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CHAS. SWETLAND, Publisher.
VOL. 1.
r. K s.
ins'p HiWribers. 1 year, in advance, $1,5"'
19 months 2,00
12 nionlhs
Club* of 10, to one address,
For sixteen lines, or less, one insertion, $I.oo
Fur each cpntinnnnce,
liberal discount made to those who i
advertise by the year.
All advertisements ordered to be inser­
ted without specifying the number id inser
tions, will be continued until ordered out, and I
-charged accordingly.
(J3?" All letters addressed to the Editor must
Of every de-crif lion, neatly
executed at tliis oiEce.
ad prom
Business Card**
Wi*K. II. TtTHlI.L,
AT LAW and Solicitor in
Chancery. Tipton, Cedar county, Iowa.
B. A- HH-N.R. vrn.i.s SIULK.
IIISSULL, & §I»IC till,
AT LAW aim Solicitors in
Chancery. Tipton, Cedar county lo.va
AT LAW. office ir. c«ur
House, Tipton, Iowa. til
JOHN MillFili,
A I LAW Vino-m u.v a
o u s e I I V U
A. F. ItUOH X,
AT I,.\W, Solicitor in Chance­
ry and Notary I'IIM..•. Uocliester, Iowa.
K. E. FDlt iltUV 1:M|.
ttOl iit'jk ami
iui Law iioches-
II ter, Cedar County, Iowa.
OI- ilt: PEACE ana Notary
lic. Tijiton, loiva. 1.1
Ui:i.\OI.US & Tl U\Klt,
on- door east of Temperaiice House, Tip
ton, Iowa. nl
I, Cl!t1IUI(S
l.'edar county, LW a.
Cedar county, Iowa.
W 4 U ,-
ton, Cedar county, Iowa.
nur.M) uutDit imv,
ERt'lIANTS—D.-uiers n Dr\ io»dGro
ceries, Hardw are, 4tc., Tipt'ei Iowa.
W. IliMnovl) A. CO.,
lies, Hardware, Iron, 4c.,ft.c. Tipton,
niram aaamurwH,
O.lice A
the Drug St'.rc o( Chambers & Son, liptou
!ice opposite the Eagle llotel, Tipton,
Iowa. ul
uit. \.
I N 1)TI V GHOUS. Groceries,
ij.ieen'a Hardware. Hoots and Shoes,
had He", Books and Stationery. Ready Made
Clothing, NaiN, Salt, Wooden Ware,
Tipton, lovva. rl
Mil AW k li.lULKl
IS—Dealers in Dty J.. U.«-
in Dry(. »ods, Haid-
ware, Crc keiy, &.c. lipton, Iowa. 1
.D. DltlS,
in Dry GoM* Gr
Crockery, &r. K.
Iowa, -o
Cedar county, low,. 1u
X. SH ISk,
in grner.il Meridian
dise, ltficly Made Clothe, j. Hoot* and i
J^hoes, llais and Cap-, kr. li .r'iester, Iowa
ELIAN su nt Hi:It.
in Dry Good"
r«-nes. Crockery, &c.
dai county, Iowa.
Cedar Blutl'
J«I1\ Hl iVI It.
"lohacco, Fiiiits. Tipton, 1
Dilll) PLITXElt.
IN DRV GOODS, Crockery, Gro­
ceries, Pioneer, Iowa.
Tlltmis W. 4I1II-ISS.
lROCE.R— D-al.-r in (ir..eerie-. Provision*,
Knnt'.Confectio»mrie«, &?. Tipton. Iowa.
1 in P. oviii! i
gars, Tobacco, Fruit.-,
Jfutf, Ci
T, ACKSMITH—All order* promptly all'
to. Tipton Iowa.
Ai vri\ l'iltKUM,
Maker. li .iti)ti. L\\ a.
3 J: i,
The Amrripan Sword.
Forged form oppression's t'lain,
Welded when tears were vain.
S\v ord of the free!
Nations their iron bands
Sliap fo avenging brands,
Thinking of thee.
Sv..rd that our father's drew,
God keep thy shining blue
Spotless from pnilt!
Honor thy blade anoint,
Wrong fear and feel thy point,
Card*, not exceeding «tx lines, per year, 5,'HI
Right grasp thy hilt.
