of the people of the
state for the republican nomination for
president of the United States and to
consider the fundamental principles of
republicanism. The public interest is
the first and only thing for considera
tion and the interests of the whole
country challenges the attention.
Tour years ago delegates 1O the na
tional convention eleetPd directly by
the people were excluded from parti
cipating in the party council. On the
Tth of June next the majority of the
delegates constituting that convention
will have been elected hy a direct vote
(if the people. Today it is altogether
fitting that the man who led thp con
test for popular self-government and
direct control of public affairs should
be the honored choice of the united re
publican party for its nomination as
president of the United States and
that this convention should re-record
in its most emphatic and solemn way
the selection of Senator A. B. Cum
mins for that position.
West Has Claims.
great centra! wfst has taken
an active and determined part in de
veloping the principles of republican
ism and the foremost pffective able ex
ponent and leader is Iowa's
upon the ballot, the delegation Is in
structed for him and so far as we ar®
able to learn, every man so instructed
intends to act in good faith and carry
out his instructions."
The speaker dwelt at great lengtih
on the part played by Senator Cum
mins in the various political activities
of recent years and reviewed in detail
his acts as a memliT of the United
States senate. He added: "We have a
candidate with strength, wisdom,
character, and experience who has
been a leader among his people: a man
whose strength has been expended for
the benefit of the whole country. Albert
B. Cummins, and with united support
the chances oif this nomination will be
greatly increased.
"The republican party sometimes has
failed to measure, up to the ideals of
the country in respect to one or more
of its principles and has been relieved
of Its power bv the voters of the coun
try. On each occasion this reproof
has been sufficient to bring about rec
tification. The democratic party in
variably has failed to measure up to
the standards of the American people
for any considerable length of time
and invariably passes out of power at
the first opportunity the people have
for expressing a choice and this year
of 1916 -will be no exception."
Discusses National Issues.
The speaker then plunged into a
discussion of national issues during
which he said:
"Conceding that the present admin
istration has acted in good faith in
every particular and that it has used
Its best endeavor to formulate and put
Into effect policies it believed were for
the best interests of the country, yet
It has so signally failed in all of the
essentials that if the republicans are
true to their principles and have the
courage of their convictions and nom-
ffiouiK arnaiii
To prevent Joes of hair,
ing wft^J Cuticu^a Ointment. Next morn
ing shampoo with Cuticura Soap and hot
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economical at any price.
Sample Each Free by Mail
WUb 32-v.
fCwcicttnu DtW. MG,
lnat« men for public office who are
known to be In accord with the public
sentiment of the' country, the victory
will .be overwhelming at the November
Regarding questions confronting the
present administration/ and growing
out of the European War, Mr. Clark
said in part:
"The true, fundamental doctrine of
the American republic Is that ever#
Duty Towards Mexioo.
Much time was devoted by the tem
porary chairman to discussion of the
Mexican situation and the problems to
ernment existed in iMexico, then our
conduct is shameful and could have no
df-fense for we have permitted our own
people to he murdered, wantonly and
willfully, and their property destroyed
without detfense or effort to save them
other than to warn them from the
danger zone."
Regarding the Philippines the speak
er said:
"It is known by all that with the
exception of a limted few on the Is
land of Luzon an-d those attending the
public schools established by the Am
erican republic, that ignorance, and
disregard of every restraint prevails in
the Philippines islands as much as It
did nt the time we accepted the guar
dianshiip for their use and benefit. Am
erican people are not ready or willing:
to relinquish their obligation solemnly
assumed because of some danger inci-
dent to its maintenance. They will
carry out that obligation in good faith'
and with due regard for the rights of
others Irrespective of the sacrifice it
may require.
Must Prepare For Defense.
"If we are to continue to maintain
our position as one of the powers of
the earth and to delevop our strength
for the betterment of mankind, this de
velopment must start thru our com
mercial relations. If we expect to be
a commercial nation and to take part
in tbe world's affairs, we must estab
lish and maintaJn the principle that
the high seas are for our traffic and
'the traffic of all others unmolested and
undisturbed, and we must at the sami
time develop a sufficient merchant ma-
for thp republican nomination for the
presidency. Senator Cummins.
"Merit and merit alone is the thing
that ha-« sustained his candidacy.
"Senator Cummins' candidacy be
comes more and more formidable every
day. In evpry state where the vote of
the people determined the choice of the
I candidate, where his name has been
rine to be a factor in the control of
1 wean-carrying trade. In order to do
either of these and as a factor in de
termining the policy of our foreign re
lations, we are brought face to face
with the question of preparedness.
