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The Cedar Co. news-letter. [volume] (Tipton, Iowa) 1853-1853, November 26, 1853, Image 2

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WKLL8 cmtoir.
B. C. PIA i*l, i
llait ltoad*.
"Koihinc a* thi- present tune. is engrossing
«£fcc mind mo»e than Rail Roads from the
yiw&it man in oir midst, up to the most opu
lent capital'5' oi Wall Street,the one
ing topic ia««er Wof« the.r min ^*r^
,u 1S
fptabhshad,togusii well their interests 11 it be
To a town, with* certainty of obtaining
with th« ottitr, as

Incf»rportitico.\, upon the
#tretc'h ourse
res-,1* ^ir of d* chitf tain, or, that of the old wo-
Jthe m'deaUl'
t« where hu investments will
VP s»F« and profitably and what companies
(oundstio...i -i»«
*411 be hastened to a «peedy completion.
debatable, wheth'
Tlic question once
'k effect Of their construction, upon property ^ont of the Ra.. Road Bazaar, and still turtber
Heighb is tlie unavoidable fate of aink'ng :.U
anthiii ess,to be descrteu by their own inhabit
4Dts, woo tlv to the new town, leaving nothing
§jnsolate place marked o.j'y by a few abandon
•41 habitations, sou to be plunged into oblivion
and numbered among "the things which were."
fkd experience of other places, staring them in
face, it bebooves the citizen" of towns and
fillagea, along th« line of prop *cd roadi in this
fllate, where as yet the line u not permanently,
been truly v,,nd,rfui there thevs.essment Cedar rtreet alnt there good substantial i
Stance the increase, b-v, been equally wond, ,de»ons«.t,on that .ndu,ed the conversion.
however aaiall, at once spr.ngs np to a
|)f«n kuc iMKUi sAsiii) wuvn w
Rail Road, a bright prospect in the future will'
fcirUfore them. As "coining aveaU ca,t tbeir
ffcadjw* before," so will Ibe rapid increase,
Hie magical erowth from email to great, from
l^signiiicafice to unpirtance the rapid strides
ff improvement the Nourish of business the
ttcuaiuiation ^f wealth} t'le mcreH«: *a#'Mjfrujt to the,
k, that the Bold when compiled witi Pi",re|Iiarjt
^fi4^i^'*h,townst^o^vlIu0,"M 'thM^'iiuated^ti)
thf lo»s
ft,..,, Of «T,ih b. pron,! outupoi, ,.ii,i•« i* ""P™*
is great, ar.d
horizon will be fully reaHzed, and the town
su k deeper into the bosom of the earth than
biiiais &ul j.Turr.ih.
Democratic s:a'e CuaveaUsa
We learn from the Iowa Capital Re-
porter that the Democratic patty will!
The Incorporation. "rr.t no.
hFol eye'over to the second JoiKontf
^Sm^r^^n^'V'-nhanc.-s the «hey have not even efficiently orfanfc
talue of real estate as raucti as the .Mnstructi.
a Rail Road. Theenridenceof thisia mam
... „i- Hnnhln I it tiin- ^fathers credit. I never was a believer in .nag- will be completed to Iowa City, as rap
aftbe real esiate.hasnoionly aouhloil, oil tup -,i
tod and quadrupled. In other portions of the till now, but now my old inhlel.ty to super- idly as men can
W«t lite. Msults have foUewed In Uliaois for natural power has -cuv,d ..."-and here w the
Jr. I, »h*r not with, i The council h.. e done nothing, in their corpo-
i tf
^ajUbe benetii—again, when the road does not!Uon
o e a e s w n e e a e n i n o a v e n o
matters wh.ch
U Vt I r- plant out your trees. But do not torget
iiold a Convention at Iowa City,on Mon- ,,
day, the 9th day of J'anuary, 1S51, toj
place in
nouiiaauon a
fjr Su-
terint^ttdeiit of Public Instruction, to
be elected on the 1st Monday in Ajfil
next Gurernor, Secretary of State, Au
ditor of State, Treasurer of State, and
Attorney General for the State oi Iowa,
to be elected un the 1st Monday in Au
gust nvxt.
gS^The ScicntUic. American of the ,i9Q
iiisi ^av, that Mr. Steers, the builder of tin
y i :ht A uenca. has consUueted a .ji let of
ahi of 25(M) tuns, for the California and New
York trade, of which ha is to b* the owner
hhnself, in pari or etr'.usive'y, and which h»
b*»?ing anv steamer that hasevei yet floated.- ,oaf
Ho wiil s til her, when flashed, ligainstsay ship
In the world for $uyx)0.
