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Sterol Halto
' t
CJitor and Proprietor.
TR WALTON, - . - . Butinest Manager.
4 fr -
Suiisckiition, S2.50 I'im Annum.
J-Wwerk Kr fjlr,wsw ) It'aall tl"tf ask,
V'ot Labor It rjrhra, an.1 Lsbor ft heelih,
' Anj'l.! Is duty on mMIi,
And ntrrr wss honor, or wisdom, or wealth,
1 rtn( Labor (iaiea atllaMrlh
The rlf li-ll'hli father, hit friend, nr himself,
llf besj or ljr haod lauilMiatt loll'J,
An.l tli traw lhal Istsnoplnl oter with pejf,
H Lalar's own swesl ha, Wn soil'.!'- Tnpr.
Acami At watir'n Achiertmentt and, AJttn-
lurit-An Authentic Account Ann An
t, x thonj, Author, April, Anno Donnni
Almost an ago ago, nbobo at Amlo
dovcr, Ailrtm Atwnlcr. Avocation,
artiit. Ahlo and nrcomiilished, active
Mill ainliiliou, nil adtnfrcd Adam. An
adept at olraoil anything, Adam alo
actnl as an assistant at fth Academy,
ftllordiug aid at arithmetic, algebra,
astronomy, and-jo forth. Adam's af
llucnt Aunt Alniira alto ahodoat An
lover, tm although nusitjro .aiitHfrlil
trary, and an aristocrat, appreciated
Adam's astonishing achievements ami
abundantly administered aid, align
ing an nnnual allownnce. Achrali
Ashloy, anxious and aimless, artful
and audacious, attended Academy,
arid alter iwhilu attempted nttractfug
and alluring Adam, apjtcariug awfully
atlectiouatc, assuming itflectiug alti
tiidca, and, altogether, acting nboiuin
ahly. Adam, already affianced; avoid-
ed all Aclnulid advances, nri(l,r.It!iotigli
annoyed attiduouily, attended accus
tomed avocation. Again and again
Acluah attcmjited nlicnating Adam's
afleciom. Adam, always aflahlo and
amiable, avcrrc atavrngingan nllront,
and anxiously avoiding nu altercation,
asked nn absence, and about autumn
abruptly absconded. Arriving nt
Australia after awhile, Adam nttumpt
cd agriculture. Also acted as an at
torney, amicably adjuiting nil annoy
ances and nnimoilics among Austra
lians. Acluah, ascertaining about
AdamV absensc, apiienred nbstructcd,
and actually ate nraenic, und awaited
angel's apparel. Anon, acuto nguo
and asthma .Hacked, nod ulinoit an
nihilated Adam. Anxious Australians
attended and administered alloviations
and anodynes. Alas! Alutl athletic
Adam! Alfeu ntid alone, altered and
aged ninaiitigly, uppctito abating, ab
ject, actually asking alms, nnd anx
ious about affianced Aunt Alniira.
Adnm's aipcct appeared alarming.
After nwhilo American atmosphere
alluring.an accomiaodatiog Australian
accompanied Adam ucross Asia, across
Atlantic, arriving about April at An
dovcr, at Aunt A I mint's abode, atten
uated and almost an npp;irition. Ablo
allopaths advised alo, alcohol nnd active-
astringents. A rubella and Allen,
an authoress, nud Adam's nfllnity, awe
struck'' and uppallcd, also attentive
Ty nided. Adam acquiesced amia
bly, .After awhile nto apples, npri
cols, asparagus," aifd-so-forth, albeit
ato abstemiously. Afllictcd nnd ni!
iug, Adam assayed annulling allegi
ance. Arabella artless und amiable
as an angel, .avoncil allegiance, nn
swcrixli "Away allahsunbnrgumenUl
Absence and nlllictions ubato atlcctiun?
All ajiologies nvaunt!" "Angelic Ara
bella," answered Adam, "always ml
mired anil udored above nil amid nil
adrtent admirers accept Adam, and Ad
'nta'a aclien and ails?" "Aye, nye! as
surcdlyl" assented Arnbcllu. "Amen,"
amusingly answered Adam. Accord
ingly another autamu, Aunt Alniira
aiding,' abetting nud accelerating nr
rangcmciiU, Adam ami Arabella, at
nu altar, acknowledged allegiance,
nnd afterward, ailments arretted nud
uppotito augmented, urt again absorb
ed all Adam's attention, and, although
au auutcur, after awhilo attained as
an appellation "Another Angclo."
