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raT-AJsrsporRD, icy.
Tuesday Morning, - - Juno 27, 1882
The Superior Court Primaries.
-So far ns wo havo been able to learn
tho-instructions for Superior Judge
arc as follows:
Pl&rA Richards, Louisvillo and Jef
ferson county, 70; Madison, 10; IJut
litt, I; Henry. !; Oldham, 2; Car
roll, 7, Nelson, 9; Trimble, C; Green,
3; Spencer, I; Shelby, 0; La Ruo, C.
Total, 132.
For Runlett, Lincoln, 4; Rockcas
tle, -J; Garrard, Cj Boylo, C; Henry, 1;
Washington, 7; Taylor, 4. -Total, 32.
For Duvall, Lincoln, 4; Marion, 8;
Woodford, Cj Franklin, 9; Henry, 2;
Oldham, 3. Total, 32J.
This shows Mnj. Richards to havo
an instructed voto of more than enough
to;eIect him on the first ballot, and of
coiine tho Danville Convention will
be but a stupid affair.
Mr. Rurdett made a gallant fight
and deserved a better fate, but Maj.
Richards was backed by an unseen yet
powerful hand, nnd tho result was as
wo have all along expected. Judge
Alvin Duvall was no doubt tho best
qualified man for tho position, but ho
failed to make an activa canvass, be
sides it was charged that ho was too
old to discharge tho duties of the of
fice. The prospectivo nominee is a
bright young man, well read in tho
law, ami will do his level best to make
a trood iudco and we havn't a doubt
but what he will succeed.
Oscar Tuimr.n has announced him
self for re-election to Congress and
says: "If any neeetsily for united
action of tho democratic party should
arise, or if tho democratic party should
thiuk it advisable, I will cheerfully
submit to a primary election to bo held
at the various precincts at the August
election when every democrat can,
without inconvenience, express his
choice forarcpresentative to Congress."
Oscar, of courae, will judge of tho
necessity himself, and will do liko he
did before, go it on an independent
ticket if he sees his own party is liko
ly to cliooso a more consistent leader,
which wo hope it will decido to do.
Gov. Blackburn confessed to Bro.
Barnes and straightway went and
signed pardons lot three Estill county
scamps under ten years sentence each
forntpc, for which they had been but
recently convicted. The same day
tho Court of Appeals reversed three
murder casus in which the accused
had been sentenced to terms in the
penitentiary from 15 years to n life
time. Thus is justice thwarted and
more argument established in favor of
mob law We would suggest to the
mohj however, that they begin work
at the fountain head.
Tin: Apoldic Times is grieved
over tho fact that Mr. Barnes has
spoken of Mary, who chose that bet
ter part that could never bo taken
from her, as a alut, yea, a dirty old
slut. This was a littlo rough in
speaking about a lady and Mr. Barnes
owes her and her numerous friends an
apology; Space in this paper is al
ways ' at hk command, as has been
abundantly proven, either to praise
the governor or to lecture tho editor,
and wo hopo he will make tho amende
honorable to Miss Mary.
Joe Blackburn is evidently of the
opinion that there is more in W. U.
Owens' candidacy against him for
Congreee than is generally belioved,
lor he has deserted his post at Wash
ington to repair his fences at home,
Ho spoke yesterday at Owen ton, the
home of one of tho contestants, Jere
Lilian!, and last night at New Liber
ty. If Joseph can do any good for
the party at Washington, he had bet
ter go back. Wo'll guarantee his re
election by a vote more than of both
of his competitors.
Tin: statement is going tho rounds
of the press that the Court of Appeals
had confirmed tho decisions in the ca
ses of Neal and Craft couvicted and
sentenced to death for raping nnd
murdering the Gibbons children at
Ashland, hut it is authoritatively de
nied. 'A portion of tho Court has
been too busy attendiug to political
aflairs to perform tho business for
which he was elected and it may be
months yet, as vocation is near at
hand, before the cases are reached.
Senator Wade IIamiton has
tired of public life and wants to retire
so as to spend the evening of his days
in peace und quiet. lie has publish
ed a .letter decliuing tho many flatter
ing calls made on him to becouio a
candidate fur Governor of South Car
An exchange says that the sum
($100,000,000) appropriated by Con
gress for pensions last week, is greater
by (2,000,000 than tho amount
which will le required during tho cur
rent fiscal year to pay tho interest on
tho Federal debt, and this is hut tho
entering wedge. Thcro is no nation on
tho earth, however rich or prosperous
it may be, which can tako so large a
yearly sum from tho earnings of indus
try without gravorisk and without to
rious apprehension. Tho Republican
majority in Congress havo evidently
mado up their minds to do two things;
To spend tho surplus money in tho
Treasury, and to maintain ths present
grinding rato of taxation. They nro
running a pcaco establishment tipona
war footing. Tho end of such folly it
is very easy to predict: thero will bo
another season of panic and business
distress. Prosperity, oven in this fa
vored land, cannot keep paco with
such profligacy.
