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Semi-weekly interior journal. (Stanford, Ky.) 1881-1905, February 03, 1882, Image 1

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'Suit Heefclii
wi? .XsNyMBER 51-
&KUit$tuklit nttriir9)irK;tI
Mi aritiaV-. -t w v
Cditor and Proprittor.
Builneit Managir.
SujscR(rnoN,.2lso Pirn. Anum,
Invauiaiilv in Advanck.
An AH to ntfuM into on all the Artt in rela
tion totkt Ton of Stanford.
JWilJiWtoUy. tt Qmtrnl Avxmbly of the
I Vommntinllh 'rf KtnlueLyi
8ro. I. Tint no much of the county of
Lincoln I unbraced within the lirtient
llmlli of the cily'of Stanford, aa hf relnaf
ler named, and the persona rraidlng wllliln
aid boumlalies, aYe hereby created body
polltlo and corjtorale, by the ntme and
elyje of the "cftr of Stanford," and by that
namemay hare iwrpetQal succession; ue
and be jetl In all courts at law or equity;
may contract and lx contracted with; may
purchase and hold each land and lene
inf nit khd persons! proper! at may be
neceastry lot Hi mm ol uM corporation,
and may leet; cll sml convey or other
wise dispose of the Mine.
Hw. 2 And Mid city ta invested with
all the land, tenamenU. hert-tlUattiente,
and all the goods, chattels. eyJf reve
nun, right and demands In"p09!on or
eipectancy of the town of Wan ford: and
hill be bound by all contractu mi) re
(ontlble for all lkta, deaiandt and lla
bllitie of whattoever kind agalntt laid town
in the Mine manner and to the aatne ex
tent aa before the adoption of this Act,
8kO 3 All the atreela, alleys, loatlt,
iiuartnttna lawi for that purpose, and lo
enforce the nme within one mile of the
boundartra of the city,
till. Tn pttabllah hotnltalt and not
house and make rfRiiUtlona and rule lo
secure the good government of same.
6th, To make rillra and regulations lo
core the general health of the Inhabitant
of the city.
Olh. To prevent, abate and remove noli
ances at the coat and expense of the
ownera or occupants, of the parties upon
whose ground ther exlit, and to define
and declare by ordinance what ahall be a
nuisance within the limit of the city;
and thoy mar, by ordinance, affix the pen
ally for keeping, canning or committing a
nuisance, which ahall be by fine In the
city court, not exceeding ten dollar for
each day the ianlfl It continued after no
7th. To provide the city with water
br meant of springs, well, cisterns, or
the Court'lfoiKe door in the ehy" eV
Stanford ahall be lufMent notice: Ht W
the land or pioperlr required ahall befoM
lo infanta or persona of nnaound mind, in ecutl nof It. Wilnra
inpprctslon of any riot, rout, brei-li of the
peace, noise, disturbance, dttorderly or un
lawful assembly In the tlreett, houses or
other placet In the citr. or any violation
ofany city ordinance, and for the nrrett, whole or in part, the officer ahall notify Court,
confinement In the work-house of tald city the (ettametifarf, orttalitory, or natural, ,
or ian oi a.incoin county, anu io proviue or committee, or guarotan, or nrxiinenu;
for the trial of the partic committing, en Land if none in the ccunty, it ahall be the
gaging In. taking part in. or aiding or 1 'duty of the court Italiing the writ rlo ap
abetting the time The City Council ahall i point tome responsible person lo art for
litre power In tirrtcribe the nenallr for audi Infant or neraon of untound mind.
any violation of the city lawa or oriilnan i on whom (he officer ahall execute the no
and that you will, In all thing, execute
title writ according to law, and make due
otherwlte; to erect hydrant, flre-plugaand
pumpt In the ttrrel, within
or beronti
t, lor the convenience
f the city and lla en
thallmluof thecit
of thelnhabttantaoi
8th. To ettablth, erect and keep In re
pair bridgea, culvert, tewera and dam,
and regulate the ue of aaine.
Utli To provide for the lighting of the
t i eelt, markeldiouie, public bolldingi,
room t and office of the citr.