Concord and Lexington
Saw thy great work begun,
Liberty's friend.
Who in the future wise,
Reads with prophetic eyes.
Where it shall end
Heroes, in olden time,
Graced with some runic rhyme
Wades used in ight
Be this proud sword thy tune,
While shine the sun and moon.
God and the right!
••v t« teil a |»«4 TeacfeMr*
A gentleman from Swampville, State
0 5
vou walk off
id I can tell."
I .1 e V!
,d soe a ul
teach? af?ked a
iV went
in 'rithmetic and jaography, or showing
my hand writing. But iie said no, never
mind, he could tell a good tcaeher by his
walked ofl as smart as I know'd how.— Exactly so, but where is the use of
He said he'd tell me when to stop. So 11 grumbling about it. This is a free couu*
kept on till I though! I'd gone fur enough try as well as a great on?-Signal.
then I s'pected s'thiug was to pay and
looked round. Wal, the
and Suickles was govt.'''
"Did you go back
"Wal, no—I dnln*t go baca.'
"Did you apply for another s
Wal, no —I didn't apply for another you would o! guld.
-cliool," said the gentleman tram Swamp- z. lu noi speuU
i!le. "I rather judged my appearance sary in sleep.
I Flavery 9c«eHi»tl«a«
The virtuous woman is an angel in dry
goods and glory. She makes sunshine,
blue .-KV, Fourth of July, and happiness
wherever she goes. Her path is one of
{delicious roses, perfume and beauty.—
Sia* is a sweet poem written in rare
K WcXll'«
IITOX, words, choice calico, and good principles.
on hand Ready Made Men sta'nd before and worship her, as so
Clothing, Boots and Shoes. Yankee No- many admiration points ready to melt in
tiuie, Dry Goods, Groceries, &c. Rochester.
ri ain an
ainst me. w fr, nu'! .-niv oin-
u0 i}u»ir boots. Her
roUl|J u ear ike JUS 0|
urds of P.irudise, or the Trinity bells.—
Fancy I Without her, society would lose its truest
!iy xi.Is, Ready Made l«thine, Gro- attraction, the church its firmest reliance,
l'v. ildidware, Slc. Rochester. Kwa. .. a ...... u
young men the very best of comforts and
company. Her influence and generosity
"ration i^-
Take our
sent in
hymnlook w.
A Ceftio? s i v !." of the i.' as
iion.^..ng curi.^u.-M ,i,. exhibited .u this
com try can now be seen at the City Hall,
Baltimore. It is a body of a man found
buried six feet in guano, on the island of
Ichaboe. It is petrified and turned to a
solid stone, retaining all the minute out-
Whenever you find (he virtuous wo* I to all.
man, you also find pleasant firesides, bo-j Never allow your passions
quets, taste, clean clothes, order, good control of your belter judgemei
1 ivinir, pent I e hearts, music, light and'
model institutions generally. She is thej
dower of humanity, a very Venus in dim-j
tv, and her
rr.NN wiTHiVT i EAR—HE
arrangement. As we remember, there
wag a lean pair of brccche? beneath its
own BroUlignagian—breach—of prypri.
ety, surmounted by a diminutive and very
bob-tailed coat, with gill buttons about
three of the lowest inches of the vest
were also visible hpt the head, (doubt- jaJj
k-.«uu oa,, (.. .I.
gentleman from the country,
I'owers, Kve might to bf) 'veiled,' wholly,
by the vast protuberance of llowered silk.
Lost in admiration, we involuntarily stop
ped as the cravat passed us, stepping
a^iile to give it room, and the passers-by
smiled—but whether at the marvelous
cravat, or our verdancy, we could not tell.
We should like to know the wearer,
nevertheless for a man possessing the
amount of moral courage :ieessary to
defy public taste, with such a cravat as
this, must be a nice man to know, in spite
of his little legs, diminutive stature, and
ot r.ew York, \vas telling ho v many dif- i limited phrenological developments. He
Icrent occupations he^ had attempted.— j"nns"to ncck-ttes evidently but there
Among ot r, he ii:.d tri'-d .s. !i.»o: 'each*[is no danger of his running to a hempen jeounterleiting.
lone, for a man with such a cravat could ieial times has irot bail
guested.—( inlon Couraut
ly vent to teach.
