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ToMdiy Mornlig, Dcbr 20, 1881,
Jitw and full itock of Clocke el I'ewi
k McAllater 'a.
Bona nice old countrhaim for Uriel
HAMILTON Hrilt. PLOW! alwate 01
Karen KAUiira, cnrraot, citron, tin'
Jie. Ac- tl A.Ow.let'e.
lliu itock o( Cktnploi Bailed Wirt on
fcina at Aihtr uwaiej a.
Fob tueJlcln.l purtHWf bor bottle of
KkTur-oM Whl.kT from Mcltobert A
Uiihmi Totl.t Ret. Vtae. Wrlltni
Waakt oJ holldar preetnt of ill kind, tl
tl . A U. ell.l..'..
HOLIDAY I'lHENT. wetcbee. lewelr
and tlWtrwtre la greet YarletT.enJ cheap-
r Iban erer tl I'ennr A McAlleler a.
do to Fannf A McAlliter'a for Tour liol
IJar gift. Hanla Claue ku telabllehcd
bit bd querler Ibtrt, with renli ua
ful aad beantlful.
Ma. I IlKAiLir continue tirr ill.
Mix BtMitKonm Ie wllUMre.8.
Mia Mollis Joitxrrov, of Lancuter,
it tititlag Mr.. 11. 0. Alford.
Miaa r'Loeuct TnutuiiaT went to
LeaeaetereeterdaT afternoon,
Mia Stella Maikiigbt, of ln.
catttr, it a ue.t of lb Ml. Klebard.
Ma.Tltf W. Miuiixi cant uf from
LoultTllle, feelerda, to tptail lb. boll
Mia. IIellk Ciiexault, of Louie
till, honored tht Hlnk with br pretence
Friday night.
Mac liliau llvnuu, of Bloom.
lofton, III, I. oaa tUIi to rtlalirr and
frltoJ. btra.
Ma. AKtiMaaJoe. Set kaiick return.
tl Taeterda from a Tiall to Mr. Jobn
eJeretaac, In Labaeoo.
-Col. W.O. Welch, J. W. Alcora aol
JuJf. M. C8un bar. e,oa to UbrtT
tndtftadHam Wllllamt.
u. w. a iuiliy i.rt j-uiitj to
Join bar buiUnJ at DadeTille, Alabama,
where b. bat located forth, wint.r.
I'aor. Aaar. Kooeu, aad R. W.
Ilock.r, IV,., returned from a plettaat
tialt to Lebanon, Saturday. Jodflng
from tbo broad f mil Ibat 111 up tb.lr
rounUa.DC, lhy uuil bare batrd torn,
thine; good.
Koo al Halt A NunaelUj't.
Fa nil
bolted meal at McAtiattr A
Frun Cixniuand oraafra at Hale A
OllTIM for Cbrlatmu at Itale A Nun
')' ,
C'AU. and fat a can of Kaddle Itock
oytUrt al Idle A Kunntlltyt.
lliu Stock New Orleaat tuf ar (utt re
nUtd al Hale A Nuaacll.r'..
We bate rerelt ed a beautiful itock o(
Bilk Itandktrcbltf and Ure Neck wear
for the Holldtya. McAtiattr A Lylle.
CliairrUAl wilt aoon be her. McAlla
ttr A Brlf bt will be btadquarttrt for cheap
toy., confeclionarlea and frutla, and "don'l
you forftl It."
TnEoonatructlon train ran latoa band
car aMar the croealaf of Knob Lick Pike,
Saturday, eallrelr demoli.htaf lha car
but dolof no other Mriou. damaf a.
AatKiNMEirr. J. UUoodt, merchant,
who recently moted bare from Mllledfe
Title, made an awlf anient Friday, to Uto.
W. Bobbin, for tot benefit of hi creditor..
Uabtllllta about J 1.400; aaatta In food.,
not, and account., probably, $1,000,
Mr. Oare Raixey accidentally droTa a
nail clear throuf h bla thumb, Friday, and
as inch lata the plank beneath, rortu
aaUly, It did not atrlkt the bone, and witk
bla pocket knife, be cut the Beth and re
leaaed bimatlf from the painful ailuatton.
Ca.it Court. The cae of Hauiutl
Uolmea for tbootlnf Ed Daeiaon, wat
coRtlauad by the Commonwealth......
Counael for B. M. Wllllamt for kllllag
Burna, announced themttlTee ready, and
by agreement, a Jury wa. ordtrcd to
to beiummoned from Boylt, and trial
eat to commence jealcrday.
Till Serf er. Tha I'retbrttrian ladiea
are making great preparation, for their
tupper, which will btglrenon Friday
alfbt, Tba chart a for trtry Ibinf, will
be 75 ctaU for each frown pereon, and 33
cenla for children under 12 jeara, the am
laclud Ing maalt, ay.ler aoup, talada, caka.
nuU, candiee and Icet. Aatlat Id a good.
cauee, by btlplag tba ladiea, and at tba
tame lime giro younelf thepleaaure of a
Up-top tupper.
