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,WP. WHTOt, ... tdittf ait Pnprittf.
T. K. WILTOK, . . . luvnut Managtr.
Suusckiition, 3.50 l'r.K Annum,
Invahiaiily in Advance.
Jail f.lrMk t frtllr,
Jt fBlU IMU1l U D IWMt,
Jaat rntf tftavh la ta alllj,
Jul ilalat anoaib Ukttil.
Jaat Ull nonh U U (Tferrilt
J art atljat DOl foff lift
Ja.l draw aaaagb la ta laalf M,
Jaataiairi atiab U Waf,
Jail Uara taoaib I U t4r,
Jaat alba raaaa'b U aa aad,
Jaat aoA eaaugh ta rwn1icr
Tawr Strati Ihn' tba raJrara aiaj gtaJ.
Jut Biaai aaaatb fcr CaktHlMloA,
Jul LeM aaaafh ta Va Wart,
Jul aaUlaaaauah IW awblUaa,
Jaallboafblfalaaaiifb W trt?.
A laa,u IktlCM talk altbaatbinataf,
Jul aalaabUr tnuk U Imii
yilltri lUABt CMu(h U La cbaMlat,
Oaaarawa taawfli.aajblau.aaartad.
Ftr u tk tapta alara;
Ok. fraaa bar mi I aartr U pirtiJ,
Tm 114k to lk aaals I kf a.
A Stttmtkip PnKt. fit Dajt f Cunp.
project ! on foot In thli city to
etfahlith a purely American line of
fast passenger steamera to ply between
New York and tome port on the- llrit
Uli coast. The plan, ccorJing to if
projector, Mr. Jacob Loril lard, is to
build thip which will take passengers
from New York Monday morning
and place them in London before Sat
urday night, making the trip from
land to Und in fir days or tiro and a
half dart.
Mr. 1orillard laid to a reporter;
"Our veaaela will be COO feet loog.and
will be built of itcci to reduce weight.
Thaywill be provided with power
three tlmea ai great In proportion to
their displacement aa la obtained bjr
ihipa now afloat. Theie feature
mean ipeed. They will bo divided
Into water-tight compartmeiita, rend
ering them absolutely uniinkable.
There will be fifty auch compartmcuta
in each ahip. Thia meana safely.
Weahall carry no freight of any aort.
We ahall provide no accommodation!
fur emigrant. Everything i to be
in firit-olas atylc. Our veaaela will
be virtually floating palaces. .What
Pullman 'a parlor coachea are in the
railway aervice our ship will bo on
the ocean.
Weahall build three ahipa to
tart witk. Each ahip will have ac
commodation! for 500 pasiengert,
and each will probably1 coat over
11.000,000, probably 11,250,000. Aa
yet it i impoaiible to quote exact
figure. The eatimatca we deaire are
not given ua. We ahaU not run to
Liverpool. Our landing place will
Milford lUven, in Walea, which i
200 mile nearer London than ia Liv
erpool. It harbor, too, can be entered
on all tide. Upon thia aide of the
ocean we thai! aave thouiandi of
dollar yearly by the fact that we
ball be able to escape wharfage as
earnest. Carrying only patsen
era, it will be our plan to anchor
in mid stream, as do menof-war,and
have abore communication by meana
of tender. Lying oil the Ilattery,
we would be aa easily acceitible at
are vessels at the city piers."
"Wheu will you be ready for bus
iness' asked the reporter.
"lly the apring of 1883, but not
before. Our veatela are yet to be
built, and the greater part of our ar
rangements in other matters are still
incomplete, I)ut by the date I men
tion we tliall be in perfect readiness.
Our sueccaa ia assured ao laras capital
The lino will be called the "Ainer
can Express Line," Scientific Amer
ican, "A Young Man whose father was
very wealthy, and who moved among
the First Families, was married to a
beautiful girl. After the Nuptial
Ceremony waa concluded, and just be
fore the Happy Pair were about to
tart on their wedding jouney, the
bridegroom went up to his uiothcr-Iu-law
and kissed her. A friend who
was standiog by, and waa amaied at
thia Extraordinary Action, aiod the
bridegroom for an explanation of bis
Conduct He replied: Have you nev
er read those beautiful lines by Ttnny
ton: "The bitter ere the sweet, The
thorns before the rote, Kre spriug
time comes with balmy brew, The
blast of winter blows. The Friend
aid ho had uot noticed tbeui, but he
aaw the application. This fable teach
es that because a man gets married
he l not necessarily wholly bereft of
Bu.H Chicago Tribune fable.
