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The Cedar County advertiser. [volume] (Tipton, Iowa) 1853-1856, December 24, 1853, Image 2

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Tints. IOWA.
f. C. HAfT,
S\t( UDAY DEC. 24, 1S13.
a Kitr wa-^ted af tiiis tu i°"*srn the
rr *uag gujtp*^.
oip o"
.IJ' tefj firlrtwa*. T.» you. youtt% we «Ul gi*e a
JDear ica-i -Ciwaiam i»gi® *l nvminF If '**»t go a»i get yaor
|MII«!. we W aa foaaM a msliy time taat ^^hearts somctLm'f nice, pr« t'.y and
*#itr hearts may be as at ^-^sa ^j^able ?or tiw octaniOn, taae it to her
£$r the ttnow) or i at e'er yo«f hf«t
^a,tB»y tae
a«w tbe w"n of toys. «a, can-
es aai rood
limn h*
the 5 We tralge
In the management of this paper, it
ever been the aim, to taae such a
coarse, as would be ur objectiouabte to
oor frieotis and during the late
uj o.
\v..l be rer-'
pec.aiiy v tr-e ladies. We
wot/•" in Tipton, we have been particu- ...»
our anicles nave been uuiy considered tr
lafore publication, ai.d it they rontained
lies to le marub'sted. instead of straws to
pica, we will give them a liur Oak snag.
'"'•I™. ,"a p'^l Upee.*, of 'he T",P"," "1 ""y
tlemen o* Tipto.i are not leS9 gcod look-.h
irocn U* bulla nee ©f the article that tne forjrotten.
suitor was iavorWy impressed with the
people of Tip(ovei )toa
Parent* doa't forget t!.at the holidays
are near 21 band, and that you rl*M*dtar»
fj ^irfor
r««TT« For Ht» w-rrd ^FBrakalitia^*« am are Uaeo
A* te«s Kl*! Tti.-r, I- w ^a? i of dkeottf«*t
i .li..,,,. -ii *,• v v
B«s, Ttwr ccowii£iits»»p*'^a arid ?et root E for ray, w« will £ti J»ew York city.
*f._ _rtl, 3*
^ay you I's^oy an
ihf soow-ciau pcairws. (WE wont rooca P*PER% !OTS wratcu
a»i ^asere be 6 kd to tbe mith
Lil oti
.ftw. whm 4**-^1-
w. ar-ff.'tur.x
e jh rides, of faapfy meet- Coa*y l^dg* to
ii^sand pieasaet gathers w toe W. m^g.nl y»
mad 'us**-**- pieajaat c»rnn-' aid wo«il .«y to t&«e tarocaUe to ti* law,
tea the bdtes
drjta as-
and prayer to the more sedahe
•ipl ot ssekocae t» all. Btft, oh! rer&erri
%ei, ,J^c. thoe^h it a a ^jb-lee to yc^.
i»4ea& u) Ta--aey. (-sot ti*e Mas^-kcau
l«t tha get- r,— :s an epo«i o'
abu.«c& to tkern. Bet 'xea. iz+y bare ao
iadLs^ Ue mth. mtm&wm*.
A^iin *e wisth yoa jioy. Let not
fade be a*» m»fex of a aorrowiag heart—
cast aft *Ioo» away. II lores paJi ia
ioagn and *uaaj, dou't p»ae aad sorrow
he-.-aui.ie a bas always beea so
fctahli it.A
or it' aagu
dse opnreaa you. looa aoc open tts dark of obtairji^ the law iitviaaardy te
'&* am
Jay hold, AOD the lo -B'HS
year acd reaiaia so tiiii aod oor reasons to:
Theswiwa was made to ftzeia, at large aa as. and a. advantage tu
The plan of keeping swine in pens, and
there feeding and fattening them, has,
1- oi5 a p» .sonat inspt on oi .m as -'Jaire a by neighborhood custom—auo that (are feuu&Ies.
f' nbly, ve luier iuat tl»e ladies and gen-).