IIorii Killed. Saturday ntght at
DanTllle a, runaway hora belonging to
Brewer collided with Wake&eld'a Omnl
but team, driTlng the theft of tha Ttblcle
to which he waa attached eighteen inchct
Into the breatt of lha off bono, from
which be died thortly afltr reaching the
atable. Waktlald clalmt damagtt from
Brewer to the amount af the ralue of the
bora, while Brewer Ihlnka ba ought to
reeoTtr tha damagea dona hit Tthlclt,
Ovr Swiu HETTLERa. Tha aaleof the
Martin land, announced aomatime.lnce,
failed, becaute Mr a. Martin refuted to tign
the deed, and the Bala gentltmtn bad to
look elaewbere for hornet, Mr, John Von
Oruagien baa bought Ike Nuland place of
Jtnitt Cofley, 110 acre., for 2,00, and
the olbera bare bought Millar A Vande
Teer'a Qrceo Hirer farm of 310 acrtt, for
11.700. Tbtra are now four famlllee lo
cated la the county, and they tell ut that
two mora famillaa will be btra to find
hornet In a ftw da? a. Thota btra are bard
working aad thrifty looking men, and wa
are glad to bare them aettle In our uldat.
1'trton. bating farm, to tail might do well
to make It known la tbla paper,
Titabttl tlgm In town al Halt A Nun
ntllej't. Twofor fit cent
Jrrr recelVeJ at McAllater A llrlglit't a
fmh tunnlf of Orantt. lmona. lUnaria.-
Cocoa nolr, California l'tart, ate,
Don't fort tl lha l'oet Office alore wbtn
joueomtln to buy jour candlrt, nut.,
raiain, orange, and tuch, fur Chriatmat.
Hi aura to rttd tha adrtrllaamtntt In
tblt lue, especially that of llruc. A Co,
Th.lrt I. tha largeet tad Let .lock of fowl.
In tha oouatrjr.
Mr. J.T, Harm hi. hod. to Loutvllle
to l.j in a complete .lock for btt irttn
Urocery. lit propoaeelo hart tTtrtblag
thai la nod to tat for bla cu.lomtrt
TaiNiwHt.am Mill, M.lllnilr, Mc
Allltttr A Co, will Uln to fried whtat
for tbalr cuatomtra on ThuraJaj, Tha
grlal mill haa bttn In aucctwiful optratloa
for NTtrat wrath '
Tilt crank lhal talartprtMnta lha
Mialh Ktnluckj Dl.trlct In Confrtaa bat
had anothtr crank named !th appoint
ad toall tnnt on lha Knonlllt Ur.ncb. It
it a thamt that oufbt not bttoltrtttd.
Col. Frank Woltoru, hulnf Urn
anolaltd br Mr. Itarnc. for a cura of bla
wouada, tha CcwurJvnil augfr.ta that
tha olbtr candlJattt for Appaltata Cl.rk
U Uplliej in oil, inimtdUl.ljr. It look.
Ilk tttn that prtctulion will hard!
Arotuer larft and bappj crowd wit
prattnl at lha IEInk, Friday nlxbt, IncluJ
ing many from a dlttanc. Neil Friday
nlf bt all lli tkaltr. will ni.ik and apptar
iu fancy coalua. and f real prtp.ratlon.
artUInf madt to matt lha crtnlnf a
bif tucrrtt.
Crtr Cui'RT. SUphtn Ilroiifbton, of
Laurtl, camt btra Friday, In March of a
man who bad robbad bla barroom, and
Sndlnf hit trip la Tain, decldtd to hat a
Unit fun. lit fut rlproarloualr drunk,
and triad to taka lha town, but Jim Nun.
ntllty and Alltn I!tily ran him In, and
afiara nlfbt In Jail, City JuJte Hill Eo.d
him i and cotU.
THCladitt who maak on tha night of
tha 23d are rtqutattd to mtt at Hi. A.apb
HoUl al OJO o'clock and lhy will ba it-
corltd from tbtrt In a body to lb Hall at
7 o'clock, where they will ba admitted and
proeldad with tlalea free of chare. The
fentltman will aaamble at J. V. Hay
den't tlora at tame hour wbrre they will
At the l'rlmary Election In Mercer, Mr.
Jud. W. I'ulllam, brother of Jobn 0.
I'ulll.m, l.te a romoitor In Ibl. office.
wa. re-nominated for AMeaeor, by a large
m.jarilr, Kpetking of candidate, re
mind, u. that there doaa not mm to be
lhal llcli for office in tbl. county a. wa.
hown four year. afo. By thl. time there
ware a dot.n candidate, out for AaMor,
half down for J. Iter, and eo on.
