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E A 1 V i I S E 1 1
H. C.
PI A'lT.
"SATURDAY, JAN. *21, 1^-W.
Oar Rail Road.
article which appeared in the Ad-i jf
•eriiser a few weeks ago, being the re-
marks mc fa by us upon the Railroad
Bill introuueed into the Senate by Gen.
Dodge, were taken up by both the M-
*er.i Express and Capital Reporter, eu jan(]
subject, and will do the justice to Gen.! "',
pieased with the hll,) the course taken!
by him in the matter, the introdt
of said Railroad bill, «vas in strict
foronty with the expressed will and m-,
.[ructions of hi. cons,.tu.nl, .. given by,
the Legislature. That he has done noth-1v
ing more than a true and faithful
We do not now, nor did we then, desireday
to sensure
would rather
hope the privileg
circunistarices are as they are. to regret.
that the Lyons Road •*. not projected in
time to have been included in these memo-1
done," and true it is, that this
in lhe
gave their own version of the matter.— ever.
We were pleased to know that these great
puns of the ruling Democracy of !owa
would deign to not.ee anything our lit-
whirh t!»#»v trMtpil u
of the whole people, but which we believe is again close at hand when the matter is s
are now satisfactory to only a small pro. to be tested at the bsilot box, when it!
portion of this State, and further believe will either become a law among us, or.
that if the Legislature were now in ses- quietly a ./n aside forever as an obaox-
•ion their first act would be to repeal these
ia Cong«es.s
of receiving any grant whatever. The
.ireviired number obtained. 1 rue it is, I Tht «m RomI.
Last Tuesday a portion of the wovk-
that this required number is only one,
different Post Offices, or on some
or suspended
oi som3 store,
au vvjU resuitl
of which after quoting the remarks in full dclaved another Tear
probability of
quoting the remarks mi ""delayed another year
Thpre is work t0 do and
his guides as far as they went, and it
was his duty tube governed thereby.
signers mereiore me
,hc Uw coroc
a warm interest in its success, therefore onlv -teven votes. How easily they
thi^ibill could not be received otherwise
than as a cold scald upon us, and we feel could have known what was to be the re-
rials ot the last Legislature which wer. so,bmg question of the ul/oa 1,
nWed memoria.s.
The policy of „kin,
proper'plan is to do as other of the ne« {his
States are now doaig-to askjin the name
of the Stati a donation for the benefit of
Railroads therein, the same to be dis-
posed of by the Stale Legislature accord-
to'them 'discretion.UrtTr«e and 'ScV uite ^'wT'^.U
doi.uuoii.of land toaid i., the conSruc'° 'he"
liberal education. W e have, wiitan tius
*10n of some four or five roads to the ex-1
... Scountv, manv deligntlul locations, and no
elusion of all others in the same .Mate is a „^,.,i ,i„» „(-t
,. p.ucc in the west can exceed that ot Iit»
bad one it will only jeopardize the chance
iugly. Suwh a request wou.d be more a-• -a needed, it is necessii.
vombly received by Congress and u-
dov' tedly would be readily granted.
W„* believe at the present time a large
majority of the people ot Iowa are in
f&vor of euch a demand upon Congr-
and were it in their power, would so i.
struct tiiesr repress es, lt i ..
present unauspici uinst
old memorials are ived
guide of their action ope n
be circumscribed by them, rbat they
IkOt be deemed immutable orfinalitie
Tbe Hn Latr.
is ao.v at hand v.-n
v this measure must I"
now Uirlj before tiie people,a:
step is about to be taken to secure its pas
,, th»t cotnm tt«
were. We have been requestedbvmany'
should be at once attended to.
ountv, to u ntc ai
'.or tie purpose i
uiitlin'r -r
:iave at.
iuaate\ T.
axation or ot
We can o:
,ilete approbn.,
it will
our patrons, to remind its frie
necessity of prompt and dt&cisi i •.
