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The Cedar County advertiser. [volume] (Tipton, Iowa) 1853-1856, December 10, 1853, Image 2

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fi o
u. o. ri a i r,
A toy vfflnted at this ofHre to lenrntHe
Printing business. Apply immediately.
Tbe i.eeiure.
evening la st, of kearmg H. Tiiivta
Esq., of Muscat'tie City, deliver a Lec
ture in the Metlwdist cimrc.it to a laige
a i I respe table ajidieuce. Tae lecture
was listened toj with profound attention,
and \vi.i well received. It was a rare
library treat His theme, Webster,
Clay and. CUhoim, is a favorite one,
with the Am. rieau People. The Lec
ture was beautifully written in chaste,
pure and chiuic language. Ills thougnts
wen- bold, :ivid an 1 impressive, his lec-
ttiro cogem and comprehensive..
Mr. Ti. i yeh is a youn^ man of more
than ordiaary t.i!»nt, and onn of the real
yoiuig America School.
At Home.
I).,, fs^t v.-et-
sirhore-n, and Nocturnal amusements,'
haee been the order of the day, not
"pocket fuH of Rocks." We welcome rhrWfh
eorrect and
!.ushi-1 freiii it. would brin? i'.irom L\
tothisemiket by railioud. Ti:e
u n e i o
]ia .d
i.ing ir. ni 1"
isi.^l iu
rii!es o'
ia At
I ridge ..
tiee 'i\ i
it is to
•va'er rt"
i .-.^o ai
I a'
,, „M IL« ri) &>** A«lvcrticnr nits.
THlSi Ai)\ ii LlSiill. jl We ci-.l! 4* attention ol our readers :*fi real Is the Tinth,
a Mabel-Imp
confusion prevailed amon£ our citi*
zeiis. Business has been bris*—the
smio. o
HtttMOJtfr fct We $r
sortment $0 merchandize. flit if stock
is 1 :ge and well selected, and will
We had the pbasure Wedn,sda7^^ ,«w
1 nn ho««, but hear be intends returning excessively har»i. There also appeared aiaga
mtfc# Spring. seeond tune a strata of black loam, inter-
timc« he deter- itho
no imittcY flow Rail 1U&
is rating.
Abo, see idveriisemcnt of Charles
i of Muscatine. At his estab-
shoes, leather, saddlery. &c.
See, also, advertisement of (?**ir* k
At Dr*MM0RE & CnAMB**» is the
place to get your lumber, and get goml
fair measure. We will recommend those
who are about to build, to call and see
before purchasing elsewlirre. They will
also supply yon w.th bedsteads,
and all kinds of cabinet ware. Th«y
are, also, wholesale and retail merchants.
See advertisements.
SfaVOut Proprieter returns his thaa*s
to B. M. Bursett, of Muscatine for
that splendid lartfe guilt-e»lge Morocco
bound Memorandum boo* pVKQt(4 to
rac:* for
worn on the Railroad, r.t this place, has i |e\vell, County Surveyor, for the
bci*h sti??prnded, in constMpience of which following facts. In Cedar County, own*
our place has been crowded with those I Eighty two, North, Ranjfe two West,
to mention some nefarious peiforman.|wt.Hf jt being nboi« midway between the i
ees which ought not to becjme ol re-j
The force on the il Rond have been!s0|[
ordered to Dewitt. A change of route is jjgj
proposed—much anxiety is felt by cur beloT the surface, then commenced
veil wiich
be so far removed or made penetrable as^^ded indies iu diatm-ter. which
CSPWe take plensure in cOmmuxuca-]nf
a few year* *?c to st-ek bis fortune in the!
