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Semi-weekly interior journal. (Stanford, Ky.) 1881-1905, December 20, 1881, Image 4

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Tnestey Kenlsg, Decmbtr 80, 1881,
4 cms nomit.
"Ami you propoM to lUml by
what jouaay, ilrt"
'Easily, Otorge."
TltM ilUnc fell Utwftn Ibe (wo
rata for the space of a law momtnti.
It wm the old itory the iwele
petition ol poTertr-tricken youth
asking of wealthy old age the bind
of bMMty. f. K
0ge (Maalefbad lored pretty
fEither DnV from hit childhood up;
and Either hid returned bit lore in
lull measure, but when the deckive
moment came and he aiked rich old
Farmer John or bit daughter, then
he wat told that be wa too poor to
be aspiring.
Alter itaring fur awhile in dumb
dsspair at the hard-featured farmer
where he eat In hit great chair beside
the tanay window, George plucked
up (uAoiaot courage to aik:
"And ii my poferty the only ob
jection you" hare to owning me for a
unfa-law. lir ?"
'That' about the long and ibort
of it. bit boy, wat the prompt ret
poete; 1 had to maka a neat before
I caught my bird, and I don't quite
tee war other nieo ihould not do the
"Quite right, iir," said the young
man. brightening a lilUe; "but say
,.l ak how wealthy I must be before I
"can DropoM tor Either T
Farmer John ttroked bit chin.
with a coert smile playing about hi
weather-beaten feature,' and, draw
ing from hie pocket an enTelope
which contained a 1100 bill, the ptjea
of tome land which had been lold that
day, displayed the crisp note.
"Wbea you can abow 100 grata
backs like that, HI part with my
"All right, sirgood bye."
"Where are you going ?
iV-VGri'Meaeyou. Uool-bye."
Andao they parted; and ao lightly
did the old man taluk of hit harsh
treatment that, lUleuing to the drone
of the honey-bee id the rose tree out
side tbe window, he fell asleep in the
lumhine, bia arm retting upon the
window till, the envelope cuntaiuiug
thetlOO bill in .hit baud.
Meanwhile George htd hurried to
tbe trytliog place, down at the stile
iu tbe meadow, and had told E.llirr
hia tad atory.
- When the heard that be wat going
ao far away from her the girl bunt
iuto lean.
-, "Etber, Either, darling, dou't
cry," George faltered. "Cn"t you
be true to me till I come agaiu H
"I can, and will l" wat the iiatsion
,ate reply.
"Promite it, dear 1"
"George, I promite it im my life 1"
Theihadet of the tuinmer trening
were clotirg in at George Stanley
ttood at the door of the cottage
which had been' hit home, anil held
'lilt nother in hi armt.
Scarcely were the lat fare-IU
sjKikeu wheu the garden gate clanged
aud the constable nl the iltn:
trode up the path.
"George, ' the man taid, rrgrrlful
iy,,"I mutt arret you,"
' Mr. Btauley uttered a low cry. but
the young man lauithed:
"It thit tome j'ike, Mr. Htr.lv V
be'eried; "arrett me lur what?"
"For theft."
"Theft of what?"
"Of a $100 bank uole."
"From whom?"
"Farmer Dana."
'Merciful, heaven I I "
' 'Mil. Dana tayt that you wtre the
ouly person who knew he had the
note iu hit Mie.iuii, and that after
yoii ihad called uioii him be fell
ttileep: iwhen ba awoke the note wat
" .....i I II I ' iL.
"YUy tuouiu lie KGUN WO 1
yousg mau cried, iudiguautly.
"Uecaute an hour after you left the
farm, you purchased a ticket for Ne
.......Wrt,,..,.., J..
The oaly happy moraeott ol her Hie
were wben the aat witb toe widow
Stanley and talked of George.
Ob, how happy the poor boy might
have len could he have heard thore
two loving women talk of him and
have known the depth of their Iruit
ing affection!
lteturolog one afternoon from the
Haflnj'tatlm ftr Kitttt.
An un-tuwii young lady and gen
tleman play gamea of euchre nightt
in the toiiiig ady 'a parlor, under the
a ..BAA...B..I ll..l aal.nn tA !.. Ii. I. In ...... ...... mm
WKirciiici'k iimi iich ua -line lie i. iu i "i--",-"" --..-..-
I 1 ...1 ,',", ,, , .,, I BB-I BIBBa lie lTeB.ie I'f J.-.B
rattletnakr that are quite doale and 1 kin lur ami when the wmt aheit to iinkimni, n-jw iu 11- ..;
.. . . .. ' . .. emil read llaa. end II la afft.llHeli
tame. The little chubby hanilt f kit lilm Hie arrangement aeerui .111 r-iiree aiaitkr-ia-raiiie.