EUiJ.*jv wnen yr*i i* ?be "*se. the true r^ptiWiesn
ii^ have toys,eaodses,
gift* and etceteras. MSIe *p»r.t
Their little waking? will be ban? «P at crone whkh deflaw true dene ra- i
^bs^rner or by the state, arso^e where' s. do the greatest food to
else, and wuh light heart« ami high hop»-s Buber.**
ihey wilt jump from their beds at early
day asd bute to secure what good
Chose has left tbein. With what **ager-
cwwe. Tfcetf
U thin*: May your p_ —i. Gtiiwrt tew a boat af the [the Caited States f^jag* thirty oa-
mm dem&ad,
i .-
Ifce Btf La«.
i.l U»
K3*«r i
before agaia sub*mu»&g tbe questi
"o be tarmeya. be«4ct thef. »r« ftnt
tte speed tfc-ey can. as tiie ^jooly Jed-e Uioteol toe uew congressioual if
re^airr? the leyai cumber af petmoaer* brary c*js lour dvuar* aud a imu eaca.
is cr*e. it is aa easy maue* to oinata my_ betokens a severe winter.
ibm sMuahei. or a autca Larger one, but
the irutub ot' the law mast exert them
selves to do tf, for, if ait rema.a inert.
aochin? wtli be dtmti if ooe letcairas
idle, waiting open the action of aik*her.
will end ia fraitioa. aod the prubakky GOT* tliat toe n»er Niie
joy the leautirs ?od riefces natare, -Jiiigti«rsAtpia,fieaif«ou*co«iity^wlWTy§Mj ,r ,-.
the de:SJT»tfai and pleasent scenes we result in the uwchdeai •. ... QJJQC*
the. to the stock of hogs.
«ft.*i5e Creator. It caaaa* be deuivd but tlat this law
Dm": go roopiog iloc? throofh lifie, wiH be a great mduceiaeut to ludtbtr.ous dunag w.epie*tai year, t*
...1 t,. 1 Si^Li 11. «a *_ .»•* aufa#n(t.
been acknowledged to be tiie most profit- -stioa.
tiie amount realized from the com thus!'**0
fed, has, in everv instance, exceeded that
larlv jruarded in our remarks. Alt of ....
augir that wuuM off-iid. or could be fou-1 .47
stru-lintoan allusion, or be taaen as ,^ty in tL» county, as it tf. ,«*-*'•"
inferential, it was stricken out. Vet we no wast, and invariably lose t^TM the
ftmt that sorn'- in town are determined to' 'n weight by being allowed a free scope.
complain,and liae drowning raen, cling to t'pon the subject of fattening hogs. we per ami Browiets, ue^i.jer wtii tite
|Ar which
cai,1' carrl^J
ing and accomplished than the *reiA oi law will exeit themselves. And we tur-1
at tf„.
5,1 1
|asl time, hnd it not been that otn-
t.on da
Wp afe a%vwe tUt many
"It mow* -rw-s ttie school \mj.
Aye, true it does, and bless it, let it snow advantages which they now enjoy, u,
on, and we hope it may have a good the mlption of tKiia law. But we are of
time of it. What fine tin es we would opinion that they are the minority, and
ka*p. If it wruld'nt stop snowing fr a that their discomfitures will be but a
week—Oh! don't mention
as fee! so sh-ig 1-ridiVu and
hid with visicns oi calico.
ti S
should prootpt s**ch to c^teerfully
in the
OippiBf* ao4 Ktilkltai.
tft- Rrrne *s.s -*J*i y«*T5
f*3TTSe#* «R %rfy thift# aewt pa
pers now pubOar.ed ta Caliionita.
HfiTMaism K««a, the Haogaffca
r-fnfe»» n now at Waahmgtoo City.
I^TOoe acre ia twenty ia
fencea in thif to»}nfTy.
out im
plenty of them died since January.
Uottso a BOU«T 04
M»y ^rp,,«.«h ?ood.« .«l MA *«. Mp. du.y brfo« ,1,™. bop,^ U« Let every man (war ia mind ,„d p«.
