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One Land Owner in Grundy County
Has Approximately 3,000 Head in
Feed Lot#—Soft Corn Being Fed
Before Warm Weather Spoils It—
Little Disease Found Among ftwine.
Waterloo, March 8.—Farmers in this
section of Iowa are doing their full part
to conserve the soft corn by feeding
and fattening thousands of hogs.
Dr. T. M. Bayler, United States vet
erinary Inspector for northeastern
'Iowa reports large droves of ho&s
various farms in this vicinity.
At Plain field. Roach brothers are
feeding 1,5H)0 head. They
look closely
to their herd in order to prevent the
development of disease. Shelled soft
corn is stored in bins and fed auto
matically to the animals.
In southern Grundy county a large
landowner is feeding approx.mutely
3,000 hogs on 1- or li larms.
A man at Fanner, .a Mount Vernon
township, ha*s several hundred hugs in
his feeding lot and ihur iat i! is main
ly corn that will not keep after warm
weather sets in.
George V. Fowler, farmer and whole
sale grocer, bough quite heavily of
feeding stock last fall and is doing his
full duty in making use of soft corn.
Dr. Bayler reports that cholera de
veloped in one large feeding herd, but
it was stamped out by prompt action
after 40 or 60 animals had died. All
the extensive feeders are watchful of
herds and whenever an animal displays
symptoms of illness it is immediately
isolated and a veterinarian is called
into consultation.
Will Speak at Conference of Superin
tendents of State Institutions.
Special to Times-Republican.
Dea 'Moines, March 6.—Patriotism
now and in the sixties will be discussed
by Chaplain H. O. Pratt, of the Iowa
Soldiers Home, at Marshalltown. at
the quarterly conference of superin
tendents of the state institutions to he
held in the board of control rooms at
the stats house, March. 12.
The** quarterly conferences, which
a.re open to the general public, are
looked forward to with especial inter
act by all of the men and women "who
are engaged in board of control insti
tution worit and are usually -well at
tended "by institution -workers
rt? VVirir.t
Judge W. 3. Wlthrow,
Pleasant, member of the state board
ol control and former Judge of the
Iowa supreme court, "will discuss the
subject, "The State and the Prisoner."
J. M. Pierce, publisher of the Iowa
Homestead, -will discuss "Profitable
Farm Methods In State Institutions."
Other speakers on the program and
their subjects follow:
"The Care and Repair of State in
stitution Buildings." H. P. Ijl^bbe. state
architect, board of control institu
'Meeting High Prfoes." W. I* ICnser.
superintendent of the Iowa Training
School for Boys, Eldora.
Governor Harding also will address
the state Institution heads. His sub
ject has not been announced.
A general discussion will follow the
reading of the papers In which the
best methods for doing the stat^ insti
tutional work will be discussed.
Franklin County Board Adopts Rules
For Engineer's Office.
Special to Tim^s-Republican.
Hampton. March 3.—Franklin's hoard
of supervisors has recently enacted
some new regulations concerning the
work of the county engineer that will
likely result for the better in the wcrrk
and for the taxpayers. Amon? them
it in stipulated that while employed
by the county he shall not ongage in
private engineering work, that applica
tion!! for his services shall he made In
Net Contents 15 Fluid Drachm
|££3S!SS3ra Always
Thereby Promoting Dtfrtto*
I (foeifalncss and Rest wflta®
fufHher Opium, Morphine n»
Mineral. Not Nahcotic
writing and the board must author! $
the work, that proper reoords sha».'
bo made to the board with full par
ticulars, that no "board ibllla be allowed
him or hia helpers, that the county
shall furnish him an automobile, that
expense of stakes be allowed, and that
itemized bills of all expense be tiled
F. S. Currle has been employed un
der the above regulations at $137.30
per month, his bond being1 fixed at
Woman Implloated In Alleged Espion
age Plot Taken to Dubuque.
Special, to Time8-Hepubliran.