The Bronston scandal was tho oc
casion of a couplo of Lexington edi
tors mashing each others noses. The
Transcript published the scandal and
the jYcia didn't, but expressed itself
freely against the papers that did.
Tho Transcript retorted that the Neics
had failed to publish tho matter cither
through fear, favor or forjhush-monoy,
Next day tho two editors met, ox
changed a few blows acd wero sepa
rated. Later they camo together again
nnd had a regular Btand up fist and
skull fight, which ended in Mr. Flem
ing of tho Transcript coming out see
ond best, and Mr. Folk of the Xeics
wearing the honors. Both wero ar
rested and fined beforo tho l'olico
TnBNew York Commercial and Ft
nancial Clironicle talks sensibly when
it remarks, "What a marvelous short
sighted, thing it is for a legislator to
have as his rule of action hostility to
banks fettering tho crowth of tho
only department of business which
overy single merchant and business
man in tho whole country is person
ally interested in having free and
calling such a policy popular! His
mistako evidently arises in supposing
these questions nre chiefly of inter
est to banks, whereas the capital which
bank officers hold at tho people's ser
vice to day, can and will find employ
ment to-morrow elsewhere, if its free
dom or its profit is taken away."
The republicans in the Seventeenth
Ohio District, tho ono that Private
Dalzell aspired to represent, nre hav
ing o mo trouble in selecting a can
didate. The Private waa dropped ear
ly in the action but after three days
balloting, during which 37G wero ta
ken, the Convention was no nearer a
decision than at first and it adjourned
in disgust. UpdegrafT, the present
member and leading candidate, seems
to havo been spending his shekels
freely among the delegates nnd on the
testimony of one or more, a commit
tee of investigation was ordered.
The first annual meeting of the
Kentucky Bar Association, which was
held in Louisville last week, was at
tended by representative men from
all parts of the State, and was a de
cidedly pleasant and profitable occa
sion. A number of able speeches
were made on questions of present im
portance, and the result can be but
beneficial to tho fraternity. A sump
tuous banquet at the Gait House was
one of the features of the occasion.
Next year tho meeting will again be
held in Louisville, tho time to be here
after fixed by the Committee.
A Cincinnati paper that can hard
ly wait for Friday so great is its de
sire to have Guiteiu hung, says it does
"not credit the -story that President
Arthur shed tears when the lawyer
who ia advertising in the assassination
caso pressed borne the executive res
ponsibility. This is no crying mat
ter, and no caso in which tnere is a
shadow of doubt as to the thing to be
done. The one thing to do is to hang
the murderer."
Phil. Thompson's speech against
Kelley's bill to reduce the tax on
TuEterms of twenty-fivo Senators
end I en tho 3rd of next March, 11
democrats and ten republicans, nnd
the prospects are that the next Senate
willMbo republican without counting
Davi'dlDavis or tho traitor Mahouo.
whisky and beer, has received many
compliments from tho daily press, it
being conceded that it was tho best off
hand speech made during tho present
session of Congress. We shall givo
some extracts front it iu our next is
The President and cabinet, after u
full aud fair discussion of tho Guiteau
cose, havo refused to grant the reprievo
prayed for, so between the hour of 11
A. M. and 2 I. M. of next Friday, tho
miserable man will suffer tho penalty
ho so justly deserves tho "remover"
will bo removed by tho hempen line.
The notion of Madison couuty in
refusing to endorse their neighbor,
Burdott, is explained as tho spiteful
trick of a small cliquo towards Gov.
McCrcary, who was not in the county
at the timo.
Tha Court of Anneals, after fritter, for murder, weiehm.g.iu-lhe premie; of
, ,. , . . '. 2,000 people nt Klngtree,B. O., Friday,
...b .... ..- .. .v ... ....... w ...... am four were workeJ ouitlrom the same
political pursuits, has broken dowinind gallows. Oue of theailwa wouun who
adjourned for tho Summer. confused to the murder of her halt sister.