10th. To appoint, etipport and regulate
the marthaU, policemen, night-watches,
patrol, and prescribe their dutlet and
lllh .To erect anltabte mirket-hoatea;
to c'lablloh market place, and provide for'
the government and regulation thereof,
and appoint Inipeclora of the article told
therein, and provide for the condenvnatlon
and dettrucllon of auch at are title and
1'Jili. To tirovlde for the erecusn and
repair of all ntaifu! public building, and
for enclotlng and Improving all public
return thereof within three daya of the ex
I Of it. WilO'M
Ihlt -day of 18
jadga of
lanea and common now open to the public , ,!. UlnnInc to the cltr.
for travel, ami now ettablthcl In aald j3,u t0 cen( tar and regulate auc
town, are hereby declared to be alreeU,' ,oriwr, relalUr, private boarding houie
alley, road, lanea and commona of the ,,! fd ttoref, petldlem, lnirtnce agentt,
city of Hlanford, broker, pawn-bnker, toliacc? fotorlet,
ot- i tiiBitiic vuiiir iiiiiii.ui .areliouttt ana tmoiio nana
ce, provided llihall not exreed ninety
day' Imprisonment in the wnrkhnute nr
county Jail, or fine not exceeding one him
drul dollar1, or both. All perajn arrett
ed In tald citr ahall have a tpeedr trial,
but If arretted afler 0 o'clock r, M liny be
confined by the o dicer making the arret.,
In the city work-home or county jail, un
til the aurrredlng day; and In audi cttra
the Jailer of Lincoln county or Ihe warden
of the work-houte ahall receive Ihepirty
under arretl without, an order of commit
ment, and tafely keep him until he la re
leased for trial. If the Jailer or warden
refute tfl receive uch prttnnrr when In
cuilody of an officer, he thill be fined for
aach refiittl not !c than fire dollar nor
more than fifty dollar
.10lh, To prevent and remove Any and
all encroachment nnd obstruction into or
upon any ttreel, alley, tldewalk, lane, ave
nue or public 'quire, etlabllthrd by thla
charter or by ordlnancr; tn regulate, mod
Ify and change Ihe grade and width of
ilreett, alley, line, avenue, tidewalkt,
pavemenle and -.ewers, and to have and
excrclee complete nnd perfect control over
tame, and over all public tquare or com
mona belonging to the city or within the
city limits, and overall property, real or
personal, lielnnglng to the city,
31. To provide for the prevention of
training or breaking of hore, of exhibit
Ing atallion, Jick or bull in the public
itreett or plire of the city, and to prevent
and punitli lnt riding and driving in hug
glea, hacktandall other vhic!ca within
;the city, anJ to regulit the apeed of nil
rallroid trains, locomotives and dart with
In tin city limits.
3'JJ. To provide for the removal from
the liruiliof the city or for killing mis
Uih Ta license, tax and regulate Lack- chlevout. vlclOua and dltiated animal.
ney otrrltgeii, roaches, omnibuses, carls, and fur Ihe punishment by suitable fine,
draya and wagon. land peiultiti of the owner and keeper of
l'jlh To licence, tax regulate and aup!iuch animilt for allowing them to coat
prvta theatrical and other exhibitions, I large, and lo Impose a tax on the Owner
howaand amutementt, clrcuea, menage nfdoineitic animtlt running at l.'rge in
rie and museum, ami Impose a license I the city.
profession or' 33J. To grant the right of way over the , tween them.
' I..-.. I .-!.L l ..l IT- .. . .1 ..l.ll.. '....!. l IIUl. 'I'l..
cllyof Htanford thill le a iuire formed
uy lour tiraigoi lines, to e paranri wiiu
the' four walla Of Ike Court-House, and
etch of aald line shall be three-fourtht of
a Mile therefrom.
Hrxs. 5, All soil or proceedings agalntt
aaldritr. Mrviceof proctM tbalf be tition
'the MaVor. or in hit absenre from the city, I ,.r ., n. .,.,1. i,.ln-
upon the clerk of the city council. I occupation Carried on and conducted with-public ttreeu or Other public ground of
AKTICLh II. In Uielimlt ofthecilv. the city lo any railroad companln for
ICtli. To license, Ur, regulate, tettraln, 1 uilroid puross, or, audi lime, in sucu
prohibit and control In aald city all tav ' manner and on inch condltloti ta taty be
victualera, coniecuonart, iTrrn i agreeu upon anu 10 meiu maj wtm
rlvllege ol retailing spiruou proper anu io me ueti miercsin oi mc
luorsv allera lor nine or len-pin, cuy.
houteaof public retort, billiard tablet, :Uth Tutiitind, either Indefinitely or
lor a limiieu perioti oi mue, an iitcimc
which the council may have granted to
any person doing any butinet4 under a
license in'tald cllv. whenever said council
audi person, ironi
hould forfeit si hi
tlce In writ Ing, whose duty It ahall be lo at
tend the lnunest and take care of the In
teresta of the Infsnt or emon of iimoumI
mind, and to traverae the findinz of the
Jury if In hla opinion It ia lo Ihe Interest
olthe person lor whom he ia appointed ao
to do
4th. Ileaide challenges for Intereat Or
klnsnip. etch party may challenie thiee
juror without an use.
our. incjuron ahall be aworn truly and
impartially to ascertain and determine by
their inquest the amount of compensation
each owner will be entitled to if hit lead
or property aa ntmed in the writ, is con
flth. The Inquest hnll be tigned by each
Iuror, handed to the officer holding the
mineit. and returned hy him with the
writ within three daya to the court.whence
Ihe writ issued.