. ..- .. i ... , , , . ,, m'fllANAW Jir."i,llllrlnril.
ine iwo-yrar-oiu uatiy urnp nine very taiteiacinry, ami 11 nas aiumim
mortela 0 food In the boa, and llie'eil the rtt of the filkt who are not
cottage, Either met her father upon I reptile have become to accustomed to , In the tecret why it It they do to love
the veranda. 1 ner tiiiii mai iney win rae up uirir " i"ir cuunrc. 11 uuo ui mo mem
.L--.t. n .l- -1.1 .--.. ..M ,il Laila whn itmv Iiap IliA tiltatutnr uera of the ftmilr ht.inont to lie in
lor, WW uiu uisii iu, ai ---.. ...- . . . , ,..-.., --- -. 4 rg .- - ... xTniTI.Tt 11111
want to ipeak to you. I hava dtcid her approaching looUtept. ll.eclnl.lt line num when game are won or mi, l'lllTlllU Ul1 T IVI'J
roomer, during Uie tioiuayt, naa me wiij, wie luinumeuioi me coniracij w rRKrARKU om
cradhj brought out, and the liltle one it put olf until a kitting opportunity citrnt)rnrcirn arnrPTnt"
quietlr lake lU alternoon nap within occurt, mid It it taid in tome in 1 THE SHORTEST NOTIOE,
a lew feet of theboi; and at the ttauce when a large number of lor
mother ilngt a iweet lullaby toherfeita brooniedue it require almoat a
prrcioui darling, the tnakei alwt continual kit aud return fcr half an
If Huthitttii tf Stmt Oihtr Lisr.
Over the hillt, not three mile from
Whitehall, tay the Tina, retlde a
taanily who h$ve a little two-year-old
prattler. Th family have a box of
Wtv.irvlftlBJ,lll rtl U lb htgh
Saturday, December tho 24th, 1881,
fttltr m .lhTivffn
j4.a MtfaiH, m
ed to overhaul the old houte, furuiih-
it np a bit, and lay in a itock of new
Etther glanced up iu turprit.
"I don't tee the uie ol it, father,
dear," the laid.
"Don't you, tit ? with a ily wink;
do you think tbe old place it lit for
the wedding of tbe richtit girl in
"My wedding, lather?" Either
"Certainly, why nut ? 1 ve alwayi
thought Dr. Bell wat tweut ou you,
and today he atked in fur you. I
could not be belter pleaxtd to"
"Father I Hu.h, 1 caunut marry
Dr. Bell."
"Why not?"
"Because I uu uever love hiiut"
"Ob thal't all right I lu (he uuau
time, I'll have the carpenter- round
In tbe morning aud have theui tluow
out a bay window iu the tilting
room.",' 1
And with a juial laugh the old
mau tauutcreil dowu the atepi and
away through Uin lUiiiliiue.
Up In her chamber that tilght Ei
ther atood at tbe window au I raiie-l a
pale, tear-wet law to the twinkling
i tart.
"I will die firit," ibe murmured,
retolutelr. "for I have iirutuUed
George that I would b. true tu l.iio, I toothing to the child' ear.
join In the chorua. and the weinl and hour o, more to fini.h up. Thi. prac SVSlnASmSSSiM.
muiical noite of the rattle reaemblei ttce a jierlou could luppote to be quite
the oft monotony of lb mare drum 'a wearing aud exhauitive one, but
of Ibe orrhettra. the ouug eople bear up under it
Often the mother rocki her child to , wonderfully and teem quite cheerful
tleep while the ftui iu face with a i and hippy. Hail it not been lor 'CHEAPER THAN
palm leaf, which the keepi alwayi on nie jealnui chap the tecret com w i
the foot of the child ouch. pact between the two, probably would ,t. b. wauua.Jr,
On Knnilaw mtimmnntt lit l.tlil llvlr linvi, lill knnwn in ltl vrnrM MlBMI'
had become tired of feeding the and ihui other couple deprived oil
make, and Ue mother did not tee the chance to lett it themiclvee. Thej QJERA HOUSE!
Uie little one at the quietly moved jealoua -cutlit while looking at thej
away the cover. The child became window one uight, aaw the for mi of , STANFORD, KY.
t krpMi Km, rontiatiitp tnJ vl.l tUllftr 1
Mirtrf t trtJf MKailwlf, th
n ) ttii. nntriii nr j j,iiwirt,, j
Sltnlnr!. I
Ml-u JAHf.4 H. 5l3l5rrM.rY
Excelsior Art Rooms
EDWARD H. FOX, Fropr.,
KMtfc-r..i(.rtrtMilRd TkkM Hnf,
i rrno!MT,iMiUT!r-iUT J. a. nmt, r-
11 lor wfiMtiifWf riii
trfff MwUftTlirliy ftl
rVtflfYjTirfiixliv mrnltif tml nlglit
rt mairatitr ikii. hvmit ihimwi
I f oo , w. J. H, Mmi, HnilntMhltM. Th
Wwmm'i MiMtearr AwiMf hr Ihalit
HdihU in Kfi month, tt 1 t
VWaW fTVailirtll,
Mo.llf K.K
imi-IhiI. 1
i hr mi Ilia
a'tlotl. Mil. T. T.
t )A-riHT.-nav. M. Uiara. Wmot, MntUra
19 Ml
HOTnnl aa-l I'aurta Hunlii, atoralnf la
niiT intr
alfal, ITlt.r KUu Wldniflir int
mum, pinuif raiM ,l ,i ,
rtj lArd'irfa
CiiniVriAt.-wtiMri.T u riii
rtr lArt'a d,. ITm. klni kt M.
an llnl oJ Taint Uwa'lditi. rmiHlit rkkol
il t II. Jo. liiTM-inra. auiirlatBi1al.
