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We are having beautiful weather up
re.jrt present. Some days are just
fie. Spring.
ivitation are out for the wedding of
liiss Cornelia Gordon and Mr. Walter
B. Smith of Cleveland, Ohio, the happy
event to take place Tuesday evening,
Deo. 17, at Pilgrim Baptist Church, fol
lowed by a reception at the home of the
Mrs. Lottie Shannon passed away last
week, having been a victim of the flu.
Slie was buried from the undertaker's.
She leavges a husband and two small
Mrs. Zora Johnson, who has been a
long and patient sufferer if a complica
tion of diseases, died at her home Mon
day morning and was buried Wednes
Mis. John Lewis entertained a few
friends Saturday evening in honor of
Mr. Lewis' birthday. The affair was a
nrprue and enjoyed by all. Progres
sive whist was the main feature of the
evening's entertainment.
Mr. Geo. Duckett is home and con
fined to his bed by severe illness. He
is some better at this writing.
A very largely attended and enthusi
astic meeting of the ez-board of the
State Federation of Women 'a Clubs was
held at the residence of Mrs. Mattie
Wade Hicks, 953 Hondo St., Friday
afternoon. The ladies arranged to hold
their midwinter meeting in February as
usual. Other important matters were
taken up at this meeting.
Several pf our people had the flu in a
mild form.
Bev. J. C. Andersen, the new pastor
at St. James A. M. E. Church, and for
mer pastor of Quinn Chapel, Chicago,
after arriving in our city to take up his
work, immediately launched a $3,000.00
rally and in one month's time has raised
cash of that amount over $2,200.00, with
the other $800.00 on the way. In fact,
he expects to go over the top. Bev. An
derson has paid off all the indebtedness
ef St. James, and she is now free from
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rheumatic twinges
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It makes short hair *row lone and beauti
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The newest colorings the best
quality, at
50c to $5
all encumbrances, which speaks well for
the Bev. St. James expects to com
mence building a new edifice next
spring. We are all well pleased with
Bev. Anderson.
A financial rally is on foot for the
Crispus Attuek Orphanage and Old
Folks Home. $1,000 is the amount to be
raised between St. Paul and Minneapo
lis, as this is a home for the colored peo
ple of the Twin Cities. Of course they
are succeeding in their efforts. St. Paul
and Minneapolis generally get just what
they go after.
Minnesota is to have a Colored Na
tional Home Guard unit.
(Special to Bystander.)
Mr. Editor: Your many subscribers
at this place will no doubt like to read
this little saying of some of them.
There were two splendid programs
rendered at both churches Thanksgiving
and a neat sum raised to benefit the
churches, A. M. E. and Baptist. It
snowed, but this did not stop Bev.
Bhodes to come and spend half the day
with us, and returned to his church at
Salisbury the other half. Thus we real
ize we have a brave pastor, a Baptist
for true. His volunteer committee did
not shirk the work he left them. They
realized that God never leaves nor for
sakes those that put their trust in Him.
Committee: Mesdames C. Duncan, F.
Herrold, P. Smith, T. Scroggins. We all
united and praised God from whom all
blessings flow.
The family of Mrs. Isabella Moorman
held a reunion to cheer her, who is para
lyzed, but not entirely helpless. All
were present.
Mrs. Earnest Christopher is visiting
her mother at Dalton, Mo., Mrs. Fannie
Mrs. S. A. Pettigrew is the guest of
Mrs. Carrie Duncan.
Miss Jackson and Mrs. Buth Flenoy
are making good in our public school.
Some of our boys have returned from
the camp. We welcome them home to
Miss Mary Ford spent Thanksgiving
at home. While here she ente'rtained
the Dunbar Club, of which she is a mem
ber. After a lengthy series of enjoy
ment alio served a six o'clock three
course dinner. Goose and all the good
gravy the favored menu. Mrs. S. T.
Pettigrew the honored guest. Members
present: Mesdames E. Bedding, F.