"Did vou hire o
Wal, I didn't hire out I
to hire out."
"VViiv did you give it up?*
"Wal, I gave it up—for some reason
nut her. You see I traveled into the
listrict and inquired for the trustees.—
Somebody said Mr. Smckles was the about thaU—iBxMan^.
.nan I wanted to see. So I found Mr. Precisely* so, Again an individual
Snnk.es named our object, introducing• may indulge in the daily performance of
Hijself—and asKed him what he thought ten thousand meritorious acts for the ad
about letting me try my luck with the big vancernent of his employer's interests,
boys and unruly gals in the district.— without extorting one reluctant syllable
He wanted to know if I really considered of approbation, but let him betray his
j^capable, and I told him I wouldn 11 lack of entire affability by one iaadvert
uund his asking me a lew easy questions ant over act and—down comes the tliun-
der.—Lou. Jour
Precisely so agi
person may stew t.
That Iriivat. J.
sole—leather as thin as blotting paper, jtiful hind beyond th
little be instant
savs he
If you want to cultivate your mind and
succeed in the pursuit ol knowledge ob
M?rve carefully the following rules
1. Tate care of leisure moments as
3. Withdra
4. Have always some good reading on
5. Read not many novels, but history,
biography, and works of science.
Al ways think, always obi-, i 'v, al
ways seek to learn.
7, Think of the pleasure of knowl
edge anl the disgrace of ignorance.
b. Take us your motto1 lias been
done, can be done."
9. If at first you don'tSue. v\4 try, try,
Never allow your modesty or pride, to
restrain the vicious, strengthen the wean,! restrain you from asking questions,where jWhich it
raise the lowly, flannelshirt the heathen,i information is to be obtain
and embolden the faint hearted. Be true to your friends and i«-sp
Tuc COMMOS SeitoOLSor NEW Exo-
public schools in the New E:
States the whole number of pupils in a'-
'.aiie, aofd jiendanee during the year was ^11,982.
norning.— 'The whole cost of instruction for the year
was 2.'» 9.131. In Vermont the average
cost of each pupil was ^2 in Maine
!1,*24: in Connecticut $1,35 in Rhode
Island 5*J. In Massachusetts the law re
quires each town to raise by tax at least
1,50 per child between five and fifteen
a day or two since, jmo^t
we met a cravat that has haunted us icounterfeitors in the United States i,anted
ever since. There was. probably a man, jTitus Los--v, the hea and front of the
or something human behind it l«t it so,
we did nut see lain, and could not see county—a polished, educated rascal, vi
'him but the ravat the neck-tie—the 'makes the plan®, superintends the manu
the (whatever the wearer called it) we laeturimr. and disposer of the baduioaev,
EMARK ABLE.—You may see a thous- California. He is probably on
one or two lines, that is not in good
taste, and you maybe SM of hearing
brokt-n up a*, Corninc, Stei
was one of them, or rather jtakiinr it to all the prin. i,u 1 cities througfi-
it was all of them! a \ast collective iout the Union and disirilmtin»T it—was
world 01 neck-tie! voluminous as Lx- arrested by one of Marshal Motfs offi
Senator Borland s address to the Nicar- Jeers at Wellsborougli, Pa., on Mood tv,
iguan Council, mi,assuining as tlie Cush-in,,d vraa brought to this city vestcrda\.
ing Letter, but decidedly more correct in
is now safelv lodged in the jail
Troy, N. V.
This fellow T. -i i.n •,
thought f'cuder
thing from the view of the otiicers.
and bogus money. They
never become very wicked* though he per- Some two 'ye! he broke jail in1 his strong praci: ease and indomital.l
sevprantb. tru'il. W,!i nn. Ir...i: i ,, ...:n i wU .tl Untiringly to tin
„H' I 1 i •. i i |V y ti't'"* "1" sume one iniro- jindiaua, and v.a- ii 'captured. He energies will voted uatirmgly to the A Tmkish force oecunied Frivnn wd.i.
teach long that is I on- duce us Th, attention of mod.ts is re- has operated largely counterfeiting su,cess uf the ineasuie. R^
and passing counterteit mone y, all overi Secretary Gutiirie has addre«*«I
Once more —a
brains, wear his
tuous, lias won for himself a good degree
in his sphere and many shall rise up
and bless the hour when tl.es- y it.