' ijkwrvtSuian. niutii-Ti.". i. Vw.ki.
rl m.tf. Ho.Jl KrlHul II t M. J.aui w.
Kentucky I wai3l!?BS!i!t' u"" ',,, Mnum"m
llatlai rrrrallr rt IIM Mf mmt wlla all if lal '
asJfralMpraTtnaatiflaow aiva Ika. I
Flnrtt (lallery In Central Krntnrkyl
Wa;taliliraatlll,Un'llillUcaU aial ara
n RfcirHiir,
4ii.u r.nwAiiii ii. nu,
ralnci.ftf Ky. OKtl-iglfil Wafta
3STE-V7- yOBK,188S.
ELSEWHERE! ti Sua k imi .ui . iu (r.w.iii ..,.!
rtvalwtlaa aa4r laaprf-aalraaaac.Mfat.ikln'al
Cincinnati, New Orleans
Clarlaaill mallifni IHrlilaa.
Ttation. TaL..! M,Vr
UlluOa 1,,
w ! Ar til -big to4 lliili'.BUMH aa-J frM(wt, I
fMiUBtMl ! Hkkaf-r;, lUpubltraa b4 Wmw f
trilt(t(ltprfMt)i4 ftrtiMu,,'1fitlllfBl h ) i
tnir. Tk Sua'a 1141,1 Ii M wtakliwl mj iwiim I
ktivl t4f f aurlt tittt H gUI wtrMlh la for Ih j
t,killliaMirl.il ilnMtfiM b.J..Wr-j
ifUfkttrih it-nUUallr ltktL I
TtctatiMI-4 neviNiwriil atMwklkJ. I
HJirJMl iMmf of forms aJ wiUlli.if
Ih luifrOaoaa orJ aJ pbrKM ( ntlrBl jaara
iklliM, ll waJrrlook ! rtr a frvali.tMo
rt Ml. MHfUBl ar ill lk r Ih
worMi (MalMlnc Dfrnt of hiaaii laltrt!, tfttj
fwitutntntlritt upon UTalfa with lb faMtiM of
. ." . til 1 11 .1. I TbMlrlMl Maacria.l ill mirrai f la- w i'W-ww. iaaimaw lautiM.
crtwIeJ into the cradle, u it wm of. 'ihtdc, nuil ai they could ee them Lrat4 mat ui. ...- atw tun, iiU raijriw
ten accuttomed to do. The mother play card, and then when tho lait i !" '-'""M ,. k,r7tu.i,ra.i r...ui.k-a ir
i1 ajaja a wm m M, ff ihli toaatry la lha dona ynri pail Kula ntl-
wa engaged in doing her Imuiewnrk, .card aa alapped down htar one or ITlOSt IrOHipXCtC I .w anat t . m r iiuai jar.ai ai.
... .. ,1 naJjr atUIIhialwa iwaillftailao-l Ullfra4 If
and therefore paid little attention tuthe other tay, "O, glory, itt my l iaikaauia.taaiaiorra(aitaaaia. in ! ki,t,'T,l'!.,'.,'.''..V.','! . .
...... ... 1. s 11 aadalbrraai-attVaaam ara a. il4 lha biam TkaRaaar IMI will U Ika una aabralaa,
wee Katie. 8he waatuddenlv attract 1 lun.1" i.r, O.crcaiu and leache, I "JJJ "" '" .-'- i"'"""-t w-rrr ' .
... .. - . . - . . . im , 1 1 I Bralltwnl HMoltka aini wklia aa abaa.1-
ed by tbe rattling of the snake, and will try u lliii timet and could tea (jentre) Door Fanev Chamber, a For r""r,"r,',J'- "'"" ""
he walked to the door, where a liuht the tliml.inty motion! ai of kitting, tL Monntiin Pu. Kitchen with '"' "aii'prlai all tk. ..,,fiiia iaurJ-
Fractlcal Door and Window, aHo-.it. uTii...i j,rjuei, u.ii. nimiiaumi
.!. . c,.. BMJ . TJ..t.l I ! I ppla. IHiIib friM I'ltallaK llaaw
rlion. a Street and a rractlcal K,,,.,. ,; !,. L. ,,.. ..ij...,w. .in. tl.
.... . .. . . . ..... 1 1 . 1 Mr Mi,! 11H MAitntiln Km oil. n Miw-f r nr laiaa nariwni wona ra
IHecnua wa in lliecraoir, aim ai,uoijr ricning uiai iney couiun i nave -. -- -..-.-.- i.iiiaf ..u..p4tiit.iir,b.ik,ciinp.u
each rocker wa a make, rucking ill part In tliecnutract. ! .. KTO,iA7 Jt-lStH0 "u'ptiii'i"a k,.t".in-i,iM epialaaa; ii an
.1 -.I. .1 ! . !l L!l r ...I -.a I ... I acMituiaJ taaipriu tkaai la linguaia Ikatlaa
gently with their tall, while hmr I)vi-eiha We have teen dvinen ' ABJni.wiai.lPrriil.jR..aaraaUalBtlJJ. i i.ntauj i, m im n uui w
- xiaifin win 111a Min mil hii a4 a'aai. laai niiai ii laa aai aacrai si
1 11 a ar a a poiiurai cvaria.