?«he0»jvijj,t« „l «k,b h.. ,kul.,ly.i.e,o.n»:uPCo«..a,Uee..W
rfwlta,. 0»s~«. a™, te Wr« J»Ared h,re,„,V„t.. lore of Ju.y i. lo«ll i.e «»e„
wmnJH a,^cre.b{e. and tfu w.ii get your Ihaatur oi Mextco.
dewrase. lfcd5*Out of aiae luutdred officeis in
to agaui agaote r±t* nore few iay» ifo, «Bt »ifc" way ul'the jforerwnenital and poii:i.»I economy pe
y«n^«B of, Pwtuoos wtll be c^cuiateU rei|ueatifi^ Ci? :ol. [tfuWar to theinael.-^. w o:»e great barrier No only this, but also many of the coon-
f?3^T(-e salary of the Lord euten
be speifds *iJ0.0t)T.
a year,
i .a*e
W|1j mon rev»lutiou
... I __ .1 at tlie bra it side of tmnzs. tor while
., at the brtjr it aide of thinzs.
«. i i. i idin diMi pv*»n r,*h« i Wtnlkir k.
i produced wl»en the hoas were permitteu that tne posu«»
11111 at
,f lfac
of lhe
w 4iiepiuv
mankind.*** ther believe it would have been adopted |few Haven, Ct., 1 department of the same, and be prejared
K* the editor a young man ot ap*
huh. law was'
j.eniencie., «nd deprived of «.a.e Imle
it, it makes mote in the eve, compared with the great:Ire lords exclaimed
*'ii and lastnst ad-anla-vs the wl o'e torn- tears up theg-oui.d with its i
(inanity w.il reap from its passage and is worth more thaa five wives''"
to take
es** hey m%m be up au4 dotog. mast act jit was the plan a-lopte-J by JefTerson, and ani acted upon by the party, and thai
energetically the matter, o*«* take tS-S^The bo«js in the Astot hktMf. lapproi.^j by all the wise and great Mates-' tb^ couveolbn on tite 31si, at tie Court
hold ~A tie ftt-utoa* ar*l give thera all New \oik. ccot aDuttt oi»e doUr mu,
^o warm »t fiHro^tl a I-flc ti.ioug.. hiT
AIDE, hat SEEK the AW^st P¥«JP*uoas side delayed aaoiher year. la* 2D tbt? WA»AA y THE earth, wa»*rein political civil a.nl
••Airto oo aof». ka ias't he dt^eart- fl e e%-r Late frieods to this iaw«,-a*^d* pgious IHirrty has been fully sccurcd t-.
o»al—*he »erry# heitet
dtrsf. WhaJ is t:-* sopport c^ :t we estecm aouod at*» kr^te* ias i«t gr e! the rrcni«fi!)p of En- lishei aad «r»iniaiutxl party organization*,
aae of uriz.r -.f w» ciouo* !i*e happy al. aod la^J »poa tie fact. t»,at it wis1 a.j-1 that roac i exc...
Le? Ihtm rtsMHwiM #*»««*.»" be ymz -i »*!«c iu tne cuinniUnuy corrst"|t}«*me thereof.
rr.^a Wi o
is said that muskiats hare thu
dm* tot fiMfifcof theh gai volera oi like y-«r tak n aacommon pains in the con- (policy as indespoasable. The evidence spr tfully subnit the above to the coosid-
li*e Cti*
r-1 r-
tn dowa cast eye. I ae Mammon wh»(e and p**rsevenng men lo locate oa tbe pra- Petv'* o reatu fb Nation, and both to prevent usurpa- J°bu Ripley, C. L..
lit is just as »eap, it taree times as
EQpTTite Herald says it is calculated
ou iBe letters sent ty
ttie President of the United Mates to the
There is no profit in giving twine the Emperor ot Japaa, will nave cost a boo
76s u
paradise, whose eyes w^^e maguitiz- ine, as they can then raise their crops jWt i eb tor eiuiu a-uatwuiiA. ftious through individual ambition,section- Chambers. Ni ison C. Swank, and Jaroe^, menu to sustain Uie c:ty of E.ie in fair
Of the gotten pareiaenu. nor hae without beiag first compiled to erect 03"Arcordiag to the census there al strifes, and local insurrections. W. Barley
the grumb*e, who is ever impugning extravajrant fences to stijewi Uiem against ^re 6J»il |vroiii in Iora over twaaty T..ese organizations have Jonf Delegates were appointed to attenu
the woras ami nmives of aind Provi-.destruction by swine. jjearsofafi- mtM a*' M|4 he fouudattom of hope to the patriot State lemperame Convention. JLGT Cicse DtToact.-^A* IA'
letter, and lamenting hb lot, but lift up! Tl»e effects of this b'A in this respect,
your head, be gay, put on your brigUett has been tested by many eount'es around Jggrit is strong)' sosperted that there rallied as a sacred shrine, and guaided was organized with twenty members. y Ia-. tl.eie we.v twen*y-iwo aj icm .*
•mile, mase light your heart, be glad- ,m. and we have their experience to prove
some atd happy and give thanas to the ^that it is satutary and beneficial, aa the Tne people are now agitating the ques* 'entc.usiasm, esteeming them the bulwark Leland, U»e State LA*cturer, who was un- her loid always si»-pt si 'u/h'st*'
propitious Providence for tbe many Wes- benefits they have derived from it, have,
sii.gsdM^r vpoa y u. iu every instance, been greater thaa jt:nglaud. Wv« w*».» them success. [with the preservation of oui Republican »^h w«» forcible and clear.—j hope 'her second* w4ll lear» a*«.