An old gentbmau aaked a man in
our office the other day how many
children he had, by his wife. That
old mm kaowi how to ask questions.
Glasgow Times.
Hoffentltln Stti up Willi a Ccrpti.
"Mtsder Hoflensleiti,-' said Her-I
man, ciiiit, aa ne runnel into ine
store, "I shnst heard denewsdat Leon
Ilogenhcim, vat keeps do shoe adore
up town, vas dead, uud I thinks may
be you rants to go mit de funeral."
"I am sorry, Herman, dat Iton
Ilogenhcim vas dead," replied HofTen
stein, "but I don't dink dot I vill go
mit de funeral, I)e most derrlble ex
berience vat t haf in my lilo vaa ven
I sdays up von night mit a corpse.
Old Moaes klelnbcrg, vot lif at
Vicktburg, dies ven I vaa dere, und
me und Lerl Cohen, und Jacob Held
ingsfelder und some more vent oud to
his house to sit up mit de corpse. Veil,
de corpse vas in de front room, und
all uf us (lakes seata on do gallery by
a viodow vere vecartseo in de room.
Avay in de nlghd ve dalks to keep
avake, und Levi Cohen sajs, 'Here
ra no money In telling calico, be
cause de remnant cads up all debxof
its,' und Jacob Heidingiielder aays, I
rants to tell yoo poji ut a ibccula
tion vot I makes de oder day. ou
know dat noding but a bad namo vill
hut longer dan an old army overcoat, the wholo debt of Virginia in it then will have sound flesh and sate doc
A frent uf mine vas Jelling me dot shape. The debt stood at $2fi,CO0.- tors' bills.
If I van to put up a monument to my , 000, leaving West Virginia to settle
family dot vill last until do Kou..lry,.bout SN.OOO.OftO. This McCul- ,
goes avay, not to vaate any money In Hough act was oppose.! by the Malione'
marble, but to hang up an army party, who got up the "IEid.lleb.rger tectcJ ,! o the country ..rug
f!"00.8'..'!11?11 Bfo'fiMr-'l. repudiating the debt sufficient- sliDIS there to ir,tute -their privi-
vell.l.l.nxauivatroyireniue.isme,iy to reJuco it to Jia,C55,ll(., and
urn i sees vcro i can mate .o..ie
money. I buys a lot of de overcoats
anu uai ue.n uye.. p.aca, unu iiens
get dem made into bants. I calls de I
bants Irish dree ply- Tool und sells
dem for nine dollars a Imir. Shust
den Levi Cohen says, "Hush, I dinks
I bear someding." Ve lisdens und
hears a moan, und it comes from vere
de corpse vas, und at do same dime
an owl on de bouse hoots a gouple of
hoots. I don't tay nodiog, und no
von taya noding, but I fecit dot an
ice house vat on my psck. Den ve
bears anoder moan und some knocks
on de dable over veao de corpse vas.
ICvl Cohen dry to say someding but
he couldn't sbeak, und de owl hoots
some more. My gracious, Herman,
veu I hears de moan agaiu I says,
Toys, I dinks dere vas some one at de
gate calling me, I vill go und tee vat
dey vanls.' It vaa so dark you don't
can feel vere your uote vas, und I
shust put my head down und knock
ed a hole trow de bicket fence better
aa a goat Ven I got on de ouUi.le
uf de yard all de poya dink dey hear
some one call dem too und More you
can vink your eyo dey kuocks down
four banels of de fence, und Jacob
Heidiogsfelder runs und falls in a
gully vat vas more den dwendy feet
deep. Vat you dink, Herman, it
vaa dot made do poya ao sgaredf
"I don't know, Milder lloOen
stein," replied the clerk, deeply in
terested in the story.