land oi gold has returned with hislffrave|
We are iiidebted to the kinii(IMS of
t!ays s
inrp, \y
Probably by our next issue, L«e hlark loam, which was intermingled with
»ich at pesent obscures our fate,will jpujp,
to admit of a presage of our destiny. Un-j
continued to the defth of four feet—}
til then, our citizens, rmist bear the pain-1 Next appeared-H strata of flint roA, i ^lf
gentleman residing in ,M
of Mill Creek. After «liugu«
cord, not be permitted to go abroad.—, jown throug'i tlie surface and natural ^oos
day, which continued fifteen feet jnc
various siiea, nono of which iat
our readers at o distance, i hcinf «bout fottr in. lies in thickness, after
remain in equal ignorance with our
selves, ^thia. rann a layer of sand si* inches io
l.-- thickness, then appeared another strata:ap
ting to^our readers the return of one of „Pst before mentioned. The digger
,-ur citisnis from the "El Dorado** Mr.|n,,xt rame «i»m a strain of clean, fine I ,-onsK ]vtii jn tllUntIer tones proclaims
M.^ntsromcry Frazer.who left this county 'Mn,|( being nl»ont eieht feetthroutrh. after
this cam( lipon a ve
mingled with iwles of various sizesand in
The Kail Koad. *hkkne,a the same as above mentioned.
He recommend to tae notice oi 4 thi« being about thirty four feet below the |^e!,troyed thyself.
readers the following article trom t!:e mjfaeeoftheearth. Finally he came up- jf0^v miglity
Chltf** Drmotat ft paper which stands
on a
m.ommtmn upon tnis|to
ull abs orbing tr,p,e. We «y reiiable,fM
I, .• i
i.s imfnenu./ jaojeei: tht y have been there, or how they came
not be n tcrm/ed by- orevailmgi jri?aul
won ton ol the puvluee and tra!e o Cen-i
tral lovia will seek the Chieatf, market
„heet of water, and when he ceased
preeminent tn the wet as an organ o. digging it stood in the bottom of the well ,iU
depth of two feet, and now stands
Lyons lown Central Rail Bond..there we leave for tin* OeoilogisU. to tell,heavenly, and now wears the "crown oft
v. on this road, -v attee has the story, for the speculative iManto
titrStness of the nie-j,' v" niarka- IV Conjevtunr to
1 ijic when completed, will b- aliout thre ''ihca^#U'J
1 «udrcd and thirty miles iu b':un.'i. pa«-
sing through e.mtr,il Iowa via I ,wn Ci »*, tin* mysteries, tiiat lie couceakd, lnw.t from ij^
an! Fort Dcsmoine^ reaching the M-.?- -,.*ay down iu the deep "bowels of tit ,ue
soun nt umed Hind-. A v-ry large ,.artj,/' We have a specimen of the
fiM's uian
iiiHCrtt:. Tt-ii
i i y o l
'y iii-A't, and loriy to
L\ o is Iowa Central R«
aitier n i
e b't*a
Ly this
ia sev.
tr.is gt ut:cman.
We supjwse the •yw.-iinan we hare u»jthe i
from a tamarack t:e is quit« solid
was eoyn^eil ail ay in suearing in
id arming sj.'cial polin-. and about 200
i„ T:a. first hiig.ule '.•
ey\e-l t»y toe
A »peei-J Ui
A r-
When the ,l,"'Vw
,ion, whilst en?a?«l in digging a (stri|(-te(|man f,.ar ,ho judgments of Jeho-
vn|| whcn }w vioiatcs
n s«Iluity T'1
oi trin
AviC% tj1(,
formatkm ten inches, was js^ t^hla^e ^0?!,
avert I
The timber that was found |Hf„
jagainM him. and sounds ti e death knell]
is he enters the eternal sepulchre, and 1
nft Iiim# an
hc ej|!ers
Uft rrit
for the conieeturer
ef g(0ry
e'fhluetit ul»°"«
ioriuatious, the treasures, ine beau- from j,
,uuber taken out of tiMI
al lae dv
Tlic Erie Guafe War. rig11 mmds.
•sterday in eonsepieiiee ol «j ii«-t«u «tn«sa!cr(i priueiple is "a te»mr to the
ll Ul ...v ..-,1 ii.,.. IV# !./«! iliUV i .» v.