7th. If the jury cannot agree, or the re
fiuiailc number do not meet on the day
fixed, the officer may discharge it and
summon anolhcr'lilry or other juries; and
If from any cans the Inquest cannot be
held or completed on the day appointed
by him, he may adjourn it from time to
time until it la held and completed, with
out further notice than hit proclamation
made at the time.
8th. The jury, after being duly tworn
hy the officer holding the inquest, aha.ll
view the land and property of the ownera,
and thall allow the fair caah value ol the
same; alio fair compensation for additional
fencing wlilcn may be rendered necassarj
thereby; nnd alto for all Incidental or col
1. 1. ..i .i. ........ .i.:i. ii. ..i.i ..i.i. tn i
IVI uiiib;o T.1U..U iii hid tBV-iiiK .
produce to the other land ol the owner;
but for such incidental or collateral damn
get ahall be deducted the amount In value
of the benefit and advantage tuch other
land will derive from the aald condemna
tion and taking.
9th. II a person claiming damagea hat
executive iErnTcrNT.
Hr.o. 1, The city council ahall telectand
appoint one of ita members the Mayor of
the city of Stanford, aald Ma-orthtli hold
hit office for two yeara and until hi auc
ceaoor la appointed and qualified.' He
ahall be the chief executive officer of said
city; he thall prttde at all meeting ol the
city council, decide point of order, and
ahall have the power during the aetalon of
aald council, to enforce good order and de
corum, and to punish contempt a pre
siding judge of Ihe Circuit Court have
given them by law. ,
Sec. 2. He may require Information, in
writing, from all officer in the city, on
aubjecta relating lo their respective offices,
and thall perforin and discharge tuch du
ties aa may be prescribed from lime to
time by ordinance, not Incontinent with
thit charier.
Sec. 3 He may call ipeclal meeting of
the city council whenever in hla judgment
It may be deemed necesitry or lo the Inter
est of the city.
flee. 4. He ahall have the care and su
perintendence of the public property of
the city, unlet the council ahall by ordi
nance otherwise provide, and he thall ee
that the lawa and ordinance of the city
are duly enforced, and observed and faith
fully executed.
See. S. He thall be a conservator of the
peace: and when deemed necessary by him
to enforce the law and ordinance of the
city, to aave life or property, or to quell
riolt, routs, or breaches; of the peace, he
may summon into service any of the citi
zen of aald city or Lincoln county, either
civil or military, and In euch caeea he
mutt be preaent and command in person,
and the council may by ordinance pre
acribe suitable fines and penalties for dito
bedirnoe oi lilt order or tiiniraons.
Sec. 0. He- thall give the catting vole
whenever Ihe city council may be equally
divided upon any question or ordinance
Sec. 7. He miy upon due Investigation
and in the exercise of a aound discretion
remit any fine, penalty, or forfeiture in
curred or imposed by or under any ordi
nance ol the cily, and isty ditcbarge Iroin
Notice to the People of Stanford and Vicinity. ,
II hit been mlected wllh etre, tod mniprliei lh tt In tht mtrket You will tln.t mythlng Ibtl
a Unt-eltat Merchant Tailor ought lo hift. Tha nock eontprltct
ClelhH, CnmlHicrcA, DiafcatinlM Hiid h Largo ScIccIIsh ol Warn
tctlH from ihe lie MHHttTitclericN ef I'rancc HHd EHfrlRHfJ.
Cutting and Repairing Neatly and Promptly Dorie.,
Thankful for put fivon, I hope, by itrlct mention to builoest, to merit a eontlantoe of lot tana.
h. c. iiuriijEir.
only a life estate, or yeara, in tame, and ! the work-house or jail any peraon therein
llie remainuer in lee belong to another, conuneu lor violation oi tucn oruinance,
the jury thall apfiortion the damagea be-
IIhtcJiihI received mill will keep conHtitHlly en HHnd a frcsk
IIho ef Hie cIiolccRt
AH or which (hey will
Soil .at tlio Very Lowest Possible Margin.
They hi-c rIho hrciiIh fur the. nale, or MallliiKly'M Htipcrier.