"Veil, it vaa noding but n dog
dat vaa sleeping under do ilable,und
he vat hitting de floor mit his dail
und growling at de fleas vot keep
him avake." New Orleans Times.
a a'
Kentucky, to use the languago of
lloila Uyan, "Never bad nnthin but
bad luck, aud never 'tqect to have
nutbln but bad luck." At leait 'tliii
ia the conviction forced upon her peo.
since the election of that hotchpotch
of faint-hearteduen, Luke P. lllack-
burn, as governor of the State. His
abuae of the pardoning power hat serv
ed in a great measure to thoroughly
disgust the pjoplo with him, and the
law-abiding citixsn will hail with joy
the day. when auother governor shall
take bis teat, ilia course in this mat
ter has been nothing but wrong from
the very start, and the longer he
holds the office tho norso it becomes.
-Hartford Herald.
Au investigation ot great impor
tance has Just Ixou completed at Furir.
It waa a scientific inquiry into the
chemical composition of the air above,
the grouud of great cemeteries. Th'w
way found to be essentially the same
aa that over arable lands generally;
and all the resulta of the investigation
indicate that there is no foundation
for the popular impression thatexteu
sive burial place evercise a noxious
inllueuce over tho region in uhich
they are situated.
Itather n, novel talo took pluco on
the publto square Thursday, from
the Court house door. Constable It
F. Christian levied on $10 SO, in cash,
in the hands of Smiley Perry, the
property of another (icrsou. Several
bidders gathered about tho auctioneer,
and the money waa started at S10.
In a few minutes it went up (o $10,00
and was knocked off. iiutsellvllle
I Herald Enterprise.
TA Ifi'rgMa Otbt
In 1801 the old funded debt of Vir.
glnla, Including llio debt contracted
beioro the separation or West Vir-
ginla, amounteil to about $15,00,000,
Tho Legislature that year poised the
consolidation bond act, which left
one third the debt, rery properly, to who ili f.ir the (Vihionable mea-urr
be paid by West Virginia. In 1871 of plumpness, and who w mid la vait
and 1872 about $20,000,000 of con- ly Improved in health and app-ar nice
aolidated honda were istucd, tearing 'could their forms be rounded with
815,000,000 of the old bonds out- goo.) solid Ileal) Nothing is more
landing. In 1872 the Legiilature coveted by n thin woman than a full
amended tho consolidation act by pro-1 figure, and nothing will so arise the
riding that the coupons of the bonds
to bo issued for the remaining 815,
000,000 or the old debts should Dot plumpnesiln a rival. In cue of lev
bo received for taxes or other dues to er and auiun.tr complaint, milk ia
the State. Under this act tMOO.OOO now given wills excellent letulir.
new bonds were issued. The Virgin The idea that milk is fereriuli has ex.
ia Court of Appeals decided that the! plodod, and it is nw the phjsicta-i,
coupons "should lie received in pay- great reliance in bringiog through ty
lueut of all taxes, debt and demands ' phoid patients, or llioae in l'o low a
of the State." The United States
Supreme Court in 1880 declared that
tlift rnuimiifl nf IIia ltmnt. t.f 1A71
, ,,, ... ..,," "'- - ... '
snouiu lie rcceireii la paymuit or tax
ea. The Mct'ullough act of 1879
provided an issue of bonds to refund
orortaing in me isce oi me nuprame
Court decsafon, that the coupons of
me Jicuougn act oon.ls should not
bo received for State due. The
hone party repudiates one-third of the
acknowledged and legal debt, with
interest, bringing the sum repudiated
up to nearly SN.yOO.OOO. This is
psdialiou and nuDification both. The
bondholders did lot, of course, give
,i . , , ,, -i, . i-
their consent to the Mahone repudis-;
, ,f
' -.. ,
Holders of natioaal bsuk stock are
not in all cases aivaro of the fact that
they arc rcjponaiblqfor the amount of
I their holding. Iff. person holds a
tharo valued at $100 par be is respon-
sibleforan additional $100 in the
event of the bank'a failure from any
pause. If atockhoIJera would think
of this when they ars. electing direc
tors, they would certainly exercise a
greater circumspection, and fewer fig
ureheads would be clminally placed
in charge of millions.r-tPhlladelphla
A 8KVEN-VBAtt-OU loy at Bergeu
Point, X. J., thus describes his dan
ger and his escape last Saturday; "I
was a-tumminatoss the .track, when
I seen the ingin a-tummi. I kuowed
I couldn't git atoss quick enough, so I
started to Ida. I lunncd up the tack
a little way and tumble. I heard
the ingin a-tummin, and I shut my,
eves, and nut mv face clos acin the
ground, and it went over .jme, and I
got up and tunned down the bank."