The Louiavlllo Commercial admits
that it doe, not advocate mixed schools
but approves of tho colored Conven
tlons platform denouncing tho scpara
tlon clause. This appears to us a lit
tlo mixed but as tho editor of that
paper never, liko his friend Tom
Henry, takes any thing to befuddle
his brain wo suppose wo must bo mis
taken. Still wo think that it might
mako its position a littlo moro consist
ent. In diccussing tho election probabili
ties tho Richmond (Vn.) Stale says:
If a hundred nnd sixty thousand white
democrats can't beat n hundred and
twclvo thousand negroes with thirty
thousand whito Mahoneites added,
making nt tho most 112,000, why they
ought to givo up voting altogether,
and turn tho old Stato over to tho
negroes to do ns they plcnso with it.
Tho Malley trial is still dragging
its weary length along nnd it is feared
that Guitcan will not livo to see it
There are 9S0 dally papers published
in the United States.
A foiirteen-yetr-old boy It to swing in
Louisiana for murder.
Stoneman has been nominated for Gov
ernor of California after thres days ballot
The House passed a bill to appropri
ate $33,000 to continue Arctic Kxplora
lion. Only 05 failures wero reported to New
York last week, a smaller number than
for many months.
The talk about a reprieve for Quiteati
has pretty much died out, and matters are
moving along toward the hanging,
Ex-Senator Doraey, the star-route
a winder, has decided to bring suit for dam
age) against a number of paper', including
the Cburirr-Jburnai.
If the Army retiring bill as passed by
the Senate should become a law, General
Sherman will have to go out In 183 1, Gen.
Hancock in I88S and Sheridan in 1S9,).
In a fit of Ill-temper the Equity
Judge of the District of Columbia threw
a bundle of papers nt an offending attor
ney's head, but apoligized before the lat
ter could get in his work.
The attempt to break the Virginfa
tax law on aaiuple merchants by appeal to
the United State courts ha failed, Judge
Hughe, at Richmond, having decided that
the law is not unconstitutional.
The bunko man who played it on
Hon. Charles Francis Adams to the tun
of $20,000 has been compelled to return
the checks he got from him, and sutler a
sentence of five years in the penitentiary.
A tidal wave, two mile, wide and
eleven feet higher thau the surface of the
lake, swept over the lake front at Cleve
land Friday, drowniog a sleeping tramp
and destroying $30,000 worth of property.
Some time ago, which Michael Welsh
wag in a car unloading good-i at the depot
on filching Itailroad, IbUon, the oir was
run into, and he received permanent in
juries. Saturday he was awarded $0,000
It ia "low proposed to ask Congress for
an appropriation for having the remains
of the Jeannette crew, found by Engineer
Melville, transported to this country for
proper interment in place selected by
their families.
There hag been another Iowa tornado,
wrecking villages and farm building. Ac
cording to reports a number of persons
were injured, and probably a few killed.
Illinois has been visited by wind and hail,
storms, and Minnesota by heavy rains.
Rev. 11. Moffat t Neil, acting pastor of
tho Presbyterian church, Brooklyn, is ac
cused of having forged his certificate of
ordination and his credentials. He is ve
ry popular with the congregation, which
has largely increased since his installation.
A woman in Florida has been found
who is the mother of 27 living children,
and a man on the Blue Ridge in Virginia
is living with his ninth wife, and is the
father of 53 children. These have lelig
iously obeyed the biblical command, in
crease and multiply.
Mr. Obey Owens, Receiving Teller of
the Third National Hank, of St. Louis,
was arrested on the charge of having em
bezzled $150,000 of the funds of the bank.
Owens' operations have extended over a
period of several years, and have been ve
ry successfully concealed.
The ' Senate ha plated the bill 1o re-
charter National Hanks by a vote of 31 to
13. The bill is nearly the tame as that
passed by the House, the principal amend
ment being to put gold and silver certifi
cates on the same footing, and to prevent
discriminations by the Clearing-houses in
respect to gold and-silrer certificates.
As an Instance of the magnitude of
some of the transactions of the New York
merchants, it may be mentioned that the
well-known house of Sawyer. Wallace it
Company a few days ago sold to an agent
of the Italian government 12 241 hogs
heads of leaf tobacco, at the rata nf $150
a hogshead, the bill amounting to $1,830,
000. The seceding fiction of the Nashville
Democratic convention held a meeting,
listened to speeches by sx.Scnator Malley,
General Jacxson, Editor Doak and others
reaffirming the State Democratlo platform
of 18S0, and approved the legislatives set
tlement of the debt at 60-3-1-5-0 It
was decided to oall a general convention
on July 11.