Jmen were born.—Harry Wuodh: •/.
youths, '-Jand the ot i 11 wt
kidnapp' this way f'r»»: house
le-ir grnti hii'i'.her, aged S, whrc they
jweiv stopping on a visit, and pel haps
10. Remember the old maxim:—Hon-1th*? poor lei lows will never see their home
esty is the best jxilii \. [again. An nrmv raised in this cruel and
Foiiow tu« se i'ule~- 'ind th. re no
word as "l'ail.M iiuucil |(J.
.eadyto v.
Porn vr'o
at ion of Tur i
land of Turkey
rrrs r.- -0 u' of tn.i Llli'v .Moil?
aoroit nmi successful This ladv 1.
showing the 1 i
The right of nntficfi'on
The rig-lit lit be maintain?
The ritrlit (*f l.ovuKr K,
The custody
The right oV 1
The eniovmen
of pursuit by i:
than three months 11, vaslaieyu,
to be the •'Preside!.' miiterl* :t
inc "institution," ami traps have been set'
and n
the Atlantic States, Canada, and even in cular to the Controllers, and other
things in a paper,and nev- jtaost accomplished rogues in the u i i rs ot law and computation have been]fought there on the ^'ith Nov with ton
er hear a word oi approbation Irom the In his possession was found a
reader but let a paragraph slip in ot the names of the leading police ofhc.-rs and feels it his duty to guard the Tiens- |ias possibly rciieved the fortress of Akat*
of the di tie rent cities.—'froy (.%'• F. urv, and reip tires a montiily report of er-jtsche: and another division under Prinw
Daily r, V i rs. This circular has produced a sen- i RebuttolF, has succeeded in repuUinir a
ter rt
6. Tne power to make a will
6. The control ot her children.
We copy the above for the 1,
unmarried females. Yo i
ist item, When married, tue
loses the control of her children."—
'ust think of that Remain single and
'y i n 'Tn them hs yew plei'.
It seems that L- v vras at Cormngj
the nitrht previous !,e arrest of the i I rflOl WsshlneitVI.
other prisoners, but true to his "nioti
cunning," he somehow "smelled the rniW ASHINGTON U. 1. I^1.
and started of!!*at midnight, directing io Mr. liil.'l.i? S move relame tu INEDII
associatrs and operators to conceal every f'culty between Secretary (Juthrie and
the latter came a little, sooner than ant ic-, Hut three Democrats from New ork The provinces of Bess Arabia Khercm
ipated, and found a portion of the tools, stood by him. and the Hards feel quite and Tuuria were placed under martial
.1 Reader! i Jauuary 5, !85i. .• -uningcolder on various pretexts,
in season and out of season, thou poor art thou i i by thine iulir- A .-.v-h: r. of fillibustering iu The British Umbassy has ordered Mr.
IH-rf orui every duty as nearly 'according .miti«s art thou perseeutii! by enemies n»-w uuurter lias rem hetl me. Yoti well'Gardiner, the British Consul at
Gunter, as his best judgement will al« 1 St
ill "Hope on, hope ever,' be the motto know that Peru and Bolivia are at war. I retire from the Priuentalitv.
:nv, and then when all is done, may be !0f thv lite. Still virtuous, and your. A proposition has l»een started to fit out ai The Russian GovtyuineiU has order
that all foreign merchant ships going
mu Ottoman ports in the Black Sea shali
oth-ft»e serched.and all cairying stores or mu
npproviMt instruments of war, whi« {rutions of war shall be seized, although
arts scatn»red to and fro in the earth.—! shall proceed direct to the Peruvian Coast sailing under a neutral flag. Turkey on
...^ ... sic... Ti years i, a hundn
'^'h abominable way cannot be animated by tut for !»,.». TI
its couiitiander, or zeal for yc.ii.at ieu-t ten thouxai u ions will m
it must hate the liag tinder leinined. The whole project savors oi
•itapelleil to fight, and be romance, but it is understood to be stim-
TCKKKY.—The pop
i A-ia is 13.7W),(J(W)
Europe 150U)00
lation o! J'hauce,
not so tfinklv
iatiun I! ,,:
1 'furl.