Woolen Ooodx hiiiI Varnn.
ii i
Invito the attention of the people to their new Fall stock, of
imTKincTON or tiik rowriu. or (iuvf.uk. j
iijt. I
.V. i Tiii i ...i 11' irn''. yiclut
of Ktanfuru ahall be illvidol inliHhree ill I wjl (le .,rj
llnct'deparlmenls, namely the leclslatlve, J jj ,.uorAr ,t
iileonhole table, bowling ttloons, tip
ulinx houtea. Iiper beer, le. ami eating
lioutes; but in no cats thall the tax or
llrnut irH two hundred dolltra per
annum, and In no event ahall they have f are aatitfied thai any
power to license any persons, oincr ntn my caute wuaieier,
the executive and Ihe Judiciary
" rktrjl. The lejlalatlve power of the city
of Stanford ahall be vetted In seven coun
HaieR, to be styled' the City Council of
Stanford.' The councilman ahall appoint
one of their number aa Mayor
Hrc. '1. No person ahall be eligible at a
member of the city council who i not a
male cltiten and legal voter of tald city,
tul who hat not been at Mnlinnoiia and
ItnafJe resident Ihereoi for at least one uftf. nor ahtl any licenae authorlie caute, if any he has, bef jro the council,
'f. ?xl.,,,wcHln" I'f' . nlml w. i'anytrson to transiet buslnes In aiid why aald Jicenw almll not be autpend.dj
auan oe uirectiy or inuirrtiij """- cjly untii t,e cty license ahall have been and the council may preicnbe by orui
In any contract with aald city, or In any I ;nleJ ,nj fuy .))(d for. an,j nothinjc In I nance the penalty for any parly for con
application therefor; and If, after election, ,,, MC,ton,j,all prohibit merchant, oth linuance of buiineaa whose license ha.
anytniembtrorthecily council thall re i lltn Mtallers, from telling liquor aa been declared forfeitcJ hy, or who thall
move I rota the city, or thall die or resign , ,,horlted by law I not have outlined a II:enae from the City
interfile councilman, or areepa any , .... Tn.iinnreascambl nxhoutes.xam Couad
Join iporuer anu compel tne owner
any lot, piece or parcel of ground within
Ihe city, at hi own expense and coats, to
grade, pave and construct ttde-walkt, cut
verts, curbinr. gutlerinir, and otherwise
10th. The verdict of the jury ahall be
In tubstancc aa follow: We, the jury,
find that aald - , named in the writ
herein, will sustain dollar damagea,
In taking the required land or property
for Ihe purpose named, and we have taken
into consideration, in making up our ver
dict, the Mrctsli value of the pro
loied to be taken, in benefit and advan
tige to them, and the damagea to be tut
tamed by the construction or the erection
of Ihe .
Sec tf. Either party may within ten
daya afler the finding of the inquest, file a
have rendered him Ineligible a a member
of tald council, his, seat as auch member
ball be thereby vacated.
H EC 3. Stockholders in cororttiontmy
be eligible aa membera ol the city council,
but thall not vote bn any imettlon direct
ly or Indirectly afltcting Mid corjioraliont,
or any right or duty under aime, or con
tract or agreement between auch corpora
tion and the cite of Stanford.
H.8bx4 Ktch member of the city coun
ell and all. other cllv officers, before they
enter opoa tha execution of ihe dutieaof
tavern keeita, lo retail spiritou liquor Hcente; provided, however, that no license traverse thereof with the clerk of the Lin
within Ihe cilt; and no license granted by thall be ui ended until the parly accuted circuit court, whereupon the cate ahall be
aid city shall aulhorue the holder thereof hi hid at leait five day' previous notice , docketed foe iitf jiexi erm, anu tnan
m trtmiet buitnes until he shall have , in writing of the Internum lo auapend id stand for trial at that term if it is ten daya
l.i.i.tr.1 .nh mlr lirnaiihe liw miv ' llcwnte. and ha had onnorlunitv to thow nfter the inquest, otherwise at the next
w'........ .-..... . . ,- . . . ,, .. ., ,i i .- ? , .
term it anaii oe men uy ajurr oi iree-
holders empaneled for that purpose; the
paity failing on the traverse ahall pay the
costs thereof, and the parly travtrting
fail when the verdict traversed ia not in
creased or diminished aa his intereat may
require. The coata of the inquett up to the
traverae ahall be paid by the party taking
thecondemnation. Provided, Kovttar, That
if the amount finally recovered be in no
greater than the amount tendered before
the amilicallon for the writ, then the aaid
coat ahall be paid by the owner or ownera
:i ..: . .1 .-' i.Lii. iufluiiii
oMsm, Ipml, employment or agency, the b ,.,; drllnienne.a, bawdy housea
noiuing ur """.'",,"'. . " "X or houtea of pr
nroatltutlnn. street-walkers.