Ml are resolved not to
Foi :!ie rt.iir. 'j»preatli liijbt "V- a
id it U1 {lertAnt discoveries com
0 I n n e o a n a
son, for uiuler the whu^e heaven there
invincible. Dungeons and bolts, ond.^ ,th(
fetter?, and chain?, and fleets, an^ armies,
and Culminations of authority, both polit-,^
ical end ecclesiastical cannot hiuJer her
fijial progress. Hlt chariot w iieels roll
stradilv on like the
and Lrihsaj salvation
crush to the dust tin
c''a'rs'|dli](lr,Ml 0
of God while under the burning wheels 'convention at the Court House, in Tip
of the chariot of heaven. jton, ou Saturday, the 31st day oi Decern
"Th« s!ccdf.»'«t empyrean s'look throughout^ jfcer, 1S53, for the purpobe ol apponiing
All it th*4 throne it*if el Coil,'' jdelc
'hy does the religiously in-
||lCSabbath ne
of lmth putR hiin in
t!u ar t0
two feet, they came Lujjt from his How man »c th f=uch un­
peuetratlng eye
10f truth ria**'- *i,m afraid.
profa!1e swearer lorn pal#
tl.ought uf meeting that God who.*e
j,«. }ms blasphemed I The fact that
as pro
faiiCj iJ# name of a God of i
0U9nc## an tI
uth, brings awful!
forebo liu^s to his mind. I
Why does the i pen itsnt si not r, lx
kins alwut the same thick-tack'wlth a terrific gaaef ah! his
death, shriiik with fear and
hfe 1)r0ttgl|t up in aiTav
t!m!i 8]ig?!?ej)
ry coarse, flinty iof ,ife)
he bo
]ieaven lost. Tenacious
t0 the Lrhtle thr
sQmv]*x) death knell)
»e eternal sepulchre, and
^a eternallv stand* before him with
eye-bulls. proclaiming, thott ha«
of (fU
mtn poIutedf sunk ia
anJ io$t tQ a rirlue ant ha
vieMi fQ truth is irUpnpd t0
portals of bl.ss, to
augl.tef sgainst God's people,"
Wf!S tra.l!troriI1cd int0 the imagl, of tjK
e t0
•tlaio aiid -veH?,^pa|^rM. Tn«-Mav-i^iJ dyess and a praise .to those wi,o hi# I
'evil duets and a praise .to thos
well.*' It reinVaWri
man i Ol 0 1
:o ti.e Ma}or if he is g, forward "from conquering and to con- 'a!
i:»2T nut i-i'bribed !eir
to Ihe as
of Jehovah
ftt an,
has gone fort'a that the world
wlb 1
strument, the church the agent.
i .. .i ...l i i,w said Christ.
jfy (h«m through thy truth," sai
nothiug so mighty." Her progress is therefore the church, "tbr
slow and sure, but miprhty, im sistable,
and "she breaks,hmvlillg
in pieces the oppressor." Herself, in- dw
stinct with immortal energ/, and like her
great author, indistructabh. She strikes
with her iron rod ail systems of error and
they are broken in peices like a potter s
vessel. "The pillars of heaven trerrd.l«
and are astonished at her reproof." She
shakes all things and ishemdt unshaken.
That stability which the peel beautifully
describes as belonging to e the throne
Hie Democracy of dar will hold a
to b«
•gy of truth, might be
..great many familiar e*-
uey Gen»*»
j,mc his
compact, and the digging'^ "7 'fju tn'riUTa mnr^,!Comolittee~Jacwb Smtih, J. Slai^iitev|ed to pieces and destroyed. It turmnl from Trieste
of the
,d for him" in the kingdom of
famalies, neighborlioods, and towns, turn- the murder of Cai
virtue, from sin to hoi
viccot 10 ihe ser-.