wdlof t*e majority Thmwu Wauut.ag ne Dim- ftm ofgmnue.theo the Coont, thentne
.1 i trwilr ***i'»iri»i#lirill. I 11* air JTJ3lilUlliJJa liXJ,
HI lanrhnfT
w o was presei at' a- ai joa We have the utmost confidence that a mthe theol jg«cal, collegiate and prejra- the DviiKKratic putty ss^mki be .'en^med buve been uui.urnl whii such se.Te- jngf h»» newspaper man."
Bail lately h«-»d at tins ptace, tetwr^s majority of the peopie of this county desire tory departments of UUrlm Cuhege, is as a band of brothers, united in a common J'
which invention dwellings, stores. &
this county would be put to many incon-' imnrovement unon the wese«
Ta tka nm eC4!l feiar.
In riew of the unportaace of the ap-
proacbfng eleiior*, aod tbe neceas:? of en and made known, and it
per.etit or^aatzation of tae
lW foUud,lUun w our
able by all who have ever tried it and !*eal, but bring iaspir«d bv tbe truth of to^tfetta complete organization of thci "Mv oldest son. Geo. C.
0^rAUut 300.000 feet of the best thorougidy orgaiuzed.tl.at a perfect u«
plank arfawuiiaily aohlby the
v-d tase aod uncrr»ng judgement. ,.r niatters,of greater magnitude, hed s«
i ittlismMe from personal observation ^grossed the minds of the peof-U-, •w',ciilay.' are constantly ammg. That as a pro- ladies,
ived as uwii.j--L..»iabi,.—that in tiie excitement and biwt of the «, New-,ewive fart''
Yoik was e«lubitvd, a water furnace, bv
may be kept warm and comlortable, be- Iworthy
of io
filers filled with water,
inauu.at'.u.e of lue American meet every emergency, and a. twitii
mat*:be? in the i n ::fd at- vi- consistency upou the many issues which
e* a»«g|,!«»,« Ue4 iridl «w. i»0'M.lb« our|»,jr i. one of prwe^
ui|pany, we tbe uijJtrrsi^iied, have deemed attend to it, and ti.at delegates »i!i I*
nsr-TW.M ...._ ... v. k. Cedar County at t'iii time, and toap- their ronatitoenw. and that they
p^Th.re are auy ju.«ea Moks i_ jwesen* at the Coa.itv ronrention
iOfiae theiBo! Uie inasnitude ot theque*
Li tltts kaoe we u^irth a aou«roftkt[ CflTWasluagmi IrTtng was at Balu* Ubbsh t'.ie pna-tpje^ and doctrines of Congress, and upon the issue dnpends!
a/atnst anarchy, a saiVguard to our f.ee officers, and ideaMNtther* ^f oar Stute
and ''^!iiiJut,or9 8,d a ccaranty
in. It is a remarkable fact, tiiat tbe
on!y two oat loo* now ia existance, or
liua year loan it ft&» .or ^^jch erer bare existed on the faceol.
i* r»j»rte«t that t.»r Aberdeen the masses, are laoae wakh ha%'e eitab-
a C«^a iW ffopcf bvc bad political
p^rpetu-f Leculature.
sty ot our r»*jubli..-an corermnent.— Iluping tlat Ofltrfrws will tie receiv­
rfaresiace succeeieJ biin, and Jt yg
tioa ot' their hous» s, which tw trap- of their utility given us, by the fate of ,-ratioi. of the artv.
