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physicians and millions
of housewives will swemi
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Bronchitis, Croup, Stiff Neck, Asthma,
Neuralgia, Congestion, Pleurisy, Rheu
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isifiof- SJV?,'*
SgLSriionei 140-554
502 South Cento* St
'Vjt., 1# conservatively estimated that
tie worms nsij- aupyly SC.CCS.CCS,
,00f .pounds annually.
Patrick Donovan Held to Be
When He Made Will.
Speoial to Times-Republican.
Coeson then challenged Harding's
record on .liquor and moral legisla-
Experiments to Be Conducted by East
ern Expert in Conjunction With
Ceramic Engineering Department at
Iowa State College—Exhibitto Show
Ability of low*. Potter*.
Special to Tlmes-Stapubllcan.
Ames, May 29.—A- new industry for
Iowa is given encouragement in the
announcement by the ceramic engi
neering^ department at Iowa State Col
lege of its intention of hiring an east
ern art pottery expert to come to Ames
and co-operate in tests to be carried
unsurpassed quality of the art pottery
clay deposits of Iowa.
The expert, whose name has not yet
been announced, will work with OH. F.
Staly, of .the department, In producing
an exhibit which it is predicted will!
reveal Iowa clay deposits as some of
the most valuable In the country. I
"Iowa could toe the greatest art *ot-
Iowa City, .May 29.—The Sisters of
Mercy and Mercy hospital are win
ner In a big l&wsui^, as Judge R. P.
Howell has handed down a decision to
that effect. The judge holds that the
late P&triok 'Donovan was sane when
he made a deed of 100 acres to the
Catholic Institution—property worth
about $15,000—to recompense the
sifters for the care they pledged to
give hfcm the remainder of his life.
Their contract was fulfilled. Another
case Is to be tried later, whereby
heirs attack the Donovan will on the
grounds of feeble mentality and un
due influence. In this case an effort
will be made to take away property
deeded, to Davenport's Catholic Or
phans' home and other Catholic Insti
Manson High School to Be Formally
Opened on June 1.
Special to Times-Republican.
Manson, May 2».—On June 1 will Be
the dedication of the new high schol
building. The old building has been
fixed up and Is modern In every ways
and is used for the grades only. The
new high school was built last summer
and finished so the high school could
move during |he Christmas vacation,
The grade building cost about (30,000,
the high school 945,000. That makes
Manson school property worth about
The board of education Is composed
of Dr. H. Mullarky, Dr. H. Young,
George Braginton, Frank Pool and J.
W. Anderson.
Cosaon Saya False: Statements Have
Been Made to. Catch Votes.
Grinnell, May 29.—'Attorney General
Cosson closed his Saturday's speaking
engagement in the interest of his can
didacy for governor at Grinnell. He
spoke In the public park to a large and
enthusiastic audience. He was intro
duced by Professor Noble of the col
lege as a man who stood for the best
things in government and who stood
not so much for addltionaf laws as for
the enforcement of tjhe laws we have.
The attorney general lost no time
in proceeding to discussion of the
issues. Cosson aal'd: "When Harding
tries to make the people believe that
any candidate for governor favors a
$100,000,000 bond lsttya 'or paved
roads or any other ainuuut It Is a de
liberate attempt to ride Into the gov
eronr's office on a paved road but
Not a trace of gray shows In your
hair after a few applications of Q-Ban
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Q-Ban is no .dye, but is a harmless,
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is gray, streaked with array, prema
turely gray, faded, thin or falling, aim
ply shampoo hair and scalp with
Q-Ban Hair Color Restorer. All your
gray hair~ and entire head of hair then
quickly turns to an. even, beautiful dark
sho4ej, leaving all your hair'healthy,
f|ufTyV fiAft, radiant}, .'full of life, faacln
atlAg: s» evenly jaark and Bandsome
no one win* suttpejst you USbV Q-Ban.
Atao |rtops dandruff and falling hair.
O'niy #£c for k[ bigfbbttle at B. A. Mof
gan'$ JJrilijf Store. l* ^. Main SL, Ma
tion and showed that Harding ftd not
vote for the trust bill gambling bill or
liquor bills, nor did Mr.
Lake City Resident Threatens Wife
and End* Own Existence.
Special to Times-Republican,
Lake City, May 29.—Henry Murrey
co luvttfd suic:rte here a1 out 7 o'clock
Sunday mom Ins- He lived with his
wife in a little cottage in the timber
in the northeast part of town. It is
reported that he had been
moved here from Grant
four years ago.
tery producing state in the union if
she would simply develop her unlimit-' Dodge, May -9. iLomeir
ed -deposits of high class clay which
lie along the Des Moines river ^and its enlistment, with the Asiatic squadron
tributaries," says.Mr. Staly. "These de
posits are of just as high a grade as
the clay used in making Rookwood,
Van Biggie or any other high class
art pottery.