Mail Delated Oalng to the wreck
of a freight train on the main ateui neir
Hbeppardaeille, Saturday, whereby the
ompaoy lo.l conalder.bly, the panecter
Irala did not arrlte litre from LouitTille
till about 7 r. M. Thl. threw many of
our clllana out of their tnall that night
but Mr. A. A. Warren with hla accu.tom
ed cle'ernett kept the 1'o.t Office open for
an hour or to Sunday morning, for their
The difficultly thai hate attended the
getting out of tbla lue muit be our ei
cuw for any of it. ahort-coolng.. With
but two dart lo go on we hare taken down
the old preat and tet up a ntw one, tht
mecbani.m of which our buatne manag
er, who ha. .uperiotended It. aetting up,
waa entirely unfamiliar, Tht coneeipienco
wa. that we did not get to pre on our
out tide laat night till 2o'clock. The in.
tide did not get to pre, till 0 o'clock
thl. morning.
Some time ago Mr. Orundf.ot the Vice
Hill Coal Company brought lull agalnat
tba managing partner, Mr. C Crooke for
hit there of $10,000, alleging that the com
pany bad made $10,000 and he wat entitl
ed to a fourth. The tult waa brought In
ltockcattle, butfirundy gaie notice that
ka would apply to Judge Owaley, who It
new holding court In Cmt, for a receircr
to be placed In charge of effect, of the
Company. Yeaterday Mr. Crook, with bla
attorney, Col. Sam. M. Burdett and hit
ex-clark, Mr. W. A. Ilurntlde, paaacd
through town en route to Liberty for the
purpoto of relating the petition.
Bodiej Reuoyed. Owing to tha fact
that lha Owal.y lot in tha Cemetery wa.
mailer than the family dr.irad, and theia
being no chance to enlarge It, Dr. J. B.
and Mr. Aaher Owaley purchued a double
lot In another part of the grouuda, and on
Friday, bad the bodlr. of Mr. W. I'.O.a
ley and hi. two children, r.mored to It.
The bo i containing the coffin of Mr, Owa
ley, who wei buried In tha early part of
174, wat entirely rotten, and the coffin to
much decayed aa to be difficult to handle.
The box and coffin of Chauncy Owaley,
burled about a ytar ago, wat in good con
dition, and tha body much Utter pre it-
ed than would be imagined. The earth
waa Tery dry, allowing that the decay of
the bo aea waa not cauaad by water accu
mulating In the to.
Gave Leu Bail. County Attorney
Miller went out to Wayne.burg Stturd.y
to proMCute Wm. Q. (looch for dabbing
Janice Eubank, and tucceeded in hating
him held to the Circuit Court for malic
lou. wounding. Ha wat put In the cuato
dy of Conatable Klliwn who In turn put
him In charge of another man from whom
Oooch racaped with but little trouble or
tkow of rttlttance on the pari of the rel
iant guard. While In town Mr. Miller
learned that one l'leat. ltoutcn hid been
wiling liquor lo minora and accordingly
bad him arretted but ptndlng th prepa
ration, for hi. tiaiuluatlon, h alto gate
leg bait and laatlll at large. Conatable
Elllion ahould bt Juat a little more iwrllc-
ular In handling wer. accuaed of crime.
If be can't alay with them bluetlf ha
ought to put guardt ottr thtin that will
bold or tboot Ibtm dead un the (pot.
Tn rait ht been no new dtTtlopmentt
la Iba 1'otl Ollca mttltr. Mr. Alford b.t
I th appointment, but ha had not r-een con.
Urnied al th. adjournment of Conn I
;urdi;. a noulI not u aurpriieu II
a new ntn altogether will bandit Ilia mall.
at tblt iwlnl.
PllELri CAnTER At Mr. Jtniea CI.
Ititlpt, en the 17th, Mr. Martin K. l'hel.
an Infant of IV, waa united in marriage to
Mlae Mettle H. Carter, a dtinatl of the
aame age.
It waa a mean thing In Kntuillant
to permit 'Tink Collag' to be told lo tat
lafy a paltry mortgage. At a "Ftllli
Cura" It attracted mora attention lo the
Slate than any other ten attraction, wiihla
our borJere. Iou. Democrat.
Thetlory lhal tier. J. M. Bruce had
gone into the Sewing Machine bualnm, la
untrue. He t. detoting hla whole time,
outalde of hi. ministerial dullea, to gelling
a wife, and the report may bate origina
ted from the glibne.. with which he haa
learned to talk af tewing machine, and
other domtatlc matter.
Mr.. II. T. Herri. tMied Ubtnon
laat week, al the tollcllallon of tera!
warm friend, of thel'ink Cult.ge F.lih
Cure, to pray fur lha aUicled there. She
went to Hlchmond on Friday laat, lilting
recctted premlng intitatlon. from a num
ber of belieter. In the efficacy of prayer,
to reetore the body aa well aa heal the
I.otlie, a ttren.montha idd child of J.