a: this time.
different distr
lan of organ:
Ifourth* the legal voters of tiic County,i"»"• with cam and implements, whichjof .Most Set,/m. IItlhi
Lj every one will say "it can bo cosily I were employed by Mr. Shaanewy on ry
be easily obtained, but some
must volunteer to superintend and make portion of the road, where they will be jnew
it his business to see that they ar- obtain- rationed the ballance of the winter upon
We were greatly pleased to see that ed, else it may prove a failare. |tbe 1-eavier work the better to work to braska.
petitions are permitted to lie
ablt? al
|mwl wll0 s]iail it bei None
the friends of thp law or those dc
,Ati„ ,v|.0 are called upon i
to lend a helping hand, that it is thein wnoj amoras
tition, first sign it, and then solicit Uietr &
npifrllborg t0 do
hg3 not aamediively
lor the
vv^ •. -.i v acre, and success will crown their efforts, i zen to death.
rials. We, conjunction with our neigh-( w,
bora along the whole line of this road, feel! This law was defeated last year by: «as quia an u.u
cculd have been obtained, if any one
confident it is received with no favorable suit on the day of election. What that Capt. Gunnison and party were not
impression in the largest portion of the small effort would have changed the re-
Yet we feel like censuring no suit. Even then it would have been
one—the bill was based upon the memo- adopted had it it not been for the allab- |dnj has elicited from many of our lead-
then undoubtedly expressive of the will, obscured every other object. Tne ume
Wc mil tiot differ from them i i t'i ,, „...9V i From the extraordinary exertions made, hilIaijtsi .iiirtDju.ro. ..
east, but wish again to refer to the same
Djdge to say, that, (although not at all •. leiving. that eer the close of the ensuing'gland. She had reached her S5th year, Neg .--unionsare
and sign!
t. r. iuch the people have con- i |aijians
f",r S5ht
We are requested to state that the 3d inst., waj author
matter is being canvaised at this place, lowing purp,ws:
md the proposition is extended, or will
,r i «,1m1.10,8
o e i e e n s o o i s i s e
r-u aa a.iso 'ia*'
a oii'.'en
Tr. ,Ior..
as enterprise.
But •. the fir.st step 13 to be tak
'Vho w 'u steer to take hold ot
matter f—don't ail speak at "ii.t. v.
somebody s]eak.
The petitions are already in circula'
ii every part of the County, and it i
be hoped some one will be foanl ia eve-
ry neighborhood,with public spirit enough
to take hold and give them speed, thatj Correspondent of the New
tome one will make it their business to- YvlJi^ Tribune presents the names of Hon.
circulate them. The legal number oi Crittenden, of Kv. Hon. J. MJ
petitioaers will be required, before the
proposition wilt again be submitted, it
••4 be tuBftly att«ad«4 n .d the
)USt of Vr..
vr t,i(.
ibis rood near Iowa City, [Kissed through (^y-The Senate committee
place on their way to the eastern
of the year, e
from relkilh? sources, that it is the uiten-
t','s C0,nPany
the men ue,e not s,.a!ped,
Jiana ncvcr omit to
th(,ir pa^r were
memorials. demned. Tne field will now b. dear pubiicaBMnlraakulh(,ra,110r,nlltfli„.,.. pg-We p.- by flic Illinois pti
The eipmuoa of t''. people ia gainst junJ
them, yet a, an obedient representative,| "ov q"'"'"" of theida i ^utkm. 'oi that State, lias issued his ProcWtion
Gen. D'jJcre can choose no alternatiyej5^"""'11 °'n,: Mai. Ja.k Downing in «,e of l,i. l«t i for an enra session of the L^islature,
but to present a htlltt, accordance with Then let its friends enter tne campaign!