"Arabella, a an authoress, also ac
quired applauso and approbation. As
ago advanced, Aunt Alniira, ailing
and apprehending apoploxy, adopted
Arabella and Adam, and afllucnco
accumulating, authorized Adam's act
ing as agent at ndjustiug nflairs, al
together an ngrcoablo arrangement all
around. Arabella, at articled and tin
ccdotes, Aunt Alniira, Adam amused
nt times adding an Australian adven
ture, ami amid admiring associates
nud ugrceablo acquaintances, aunt,
urtist and authored alike nbudo ami
cably ami ulfectiouately long timo nt
All alliterations appeared absurd
and admit apologies. Adjectives and
adverbs are abused atrociously. Anom
alies, abound und nro allowable among
nil ablo authors. Adiou.
Men are always ashamed of drunk
en women, but women uro not always
ashamed or drunken men.
Th President'! Salary and Emoluments,
The- presidential salary of twenty
five thousand dollars a year was fixed
by Congress when Washington was
President. Hut Washington declined
to tako It, and from patriotic and dis
interested motives yaw his lime to his
country mllioul compennation, requir
ing simply tlio payment of his necrs
tary expenses by the Government. It
is difficult in those sordid day.4 to find
a man who can riso to any adequate
conception even of tlio elevated patri
otism nud disinterestedness of Wash
ington. Inasmuch as tlio - Government pro
vides nnd keeps up a ftirnlthtd houtc
fur tlio President to livo in, and pays
tlio chief part of tlio expenses of tho
house, tho President of tlio United
StatvM would altogether bo tho best
paid officer In tho country with a sal
ary fixed nt ten thoutnnd dollars a
year. "Hut thcro has always liecn a
disposition In Congress to exalt tho
nflico of President by a profuso lavish
of money on it. And although tho
salary remained for many years t
$2tf,06O a year, yet tlio emoluments
were from timo to timo increased un
til tho minimi oxponscs of tho-Kxccu-tive
Mansion reached about sixty
thousand dollars. And in 1873, tho
President's salary was increased to
830,000 a jear, without any reduction
in his emoluments. This excessive
iucrcoM) of tho salary and emoluments
of the President cannot bo accounted
for on any other ground than n dis
position to exalt him, as far as practi
cable, into tho dignity of a king,
"Tho natural tncfiiaffon of man
kind to kingly government," men
tioned by Dr. Prankliu, arises from
ono of the weakest traits of tlio human
mind, that of hero worship, wholly
incompatible with tho vigor of thought
and manly independence of tho true
Amcriotm citizen. American Itsgis
tor. The New Scientific American Ofices.
We aro glad to announce that tho
Scientific American camo out of tho
lato firo in New York, like fabled
Ptuunix, with renewed life. The sub
scription lists, account books, patent
records, patent drawings, and corres
pondence wcro preserved iu massive
firo-proof safes. The priutiug of tho
Scientific jtm;rictn nnd Supplement
was dono in nnother building; conse
quently tho types, plates, pressses, pa
per, etc., wcro unbanned, and no in
tcrruption of business was occasioned.
Tho now Scientific American offices are
located nt 2G1 Ilroadway, corner of
Warren Street, a very central und ex
cellent situation. Tlio now building
fronts towards tho City Hall, tho
Court-House, nnd tho New Post-oflicc,
a magniucent structure, winch cost
eight millions to build. Nearly op
posite, and u few hundred feet dis
tant from tho S'icidific American offi
ces, is tho entrance to tho groat Sus
pension liridgo oyer tho East River,
between New York and Brooklyn,
which required ten years to construct
and twenty millions of dollars to pay
for. Tlio new offices, aro admirably
chosen for acjivo business. Here, in
addition to tho issuing of their inter
esting publications, Mwsrs. Munn &
Co., uiiled by trained axarainers and
draughtsmen, preparo specifications
and drawings for American nnd For
eign patents. If any of our readers
should happen to make a now desaov
ery (wo hopo every ono of them may
do so, nnd gain a fortune) they have
only to drop n lino to Munn & Co.,
201 Hroadwny, Now York, who will
reply at onco, without charge, statiug
whether tho invention is probably
novel and patentable. A handbook
of instructions, with full particulars,
will also bo Bent, i'reo, Messrs. Munn
it Co. havo had over thirty-five years'
oxperienco in tho business.