Mac Smith, died Saturday, uf brain ftr.
Heyicoux. On Friday lea, of the
fearful feter that it raging In tne tlctnlly
of McKInney, Mr. Stephen IteynoIJa,
f.ther of Mr. Cicero Iteenold..
Carter. Eld Jo., llallou waa called
Saturday to preach the luneral termon of
Mr, CI, A. Carter, who died near I'arka.
till, tht d.y before. Mr. Carter had,
after.a hard d.y'a work, e.len a hearty
tupper and Uen arrlalng from the table
fell oter and 'n a few momenta wa. dead.
The doctort tty hit dtalh wat cauied by an
tffectlon of tht brain.
Kabul. Tha rtmatnt of Mr.. Nancy
Farr!., mother of Sir. It. U. Gentry, Sr.,
arrlted here yeaterday from Sedtlla, Mo.,
and wer consigned to th r.rthln Buffalo
Cemetery. She had made ber home at
ber eon', for year, but in October lat
went lo tiait relttlret in Mloouri. She
wa. in her 83d year and her death I. au
poatd to hate rraulted from pneumonia.
HnD After a confinement to ber bed
foroter aiz montbt, during which tht tuf
fend inlcnaely, yet without murmuring,
with Sciatica. -Mr a. Eliiabeth, wife of
John M. lleU, breathed her laat at 9 o'
clock, on the morning of the ISth, aged
oO yeart. stoma nte yetra ago, .he pro
fewed religion underthe preaching of Bet.
Ueo. O. Ilarnet, and connected hertelf with
the l'reebfterian church, of which the hae
ttac been a most earneat and detout mem
ber. Perfectly conacloua of her approach
ing end, the talked with confidence of a
bliaaful hereafter, and urged ber huabaid
and children to atrita lo meet her at tha
Great White Throne, there to ting the
tongt of the redeemed foreter. A kind
neighbor and alofing and allectloaata moth
er and wife, her lou to weeping friend.
and rtlatite ia irreparable, but they
mourn not at thoM without hope, for they
hate the bletaed aaturance thai their loa
1. her eterlaallng fain. Hut eren llila
can not keep back the tear of rtgret, nor
entirely aaauage the grief of earthly part
ing. We extend to the family our tinetr
eat .ympathy, but mora eaprcially to tha
children, for we too, hate Vnown the terri
ble pain of gitlng up a precioua mother.
The remaina will be interred in Buffalo
Cemetery at 11 o'clock lliia morning.
Chicago packer. haTe .laugh lered !,-
2M.000 hogt alnce NoTeiober 1.
The cotton crop for the preacnl aea,
on iteatimaled at 4,900,000 balea,
A Montgomery man haa juat aolJ a
bog for $40.30. It weighed C40 lU.
Valentine W. Gentry baa told hia
farm of 240 acre, to It. It. Gentry, John
Land A Son, and a gentleman from Caaey
for $40 par acre.
The official return of the tote in Vir
ginia gitr. repudlator Cameron, for Got-
nor, 12,715 majority.
The Hlchmond Jltgultr rtportt the
tale of a 4-year-old Jack at $810, and a 5.
year-old Jack and two Jennet for $1,415
Dr. F. J. Dickerton told to Mr.Jtaon
Walker and Jlra. Florence Walker, hia
farm of 470 acrea on Silter Creek, at $3(1
per acre, or ntarly $17,000.
Otn. It. M. Gano haa told hi farm
mar Ctntretille, in thl. county, contain
ing 212 acrea, to Mr. Horace lllldrrth, of
Fayetle county, for $10,000 ca.li about
$od 50 per acre. It la tald that the Otn
eral inlendt returning to hie father', farm
and engage tilcnalttly In the bualneaa o'
ral tin k bhoit-horn cattle rati. Sun.
likcoih counrr.
Bora, ta Mi. Q. M. Oleena, oa tlie
lClli, a ilau.bler.
Married, on the IStli IoeL, Martin f)
I'lielr anj Mia Mattle H. Carter.
I'at Conwar lit a aoU lo K. Yowall,
about 80 acrea of ItnJ part of Ilia Coo.
er tract for $3,740.
The Kol.hla of Honor aat out an oja.
ter tuier on the CTentag of Ihe I61I1.
Tlianka for Hit blJ; but bad to "little to
the wedding."
Ilojle county It eipecttd tu reclpl
tale llaelf Uon Ubertj, lo-Jaj, In Ihe
form of walbl juirnica lo Uj Ihe caae of
Bern. M.WIIIIiiut.
Died, at the realdnce of bit eou, near
McKlnner, on tbe 17lb, ill. rjtehcn
lUynoIJa, an old and well known ciltteu
of tblt count, l)iteae, to jroen.