Waterloo, March o.—Ethel Brown,
who has been held in the Black Hawk
county jail for several weeks on a
federal charge, in connection with the
escapade of her husband, Clifford
Brown, and Eugene LaBeers. in which
the former exchanged his army uni
form and pass with the latter,by which
LaBeers attempted to impersonate
Brown at Camp Cody, was taken to
Dubuque this morning to be formally
arraigned before the I'n'.ted States fed
eral court, which convened there yes
terday. Clifford Brown was taken to
Camp Dodge immediately after his
arrest and has been confined in the
guard house there, probably awaiting
court martial. LaBeers. it thought,
will be brought from K1 Paso, Tex., to
Dubuque to stand trial. The exchange
of uniform for citizens clothes an 3
transportation was effected at CtdW
Rapids in January. Mrs. Bettel, the
mother of Ethel Brown, is out on a
S1.0»0 bond and will be tried at this
term of court.
Anton Otta, of Montour, Fatally In
jured While Working in Timber.
Special to Times-Republican.
.Montour, -March .'.—Anton Otta was
struck on the head by a falling tree
Saturday forenoon. He and his son
James were in the timber cutting down
tree®. Mr. Otta sat down to rest for
a few moments while his son kept on
chopping. Neither one noticed the
danger until too late.
He lingered during the day. con
scious part of the time, but the onA
came in the evening Rbout 1 o'clock.
He was a man o? about TS years of
age and leaves a widow and two sons,
James and Tom. The burial services
are to be held Tuesday at LoOrand.
Despondent Because Father Cut Her
Off in Division of Property.
Special to Times-Republican.
Webster City, March —Mary Mc
Coy, aged about 40. attempted suicide
today by drinking a half ounce of car
bolic acid. A physician wap \alled af
once anu thwarted the attempt by ad
ministering' antidotes. Her father yes
terday divided some property among
his children, leaving her on' ." a small
sum, which was the cause of her act.
Chapin News Notes.
Special to Times-Republican.
Chapin, March i.—Mrs. Will Zook
of Austin, M.'nn., came Saturday for a®
visit at the home of her nephew, L.
L. Jones.
Mrs. Louis Fisher is seriously 111 of
Lata arrivals are a daughter at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Froning
Cm* of Wmppas,
Twenty-Four New Plants Established
and & eon at the Theodore Spainhower Reinbeck. as a candidate to oppose the
home. republicans at the greneral election.
John Smith is home for a brief fur-1
Way of Some Wives.
In too many cases, a wife measures
her husband merely by hia faults.—
Cincinnati Enquirer.
For Infanta and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Beara tte
Since Nov. 1.—loe Cream Manufac
ture Also Shows Loss, 1,090,000 De
crease Being Noted By Commissioner
Barney Compared to 1916.
Des Moines, March 5.—The make of
butter for the year 1917 In Iowa was
84,£69,£85 pounds, a decpeaso of about
3,000,000 pounds over 1916, according
to the annual report of AV. B. Barney,
state dairy and food commissioner.
Creamery butter was mado in 151
ci'OAJueriti* during tlie year. Since
.N«v. 1, 1916, twenty-lour new cream
eries havo been built. iSoina of these
cost ae much as $15,000.
'Die output of Ice cream in the state
for 1917 amounted to 4,i27,S!)7 gallons,
about 1,000,000 gallons less than in
lt16. This is considered an excellent
showing in the face of the increase iri
price of raw materials.
Butter manufactured at Burt, Iowa,
by Paul Macauley, won lirst prize at
the convention of the Xationa.1 Cream
ery Buttermakers' Association, at Mil
waukee, U'is., in competition with but
ter exhibited £rom fifteen ata-tes. The
score was
The report touches at length upon
the cheese industry and pays a com
pliment to D. J. Murphy, Waukon,
whoso efforts have been responsible
for a revival in this line of industry.
An interesting article in the report
concerns Matthew Van Deusen, Iowa's
first buttermaker. His photogrraph ap
pears. as does that of his creamery at
Sprine Branch, located near Man
chester, which was ouilt in 1S72. Here
it was that Mr. Van Denser. made the
utter which won first prise at the
centennial exposition in 1S76.
I V.
The report exhorts dairymen to help
win the war by incren-siriE? milk pro
duction and to make- more- butter and
cheese than ever before.