Flenoy, A. and M. Christopher, Bev. and
Mrs. Wilkins, Misses Julia Moorman
and Lottie Ewing. Associated by the
officers of the Bed Cross: Mesdames D.
Boone, C. Duncan and F. Herold.
Mrs. Sallie Jones and Mrs. Chollette
Allen are very sick at their homes.
Mr. Sam Bolden and wife are sick.
The flu is raging in town, but we are
trusting in the Lord and according to
His word we will understand it better
by and by.
Last Week.
Saturday last Mrs. Geo. Lewis, Sr.,
was called to Minneapolis by the illness
of her daughter and daughter-in-law.
Mrs. Addie Elliot was hostess to a
dinner on last Sunday, Dec. 8th, in
honor of Bev. E. B. Edwards and fam
A meeting of the N. A. A. C. P. was
called by the president, Mr. N, S. Page,
at the residence of Mrs. Wm. Downey,
for Thursday.
Mrs. Etnas King and Mrs. Henrietta
Horn are the first people of the race
here to have received Christmas gifts
from overseas. Mrs. King's son, Cor
poral Julius King, has sent his mother
a beautiful throw of white silk shally,
trimmed with a wonderful profusion of
silk braid. Mrs. Horn, his grandmother,
received a beautiful grey throw. Both
were hand made.
The Blind Boone company left on
Monday morning for Centerville, Iowa,
after' a pleasant and profitable stay in
Ottumwa as the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas N. Davis. The concert given
by them at the Mt. Zion A. M. E. church
was a splendid one, unexcelled for qual
ity and succcss to the church.
For Eczema, Tetter and Salt Rheum.
The intense itching characteristic of
these ailments is almost instantly al
layed by Chamberlain's Salve.
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Always Travels in Troubled
Waters and Answers (Every
Cry of Distress.
Christmas Roll Call Gives Every One
Chance to Take Part in
Rebuilding Our Broken
The American Red Cross is perhaps
like nothing so much as a stanch and
loyal ship In a storm. It goes Its way
with senses tuned to catch any cry for
help. And when that cry comes, it
drives Instantly and withont fear
straight to the place of distress, in
flood and fire and disaster, just as the
ship braves the perils of tumbling
seas and hazardous rescue work. And,
again, like the ship. It STANDS BY
till those endangered are helped to
Meanwhile the rest of the world,
busy with its own problems, hurries
home during these times of storm and
stress, and draws down the blinds.
At least that is the way it has been
In the past. But now comes the Christ
mas Roll Call. And it Is a privilege,
not a pest. It has no preferences. It
plays no favorites. It makes no ex*
ceptlons. It summons every man,
woman and child in the country. It
holds out to each one the blessed op
portunity to ride on every Red Cross
tihlp of mercy, to speed with every
Red Cross train of relief that encir
cles the earth on their errands ol
The only way for anyone to esoape
the possibility of some time having to
accept CHARITY from the Red Cross
1$ to become ONE with the Red Cross.
Tor terrible calamity may come to ut
all. The money wealth of the Belgian:
was as nothing when they were strlppec
of clothing, and food. And that feel
ing of oneness with the organization
that our men on the other side hav
had during the war was not merely
great, but was the GREATEST, factoi
In enabling the Red Cross to give the
efficient aid that it did.
Let us remember what Mrs. Mar
garet Laing, canteen worker In France
told about our boys who came out ol
the hospitals without money:
"Sometimes they would be able tt
make up a few cents between them,'
she said, "and sometimes they did no1
have anything. They would hang be
hind those who could pay. And thej
would look at the food so wistfull]
that it made one fight back the tears
The only way we could get them tc
take what they needed and craved wai
by saying: 'You know, boys, this wa«
all paid for by your own people at
home/ Then immediately their attl
tude would change and they would
say: 'Why, yes, my mother' or 'my sis
ter gives to the Red Cross.' And thei
how they would pitch in."