nj2h Schoe|
many of our cituens, that au institution of "'*iU,c
e s a y e a u u n u a n e k i i w i o I e a a n a n e s
privilege of do ng what ever they mav .. ..« i o nn.vi ii U.-iav 1 »om-'joiv has CQ^An unexpected demand on the
deem best to advance the interests «f! ,,g
tlipir rnnetiniorto ,1.1 v tution of this kind would be suppo
ilieir constituents, that they are not bound
i .. and prove of great advantage to the
dovvn and circumseibed in their actions
lv „.«ki- i i tv, and it is greatly to be reg
tQa in tUj Tm C0Uftty is am.
p,y proviJed
ftnd thg pu,,iis ti atu,
that «•«, B4 w is ta n» uy niu Uv»aic
to Tne Maj., must truly one of the
to suppo. an insthmij
an it W0!
maJ rt.a,ly for re2i?p.io:| to.mor
crnvaed to oversowing
with t.ager appiicautJ
ere estab- inaua, Libj-sl^ai ."^lexico, Green-
for knowledge. be
jtoricg BUg?tf8t
a y IUTC y
tie seven by nine Xm'ral sheet, and" ""Ut'then all"su-'.i, con-1 „V'?QTrjX I ESTMipe 4e Iuirbi.le. «r, i of the |re.«nu- nei!,.eia ionr.
were pleased ith the courtesy with .y,,
likewise, let every man «"nmer, the Iron Horse, upon tlas road, g^Thc New Orleans Bee thinks
|3 nmm., w, rL.,,.,v,„, the
sentative should do The memorials were Judge, on tne 1st oi March Mr. John Bandeen. The circumstances Island, on the 30th ult., and 173 lives best of it at any rate, John Bull i*
'next, remember the time as their presence are as follows: were lost.
will then be required. On the HtMon-j Last Moruh-.y evciiiiig, o it the
TOU" "*C l":M
v r.
T? 'T
do it, but 'immedi-!and the rapidity with which the work is, JC^Mrs. Amelia Opie, the well known .a'
that it was done by the Indians. tl,at Joel A. Matleson, Covernu-
these memorials although the people tliein! with spirit, d.-port twelves a, uey (9lh day of February A. D. 1S54. From] Last ,-venin? mobof F-ie ,.
•elves mny not d^su'e it. But docs all'shoiikl ai.'! Mctory wnl lollow.
1 i i iTh« fart is Uarna« i« afraid of as. I tliink. tb® half-mile l»st oi suo|ects, set fortu Ly i assembled at the Dep. 1 acii stret-t,!
^gi^i tion stop here? are these memorials
finalities—the ne Plus ultra of the duties fcmthrr natwn all creauoa, wifho-it 'tis Km- ... thiiurs f'!u*r iilv \?..v«r« »?1
.. ... *ne ouiies It has long been the earnest desire of sU
tll/es to
le«»i"g be establuhed witlun the lunil. ,u tv.,Ji"il'*if ."[iar'iblt ».iu- and dispatch with which L. jir» ii,?ing'in'the House Telegraph'Offi.'e
St. Leak (it) Uam,
i election held in St. Lou:
ms £c
iche« 11
KI pro]
ar Ra i
Ve ho
cl an- i I
ug iiH I i
nd flu.
|fon. j0«m ftf. Clayton, of
then ore becomes necessary that the inut-:as Candidates for the Whig nomination
jamts p,.arLt.
1,11 R,,U,,,UP
(llltpin^ and 8cr4b!lni:4
I tin
.. ... the rvman j-i-'w.
H#y*Sa»ita Anna
commenced. Railroad, on the 19th u '. J4ord Pahnerston had i
The greater portion of the iron, M» p^j-A mertin? in favor ol Duumai: the Briu»l. Cabiml.
:plete lite roaJ Irom Lyons to Iowa City, 111
,™C'e|J'" 1"" 1"J rorm,,
for delivery eatlv in the spring.
progressing, we have no hesitancy in be- authoress, dieit recently at Norwich, Ea- i: 1.1
whittling with his lightning speed ^.re may be some groud for the rumor, Uhe two S?.v
jaw/" over the prairies of Clinton Comity. 'that another filHbustering plot is in pro-j g^Th ,.... I!