Four Candidates For Legislature Op
pose Liquor Interests.
Special to Times-Republican.
Waterloo. March o.—Four candidates
have announced themselves as op
ponents of Senator H. TV". Grout, who
has represented Black Hawk and
Grundy counties in the state senate.
Senator Grout announced himself sev
eral weeks ago as a candidate for re
election to this position. In addition
to the five republicans after the posi
tion the democrats are eroomin? for
mer Senator Sherman DeWolf, of
lough from the Great Lakes naval nounced themselves as contenders are
training station. j3'1 classed as "drys." County Auditor
•Farmers in this vicinity are making J- J- Rainbow and Senator H. W. Grout,
an effort'to have a car of seed wheat'the two Waterloo men, are on the
shipped hers for early sowing. ("water wasron' and state they favor dry
Herman Hoke left Saturday for his! legislation. M. L. Bowman, of Cfdar
new home near .Comfrey, Minn., and,'Falls, is known to be an "out and out'
Will Crawford and wife moved to a
farm near Manly.
News of Union.
Special to Times-Republican.
Union, March 5.—The Union people
who have been spending the winter in
California are returning- Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Rowen came Saturday morning
and Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Lundy came
Monday from Long Beach.
C. E. Laurence left Monday night for
Pasadena. Cal., called by the illness
of his daughter Dorothy, who is very
sick with rheumatic feveT. Mr. Lau
rence received a message Sunday tell
ing of her Illness and Monday another
message to come.
A. H. Cundiff, of Lindsay, Cal.. for
merly of Union, is here on business,
as la H. H. Smith, of Eagle River. Wis.,
who cornea to give possession of his
farm he sold here during the winter.
For Over
Thirty Years
niitwa mimiit, mm
mm em.
five candidates who have an-
prohibitionist. H. A. Green, of Grundy
Center, is a stand pat "lry" advocate.
So it appears that there is little choice
between the "wets" and the "dry" the
latter having all the argument.
Distance Runner Succeeds Barden as
Captain of Track Team,
Special to Times-Republican.
Grinnell, March 5.—J. Addison
Sprinkle, of Brie. 111., has been elected
captain of the Grinnell College track
team at a meeting of track letter men.
Barden, captain-elifct, who won honors
in the 440 event last spring, has ob
tained a government position in Pan
ama and will not return to school this
Sprinkle won his letter by winning
the two-mile race in the Irake dual
two years ago. He also took the mile
in the fresh-sophomore dual that year,
and showed to advantage in the con
at Cedar Rapids. Last sea
son he specialized on the half-mile
and ran it in two minutes ai tha Drake
Mother Sends Infant to Grandparents
by Carrier^—Cost 12 C«nta.
Gravity, March 5.—O. if. Buckner,
carrier on route No. 3, received a
strange parcel post packagre. but suc
ceeded In delivering it safely at its
destination. So far as the records of
this poetofOce show this is the first
time a baby has been sent by parcel
,post. Tha baby was the lS-months
old child of ^Ir. and 'Mrs. George Craw
ford and was delivered at thp home of
the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Crawford. T.he little one didn't like
the trip very well but finally made
friends with the carrier who. kept It
from crying by keeping it amiiBetl with
things in the car. It cost the mother
12 cents postage on the baby.
Montour Items.
Special to Times-Republican.
Montour, March 5.—Mrs. P. Cronk
spent last week in Cedar Rapids visit
ing her brother and sister, Charles and
Josephine Krause.
Joy Kent, of Greenfield, is visiting
his grandmother, Afrs. Clarissa Pax
ton, a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Buchanan, of To
ledo, moved to the John Buchanan
farm the first of thl3 weeflt.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Rouse and fam
ily moved on to their farm south of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lang-, of Madi
son, Wis., came Sunday to visit their
cousins, Mr, and Mrs. Burt Matter.
Miles Dippo. of Clinton, "was here
Saturday to visit his aunt, 3113. Xet
tie Wilson, and other relatives.
Mrs. Will Harris went to Clinton
Saturday, called by the serious illness
of her mother, Mrs. Ellen Ellis, who is
at the home of another daughter, MTS.
