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W. P. WALTON, - . - Editor and Proprietor.
T. R, WALTON, - . . . Business Manager.
n i ' '
The Way It Ought hr to Now.
Previous to tlio Adoption of n icnl
leutlary system in Kentucky, the
death penalty wm consequent upon al
most every criminal ofienso. As ft
matter of history and of general in
ternal at this time, wo giro liclown
Hat of punishments in forco for
crimes committed in this State previ
ous to 1700.
J. Treaaon Death j lunging, without
benefit of clergy.
2. Hlatea con.pltlng to rebel or murder
any free eraoii. Death.
3. Kree erjii arivi'Inj; or coninlrlng
with n "lato in rebellion or murder. Death
-I. Stealing or railing a free eron for a
late. Death.
r, StculInQ a la?e. Death.
0. Murder of the firt degree. Death.
7. KobbinR or ecceory before the fact.
1. llurglary. Death.
0, Manilaugliter. Death.
10. Maiming, ! cutting out the tongue,
putting out the eye, Ac., and aiding there
in. Death.
11. Killing a peraon In a duel. Delh.
12. Uae, or acceaaory thereto. Death.
13. Carnally knowing or abualnga child
under 10 yearaof age, or acceaaory before
the fact. Death.
14. 8lae attempting rape on a white
woman. Castration,
15. Hugger, with manor beaat. Death.
10. Willfully aeltl'ns fire to a houe in
town al night. Death. "
17. Blatea willfully burning any houe,
Ac Death.
18. 1'erjurj and aubordinatfon of perju
ry. Death.
19. Forgery of any coin, bank note, or
aiding la audi forgery. Death. , .
'JO. Korgtry of any cheek, pott-note, or
order on any bink, Ac. Death.
21. Forging or counterfeiting any to
bacco brand, or exortIng tobacco with
any audi brand or mark, with intent to
defraud. Death.
22. Destroying or concealing any codi
cil or will, or aiding therein. Death.
,83. Obtaining gooda or money. by faho
tokeut. Jl)alli. f . ,
2 J. Hotm ataaftngjaVDeith.
26. Kinbeaaling or atcallrig, and taking
away any - rvcurd, writ-, returu, proce,
warrant. Ac. of anr court. Death.
20. (Jrjrid larvcuy. Death.
27. Unmaking jail.when the party waa
commitled for any crima punlihabla with
death. Death, without benefit of clergy
All felonies wero putiialml with
ifcafh) b$ hiit'glug. without biiifcfit of,
clergy. (Vu. tslut., loW.)
Tlio benufitot clergy uas denied
under the fullowiug circumstance:
1st. To all principals in tho first de
gree iu murder, burglary, arson, ul
comuion law; for tho willful burning
ol any court-house, or couuty or pub
lie prison, or tho ollico o: mo cierK oi ,
auy court; for tho felonious taking ol 1
goods out of any church, to.; for
robbing any person iu their dwelling
house, tho occupants being within; for
robbing any person on tbe highway;
for horse stealiug; for housebreaking
by day, the owner being therein nnd
put in fear.
All minor offenses wcro puuishablo
either by burning iu the band, duck
ing, tho pillory, or by whipping nt
tho public whipping-post. Frauk
fort Yeoman.
Tho French drink Absintho is im
ported extensively iu this country. A
New York paper describes ita effects
in this way. "It is mucb moro per
ilous, as well as deleterious, than any
ordinary liquor, Its encroachments
aro scarcely perceptible. A regular
absiutbo drinker seldom perceives that
ho is dominated by its I nlefttl influ
ence until it is too lato. All of a
sudden he breaks down; his nervous
system fa .destroyed; bis brain is inop
erative; 'his will is paralyzed; he ua
mere wreck-; there it no hope of hi re
covery. Victims of intemperance of
tho common sort frequently relorm;
but tho absinthe drinker, after he Inn
gone to a pertain length, very rarely
does, or cau throw olF tho fatal fasci
nation. Tho moro intellectual a tunu
is, the more readily tho habit fastotiB
itself upoiM him." This boats ,bad
. corn whisky whlchHs warranted to
kill at eighty rods; but if men nro
going to destroy themselves by intem
perance tho quickest way is tlio best.