other Republics, wherein no organizations
of the kind were had. is forcible and
f^*There is said to 1* a girl some
v t- i .!suiktng ami drawiiig lojfrca! condusi
w^c.c tn N«fcogiana whoa»- au is
is so aiajxed to the barmonioas enjoy- th* i^ereAt Towoth'pa of tiie County by
nw»nt of our rig its of suffrage, ss to Je!estate* ins*n»«ed, and that harmony
become incorporated into our political
Itrbic s, aui t!w .v i uatiens are now,look
aa?er the cliarue of Democratic Pre?-
d.'&ts, :u w.t: S.*kze.iand aui ti.e t"n i
States ,'ri ea?'i i.»f w lic'j
i* '*.vj
,-lt. «i Jpoti tin* «»ers to prevent extravagance
or an infringen.ent upou the right# of the
people, frauds, contumely or injudicious
t. N. rAVLOR,\
from their history, we can obtain but tbe] f-£?*Th? i'orescing article w«s pub
oa* resuh that they
:sh?d for want of [jshed at the request of the signers. We
q^eat p^-
itieal organizaiiaos,each being a check
.U »L^ ,» ,r*5 T'**i I rw
%r r-nnr*. committee wuh the to»..s..ips. «WirtliiffOi*
v, JV- I
OtMocratlc Meetfaf. Dtrr.ocrnts of thedifferent precints mustj
__ *J*'" ,, ,. Horn*.—On u*A'-n of Mr. Ha-
C-ote.' townsiu^ fc«kl at the Sta" and lastly tbe Loioo. The suK»r- »trlJCfe] to inquire into the expediei
Ho«*e.** Tipton. Saturday, th* ainate and minor divisions must *ke the
,of cooow delegates to s:ied theCoor.. Therefore, is we are now cm the ere of Mr. H» nn. ml reduced a Mom. Item
,, _t- u kmm ^ili,a'so similar bills presented by Mv
ty Qooventi«fi. to be nekl o 1 Lie 31M UIU MOST important election, whitn ha« Grow
D. DAVIS. i ........
etrer been held in IoTa, it is to be hoped
(kit meaaar^s wil be taken in tbe diflV
ent precmts. toconrene the Democracy!
and ual iuii meetir^twuibe h»*id. Tbe»
-aKxraUc to call those meeting* we hope they wtH u
jit proper, to caii upon tae Dera'jcrata oi" cbwn *nd msirac aa to the wishes o1 p^on Territoty. A company with a ».
br ital of 81,000.000 Las been lo*u\,
San Frani'ivo for a lin»- of ptrain*
tween San FrajK««ro »ih! China,
new line waa also to c«inneBte
1« o D^effilier W:ne« ti San Frmu.^
and Honduras, Tlse funded and flnfif*
fit-Vrf df Sau Francisco is a little ai.
I N k i I W S I U it«t
itiOfis a»n to be Veiled by tht-m, and held Tipionon tbe Slat mat.
prmapit. anl aa abitimg cosiAlence in convened, let th« t'eir'cate* be choseij
the utility ot party organizations, will 'and instructed ietthe ibatter be discussw-i
decisive ac- and the wishes of the people expressed.
ljon. Let the delegates lie instructed aa to who
I It ami be admitted that the nlan of »the choice of their conar:tvients,tor each, ed of. It is sai«i a party is to fohwi
Ijiriston bheruig to promuigate and ea- offi .-e's, together w.th a representative in ,Ur#
JOHN ST A R—Prttide^k
J. C. BSTTS* Usmr
Pr» ston J. Friend Treasurer.
lI{}^ t,tf sli0l.!,j,.r w aoi}
ttraws To »hem we w-s^ito sav that'would refer our readers to an article un- Fiankiin and Ma...•.•-.. dotels, u-r« |,at the freemen of the present day, ^5"** MuvtMi* r.—We fi m! in W.« have at last talae«l ou's«-if iiuo
and statesman, around which they fc:tvrj Temperance Watchman Ciub. Ko. t.jterm of the Cou.uy Court n» perry ten
in Australia.— U.«n with a zealous pride and emulous The meeting was addressed by Mr.! r°sl?s lorth t-
detianng their mdepeodeiice of of our National stability and irtseperable usually happy in his remarks, and h»| toward her. She obtained a h'll. and v
Government. Tiwy are institutions, nx.. The best of'ieelmg prevailed. The Tem.