There is but one reasonable, safe and
1 certain thing to do and that is: Pre
pare for defense and prepare for peace,
fboth essential to the well-being of the
•colirrtry. "A« to -the first, we should
Keokuk's t.hree newest schools are
fireproof. With a tew minor inaide
I changes no outside flrescapes will be
(needed, writes A. S. Vrtck, state labor
I Peter Weise of Hancock has a lite
jthat no ordinary Kord can end. Two
|of the machines upset on Peter last
(week, but each time he crawled forth
under the wreckage unharmed.
I Tbe Carroll Daily Times ceased to
exist Saturday with the end of the
Ajnerlcan, wherever he may be, has lzed at any point to give additional as Hi
the full strengthitfnd
Southern Iowa Items
Bromley religious meeting at that
place. The management had put on a
daily paper to further the revival cam
A silver ring was melted from Orvll
Henry's hand last week when he came
in contact with an electric current in
his garage at Carson. His hand wa«
not badly burned, all the current seem
ing to go to the metal.
Justices Burrows and WHelstone of
this city announce dollar
will prevail In their courts .May 27.
Now's the chance for the boya, say the
justices. All they have to do is to get
the girls and they will do the rest. Mer
chants of the city are financing the idea
as part of their dollar day bargain day.
A divorce from number three that
she might remarry number two was
granted Mrs. Eesie Tull in the -Chari
ton courts last week. 'Her hopes were
shattered, however, by the court's de
cree that she should not remarry for
a year, until her attorney reminded her
that she could go to Missouri and have
the knot retied.
The Sidney creamery, building and
equipment, was sold at auction^ J. J.
Van Eaton was the purchaser and the
price paid was $1,050. It is much to be
regretted that the plant could not have
been kept running. Mr. Van Baton got
the building at a bargain but he has
not yet decided just what he will do
with it.
The training of the horse which he
was driving saved Russel Englund of
Essex a bad Injury Thursday. A wheel
on the delivery cart he was driving
broke and he was thrown from the rig
to tbe ground. The horse stopped as
soon as the wagon went down, and no
Injury was done either to boy or ani
The call of the type stick and office'
shears has proven too strong for H. W.
Robinson, who has purchased the
Greenfield Transcript, and will take up
bis work about the l&th. Mr. Robln
sojy was in the printing business Jn
Adair county about 1&70, hut quit it,
thinking tor good. Ha could not escape,
Qrsenfielfi. 1
The 1»1« class of graduates of the
Greenfield, hteh school numbers twenty
seven, ten young, raen and seventeen
young women, who will be presented
with diplomaa on the evening of May
A mog the rlaas are several yourvr
athletes wbo hr.ve won honors In track
and other contests for seVeral seasons
TIMES-RHFRUBLICAN, WMlkMjv^, tawj^ ^Witiht.
conatruot and maintain-' the navy at
tbe highest point of effloiency.
"Aa a further Una of' defense, the
«hore defenses/should b* con«truotea
of the greatestdtrfciigthahd efficiency
and kept In that condltion at all
'times. '*.•*•
"Aa to the atandling army: It should
•be maintained with sufficient numbers
and location to. In conjunction with
our transportation facilities, be mobil-
_nd power of the re- oletance made necessary by ^ny
public with him hr the protection and threatened attack or invasion. A11 the
enforcement of his just rights, whether} remaining portions of the army should
be developed' ^hru the national guard
of the respective states. This country
thls involves his person or his prop
erly and the failure of the democratic
administration Is the lack of foree,
courage and fibre in pronouncing and
compelling compliance with It. When
a people ceases to have the feeling that
the power of the country to which they
owe allegiance Is behind them, just
then d'o they cease to be a factor. In
dealing with the other nations of the
world. We do not forget the admortl
tion of the father of our country that
we must protect our just rights irre
spective of the sacrifice that it re
should keep clear and free from any
military spirit or militarism in Any
form whatsoever.
For Government Manufacture*
"Incidental to our preparedness for
defense the government slhould take
over and. build' amd manufacture all
equipment and 'Munitions of war.
"As to further ^prepa redness we must
take account of the fact that great
economic changes-are at hand. 'Effec
tive legislation must ba enacted that
•will fully safeguard the public health
and prohibit the employment of chil
dren, limit the labor of women and
those who must labor between the
_____ _____ ___^ .. years of childhood and maturity, to
be solved in dealing with the southern protect wage earners from the hazards
republic. He said: incident to their employment in dan
"If it be conceded that Mexico had a' gerous occupation and to enact a Just
government at all. then the policy of liberal compensation _r
the administration on the principle workmen. The dependent man should ,ol^ custiom, 1iiig 'pUjwed,
announced—that this country should, have hiis fair share of the rewards
not interfere in the internal affairs of industry and to the extent that he will vl«X
another nation—is unparalleled in all he assured for himself and family of aI the diacard. Thls years apMtacle
history. On the other hand if no gov- certain living, education and compet- took the form of «n open air operetta.