I Itarn that an Ktetern parlj liaa (
piled to the Ujlalalure of Ktntuck, for
a charter lo conatruct a rallruad from Flat
Rock, on the C, B. to the Kallaof Cumber
At It ahould be The oflicfal nf the
Chrlatlan church hate recalled th.li for-1
ttier faithful peator, EM. W. I. Willlama
.The lleplieta hate made ariaf,i nitnlt
lo build a church In I hia plica liunirdlile-'.
If. Mr. lliu Cell hae donated a lot for '
the pnrp.e, adj lining t'i Maa-.nlr Ixylt'
There wta a patty at Will l'..aaU'.i.n
Friday night, On the return, aa reported
tettral bufglet liectnie refrtcinry, iihI
ttttral horwa were upeel no body hurt-
can I account tot the linil'ilal c.laplrnphr.
Technical lerni. are conl.Ktuu I t.le.1
Dr. Ilrown't Dick, what wa. il, D tur'
laat rapurt iilua certain l!tnt. Dick
drew out hla face lo extra profi nal ln
gitude, and replied "Very low, Kir. Ilia
pulae ie rioni-m.l, and hi. pu.-pir.iiun, r
hi. ru. plrtllon I. nom-mal a eery terou
caae, air '
Mr. W. II. Kmlih I. pajhir a ly
ing elail tu tiancuter John M l.u
gan ia ruralislng here fur a few day, pre
paratory, I think, to a "drumming" oain
palgn during lha holiday, with a full
line of iintriiuonial paojecte Jim Al
len purchaxd a heaty lot of bona while
the prlie wa high enough lo make ihe
thing reepeclaule; he I now telling eten
by conterilnx Iheiu Into urk -htnee,
lluetolilill can buit a packing eatablith
ment....MJIm (loode uourna the loa of a
tine heifer, killed laat week by a train on
the G S.
I ti"ii to think thai the adtertiilng of
a great etangtlical clrcua, and moral men
agerie, wa almplr a pioua d ! lo at
tract r.llgluiia aptctatora, but am l!aCed
now, that there ie aoniellilng in It. A late
number of the Knquirtr glee, the record of
the org.nliilion of a National Siciety for
the encouragement of the cle-anl, intel
lectual and improting paatlin of ccck-
fighlln.-, wherein, al the end of a long code
of law. Mlllug forth the tlhic of trim,
mlng, heeling, pitting, Ac, It i rolmnly
announced that any one ualng rud or pro
fane language .hall be Immediately ejected
from the ring.
Of court each acribbler on the Inte
rior i expected lo renew hi. "-ooi. loan
Indulgent public" thl morning. Well,
we bowl We bow lo the editor, al.o, and
to hi. wife, and to Stanfurd, and were it
not for oine uohandeome f.cl.l detelop.
menu would feel like bowing lo our own
reflection in the gleet. So much for lha
pturolu ptajulalu. I am glad thai I am
able lo thl Initial number of Ihe Journal
la mw form, lo glre a nioio cheerful
health-record than haa apiieared from tbla
quarter of lite. It,! true that Mr. Lu
anda Hocktr I .Imply wailing fur lb
hour of her departure. But aa to the olh
tr car.: The eymplom. in th.lof F. M
Ware are flattering. There ia a manlfeet
Improrenient In the condition of Mr.. Bn
II.wkln.-Mr. John Kill and Mra. Matt
Wright, are mending-. ...Mr.. E.S. Pow
all ia belter, and Mr. Maiili.ll Puwell,
about well......Mra. W. It. Williaiuai. able
to rid out.
Fell .Wptn Jn Njf (., UJt. KaJlk,
dtufktrrof Hetllni anJ 0, U. IhiiruiwoJ.
Tb 4fw4Hl rooft.atJ brrtUflo nt.Jtrlk
rtMhlo(( Bro. tV, 1. WlllUut, hta kt wm
iboul IhlrtMii 7?u oKI, ! lbrru(htJt htr
CbrUUiBllfcol U jf.fi br lott for hr 9arlor
ftnti btt bllti In lilt rtHout rouilai rtniiliel
unJimUUbJ, bll btr roitlcltuni f fljbt
utl wioeaf dfa-t-tietd lo MrumtBVM bt f rt !
toMt(UMrtllOWtBb4J.lrUl M Bnt. WIIIllU
Oof J twlruty itU ! brfuffil tfrum, U)Ijc
loatlU not iuikbcr Ufa i loom j wor, o
tht cvDturj bt wiabkuatlj J)uuJ btlfj
tbit br trt iMnti bo oolf biJ btiBcb4rr
ftil. but rarrlvtl MiBligbt Into lb LmiIi of tl
wltb bwui htft lbMB. Whtu U Ml, m4
rfllfliBnutbttbtlr1t 4 (Mi tlBr oa
u..at ka tk.11 Lahti IUkaitDirJ Blbt. tblCUB4l
urrow uIbJmaIb tliur oot u4 uur prijfr
waa. ll It U iioMlbla, let tbta cup a
i, letlbUcuppiufrow ."