O-W e learn from a Chicago pa^er tha'
the Engine House at Sheffield, the pres
ent western terminus of the Chicago &
Rock Island Railroad, took fir« Thursday
tlie 17iii, and was damaged to the amoun'
of £20,000 before tie flames could be
need attending
fcuesih'.e to secure the Koad by enertioa, that ,,
1 ,FC„„|J IM blanieshouki be attached, because as soon as
pteruon shout i be made, and no stone snoula ... ...
lit lef! uuturuel.
as yet 1 tlien under the
will cau»ea repai
,low :n eicse
1, tr a Wi.iunieyc u«r« iv Uoad W aiDUl 10 inai w« ^ors,
u'^l cV"lte™ Toad.
oi a
hoth the**: weight of honor -bus thrust upon
a^'eon7lT*i*e?*"ta^MYch"i^.for~instnace,: naked truths, speak for themselves. I»ok i
Is Uecay, while ot!.e sgrow up.where the depot andthat'as'w ."t- ahsriod'be ^uPla'n"
|*Mnl which can te removed leaving the dis- !«»ot grumb.e. for what could human fra.lty do
more, than has been done by our "town dad
dies.'5 Tney have done truly nobly give
the d—ancintf master his due, and al*oour^
With these matters of fact* taken from the *°wri sachems.
es in our town are dangerous if left in their
vast of fathomless a* «d wn.le .,?«- to onplite»•TWO. o. 'J
Incorporation dawned upon our minds. been suspended, the hands have been
Individually, we advocated the measure of
be instrumental in lirproving the town, partic-
N'»P°lcuB' wei
"h-"h inevitably result, and say-'-D.d'nt we tell ye to?" Our words,, peopie their success business brought
beth. have been verified
have not
notice of
the councilmen,
no blame shouki be attached, because as soon as
discovered by them, their spiritual incantations
for what th«v have
large orchards on their farms.
W„l, to .»«« *^w.!«iu»raeM«M. H. & CV
frn.t not to ibe «y«r voiwof ti».» wno My to tre(*9 will .W, bring fair price,
T..— «„t«W ,r. ..th.,,hould be in good demand.
irierc of such Pail Road*—their 'ate is in the
hkJids of such roads: t^u ^oire their advan
tagos if possible if you can. a i. well—if ant
ated, liiai we know all good citiicns, will say
with frzxe he to the town aoasdl.
STproJertr'M' realized byhoto"r pU^whkh Humphrey & Casebeer in .to-days^isaue.
.„ j-
of gtranger
&5""We would invite the especial at
tentio.i ol the larmers and Growe,rsof teem of the Johnson County Bar, by his stand it.
advertisement of Messrs. courtesy ol" demeanor arid the care and
^ruit ^ees, select them carc-
shoi' period at time yield more profit, than will three or
will inrwrven1? ere that cloudy futai.- will hare four acres in wheat, corn or tobacco.— A western Editor just starting a
become *he present, and hope will be passed jj We
and tho?e dire forebodings which daxkenei?b*! hest varieties, though the prices be high,. their pecuniary assistance rendered him,
i i i i I K i a n a i u e o e a v e n
it will be cheaper ui the end. Nearly
all nurserymen, we believe agree, that
spring is the proper season for setting out
apple trees
to call on Messrs. Humphrey & Casebeer
who will be happy to furnish you trees]
at fair prices.
for it, in a few years, you will receive
an abundant reward
CondcII Bluff* City.