Jessie Nixon, of Muncie, Ind., had a
buggy stolen Friday uight, and Saturday
captured the thief, near Parker. He
placed hira on a train and tied his leg to
gether to bring him to Muncie jail. When
near there the thief jumped from the train
and broke his neck. From papers on Ids
person it was found his name was Frank
Stratton, of North Lebanon, Clinton coun
ty, Ohio.
Four negroes, two for arson and two
At Denver, George M. Wood was hung
for murder, and at I'lalte Point, Texas,
four cow boy were lynched for cattle
stealing. Nine In one day Is doing pretty
The Louisville Oimmrrcittl tells this
"pretty Mor?" of Judge Hargls: Rev. Geo.
O. Ilirne captured .lodge Hargls, of the
Appellate Pencil, last night under peculiar
circumstance. While this reverend gen
tlehiart wa exhorting a colored man went
to the front to rnnfej. Ilrother llarnes
then said he Intended trying a little moral
courage on the people; tint he knew that
the devil had made tho distinction between
the soul of a negro and a white man, nnd
he wanted to see if any one had the moral
courage to come to th altar of God and
stand side by side with this colored broth
er, and what Kecno 1'ritchard is wont to
call "The blue-eyed boy of destiny" walked
forward and snt down bv the colored man
Ilrother llarnes shouted "Praise the Iml!"
and there was a general Inclination on the
part of the audience to applaud.
There wero onco four flics, nnd ns it
happened, they wero hungry ono
morning. Tho first settlcd upon n
sausngo of singularly appetizing np
pcarance nnd mado n hearty meal, but
ho speedily died of intestinal inflam
mation, for tho sausago was adultera
ted with aniline. Tho second fly
breakfasted upon Hour, and forthwith
succumbed to contraction of tho stom
ach, owing to tho inordinato quantity
of alum with which tho flour had been
adulterated. Tho thin! fly was slak
ing his thirst with tho contents of a
milk-jug, when violent cramps sud
denly convulsed his frame, nnd ho soon
gavo up tho ghost, a victim to chalk
adulteration. Seeing this, tho fourth
fly, muttering to himself, "The sooner
it's over tho sooner to sleep," alighted
upon n moistened pieco of paper cxhib
iting tho counterfeit presentment ofn
death's head, and the inscription,
"FIv-noison." Annlyiue tho tip of
his proboscis to this dovice, tho fourth
fly drank to his heart's content, grow
incr moro vieorous nnd cheerful at ov
ery mouthful, although expectant of
nis enu. uui no urn noi inc. uu mu
contrary, ho throvo and waxed fat.
You see, even tho fly-iioison was adul
terated. ITrom the German.
Seven wives wero murdered by their
husbands in n sinclo day. At Jack-
sou. Mich., a wifo called in n police
mnn to protect her, whereupon tho
husband shot her, the officer, and him
self. At Rridceton. Ont.. a wealthy
farmer shot his wifo as the climax of
a violent nuarrel. At Xenia, III., a
husband committed murder and sui
cido because ho was not prosperous in
business. At Burlington, Iowa, n wifo
was stabbed to death by her husband
in consequence of her refusal to pro
vide him with whisky. At Canton,
Ohio, n woman was shot in a manner
that indicated that the crime had been
perpetrated by burglar?, but it has
transpired that her husband did it.
At Milford, La., a negro woman was
poisoned, nnd at Adelphi, Tcnu., n
brido of a month was thrown over n
nrecinice. Itisstranco that none of
theso wife slayers wero actuated by
A woman of Stockton, Cal., believ
ing that she was about to die, confess
ed to her husband that sho did not
love him, but had centered her affect
ions on n neighbor. Sho declared
that she could not dio unforciven, nnd
so the husband freely forcavo her. But
ho granted tho favor only in view of
her speedy death, nuu, wneu sno unex
pectedly recovered, he began asuit for
divorce. Her defense is that ho con
doned her fault by the forgiveness, nnd
a peculiar question of law is raised
It is as plain as daylight that Col
lector Robertson docs not expect to
hold office much longer under the
present administration. lie says:
'While I am here, no man shall ho
dismissed or in any wny interfered
with for the non-payment of political
assessments." Mr. Robertson is dense
ly ignorant of the first duties of his
position. lie will be asked to step
ashore. Chicago limes,
This is the way that a dutch far
mer advertises for a lost calf: "Rund
avay; one red and vito calf. His tu
be hind legs vas plack, ho vas a sho
calf. Enipotti vot prings him pack
got five tollnrs.- Jacob Zuddening,
Clear Creek, tree miles behint to
A scientific professor records the
following singular instance of self-
cannibalism : Ho cut in two a male
cricket, and immediately the fore
part, probably experiencing a sensa
tion of emptyncss, turned upon the
hinder part and devoured it.