"Mason City' was the reply when I
asked the manufacturer of a prize ar.t
pottery exhibit at- Chicago last year
where he got his raw clay. This shows
that the people of Iowa must be awak
ened to the. value of the development
of this industry In their own state.
"The industry -has the unusual ad
vantage of being able to. distribute its
product at a very low frelgrht cost be
cause it is.so light. Ten dollars will
carry $1.000 worth of the art pottery
to ,*ny point In the country.
"In our work next fall we intend to
turn out an exhibit of art pottery that
will demonstrate to loWans just what
high class pottery their clays produce."
An exhibit &f the work will be made
at the 1917 state fair.
Only One "Bromo Quinine."
To get the genuine, call for full name.
Laxative Bromo Quinine. Look for
signature of E. "W. Grove. Cures a Cold
In one day. 2Bc,
To fall from a third story office to a
cement .walk and suffering no more in
Jury than a tern broken bones in his
foot was the experience of heo Oald
baum, window -washer here Wednes
day. (He did not have the life belt
The Central College Alumni Associa
tion is making plans for having a big
reunion during commencement week,
beginning June 2. Letters have been
A special election held here Wednes
day by the consolidated independent
district for the purpose of bonding the
district for $50,000 to build and furnish
a building was carried toy a vote of
closing exercises this week,
new and Interesting features
been introduced.
Mike Jordan, the well known atock
buyer of Creston, is in Unity hospital
at this place suffering with a broken
knee cap. iMr. Jordan met with the
misfortunte at /Corning about a .week
or ten days ago while getting off of
a stock car. (He fell in such a manner
as to break the knee cap in two places
and otherwise injure the knee.
Dea Moines.
Albert Whlttiker, laborer, employed
at the North American Construction
company, was seriously injured
to avoid coming in contact with.a live*
trolley- wire which was broken. Jn
jumping he struck his head on a. rail
way tie, suffering a deep gash on the
He may die.
The body of Dan Laughran, a/bout
6-6 years old, a salesman for the White
Sewing Machine company, was found
Tuesday evening'in the Des iMolnes
river near Levy, about eight miles be
low. The discovery was made by W.
E. Wease, who within the last two
years has found three bodies In almost
the same spot. Laughran disappeared
five ifeeks ago.
Mrs Thoma* Mlttleherger became a
widow^ week -ago.. -Today she is Mrs.
PYank Dale. "She.hecame a .bride for
the second- tlme fnonday of last wsek
at Rock. Island, iccordlnit to ,Informa
tion learned here. She^ra* married
by a justice, ot the pea^ in that city
exactly one week afterJBustoand No.
1 wap burled following, hfs sulfide by
rVirrtfbaiwSwas a
p^ihfef^ iSo hi her' prwnt |4iuaband.
"nril. iwiiiUriierKer vrw
for either of the three bills to protect
girls and women from white slavery.
Cosson then said, "Are you going to
nominate a man for governor to ap
point special agents to enforce the law
who did not have the courge to vote
for a single one of these bills
4 »V
JUB' h°me from a four year
was drowned In the Des Moines river
Sunday morning. Kozel, who was 22
years of age, had been camping with a
number ot other young fellow
a on
Round Prairie Just above the river.
He went swimming and it is thought
that he was taken by cramps. The
river is being dredged for his body.
Young Kozel Is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Kozel, well known
Bohemians of this city. He has been
home about six months.
Iowa 'City Contractor Secures Home
Contract Totaling $45,000.
Special to Times-Republican.
Towa City, May 29.:—Iowa City has
awarded a contract for about $45,000
•worth of paving to be done during the
coming summer and fall. William
Horratoin, of Iotfa City, captured the
diversified contract, which calls for
paving of brick, concrete and bitustone,
the prices ranging thus: Concrete,
$1.37 per square yard bitustone, $1.59,
and brick block, $1.98.'
her^/rat hu»b*nd at *h^ time of wajs.lnatttut^L fjjr, her parents.
-WW -\T
one paved with misrepresentation and
prejudice. It Is cheap political clap
trap unworthy of any candidate aspir
ing to the high office of governor of
Iowa." .v.