Tki wllr M iilharilala alkl pifia tka
I lllttal IVOkail lam
.III 0 ".1 1 1
.1112 " , I IS " HIT '
"aia i Oi-aa. Ml M ( la " .If f(
NlilioTiaillla.. Till 17 '( nil
lllta iilJ(al,llt II pn aa .. a,....
ll.rl.l..i,J.T1lU, 117 :..
Inaillla .......111 M 1 11
JalKllaalll , I ' I M - II tl
JalKllaalllr , I 03
hal i I U
rlal HaiailJa.t t CJ
IM(iaioaa . .. 1 n
" Kuckoml.MMMWi T tl
" Pprlajoif . Ill
M liaffa -.I,, i I II
Arr. l-hiitiBflAtfi.. Iifei
' .. J 84
I.,.., -j ui-
:.-:. in"
met her eye that at Cut cauied her i they aurmiaed the whole thing and
great alarm. ' told it at a big j ike, when they were ,
"But trie Souey wat uilue."
"Ah, but Mr. Dana hat identified
the bill ai hit. I'ju afraid, Oaorg.
you mmt come to the lock-up with
uie until you cau havu au texuiina
Like a mau he faced the ditgrace,
'UilwiTconl aiid diguified uutil be
wat-dli'mttaeil on I lie fnllowing day,
the evidence agaimt Imu not beiug
contldereil tarinui eunuch tocoudaiuu
him. ,
So he went Weil with a heavy
heart, tu ivek hi fortune, knowing
a 'lliat out of bit III long friendi, El
ther aud bit mother almie deemed
him guiltiest ol the galling charge
agaiuit hit uaiue and Inmur.
. . jA yrweut round, an I it wa al
ready the tpring time of auoihcr, and
Kither prayeil day aud uight for the
welfare aud tuccttt of her absent
and I will not break that pruiuiae."
Bright and early upou the I'ullow
ing. moral ug ibw appeared at break
lait, and, though her father eyed her
keenly, be never miatrutled tho con
flict she bad been waging through tbe
dead waitea of th previou nighL
With a thudder uf horror Either,
heard the carpeutera bagin work at
tbe liltiugrooiu window, and wbilo
her father itoud iu frout u( the houm
planuiug tome allaratioo wiih the
architect, the lied uji'tu her room Ui
ilifle ber uiianry by raadiug Uurgd'a
lait letter the twentieth time.
' Scarcely had the coucluded the per
uiai oi tbe firtt pt when a rap came
upon tbe door, aud upon optuiug it,
Either encountered the inaid-ofall
"Pltate, Mitt Either," the girl
taid, extending touetbiug iu her
hand; tha carpenter juit iuuud Ibis
when' they tore away the niop-buard
under Ibe titling room window"
Esther took the object, uttered a
wild cry, aud darted dowu ttair.
Father, father, look I the scream
ed. "George it innocent i"
With a puuled air tbe farmer took
the dirty envelope and with treiub
ling Gugera extracted a mildewed u-jte
Tor tlUU.
"Slipped out of my fiugert and
into that' peaky crack I "'be gaiped
'By Jove, what wouldu't I give if
that poor boy was here uow ? I'd give
ou to him without oue peat for the
wrong I've dene him I"
In hit bewilderment Ibe ol I felliw
lid not notice the ttir beside hiiu, and
when he railed hit eyes at lait. In,
ihere stood George Stanley with E
ther tightly duped in hit armt I
"Your wish is granted, iir," tbe
young man taid; "the boy it litre,
but not poor. There are the billi you
wanted to lee before I could claim
But Farmer John puihed lha prof
frred wallet aiide and faltered brnk
euly :
"Say no more about it, George;
take her, she's yours, aud inav .Jlrav
eu forgive me, and bleat you "both.
See here, ' Mr. -What' ver name. I
want you to get through" with these
improvement iu double quick time,
for there' going t be a weddiug next
week 1"
more lartre snecimeas tioou near or. .- .. i f. i ..... ,.i . .. -.i.
. . . u, ... ilea aniuauiiereu uuioiu vuruieuia nun , , i ,,i fi. a,.
producing the mu.ic wbl.h .. eVfrv ... -. . .... The Town Is in Easy and Close Access
L,ul,l I- l.kan -.ilhont aufTinc-1 ?! "".f-.-i"""!!-. r.b!?"- J!T!''-,.'.-t 11V
m . I t I a tl ..-- - -- . ...,.. , .. Qr p BuafDaa bbi cwmrm-, naaiiuTiHii mai-
uuiioo uu remxraauie in an ,.., ...... . ,,. ,.;,t. , tiaMcwup.aKaaaiKii.
a large rattleinake lurched UJU. M a.lnilk ere aoliil 6re; .nil we I.mve
high chair at the child t bead, with lit I eli , tormenU iD(,
tail ooiled about lb handle of the nitrf)i b liv;ng on
,..... .u, -1-m.m, . ,.b . white uf egg whiaji have been boileil
ward, aad forwwd. over iu f.ce, fa bub. wllw fcr MH minulM
It wa a picture for au artitt, and , A fhe ()f week Wfl Un giyen
uoweu manna v-reaior,o ... .mug. ,be Mr ,k (J hfl w,h be
bad even putjn the ureattor reptiles. h-(ei WM, hIidfct ,, w-,b.