We learn irom the lo'.va Cnpi*#l R«-
porter, that, that paper has just uceived i.utention, and have" already added 'life
the intelligence, from a correspondent at
Last Saturday., while standing upon that nice We hear man) touj. cturcs and sur ^inwancea, "r those who aKthnwtics. *91
Orti Lvon® Bawa Central Rail
Road a),oUt t„"Jizziei,»
ing ,ponth* brink of tUelast plank, as if w*t-told woman s "thit *hat is this True
ing for a boat to ferry us oier, the beueSU of j, iS) t'„e vrurk at or near this pomt has by
ularly the side walks, street., etc. Now, we eastern portion of this County and Clin-,^
lVes up to our full height, and with
II ye »o?" Our words, people in their success in business brought -t Qn
in the tragedy of Mac- the lil'e and activity thrown in-
at11' wef®el a* t0
nr.pi«a. «nd ouroi is
seeing and gi\ ing the true oracles, and ought
not to be "nneefed at."
er or no they wouH be profitable t«stockholders,' Tr «e it is, that our town fathers since their fading them they had better adopt the these long breaths as many times as you!
or beneficial to the country, but timo has solved ®lec,'on? have done nothing save to bear ^1,e sentiment of Anaxagoras
they have not even sufficiently organized to „i i
We C0i
jusl certa
to e rate rapacity, then how could these walks he the seasons come and g.
inciiiUtiom. uijr i
firmer,that t..ev never fail,to rioub!" triple aau .... .u i
aaailrup'e the value of tillable land, yet town* by the wdl, of tiie town-caciques" or through
Sd vilUgws along their line, are at their mercy influence of the.r sp-.r^ grated from!
that thev can make or r.nmake,do or undo them themselves as .n the holy ti .n.ty. V\ e are m- l,catl(m this week.
Si their pleasure- When the road pa.ses through »ined to think.the latter. Tu«r spirits have!
tee village, and a djp.t is erected, the vilkge
fo.r®ste®5 i
ii „„r n.™ nn t. mud to come, did supernaturi'.Uy instigate the 7" ,,
o n s u i o n o s a i w a k s W a o e e o i-
of lhe!l
ar lhe
J,e ®^r
ltistrneitwouldbeverra^bleif their ..^ibitionofthe Olvmntc Tmrnrnnents
b'J' ,he,J mu't
It is true a couple of
that the com- J^ors
d1es*me,«'xiwangtromFr.w^4.Cuil,s,«»"®-i have not &e ability, or the capital j,w little air in their chest. and this, in
ward- t*i w,en which ^d
They have uuli.e up liiiC men, met
gr.tificatioa of Lochiel's Seer, after thede- paid every demand and laborer, for The agent, and only agent required, is
th sns thp comt
and mtstnist the company. The Tipton ^:intr ,|H. *hmu\en lie upon
it nsin£r
^."v, &«»
the hand, and Kirned the body that was
fiaence assure both the
in a
u y as iuvht
|f» Oy^er s',ppers are becoming
fashionable in Tipton.
i a a a u n a
1 r,~ nT reason .-' we answer none hence we are forced rated in a feast of this kind, gotten up .r
jpass through or make a stepping point taere,
... be an antipathy to African blood as such
the village or town at once retrogtuds.s and sinks
em,llies 0f thi8 r,,ad,
tear* wi'mes.-, that in two years the value i side walks "in course there is," then give the (^""Grace (ireenwood* k&8 eeln-j meals served in his own parlor, with all note. Its tenor has not transpired.
star, wanes.,
««.. w.ll»-» r^mnlried to Iowa t,itv. as Tan-
succeeds day, OT at
the judicious management ot the
bcai«i.and soon arrive »bepl«e.of w«.lth i^e entertainment was quite grand, and pro- and raising up families by then. When dispute between two legal f^nwu in
flit, and importance, i.avuig their uufortu.. te vWld
for out 0r the
Lands are soudst
the California "L-oys
present condition, but ihen .t spirits of our
Vixters are not intuitively ubicquitous, but on*
:lv instructively so,
b. ldg- dust, as the figures
Cash sales,
as these bridges ai
drews waS received, twt to® *te Wf pu jn
73,105 46*.