Guitcau'a case is not without prece
dents. A Uoston paper kcalla the
story of a man down in Maine who
pleaded guilty to a charge of murder, i
but claimed that bo acted ou d Ivine
inspiration. In that case, hjwever,
the culprit said that he deserved aud
expected to be hauged. His case was
called up regularly for senteiw at
every session of the court for twenty
years, and as regularly coutiuued. The
man finally died in jail. .
i a aa a i m .
In England there are five huadred
packs of hounds, numbering about
eighty each, or forty thousand in all.
There are about one huudrsad and
fifteen thousand hunting horses, and
the yearly cost of the hunting ostab.
lithmentt is estimated at more than
$35,000,000. And England is ot
much larger'than an American pottto
patch either.
1 a - a .i . I
A Chicago naturalist stated in Us
lecture that a black bear could hiir
seven times as hard as a man, and the j
next time a mcuagarie visited that
town, every girl in the crowd mad!
eyeaand waved hir hankerchief at
tho black bear, and paid him ao much
attention that he got confused ana)
. . i , , .i
The bashful young man who asked
a lady at a concert if "be could see her
home," was much surprised to hear
her reply, "that he could go see it if
he wanted to, but she didn t think her
father wanted to tell;" aud then the
coolly walked oft with the roan of her
A truthful editor. Says au ex
change: "So much space is to-day
given to editorial matter that a large
amount of interesting reading ia
crowded out." The editor is frank,
at all events, aud should be honored
HtaMfulntti l Hilk. I
If any one wiihea to grow llnhy,
a pint (.1 milk taken on leliilig at
night will on coter the cfwnletl
bones. Although we seb a gol
' many Achy persons nowadays, there
I are a great many lean and lank i.iie
ire and provoke the scandal of the
"clipper builcCm the contciouinesi of
state to be nourished by solid fl. Ii
ia a mistake to scrimp the milk pitch-
1 p T.ti. m . i1k ant Itiiw
less meat, ijuk q your iiiijxinap;
! have larae tixeil, welt-filied milk in'tch
era on the table each meal, nu I you
, MrVfl, ou tllB 0UM (jllIlnii,lee
w , Mean.for.i x years. , I
w .i.,.,. ,. ,n1ni.J i ,ir(t
,fgi. I Ve seeu the ablest Uyers
Br ue ,ier UKt rr ,u. ,i,y L
.,,, Ur ,,,t ,01ne ,ur ruUi
for hlankeU, tome fur cotton, and lor
Ma-',,,,.,!,: ,,, :. nmi,,,i ii... i
i neT uw 0D9 iunia being come
I here yet to argue for , a reduction of
J Uxllion , tue iutcreit of the pruduc-
re-'era uf this uiuntry.-Ssnater IWck,
' 0f Kentucky.
i ,, . r "t" ' , ,
lien, Arthur is renoted as having
, ..... , ,
'shown considerable emotion wheu he
heard of President Garfield's
We cannot iuiagiue Arthur's emotion
without thinking of that old story of
the man handing a telegraph clerk the
'fullowing telegram: lloscoe I an-
nounce with grief that our friend is
dead. Coine quickly to read will, I
I believe we are the heirs. Tl clerk
tread ovtr the telegram and said:
There are two words more thau you
have paid fur. Well, then, strike
out "with grief,"aaul Arthur. Tex
as Siftings.
In soma part of the Maryland pen
insula the following i believed to be
a sure cure or chills and fevers: A live
spider it caught and placed in a thim
ble and a cloth tied over securely to
keep it confined. The thimble is sus
pended around the neck ot the fllict
ed person until the spider dies, which
not only cures, but prevent the chills,
It will doubtless tickle the spider to
learn that he is worth anything) to
A novel of Caps Cod life was read
in manuicrpt by Wiliams ACo., Bos
ton publishers, aud approved. They
accordingly published it, and the first
edition of 1,000 copies was ao quickly
sold that a tecond was nurried out.
men came teren uuei suns lunmi
aggregate ot $30,000. The uuvelist
hsd uot only introduced real persons
iua roost uncompli.iientary fashiou,
but had giveu their full names.