and disorderly house of all kind, and lo
provide for the arret! and punishment of
il. ..ir-ruf-. tn.1 miv tirovlde for the
. .-.!,.., I ..nM.l.m.nt nf n nenon Imnmm that imtiion of tuch lut. niece or ' nf the land or property. Either party
who aball rent property to prostitutes, or ptrcel of ground which bind upon and may have the decision reviled in the court
hall tuller their properly to be used or , adjoint any street, line, avenue, alley, of appeal.
occupied by lewtl or disorderly persona, public road or public square in said city; Sec. 18 ISo appeal or aupersedia or
and may prescribe by ordinance audi pen' and if any u:li owner thall fall and refute traverse on behalf of the owner of the
alllr therefor aa they may think proper, for thirty day lo obey aaid order, after be- land or prorty, ihall atay the judgment,
lllh. To provide for the prevention and in uotitied of atmr, irliich notice ahall be or sum proceedlnga thereunder except aa
........ i . , . . , j, t ,i ..- M.rahal or by nrovided horein.
MV"UATLTL"T".rj "'" "."nvSherluor Contable of the State o'f ' Sec. 10. In .11 case, where a writ of
anu CSlYlsil u.d uii....t;, ..." - .ij- - . ..., , l e. mi.. , .? .Mmnurn .hit b t.sl.p.! .ml r.
XWIIIUXJaVJ IU a-rjuilHj ui Ullivwi ast v - f ' -j - -- - - -
l .1 .ir.In lb erection of wooden , Kentucky and couniy oi i.incoin.oi a copy nu ,u. uu,. .. ... , u, ..... . .y-
their rwpecttve onice. anau in au on - -, - - -- - - - -- , removal ' of aa d order, atte-Ud by the Clerk or tie diet round under una act, ana tne time oe
lo the oath required by U,e Con.ltullon ""f XV bul t iU fr,"11;
and the lawa of Ihe Commonwealth, take, oH he aame when built contrary to ,"'' B non-re.iJent of lite lounty of Lincoln, tive) may lander to the owner of the land
In tubttance, Oie following oath orlHnua , "''n,anc' "' "j" ' "'. . , te or,.e t,e ,id notice ahall be by the publication or properly, or pay into the court whence
lion i "I do aolemnly awear (or afhrml that " h. Jo regu late "l coniroi ' "8 f M orJ(r for pne )onlh in ' new,.. lhe writ iMue.d, the amount of the verdict
Uivrt AWhfrtly, without per In aald cily. Then the tald council , of the jury; and thereupon the aaid court
fcctWi l-eewrtii lliedtleaoi me oiuee i "". " ""i - mly order tlio noe to be done at the costs hall make an order conbrmlng the ver
6f 7--- Jf the City of Btanford according Wr.!"' T ,, f e ,. Inj ,e ,nd exi)nae of the city; and aaid city diet, and auch confirmation ahall vott the
to law." Thep.th,or .fl.rmallon,to be -Oth.To, jnu ,hlUlliTB alien u,(on ,uch ,ot, lItClJ or Light to the and or property in the city,
adtnlniltered by any n,r who I. author. M 'f '"jP'0" V t Uonerty parcel of ground for the money to expend and a writ of posse.slon may isaue tny
Ued by law lo adufnialer oaths; and a .ccr- "" -",, "?." i?!,: t aaseiaea eel. lOKaettaer wllli at.lt arotatta anal tBXTHBnvapaw, tlnatB larf.r.
line... thereof ahall-b, noted pn the jour W cap ta o valor m Ui : 1 uw-rf E aorj, ,lleBd bo , Se0 .jj, When the fiuding of the jury it
ni i"'VC,r. L""'i 1 !!.7 ' iih' ,C i 1 not to lie' in' connic? -1th ll'tose lotion of the aime, and may cause .aid I traversed by the owner of lb, .land or the
CiiVm U HO UJCUll'Cin "I HIB ! vwuatvae
hall Itolil Uielr oflicm for tlie term of two 1
JSl'lMKifflr . ,'rr thai lave'been ! brlta regulation and governu,et thereof,
.rt.iaftr t.rnvld.l.
tllst. To ereel a work-liouse anu proviue
elected and qualifietl, tave at hereinafter
Stft 0. The city council thall keep or
caute to be kept, a correct journal ol all
Ihelr proceeding:.
8c. 7. The city council ahall fcieet the
irrslTliuisday in each month, and ahall
designate by urdliunc tho place of their
tuaetiivga. The 'Mayor or any Ihrte coua
eHiuait y call apecial mretinga when, in
hi er their opinion, t4ie Intireliof the
city demand ll.
Hkc. K. Immediately after the adoption
of thla Act, the city council, thall caute to
bo published in pamphlet torm, with a full
Index and margipal reference, thi. charter,-
together wilh the ordlnaiicr and by
Jawtofthe city.
tiw 0. The compensation of the mem
bar of the city council thall be $1 each for
taeh reyukr meeting night they attend.