Land Wamust woriw, 48,251 12).
Total, 121,359 88|.
VSTThe Cupdd Report* in speaking l'eed
J. .»J|Ili»gre»tlytobt.r^eted, tht »o Iittlf w.th'U.e.Md thy littWoM*.
truly seen thr ign the unpenetrable ved which attention has been paid to the growing years, practised at the Cedar County Bar,:
Sts«^res the future. But /r'
lVe have been told or read Mmcwkm Qli no we nere, did but often thought
l"'»i »f "fP'-Le
of their present Judge remark* it» fol
"Judge SHTTH,SO far as we can learn, uue sheet, ior it is nut ready to meet
has won the general approbation and es- thine eye that thou may est under-
Judge SrrvTft has for a
fruit in this county. It is tne common where his gentlemanly and high toned p3f)ne hour lost in the morning by
fMwiTd'^wTof^"^ e'ouT "hkh|or through out little State of Cedar, how and his ability and success as a lawyer, 8 of the day. The curious Frviv hman loosed into
i.. .i u k-. .i .u k .. lAitroU We rfrroi* to lam from i One hour gained by rising early is the blana au.a/einent ol Sir Astley s
nhen clo-ely s. inned. t,1. to the .nhab.ant, of strange it is, that they have no Iruit here,! many laurels. We regret to low
fcch aancfrtunate town t^at they the dis. no orchards planted out. Let these re-, our Bar, so valuable a member. One l^le a fence will cost tenjimesi "I saved eleven out of thirteen. How
!'narks be no longer made, let ail deter-j ^Courtingis an institution made up as much as it will to fix it at once. many did you save out of your handrwd
lingers ol an onrclerting tcoarg*, which is fast i
pprv.a:h"ij: to hurl th.' djo*n«l p'.ace to au ul
tlmafe and unavoidable destruction.
mine without hesitation to have fine of flutes and moonlight—a jterioiL that One unruly animal w»M l«»arn all oth
Call and brings discretion to a lull stop, and mark* ers in company lad tricks.
with a star the morning of our hoj»es.— One drunkard will keep a family poor
OT0Uths 3ir,to
fru" kiM3are
urge upon all to purchase the paper return* thanks to his friends for
I ,V Hf.rvo.irl
orc^ar'!1' *mce
ht,k•v:t ourJ»roundlor°ur!tendtoinakeanya!hwion,or
tpouii.. i vhm
The Pioneer KMMI,
in the State. All ol them cannot be ex-
pected to win this honor and we know of
company so likely to become its re-
cipier.ts, as the one whose busy lalxir-
Bluff JI.»use, eight stores and all the! ?°°d
much sufii riug must necessa-
Fort Des Moines, t'tuit almost the entire'city. 'when he ts tied."
llus ,s a
[City has been destroyed by fire. The) Other roads mil bt built, and all in' ..yes," thought we, and how easilyfthe
tim".\awl rtJ0,cf
in passing over deportment, ha* won. him many friends,:lying bed. will put back all the busin-j tim* did you save his life f*
illt0 a'nge|.,
the'bees tut ki-ep u|. the mp-
like to.
ity and certainty of contraction, but w*:
Utroke an that you igand flaiirishing city, are forced to believe that the fir*t loco- |0*A woolly horse trick wafc played
undertakes will sail twenty-two mi.'es an hour, ?t has come, too, ill an uniavorablc 8»^a- motive whistle in Iowa will be heard off a few days since, on the good |»eoploI
Jmva V''
deuce which we receive of their prosper- lutr^ii Trih Ii
a,ld uur bearts 8,1 Wat
their lungs but Iittlf breathe!