tit5dfle,t V,rlUe,',0Ve,ud out fluid. .f any kind, we have teen
8rTl,.Uo..., .inl .,! - ..I .1.. ll"-ra ,,lSin -0 Bain fleb and itrength,
... ,. . .. and quiet, refrething ileep. After
rruuio uufara iui low muuicu ia, i ,-... .... .
ben all feeling of fear entirely left " f ,h.", " fT h"e
her boaom. 6h. moved toward tbe b?"We: " .h ?'!: '? 't8'" TL"
nioer iikhi. ainu an mit wunoui iaa
table wben the muiic ceased, the fan
wa gently laid upon the cradle, the
fiiur make uncoiled their tail from
about tbe rockert, and iu let than 30
second the whole tribe were iu the
box again, having returned voluula
rily. They behtld tbe child' moth
er, aud knew that their tervice were
uo longer required, therefore they re
liuquithed their precious charge info
the mother keeping.
The little ttory it, alai, too true.
auu It another evidence that all tho pari
the intelligence of the make kingdom
wa not monopolized by that tradi
tional reptile thai peddled applet in
ing medicine. Hard boiled egg! are
uot half in bad a half-boiled one,
and ten time ai eaiy to digeit a raw
eggt. even in eggnog,
a a r
belitved to be
A curlybeaded, olive ikiuueal young
mau walked into a III o ad way furuidi
lug t tore a day or two lines aud of
fered to buy all the jierfurated coiu iu
the place at a discount. About 15 in
tilver wai handed over to him ami
paid for, "What do yoa dd with il?"
the young inin wai aaktxl I sup
port toy wife aud children with it
Uo you know anybody that' gol
auy more?" The hule iu the coin are
filled by pawing irou wire through
theui nd clippiug it olT. A liilln
batmneriug and buruiabiug tuaket
tbe deoeptiun oumpUto.
"Vuj., mein freut," taid au old
Jew tu Lmd'JU who, afttr having re
covered from a fit which, it wat
thought, would Itriuiuatc iu death,
HI a crucifix that had been thrust
In hi face by pioui Catholic iuiuiiiou
ed to auiit him home, "I cau Uud
you two ihilliog on it."
a aa ai -1
A Missouri paper, to illustrate a
hopeful feeling that tome men have
when they are in debt, tell ol a farm
er who owed Walt. Perkins twenty-
five dollars, and had owed him for
year. Uoe day he met Walt and
aid, "Don't be uneasy, Wall. I
have the thing all fixed by which I
can pay you. Walt aiked bun bow
he bad got It fixed, and the old gran
ger mU, Well, Wale, if nothing hap.
wu, next year I hoie to raise a good
crop of corn ami I intend to trade
tome of the corn for a yke of oxen,
and I kuow au old man in St. Charlet
Uo. that oau an old mare and wants
to trade her for a yi.ke of oxen.
Now, Walt, wheu I raise theporn and
get the oxen I will make the trade lor
th old mare aud then I will bring
ber home and raiae mule olta aud.
Walt, the firtt mule cult I tell you
hall have the uioueyl"
Wtw, ltkAU EiniEK Way Our
young friends have heard nf pilin-
drums words or, Hues., that read
1111 the same backward aa well for
ward. The fulluwing seutui.c, prin
ted in the London Truth, aiini.lv
make senta read word by word either
"Soloiuou had vast Irteauret ailver
and gold things precious. Hippy
and rich and wim) was he. r.iil.lul
terveil be Gml,
"She lamented isdly, nlleii !.
much alone.
"Man ii noble and ceuemui often
hut sometimes vain and cowardly.
Carefully boiled eg are go hi and
palatable Youth's L'iuiuii.ii.i,
WUKTHEH or not filhet lnvo inter
vala of ileep, like the laud aiiimali iih
which we are familiar, has juit Uu
decided. Th curious behavior of a
d'-uui carp lu the Berlin aquariiliu
attraclol atteutioii, and iuvtttiiiaiioii
iliowed that the fiib, when in certain
io-itioua in which they would remain
for hotira were in it at lit r silirii
Souie of theiu slept so souudly that itarleai; he departs; we lay tracki;
ouly repealed blow or ihakiug would you cut ticks; thouab3quatuIat or ike-
awaken thera. aatiuie.
TheCaliuucki are
thehomelieit people on the face of the
earth. They are ao ugly in appear
ance that their blood has been kept
pure for teveral ages, as other people
reldnm intermarry with them. They
are of uinngol origin, and inhabit
tbe Kusiian and Chinese em
pire. 1 bey mury yenng; tbe boys
sometime at fifteen and the girl at
thirteen, ibe marriage ceremony
consist in the couple holding a shoul
der of mutton wrapped io a cloth,
and pledging their troth before the
idols which they worihip.