- a a
Women were employed and com
mended aa typo setters aa early a148l.
The first notable female printer was
Charlotte Guillard, who was in buis
nesa for fifty years iu the city of Par
it. This pioneer of femiuine follow
ers of Gut tenberg was celebrated for
the correctness ot the works issued
from ber press. She Grit e ttird th e
typographic ranks in lfiOC. ' '
Ir wTwork upon marble,, it wilt
perish; if we work upon brats, time
will elTtca it; if we roar temple, they
will crumble into dust; but if we work
unon immortal minds, if e imbue
them wit h principles, with the juit
tear of God and love of our fellow
men, wo engrave on those tablets
omethlug whitch will brighten to all
My mother" said the late Dr. Ilol-
laud, "waa so deficient aud sensitive
that she was always ill at ease in the
presence of strngrs, aud I could not
tear to see strange bauds lifiiug her
? - i n-L .. L.. l.
yoruoui iraine. inn w woy no
aud his brother bore the loved firm l
tin hearse, and at the grave tun Urly
lsil her at rest with their own hands,
Over 2,000 nbintweri killts by
ont msu In a Ktutunky Mo-t rrceut
ly. Every brauch of a cedar thicket
tixty arcet in extent lit iu rei
brent ed lodicer. and, aUhidjti the
tlaughter by huuters.whu um a Uuteru
aud, club, it terrific, their iiumbtit
do not seem to dacwase.
I -
ll..l.r rnMntlMlonfr tihlCbnnlr AMftrur. Wilt
IMMlIf In tt lrti of lunaril aa-l Atrial
nniallM inil U thtUmitt of Appr1 ti'J' .
rtARK WOLroiD. MAITklM rRTTna j
V. ! HOLFOItl) M. P KM O.X,
rTiiniiTV, itv.
SprrUI ltmla glTra u rollfrtlnac Offita
afar K. T. riarra't Mora. KV-1 ; r)
rnilOMAS P. HILL, Jit.,
Will l.riLtlc to tb trll at kU id4 .J).lnl.
leir.dln lha Ouyfl or Aiiral,. onra aa
i In lha Ou-irt r Apfrati,
Laarulrr Slrrat.
1 FIFTH jrritEET.
(!wllftli, proMpI
HTANPOllll. It .
Offlca am MtAIUtar a Lrlla'i ..
T. w.VianoH. wauju-KS-vARmm,
T. W. A V. E. VAltMKC, "
Offlea la Gaart Hquara.
OBea Hmtk ilia Mala Stmt, laa J or. aLota
tka Mftn uatau.
ruraNIUaaa OlU Oaa aaiaUUwrwl ahva ra
aalra. NOTICE
Jtth aMnta.frabl Srti MaoJay, aaj Iu Uana-
lr Iwa wraii ar acn uao.D.iraia laird Mutij
Odea la 8U Aapb IIol.I.oiw MillU(l; A rWi
alora. t !)
a-U St.C. MOKMAX. D.D.8.
All butlaa aatriutfel labial trouiptlr iaj ira
lullratuoJailti. l"'r
IelTrfMMl ty rirM.roaiUtiof oT
Lfloatoatb Crtb Orrlnnl U J1i mIIm from
bUnferd. Tslsaiprfiiitita r o4 ko1
sod Ihti far ia ! well wattsrd Oil dJ
(kUktl T. N. ARMOIIH.
tlitlnf form! a rta.nhlp wltb CCJUE
UOLUtX 1 w ball.r prr,arftl tbaa aar' ta aup
,1r air patruo. allb all rl.a. wl work la hi Ilea,
al tba L.t Milerlal 104 qualltf. Carrla. Bu(
glea, AcuaJa laarJtr,au4 rrpalrla doaa Iu tha
NlNtutniwr, tllf, u, a call at tlronU' iM
ataad. bUDSinl, Er
Stanford Female College.
lal. Uatltaltaa will opal '
ON TUE u '
ara tauabl, aa vl aa I .