Bko. 10. No member of the cily council
I..U h.i&innrlliHl lo terle aa a iuror in
Tr -T. T l . . i' r-.-l.i.
fw tli Court 01 ini joiitniunwr.""
tlbrlirg.hti (erm of oflice.
I9tc.ll. The city council mar, by ordi
nance, precsrlbe the rulea of their proceed
ing, and by proper penalties enforce the
tame, and attendance of the member, and
may punish member of aaid council for
disorderly behavior during tha sessions or
meetings of tald council, or for their fail
ure to attend the meeting.
Oko. 12. A majority of the city council
ahall conatltute a quorum, to trsnuct all
or' any' of the bmineaa of the city and paaa
and enact lawa and ordinance.
Hw 13 Upon all queitioiis voted upon
by lhe city oouncll.any member ahall have
the right to call for theyeaa and nay, and
have the aame recorded in the journal.
' Sec. 11. No ordinance of a penal nature
.loll Iiivh the force of a law until the
aame ahall have been publithed In a newt
paper publithed In Ihe city or by bill
posted. up m me ccrpurt iuji i.
Kta 15. The city council thall have pow
er within the limita of the city, in addi
tion lo the other powera granted to and
vetted In thtm by thi charter:
lit To levy and caute to be collected a
tier capita and ad valorem tax within the
limita preacrlbed in thla charier.
2d.. To appropriate money and provide
foritUe payment ol the debt and expeutea
of the city. , .
3d.tTo wakedegulatloua.to, prevent the
Introduction orapreading of contagious or
infectious diieatea in the city; to paaa
J. To elect s CItv Attorney ind clerk.
(the clerk may, Iw one of the member, of
lite council anu anau nio us net. m ...
City Council;) and roar appoint a marshal,
trvaturer, atsetsor, ami warden of the city
work-houtf (the aame person may hold
the offices of marshal, collector and a-
st a tin r
t ild. To elet and provide for the pay
ment of the compensation of all city ofli
cer. terviint or agcnla not otherwise pro
vided for by this charter.
'J lib To ettablith rule to enforce a
f.lllidil mil linne.t dlscltarfe of the official
function of all ollicereof the city, and tol
prescribe the penalty for llteir non-oimerv
25lh. To remove from ofllce any mem
ber of the City Council, or Judgo or the
Pilv IVinrl.ne AllnrnrT. for willllll or Cor
runt misconduct in ollice. or for willful
In r.iimvA
cer, agent or aervant appointed or elected
by the council; but in casei 01 imiwicu
ment, the party accused shall bo notified
of the charge or allegations against hiut at
least ten daya previout to the day of trial,
and which charge or allegation thall ba
spread upon the recorOa of the City Coun
cil. UOih. To declare and announce by prop
er ordinance all vacancies In ollice arising
Irom any caute whatever, and fill the aame
by the electiou of aaultable and eligible
person.who ahall take the appropriate oath
of office, and when neeeasary, execute the
proper bonda and enter upon and ditcbarge
all lhe duties of hla ollice, until the ex
piration of tho term for which he I ap.
pointed or elected, ... .
i!7tb. To make audi rule, hy.lawa and
nr.lln.nMS (nr tha nilM.Oie of lUlintalnllli;
the peace, good government and order of
the city of Stanford, and for the intereat ol
trade, commerce aud manufacturing in
iln.trle. ti ll.. rntmeil mar deem expedi
ent and necessary, not repugnant to the
Conatitution of Kentucky, and lo enforce
the observance thereof by prescribing pen
and fine for the violation thereof; and tq
make all ordlnancr which ahall be neces
sary and proper for lhe carrying into eflect
the power vested by thla Act In the, cor
poration, tlie city governmeni oi uj m
It prescribed for the enforcement of me
chanica' lien in Chapter 70 of lhe Clen
eral Statutes of Kentucky, and the Lin
coln Circuit Court ia given jurisdiction of
such matters.
3Glh. To receive, alter, abolish, widen,
straighten, extend, grade, piVe, gravel Mid
nthrrvrlta clean and keen in repair, and to
oiien and lay oil new and aoniiionai streets,
sidewalk, alleys, avenue, lane nnd pub
lic groundi In audi manneaa they may
prescribe by ordinance; and whenever ll
may become necearr lo procure proper
ly for any of the above pmpO'ea, or for
other municipal puiposei In aald city, the
City Council may by ordinance provide
lorlhepureiiateoi any neaignateu proper
ty; and the Mayor thall tender to the
owner of the property, If adults, the
purchi.e money, and make the purchase,
If accepted; but If the owner refuse to aell
at auch price, or if the pwnr be an infant,
. . .. .T.I-... ..t .1...
married woman or non-re.ucii. u.