for old flffe Contest of the Ndtlons* in whiotx
"Protection is one of the fundamen- representatives of various countries
tal principles'of republicanism pro- Strpve for supremacy before "The
tection to American Industry and Am-! Spirit of Flair Play," gorgeously at
erican labor, and no man can be true tired and surrovnded by a brilliantly
to the republican party who is not in costumed retinue. The contest ia one
1 A */Jl_
and their schoolmates are deploring the
fact that they will lose them from their
Jeremiah L. Smith, a lifelong resident
of Burlington, died suddenly a| his
home Friday, heart disease being, tne
fatal ailment. He had Been 111 for sev
eral months, but his death was unex
pected and caused a shock thruout the
city. Mr. Smith was born in Burling
tin in 1841, and was the youngest son
of Jeremiah Smith, the pioneer mer
chant who established a small store
here In 1833. Chief Black Hawk orten
traded at the store. The deceased is
survived by his widow and two sons.
Abe -Miller, west of Macedonia, has
no connection wtih a dime museum, but
he has a record whidii would prove an
"open sesame" to such a show were he
to apply. This year he raised a pig that
might "be termed a pig iand two-thirds.
It had two bodies, four front legs and"
four hind legs, all perfectly developed.
Last year he raised a porker that has
four ears, two email oives just behind
the pair with the first claim. And the
year before he was the owner of a hog
with five legs and two mouths.
That Manning is a real live town,
where even the antos go wtihout driv
ers seems to be proven by this tale., A
number of automobiles were' parked on
(Main street when the car owned by Joe
Wilson started and ran by Itself west
onto the sidewalk. A number of men
were near and stopped It before It ran
against a building. Hardly had that
car been stopped when another car, the
one owned by John Musfeldt, started
and ran onto the walk in front of the
drug store. This car. too, was stopped
before it did any damage. Tou can rest
assured that the two auto owners will
set their brakes When tbey leave their
cars again.
Three days' celebr&tion had b^en
planned for Wapello on July 4, 6- and 6.
This conclusion was reached Friday
evening, when forty-four of our moat
prominent business men banded^ to
gether to finance the event. JBorse rac
ing wU be the principal attraction and
for these liberal purses Will be offered'
to induce the horsemen from'a distance
to come to Wapello on these dates.
Aside from the horse racing free at-'
tractions of various loinda wiU be given,
such as will suit all tastes. The three
days' celebration is given fojrthe bene
fit of the city park, belter, known as the
fair grounds, recently purchgMd by the
The class play, "A Scrap of paper,"
waa given in the auditorium of the new
school building Friday evenlag. There
was a large number present and the
play was very Interesting. The glatt
sermon will be preached at the Star
formed Presbyterian church Bunday
evening, May l.^by Rev. Paul Coleman,
jastor. Then comes the oratorical at
the auditorium. May 26, and aTumtil,
banquet at the auditorium M^y tt.- The'
graduates are: Misses Kunlce Hlndle,
L.h!U "Kcc1£, HatOe ftaU-a, Anna Dntitii
irt, iMabel Briggs, Helen Watkiihhaw,
Owen -Hixon and Chucif-JfWce. CJass
colors afe Emerald, grtet,n:1 aryS whit*/
Class motto: 'T»
flower, znai£e rosa.
fact imbued with this fundamental
"The republican party has always
been in favor of a sound currency as a
medium of exchange and for a bank
ing law that Increased the facilities of
the borrower as well as the loaner.
The law enacted by the democratic
administration expands the credit of by historical American types, was
the loaner without benefit to the bor- unanimously awarded the grand prise
rower. The law1 should he so .modified' and Old Glory waved on high above
that its certain effect would be the her.
expansion of credit to the borrower as
well as the loaner.
Party of Progress.
"The republican party in this state
is for the expansion of suffrage and to
trie extent that women shall be given
the right to vote.- This should become
universal and general thruout the I marched downtown and thru the busl
country. It has also stood sponsor forjness district. The parade was headed
the suppression of .-Intemperance, here-| by President a Mrs. Seerley and
tofore opposed by: united democracy Senior .Professor and Mrs. IVS. Wright
and it has only been since it was cer-jln an automobile. Pantomimes were
tain that suppression of intemperance enacted by students occupying many
would became the rule that democracy of the floats.
has changed front. ^This fljprk should I Tonight at 8 o'clock 4.000 people Will
le continued until Hbe rufp of Iotfa!assemble on the campus and enjoy
will become universal thruout the'a concert by_ the Cedar Falls ooncert
country. jband of sixty pieces.
"The republican party stands for an
independent, fearless and uninfluenced 8TREET LABORER ^CRUSHED,
executive, legislature and jidiHary. It
is for an untrammelled, uhInfluenced
administration of the afT&'lra W' im
partial commission*- Of-^t-her tribunals
established by law.