Christ through the mi
.. i ow^ 01 irui.i. tkilksl were Oapt. Ounmson, Mr. h.ern.»Ci. „„j
Wherefore has the temperance r-for-
forming effects are seen in lifting up even tv had separated from the main body, and i
from the gutter, and
gei r-r on an
frlK.it IJJH ClU'l VUV1I U3HI LHIVV? tlU fit-
,, found one of i.s
lileavinue, clothes j*
iCommittee—J. G. Mauwr, J. Stewber,
A. PalT.
,. i Springfield, 2 delegates.
mig.ity, too, is the renovating ...
Committee m. I3enney, as. Henry.
The township committees will please
township delegtiu s.
Bv order of the
(mitral C&mmitI''.
n vlpl
1 Daniel da\
first magnitude. R. N. IAYLOU,
'breathed out ha- ELLS SP1CER,
i Inteif^iuit r»'«IU
ark na»,:un. li»v
||g j|m* i i
c'fcou-h ail ci -nion was yuder,
cannot hinder the ush- i
u wj prt
«Trulh crustici'to ewth will rise again,
The eternal years of God are bm
Bat error, wounded, writhes n pain,
And iii?« amid her worshiper*
H. W. €.
(Pnh!:sh«*d by mjuest.)
Ormocratic Con vesif ion.
Oi our inivw iu»'!i» i«mu .. i*
,je ed uivm this immutable rock, let us stand cv.-.y prospect of an eariy app »*'^m
.clltiouS, liaving cvm
Rochester, 3
Commutes—C. C. A»
Committee—T. Robnttra, E» Morton,
Win. P. D«llo:i.
Pioneer, 5 delega:es»
Cwximittee—G. 1 ayinr, W. C. HindmAn,
I. A. Comstock.
Linn, 2 delegates,
Committee—A. Young. Handlai,
Sugar Creek, 4 delegates
for Governor, Secretary o» Matr, Auau afl'raid
or of State, Trea*»rer of State, Attcr-1 creasing shadow.—X. If.
and Suj urintendent ol Pub
Hie ratio of representation from '•ach
township, ami the wwnsliip caoaraitlces,
are as follows:
Centre, 7 delegates.
unaison and
LotJis. Dee. E
f^L The Salt I«k« roaii has arri»'*i at In-
IIf.rt. and there we see whole'dependence. It brings ir^eitifence of
e from the gutter,andconver- while a. breakfast a land of Indians, "'l0^r
ailer. Thev now sit bo'h to-
destroy n Morman
nw «loud. -a'iu.
Utrii Ihl
T.ie exfl*.emi,iit w.is urealIv iii'rented M^ral Reform, too, itaiidmg upon ti.e n:son paitv. but t, ev wete ee»*rpowered, 11?*r#* ,,
ws. S, ots were returned by the Gun-1
She has recently Mtacked the
Pr"P "I1,:'r
na[ s'*te,n-
throne of God. slavery will
only four escaped. Gunuison l»ad i ,i
r.--s] -ndei.t sends
the Sandwich Haw'? pi'gPj
par» in
o i s o w n i e
head formost into
"r.V" ir *"r f»«fed"to cra'wl fr
topograj hi.al engineer, Mr. Porter.!
and# v.as 1 fl* Kotes
runty and she walks.comrVed, inrtnimer.ts, and animals,!"1^' ''*7/
••••.! len were out in th- in her native innocence. jwere t*ik« n. Gov. Youny sent aid to 'i-i'ely a.ter the -i. se
and by resolution o And heaven born truth i* d. -d Capt. Morris to release hnn »o n his erit i?U,'V" "rakt*,,ian
N!!"aliuli irlt,lc' in:,'a* u-
-i o e a o o e u s u e e e i u s e s e e s y e e u t- i a n i n e u s a e I a y w e n y a s u n a e s a n o n e a e a s
pi H- !e-.rir a' present tb" r-har.' ritt- itdrici up a fountain of iniquity i now it UvV^a^'Erl'tf r'^T!'11 [nli1'
rr nyjrirs-, ut.a wt-re
K,u Drvd
and when
it- nn
time has gone by when tl
I.Hlr fr«»n Kumpo.