Slate, or labor under anv olherdiatbllity,
letuneit uf
me of the
city of Stanford against nil owner or per
sona interested in aaiu property, ur uj
part thereof; aald writ to issue and the
proceedings thereunder to be had a pre
scribed in the succeeding section.
8tc. ltf, Tho wril of ad quod iluuiauwi an.
thorlied herein ahall be Uaued by the
Judge of tho Stanford City Court or the
Judge of the Lincoln County Court, when
ihre It filed before him a atttement by
tho Attorney for the city, of-the purposes
. iiruueriT. lite wi.r. ivi
Ing it) may file a bond in the clerk's office
where the traverse I pending, conditioned
for the payment to the party entitled to
the aame of the final assessment of dama
ges and coata In the case, aald bond to be
signed aa voucher of the city are now
algued, and to be binding on the city, but
not to be birding on the parties iiidividu
ally who may algn it aa mayor or clerk: of
aald city, and pledge the city's credit to
ita performance, and tho dark of aaid
court thall not require any security en
aid bond: and upon the filing tf aame, It
ahall be lawful for aaid cily lo proceed with
the work a though the damagai were
finally mweiwcd and paid, and no aotlon
of trespaas shall lie therefor.
Sx' -1 When the damagea for the li
king ire settled on a traverse in the circuit
court, the Slid court, upon a tender being
made in court of the aaid damages, or
payment or lender thereof to the owner,
ahall confirm lhe vurtlict of the ury,whih
confirmation ahall vest the land or proper
ty required n the city, and a writ ol poa
cMion may at any time issue therefor.
Sr.c -'-. If the damages assessed are not
paid before the end of six months next en
aulng; the verdict (unlets there it a Ira
verre pending), the applicant ahall be con
sidered aa having abandoned the prosecu
tion of the writ, and all former proceed
lngs ahall be ot nq eflect.
Kko 23. Any person who ahall hinder or
attempt to prevent the use of anv right or
nrlTllecB derived from the condemnation
hall pay 'the city damageaaud coal, and
reeled must, before executing the aame,
give the party who land or property la
required, at leaf! five days' notice pf the
lime and place pi noi'ima i.ia
In il, w.nniy ami If not in the county,
. .- ... ..... Vw....w v ..... . . 1 -
tarlment or office thereof. , ,., I hen to l.U agent, and if nitre m
oa.i, Tn.l.i.mli ordinance what .hair 'annt In the county, then to the tenant,
constitute peddling and who ereycdiller. and if thaje be no tenant, then by pub
JVtli. To provide lor lite prevention no "-; """v " "
for which the land or properly ought to ny add.tlona aiuoun not exeeedMag- one
be condemned is r nulrvd, together with a thousand dollars; aad any person who
copy oftheiurveyo! tald land or prop threaten., to hinder br violence maybe
l.'t Tl.. ul.lwrll thall detlcliate tl
land or property to be condemned, ami
may Include that of aeverl peraonV, apd
hall be directed to the Mtrthal of Stan
ford or to theSheriil of Lincoln county.
'Jd. It ahall direct him lo bold an in
quett by a Jury of twelve Impartial, dia
creetreeboldera of thaoniinty or city to
ascertain the amount or damagea eacu
owner will auttaln If It be condejoN for
the purpote asked- ,, , .,
Hi! The Ollieer to wlioiu tne wri. ia ui
brought before the city Judge, or county
ie , Judge, or Justice of the peace, and ba re
quired lo give ball in tue pna:iy 01 one
thouaand dollars, with good aecurity, tn
keep the peace, and be of good behavior
for the next six. month. .
8to "I The writ provided for herein
hall be In substance aa follow 1 The Com
mquweeltli of Kentucky, to the Sheriff of
Lincoln County, or the Martha! of the
CilyofStanfortl, Oreellng: You. are com
manded to summon and empanel, on tome
day to be fixed by you. a jury of twelve
freeholder not pewonally interested li the
matter, or related to me names, anu cm
xen of the Bute, to inquire what damages,
( any. will sustain by reaaon of the
cily of Stanford taking the for the
purpose of considering the conve
nience and advantage the party will have
bv the -- thereof, and the damagea the
party will austain by reason of the
Sex;, a. In case of death, resignation, re
moral from office, Inability or refusal to
act, or temporary absence of the Mayor,
the membera of the council shall elect one
of their number at Mayor pro tem, who
hall exeiclse Ihe powera and discharge
tbedutiea of Mayor until the dieabillty be
removed, or ia case of permanent vapancy
in aald office, the city council ahall select
one of their number as Mayor who ahall
take the proper 01th, and discharge all
(he dutiet of that office during the entire
residue of the Iwo year for which the pre
ceding Mavor waa appointed to fill and un
til hi iuccci)r is duly selected and qual
ified. Should any councilman die, or hit
office become vacant by reason of hla resig
nation, removal or otherwise, the other
membera of the council thall aelect from
the citiiena of Stanford, a person with all
the qualifications of a councilman aa re
quired by this charter, to fill the entire
residue of the unexpired lime, and until
the next regular election thall be held in
Stanford to elect all iu councilmen.