Au innocent-looking young man,
traveling on a (ruin from St. Paul to
Chicago, was observed suddenly to
reach up nnd pull tho bell-rope. Tho
train, of courto, came at onco to a
stand-still, while tho conductor and
porter rushed into the car to ascertain
tho cause for tho detention. "Gen
tlemen," explained tho young man,
"you must excuse me. I wanted the
porter, who was iu the 'forard' end of
tho car, to niako up my bed, and
thought that if I pulled the ropo that
would fetch him."
A queer and fatal disease has made
its appearance among the mules in
Buchanan county, Mo. They work
well nnd feed all right up to tho cry
lUQineut of their death, which comes
us suddenly us if struck by lightning.
Post mortem exuminatiou shows a
buuch of worms in tho stomach, from
which it is supposed death is caused.
Iv. O. Times.
Something for Nothing.
All uowspapcr publishers havo had
experience with men who want to nd
vcrtiso themselves or their business in
nowspapcrs without cost to themselves.
It Is pilinblo to sco tho shabby moans
they tako to attain the cud they havo
in view. Men, who would feel insult
cd II Ihoy were otltal doid bmts, will
with bland effrontery nsk a publisher
to "plcaco mention so nud so "(An nd
vcrlisement), or, handing in what is
really au advertisement under tho
guiso of n communication, tlioy will
say, "Hero's ajittlo item that will
help you to fill up with." Men who
do this and thcro nro somo in every
town call themselves honorablo and
would not think of asking a realcstato
owner to let thorn uso ono of his houses,
a few mouths for nothing ; nor would
thoy ask him to let them cultivato
and use n part of his farm, without
expecting to havo to pay rent for it.
Tho advertising columns of his pa
per is to tho publisher what tho bouso
or farm is to the rcal-cstato owner
his source of income Why any one
should expect tho uowspapcr publish
er to Ie more generous in tqunndcr
lug his substauco than ohcr business
men is something that cannot bo ac
counted for, except on tho supposition
that somo people havo an idiotic idea
that printers set up typo for tho love
of the work, and that ink und type
and printing presses arc gilts from
heaven to sinful men, who publish
newspapers merely for tho purpose of
smoothing the gateway of their fellow
men on the rugged road to fortune,
nnd who hopo not for reward this side
of tho grave. Texas Siftings.
Tied Him Wrong.
lien. Selby, of Ilipyvillo, recently
purchased a boree for his own use, but
beforo closing the trade ho asked the
owner of tho bono if ho would jump.
"Yes," replied the hnrso man, "he's n
great jumper; but if you tie a hickory
witho around his neck right tight, he
wont try to jump.''
Tho trade was closed, and Hen.
took his now purchaso homo with him.
Ho cut a hickory withe, tied It around
his horse's neck, and turned him out
to graze. When ho was tired of his
confinement, ho walked up to a toler
ably high fence, throw up tho yoke
nnd jumped it clear,' much to Pens
astonishment and disappointment.
Within n few dnys Ben. met the
gentleman from whom he had pur
chased the horse, and told him about
the animal jumping tho fenco.
"That's strange," said the sharp
liorso trader; "did you tio tho hickory
witho around his neck as I told you?"
"Yes," said Ben.; "but ho walked
up to tho fence, throw up his head
nnd loped right over."
"What! Did you cut the withe?"
"Why, of course I did."
"Well, that accounts for it. If you
had left it growing iu the ground, as
you ought to havo done, ho wouldn't
havo tried to jump."
Ben. saw the point, and realizing
that ho was beaten, he resolved to
make the best of his trade. He knows'
now how to prevent, n horso from
jumping, nud recommends the remedy
to nil bis friends who havo jumping
horses. Anderson News.
Conversationalists. Mrtternich
once said: Iu my wholo life I have
only known ten or twelve persons
with whom it is pleasant to speak
that is, who Jtcep to tho subject, do
not repeat themselves and do not
talk of themselves; men who do not
listen, to their own voice, who are
cultivated enough not to loso them
selves in common places; and lastly,
who possess tact and good senso
enough not to elevate their own per
son abovo their subjects.
m mm
It is a mistako to think of tho pres
ent Chief of tho Cherokee as a paint
ed savage, with feathers iu his hair
and a tomahawk in his haul. A man
who lately saw him says: "I found a
polished and highly educated gentle
man. Ho was dressed in broadcloth,
with faultless linen front, from which
sparkled a brilliant omerald."