.C ,, wfaMii the gr*-ateM and wisest statesmen pc ranee men are wid.- awaae to ihe
liie price of liln-riy,'* b. ate.. «V .«|W lo ^ihen, wit
pride in their connectKMis w.th them, and to work in earnest, tor the Bachanalian
i f^TThe who i, af studeitts.the approach at the coming contest, that parations lor an insurrection by the C.-e- cases otit of ten, is produced "from ow-
Ti» OemocmK J-rly.«ihe ei.
duced into fcouiii A ca, one of tbe Cat- men"
umY exist though every
and con-
trine advanced, and such as are found

^,,..,1 'i V iwt ir
t/ifi* r,/»i.l Ia r,.
which are not, to reject ^ou
tarwi.n. tie ,:.«gbwa* wu, ash ever has been "Principles, not A bill waa presented to the Senate of
how the thing. It is t'n-n neeraujfts tnMHt» icwiss.
I' "hat we siiouid f.ave a perlert or^anszn*
rommittf.e 0f|
first step. ''"y .» inirodiiced a Horn* Hi
the election of a United States Senator the company are looked upon vttlh fctuj*
in iV.tou wiU be represented bv
hereaf :r ext in our rank*, we re
v. s a.',
v. spxi:
dm* Ommi/ICI.
1 i
cau#e and lhe
guarded with patriotic as*'gm*d tnem. I hey were urged upon following sublime rem irks
«r«-'dbck. *the oW adager^tha't eternal vigilance is' Temperance party thioughout the entire j»e«iiy six years old. wa sick tw.
iiave supported ai.d anied them by put- revel has been heard of late too frejuen:- !,fl\v (i(jd
ly in our Mreets. We have just received a
'ever acknowledging n-nu -ajty and temperance address to the peopleof Iowa,|
Yotiti utility. which we will take ea.ure inm.hli.h.L *fS. Sw.sheUD IS down
which we will take p!ea*ure in publish-jfj
Dtc. ItMu t»«e e»iutriisimit.nt of Hai- V»*a --Eteaia. v-giance is the price of 'ng ne3U week. Judtre to send her to jaii, and conduct
liberty,** aud .t is ttirough this medium as follows:
r„ iUe
^*pl»c!t subject, and sliows what 1 i.e prmcs^l owners of Oliver it.er of their political principles, they JUllt(l New York. The address as- Uon his sins—take hnn to h»-aum, n
done wuh corn when fed to hogs! Lee's Bank o! Buffalo, have decided to »tiou!d erect tiieir watcti towers and in sumes Uie existence of a secret arrange* {never si'tid us another Wa»- him. Amu
ch to amuse tl err Seh-e*, fin UM* pen, which the most strenuous op- tctose up ltapres^n* busioessruiih a view the body of their political parties should J5"*'*1 tetivei-a Spam. France and Eng- (and Amen r'-—/JrrA* Press.
CHARLES S WETLAND. law must acknowledge is|«f new organizatiott and a large in- willingly perform their duty.
'much better ihan can be tIou- «:Th hog*Icreane of capital.
I&T The Editor ot the Museatinc 'that run at large.
commie wer-
ii»g a Custom House at
Township committees are already cboa- land arrival? continue to be large. Mi
I 12th, im
Oat^s from Of^iron ty the 2Sth. M«
to adrorate tne division
R' ['Ot:« of *ailine of the fillihastt
peditK'O. ii,0^*0 troc-ps reported ui
march towards »onjia.
A new fiHibu«'eriri^ experjition i«
nt,||jou#, to tHltaW»h
Gila. The iuteoti.M
Dr. Evens, ot GOT. Stereo's exf*»
tion, arrived on the 2Sth. He rep«3i
vorably on the Taii'oud route iiout
Mjmimippi tj P?iget'» SiHind.
At a m-et.iur of ihe Cedar Conntr» t.. arrancr- vomenandchi^
i. trom rairview *o hr *. six Vs. I..
