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*11 have been commcR'-fd ut tie t.nu
when this act shall take effect, may b«
tamed en to final judgment and execu
tion irrespective of this act, and aba'! ba
ia no way affected by said repeal.
B*o. 18. At the April election to bf
l.olden on the first Monday in April A.
D. 1855, the question of prohibting tb«
sale and manufacture intoxicating li
quor, thnll be submitted to tlie legal voters
of tin* State, and at said .April election
a poll fhail be opened for that purps"e at
the place of election in each to*viisnip af
each couuty. The vote on said qurstioa
iqii.»r 1.1 w uti'i tne voters opposed to will be ti e law
provided for ui the election of efficors,
•t thr April eleciioi Satd return s!.all
votes for Superintendent and District
Court Judges, elected at any April elec
tion. The returns of said vote so return
ed to the office of the Secretary of State,
shall be opened and examined by the
Board of State Canvassers in the same
manner and at the same time as in the
case of returns of election of officerr had
at sari April electiua. Immediately af
t-r such examination and canvas*, the
moke aud publish an official M'.teinen
of said vote and if it shad appear from
such official statement that a majority ol
he votes cast as aforesaid upon said ques-!
ion oi* prohibit
lion siiall be
u»rv liquor
effect on the first
So: J'rovUtJ. brntver.
that those por
tions of this act having relation to tbe
election provided
iu this se. rioa shall
I* iorce from and after its pubheatiou
in the Iowa Capital Reporter and the
Iowa Republican.
of tht Home of Rtp*ts*ntr:irm.
PresiJtnl ihe Skunk.
ApfWM January. !S55
\\!E*» w. ri\(k«
UaeAa raa*T or Stava,
iowa Ctrs. an*v€3d Ibio
I eertiiV the lore^'ng to be a irito?
tr:^,Da' ri)*
1 i!1
Tins boy was afterwards ri fiyro
—Liule Bwb was ti.e great Ri.-be.rt Pee
but the big tally wh !%*at tttem.. fi .•tJ
kno-,* anyth'iij a'-out.
Sev® Diy Latsr trom Europe
W* jive under tue telejrap r.faJ
pretty fuii synopsi« of t!.-- lore ne»
by the Atlantic. A.nch is s^ven da\« !.it
than tnat by the prevnus a i
braces a f--w {.ifu. uiars w
Lord John Resell lia* tesi^ it
»ost in the Cnbmet. ail '.i eit
prospect of an entire break rtg u: *e
Mun^ry. Tfse disviuslac me pe
p!e vi*.h 'he nutii^'.'.iicn: w ir
evi ler.tly getting t-»o Str-n^'
:r.e n
Meuschikuff irukes toe
mark that "(ieaeraU Ja'eiaiy, 1- rj
and March v\ i !.t t».eir i^
the.n nu' better tti tn t:.e ca-u," Ti
R.tssiaus rein^iii'^ tlie d»-aO!y fffrct
the snows of IS
tn the element* as
There ii an:ne i
peeled action
but no new L.
mI [K'iire.
parti ipate
Sardama V
w t"i 2J.(XXJ i .«
Swiss ii)^ 111 idri s i
T.iere W.M a nrii.it
recuou i •,
AC» n.
Ctnua. tiiu an anpeai li.id
forei. u t**iva
V e u i i e i
KujUnd anl N
Tne nark* a..:
su'tu^e. CiicUifo Dsm. I'resn 1
enterprising fellow A
K ir .a :'ian, of No i^-* •,
has irude siraugeno
frplll K-irMfH* dilect t.»
reason, u,'". ».
I'fOjWl1 I -r 'l|
eheapuess as n soi .•
:r cfeJuahty.
vessels TI
price is only y u? t*'U Aunirtrf
tMresty s.t# less li.M t':-e
u-ual cbar^t- Naar If i»d
Chicago! W i a., ire w- ttft
next in the way of bring t, .,jte
orners »f th« w«t t'
flif ^bijfrtisfr.
•hall be by ballot, and the voters in favor erailv read, that noue may go to the polls ,amt^
such probibttioii shall cast a l*l!ot where* decided by tii« peo'le. Let I'S nends
The aa«l ballots aha!! U- received, and ed and meet .u crery a,-h^ hou* tQ the
aame uaanrr, aud at Uw Mine tune ^y an examination »f »L
nu^ tr,
be t.eated by the county canvassers ia yWf
tW sauie iijjnrier as returns for the e!e«
tun. of officers, and au abstract of s id Te»p«ranoe Coaventic®.
vote made upon a separate sheet, shall'
le forwarded to the Secretary of State in
the same manner and at the same time ^4e'^
as provided for the cases of attracts of
The P: 0'".ib t0*y Law ouuisters, profess .rs of iv-c »n nou-
*pe«ker. from abroad
By order of the Elector Commute.
Tha Seminary.
The Ct-ntrovem- T.OW jpuig oa about
this matter, between Messrs. P,"
and D." in our opinion, will be of little
Board ol Sla.« C.nv»,,e„ chatH *d*anta5e to ary tody, and neitamly will• Mr. E».»o.-Dear ..r, io gl.Being
aud publish au offioal .... l!