"Above and beyond everything else,
the republican party stands for Am
erican citizenship, that citizenship that
stands for America,first, last, and all
f!he time and witlwut divided alle
giance. Any other .citifjenship :#a no
citizenship at all an«J03njld %at,treated
as 'an enemy to our ideals, our lpsti
tutiona and to. .our nauntry."
Street Parade, Mile in Length, Prin
cipal Attraction of Forenoon's Pro
gram—Entertainment la Marked De
parture From Customary May Fetes
—Thousands Witneas Pageant.
Special to Times-Republican.
Cedar Falls, May 17.—With a crowd
estimated a.{ from 3,000 feo 4,000 throng
ing the campus, teachers' college
students today staged what probably
was the most elaborate and spectacu
lar pageant in the history of the schooL
It was the annual May Day fete. The
wherein the arts of various countries
are exemplified and the resultant
jealousies, disputes and misunder
standings arising resulted in many
amusing situations and arguments.
Finally "Miss Cplumbia," In an
elaborate delineation of the progress
of America, in which sh« -Jx as
Street Pageant a Feature.
This big spectacle occupied the
afternoory. During the morning a
parade of floats, gaily decorated auto
mobiles, mounted riders and pedes
trians. which was more than-a mile In
length, circled the campus and
Caught -Under Overturned Steam
8Hovel and Fat**8y Hurt.
Special to Times-Republican.
Jefferson, May 1".—The large steam
shovel which has been doln# service
on our streets for the removal of dirt
for the paving company has come t#
grief. It was being loaded on the
Northwestern tracks for shipment to
other parts Monday When, the strong,
wind unbalanced and It f«|l.'
in'g one of their laborers underneath,
breaking .his bfick, wid ^uryiWt
df£p Into .the, roadbed of the track.
The man'
'a'foreigner, married and
with a family, and was hurried to the
Jefferson hospital, where he lies at the
point of death.
Throw Off Colds and Prevent Grip.
When you feet a cold coming on, take
Laxative Bromo Quinine. It removes
cause of colds and grip. Oqly one
"Bromo"Quinine." 15. W. Grove's
ture on box. 25 cents.
for poti8hi&g is an outfit
unequalled for economy
and convenience.
At all stealers—Take no
Elks Building,
4 a "&>
A Cigar That
Teach the children torbe thrifty. Habits
formed In childhood are not apt to change
in after years. The key opening box of
with more than fifty shin*# and
Write the Commercial Club for beautiful booklet of
views, at onee.
Thick Rubber Anti-Skid
Chains for Loiig Service
These rubber chains and the per
fected United States Tire carcass
construction are what make thift
'Chain' Tread the meat. emdei^
moderate priced anti-skid tire made
The thickness of the two chains of
S rubber running around the tread is
what gives the extra wear of *Cham'
Treads* v.-.-. -'..- -v
Thd position ol theserubber cba|nir
oil the tread (^ves the remarkaUe
:tr^tion «tid anti-skid ruwliH#« and
^additional weart for which 'Chain*
Jreads are famous.
-'u 111* 'Chain*
,„ v»'l®KBii
ywi'lOO^ Dividends-
If you are one of these critical chaps
who Insist op JOc quality, try a
Tiwttlnoto you light yonrflntone yoalt start en ttlng
roar •make bill jatt in juiif. Kxpect*lot—you'll fit it
It casts your dealer more than any other So cigar ha
haadlM—Ml bis easterners stick.
The high quality. Is always anifora—the tin-foil paekaga
praerfea the flavor. ...
The Host Import
ant Room Yonr
House is Yoor
'There is not one person In ten. to speak conservatively, who It
satisfied with, hi* bath room, and It would not be a statement of ex
travagance to aay that there ia not one person in every hundred but
would like to havf a better bath room than he has. There Is no one
item in the coat of construction of your home ia which you can re
ceive more value p«r dollar, nor more joy and comfort than yob can in
a properly selected and pioperly installed plumbing job.: Give us a
chance to serve ypu, and you will get a better bath room than If you
attempted to find'out how jnuch monex you can save on the plumbtng
bill. The plumbing contract ia no place to save money in furnishing
a home.
Bath Room 1C
Plan Your Vacation Now
on* of frw Unhid .j
SUtM 'B^ancMl' T1i« whic|» m«»«t:f|
/•tary motoriny condition of prieo and'
A a to S a to
Dealer for your copy ol tho bpoklet,
"Judfinf Tl^oSr*' tf|li M* *9
fiwl the particular tire to suit yovur
UnitedStataslire Company
•Chila' 'Nobby* •JMseo' •Reyal Cwd'
tiSltf*. ''-iJS

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