Nonsense what dependently of positions, contract, a mo*
taken eastward on the, olletf the lungs are like a Madder n theif
that it woul earnestly at wore in the structure, and can stretch open double
little atten-
to thf manner of breathing. Reo
p0rf,.tt safety, giving a
imniunhy irom
air w, bretfthe, sJpj^ng
lhe be,l in
fTom the be
,hejr hands by the Rail Road company,' with your head back and y
by the llail Koad company,
place yourself in an
erect posture,
our shoulders
the air that can be got in then hohl
your breath as long as possible. Repeat
grain of please. Done in a cold breathe is much
heaps of bct'er bfrau?.'th.« air ismnch denser, and
w,II an
,n s do bnsuiess-—and as a body corporate, have not gold, or rather a gram of wtsdom would J^Ah^h^tTKxlrcasinir the chest in if too good not to be related:
done a stnjik 'haight" Hut th*u the facts, the t*. the means of luaituig tor tiieia heaps
thJs n,anner,
lows Citv aa ran- pje tirarf *.»reenwiw»o imo win- mraio ma inn",
.. me need a monthly ]aier lor boys and the elegerue for which the establishment
do i«, and it wnl be built "Ttie Little Pilgrim."— is noted. Being somewhat annoyed with
just as certain as the sua is the source of .j( js pushed in Philadelphia.—£.r. the airs of the servant who waited on
j' l.ittl..
Wednesday evening we paitici-
i I
||1 "lit (liitu uiatl !hI V II laillMM
pjgt, W(,
funds raised bv the
a man eaU a
neighbors the unavoidable fate of aink'iig :.u 1 .. .. ,. "4l inz srrace, we may suspect him of want judge fined the offenders ten dollars. HIGHLY 1MPORTAJ
x.11 union 01 me v.mj tc 1 nrii.mienw.
Iowa City Land Offi/e—Busi
ness for October.
§63,155 48i.
4,9.30 00.
W« pla,„.v«ell: hU duty apr„,.d,Un,,o giv. Tl„
the truth woLld offend thee. j"«ieaed over the pail of
and „,ak, tlu-rn iaeral.k.
honeycomb—the heart be- One good newspaper is a good thing
tnat taere is
no law in the State t6 imprison for debt.
-Ex, r.
a|M, bys the loun.
10 loafer? *»kc 1 BTop shofV
1 grog-shop make* r© drunkards.
60 drunkards ruii. 50 familie".
SI) families fill 1 pw*
himsell. When thou dost enter into his hens and a rooster—the hens will layj.
um° thyseif
A very liaRov remark was made
by a young lady, who, as the phrase ,s,
••was g.,ing out a
Purcliase, and ourword^ Nearly every railroad enterprise in helped to a seat in the carriage by the! "'''aT^T
t0 tjKi rxj9t to unlj,. t|ie
dene -in their integrity and honesty ol len^tii of the halter, she instantly re-1
•... w Mb 1 s s .«*4 I.
ami jail.
poor-house and jail make 1 great biH rf
1 great bill of costs make 1 poor toWB#
poor town drains the county treasW/.
1 bankrupt county is a great Stat* ta*.
1 £reat State tax exhaustu the uational fund.
S loo
its inake 1 wish.
2 wishes make 1 call.
2 calls make 1 inviUtf^^,.^.
2 limitations make 1 (tram.
4 drains nutke 1 non-scruple.
5 non-scruples make 1 spree,
2 sprees make i high.
2 highs make I boexy
2 boozy s make 1 how-coroe-yon-so.
2 how-eome-you-sos make 1 drunk.
1 drunk makes 1 jail.
V drunks make 1 fit of delirium tremens.