March the decree submitting the house of one of his neighbors go ^^90,000 volumes, wUl be opened in
have the custody of these TsadTatamHy. jgress, and that N.- .v 0|lean.- is tl.v pla.ejper Challenger has beaten the American
ber and have them filed the office of. of the death ola citizen of this county,, A ship was wrecked near Sable jt.d._oa .the contrary, Johna-.han ho-
and much
addicted to intemperance, to which he
hastuus fulieu a victim.
^..sN,. _-p|,,
to theSunbury
|8 afloat
by the Indians but by the Moi
mons. This rumor is Udi\ed by many
j„an,al, Io,,g articlei speculating up-
the title!
Most Serene Highness. s
be *60, *»M
on Terri
the organization of three
b£'*t ^0|,k being tin profit jtyThe papal Nuncio,
iuthe Nebraska region—
tjie Chcrohee,
the Ka isns and ti
Rt'tnliiU. 1."
"jbeen recalled. He goes to Madrid.
the 19th Dec., aged 30. villaTp« on fire bv throv
teelligenc. 'of rei.Jezvou,. UWNi~. v.«tay. in «ul,,^
.J ,. i ilrein Snantrhia to Loudon is not cm-'fl­
As'or L/ci
'WW'"". ^5iodudi.it the ground, is Ml,009.
on rta o gtiage.
Esq'' are, prf!"UR'!lt, candl'1ates
lhe a
,hc probabilities pro and con. The CSTlt is rumored in Washington that jn being the first medium of anaounving
against the Mormons are, that Senator Dixon, of Kentucky, will soon.it. The writer of this letter was one ol, „j»
do, and that all of J. Crittenden, or the Hon. Charles S.!
destroyed, which the Morehead, will be chosen to 1:11 Mr. Dix
j0 xhe Missouri Re- Uus place in the Senate.
to convene at Sprinlield, TI,Ur.-day, the
re are f**t setting the app *r h»:a. There aim t,^ Governor for their consideration and with the avowed inter jf "Lreakiag
,ay u,a their sou's ker a-tion, it will employ tnat legislative body ,.
ahead of the time?, and
Some fi'teen years ago. before Florida
lea-1 horses of progression, of the true become a State, the Territorial authorities.
blue young America school. But he is irave Florida bonds, amounting in all to .eujr^e:? and ^threats were hurled defina
a short
half million oi dollars, to
ig some exc
eaport and
Th. i k
eriorq i .-
-tnl not
able mud
a R311
:ie at Peasacohi, and the lor
United States w as ct»ncerne
quoted value :s aUut twenty-five cent* tf- !l-'
e not.- irorn a centh-nian li
-ad Novell,1 er.
the present, with them in lieu of, and to hold the city
a Rail R-ref
i than nothing. jdifji-uhy with the British Consul, in con
sequen. e of presei,t!r,rtlltl)S.if with arm
£?sJ"The New Vork Central R,I, i°»owers on the a utral ground.
-sitle. I hi? Imperialist riiim.:
at^uaceriain b.-red about li.000, and the foreign ves. Volunteer
ic *iic *ame house
|'otei n Ilciii*.
M, Bultui-.!. wi.o lately advar
j- tt|» ... .....
other Currency |.art been ai t.i\erpooi. XurkisI, war. It was rumored, bu
.000 piastres, has also
fumished 1U 00,00!) pieces of S
lO.UOO.OOU pieces of cloth, and
I the ladies of Constantinople, in'-Wim
those in the Sultans harem, are «nP"^
in making the
C.ipt. lugv.h.im
N- K
re luge
PiTMr. William Gray, recently re- ""'f wo elephants, will taught for the pur- tions. Ti.t* tnt
Liverpool' 1
here is notln.i?ria. n
for the 2Sth of December. 1 believed, that the Parte would cons*
Emperor of Mexico. Jie.Ut Mat- »yew«r/.
to call it even.
o'h into cloaks fur the appointed time.
and tin
Egypt thus honoring the young Repub
ed hot
isian steamer 1 rut.i La**
The Ewait »f Saltb O'itrlea.