The girl ha pretty eye and red
lip. She is going to take a walk in
tbe starlit glen, where the cricket
cbirpi in the hedge and the jiggers
play in the grass. William is going
to walk in the glen too. He will
meet the girl and they will talk about
the weather. We wouldu't givo a
cent fir that peice of court plaster on
the girls chin by the time the girl
gets back home.
a aa a
Mix a little sulphur with talt and
feed occasionally to ibjep. It will ef
fectually destroy sheep ticks. The
unie remedy applied to cattle troub
led with lice will soon rid them of
the vermin. The lulphurwith salt re
pay the trouble of keeping a supply
for cattle and sheep. If a mixture of-
oue part of sulphur witb seven of salt
be applied, there will be no troubio
witb vermin.
a aa a
Tiik churches will keep on until
there won't be auy fun left. Thel'res
hyteriau won't lat people dance, the
MelhoJiit kick on imoking and kilt
ing, and all the qburchet prevent some
thing. It will get to after while that
all we cin do will be to join the Bap-
lists, and go in iwimming'Tli JUap
tits will never go back on a dellowi'
going in swimming. I'eck's Sun.
a a
A reii'irkable feature ol this year's
IjJhcco growth ii the production of a
Mi-und crop in Kentucky from the
anckers, where tobacco was cut du-'
riiiy I l.e drouth. I.iko reports come
(mm wiiue of the seed leal districts.
Ii la raid that the second crop in ma
ny imlaiice proved better than the
A Fiiknciiman learoiug the Kng-'
lil. laiuuige complained of theirreg-1
ulailiy id the verb"to go" the present .
iHiattni which some wag bad written
it fir him a follows: "I go: thou '
W. P. WALTON, Mauatar.
t .arajuilapaaaj la lfcaAmJa" Slara-rwou tt
lha XI, Aaapb. llalal.
JbJ( la feet, TerjIk.Bf un&ll j kepi 1
A Vlrut'ClM Furniture ttlor.
Alt f which
AnlnlUr (w-ali rials bought t rtUll la the
tallt. Ckll t4 ftaittlaa thia, Kb4 tou
will UctliMa U thi fL
rlr ur virlnlaotl taiefUlalDf than aaf
, it( Briitira.
lartt svatlf ( IhaMiaa dallf Imun. Aa Aifl-
ealluru tatpartaifat ar aaaaalMU Marlt, lull
aiarkft rrporu, aal a tltwtal mnoriloa af IlUra
rr. arlslll, aai iaaa:l laultlac cvntf4U
tba Mbl at.aa4 aiaha It lha IimI at!1
tar the Urmr' houwhotiMthal waatrpvtM4.
WhodUwaaatkaa aa4ral aaJ Ilka UPaa
diT Strif.ffarh auaibr at ahlth ! a (lolcoaxla af
laUrtttla lHratiraUh lha W it-W'f - Ua
Jy, tfa artrf llaa arth rraJlof, it, hwanjr
Maiir aaauf a i mu a aul.aiiM4 itooa, atvi
II aur liaUa t hat a aaaaitaiMf aMtuli La.
dMaja au, Matt kr lha 8t.
(lur Uraaa ara at (ultava:
Kar tbadailj Via. aiour pf aha t af laaalr
alifhtcalaaiaa, tba irlrti7 wait, 1 l-aU, liU
raata a tMoath. af H M i jtr, or, iBfUJtag tta
ua4lr papar, aa tig htnac ! af fftr-alt a4
aataa, lha fia U U raau pwf atoalh. ar II 79
ar, oalaia M.
Tba fuaJar ntllloa aftlta Bv If lie furtlabI
rparalalf at Il.30a vvar. pos.laa Mtl
Thafartraartaa Wfcf Bi'a.tUht i-acaa, ttj -all
culyMai,U II a fftt l-alca p14 tar claU
afltaaMjIaf fit a will ara4 aa ail ra roar frta,
jtii-tftM, I Y t.NnLAND,
rubtUhrr af TubWh, Ktv Yerk wif.
. h. ui:ahcx.
7 2.
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ib it.
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a a
N.Y.Wcokl' Herald.
Tk.rlmititlo al IhU pufialir Bawipip.r la
ruBMiill lacrrMl.f. Ilcaalalaa all lk.lM4i.ff
B..I al la. lull llwaM lal Ii arnnsaJ la ftaaja
urlaiaala. Tba
roaaiaa BKWI
auiUariiclalillpiialia rroi all aaarlara T
SkU. UaJarlBaliiaJar
ararlraatlia TrlafripBta lliubaa rroia all
pailaaT that'alwa. Tali fMlaraaWoa laakaa
111 IIILf Mil. Ill
IkaraaalialaablachraaUlalalka waiM. aa It la
iaa cBMpni. -.rrrp weal u (lira a uiural ra
partaT tuLltlTAL mi
tiahra-lai romplala ao4 rumpiabaailia dlipattb
"" n a.Blu.iuu, (rihiiiDg ,u ITpOTllOI IB!
(aarbia aT aialaaal wlltlUaa aa tba iiuiatlaBa al
tba boar,
Tu. nan DiraaTMtar
ar Iba Waallr HrtaM (Itn ba hlnl u wait u
tba Bloat prarliail aauaallMiiaBd-llarafirlaa r
UUcffUlb.ilulU.ol Ih. f.mir.blau ba rala.
lafftalllt, poallr-MnlBl. trail, TaffiUblaa. Ac.,
AcvllhaaffffMlloaa ttr laMlnf BulMlaffi aaj
Utul ( bubiIIi la Kpalr. Tail II aapplau.alal
l'T a "ll-.liixIdriirtU'Bt, .Jilr cvplaJ, ia-
dwibaiaar !.
tltlaff ran lor prarllralIUhaa,klata tr ibii
lB(lolblBtaBjurbarpla( up a lib tba liuu
fi abloai al tba leant llra. Kvrrp luaiarrook
las ar rroitoaip aanralMl In Ibla daparlaiabt la
pracllcallj laitr-l braiprrti Ulora niUlrallaa.