10 ,lw
W'n 8UC^
the pr jhib-
B^1S nrsi"
Sicrtter} af Slait*
B, aosr *11 Patu. T«e.-e was ai
school a fine clever '—v ^i.o
as "iitt'.c Bab Pe. 1. .*• 6*y
j^eited u al oae of tt boy •,
t.iuul i'elio.f. uuder io u»ake a
—that is, a s-wt Oi* a i l!*vr »f j'Mnf
Pee: Hit .e I. With all
ins might. 1 r.
vuuqaereJ, a
hiiit ui a n.
h» -*f this, .« ».•
:han Pee!, to
i iblith
ruiinui* 4«p tsi'.it tears 'should receive tl
MS eyes, soi Lif cheeks i.o. with lu
now luany tiuwt ae
UigQ'itioo, a'.ied
u.eui.' io inflict.
"Why* what is tht v
a!,' WJS the reply.
'Because i! you please/ f.i
lad. *1 woaid take half."
f-i/.- j-Mr
wko'J tke coxit -ji of thrir
I thai!
or D'« ci.urch.
•tby'eria'ii or
T.v Quakers
to themselves and
istanct of o\dsidi-t.
Friends have their sectarian scuoois. and apprised ol his real name. It n hoped
the moot rigid sectarioa ciuiracter that
desire tj prof
schools ar
led #11.
x/m t»
e thud
instruc.i n. i r)i»
to nearly every t^wn
with t.iie d.ir-re*
taxwjr ir e peo{
A tbe
•i' far.!
sw re
n arjll spp-y
We*#, and
2«0 t«eed of
abihiy lor the .if.ti
under lienuminatiWia. juir anJ
think that wc% tflmr prvra
lhe leva v. i o" cur pub.
sdvols, forty drawing upon the paHic for!
this week again publish the profeasors From what deootum »IMU
«. i
n itter Law. We desire it to I* gen- ,re.
vf such prohibition shall b« \vtitten or i with any mtsuuderstaudjug upon tbe mat- C«u we not hare schools, and employ1 it a* ary as the firiu. ______
printed tkr wordt "For the Prohibitory i«t. Tbe question whether or no this competent teachers, without havinr l-'ieoa
the land aoon t^ be belong to oar church If tbe teacher
SMIU le writteu or prioted tLc words, erefore be awake and on duty—no comj^ tr-ut discharge the duty of in- follow!he ^roixl resolution at its late meet-'
"Vau,n the Prohibit ry Liquor Liw." time is 'o lost. Let societies be i.»nn- Glutting our chtidreB, is it aecessary
Mnvasse by the Judges of election in t. e County and Jiscuaa its meiits. Nothing N« hberai iiur.ded bener dent chr.stain pUlt,
0I cL*»r«fe
of temperance a.id sobriety about tt
ttew ©r jie\cr t: eii io
-by c?ven at there
County «mperance
the 13th day of March at fiir
I. C. BETTS, Chairman.
It is to the interest ol the town to ob-1 s brief communication penned by som?
,l Troaid
aw tiien this a. sii li take !#nci
,t,i! more
We care not which char. at that his
wch a school
whether it be]
P's." or «,** or I)V church, the1
triple would te the sa'nc es'ht-r
vere to rece.ve a **qua!
v Mr. Marr's. t:.-y iM j.* them
kf*» i i P's portion
suc.i schools renders oar public school
est is well provided for, much better
tl-.an is a common schoul education for the
youth of out laud.
LadiM' Fair.
Fair and Supper at the Court Huse.
at lije
evening March 6th a supper
are expected to be in attendance, A will Ik prodded. Charge for supper JUST Conclusion.—A
general attendance is requested.
wlU 76 cnt coupple A vanety
Wll 0
gregatii nal Chorcu. Doors yea at 6
o'clock Adiii.iiance 10 cents.
public, tf it was not town council of Tipton. With you per-
irst day July, A. D.18- Un^er deuominatiooai control, missiw wa wi.l rafly htit^r io ^A*t fate the most paiuful appre^nsiuns begin fw your |en. But can v
The people should perfect their com- Side.
moo schools, they should be first protect-1 To his first enquiry we reply that the
ed and elevated to the poeition they council have passed numerous laws or
occupy in the Eastern States, then if: ordinances, such as the charier would al
other institutions are needed, or if the i low us, of their benefit or utility we al
people feei able to erect and support!w those to judge who
schools under denominational control, them. The acts or ordinances have
they should do tt but let thtir mites be'published as the articles of incor
threwn together to elevate the oom.non poration direct, tut the blind and fault
stoh^ls first. fi:.d:ng seldom read, and the faultfinding
|e p10.
For tha Ai!v*rUaer.
"East Sid9."
"™k l*P" "h^rred
*QT °IRninn *his article, making enquiry ol you sir, 10f
ctioo, Wkidl Ifll l-.i« J.-'-
2't ...
io es-
as iiiOws in his extract, they are} if• Then will they have a man in their
/oiled by t*e Quakers i:jeijse!\. by midst, who by his keeur.cas and shrewd-
own uess
do not atk tke r,°'
ir wn busines* and no one else can) boast that lie can move the world. Does
t.ave any business w,tti them, and as no "East hide" eipect tlie council to grade
one outside li* Quaker fraternity is streets in in winter without funds
"i-fed upon to assist them, no one should
ject for winch the council were e'e-.u-d
namely, **to dig up Cedar street."