T 13 It M M M It i: It A 'P
la Talllua, arUaa rauaa lna tit ta Sou la II
regular m-rlaitu.a. Prtatarf,!, latcruunllau
SJUj rrraaralair, ttt. aa4 tiIUlata, SU.
Faff lull ijartlcuUra, a ta Boaro, Aa.(aJdra
ttatM. n. , Tttrt-MKAaiT. i-riciit
UiM, Uaoala Os., Kr.
X DeMlrableRvNldeHee
TfcoMw ItulU ftv MruiUtl t Atbtr Uwi
Wy uabouik IJ Uis.tr.. TkU btilUlaf U
ucarlir Mi iuj ivy isMirl4: tttvniAlu T ruwi
atnl kill, ttatik, rurUgt) bouM au4 garla Tsr
la iu iwsar tloiraUt, iwr taiUr Iucatsf4 uurlr l
.taufctl tV tMiBliHwa btaa. IxtwtfMlva gltva Jan
uarr lt, iUi. Afi'lr UJ.N, L7tl(. blabrl, at
4Jrra VV. Cralf, car J 4 L. u.tt A U
tiucluua.i, iK
Uflfunl, ?. Zl, llll-U W, CmAItt.
line fill llolldny I'rcMcntM !
McRoberts .& Staggfo
Toys, Dolls, Books, Writing Desjcs,
Tollot Sots, Vases, &c. ,.
Wo liuvo specially for the Holiday trndo nlargeanil
liantlsome lot of Jewelry, Fine Ooltl and Silver
iVatclirs for Gents and Ladies. Don'l fail to sec our,
stock before purc'liasing. Come early and avoid tho
laBiibctnrsm tnj l(isnl(i All KloJt of
Parlor Suits, &c.
.o. U and II Kiial 1'oiirl Nlrcci,
bill !(. italic bouM.
Frn i Ii Dreii: Cse Bls,
MNrbVlni iih Lane Glass,
At 45. JOO. 100. $75 a Upr.l
Iluirati rff tr, $20, $2,r). $30 and at..
I'arl.ir Suita, Scrcn Pieces,
Kilbir in Hair, Cloth or Terry,
Al S30. Viot f 40, $50 A Upwards
Vititora to our city are respectful
ly invited to call and tee onr stock
of goods, whetherthey wish to par
chase or sot
.. A aa S!at S-rarl M., I.owrr Milr,
Krttr Mala, Claalanatl, ublo.
Ih Ihclr lanmlMoauG iicit Hlorc - room In
Keep cotmtuiilly on laiinil a full stork of
Dry Goods.BootSaShoes.&c
Just received a large lot of lien's and Boys' Fall and Winter Clothing
and a splendid line of Fall and Winter Shoes, of Zelgler't Bros's" nuke,
for Men, Ladies and Children. New stock of Cloaks and Dolmana jnsi received.
Grain, Wool, Orchard Grasss and other Seeds,
-5S5JlB3l aa
bjjogies -A.isrr cabbiages,
UfiinVra. S'-ll:-Hlfatlorn, .M.incr, lliij.llukca,
J nil n DrlllH, Curii'l'liiiilt-rH, NulUy 1uun,
' t'lilllaiilom, llarntWH, I'oru-livllcrM,
Mriiti-Ciillem, llHfl'rt'aMiai, 'I hr cab
lug MacblMCH uud tHKitatM,
And i tier ImulsBeutt and Uachiocry. We lay eiclint'elr from Minnfcjstnien,
direct, for tub, in car-lsad lota, and cotrequdutlj obtain tha largest di-waat ana
lowest rates of freight, Ou; rmitoit i Firtt-clait Ooodt t BeaswatUkPriosa
th Best Is slwija the Chsipeat." Beapactfully, ttist
.' GEO. D. WEAREN; Btsufoi J. Ky. - h
H. L. Wl-rilta, UHEK.N A WILLIANN, :
Mtaiiti Laacuui Dapat , Masaftra Uaalaailtla Otfai.
' BrB HM IB a taaaB
itr aaaVPalj sjl-W-M B

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