Hut our tatbtr, wboilualkall Ibliifi wall, kalh
ta alalria pluck! tbla fl.wer la earlj weiuta
booj, aol lr.Dipl.at! It Iu Ilia Heareolf Klac
II heatotlert m cotulortla , Uoul. II
baa cteeu u. atr.riktb ta bow la buiubl. .ubail.
aloul Ilia Will. TbeFatber'a UcohJ proialie
are aeear m aMI aod preeloua a la lb bur el
.allclla. rlweet neaua frvui Ileareo, ftrlDg
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Tb perlihlul of a cboea flr; tb tadtag l a
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dallcu .aecll.ua. II moat eurel? plubJ ral
iurratbrou(but koarte. Deae llulb, la ill
the up.
'Aod 7t we would not call tbe back.
Tueulll'l.iiur.'iih.ttll!4 lawira.
Tru. aoul. Ilk. tbla r lakra rat
ri tbla aad wtebt of ura,
Butallll tbM buuiaa beule will act
And Ibrob wllb aralri la,
A. Uladlf iiwanl tbla. uppw III
Our apirlu aaack la eala."
Yat our ae b Ike bearta lod coutlort la coo Adeut-
f Iruillm Uod a prooilaea tbat we ab.ll Beat
IbMUoodlb. ra, br Prttloj our tea
Cbrliilaa IItw.
H AY11W loaa BaM llaf u aat. be I". D.
Albrllbl, guofcedU "'
I will M oe rwst, itallr,
tbaCABDON Ilia.
TLMelrab vn ar
Tb troi-mr la ta tout
...j.. ...1 1. b.II l.ir.lA.1 fur lb LualUee. 1 will
lltor.il or Mil to aclea of Uad or lb old MiU
vUc,lwlle(rvailr.bOrcbald Aayoii !.
Ut b fro rl J will ol.ea eJdieM aiatao.
iWi-lf 1 JnalnislTilw ol ti. O. Uof ar.
k'...,u riinatantlr oa hand a full itock
stum, llneiarf. hhect Iron aud
lUrdnnre. ltepalrltif of all klailt
la lit line prouptiT none at auw
T. J. Christorson,
Fine Lot of Christmas Trix
Suitable Christmas Presents.
Ml at ac aad to! lb. -.Uk.M
Oa baud al lb Ilia.
Tl MtMl I(rw4
Prua DtKnas
S(H44 Saw
Mrfnlt asHli la)
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fT4 of W.
Prize Hony
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mil 11 uriHi Mf
mr few tiPrtt
pkrtvlt Pikw n pairMiM
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mtwhlney R innitrakriurr
a lartfrta, I
I UiTBnilff iilAz Ai Irraitk (In.O.
Hriht'a lln , HIT. , ta J.a md K. Hrikl'.
Ilri,lna, I l.qullf
Flf tlrtf .JJmat I tb .lif .114
eiwae, rrnJereJat tbcfkctoWr lerrn, latl, f tb
Unrein Clrt.lt Own, I wlll.ea
MONDAY, JAN. 3, 1882,
lwir iba Con rtI tout) aloof a Ihotown of Klin
iWtJ.Kr ,bftvi?a tha bouraor lea. at aaJ I r
K.UIer iTT Ia Mil tha fatlHw.nc .WarrU.awei
trtnaof Lsn4. HI of UtM . liaiiW la Lin
eo)t riHint
Hut tract li knowB a tba ! laoda of
Flliatapth lrlbf, no 4tflt and la altnitH on
lha Mat alilfaaf thoHUaroH anl tattllla turn
pike; about lj Mlltri rra SUafrJ, an I
Ob tbiairjrt, h1Hlal-i ff ! tptr an I wU aat J
tBcr, aro Aa walo hfa sol ! out ,
a. .nai. .at.iu l.a aa.t l.im Tka '
wajliuiaitjw, aivir( w,aiar w
Socond Tract ConUins 18( Aorei,
AnJ aJlolna tba traL CU tbla tbara iro no oat-
bulUiOK, butlUUhJli bljblr iro-luctlfaand
lltia rrao. Tht tblrl Irart fa on Ntll'a
(rk.ail faetwuioQlj ralkl knob UoJ. It
ConUioi One Hundred Aores.
An) labrafllr llniUmt
TKKMS Arfdltaf I an.1 IS unolba toaalln-
atallmrala Tba purchaatf akall U rt)iilrtd tj
axMratt booilwlth rwl M'urltjr, leMrlmc P'
ca-nU liitt rtat HuU alala. A II will U raUtbod
Tka purehaotr ol iba tool uimi tair nara pom
atnfl at any tliatariar lUacuulnoallontaf Ihaiala.