W hat a remarkable foreteller of human
events, he is -a a .. v ,•
O Hercules
We take great pleasure in informing' at
"EnstSide** th «t there is now a vacancy n
in his common.cation this w^ek, for- ti»e :JUT»CI1, and we have o doutit mat ti e AM.
ties his pcsiti"U by referring to the' 'he council would be most happy to ap* deiiel
Quakers. It is well kno vn thatj the point him to fill that vacancy, were they I
application wnl be presented ear-
ui be able to kt»ock off the siiackles
NlW Fiv
It was discovered yesterday that two!
boxes of gold. some #4shipped by
funds to erect and support denomination* Northern gi U and counted "*w t. «nU .-opy wh.ch had b*«« prt-
schools. the ability of ti e people to aid pagPi Bacon & Co., had been robbed of
I in the elesatir.n of our public schools is their contents. probably on the Isthmus,
lessened, and every dollar expended ui at-d a quantity of iron silt stunted. The
i u
-i^j robbeiv was most adroitIv or.inmitted.
s i Ti!e police inaile a ucsieut yesterday
system so much weaker. upon an establishment in Broadway.
in one of his commttaicilww, asksi known a» Dashcii & Go's Natt.vr»: Gill
if a uo ou school sbouid be started, who Enterprise Otfice and took possession of
would be the teachers or protestors— number of tickets and other property of
"'ncern. T: e p'oprietors and acenttj
o lt tK
be selt-c ed In Un« is eon-
sentiment truly anti-progressive.!
«i, t.ar- realized ov« #3U WU.
DisV!i aud Co lH
nsin0) atl4
to their own country.
'n8t,lut,oa c*tinot' individual, over the signature that heads j0)al resolution, authorising the despatch school upmi any principles you think best
«d*«ntajeous concerning the acts and doings of tbe Surgeon Kaxx and the officers and men .shall not
We conceive this to ba the duty of all» wver desire to tl,ey commence their |,u length, .ereMall) d^adt tiM-on,
to w an interest in the welfare of the «»"k without bem? intormej. The toe otn instant. Lo-s fctSOOO.
if ing geneiation, for the common school |**wlf n ni mated aud s»*ll elected coun
system raobot be valued tv» highly, nor! «?.*• What an imagination "Ease Side*'
to© :nii-it attention lestowei op-Jti if. It i-as What an Annauias he makes of
i* thfoofh the &>mmon tcli^s only, that iiimseif he is undoubtedly well pasted
-itasses can be educated. i*s re
?\U he is undoubtedly well posted
ink their el,dion, Ut it orJer i
H. mmm m.v be re-
rcf« fans l. ike
I'»r»*rt »'nrv I llivn^trn Hut lii"ttnn
wtmidf Of or the
ua'.ary taxations, and are
lusive Wcefit, as none Quaker' by which th« charter at present, prevent. ,,
S y e e o e o o e o a k e e i V e a e e u i a o i n e s
idren are admitted. T: U3 tr»ey ke-p ttie uncil from acting- (Jne who w.ll
only build up, beautify and adorn
This, then, ig our town, but lixe Archmudes of old, will
'•rlaui ti,em. This does rot there- Wonder if "East
.-:e justify any ether cl urch ui similar: munificent hand wii! u^t assist the cououl
toovements. Th" Qmkers ar»» a good pecun ir y as well as with his guardian
pe lul are Katie to err as well as. *b'P-
the earth is frozen
NEW YOSK, Feb. 13.
William P'-slsackett was yesterday ar-! Coroners jury hwd
^'stf-d nn e,harge of embezzling §250.1)001 turn—rum,
trom the Market Bank, of wlncn lie was
formerly teller. The matter, will be r*
trtembcred earae to li^ht some time since,
accused evaded the arrest until
Know-Nothings assembled in force
1 loi the purpose of re
•nog iduct of C. C. Leigh
au i the thirty iin.ii traitors asco iated
A Fasscniiaw.— We don't know who
said, 1 »ng ago. "Let me make the BONOS,
of a people, I c».re i.-.t vvbo make their
lawt."- Ihtp'iirh.
I vas not a Frenchman but a woman
made the declaration, and that!
woman is an American poetess. Unfor-!
ifiately, the firs! time this sentiment was
fwmted the compositors emitted the 'o' in
t.-.e wi»rd "songs," and made the authoress
write "to make the sons of a people.*'
Mie felt mortified at tho blunder, and
r.ever jubiicly liait:
exwt.-iK. w y
i tie Jlst.ottal Gift Eaurprise
LAIS LIVINA.—Tne NEW lunpland
moral upright ar.d worthy individual, tuns ai.d the Mechauic Arts adapted the
jw jif proro,.t on of Mauufac-
nu,m\d belong to "our cfcarc T! sho^W^ rf!
mauler would tnedJle himselj loanda ions ot^^ the New England Society
»„d hifii. acting which the1
were laid.