He said "such methods Were an In
suit to,the Intelligence of the people of
Ninety-Eight Testing Stations Called
Foi*—Bill Receives Approval of Com
mittee and Passage l« Predicted-
Will Be Unlawful to Manufacture
Stook Serums Without Inspeetion,
Washington, D. C., May 29.—Tom
(Steele's serum bill, which has just been
drinking reported favorably by the full bouse
heavily for the past few days, and his committee on agriculture, and which is
wife ran to a neighbor asking him to not expected to meet any opposition
phone for the marshal, saying she was
afraid of her husband as he had a
shotgun. While she was away he evi-
dently turned the gun on himself and in it."
on there next -fall to demonstrate the Jr®d. They found him dead with a This is the opinion of the bill. which
nilffA VaIa nv»n ^loai kl«M I*• ,4 Ka
when called up for passage before the
end of the present session, "has teeth
huge hole torn clear thru him, in the protects the Iowa farmers and other for years
region of the liver. agriculturalists from the use of impure His funeral will be held Tuesday
He was about 73 years old, and, and adulterated and useless hog chol- (morning and will be In chargre of the
each offense, and the offering of a bribe
Build Convent,
Special to Times-Republican.
Fort Dodge, May 29.—A. convent
and home for the .sisters is being
suicide, it Is alleged. Announced plans
of the rales are that they will reside
at the (Mittlebergef home,' 190.1 Am
hvyst ave^tiK for 'ti^e time'{ieing. The
groom who claims Chicago as his
home, has been In this city for the past
several years.
Permission to confine horses bound
for the front longer than twenty-eight
hours has been granted the railroads,
according to a bulletin received at the
local passenger station. In the past
received from old "grads" stating that the railroads were only allowed to con
they will be present, and It is the be- fine horses' and mules twen.ty-elght
lief here that this will be the largest hours in a car. However, horses and
reunion of the school ever held. mules for "war purposes" may be con
Newton. "ned until their destination Is reached,
according to the official notice sent
The Newton K. T. band will be the
official band ait Spirit Lake this sea
son when the Knights Templar of the
-state will hold their annual encamp
ment. For many years the Newton K.
T. band' played ait Spirit Lake dn an
official capacity, but during the last
,two years the organization was not
eufflclently complete.
out toy D. C. Coughlln, division superin
tendent of the Rock Island road.
Fort Madison.
At the solicitation of A. J. Rence,
special agent In charge of the depart
ment of justice, bureau of indentlflca
tlon at Leavenworth, Kan., the state
penitentiary here has consented to co
operate In the work of furnishing
criminal records of the Inmates com
mitted In Iowa. This means that
after this date all persons receiving
prison sentences in Iowa will be listed
as to finger prints, photographs and
three to one. The school 1b holding its! Bcrtlllon measurements in the United
States, criminal department. The fed
eral department now has records of
113,000 finger prints, 50,000 Bertillon
records and 170,000 descriptive cards,
by means of which over 5,000 identi
fications were made last year.
J. A. ,M. Collins, former commissioner
of public safety of this city and one
of Keokuk's representative business
men, died at the home of his son, J. E.
Collins, at Fort Wayne, Ind., Monday
evening at 7 o'clock. Mr. Collins has
been visiting with his son for the last
several weeks and had recently under
gone an operation. Death was the re
suit of bronchial trouble, combined
with a general breakdown in health, to
I wi»lch worries and oare of public of-
began falling during his term as com
missioner, and after he left the city of
fice he was taken ill and was confined
to his home here for some time. Later
he underwent a minor operation and
President B. C. Dllenbeck of the for several weeks had been at his
Globe Manufacturing company an- son's in Fort Wayne, attempting to
nounces the construction of a new recuperate from a general breakdown
factory building to take the place of.l in health.
the one destroyed fcy fire a year ago.1
The building will be of brick and con
crete, two stories high and will coveil!
an area 100x1-50 feet. It will be built
on the site of the old factory and will
cost $80,000.
Dea Moinas.
Dressed in a crimson silk gown and
a white heavy woolen coat, her hair
plastered over her ears and chewing
gum, 'Myrtle Cronk, a rather attractive
appearing girl, claiming that Denmark,
several miles west of Fort iMadlson, is
her former home, entered the police
headquarters at Qulncy Friday, to so
licit aid in locating her father, Frank
Cronk. According to the sto^r told
to the police, the girl stated that her
parents had moved to Qulncy from
Denmark, this county, four weeks ago.
She had been left with a brother, who
was working- on a farm. Thursday
she telegraphed her father than she
was going to Quincy, coming to Fort
Madison to board the train. She, ex
pected that her father would meet her
at the Burlington station at Qulncy,
but was disappointed. When ques
tioned by the police she was unable to
produce the address of her parents,
stating she had lost it. She could not
even recall the street. Further ques
tioning brought out .the fact that
rather than leave the defprct, a ho re
mained there all night. She was taken
spoken of as a possible addition to
Corpus Olirlstl Academy. The school
has grown so in the put ttnr years
that more room is necessary. For the
first time In many years Corpus
Ohristl church Is free from debt. This
has been accomplished 0y the diligent
work and good Judgment of Monslgnor
J. T. Saunders, the present rector.
When he came here from Boone sev
eral .years ago..there was a debt of
$14,000 on the property.