Illira 'ramour I'arla ib1 ladoa citfniwM.
aata aa tba larr laiaat fubloea. Tba llama 1
paflBiiBl al Iba Warblr llrraM will ma IU
taunwlfa mora ibas oaa buaJrc-1 tliuca tba irlot
aribtapar. Tb.latarc.laor
, . . aILLIOtaBO
ara lookatl after. aaJ avcralblaff riUIInc La mi.
kiiltiaad labor miIds la rarcftillp recorded.
Tbrialaapacadctotnltoalllba lltnl pbiancM
tba builBcai iairk.li. rroM.-u.rchittillM A . At. I
-'NHuinii KHjooia inaipaciaur rcpuii
nl prli-aa bbJ coaJII loai .r
TusrioDici iiiun,
Kportiaff Bawaat boiua aad abruaJ, tofalbcr
wlibaitorr ararpvaik.aBrrtfiaa by .oma tail-
aadacanotM. Tbira la Ba par la tba world I
w .-.wnMiv.au HtMca a... aiiiiar arcrr iai
ailba Heckle HcralJ, ablib li'nat, ponaga In I,
araea dollar. You tau aouarrlbaal aar Umt.
Tb.hi. Votk Ilir.U, la a ankle tola, tl
ajaar, Addrna NKW VOKK IfEKALhr
Kroadaar aBdAauatrtel,Xe Tail
AUWraa Ureal fealbcra MlMia.
Cee, I'billaiMwg a ..
- Ulilai Kara-. ....I
aii.lT.. ,
Uilatilaa ,
1H1 i i
Arr. Sirrldlaa ....
OS ara
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in "
I lit "
VlikibarffaadUcrldlu Dlililoa.
- Ncwa
" I orial . .. .
" Hr.Bdoa
Julaa H h.,
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Kdwarda . .
Arr Mckibarff
ll im
tip "
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I 11
VUkibars. gkre-cpoct A Tacit. MiIiIm.
Lib. Vlrkiturs a
- IMU .
- Tall.lab
- IWbl
Arr. Hear . .
! !
II Waal
It at m
Vlckibaif , Hkreiapart ao rulle IMrlalaa.
laraMneroa -
- I.lbl.
- Till. lib
Arr. Vtckiburff.
Vlc,kiUri ibJ Mirldlia llillco.
J" Hi
ll oa
lltl SIS
Lea, Vtckiburff .
- Maarda.
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HraBda. ...
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Air. Mcrldlia
n , i
AtaUais (Ileal (taatb.1. UliUUa.
IS 00
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II Ilaia
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Lib. MccMUa
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" 1 Bcraluoaa .
" UlrailBiklB.,..
" ' - .
- Rl.l.j K.r....
Arr Cbiluao.ta
I Via
S II "
,117 "
lt Rpai
,111 "
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IH -
OJKlBBall Kalbara Dlilalaa.
La Cbaliaauusa I... I I oa iai
" IWyea . ' t II "
- Pprlaff Olp et
- auakaaul -f ts -
- rw-lrewone ..
" IVIal HuiBlda.al lit pa
hVmeraet .. III It -
- Jaoctkal Ulj lu. I M - I ail aa
naa i !!.... J n - s 40
- llaradbarJaaa I It - SSI
- Illffb HiMia S.,t SS " SM
- McaaUaillla.. Ill- III
- Iltailaat.. I II " la
s a. - j to
m 'isn
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441 -
7 00.1a
- Iraunelaaa
Arr. ClaclBBall I
jnii.f KnrrT.
Vie. 1-r.ilJ.Bl ao3 (ieoT Mac. ClaBo.tl. II.
E. P. WILSON. Ile. I'aai'r Al O. 0 B. K
nailBBalLO. U IIAKOr.OcBL -aai. Aieat
V AM lClt..rickilrt, Mia. II. CUI.LHRAN,'
ll.ll. l-ia. AffLAfc.Ol.rto.lk.raH, IL, Ibllli
Ba. Traa. JOE f Hlf 1UI Ilea. I'ui.
AL V, . A T. IL lUMaaroa, U.
0ia tbroab Kealarkp vlaLatUllo.
the West and South - West.
Ka cbiBff. tt Ctri VclveaB Itlrbmond. Char,
lane. villa, Warae.lra',mauBton aad UarlaaiU
aa-l dlrart Io LioabtlUa. ocbedalt laklB adeelaa
Clicaiipcuko at Oblo ItAliway,
gONDAT.IIOV. to, Illl.'
On tho LoxlnKton Division,
lllXKUBtlt I, 1U1.
JiBu.rr 1, 1141.
Lr. IUchwoodn
" UvlDffiloa..,.
" Crab OrcbanL
- ctunlord
Sbelbr Cite .
III. J.Olll.O..
- K.w lll.ca.
Ar. Ibauoo JuBclion.
- patliiBall Juiullon.HHW,
-- ioi.iiiia...0,..
El. Hud.
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sert 4 0S
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Juuare I, till.
I.T. rtlaalurd..