Rel^'io'is instruction in the
Church in Tipion X|,e Lad it-s Sowing Society wil1 held a ing ticket has swept the field, without a
House in Tipton
PsiaoitTOiT STMPTOVS.—At a late
corporation election iu Parkersburg. Va.,
lie Know-Nctiiiag candidate got all the
fetes but six. 1
he prospect for Wise is^
not over flatierinp that viciiii:v.
In Wneeiiiif. we see the Kn w-Notl
"cepuoo. Soch
the premoni
lu Sp,
AsasrEO^tD.—Tfae Ericsson expen-
Hient Las trcn alandoiH-d. The slip oi
tU saying.—Bo*tm
bru.i, ih., j. by i ,f i
wan I ,n the Senatorial election in the *»'»l ™y cooking by gas heat, sap:
Legislature. Deauc utory srK'e. Ue» The articles were cooxed vastly better:
were made, including within tiie'r »cope ^ban they e.uld have been by the ordinary j'on
the authorsbip o
e*!? .t
,]oibrs-1 AiU'r
man in Br ownsville, Indiana,
to har c^,ceired the exan and only ob- substituting steam engu.es for calorie.- louest ons *re pewnillf rut to an
-M i"a. ,1. |L„ 1 _l_ ... 1 1 I S_ I I ........ i i i
One huodrt and twenty Ui,U are em-
ployed on the work, and it is conten.plat-
ed to be ficsiied by the middle of
•**otti. Tbe
i a plan entir
W Tht ro is nothing that tales tht.
star t, out of ao aristocrat to aoon as to
nominate him to some otlicc that comes
telore the people. He's as lawnuig as a
Th« Old Man's Bibla.
Lire* suspeaiet by au
tt hi«
having been made to permit certian Bel*
gian (.oi.vicla or paupers, now coiifined than to answer arguments, it may be I
ceeds to go to the benefeit of tbe Con- 'nhs at New York to go to the «ni -a poor advocate" but you ought not
'West. Mavor l.a« put his veto
o repr(tach n
upon it. He very properly savs that i(
.J K *i I lay no claims to be either a king, or a
these men are not ni to go at large in .jr ti
New ork, Uiey are nt fit to be Jet I. ose P®Pe
io tbe West. The Belgian (,'onstil hav- I leave the exercise of their petogatives
ing tailed to make prevision lor their
tupport, they will probably be sent lack
jcr awumand, coi»cerni»ig witosej The letter-P" h.« git
to be klu hat you did not know who "P" was, and
It will le but a mournful sequel to the whether he prolessed to be a christian or
terrible catastrophe of Sir John Franklin's not 1 thought the article itself would
Expidition. if this Lenevulent band ol point to the author, 1 think everyone
heroes *hall be found to Lave perish* in else in town could. I presume you don't
have !*«w*d ,tMUlti.l
Ui MKu
Ufe via muJ u 1
The immense ruin-walks of the
i starch out of tne ruttledslnrt gentry thau i church, "to 'be pupn». T»s.wai
any tiling elwr. i pnnt of your questions including tht
L'»..I£ TO A«AT«. In «, K 'nn«rdlotl,„ tonwmi ....
Dnmel Wt-Lster n/tainat the eiiy of New
Millvill.. rtsylon nil)
W elch was found in
Co., it bad been exposed several weeks
aud was neaily devoured bv
H**k|ng of experiments in
Seiiatur Seward and Archbishop Hughes. pfO^css. The juices uere preserved entire,k"eyes •r
—nothing of the substance ot the meat
was lost—ivas burned or otherwise in-
n*au icad_
foully Bible, in preference to a
.tcti t' h'ia
My Bit I* owe, a»y Bible ol
Giic back
fcitbfuJ friei»l
I've tead it of!, l'vt n(4 it
1*11 keep It to the end
ton ealledi .»poiled, and worthltts dee*,
Bee ui* it it so old
Bat this *o a« dotb makt it dtar,
Beyond a'l a»»d Its'd.
I hit i* »he pace «*i« which I wept,
firt my »ii.- I ki.rw
And h» r»*a •h'- pwiM, *aii Otf
Wacace all
leu here are writ onr bouseliuld names,
My fhildr»!i'i tula! day
AIIU re ui uiaitfl the tiolofiil tiaie
Wbsn d«atii took them away.
•Tt' Kit in ffnitt and pi.rpW dresa
The roi'iiune'i price is kn#wri
Th« heart and tneaory have a wealth
la what w« call our own.
My head ia grey, my eyta is dim,
1 r»nn«t court tb« n« w
Give bock tle old. ibe warn, the tr It i,
Tbe woniui and tbt- true.
Ma. EDiToa:—I have not lb* tract
|d*«reto have controversy with any man
I nor will I answer "a citizen" again un
less be gives his own name. I will ad
dress him ns Mr. C. It is shorter than
i It is much easier to use Hard words.
,e for I j0 fie test I can.
Tipton or any body of people, I
Mr. C. who is certainly, trvmg to eX-
ercjge th
Dr. KASE.—Congress has passed a You aud Mr. D. may establish a high
ess**ts te the Arctic Seas, in search of and may appeal to the citiseits for aid i
poirer so far as the con-
templated Cedar Academy is concerned.