It is one of the- uuoxplanablu things
of moral ethics how people decide so
promptly as to how little rniu and
bad weather it takes to keep them
avayjromi pryi meeting, aud bow
much is required to keep them away
from a good show. Steubenville
Lives there a mau with soul so dead
that never to hhuxelf bath futd,' I urn
quito glad my hnirV not. red?
Slight Exaggerated.
The tendency of ome Western
men to exaggerate, ll noil sot off In
tlio following i
"Yes, sir," returned tho Dakota
man, ns tho crowd of agriculturist
seated themselves around a littlo ta
bic, "yes, air, wo do things on rnthor
n siznblo scale. I've seen a man on
ono of our big farms start out in tho
spring nnd plough a straight furrow
until fall. Then bo turned round nnd
harvested back. Wo bavo so mo big
farms up there, gentlemen. A friend
oi tnino owned ono on which ho bad
to give a mortgage, nnd the morlgngo
was due on ono end beforo they could
get it recorded at tho other. You
ice it was laid oil In counties."
Thcro was a murmur of astonish
ment, and tho Dakota man continued:
"I got a letter from a man who
lives In my orchard, just beforo 1 left
home, and it had boon three weeks
getting to tho dwelling-house, altho'
it had traveled day and night.''
"Distances aro pretty wido, up
there, ain't they ?" inquired otio.
"llcasonably, reasonably," replied
tho Dakota man. "And tbo worst of
it is, it breaks up families to. Two
years ogo I saw n wholo family pros
trated with grief. Women yelling,
howling, and docs barkinc. Ono of
my men bad his camp truck packed
on seven fourmu!o teams and he was
around bidding every body goodbye."
"Where was ho going?" asked a
Gravescnd man.
"lie was going half way across tho
farm to feed tho pigs," replied tho
Dakota man.
"Did be ever get back to his fam
ily?" "It isn't time for him yet," return
ed tho Dakota gentleman. "Up there
wo send youug married couples to
milk tho cows, and their children
bring homo the milk."
"Do you lovo me, Gertrude?"
"All, Maurice, bow can you doubt
me?' nnd the girl looked at hnu
fondly, the luve-light iu her beautiful
brown eyes telling more plainly than
could any words the uieaaureless uUc-
tiou she boro him. 'They stood there
together in the twilight of a day 'in
which tlio golden glory of autumn had
been tinged for the first time by tbo
refrigerating hand of winter. The
beuthcr had lot its bloom, the ox-eyul
daisies Here uo longer to bo seen, ami
the modest dullodil had withered unci
died. Hut tho fall pumpkiu was ripe,
and the festal mince pie would soou
be sprouting in evqry closet. Fit
time, indeed, for.youtig love to plume
its strong wiugs, and youug hearts to
plight a willing troth. Up from the
diitaut locations catno tht lowiugof
tho aoft-eyed cattle, as they wended
their barnyard way, and as tho last
, of . . gUuijL,ia gt,ot utlWart
tbe wclUjrn 8ky jttUrjC0 Mountliver
drew Gertrude Gtlhooly closely to
him nnd pressed his lips to hers. It
was tho betrothal kiss, and don't you
forget. From a "Yum-Yum Kc
ruuiice," by a Lieutenant of Marines.
The New Hoop-skirt.
The voxed question of crinoletto has
been partially solved by the introduc
tion of n singlo baud oi steel intro
duced into the voluminous folds of
tho back breadths of a skirt so as to
unite them uud give tho amplitude of
an nntiquo toumiere. Although ap
parently simple, tho adjustment of
this incipient, hoop is difficult, for the
graceiul fall of tho drapery is entirely
dependent ou tho correctness of its
position. Hence, in this case, sius ot
omission should be lightly condemned,
for a negltct to comply with tho sug
gestions of fashion is rather praiee
worthy than otherwiso, when tho
graceful olements of a lady's attire
may bo imperiled by faulty crinoline.