Tliree fi'.s of delirium tremens make 1 death,
Jj^Three or four weeks ago an annus-
th«' air is much denser, and ing im klent too* place atone of the most
much more powert'ullv in expan-' splendid ot the New Yor* Hotels, whichi
it will become flexible and! A distinguished southern gentleman,'simple by the Sultan.
evpansiule, and will enlarge the capacity formerly a ...ember of the cabinet, wasaj The efforts of diplomatic negotiations-
size of the lungs. boarder in the house, and prelerring are now dieected procuring the mml
that it, not to eat at the tadU d'hotd, had his asaelit of the C*ar and Sttltaii ta that
From a recent marriage notice which him —he desired him, one day at dinner
we have seen in 'he papers, we opine to retire. The uegro bowed and tooii
ti.at it is more than probable she will liis stand directly behind the gentleman's, except Mberalinis of opinion. The Um-
*»-The communication of I. ft. An- H/isA in the course of a few months, a chair. Supposing him gone, it was with' ted States Consul had done what he could
should not find whites cohabil%| ScavED THKM RIGHT.—The Macomb
^ie Railroad Bazaar, which jng with blacks, inulattues.aiid quadroons, Gazette is in liuit—011 the occasion of a
dmner wlthout 1
who will nriiike a noise some impatience that a minute alter, the and was met mostly by public ofticera.
vvorid as soon as issued. We im- gentleman saw him step forward to re- He was eventually released, but he was
agine it will be bound in muslin, and set, move the soup. required to sign a declaration that he
''Fellow," saii! he, "leave the room, I would never revisit Italy. This he re
in small cops.—Chici^o Prets.
wish to be alone.
"Excuse me, sir,*' said CufTee, draw-
HIT.—The A'orih British Rmkm,
speaking of the prejudice against color ing himsell up stiftiy, "bid I om TtspoMl
in 'he United States, says: "It cannot bit far ike nilver.
the Probate Court of Macomb count) the I
jU(lgt u- 1 1 u 1 .1
but not want o( or! apiece, one third ol the fine being devoted
disgust for the food."—.Yoliotial Era. to the service of the Court, another third
alter as eagerly as PfttwTBas PaovEans.—Never inquire! parties, and the remaining third to the i ®c
1" seek the glittering thnti of th^ editOT, the news for behold printer who reported the proceedings.
^at'hou ninety eg.« each
.that will be ISO eggs-:
dost not wok at what may be lying allowing one-third to prove addle, we are
joperi lor tiiat is not meet in the eyes of sure of 220 chicks, or 60 pairs, which at
good breeding. Never examine thou five dollars per pair is worth H300.
Prefer thint vn county paper to any
a moutfin the y ar. who in8tan, Vwd.
ing tlie Yankees, that a considerable coin- jo bathe at the same place. Falsehood
pany ol them was made up to emigrate
„r king them abroad. They told us they vain for her own proper dress— disdain-
««h»ngedow not m- .wrmld have uk.-i. up with its tail, il tney
as we feel^ratlier sensitive on this .lots* thief, but not being so swift on foot, has
the reins she caused the horse to
our very doors have exacted our mnfi- tied, but finding the animal could only go'pla^P'
prairies of Clinton of K-ntu ky. A junior Barnurn adver-'
been known
She iiad been'
Iowa has assumed the title ot "Pioneer trentleman who was to armninat.v L.r —rrom the fcanuwieh Islands tin** grcssional districts, the
rigor to Ute business aspect of our! *»Ah! how easily I can drive a horse and British Consuls had prates-' *tor.
can drive when we're tied, too.-~4£!,ed
rily follow. But they have there, the!co,",t ^«*d for .exhibition a man nineteen feet, Vork election which are sutned up by »0Q majority oniy."'"fhe 'whigli'liwe
ierve and energy to buiia up their city!