(ib Orrba.nl-..
A. tlvloffiloa.H.HH.
Lr. Laocailer.MM.HM
Ar. Kiibiuood..
Si ara
III ui
411 "
To MamphU, Utile Buck, Moll I., Moolromrl
Bad Xaw Urlaaaa.
Iara Ulchiaood..M M
Dua lloedoniilll. mmmm..
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M Lyocbbors Juactl.0..
- kVayscUirOMMM. ,
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- lluBllociaa . .
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Uu. AibUBd.- . .,,., t 19 a
"" . 10 u a ai
- MLSIeillas. 'It 00 w
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11 lilnffton ,., ...... I 40 a ui
- llorlbaatlM'r.rcB.IV.T) S SO p la
" LoalnlUe(L.AW.K'p.).. , S W . a
a a t 00 b a
IS Ua ails tap a
11 aoa u II 11 pa
li Ua Bi'tl tip a
I elp IB.IJ Ilia
I sop u I Ma a
Upn 4 10a a
I 10 p w 1 11a a
10 io pa I Wa a
t 40a a too. a
t 40a al iu a
a 19 p u
Cat. baa.
I 1'iai
10 Haw
Ulcbu.od dalle aicepl HUBdae al 1.14 p w aod ar
rlrca al CbarlolleaiHla tl 10 00 p la.
UilDffUi Die. (B I. a U If j)
t.ra.ljoaiiiiiia(i n n'ri.
- ClBrlaaatl(l.r.OB.V
- llinffUMi ..
Arr. WlacbwIar.H...
Mt. Merllilf .
- Marebead .
" Albliad. ... ..
M lluallOfflon ....
CAU. U. H,
l.ra. lluBtln(loa Hm.
I'UB Jill
loii u
t Ua a
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1 II p w
Hip a
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ii oiia Buiiibur.. I a as a iu
ii iiiiauima'ff..,, mmm.,t. t lla a
Ml.unli.a,,, 1....,,, ift 00. a1
'Vajoiiuoio .. .... 10 Ilia
Lrachaarff Juacllao .III So a a
I bailollailUa ... II 0. p w
llor-loo.rllU ' I II am
Itltbuoud........ ..1 I 00 p a
Kit Sua.
IU pu
I 41 pa
I SO a
7 ll a a
I so aa
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w r
00 pa
II It pa
II 41 u
I It au
I to au
I to a
III tu
I 00 a a
N. IL-E. Lit. B. U'p luaa lj (Uaabui
llai2l lulauteaaluaer IbaB tl A O. Il'v tlaa.
Ml. I MAIL (booirUal Lroiltburff Jwacllon
for Iba rtoulh aad houtb-aeali at Aibiaad, Kp.,
lib r-loll VilUr Uallroad IW Iba Morlb-aell, at
Lealuvloo. Ke.. wltbKeuluikr Cealril Hallaar
rarCll-claoallaad IbaWal! aad arliU L. IK,
TbU rout, la over
XOO Mllaa BhotHaat to Tai.a,
Tlioauuih quicker and ralaa loaar Iba. lr nr
Ibwraiila. illaaUalba
RouUtaallHuU la MliMuri, Kaaiu, Illlaoli,
iBdlaaa, loaa, NiUuki. Colorado, Alkaoau.
al oaa cbaiuja ta Cblcaffo, bl. Lvala and Eael.
far iBtWuallull Iboul 11. kl lalhaKnulh. ka.
aaa, Colorado, Bad LuiUiaalltaUa la p'lorld., Ar
..uaac, iiiu, J.c Wdrea ti r. AlHUUt,
W.t mm. A.L.
Orf, J, Amuoar, A.ot, IsulaiUlo.Vr,
oiwioru, ..-
II ' Ia. Il.a kuw. Il.i..t
iu. 1MAI1, L.A X and Kaatackr (Vattal
tl'racuaoeetat Uilaalaa. Kr. tod aclals Vallcr
lt'-al Aibla il, K J., Villa Ho. t. No. 1 lo.uccli
BtLyflCbburff Juacll.Bar Iba Hailb aad Sou lb.
veil; aa-l al ItlibwoBdl.r Iba haulb.
NO. s t.XI'IO.kM-Cuaaarlaal lluallatoB llb
aUaBieraa-rllBilaaallaBaiba WmI.
MM llXI'ltlJ-a-'lvanailtall.Tiubl'Uff Juae
lloafortbaNotlbl al lllcbiaoad for Iba Kuulbi
aod on Tucadaja aod Kflda;a allb 11. 11, . tt. fai
New Voik. . .
l.llaatlaapllCoac baa dalle a. Hua. I aad
t balwaca HuBtlpfflaa a.d Wllllawaoo'a.
slaeplat (Vacba Uallp aa Naa. aud 4 Ulaeaa
Itlibwood aud Wblta balpbui.
traci.L Nolim.Nav Cuarbaa tbiooib La.
iBeaaLlariauaUaodiUtaaoad a ffoc.1 udl
wllbaulcbaiiff.. .
KorraLra, llckela, basfaaaHliarkl, le, tpplp la
aaromcaallbaUa L-U r, or deuul ui tlikal
office olwioectlii, lion. "
II. W kULLAUL 0. f, T, A.
C.MT.tlMIIB,Uia' M.o.iir.

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