Tj ere is scarcely a d^ubi entertained S,.|.tn 1 a ha litis cro^td tl.t. Ui.S!«h
island ol the speed) co:^umali»««',f frontier t» Asia and a .'attie had taken
their «evn m-
Great Collision—Jlir®cul«us Es
Abollt SiX O C.'-i*. .i,
en n ti e express train
quarters ..
over and over three ti,,^. The boih-r, The Car has iWd an ailience with
was broken, letting the steam and scald- Dost Mohammed tt proclaim war »gait*t
ing water out, to add to the alarm and Hiittiah India if Uritain persist* "in sup.
danger. The tender and two Uig'/age porting TtirK*y. A large Rnssian fdTt^
car.t were hurled upo i the fraguie.its of' to invade P^xara and u Per:,'"i, army
the locoiuoUve, and smnshed into one hs .-oHecting iu the vally of S.»olt»«rti«» i«
common wreck. co-opera'e with Russia «»f tinst TursfV.
The lirst three pasnengwr cars, ftlled If this is confirmed the Parliament witt
with people, were dashed upon the rums assentbh* for'diwiie, to decise means t»*
of baggage cars and engine. They' avoid the dangers that threaten India*
were luidlv broken and turned bottom #hl«»' from 'ln jourees. We learn that Pel-
call meetings for the purpose of electing up. Tae l:vt three ear* of the tra!\ were.« y.. bo^tdc to Turaey so perhaps ail
'not thrown from the track- nor very badiv i«t c-»
The horror an«! conjtjf ths s»». Tbr Black l.a\t
were indiseriktbl*. Ti.e tram had ever Tiie Bla Law in the State of Illinois
-100 pa««enirer». The ^ho, k hurled thein |V(m
*4 hy Russia—.SSrreral
of Santa well contested.
th«' dill (»m. 1'
Will mi".'
i nruent. In ndti'iiou
11 am fr0,l)
At a meeting
pringfield, a station 25 miles west of tan's (lag at tin* position of Oreila.
Erie. The si vere irale from th" L*»i.e Kti^aii force
from its root.*. Tiie a eident occurred in If this he true, the news is jununed
the woods, which rendered objects less thus
distinct. Tiie train had been delayed The Turas hav» beaten t.ie Rass:«ns
soins hour and a half at Erie, waiting for in Asia, The T.i' n^li left wing, in Eu
the arrival of the Buffalo train. Wfctn rope has beaten the Russian rigi wmf,
Iht* collision happened, it was moving at cnlnprihing their priiu'ipul force, \slii'«
a •.-!• of forty miles per hotir. the Turkish eentre has whipp»*d iH%W
The crash was awful. The tree two Ru -dans at Tartmcai, and is now p|C#
feet in diameter, was broken ia three sing upo.i Bucharist,
p!a 'es, and shivered as if stru k by a The follo^v unpert*8t ftetrs from
thundeil oit. The loi omotive was smash.- Imha has been receivod by te]eg»«pli#
"u their seats, ann pu»-d tfi^m up u
...rriKL. tu Skinner it seems wlI not hold gnod
i uionir weats in terrible eonfusion. Ti»e __
coUision oevrtrred before t!)v engineer "The .-ate of the negro eokl on Fri
had time to whittle down break*. l«n off, ^ay 1-^t by th- Sl.entl, came up iM-finra
st 'am, reverse the motion, or ev. r. lamp' J"'1?*" Skinner yesterday, on habeas
He was pi.•! (.,]
rbe firemia followed s^it, ao
baggage. Hit
tmei» pn
ti Vi 1 nfue o tne
mounted Rule- 1 ,r
seven had broken bone#. Many reeeiv
the_Indians,! ..
end« avoreu tu reg i n the stolen prop-
or I*
*. i i fae tram made three or four reboui...:.
,?^^'Ce«, afv atnku.g tne tree before
,n i".0i,lu«0B worw ronWM to Ikr
81 ra,uV
ine screams, yeli*, and shou's i
1 U
air ,lltrr
were horrible.