3 to seen
.. creasing activity and energy of opera-'week only, as the wonder was en route! Total vote.—'Whigs. 158.00ft fluid, since last year, when they had 10 major*
.oon, ana. tn a hotter style man it was tions upon the Lyons Road, irom its for Europe. The youth was nineteen 95,000 Soft, 91,0(H). In round num- itv— their majority thus iar Uing S7.-^
oefore the devouring element sei*ed it. starting pomt to its present terminus at feet, seven inches high, but unfortunately, hers. S.«nats—-Whigs have 22, Hr.rds, 5, The whigs will also have a large major-
ftMt of tho
property adjoining Tipton, on the'Jy at tne speedmess with winch this all by a step ladder. The dodge exhibited 2S, Softs, 20, Free Dem., to elect their governor
fct. (4,0)0
It is not fit that thou shouldst ask him' says: I *'an ^\^y between Kalafal and Lu
who is the author of an article for his "With our six dollars and sixty-six^"en Russians were iorced to
{duty juires hint to keep such things to cents, we are going to buy two Shanghaei
of'and pay in advance, and it snail be well surgery. He replied that he had perform- wheat 10s 6d to 10« Sd red,^ little offer
":*L .1-.. .— adthe opeiation about thirteen times. ing at 10s id western canal llour, 3fw
"Ah, but Monsieur, I have done him!,0 Philadelphia, Baltimore and
It is hard lura man who has seen E'i-
this story
YAMBEE EsTEa.'BisE.—Prof. Jewett,! "NAKED TatTH."—The late eccen-
o„« of ou, .^.tuc, ...rtled trie JohU ,K«1 f,^,,,„lv in h»
peo,Je with the predietion. that the late «ddre»se. to different )urie». to'. xpiain
comet would impinge in its orbit upon the meaning of the phrase 'naked truth,"
our'.arth, and t\ nsequently it w,is feared, by relating the following table:
woidd 1* the cause of considerable danger. I ..Troth'and Falsehood traveling one
So tar. however, was thi from Irighten-
gentleman who was to accompany her, ,,
grasped the reins while he stepped "f'Ws
... ,,
forward. She ie what star- ^afl' Consul, appointed in his Governor, W. H. Mus.,- Sec'y of StnC#-.
ea ii
step has Wn tasentowards
i. A a .... .. JL r.
W®w l'orfc lilet'«ion»
i ,,
Northkii»'.vss»the(^etrikla jM,opartjr,wisaowjluiP«rtant work is to be consumingted, ®so much impudence, that longbefore| The Tribune belivcs that no less than!officers. The contest hasb«.ett the watm
rterted for sale at the very low pi* of ten| I«bt has given way to an enthusiastic nightlall, the exhibition had become the' 20 or 32 Senators and 80 of the 128 As-' eat and the most erciWog for many yesra.
usanl dollars, a fine chance tor capiuKslsto* faitn, and diversity of opinion is fast di- .most successful that had eve* visaed the! semblymea are Ul far jr of the Maine1 The whigs celebrate^ their victor* laat
ov^rt thtlr 2. i :'.ti aishi^.--CiptM Reporter. kas^»lHM«uiir.-.
land of hoe-cakes and tobacco. Law jfciffht by fa e-workt.
»1*TEi'E* ItJtPtl*
Hl.lv AL of THF. STilAMsHlP AHAMA.
il|AWr«rii ts LiMirt* »tna*»
HMtilUlts Camnraeel t». Iki*
Isovv York. Nov. 17.
The steamship Arabia arrived n ith.
three days later news. Left Liverpool
tlu- 5th, arrived at 9.30 this morning.—
Reliable information's scanty. It is true
the Turks have crvesed the Danube in
strong force und occupied the Knlapat.
It was rumored, but li'.H authentic, tliat
the Russians had attavked and defeated
In C-ircassia, however^ the Mountain
eers have defeated the Russians and cap
tured the forts.
Pas Kiewith had gone out to take ae-
count 0|
the Russian army in the princi-
It is s'ated that the Austrian Enrey
had pressed on the Sultan to accept a
new note which the Czar approves on
ondition of its being accepted pure and
Tliere was talk of opening a Turkish
loan with ti.e United States.
A naturalized American citizen nam
ed Papin, had been kept in custody by
the Austrian officials on no charge at all
fused to do and he is still kept under sur
veillance. It apjtears to be a esse lor
the prompt attention of the United States*
The ship Victoria, which left here to
day for New York, took fire in the river
0,11,11 u,t
10 the poH* »h° at'resteii the guilty i, ?oinS on bmkly ,a W.!-
.1_ .L:.J .1.:. lochia. O Turks had appeared at
*!,000 !ir
dl .ho pr« by W™"".