- Hour,, f , , . .' i
Don't Aiiolimii thu Fuk Sys
tkm. We trust the Legislature will
mako uo chaugo iu tho law relative to
tho salaries of Commonwealth's At
torneys. Tho present arrangement Is
the best for tho successful prosecution
of crimiuals. There is already in
Kentucky too great a disposition to
icnore crime. In a criminal case fre
quently tho sympathies of everybody
but tho Commonwealth 8 Attorney are
for tbo criminal. Hilt for his thirty
per cent, of tho fine, probably the
Commonwealth' Attorney's, soft heart
would get tho better of him, too.
Tho fee system is a stimulant to vig
orous prosecution. That's what wo
want iu Kentucky, and lots 0,1. it.
Owensboro (Ky.) Messenger.
Many a fast young mau, when tqld
that his courso of life will shorten his
days. caiiHjlesJiiinself wjth thejhbtiglit.,
that it iles, at any rate, ivngmcu ma
nights' ' ' '
Tho Stanford Intkhioii JouitNAr.
comes to us a tcml-wcekly, and the
more wo sco it tho he I If r wo liko it.
Catlcltsbtirg Democrat.
Tho btahford JouimAi. is looking
well as a scini weekly, though one
don't see enough new advertisements
If Walton keeps it going in that small
town ho will siiow a wonder, lies
tho man, if nnyonocan. Paris True
W. P. Walton, of tho Intkriok
Journal, has ventured on tho exper
iment of making his excellent paper a
semi-weekly. It is ono of tho best
edited and printed papers in tho State,
and wo earnestly bopo that bis enter
prise will Iks liberally sustained by his
people. Spencer Courier.
Our good friend, C. L. Thompson,
of tho Mountain Herald, published at
Ilinton, West Vn., flatters us as fol
lows: iNTfintoit Journal. Wo have re
ceived several conies of tho tenn-
weekly Interior Journal, published
at Stanford, Ky., by our old acquain
tance Mr. Wm. P. Walton. It is a
twenty-eight column paper, very
neatly gotten up, well printed, and
bIiows evident signs of ability it its
editorial department. Wo aro much
pleased to note tho success which has
attended friend Walton in his Ken
tucky homo, nnd wish him abundant
success nnd prosperity in his new ven
turethe Semi-Weekly Journal.
That excellent nnd reputable jour
nal, tho Mt. Stcrliug Sentinel, U mor
tified over the fact that iu representa
tive in tho legislature, II. T. Dcrick
son, in violation of his pledges, ap
peared on tho Mt. Sterling streets in
an intoxicated condition. This thing
of electing drunkards to office is dis
reputable in the democratic party.
Years ago wo made up or mind that
wo would nover again voto fer any
man, nominee or no nominee, who is
in the habit of getting drunk. It
every decent democrat iu the State
would adopt a similar resolutiou, and
stick to it, tho result would bo as sur
prising as it would provo beneficial to
the public weal. While we recognize
the necessity for party discipline nec
essary to unity of action, we s out
with scorn the idea that the voter
shall degrade, his manhood, at tbo
lulls by uupjurtiui; a druukurd
tor olfico
If we are forced to choose I
between a drunkeu democrat aud a
sober republican, we will uot he-dilute
a momeiitin votti'g for the latter.
Urackeurtdge News.
Suteto aro likely to become very
cheap iu this, the laud of the sugar
cane and glucose. The genuine sugar
manufactured from tho cano bus a
market value now much below what
it would be wero it uot for tho tons of
glucose being annually extracted irom
ludiau corn. A plan is now on foot
i..n h. i.. r.,il ,
Philadelphia to reinforce tbe market for
sweets by mauufaqturiug glucose out
of cassava, a root of the huphorbia
family uud growing extensively in
South America and the West Indies.
It is claimed that seven hundred
bushels of this root can lie raised on a
singlo acre, and that each bushel will
produco thirty pounds of glucose.