Tli? Fr e.nan'i Jotiriuil received from
,!'° 1' Scnto'
Erie Road, and passeJ Melbourne, giving full details of the es- i .• 1 u. 11 u .'.1
strong resolutions to Ei k- k:ki to l.oid !tal^ot"
_ftn« Finn I'imaa Pfircp If.m j. iiew irisa menus iu tne colony, and ttoe was general, and in most instaneet, this
syinpail.i.in aid ,.f tU- comuiander ol lo* n!e. of Fr«bv were rather el. eed
^enander E.eiB and Samuel Hamilton:
Ke'tnat we
which ti e In-'resign his Senatorial post, and that John Ith0*5 who oasss'ed Smith O'Brien in hih utwird^ 'R-ihid^Sia had pro­
From the
,f .... ,. i V, i.wio
h1,1" *a} about two months, judging from the speed i^rt' inPi SimrU
l'R! i"lC,, a'
ving ii|tot)
fc'mUU U'Bricu
Iron th Sr.it of War.
uE& ot iiuu:
I fbich oca*., a room in the D,-Pot
at them. In a minute or two the
rt' ou^' lit'
a dollar. .But holders claim thn« t'- i. the telegra4-»?i stopped working,
•1 States iihall pay them in .!. I **be mob, it seems, first attacked the
depot, obtained an entrair
d. One was to th
I prisoner.-? hid been rv
|S. Marshal
The Ex-Tavutal Sam- Marshal Frost will arrive here to d.v
"short of funds, and he had some and proceed to Krie to-n^row 1 i
for their live*,
Dates from Shanghai, China, are to^?- S. troops were on their ,l i i shl"i4
and then'
went at the um-e. They di.j avf.'Jvra.'t
-jm the :tok Isl"nl A-lwrtis*.
lirivul «f the B»UIe.
I den and IVmnavk- lor conclusion
0.i\.IlS v,
and defensive, K-t...
LiMEiue, state o! tra'tf, since cur r-port of Friday
De 11. 7 o'clock, p. ami Saturday, was only a broken Lusi-
Both Councils of P'nilah iaj We have been handednesa. u-day and yttfarday. the clou- uf
lave made the subscription of S-,'000.000
higiily respectable Irihtuau resident in
Baltic t!
id not leave Liverpo 1 till
T"V 1 Tfiii*«lav tie CPth. one day after her
me Th-
Kuropa arrived m*
n the evening oi the Ubth.
The nevs is very meagre—Christian
notidav* Laving prevented business.—
Porte would consent to reMime negotia-
i i u a o e 2 9 i u o u V i e n n a
Wednesday evening, s»y» t*ie Russian
steamer iSut.i. had two Tmkish vil
fire Ly throwing red hot balla
.• MMs-r^ont, f^c. 19.
Negotlatio.: i the peace project havtf
commt-uced. A pacific disposition ia
manifested by the Forte. Tl.e cembiued
fl'ccti are still at Bricors.
STOCBrr^t-si, Dsc. 26.
ha? invited a D:et to notti-
., i number of mci-'mts pos
entire confidej.ce, to when*
,-c. he inav make an impor
oininuuication. It is le!ieved tl»at
Cavernment is waiting to bring soma
oonnect«"l wtiii l'ureigu-.