TeiiiperaiKe Society, held .i Tijiton. o»!%irw
I V A n U I fuuntii to
*0( eoiiiiMrsia imoiIss^ Krif j5«rof»fr. bttuitt1
wa, fe.j
Simeon S. DiiiIet-«—Serrtfury.
N&w OaLcaas Mfr'
Advires hnve b-en r» r» n front
ico. that Santa Anna had a**umd
Impenal tiUaMt the 1 'Jlu vi &vivnA*ti.
Dee, 9th. 1
Mn. wo0Nm and ttnned out
ni^ht at Harbor Creea. and tore »p
tra a axaiu, burnt the i c«, small i
and cuticrts, and plotted dowu lie giot..
to ki tonarr level.
Eait. Dee. 10th. ISfih
The Commissioners at Hart or Cr«
will extead the same courtesy to a!1 o*her, are gtaduitr down U t* track a ud buth
part^i. ia fout'itry Iridg-, determined t' at .gm'
ing I ut six f«jot ttat k any event I
fripettact ii»»Hat. fg'» tl.rourb. They had a mefting :.t.:
Fri, |d a ra,..
that the railroad foiUi.au,- gm ti tm
ready to r« 1 tiihi tuc i rtdt'e aerr-*» K
Street. Tie II^'i C.m tal'e ud K
|rde.*d ti.is r.ftt HKH'd 'i- jm-»*ett to*.
|'J/vjout 40 feet tnore i»f **»d bridyo. n»«V
in all 100 feet, which i* the width o
street, -aring tak* n out oiilv
i fir^t. TV tiiiii* r.i i! a' ai*- nmv »-f
Cata ft'tl! "oli'S
a i id En
laud.tu introlu.e tite Afiican app,entre
system: depiits tiie horrors u.at must sri«e I An eminent phyaieinn hasrecen'*
It is Uiere.ore dcstraUe that before ,rom African supren.npy states that pre- Ulwcveretl that the n trhtmare, in iin
^uipleteness tnat they cannot U. can be cured.
poneut of the Wis.,es of tne masses, should to consummate the revolution. The Times looks either like pride, running or stup'-
sta.i*s U.r.t a vast iiu:ii «-r tn ipie.s of i. s1 iy. (Jive your opinion ni««l»-stly, !.
address have be.-n v-, ». irculated ueelv hear that of others with rand,.
the island, and that u io.ji*lable deiuou-
stration is at hand. i munica.e truth.
Don't trifle with the affections of yonnff' KcpuM Ic of f^iwev rallforafta--
Tu»*y are institutions that werr
never estabh»h»-d for any f«urh J4irp.'be
If you di-.-j't coi.template marriage ceriii-i
icates and the porson, double bedsteads,, *ery interesting. By the returns
and cradles, and oajiective home for the NftV- 7, we learn that the inhabitants, ss
»lto our platform old foUs, just take your bat fnd I »-ave. I sisted by the Filibusters, have deepen «l
^ani openly ofr«, ui ,l« K.^lhc of Lower CaWorni..
jrindple, and that our motto is, Uhe insurgents were successful. Thce-
ate fcl0,u00 annually, for five ye.ir.-, to,
tioa, and in order to obtain this, we must toloaae thtm. owta, and as the civil law of thtWA
5T»P tl v are now
itig out their de-.i rmin'uon.
oa to their present portion.
i kit ?. Th«-re is a large meeting at Eat'
attewoii, to make ariai-^
A black man writing from Lieena
sisaan I Itf 1!^ Ilvlll I*'!"* S
friend in the United Suites, maket
rit:a an(j di(1
,/utrf,Ji9t remembere
icavt ki$ only Sun for
Dav. (iaztlU.
r-^ w*t^
^r(,al a id invite
How easy
»«ore right to toon tnttmg'th«ir Independence, under the name n
Do not sit dumb in company. j-
ever endeavor lo find out and ca­
Battle l*upa£.
The late news froi.I Lowt Califorr i
i A battle was fought at Lapaz, in wWcS
Up„n an
Tennessee n the 17th. re,ul aud re* rred, n t»_ i ..
to an appiop/iate cuiumau-e, to appiopri-
Executive was choaen, of wu,. i
a 1
remove free tu-fTOCS froflt that State aud were adopted 11 the
tD a e
Bnd code of
of Louinnn,
af drcinons 'U

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