eiviwr it aid «n.l cinl.m wolth lum^. di.p.wh«l to A»
When thou dost wTite for his paper, The editor of the Gazette is as much! P"®*' eonsidereblo
never say say unto him "what thinkest eyhilerated with his prospects and his
thou of my piece for it may be that share oi ti»e procewls as the girl was who! ^,
apptar a
risr6t-'' a"' rL" uP°n
ie lown. 11
gland and France in motion* to forget '28,409. Wales, l.^ ki r, 5,966. Sca|J
wa„n day, met a fWvTt a,ld w.Mt
fomin£r fir8t ou, of the waUr t(Mjk hj,
to the new country, as soon as it should companions clothes and left his own vile
be annexed, and were amazingly disap- foment,
jointed, that it passtnl a.\ay Without ta- Truth coming out of the water, sought in
ing t0
be person- a.uld wit W #t a l.oUloA..any better Truth started all naked, in pursuit of the
then went on Ins way-
wear the garb of Falsehood—
i a .•
King atrainst such an act, and
Commissioners had re-
a finn ,,ut
'.lis movement had caused the g^tatest
excitement in the island.
ter ensue ....
Turk^ and a hke num^r of Ru».
a MC
The American ship Cliallenge had put
Livrafoat MAIKIT.—-Cotton contin
ued dull lur inferior grades but without
deduction of quotations sales of the week
32,000 bales.
lQ**Sir Asbly Cooper, on visiting the
French capital, was asaed by the surgeon I
en chff of the empire, how many times lie 70 pounds Is to Is 8d per barrel on
other, and suliscribe immediately for it, had performed some wonderful feat of dour. Com quiet nnd unchanged white
'one hundred and sixtv time. How many! Ctfiio, 37s to 37a ttd. Indian corn, 66a
and sixty cases V
"Ah, Monsieur, I lose dem ail but
de operation was very brilltam.it."
Breadstuff's—Wheat declined 3d to 4d
white and yellow.
Provisions—Little doing in either Veef
or pork. Bacon sells freely. Lard quiet
at 59s.
Massachusetts Elect lots,
Returns from 113 towns show the fo|»^
lowing result lor Gov. Whig, 57,1
Bifhop. dcni 32WiNoi, tree aoi|
termg, 800. The proposed new conati»
tutiou is defeated by 5,000. The whig*
have gained in the House. The whigS
have also a majority of Senators.
BOSTO*, Nov. 16.
Three inspectors ol election, name#
Hugh Mouney, Win. Turner and WrlL
Muir.iy, were arrested to-day ou cliarg#
trmud. Gaztltt.
Wikcsasia Election.
The 1)
emocratic candidate for Gover|^%
or, it is ladieved, has been elected by
000 tu 4000 majority, and the Main La*
has carried by about 2,000 majority.
ACliKOH, Miss., Nov. 11.
The Miwsissippmn lias returns of thn
overtaken the fugitive. Ever since taction held on Monday, large portion
.*** I of the State, which it
important. Dr. Judd elected: Dr. B. Wright. W. 8. llarrj,
halter. By tight- !ia" ^V11,n',nov,?d from the office of Mill- O. R. Singleton, W. P. Harris, and W.
and Elisha H. Allen,! Burkewlale. Jolm McRae ia elect«4
says has gone De
ocratic by from 5,000 to fe,t»00 innjorny
THE S AXDWICII Is- ON the State ticket. In the several Con*
following siw
In the Legislature there is n Democrntio
Foute majority, which quite certain
The defeats that gJutlemanfor Uie U. S. SMSL
Boston, Nov. 15.
MASsaeavsKTTs Ei.Ecrio.t.—The \ota
in 31 towns is, for governor, Waslibura
(whig) 57,682, Bishop (dem 32,676*
ilson (lieesoil) 28,459, Wules, (hun-
'ker) .,16(5, aeattering H00. Tlie new
Greely a^follows: __ {gained fonsiderbly in the legislature
altitude was made Softs, 2. Assembly- W higs, 90, Hards, ity in the senate, which will enable »4n
.l..f..«ted by Irom 4000 to
and all th^ir Stata

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