We are proud, we Americans. W
do not want something for nothing
And here is our glorious opportunity
to take the rest of our ""nation by tin
hand, and with all pride and dignity In
sure ourselves of our own help in tlnn
of. adversity.
This Christmas Roll Call gives every
one a chance to be a "Dollar Man.'
And most of us can be one right a|
home. For by joining the Red Crost
now and paying the dollar we becomi
as actively engaged In the great worl
as if we were giving all of our timt
to it. We are merely making our dol
lar substitute for those of us who an
too busy to give all of our time to th
Red Cross.
Some of the great achievements ol
the Red Cross have been told over an4
over, until the facts may seem old
you. But on this occasion they ar
worth telling again. We should no{
forget, for Instance, how the womes
of this nation, like our first Colonial
mothers, turned suddenly into greai
manufacturers and made garments an!
supplies worth $50,0Q0,000 last year
Nor let us forget how $111,000,000 wai
sent Into the devastated countries dur
lng the time while men and women,
giving their time for nothing, wenl
with those dollars to see that thes
were used in the way they were mosl
needed. And the American Red Crosi
sent medicines and anesthetics to th
hospitals of France when they wen
almost unobtainable, so that our boyi
and their allies might' have some re
lief from the torment of their wounds
and a chance at ultimate recovery.
There are so many things to tell
that It Is Impossible to spread th«
whole story in this limited space. Bal
each worker will know. For the let
ters that have come from the boys In
the camps "over Jiere" and from the
fields "over there" have been full ol
the reasons. Ask the mother of any
boy who was Imprisoned behind the
cruel lines where food was scarce even
for tho enemy army, but who got hia
20 pounds of biscuits, pork and beans,
cocoa and other good, wholesome
things, every week.
The roofs are at hand everywhere.
The reasons are manifest. Everyone
should become a member of the widest,
best and holiest crusade the world
has ever known. Membership In the
Red Cross should be more universal
than taxes as universal as the public
school, public opinion, or our own pub*
lie government ,4 /-j,
(Special to Bystander.)
Amidst the pleasant things of this
life also comes death and sorrow. The
funeral of Mary Ray Taylor, the wife
of Jesse Taylor, was largely attended
Thursday at the A. M. E. Church. The
life of no one was more beautifully por
trayed than hers, as a young Christian
woman, wife, and mother, by her pastor,
Rev. Harris, assisted by Bev. G. D.
The flu epidemic is bad in our town.
No fatal cases among our people as yet.
Miss Annie Henderson has returned
home after a four months' stay at the
Barnard Hospital in 8t. Louis, Mo., very
much improved. We are glad to have
Miss Annie home and well once more.
nTss*Cvdia Tatufh of Dalton, Mo., ac
companie'd Mrs. S. T. Pettigrew home
as her week end guest.
Miss Oletha Davis is making her home
with her aunt, Mrs. G. D. Saunders. She
is a charming little miss and we wel
come her in our young girls society.
Some of our soldier boys have re
turned home from camp, they say to
stay, which is another sign of a little
more peace on earth.
Bev. G. D. Saunders took advantage
of the "ban" being off last Sunday
and asked his church to rally. They
had been barred from having any serv
ices for nearly two months. Bev. Down
ey of Moberly, Mo., preached, as usual,
a soul stirring sermon for Rev. Saunders
at 2 p. m. The pastor continued his
services and rally. The total church
collections were $370.00. All sang
Praise God From Whom All Blessings
Few Escape.
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ing at least one cold during the winter
months, aad they are fortunate who
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troubled with a cough or cold, and with
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To Whom It May Concern:
Notice is hereby given of the organi
zation of a corporation for pecuniary
profit under the provisions of Chapter.
1, Title IX, of the Code of Iowa, and
acts amendatory thereof and supplemen
tal thereto, as follows:
The name of this corporation is the
PORATION, and its principal place of
business is at Des Moines, Polk County,
Iowa its Articles of Incorporation are
of record in the office of the recorder of
deeds of Polk County, Iowri, and also in
the office of Secretary of the State of
Iowa, and a certificate of incorporation
has been duly issued pursuant to law.