.arlv e.jual to the jiopnl
ai.'u.—From the last iffi.-ial returns of althoti/h th" couutiv i-»
MARRIAGE.—Trie married inn .•
the lee, that fixes his hive, augu
world, In-nefits the republic., and by u
ly diligence, without wrouifin^ any, pr
its ail but he wno.onlemns wedbxk (iui
the most part) li
sol a reas a condition of receiving alpine, disturb* pe.vc, steals sweets that U generally a
share of the income ol the .State school: nr* none of his own and, by robbing the Ci ery useful br
fund. All the towns comj-l.ed With tilts hives nf »)thers, menus mtserv n« b'« due in^ .ct. A l'oin..,ii. ...
lines ol a perfect specimen of humanity. condition last year, and 180 towns raised .!. id, broad and deep ecotnp
It has been examined by phisieians andjdoubl .' the sum required. The amount
i..o=t desirable obje -. is in
iei moil, and they pronot one'exp. nd-d in Massachusetts last year for jg^^Thou tpeakest evil of others dost' piation -o erect a iitutrn'!i -eni u:
of the mo« marvelous subject: wit--each «add between the ages above panted j10U
uessed. was S4,54. I will aay oi thee i eace will be exiejisivelv taught
Fierce blasts and pelting storms beat up-i hoist the Bolivian flag, and at on' t* cap-j the contrary, baa extended the term of
on many ot them to thi» day, but every jture or exterminate the small war vessels i 13 days ere Russian merehantiuen shall
one of them now living who has been vir of'Peru, lay hands upon her merehan
men coerce them ml" nice to aid
purposes* of the expedition. These ai
take immediate possi'ssiun of the Lob
I lands and begin a rapid depletion
fir iinmei.se tores of guano.
RECRUITS HE Rcasun Aastv It is proposed that a lai«e tlee' urfbom the naval battle at Sinope.
It is proposed that a laiye tlee' ur
n and loicucu nieichaiituieu be
.ivgister kept l.y l..e priesthood how man) mattered to follow the armeu KM. .-, ami1 ui,n ti,. ««i
[youths there are in tne town or Milage, it is calculated that a mffiejenl (juantity date taeui into accepting terms of peace,
jlroni 1'2 to 30 years of age and who*, of this rich deposit, can be at once taken'It appears that the Russian Admiral ob
ever lias five smns must part with four, from the island to fully reimburse the x- served the Turkish flotilla at anchor
the oldest only being left ut home, penditures of the enterprise, and leave Sinope on 23d November, and although
A party of soldiers surround tlie house immense fortunes to its projectors. Th:--
or school in which the youth or youths scheme is said to be regarded with grc
are, and then take ihem away by main favor by the South, where the use of
force, at only a few minutes notice, leav- an» is extendin with ureal
ing ihem no time to say farewell n. t.iieir rapidity. So much so, thai
friends. In one particular case two that the oidinary nipple fnu
ite.,1 and urged on by ex
•.g growing out the tardi:.
.j id the P"'-ovian authori..
ing the i of the Benson
expeditit sed on Mr. Webster's
motis l.'d.oK Jctier.
,, duMtfinaged it not discomfit, d. I law by Russia. Prin.te accounts from
of the trail ot the "Presn M, v The untiatory ste|s to the Pacific Rail-jKrxowa of Novemherr 17 confirm preri*
him up and arrested him. ad have been tuken the Senate. Ajous statemeiits of Tuikisli .su.-cesses,
Tiie prisoner has made himself rich by pecial Commute of nine was raised. which bad imkeed the main body of tin-
forfeited it.'movement of the
He has been in jail sev-, Mr. Gtvtu. Chairman. This is the great Turkish army to cross the Georgian frok
age. Mr. («wui with tier and inareli upon Tifiis, Tlte Geor
and indomitablf gians everywhere welcome the Turks.—
tinting nthcers, and Pays important er-,
Us O.V., lUu.iHu.-Kvcw I'1ess a desire that the names those bulletin says, with loss ol cannon and
man, under God, has his own hands. 1: 'inmitting th* errors be given. camp.
he will be virtuous, 1R» may be. If he i- The Hards still declnre that {'•«. v- ill The rupture between Prusia and Eng
virtu nis, he cannot but happy. Like nssail the Administration, but this land happened anterior to the dedaratioii
the sutlering Redeemer, he may ami will apocryphal. |of war by Prusia against Turkey, and
be «a man of sorrow and acquainted with! The Nebrasaa Report and Bill of Mr. was caused by insults offered to the' flrit
gi I-ut his consolation shall flow like Douglass is destined to prove an exciting i ish Embassy. Tlte Persian Embassadot
a i i. and his righteousness and happi- of discussion. The bill enacts a after breaking off relations with the Porte
ness shall roll like the. waves of a peace- Jugit've Slave Law for the Territories, retired to fiturdad.