The peppermint crop of tho United
States reaches about 70,000 pounds a
year, of which 30,000 pounds aro ex
ported. Two-thirds of the pepper
mint oil of this country is produced iu
New York, and about one-third iu
A Smai.m-ox I'mevkxtivk A corre
pondent tends In the following: "There It
no better or surer protection from small
pox than Darbjr's l'roplijrlaclie Fluid (m
unfailing a '') wonderful healing
reuied and a mot powerful disinfectant
that will tlTcctuatl eraJicate the germ of
dUease, prevent Its. spreading and ellect a
cure, and U perfect! afe to uw. It it en
dorted and recommended by eminent phr
tlclani and clieniltU.
Gr IR, .A. IDT 3D O IF E 1ST
Main Street, Stanford, Ky., formerly occupied by McRoberts & Stagg,
ideni1 and Boys9 ltMag sIsMng 8ato Mmt s9
BOOTS, SHOES, cfcso.,
Bought for Spot Cash, at an Immense Reduction, and I offer the same at pri
ces which cannot fail to convince the public that
Ever offered in this or any other town. This is no bankrupt sale to run off
cheap goods. I come to stay and build up a trade by treating every one po
litely and dealing fairly and squarely with all. No misrepresentation. Every
article as represented and satisfaction guaranteed. All I ask is a fair trial
A Project to Pipe Cat Two Hundred and Fifty
A company of well known capital
ists have organized tho "Gas Light
Transportation Company," to mino
coal and manufacture gas in Pennsyl
vania, and pipe tho gas to Eastern
cities. A director of the company re
cently said that they propose to erect
gas works that will manufacture 40,
000,000 feet of gas per day. This
would requiro 1,400,000 tons of coal
annually. The coal can bo bought at
the mines for 55 cents per ton, but the
gas companies pay $4.G2 per ton lor
it. They save something by tho sale
of coke, tar, and ammonical liquor, so
that their coal costs them $3.14 per
ton, or .12 cents a thousand cubie feet
of gas manufactured. Ono great saving
expected by the new company is the
cost of coal and in the transportation.
Another saving will come, they thiuk,
from tho freshness of the coal, since
coal newly mined produces more and
better gas than coal that has been ex
posed to the air and weather. The
cost ot pumping the gas is oflset by
by the value of the coal. Tho deter
ioration of gas in tho long pipe they
expect to counterbalance by making
tho gas extra rich a first. The pipo
is to bo of iron, six ieet in diameter,
laid in hydraulic cement.
An old furmer in tho back part of
the county, who is noted for his cross,
crabbed ways, being very low with
typhoid lever, was requested by his
wife to hare the minister call upon
him. "What for?" he asked. "To
pray for you, of courso," was the re
ply. "Mel" shouted the old roan.
"I'm a Granger clear to tho backbone,
and wont permit any middle man to
fool arouud between me and Almigh
ty God!" Tho minister was not called.
A Greenback paper says: Let the
people demand that not a singlo na
tional bank bo rechartcred. This will
put tho brake; on ono sourco of mo
nopoly. If. a corporation can issue
aud have control of our money, is it
not fair to suppose that tho said cor
poration will manipulate it to suit
their greed, let tho damage como
whero it will. Would it not be far
safer in the hands of the government?
By breathing as rapidly as possible
Dr. Yates was enabled to endure a
surgical operation. Ho says: "I
heard tho knife rip through the flesh,
like tho sound produced in cutting
leather, but I did not feel tho pain."
A well-known newspaper corres
pondent at the State capital of Mis
souri has applied for a divorce from
his wife, alleging us a reason that "he
finds married life aud newspaper busi
ness incompatible and intolerable."
A black walnut grovo that was
planted by n Wisconsin farmer about
twenty years ago on somo waste land
recently sold for 827,000. Tho trees
aro now from sixteen to twenty inches
A good many pooplo who aro clam
orous about the suppression of polyg
amy would do well to remember what
tho Iliblu says about throwing rocks.
South Kentuckiau.