Alice Robinson.
Mrs. Florence Love
Joy and family
moved to Marshalltown Thursday and
Friday. They will ibe at home at No. 4
•North Eleventh street.
W. D. Bridges, Harold and J. M'.
Bridges "Went to Medlapolls Friday to
attend the golden wedding anniversary
of their parents.
Porter Bandedl* a^tey talking
-\V ?*', „v V4
'M vb' ^Wj) it
number of attempts to *et Into tha ar
my, but bainf turned down saoh ttna*
on ftcoount of «varloose vein*, Anally
succeeded In beta* accepted and will
be sent Wednesday to Jefferson Bar*
racks, where toe will train for artillery
Cards are being received by relatives
and friends of Channle Stevens, an
nouncing: his marriage on Saturday,
Feb. 23, to Miss Ruth Bsbenson, of
Bend, Ore., at Portland, where a Bis
ter of the bride resides. This romance
commenced when Channle was holding
down a homestead near Bend. He Is
expecting1 to enter the army service
and his bride will return to her par
ental home, where she Is teaching
It was announoed at the union ser
vice at the Methodist church last Sun
day that commencing next Sunday, the
two churches would Hold respective
services morning and evening.
The Iowa Railway and Light Com
pany gang, under supervision of
Charles DeWald of Marlon, Is busy
stringing the High tension wires on the
high towers going thru town and go
in# up to Garwin and G:aubroo«. The
current was turned off Sunday and
the men were busy getting the wires
connected up in the transformer build
Grinnell and Vicinity.
Special to Times-Republican.
Grinnell, March 6—Mr. and Mre. Ar
thur Rhoadamer, who were residents
of this city but moved from here to
Keota* Colo, send word to frienls here
of the death of their little daughter,
Wanda Arlene, 2 years of age, from
John Carter got his Ford stuck on
the 4th avenue crossing of the M. &
Cough Nearly Gone
in 24 Hours
That's the usual experience with
tbii liom#-raadG vez&edjr*
little—try it*
Anyone who tries this pleasant tast
ing homo-made couffh syrup, will
quickly understand whr it ia used in
more homes in the United States and
Canada than apy other cough remedy.
The way it takes told of an obstinata
cough, pirin? immediate relief, will m$ke
you regret that yea nrrer tried
fore. It is a truly dependable
remedy that should be kept handy
evgry home, to use at the first slam of a
7ii during the night or day time.
(Ctf cents worth).
Any druggist can 6upply "you with,
2% ounces of Pinex
Pour this into a pint bottle and fill tha
bottle with plain granulated sugar
syrup. The total cost if about 65 centa
and you have a full pint of the xnott
effective remedy yott ever Used.
Tho quick, lasting relief you get from
this excellent cough tyrtto will really
surprise you. It pxonkptly heals tha
inflamed membranes that llfle the throat
and air passages, Btopt
throat tickle, loosens
corner. Dr. S. C. Ruclc having served
for a long conuainuous period la not a
candidate and Prof Frank F. Almy has
been nominted in his place. No other
nominations have been made.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kellenbarger
passed a very pleasant golden wedding
on Friday last, despite the fact that
both had been suffering from illness
and subsequent weakness for some
weeks before that date. Telegrams and
me*eafM came to them from dis
friends and those close b: cams to
make personal calls.
Mrs. EMa V. Chllds has just con* to
Des Moines to take charge of the nurs
ery department of the children's home.
Mrs. W. Q. Wuchrmann, daughter of
Mar Edna Philpott, recently deceased,
has returned to her Chicago home.
Mrs. J. R. Worley, who was called
last week, to Randall by the Illness and
death of,her aunt, returned to her home
here on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. IX Taylor have given
up their residence In Grinnell and have
gone to make a new home in Iowa
Mrs. Nellie Ward Is back In her own
home on Third avenue this city after a
few weeks spent in benefiting her
health at the sanatorium at Battle
Creek, Mich.
Mrs. H. W. Spaulding has been as
her guest Miss Nellie Hawkins, who
left for her Chicago home this morning
Mrs. Spaulding had also as over Sun
day gucists Mrs. Lillian Beem and Miss
Christine Hawkins, of Marengo.