.r mMtiaj Lr^::,-. wwh testainony to prove certain things
rea. that you think implies dishonesty and
grren a fitt't* play
u~ i i deception io mv last reply to vou, 1 ac*
Me«*rs \Vikins on at Ne* k cik. ofJO feet «.
yott in tbinkinfr lUl yoUf
tftiT We Me bf telegraphic dispatch al or body of men to put enquiries mi
tn tbe St. Louis papers that Mr. Breckeii- |csdhiTigtheir verauty, and involving the ^nated
ridge l«s resigned his appointment as! charge of iHahon»*sty and deception In'
jesve the ceninionity to judge whether i
hovt. I
VI pint to
W Large numbers of buffaloes have
made their appearance this fall, iu Min
nesota, not many miles trom the settle
ments on the Minnesota liver. Rare
sport is had in capturing this giant game.
COOKING IT GAS.—The All»any Jour-
Ia t0
jured, as most meats, are by improper! .. i
contact with fire or srnoke. By the ad- 1^°°^
ncial heating is required, and the steak it the proof? "Why in its infancy it is
perfect vuthout the use of butter in here already, and I am
ores-ing. lhe mosl refined «punre
would infinitely prefer steak brufwVhy i
this process while, from the portable
character of the apparauts, and tlie entire hytenan Church." Would Mr. C. be
absence of the smoke, as well from the
J&jT An7iT!iU~' „n
nre as Irani tf» ftriif les cookt^l. u ^uii ti ,._
»»"l .. wdl ID Ih. parlor th. kittl,. """""'"'"n Not O-jgl.t
en. I
Methodist minister to the New York
their WWY *«rdof twtage on a wager' the people generally went to tho nulla with u A i
1 .W»
perfoi unng ti,. lioikli
('•'I t! IE !I(IF,.-V
Ul U
,ell Anuth. i
ir he
of *, "'*i
t, not.
This U really .b« ,ri.c
k n o w e e e i o a n y i n i v i u a o
make "enquiries," but 1 must differ from |,
i iesve the ceninionity to judge whether s 4 i )•.,«
nretfu or not
fm of oU tit ili intor.
•as not ttie design of
you lrjj u#
consmwrtitf to son
at hnnvif at i
rly all titat I refered
examine carefully your stit'.emen'.
mute trill see a wide difference
have I admitted, or where hns the ^iale
na convention "cotnrr itted" themselves.'
dog, aud as polite and neighl»oily as a! to establish presbyterian schools, nhere
French dancing master. Elections, after i they will be "?trictly bound t"ile:i .'t. dm
Orleans —tbe piaii.ttH' claiming fiity press upon the community att-l to winch
thousand dollars lor pi Sessional services] I gave an unqualified No! There it|T1.
hard as 3 1 (j tht? Cijun^s ra»p—iurv ssv a t»oi»
i i i N-«- fi.! «. r,i *oi i.
nolh,nS lben
Side win 11« Oheatis f»perssf the 2*2d ult, were! u OQ ti.
,J „c lot youiself. If you had, you I COMMMOVEto SALR.
would have saved yourself the mortihoa* J%|f
The scLoo! .s conducted and cuti-
school A gentleman would cheer­
fully make it.
You again assert that tin 0» 8. Ptes*
by erians and the Romanists are the on­
ly denominations at «-Muhli*h primary
school* on anch principle*. Wl.at pnu*
ciple? Combuiing religious institution
and influence with lit«-».'irv training?
.be qu»
tion of the catechism being mtroduv.rd is u» a o. thu.cv r^nntti^ tw«-ntv-ti«
a secondary I. no. immducd U
i Dv'smoincs or Alexander Colleges. And Uu.i.,«
1 don't believe it will be in .he M«
Academy. Your assertion ahows that
you have not a3 much knowledge on
cither, as you ught to have beforo
V«u undertake to write en tie tuljrct.
The society ol Friends (Quakers'! have
never discarded the principle: although
you may denounce the faith of your
father as erroneous.
1 will here introduce Mtract from
the Historical C. Ilections ol Penn. for
your special edification, and it will show
the citizens ol Cedar County that the as
sertions of Mr. C. are n-t to be relied
upon in all cases as facts. In the Histo
ry of Chester Co. page 221, it read.-—
"Among the moat distinguished of the J*
initiaries ol learning in the Co. is the
j(] jh9ti(m,on estaalibhrd by the society
of Friends in Westtown. 1794" with a
desire, moje {specially for the promotion
of piety than the cultivation of science.
It as to be under the patronage of the
yesrly meeting ot Philadelphia, and to
furuish besides the requisite portion of
literary instruction, an education exempt
from the contagion of vicious example,
and calculated to establish habits and
principles favorable to future usefulness
in religious and ivil society. A farm ol
600 acres was purchased of James Gib
bons. and a large brick building erei ted
for the accommodation ol the students.
The fnrm co^t between Slfi.000 and
§19.000, and the building §22 470.
1'jail's were first leceived on the Slh
mouth 1799, ten of a sex leing admitted
until the whole uuinb-r aniPtmted to
two hundred. In 18C2 a large
'u. vi-
rtfu| u A fuj w #m indivi(jl|
tpcctful. is it refpe
i your last article you have n denied that
is charge agaimt Mr.