Tba rarthaarr of tbootboritra tracta aaaf bat
Mte?Mi4a forrJlo purpuM la tba Fallol
1M2, bbJ lull pttMiwalOB 1t of Januarr, 1MX,
ftlW-U M. C NAl'fLKT, clal Coty'r
Harper's Magazine
"A Waja varied,. 1 aye (ood.iUejelujfTvil.f.
-CbilM Iraoc Adaia,Jr.
U.rier'a klagaaln. th uo! popular I llmlratf
i Hall, it Una world, Utlo. lie alal7.b1.rlb
?olui llb tb IwaWi Noilr. Ilr.mnu
wbatlabrtt la Aaartcaalluratdr aoJ.art, aftd
lla started aueeeMla Ls(la&d-wber. It baa al.
rMiraelrewlalKeUritrlbaalbai r aar In-
llib meeailD 01 tb Bin ciaM-n vrou.ni mra
Hi arie th awat ewlanl writ ra an4 artlala or
UrvatUnUlD 1BI WIM.W1I MUMii wi ,i
wlllta .Terr rupacl e.rpaaa lbr praeercaKir.
Harvr'a Maaaalt
-I 4 00
- 4 00
M 114
Ilarvr a nce.ij,
Harpfr'a wur. --,..,
TbaThraaalwva pabllcatlooi-
Amj vo aoaia oaaaou....
Ilarpcr'a Younf FooIff.w-.
Ilirpor'a Maxailaa I
llatrR YaUtnl l'MDlC I
T 00
1 fto
ft 00
Uarpena Franklin b,uira UUary, On jfar
10 00
Fuatac fr ' 4l1 anUcrlUia la tbo UalteJ
tflalaaor Caoa4aa.
TboToIawra of tba Majaiiw U(loa with tba
KwabtraM J ana aaJ I'mwltr 4 oacb jaar
Wbaa no Umalaapociaod.lt will U underitnajJ
thai tba aubocniafT wiaoaa to iwgia wuu isw cur
rvat nuailttr
AOoniplataMtol Utrpw'a Uaailua, coajprla
Idc 43 vwlumca. In seal rlotb biuillof. wUIaaenl
kw naa. froiahl St altitDM OaT BUribaaor. OO
a.ir.1 .i at tu nor tiJi.ua. tloala roIuiaM. bt
aU.piaalpalaJ.n 99. Clotb ea.-e. (W UaJiaj, 60
!. aatl. laallwllil.
iBalfx to Harixr'a Mansiaa. AlpbaUtlcal, Ana-
itlcal,ait4Ctaalt.d.lor oIuoia lto6o, luclu.
Ira, frva Juua, 150, to Juna, IM0, ooo vol. 19
BenllUBM ahouU bo Mado b roat-Offlca
Uooar UrJar or l'rafl. to btoIJ cbaoca ol I aa.
Nowipanrra art not la copf tbla aJrvrtlMBicot
wltboutiboctwrMorlfroi Harpar A lUatbara
IIAnrLn unui uens.
Naw tkik.
fl-rfiftt fl-flrTTl DOStrOVGr.
Prophylactic Fluid !
, PtUluf of Paaall Pol prw
. prffaoim.
t SlUttU VOX tlaairana praota aul
J curM.
J Kmdlcul44l. ! scurvaycumllnaabwl
J j tiuo.
ea.ea . Ttllltr Un?U UP.
IllapwtWtlr barn.la. For bora Tbroat ll la a
aurarura. CuntMlonaealrojoJj 8Uk rooua pu
rlfttd and niaJa plaajaol: lavarod alck poravna r
Uio4 o4 rrrrnhl bf Jutblej wllb rropbjlae
tie FUIJ Btldftl to tba watar; bt wblUttw4ai
Iobi acarokl bjr 111 uao ......
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Ivpura Air niaJa barn
laM and purlflrJ br :
crtakliut- Parby'a
Tn Burlfl tha breala.
tiuia idoui.
CluDMtb Trlb, It t
ta'l b aurpaaiwd.
Cbolara dWIpaleJ ablp Farer releatd be ll
in. bnofM all u.pltaiaut Jon. lurrb r
lUred aad cured. Lriaipelae cured. Rtraa r
lld iDilaallr. Bear. pienalecL la caae oa
death la ta aouta, 11
luouUalwejebaua d
! i alul lb cr II
1 NCMrlet t "l prareut a.f ua.
t l oleaaaat awaell.