Mrs. H. W. Spaulding hna received
tho appointment as members of the
woman's natlontl committee of the
Amerclan Defense Society. It is ex
pected that a demanotratlon meeting
will be planned for this city and other
means taken to make prominent the
national propaganda against
There is to be a meeting in the es
sembly room of the Grinnell Savings
Bank Wednesday evening at 7:30 to
discuss and plan for the war garden
work. It is planned to systematically
list all vacant lots and other patches
of ground and to make arrangements
for the piowlng and working of these
pices till the ground Is lt for garden
ing. Committees are to be appointed
St. L. road here and the oncoming
passenger going north in the after- 'an(j the co-operation of all interested
noon lifted and pushed it until It was
clcar of the tracks and somewhat
bruisod but no damage was done to
the driver,
Mrs. Harry M. Harris has been nom
inated as member of the school
board to take the place of Mrs. W. B.
Wijson, who cannot be a candidate for
re-election because the family is to
move outside the city limits ot
is to be attained as fully as possible.
Saving of $400,000 to Minnesota Farm
ers Result of Action.
Minneapolis. March 5—Minnesota
.state prison binder twine prices of from
21 cents to 26 cents a pound, compared
with 13 to 15 cents last season, were
fixed by tho state board of control at
a conference with Wardcin C. S. Reed.
Despite the increase in prices it is es
timated the prison twine output of
18,800,000 pounds will mean a 1918 sav
ing of $400,000 to Minnesota farmers
on the basis of government fixed max
imum prices.
Tho new twine price schedule f. o. b.
Stillwater, with comparisons of 1917
prices and current maximums estab-
OU can have
and at less cost if you use
OU can have more appetizing
Libby's Milk for your coffee, cocoa,
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Libby, McNeill & Libby, Chicago
phlegm^, ana
soon your cougu istops entirely. Splen
did for bronchitis, croup, whooping coflgb
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Pinex is a highly concentrated com.
ound Norway pine cztract, And is
the world over for its healing
effect on the membranes.
To avoid disappointment ftsk
for "2%
ounces, of Pinex" with, full directions
and don't accent anything else.
A auar
antee of absolute satisfaction or money
promptly refunded goes
with this
aration. The Fines.
Co., Ft. Wsyae,
In the district court of the state of
Iowa, In and for Marshall county.
Paulina Banzhaf, plaintiff, vs. J, B,
Algley, and Mrs. J. E. Algley
his wife, Riverside Cemetery As
sociation th$ dtx of iUanlhaU
!*§$ .'
town, Katherlne Banzhaf-Mayer and
Frlta Mayer, her husband, Jacob
Algley and Mrs. Jacob Algley, his
wife, Mrs. J. C. Lam
pert and J. C.
Lampert, her husband, Mrs. "W. F.
Goddart and W. F. Goddart her hus
band, Friswla Banzhaf, X/ilii&a Banz
haf, Lysette Banzhaf-Griffith and
Griffith, her husband, John
Banzhaf, Jr., and Mrs. John Banzhaf,
Jr., his wife, German BvangeHcal
Friedena Gemeinde, Michael Banzhaf
and Mrs. Michael B&nahaf, hU wife,
Lena Heokerr and Paul Hec'*er, i»«r
husband, Jacob Banzhaf and Junnle
Banzhaf, his wife. Loo Banzhaf and
Anna Banzhaf, his wife, Frits Ban*
haf, Michael Banzhaf and Florence
Banzhaf, hia wife, Anna Smith and
William Smith, her husband, Marie
Banzhaf, John Banzhaf, Christ Ban
zhaf, children of Michael Banzhaf
Enna Banzhaf, wife of Gustavo A.
Banzhaf, and John Gustavo Banzhaf,
son of Gustavo A. Banzhaf to all the
relatives of John Banzhaf residing In
Germany and to their spouses If any.
To J. & Algley and Mrs. J. XI. Algley,
his wife, Riverside Cemetery Associa
tion of the city of Marshalltown, Kath
erine Banzhaf-Mayer and FTitz Mayer
her husband, Jacob Algley and Mrs.