The object and purpose of this cor
poration shall be the handling of securi
ties of every kind and description, and
especially securities in which banks,
trust companies and insurance com
panies may lawfully invest it shall
have the right to purchase or otherwise
acquire, hold, handle, sell and otherwise
dispose of all forms of negotiable paper
or other securities of every class or
character to deal in warehouse receipts,
bills of lading, patents, trade marks,
and copyrights to borrow, or raise
money, by the issuing and selling of
bonds, bills of exchange, notes, certifi
cates and other commercial paper or
corporate obligations, and to secure the
payment thereof by mortgages, deeds of
trust or otherwise to act as bailee of
money, securities or other things of
value, and to provide safety deposit
boxes for its customers to act as fiscal
or financial agents, and as holding com
pany for others to purchase, or other
wise acquire, hold, develop, deal in,
manage, operate, develop, sell and other
wise dispose of real estate and real es
tate interest to guarantee and defend
the title to real estate to act as real es
tate or insurance agents to promote
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and give financial aid to corporate en
terprises of every kind and character
to investigate the credit, financial solv
ency and sufficiency of borrowers. (See
Article III of the Charter.)
The amount of Capital Stock of this
corporation is One Hundred Thousand
($100,000) Dollars, divided into nine
teen hundred (1900) shares of Common
stock of the part value of Fifty ($50)
Dollars each, and one hundred (100),
shares of Founder's stock of the par
value of Fifty ($50) Dollars each. No
stock shall be sold for less than 100%
of its par value, and no certificate shall
be issued for such stock until the cor
poration has received payment thereof
in cash, or property and before any
such stock is issued for anything other
than cash, authority for such exchange
must be secured from the Executive
Council fcf the State of Iowa, as fey law
This corporation commenced business
on the 24th day of October, 1918, and
shall continue for a period of twenty
years thereafter unless sooner dissolved
by a majority of the holders of the
Founder's stock issued and outstand
ing provided, however, that the cor
porate period of this corporation may be
extended for the time and in the man
ner, as provided by law.
The affairs of this corporation shall
be conducted by a Board of Directors
consisting of nine members, elected by
and from the stockholders, which shall
be held on the third Tuesday of October,
1919, at o'clock P. M., at the office of
the company in Des Moines, Iowa. The
Common shareholders are entitled to
elect four directors, and the holders of
the Founder's stock shall be entitled to
elect five members, or one more member
than the number elected by the holders
of the Common shares.
An Executive Committee, consisting
'of three members, elected by and from
the directors, shall be vested with all
the powers of the Board of Directors,
and enjoy all of the rights and privi
leges of the Board when the same is not
in session, and when a meeting of
Founder's stockholders is not being
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An Advisory Board, consisting of n«t
less than fifteen nor more than twenty
five members, shall be appointed by tha
Board of Directors from the stockhold
ers, and shall meet with the Board
Directors or Executive Committee in aa
advisory capacity.
The Board of Directors shall elect
from their own number the three mem
bers of the Executive Committee,
chairman, a president, a viee presidemt,
a secretary, and a treasurer and also
from the stockholders, the members of
the Advisory Board and also such other
officers, representatives and employees
as the Board may deem necessary.
Until formal action is taken by the
Board of Directors, the Board of Diree
tors shall consist of J. G. Tharp, B. T.
Rhine, and H. L. Johnson and J. G.
Tharp shall be president and treasurer,
and B. T. Rhine shall be vice president
and secretary.
The highest amount of indebtedness
to which this corporation may at a»J
time subject itself shall not exceed two
thirds of its paid-up and outstanding
Capital Stock.
The private property of stockholders
is exempt from corporate debts and lia
bilities, except for the unpaid Capital
Dated this 23rd day of November,
1918, at Des Moines, Iowa.
President & Treasurer.
Vice President & Secretary.
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