Baird and ail his coprcshyters, and 1
hink 1 am jsHtif.ed in drawing the
elusion that you intended to do it 1
I !l
JT •,
The iinmejixte
of stone was erecltd, origin«!!y w*1# p*'ti
."™, i c.»m mi oi yon »l*e
if tetwlted to be used as a hospital in case ^iiar.. «*«•,. .m- u u,
i 418 diseases, tut aulrtwpnm otly Dn^i
**es, tut tultsrmirotly Uroter^
yt,!,, ai.'i
V VfP iff IMC i S Itll yy,, |ur
the U: i il bri-rselies of
steal education are tautr.*
i' TlM number oi pupils admitted during
th# year erding Oct. 1*^11, was 131
for the puqi.ise
tbe/arl* you wanlot t- \.u-
"to settle between me and
e n
li able to acre* the ot. Louts Presbyterians. But you
to a^res.
can settle your nerverted statement of.
i .. ,f
onf but!,l:e Ml- rnt"i
l! yoa (],it |»,e»lyter* of ,.
dar relusfd lo Mm) del, gates to tl.at CM-
vmlion, and you
Yv blessed with a sectarian sehooT
T||jf lhe|i the
have k.««n.!
whether ycu did or not, I cannot tell,1 ,,
That Mr. Starr's prop sitiou to the pres*1
bytery was made betore the convention
I come now to examine the only proof,
that you have really presented, and what
you declare, that in itself is enough,
"what mere proof is needed that 1 tpton
presbytery of Cedar, and
mualk process adop'ed, the juices
perform their legitimate (uiictions-nu arti
^'nPle Ju,,8r
icter of Crdar Academy byyouro.vn
evidence. Are you willing What is
that tbe
ech',"J, thpr'" tnu?ht
a branrh of
And where is it? At the Pres*
than "astoQished" il I would give
not to have enquired of the lady
tetd e8 or
f'ei a'e. by the Konw Nothing*., Gov. before you come out publicly and de- mv sin "e
Clar« s district is attributed to tbe fact that nou need it as
illy went to th
heir pock elt. Anuther
...re, or K. N. ti. a, f„s. W ll«, n., ..li-
'•ompelent to
yuu I'0* 'hat hcbool is con liictcd,
i A
tley seldom, it they cari
I.nl.lulion and Ioma
^ou#* 1 I'ope 1 am dofie with you
lhe ed,lor aod llc W,U teI1
you, uiiieu that is one ofilM (huiga you
"don't want to know."
Muscatine, Feb. 7th, 185%
[No 12 1 mo
pen the of the community. Now
Mr. C. I am perfectly willing to let this
controversy be decided by your
i.i ymiii.
3. S. S1S19,
WnOLBSALC AND Ilr. A l)l«Ltl
in all ktnU of
LUMBER, RM1 VUt.F.S. l,SrH. K OOHt 13.
fvditi*. Joist, Mean line, Ki cing n «j al1 krtd*
of Wide, Clear and Coinnon JLtaiUr an.I
having ii. connection a
Which aH T.I* me fnrit.(i« to furnitn to ord«r
arid ronsUntly keej. l.jp.l
Hav ng ih« lde»t established Lt'MHFU
YAH1) i- this city, m,! ree-i». .l a vrry I eral
pat'i.t.ig* fr 'in 1 ipt.. and surr..iii.d:ng coun-
a sectarian school: if vou I V
"t yon
to have done,, ^««of^i on
rv f"i a n.i.i.ber year-. f.. wf.ic^ I t»-ri.jP|
ere ihank^, and respectful ndieit my
,l% n,,w
cholara that at ga

U( f(n 4
eX| 0 4 u iL1
trolled by the teacher, and stands before •"*',» u.t tWt hZ
the public on its cvn merits, on tin? mhh' t,.Mn ..r rqiinp,
footing as the one in the conyregntinn
church last winter. You owe Miss H.
apology for your misrepresentation of
ratnte No three (S) W. ol iM
institution. In' I as n» direet oversight oi ni* Lr ei4 u. »»*c.irr t-.,.- p-y,i,i ,,t nf'!e
I u**» »Wii. 4 ai I u -s tr* wi.a w i s*at» w» i»vw 1^' V.II 1 »t 17 •!.« r»! :ir jti'4i'
•twl Mamut,
"'al f"""1"1- I"'""'
i tafet art-lie cnnims this conclUSU... .^i .i i U. i May, tH.i.i,^.t,it:n«en' w i i-e »nic--ef *ca.r.ti
i I. i May, tH.i.1 j.jd^rnen'
w' clas- j„ pf{(.j |,,r
SHS'h'. For many p.eiitrty Will
l^t»'•. 81 "'tis il'e stein mini
the MUC
of taxes Cuts
progress tage'her, and
-.at I have stud enough.
now 0,
ft'»« a ca'i
and I will guarantee to givt them tei.eial
as though th' V wrt.- tn-r* in pTton.