::e ,neV, which bad been nearly iU'*S CWin^S
Dirr*Bi.*rt,—A few uays ago, Iferige.- at Springfitid, and took o:» thus
a vu
fl* r*i* hi avd the urks,
,a I ictorious
ITslirnx.fTnf. S4.
here tbis..#raap
rn^ratty deflated wW
been fought. and
Turn.* are e\i:j
!tif auacketl them with
it'wili U fairly w- a.«l after a brisk cntir.onade.
I't.ivi'fl bv Olir (frt'ei'iliiir"iii. "I
tcTlie statements ol our iwre^H..»!eot, tween the tuoarm.es r^rinkainam
i i n e i a e i v u e s o u e s a e e i o i o n a A I u
rombtt with ihe hayonet took ptace be-
„r Ha Instnl Ihrv l,..ur»—ii. lit!.*
of the mM» of t!.« Tnrks at dnlerent pomis
clb'm^b'lil'Xr DrJudd'sr. tireuient. alot-.gtS:e p.-raue, ami «i the di^rttc
everv member voted tor it esrept Uvll»c, tion of a Itus-^an
Muster of Forei-n Afla.rs, who is a jK»rtt«, though prohoUe,j|^ not rwt "P«i
Scotchman, and wnrmly op|x)«Ml »o it.— tufikient
o'.Iieer o( of Selim Par-ha, with a n:m»I1
jforre, was suddenly attneked by ahy
•f Russian ca\airy. He 1 ell back fight-
towards tbe riain body of the 'I'ur
hirh army, and the I at tie f^eedily be-
Wedtieihlny ev- "ame g'nernl, lo,(KK) iia«i s wue
•ame in collision with a tree blown across Russians were de.eateU, ai^l fu-v, pur
t!if track, three quarters of a mile east of sued by the
in it. After a hard li:ght, l»«e
who planted t.-.e u-
... ,,
deleaied and fell
(O\\ov,mg J,.ci«on of Jildg*
corims, and the wgro was discharged tb«
the diteh amoni* the deciding the law under vvhirh h«
v n a i j- e o e u n o n s i u i o n a
Tii-s d«- iMnti i« according tu the opinion
of the r-Mipieme tV*mf "Thornton's
Cas»»,M Illinois Report*. Vol. XI. th#
isi:. I eing based upon the ground
that the stmuie assume* »m legislate on
om under me rums
and fragments of *:mas»hed
more niiraeul-ns subj*»r—th«• re-iapture of fugitive sla\es
j»as«»*ujrers were killed or —over which Coi:«rrets, ui dcr the on*
stitutioa of the I'uited H»at**s, is tha
supreme aim e*fhisl\e jov. of Iegi«»
-»tioin and thi very statute being declaim
by t! e Kunremo Coi'/t."
—|t npperrs'
tn witi' h. III* said, copied
f«oi.i tl original |np««r. tint the "Fatl:*
er of eo W,""hint"'on
—»*as !*4 to l^ai. ii t( eoMtact-
•d oi courw, under proj cr regidntions.—
The m»rs b«Sa\i^d with ^1-' l^tw am-e-ted was written by lititt
but a lev." weeks 1^fore bih death.
o V i o s N o v 1 2
uu .d,
going eu.-'., which wouki
{minutes, and made no Mop at that point, mark of ur attention. Hu*, alas our
.have happened. This train left its pa*- oblige I humble servant.
cxeluaively to, Stat'.
Get •i, M'j.. Wasi:ington and
•ny#eh have been bojiored v. .lb your j»o
ot*' it:ritation io tbi* «s«M'nibiies in Afex-
due in a f»w amin.j th win'.er, nnd ll.ank you for this
ncs a-
rntunt to t^r. millions and a I alf of dol
The |H»yulat!on of the Ron.an
es ih about equal to that of the Stnto
New Yorn. So says Fatlier Gnv«ursi,
new fa^ r,

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