!-. ,, ! A. Autldote toe ant.
j Fever Cured ",i .eti.uH-
1 J oaa. Ultra, Ac.
mn.m. m btararou. .Burl. t
Ick rwHui.sd b.plula rcmeted be llauaa. Yl.
low t.rer eradicated. I raci it i. .-
Sitinfeettnt and Fnrifler
eaaeaaau bt
ali.u'aclarlef 1,-baiiatfc W rropeleHra.
Ioxtiiulun and Clitoliiiiutl.
L. lala(ioa .
" I aria- . .
" l'ilblia ,.
l.lwouib .
Arr Cloclo.itl
.! TH .ail til V"
. , I Its no IIM pa
. aaoa mi lea ibi
llliai luia
III u i mi ate pw
Lrlalnloaal4UkUi aadarrie al Maya.
Ill all p. bt. tn l'floe lr Uarw
lrll.loii alt lap. h. a4 l
C1ocla.nl al I P. aa.
v i -
CIom coaaacltoa wad. loCtaileeill to all polata
Nortb.baat and WeM. bpnlal lalaa lo LaJtraale.
Aaktb AMt at lb Ue-Boed pUon roe a
iu.r..u...l ik. oklua l.iu. Kuuto." Ivaaod
Irlpllikeu how MiitillUiodlllottoUt1a-
boenlM boo.bold ola tod rwui tkk
U.addrM t-HA. A. HAH.TT,
Uea. Iilaratloa At., Uaitailoa, aj.
JAWkaa ElUlW. U,I,AT,A.
IAIlMillW 1
laaawa 1 P III
fettWeftwfTk, will fhtMiftfrtplilc Alpbt
11 ! tlltrtimUnt, for lMifinra. tnt n rpll
ntlHi AMrm tir..H, I IT NAN,
ni n (on)
r IT.-IIII.1U t rAI,r (.Uill
ll'tv ran Ahtalt. b iMnaln tl r Mlllfitx ) tba
4V It W P. WALTON. RltniVrJ. (
tC FJ,
In addition to a full line of Drugs,
Medicines, Family Groceries, &c, I am
opening the largest and most elegant
display of Holiday Goods, comprising
Toys, Dolls, Statuettes, Toilet applian
ces, Jewelry, Silverware, Books, Music
al Instruments. Candies. Fruits. &c.
Give me a call. It
money to you.
gives mm
Invito all to call and 100 hii
Comprehensive Assortment
Groceries, Hardware, Glassware,
Cjft.osnisrEr fruits,
Books & Stationery,Paints,Oils, Varnishes, Dye Stuffs
Furo Winos and Liquors for Medical Purposes. Prescrip
tions accurately compounded. Wo havo also a large
and wo!l Bolocted stock of Watcbos and Jewolry, which
wo propose to sell at loss than city prices. Watches and
Jowelry Repaired and Wariantod.
Notice to the People of Stanford and Vicinity.
It baa Lea e.l.ct4 wllb car. audeaprtw lbtect I lb Market. Yu wilt ad aeerTtblag that
. BrilclaM alvrcbanl Tailor oubt to ba. Th Block eoojprlc
ClolhN, CuHxIinoriHt, UlnKoiiwIaiiiidtt Iirse Nelecilon ol Want
letjH rroui Ihe Rewl Mutitir-ief orleat orFruuce uud EukIruiI.
Cutting and Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done.
Tbaaklul tor paal iron, 1 top, by ttrlcl tlUulloa to bu.Iuu, U uult eetllau.ae et tb. eaai.
Iovitt tht attention of tha people to their ntw Fall atock of
ThtT call eipeelat attention to their itock of
Alio to thair itock of CUohlnj. Bostiand Shoai, whloahava been laltcted
with car, and they feel confident that
Thy arts able to Show th Nioaat
and tha Bast Iilna
Of thie goods eter exhibited in .Stanford,
Purchasing Agency.
Ittf Ing (rnft rurthtftflf Attn j IbIjhiI
vlUeKrraIam fweptrtxl hf ny tiprlciMe4
ConBCtlfl Wllh th )ardlR bmwkta tbCllf
To pHrchiiB Dretwi Goods, Mil
For mj palrofit, on Iht laoal Irtnlitta irtm
Rf thttBiMl FitblonaM Ifa.Vakr. AH tvr
lrawltl raf1f rarvUI M prompt BlUntlM.
(VmmlMloa( (I Be?r rrnt. Pattlatl)rlBf iim
p) or iBfurmtioa ihowM ... paMUr.
120 WMlCbMtBnl Bt., Ioalilll, tf.
fcffrrnrMr ftcf. Hn If rim, CarrolltoB. Ky.,
Dr. I)u'llf . 1tTDr.l. Ixmli-lllfi E. (J. Ilin.
oribeCVBrfei-Jbtirfta, Loalittllf, W. P. Wilton,
alitor Imtbbiob Joubjial, aunbvJ. IUt. (.o- o
Baron, Eranftliat. n-X
will be a saving of
G. F. Peacock.
a galli

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