Oftee s«cona St., MBpaii HaaMtt*s Mil)
Matea'ias, Itws. llM|
al! V o cix-\ a
i'. M. aa u day. .aoWllg J}
pn.periy, li w,i i Bern part the ,„„T
wet rraciK.ua. uuariu ctier numbe'r Ihr
(3) in tcwni.ii N.. nrvci.^-nine
ih P. 'j
daoi itieii by meti s and U uuuta« follovp,
•senriiiR at the uieaiidetir.g
o(1 the
lihr IwtwctMi fr^rticnat 1N
four (i n, Hid vvtct ltuu:
,l ^uartwa#
said secimn No. thiee (3) nf«te,W(|, ar^l n,n
liiti .- then*cr nurih
*,,,ru*» ,t l^', 'heui• ,r.n,£
tWfi, v-«n.e deg. thiny
u S(
,UU,n tw.n
peicl.*a io a p..M, thence ruiit.tnir s..nh
iy one de*.U»..i* ». r»st. n venfy
B„d llineI|
-rte hundrrd pcrctn t0 a
*il n.ne acr»«,»- i0id »ix'p«rcb
euMniTi^Ns or KAI*.
th« pu.c.»»« to be »at4
U, the balm.xe in two annual
One fuurtli ol th«
on the d^y of salt
pa\uienu to be gerur^d by r.or'juge., drawn*
isterest at tte ratool tea
pfr tnn
a N-Mei Chai.cerr,
aS-twiecs |7 S"J
Ihe^lii Salf,
By virtue -f Wr.t Auschment to me
dir. citd isfU»d nul ilie Ckfrk'i uHice of tht
i)strict Court in ano «nd fui the C'our.ty
e.iai aud S'a e of Iowa, on th«- 2"»th d*y of
Jaiiuur) in l«v»r of France it W*l!#r
and apar st Aiivm ht^rr and J« .%•»[.', VV, Cr*,/
I ha»e le\ied .{ n tti^ Mock of (...x-dj,']j,
V.S»P!S that CI»!»f81n t'.e s
articles l.uir.erou- to a
nrupeity .f Ju*tph W i t»
tlif sHni*1 for sale at pubhr
Liqn t" and V. s»p|s that CHntiun t'.e »»i
WPII a* oti.er articles Miir.erou- to mtnin«
taken a? the nrupeity if Ju*tph W i te»».
will p*p se thr «iUi» for sale at pubhr iter*
on Weiti.eaday. tlie 7th day nf MAICII,
the «toi«- ruiiiu rrc«nt!y «rcnii-i by
Starr ,i. "l*t|»t«m betwem tl.r h-.i^rs of V o'clock
A. M,, and 4 o'clock 1'. M. of said day to *aimfv
laid Attachment and oft» that mat accfbt
tbereon J,,hn K. iiireiy
Sheriff of C«dar County, lewar
Tar Jaa.
Bagley.hiM Dt-puty.
•ll Miioounw i.• tn«- ui« ua i Tiatoi
t'e.tar "tint\, tlint I navr. «iu»jt nt««
T^ili riii/ t'iMiie-!« ill tht loom futn.tily
jiiril .i* itn oHii-f l.% l»r. uin: d«« i.„»
of tllC TiptOM llutlM, liC-rt- I Mill W«. p.FJM'1 to
waltt.n wuo mit lft»or me *nu.
turn. J«cui in n-frtuar rvrjj.t «»r Ut* h»»ur»
mhliiiiv. i.o.l litinitK baa mn- li
lb-- liumni kf. Itlutik i ttutj lie i u I'triif* UOM
II»I t»»of itii tt AT.
1 liit.i* a,?", .niil will i''»f ii'itjfl io ktirj' ip n.
•or-.un «l r««u)' ffi %de otvunt.^ ,t tl.e c)U»i
4t, v au tt I on au
iwii a. ji»r •&«»
i nvat|« ii tn tuM. i itiicAu l» a3 by
in* work aiM v s,i it. I* ut$ i-1'jtl..ug jttai tur mj
uiuiiM'iufnt (tin! the nij cu»
luiutin. tail ma mt lue. v» iuTT.
Ili-tua, !«(. !'ih, ii»v4. »i./
Lei 1 Ko-ice.
file in i'» d-.' t- i ifir
olllt. I! BUi It'l l.fc
at tkr# is
the r*i»tnet
Crd^ir, 4lit
ar«n inlh»rt,
even iCraa
an accuunt tf
^•ediriwti ful*
bilk i t'len a*S
ef B*t» ejr. v
tt«- i
I'd 141,
are tie*crib»d ai..S Ml rth «aid prtit.i n tt
charge IS m'rttJtf'i to length with nr aaiouM .-'.ise oi, ctcb, aid tliti
a superiiHeiident and etsrl.t teaciiers O lv**r' l.a» «!•., M,td mit ht
8if( of »a:d lerk a jvnt «f ai»achtn»«|,
tlirec men aud five women. The super- i agiui»t »fur tai.tl*, tti e.uni?*, u i
tntendcut attends to the finances oi e
ine aauie uny
ri-u.i tb»' paid triip»r"t
Ami u. I-•* v .. upeir
P:at V. ftj rtf,
f** rii.r.i.lf.