Oldest Business Man of Grundy Cen
ter Passes Away Sunday.
Special to Times-Republican.
Grundy Center, May 28—J. C.
Bourne died at his home here Sunday
morning after an illness lasting sev
eral months. Mr. Bourne was the
oldest business man in point of con
tinuous business In the town. He had
been in business in the same location
for more than thirty years. Of late
years his son-in-law, Charles Price,
had been associated with him. A few
years before his sons had been In
business with htm. Mr. Bourne was a
man of sterling honesty. His patrons
knew that his books were accurately
kept and his accounts were never dis
puted, for his c.ustometa all appre
ciated his accurate methods of doing
He leaves an aged wife, three sons
and two daughters in his Immediate
family. His wife has been an invalid
era viruses, serums and toxins, as ex- G. A. and Masons
pressed by Congressman Haugen, the' Mr. Bourne was an old soldier who
veteran Iowa member of the agricul- jvhad seen much service during the civil'
tural committee, who with his col- I war. Mr. Bourne was what we call a
league, and Congressman Rubey com- "family man," for he was much with
posed the sub-committee which rec
ommends the passage of the measure.
Must Be Tested.
The bill makes unlawful the manu
facture of any article not tested by
the government to determine its fitness
for inoculation in animals, and refuses
the material the right of shipment
from state to state.
hla family and when not in his store
could always be found spending his
time with his family. He w^ll be
sorely missed both in his family and
In business circles. He had been a
very active member of the Masonic
order of this place and none had taken
more interest in the G. A. R. than Mr.
Bourne. It is very fitting that his
funeral should be on Memorial Day.
A penalty is set forth for violation
of any of the provisions of the act,
which seeks to obliterate any manufac
turing plant, the product of which is
impure or ineffective in preventing an- Defends Herself With Hand Ax and
lmal contagion.
Testing Stations.
The measure provides for the estab
lishment by the government of ninety
eight testing stations, to which all vi
ruses and serums must be sent for in
spection and analysis before offered for
sale or shipped from the plant. Li
censes will be Issued under the super
vision of the secretary of agriculture
to plants for* the production of serums,
and these permits will be revoked upon
the Issuance of any worthless product.
Violation of the sections of the act
are punishable by a fine of $1,000 for
Smashes Man's Head
Des Moines. iMay 29.—Mrs. Vesula
Oimlno kissed her husband goodby
when he left for his work at 5 o'clock
yesterday afternoon and turned her at
tention to their three little children,
who were playing' about the floor of
their home. 615 South East Second
The fa.ther and husband scarcely had
gotten two blocks away when Ttaffnolo
Larrptiino. 414 South East Kirst street,
entered the house and Is said to have
Insulted .Mrs. Cimlno. In an Instant
Larretino was lying in a pool of blood
to government inspectors or testers to beat his hoad to a pulp with a hand ax.
rocure their favorable record of the
roduct is punishable by a fine of
the floor The woman literally
Larretino was taken to iMercy hos
James J. Hill, Empire Builder,
Who is Dead at St. PauI
pi'tal, where it was said he may die.
.Mrs. Clmino Is being held In the
matron's ward at the city jail for in
vestigation. «he was allowed to take
her children, the oldest of whom Is
4 years old, to Jail with her. Her hus
band Is Tony Clmino. H« Is night
watchman for the Des Moines Union
Mrs. Clmino, who scarcely knows a
word of English, told her story In
Italian to Patrolman Marasco, who
with Detective Pedprson arrested her.
"I was afraid of the man," she said.
"He has Insulted me repeatedly. For
nearly two years I have tried to avoid
liim. Ijarretlno used to board at our
world change neither
nor in popular esteem.
For 30 years Coca-Cola
has held and increased its popu
larity. That's because it is fun
damentally delicious, refreshing
and wholesome.
DerAand the genuine by
till name—nicknames
encourage substitution.
Atlanta. Ga.
house. He wu Hiring with us the first
time he Insulted me. I made him leave
the house and ho went to live some
where else.
"A year ago he tuna Into my houwe
while Tony was away and 1 had an
awful struggle with him. waa savet
then by the arrival of one of the netgtiv
bors. I never told my husband of the
man's indecent proposals because
was afraid he would commit murder
and I did not want Tony to get in
The hump of the camel la regarded
as a great delicacy by the Arabs. It li
said to taate like beef.

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