.. Diet.
as a s
O'Brien from the j»enal ex- forenoon, when a sharp frost s-tinu ilh
ile to win :h the British Government doom- a ben%y fall of *n )w. Our market thu
irUliJ which he has been re- morning wits iiiy attended lot by local
-leased by the courage and fidelity of a dealers and niiiiers enquiry for wheat
few Irish friends iu the colony, and the ,vns
Alu(. tral|. w„:«j,^
before ,n tho oliiug to take him av.ay to the free was v^rv Wnw. h,lm tora
S' .-.inishoi Lo.iim laea* fto doubt (Witl.^ un- ia Cair 4«»
Ei-ai •Dec. Sh
jnns are pending between
D'nmar*, for the condusion
i.\A J-crensive l-j-
V". PIT 1 R?Brnr,N, DOC. 2*2.
T'. .' signs or anticipation of war
nuiiii-ut in the f.a!t» of trade, was a
rhe on the price of imjM^ned articles.—
Ri' i.adion fic Bros, circular of the Si7th,
W V ".• 1 rrsnkp. Tl.fl
..Wof b.«t»«. tn.ta.-tel
I ercoo* sl.T
nut^J mirier todo'ias"
Tekgraphic Pales Pulled Down !—Depot' than 1^')0C0. t. S. frigate Farauac,
Jittackid—Piittibnrgfrit Offering 7":' with Mr. 1 a».cr on lortrd, arriv al at
kvrtcer. Gil.raitt n tl e 16th of December. A
fc ncraiu. rs. Jouri
be these surrounded the house hooting, yt ilirjg be lulimed ujxin them for contempt.—•
making perfect Pandemonium fa- ti eujuined from inierferiag in lay*
were looking ia at the \vi:: !..,vs and mg d.'iwa uca.
answer aiid
operator nad just time to m-n i a
was no new Pittsburgh to Erie,»ia Cleu-land aaot'i" in'roCea & iT*
eiitiire to t'.e w»r. Const.,,, that IM.lor Ceekue, had^!
iaiXfce itul StaTo,
fighting was going on with little result fthe tra'k again, &c
n s i i o i a
S Ma's1 ai (Viv
.e:g'l ill.!. 'er to do 1:^3 fi::ost
i for the furileraace of peace st the grand
i Divan, to take place on the 2»Dth. it was
generally r«-poit«-d, in ti pruK ljial
at. nrnisiice during the winter riontl.s
wo'ild I-- a.r.'ee u' on, !ut this w.l! ena
lle llu*.-:a to t.ike the fie! I wah not lesa
meeting is caiied at Sou amptca to pe!i«
u|misst Rut-
CLt*rt.A?«f»,0., Jar. 13th.
T..o P.:.J Iloal Compsiny, under th#
protectioa of the L". S. Marshal, com
metred laying narrow ca£*ue tra k iu
Ki ie y^tei'iny. One lridge has been
These gentlemen were eii?a7f»d in i-'it un and r» not iter nearlv rfndv. t.
8 o'clock, P. M.
StaH s Sfarsiha's l-.avo
St-vncr A-m heavily laden, left.
lfce LOci ®f tbs if umrr S.n rnnrlm.
Nc.v Yortc, in. 13..
Ti.f ii ?st news (rein tl.i
hie damage, and fin.f U •!.». ,*» rrannsco states tr.n: i. ..i
ir,',n u--
••fleet that the
U'" M',li0nU
nvo''\ r' I I u u ?J?V'.
are informed, however, that the' R.vrio Gao.vra or low* W„ •.
eei Companies of Pm.b„,gh have destined u become "IdWa
~ToJav»' r* 1 I
I be re tin' It" ^I r«»'5
eac oi
What ne*t
«eann-r a*
Capt. Ih
L'cut. aa Vrost.
ued from the t.\ terid,-. D^g^f loW, gave w.
lu in
"rr0rt'. or oa
,iC° ai-()
'^tme, and grt a|
1 ulual^*
than all the,.-^
t„.- I (dustry and enterprise.
of her son., their in.
owa is* srrywing. and belo:
§10 0f!0

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