This yield is greatly in excess of the
yield from ludia com, aud the sweet
is said to bo of a superior quality.'
A One Galwwbuu Leqihlatuhi:.
It is a pity that the Sovereignty
bill could uot bavo made a better
showiug iu tbo Legislature tbau it
did. It is a wise measure uud affords
the ouly plan by which au antiquated
Constitution cau ever bo reached. The
mawkish seutimeulnlism which pre
vents wUe men from favonug this
means of amendiug that veuerable
document is u species of monkeying
with tho iuterests of a new and better
civilization which smacks too much of
the age of tho low-liueu shirt uud the
ouo gallows trousers. Hichmoud
If tlio miserly old millionaire wants
to get a reputation for liberality and
philantluophy, let him oiler to give
8100,000 to a $50,000 town for tho
erection of a chnritablo institution,
providoil an equal amount bo raised
by tho citueus. Tho citizens might
uot be able to raiso $100,000 if they
sold all their possessions in tho world,
but tbo millionaire gots a roputation
for liberality all tho same, and it
doesu't cost him a ceut. Norristown
i t
The roller skater does not break
through tho Ice aud get drowned. His
legs roll out from under him, and he
pounds the floor with the back of his
head, This does not hurt tho floor at
Men Bom to Oooo Luck.
Albert Hern, n young printer of
Pottsville, Pa., inspired by low for a
young lady to do something to tatter
his condition, went, several years ago,
on a prospecting tour to uoiorauo.
Ho was snowed up for sovcral months
in the Gunnison country, and never
saw n human face. In tho spring he
continued work on a claim he called
tho Eva Veil, but the little money ho
K)meid was soon exhausted, and he
was hopeless, when a party of New
York capitalists came along and of
fered $20,000 for a two-thirds interest
in the miuc, they agreeing to work it
and givo him n third of the profits.
Ho joyfully agreed, and in a week's
timo he was on his way to his former
homo to clnim tho hand of his sweet
heart. Hardly had he been comforta
bly settled when he was offered $80,
000 for his remaining ono-third inter
est in tho Eva Bell, so that his mining
speculation yielded him $100,000. A
Philadclphinn has had a similar expo
rieuco of sudden good fortune when
reverses had made him hopeless. He
had worked a claim until be had spent
all that ho possessed, and returned to
Philadelphia in timo to witness the
constable disposing of his household
effects. The next day ho received a tele
gram offering him $50,000 for his in
terest in a mine that ho thought was
worthless. He is not pressed for
money now.
Eight Hundred Tons of Silrer.
Tho counting of the coin in the
Sub-Treasury in New York, attending
its transfer to the now Treasurer, Mr.
Acton, affords an impressive illustra
tion of the extent to which the vaults
aro encumbered with silver dollars of
recent coinage. The quantity of sil
ver included in the transfer is stated
as eight hundred tous avoirdupois,
nearly two-thirds of which consist of
these dollars, the rest being subsidiary
pieces of fractional denominations.
Estimating tho weight of a silver dol
lar roughly as an ounce, eight hun
dred tons are twenty-five million, six
hundred housand dollars.
A young man at Paris, Tenn
called ou a young lady, in company
with a male acquaintance. After
couple of hours of small talk, that
first young man was called outdoors a
moment by his malo friend, who drew
a bottle from his pocket and asked
bint to drink quick, beforo they were
detected. The flask went up, tbe
liquor weut down with a musical gur
gle; but here the fluid stopped, the
gurgle ceased, the young man's eyes
shot heavenward, and his hands sought
repose beneath hU vest. His friend
had ruu in a pint of castor oil on him,
aud ho wiq, not well.