Jacob Algley, his wife, Mrs. J. C. Lam
port and J. C. Lamport, her husband,
Mrs. W. B. Goddart and W. F. God
dart her husband, Frieda iBanzhaf, Li
lian Banzhaf, Lysette Banzhaf-Griftith,
and Griffith, her husband, John
Banzhaf Jr., and Mrs. John Banzhaf,
Jr., his wife, German Evangelical
Ftiedens Gemeinde, Michael Banzhaf.
and Mrs. Miahael Banzhaf, his wife,
Lena Hecker and Paul Heoker, her
husband, Jacob Banzhaf and Jennie
Banzhaf, his wife, Leo Banzhaf and
Anna Banzhaf, his wife, FTitz Banzhaf,
Michael Banzhaf and Florence Banzhaf,
his wife, Anna Smith and William
Smith, her husband, Marie Banzhaf,
John Banzhaf, Christ Bahzhaf, children
at JBanzbaf^ JSnna
llsM by. tho government follow*:
tov'H WIT
Maxl-,., Prison
mum. ?Prlce.
..28^0 ,13c
.. 23tic 13c
600 pound
Manilla .... 26Uo
Pure Manilla.. 27%c
Let your grocer be your milkman
Quinine That Dost Not Affect Head.
because of Its tonic and laxative effect,
Laxative Bromo Quinine (Tablets) can
bo taken by anyone without causing
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jangle unless
To Encourage Thrift
And the Sale of
We will give to each of the first 100 boys or girls under
the age of. 15 who bring their books to us, the sixteenth
stamp. N
Gregory Coal, Coke & Lime Co.
wife of Oustave A. Banzhaf, and John
Gustavo Banzhaf, son of Gustavo A.
Banzhaf to all the relatives of John
Banzhaf residing in Germany and to
their spouses if any, defendant* above
You and eacfe of rou are hereby
notified, that mi or before the 9th day
of February A. D. 1918 there wil be filed
In the office of the olerk of tho dlstrlot
court of the state ot Iowa, within and
for the county of Marshall, the petition
ot Paulina Banzhaf, claiming of you
the partition of the following described
real estate, to-wlt:
!-ot. number three 3), In block
number one (1), Anion's second addi
tion to Marshall, Iowa, and asking that
Judgment be entered, confirming the
shares of the pasties interested there
in, as set forth and alleged in plain
tiff's eaid*petition, and that If the same
can not be equitably divided thon that
a sale of said premises be ordered, In
order to affect an 4j!ltablo division
and that a dllvsion of the proceeds tr
property be made between the parties
..hereto accordiniM»
learn how to
When they couldnt find an ordi
nary home on the western front'
these Tommies just went and got
"tanked up" for the night. As you'll
see by the picture, there was nothing
reprehensible about it—no need .to it-l
call Mr. Bryan or the h£ad of the I
W.C.T.U. '0
Billets for soldiers eannot be
chosen as one chooses when house- I
hunting. And when the officers of
these Tommies found this huge con
crete tank, bowled over during a
bombardment, they seized upon it 7}
with glee anil dispatch and made of.
it a cozy home for a score of tired
The Tommies didn't kick at all on
the "outside'stairway" and one of,
the things they particularly liked
about it was»—paradox—it was dry.
shores, and that there be allowed and
taxed, as authorized by law, attorneys
fees for plaintiff's attorney In this
action, and that the same together with
other costs and expenses of this aotlon,:
be made a Hen upon the respective
shares of the parties in the above .•
described premises, in proportion to
their said interest* and for costs of
this^ action, and for such other and
further relief as may be equitable in
the premises all as fully set forth in
said petition, to whiflh you are referred.
Now unles you appear and make
deefnse hereto, at or before noon of
the second day of the next March term
of said court, to be begun and held at
Marshalltown, Iowa, on tho 18th day of
March A. Z. 1918 your default will be
entered and a Judgment and decree
rendered thereon as prayed for in said
Dated this 9th day of February A. D.
•.'•i'i Plaintiff. 5
By har attorney.,

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