Jul sea following one after another, tin- The Hards say this will be the
tii they bear him to the bright and beau- form oi the sincerity of the Softs
and lo.eign mer-h«iituien be Turks imagine the affair was plane!
iid Ji
Carjietitei's Jioitri' 1'
nleasev hthi Si. mu
in Mi
paid to ti
.t fear, then, tne evil winch they iu which tne h.gner 'department
jy4 nut'
\iid it
t], du. atiou ol you
most part) line a wasp, wandetsna
idlence to the wo Id, lives upon spoil and fondly hoped that the
TERMS, $1 .*0 In Advance
WIJJUI ui'jjuiism.
i !•. »grami bplotn: .*.d as busy .is
i' i.'i ild dis :.! The i publish wi
.. W» i to be tt u-tu-r ui m.^wtion frcn
Pow« rs to their KtnbassadoTS
ituiople calling on Turkey to nc
a a jvacelul set'ieinenf. with the
fthat Ru
-^ia ijitend« no infring
fl eTuikish soveroignty. Itpr
i- otmtions shall take pkee n
itry, ui.,1 tiiat the op»nini
the ,1. tire shall be the s.gnai
lanr.e-' The letter guarantees the
e liuii: 'he present Turkish sa?«r-
The Sultan's reply was »-xpect"d
i V ienna on .he S&th of liecern-
iiuishes on the Danube havr
nefit The Russians attack: -i
•!.e iosi» Kah-fat i t!ie 4th December, but wcc
the repttl.-ed with great carnage on loth side.t
13th, t-o Russian steamers witii
gun lx)nts mad' i:i uisuctessiul attack em
There is nothing really later from
Asia. The general tenor of the advices
i.di.-ates that the operations during No*
-ruber were unfavorable to the Turks.
Turkey has forbidden the cxportatioa
ot grain, Uit contracts are permitted
be cotnplet'd. An inwrrection ha4
t»,r Wronson is a decided lailure. liroken out in Crimea in favor of Turkey,
c.r- ,.onch.
mth o.ade, showing incujKicity and neglect. Isiderable slau^htt r. Gen And u koff
e e o e u k i s e e a at Akhal*
k i« douklul, although a bettlo was
some ex -, Turkish fore back ujxm Rars.a Russian
'1 he relations let-.v. e:i i j.• Austrian
Minister and the Dnuu wtm daily le-
def fared prizes.
A Vienna report says that combined
ets have entered the Blacx Sea on a
acdui erram reveut further collis
An extraordii1Mi v rumor was afloat a-
Ur Uiui^h iu !uimu-
outnumbering the Turks, he sent
three more line-of 1-attle ships, which
lied him on the «7th
fought on tii- 30th.
I 'll li i»h fleet was at
I to till- Ji i 1 A''
1 inriually do!
-ally inadequv
wants of the Scu.tliern countrv, i
mense increase of its application
lands is the foundation oi this at/
and the battle
The news that
Sinope was car-
rti Aus-
AI.KI R, rur Kitmarvrra. I* ap
ars from the New Orleans Picayune
..I W illiani aiker, the commander ot
ra fillibusteimg party, is only
ight years o| agt, a native of
i elide?.*! e, born in Na-ln die, where Ins
lather stiil ii.ej, serre'ary ol an iiuurancr
comjatiy there. He studied medicine.a
is, law New Oi leans, and in the
uter of IS1S--19 bf came directly cor.
r.ed witathe press ol New Orleans as
L' of the editors of the Crescent. Ti:»
terprise did not prove profitable. TI.-
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A GOOD JOKE.— The city authoritii s
Marysville, California, recently passed
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