Tommy was a littlo rogue, whom
I "ls ",ou,cr " " "ur -
Thefir ho"so ", the C"Utry 8t00(l "'
I lmy, to csF0 a
ground, and
! whiPI,iuS'rau .from his mor ad
crept under the house. rresentiy
the father came home, and hearing
whero the boy had taken refuge, crept
under to bring him out. As ho ap
proached, ou his hands and knees,
Tommy asked, "Is she after you,
"Honors Were Easy." The
head and front ot this establishment
was introduced a slmrt time ago to one
of our State Senators, as the editor ol
the Georgetown Times. With "a
smile that was child-like and bland,"
he observed that tho lima was a pa
per he had nover heard of. This was
too bad, but then we had never heard
of tbe State Seuator. Georgetown
Au Austiu clcrgymau, whose name
wo suppress on account of bis sacred
calling, was absorbed In thought a few
days ago, just beforo divtuo service
began, when lie was approached by
the organist, who asked, referring to
thoopeuiug hymn: "What shall 1
play?" "What ktud of a bund have
you got?" respouded tho Abseut-mind-cd
clergyman. Texas Sifnugs.
Wall street brokers ure vultures
proyiug ou houeat enterprise they
sell what they do not own, what they
uever had and what is uot tor sale;
by dealiug iu fictitious values they
bring ruin and. disaster upou legiti
mate business, paralyze iudustry, and
briug iunocent toil to idleness an
coiitequeut wnut.
It isn't always tbe man who wears
tho most solemn face at a funeral that
feels the deepest sorrow. The under
taker, tho ouly iudividual benefitted
by tbe procession, geuerally appears
the most disconsolate.
Between twenty and thirty thous
and people dio from Biiake bito every
year iu ludia.
An Absent-Minded Gentleman.
A good joke is told of ono of the
business men at Montpellcr, who
stepped Into tho post office the other
forenoon, leaving his horso outsido.
On coming out ho walked a short dis
tance with a gentleman, conversing
on business, after which ho started for
his place of business, and nt noon
went home. On reaching there he
proceeded to his stable to care for his
horse, and was somewhat alarmed to
find the animal missing, nndofcourto
supposed it had been stolen. He im
mediately sought a sheriff, whom he
dispatched in ono direction, sent a
man to Barre to bead tho thief offin
that direction, and late in tho after
noon was rushing to the printing oflico
to get out posters for bis apprehen
sion, when a moments reflection
brought tho truo state of tho case to
his mind, whereupon ho proceeded to
the pott office, where he found the
animal bitched to a ring ou the oppo
site sido of tho road, it having evi
dently started for home, but had been
stopped by sorao one. Monlpelier
(Vt.) Argus.
m -
We are requested to warn our read
ers against a young man who goes
about representing himself as a theo
logical student in waut of money. He
has various pretences with which he
imposes upon tbe benovolent aud gul
lible. There is no need that we des
cribe him or repeat bis lies, as he has
fresh disguises and stories for each J
new victim. The old saying holds
good aud if you givo to those peripa
tetic swindlers, you are a fresh proof
that "a fool and his money -are soon
The dispatch stating that the King
of Ashantee bos murdered two hun
dred more girls to get blood to mix
mortar for his now palace is crowded
out this morning. It is not a great
pieco of news, anyway. Tho thing
happens too ofteu to be interesting. It
is as monotonous as the brick lay er's
yell for "more mortar." If the King
of Ashantee wants to build a shanty
in this way, it lies between bim and
the supply of girls. He is not ham
pered by a Legislature. Louisville
m m
The highest price ever paid for a
cow was C4U,ouu. received oy iur.
Campbell, of New York Mills, for a
pure-bred Short-horn (Duchess) cow,
which was sold to go to England. Mr.
GofT, a well-known Kentucky breeder,
paid $18,900 for a thoroughbred
Short-horn bull, owned by Mr. Geo.
M. Bedford, which is probably tho
highest price ever paid, although the
Hon. M. II. Cochrane, of Canada, is
said to have received $24,000 for a
thoroughbred Short horn bull.
In a certain theatre, when the hero
ino had got matters into a general
muss all around, she came down to
the foot-lights wringing her hand and
exclaimiug: "My God, what have I
done?" And a gentleman in the
oudieuce, full of gin and emotion,
imnulsively replied. "You've raised
hell, you have!"