Puts and Docrous. The fees of doctors
U an Item that very maujr peraon are In
terested in uit at present. We believe
the schedule for vialUhSJ, which would
tax a luan confined to his bed for a year,
and In need of dally vUIli, over $1,000 a
year for medical attendance aloue! And
one (Ingle bottle of Hop Hitters taken In
time would safe the $1,000 and all the
year' ilcknem. IW,
Having bought the McAlister interest in the above
named firm at a considerable discount, I am thereby en
abled to offer great inducements in prices on Dry Goods,
Boots, Shoes, &c. Call and see what you can do before
you buy. "With thanks to my friends for past favors, I
hope to solicit a liberal share of the same in the future.
Will practice In the Courti of Boyle od adjoining
counUea and In the Court or Appeals.
311 Slh St., LOUISVILLE, EY.
Practices In all tho CburU. Collectlooi prompt
ly made.
T. W. & W. E. VABNON.
Office In Owtltr A gon'i new bulldtog-up tUtri.
Muter Coiuiulwloncr and County Attorncr. Will
DriclIcA In all the Courts of (larrard and adlolnlnf
counties and In th Court ofAppesls.
Will nractlc la the Courts ol this and adlolnlnz
counties snd In Ibe Court or Appesls. Office In
tiwiiey a con s new nuuuing up stairs.
raixic woLroao. HasraaaoiC rKTTOM.
Special attention (lien to collections. Office
oier K. T. Tierce's store. Ua-ljt
Office feouth side Main Street, two doors abo?e
the Myers llotel.
Pure Nitrous Oxide Oss administered when re
qulred. DK. J. O. OARPENTEB.
Office of er ltolit. 8. Ly tie's store. Office hours
from 7 to A. m j 11 to I r. .; 7 to 9 p.m.; ex
cept on Msturdsr, when be will go to Crib Orch
ard till lurtber notice. (It
ol each month, from tint Mondsr, snd In Lanca.
ter two weeks or each month, Iroui third Mondsr.
Office In SL Asaph Hotel.orer Mattlngly A clou's
store, tire sign.
4CJ-U K.l). MUHI1AN, P.D.U.
Stanford Female College.
With a Full Corps of Teachers,
This Institution opened lis Twellth Session on
the 2d Moudsr Iu September Int.
Are taught, as well as
In Tuition, prltte riu from Ii5 lu 150 Iu th
rexulsr !artmtuts. 1'rlmsrr, IA5; luleruedlstt
IV, V reparatojy, I M, and Collegiate, 160.
For full particulars, as to Board, Ac, address
MKM. N. V. THUKIIKAKT. arlueliMtl,
AUubrd, Lincoln Co., Ky.
listing- qualified as Administrator of the estate
or Dr. S. 1. Cralf, I hereby uullfy all who are In
debted to hint to csll ou ue at onco and settle.
Those bailor claims alnst hlu w 111 please present
theu, properly attested, so that ther
17-lt JAN.
naiiuer csu v uieu.
r. CKAIU, Aduir.
and Prices.
t wvst v k v rtvw-vrs
V "N Tk '"C tZmr
Address D. LANDRETH & SONS, Philadelphia.
Grain, Wool, Orchard Grasss and other Seeds,
J I J3l I DFL I HUE "W I -A. I Gc O 1 3NT I IB.
- aopiaiiTa- -w-A-aonxre,
' 'a-- """"""jfV-g !-"
ItcHHcrtt, Neir-IlliitlorM, Moworn, Hhv-HhUck,
Ui-hIh DrlllM, Cerii-l'lHUtvrN, Nulky lMewtJ,
CtiltiVHturri, IlHt-rewM, C'ttrH.Nkellerfj,
NlrHW-CuiterR, llHy-Prvtweti, Tfareftk-
Ihk MHi'hlHVH hh1 EHKtaen,
And other Implements and Machinery. We buy exclusively from lsnfectiiMri.
direct, for cash, in car-load lots, aud consequently obtain the largest ducount and
lowest rates of freight. Our motto is i 'Tirst-class Goods a; Keasonable rrict
the Bestis always the Ohespest." Respectfully,
GEO. D. WEAREN, Stanfoid.Zy,
Manager Lancaster !epol.
I IN" Gr
A ItfTIiE,
.To ovory man's door. If our
iJSEEDS aro not sold In your
town, drop usa Postal Card for
Handsomo Illustrated Catalogue
ManagerfllustaaiTUe Depot.

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