I Fi t»f -U
mr r»:»« er«
:-ou»h tne So
ontrihute theii
an'..ft» petit.
or ii- to aatitfa
J. W. Catted.
Merk Dtst tur-
f.egnl Hotter
I ii.
i n,i' theft it na*
erfc It.r I)i«''
a »ni
4'»a i
,5, ... .,. natfi- i W. itj,. f.n »t, de»«ntei «s4
ttrf.r iiii'dret) to the puUit sr.!,.v », oi
meiubvrsmp With them, 8S they beljeve
1 tiiat religious i nut met ion and schol ed-1 J°',r
the n'e ef '4ar,
nf iuCatl \\.
v i 'h- *eci
it- ma* f.,
by j«et»or.s who
iiora their own.''
I have quoted lite whole though only
pa.t may lie to the point. Pre*byte^rians
the ttholf n^tli ol lias, bul Up-
that my reference to
tUiS.OA, yet, pruiHi'Viiy rn.i«*
by y.n
.. dutl.iri, as jiHi ey
avoid it, fpmt uioi* wfiirli i.yli arp r,,.v* 'h r»• p^-r v tf
to. a nn« 11
f6 wi1ri
schools tauL'ht b\ isoi. who are nol u -ift»»»-ta«'iieni»sa»ft and Utat taid Jonathan
W. 'atn* ha.«, a!s«i, i «'ut of the iffict e'
«atd Clerk, a
tf a't ictxoeat
i.4a lit*
i y kt
«.fd tei.« m^rt» «•.-ft
I r»e ....
Ktneli ta»d |. airitiir tveiituaily riui. »g*nirt
v«»:» a:»d a t- .. you ^m.! hiu -'f iher»
t»i on, *r b»fore lhe 7th ..ay of Al«», 1155,
julK''*»tnt will b» r. inter, a,'«uikt
pf*)«-4 for i»i taid plait.tuft petitan. ami and
-fx rty will t.- jiutd ur hei'i t« sauwy Hie
».'ine. W. alteil,
Clerk Out e'eart
hp.cer 4. P.at',
Atty'• fui rtaiattr. [11-14
Legal Notice.
8p cer
To Joutjih //. KefnoUt
You will take c.otiee th.t Ihere ia acw
•. Oft file in ibe office of the lerk of tbe Pia'r ct
Otirt tn. ai.d tur lhe C.mn'v ot dar 4nd S'a'.»
IS or what ll stand* lor, i of Km.nil of Jam-s lieatiy a'.d K .u
beth atty, cluuu,rg if jon the *niu nl Or e
liniid'ttd and lMen'y tive dullar- a» uiune) due
them upun a certain [houii*»' iy no.e, e*ec..i* I
by you for •aid niin of injury which »a-d
liute is now 'he property ..f the »aiii J*u.«'
doiLvra fc Sr. JuH* reij ieit all tli.w io.
debt'd it ib na t.. call and ttie ky the first of
Marth »**Xt A I dciua.i 1* unpud at tl.at time
will t»e left with nr.'per nlfit ari f«r collection.
Please call and -ave coaU.
Bratty and fjisabetli llea'i ,, ana wi.ieh d
cribed ai.d
f.»iti. in said jietitiDn 5 audit"'
aaut Jftnie* lionity and Kiuabe'ti Beatty tu
»in) kued i tii «f tin- office of nai.l (-l^rk w
ol »ittdelitai'i11 a^ntint yonr land*. t»-nenie
cliattf ». ng.t*, crnlitf and elfeit
li"UiMH've» li 11 In (litf v' Inay b'' l.iutld O
said pr. pert) i/my i.«. held to srciie lb-
me ut t,f ttie jiid^rmeiit »hic said jintitl
uaUy irt.vi* yoM. Aid unteaa
appear and aimwrr th r-to. ot. or I'efxte
flti d«y May, IH.VS, judgement »ib
leimcied a^aoi-t \iu a- f»r»i»«l f.r ii. a. I
f.aiimu'a petition, nd tad p.o(ittH
toki or lit lu o *t.tfy ti.e »*n.a
At y'a 1 lisin
a t'l
l..CfAi Soft *.
4 Jbirt.
Km w il t«kr uoV#-
on Sale ll my «fcr
W. aa-
er*t »|tai:..«! u f,» ibe n i y-tbrts
rt ilti hihi tpi ciiis it..'it v di. him tor
lo to 1.1 tl.e iit.ses ret- n 'y ec«p» 'V
a t. ai iiour.- the. j-. t.*f u» »oa
dirrctrd, aitd return* en j.»T« 4 t»y c«xi»ts*
bie Iief.- ..ii mi ft un i «n»l **t taia
Hob-rt M. e( re»t has .. il n Vr»t ta
a'iai luiif:• 4^* -1 o.ir ^..o-ts »"d .i'etf to
secure li« piyui*!.' m«i.i clauii, a*14
a. coritmiiei'. I»r iea'iMii. Mo theft*
tore, unhts you tpt ear al inv office Tieti^
«'ii «r bi|t)i« 2Mo. J.yof *,j.nl, i S*
lo o'clock o. m.'t i)ny i.»d malse n*e ta
tJid rla.li jiMtjTii c'lt »i»j lu rxeCU ed
««. »n.i y-ur !•«. *»nt i»ti«i* aoW at sebff
w ,1 be «. id 'o f»a 'I t« jui'.|riasit Wtn«h Mm
ftamtiffevt.a'ual'y rt.ctv«ra.
,11 btri y. S
11*14] latNet «f tks

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