Sec. . The Mayor ahall have ihe power
to administer oaths.
Sec. 1. Tlie indicia! power of the cor
poration thall be vested in and exerclted
by a court to be styled "the Stanford Cily
Court," which ahall be held by a judge, to
be styled "the Judge of the t'tsnford City
Court," who shall be elected by the quali
fied votera of the city at the time of the
general election for the city council, and
ahall bold hla office for lhe term of two
years, and until hia successor it elected
and qualified.
Sec. 2 Said court ahall have exclusive
jurisdiction of all tuisxlemeanorsi under the
lawa and ordinance 01 tlie city, anu sum
have all necessary power lo eflectuale the
jurisdiction herein given, and shall have
the power to impose audi unea anu penal
ties aa may be prescribed by lhe lawa or
ordinances of the city to the amount of
twenty dollars without the intervention of
a jury, and with the Intervention of a jury,
or without It I it be waVed by the party
charged, to the amount of one hundred
dollar. Should the person or ersont
thin fined fail to pay, or replevy same
with costs, by executing bond with aurety
payable 3 month tftrr date, lo 1 he judge of
the cilv court lor the Use and benefit of
tha city uf Stanford, unci aaid bond, when
accepted aud approved by the judge of
aald court, .nail nave tne lorce anu rucv.
ol a iudgtnent. and if not paid at maturity,
execution mav issue thereon: aaid court
ahall have power to imprison such person
or persona in Ihe county jail of Lincoln
county.or the city work-houte, and may
cause them to work out auch fine, in the
work-house, ur In any other designated
nlace in the city limit!. Raid work shall
be done under the direction or aupervision
of lhe jailer, warden of the city wprk-
houae, or city marshal, a directed uy lite
court; and the iiupilsonment or labor thu
impoaed ahall not exceed one day for each
dollar or the fine. Upon a judgment in
the name of the Coiumonweallli of Ken
lucky, lhe city of Stanford, or for the ue and
li.n.nt ..r.ltli.r. n aanuunrdltne. orany oth
er final process may issue Irom time to time,
until tne uiigmeiii laaaataucu. ii ""
cer to whom audi writ la .uued, may lake
bond, payable lo the plaintiff in the writ,
which, bom! thall b dud In three month
and returned to the Slanford cily court;
and if not paid at maturity, execution
nay issue on same. 8ild courf., snau aiso
have tlie Kiwer and Jurisdiction of au ex
amlnlng court of Lincoln county, and
ahall, a tuch court have the power arid
perform the duties of two Jutlieea (""
iieace, may taue rtcoguiMutet
Iwimlia for snueirance in aaid court; and
also recognii nice and bail.bund in case
of felony and misdemeanors, wiiicti su.it
bafor tnapiwirinoa in the circuit court,
or in any court of competent jurisdiction
in aald, county: and shall hear all com.
pltiuUof bresclies of lhe peure and re-
quire auniv io ep n.iiir,
violation of lhe penal laws nf the Stale to
impoae auch Due, penaltiea and punish
ment as uitv now or hereafter b pre
acrlbed hy the' State laws, and tho manner
of procedure in such court shall be the
aame aa tne proceuure m ju.w. .....-,
in similar cases. Sad court shall have
concunent Jurisdiction wllh justice, of
th. peace Iniaa or disturbing religion
woiship, rlott, disorderly conduct, unlaw
ful aeaewbHeii, breaches of the iieace, and
in all other cae wjtbir. tin Jurisdiction
of justice, of the peace aa now or hereafter
given by general law
Appeala from said court In criminal
cite ahall be governed by the law and
regulationa In appeal In like ones from
!nit!ri courta.
,,.. - ..1..11
BEO. U. B.1U coun
- i
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have con
current original jurisdiction In all mat
rearLiotu of irn raa.j
llCHpcrtf. Scir-lllHtlei-M. MewcrH, HI-"f ",.,.
(JralH Drill, CerH.lMHHtcr, KHlky l'w"t
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....vatr.f m. aitir Til UU
XV r.. lVSTlir.ltN. UKliM V Tiaaaasaian,
Mtoajor Ijnrlr IVi-ul,
Maitatrt Utiatom lilt tVt.

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