A young lady in California has a
pet snake which she carries about in
her bosom. Golly I wouldn't it be
embarrassing to that girl's sweetheart
if he didn't know about that snake
and it should be the occasion some
time of hisjerkiug his arm out of
joint? Glasgow Times.
An Illinois girl fouud that she must
either givo up her lover or her gum,
and after one day spent in reflection,
she pressed his hand goodbye, and
said alio would always bo a sister to
him. Chicago Inter Ocean.
The Rochester Democrat thinks that
one of the saddest sights in this world
is to see a young man trying to treat
his sweetheart's small and depraved
brother as though ho wero his dearest
Some of tho New York Stalwarts
think of running Cnnkling fur Gov
ernor. Coiikling has already run for
Governor once; that is to say, for
Governor SprHgue. Courier-Journal.
The Uihlo Inn been translated Into
22(1 languages and dialects, and in the
!ut eight years 140,000,000 copies
have been circulated.
(iun.TV nrWeono,-Some oile have
a laalilon of confunlnB excellent rtiuedlea
with the larue iu of "j'attrnt medicine,"
and In ihla ttier are guil'J f wron8'
There are eoiue adrerllaed reuiMiea full
worth all that la a.ktxl for them, and one
at laaat we know of-Hop Hitter. The
writer liaa had occaaion to uaa the Bittern
In juat audi a climate aa we bare moat of
the year In Hay City, and liaa alwaya
found them to be firatcU'a'and reliable,
doloi? all that la claimed for them. Tri
bune. ,
Notice to the People of Stanford and Vicinity.
It hu Wn lttM with rrr, mil camprlMt th Iml In Iba Dlitktt. You will And TtfTtMnf Uit
a flnttlan Mrrchtnl Tailor otitht to h,t. Th atock eomprlwa
ClolliH, CnHHlnicrcs, niiigoiiitlmtiul a J.iirgo NcIccIIoh ol Were
IcmIh from t lie' Item .tlHnufnctorlcN of France hhiI KiiglnHil.
Cutting and Eepairing Neatly and Promptly Done.
Thankful for put faton, 1 hofx.tij ilrlct attention to builnun, to merit a contlonanc of lh tana.
M. C. KUMiElT.
Main Street, ... Stanford, Ky.
I have bought out my brother, It. II. Wenren,
and will continue the Furniture nnd Undertaking
business nt the same stand, in the St. Asaph Hotel
building. I will keep a full stock of Furniture of ev
ery description and sell nt ilgures that cannol bo beat
en. My stock of Collins and Caskets will bo compre
hensive. Shrouds and Robes always on hand.
Invite the attention of the people to their new Fall stock of
They call especial attention to their stock of
Alio to their stock of Cltohinsy, Boots and Shoes, which have been selected'
with care, and they feel confident that
They are able to Show the Nicest
and the Best Line
Of these goods ever exhibited in Stanford.
Grain, Wool, Orchard Grasss and other Seeds,
ISSSSSSSSSainf HIB--lTSBJfculUllJWWSailaMiaar'
wKV taAaateMBHHMfjtv Tw
lti'itttcrx. Ncir-lIiiuIurH, Mohcth, Hiiy.ltukvH,
Grain Drills Corii-lMnnlersHulUy IMohh,
CiiltliHtorH, Harrow, Corii-SUellcrai,
NlruM-t'uttcrH, lliy-lrc8t'n, Tkrcuk-
lnil .lltii'liluvH HHd EhkIhm, .
And other Implements and Machinery. We buy exclusively from Manufwtnrers.
direct, for cash, in car-load lots, aud consequently obtain the largest discount and '
lowest rates of freight. Our motto is t 'Tirst-class Goods a; Seasonable fries
the Best is always the Ohespest." Respectfully, ,
GEO. D. WEAREN, Staufotd.Ky.
Mauatr Lauclr Depot. Maua.ra HuUaillle,Dit.
I HVE -W I -A. I Gr I O I 3NT I S,

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