Tha suit of James Gordon Bennett
vs. the City of Now York, to recover
318,303 bnlanco duo for advertising in
the Herald, ended last week in a ver
dict for tho plaintiff. Tho Herald'
bill for tho year 1881 for corporation
advertising was 814,824 80.
A Missouri judgo has decided that
a husband is responsible fur what his
wife says. If this ruling is sustained
thcro will not bo over a dozen married
men in Missouri by tho end of the
shooting season. Chicago Tribune,
A chap who so"t us a poem begin
ning "When twilight dews aro fulling
fast upon the rosy lea" has since mar
ried Rosa Lee, nnd now the weekly
dues are falling faster upon him.
Few irirla. it has been discovered by
one who has tried it, secure perfect
happiness as clergymen's wives. Thoy.
never go to tho circus and only sco nu
animal show onco in a lifa-timo.
There is to bo a peach crop in Del
aware, alter all. Tho prevarications
about tho Deluwuro peach crop have
como to bo iilmost ns ronuukablo as
tho lien of tho trout-fishers.
free of Charge.
All psneiistuircrlivrruiaCuughi, Vulit, AilU
uia, llrwitlillli, Imi f Voire, or suy slkctlou of
tlioT'ir-st sul Lungs, ar requeNtul to tall at
I'wujr -.UsAllster'sDrug Store abj ta Trial
IWItU of King's New Discovery for Uuntuuitton,
free of clurge, blb will com Iocs iktiu bf Its
w.u-err.1 merits suit show what a regular Jullir-aUUtllwllt-o.
Call atly.
03 ? N3UUVM
jvtarisn.oaEijivxsrT a? .a. I n. o art,
NTANFOltlt, If V.,
TsVsi this OfipHtinllv of Hunk Ing his l tans In Ntn'rl sit viilnily for thrlrlllwrsl support, snl
hopes tortUIn II, ailift hstrllrl s flrnl ds-sil k (his mi) In I lis season, WfortMnf culled
ovrr, anil It
Comprises Everything that is IIew
ftomthsto'ltf Ksrttltn Makrrs Thcj will lrnt amlins.lsln flral-dais ilvls. Ills motto In
"To Hatsl." (hitting ami Impairing null sn.l promptly "Inns.
llmliiK Juh( rt'fvhv'Iilirt'Ci frnintli I'iihIciii gIIIpn llic iiiunI
elegant Htocli or
mam mmmt
Clothing, Boots, Shoes,
x3C3lTS, cfcO.,
licr cxiilliilc'l hi IIiIm ninrliH. nv tintl
IiicIiiiIIiii: ZViiii'm VviiIiic, lleurloltit Clolli, ICitiif Isitc TiiiiiIho
('lotli,tVc., nml lit fuel a iiUviiHxortiueiit of
Dress Goods of Every Description.
I-'llMa l.I.M.N
Hamburg Embroideries, India Trimmings,
3Liicc9 Jlitixlie.s' Neckweiu,
In tMtillohs iiirlfi'y, Mini u sph-iullil iiNsorliiu-nt il I.uuiim,
(liiuluiiiiM, At-.
AVe linre iitldtMl to our Muck a nice aKsoriiuviit ofC'iti-iiulM. IIiikm.
Oil Cloth, MatlhiKH. Wall 1'aiicr, Ve.
Grain, Wool, Orchard Grass and other Seeds,
ppgffja fea?lft jj
-f ,-5&
3F" I -A. I TL I 3VQC "W I .A. Gr O I3NT I JS.
' .
-'r!'j-' i"
Kellpt'I-N. M'lNIalllllCrH, .MOWl'TH, IIH3 IClllK'H,
f.nihi Di-IIIm, fJorii-lMiiiiliii-M, Nnlky IMimin,
CulllvulorM, IInrroUH, lorn-Sln'lloiH,
NlraiV't'iKlvi-N, May l'l-i-hHt-N, 'llirc-hh-
iiilf MacliluoM anil KiikIim'n,
And othor IuipleuiouU aud Macliiuerr, Wo buy exolutlvely from Manufacturers,
direct, far cash, in car-load loU, aud coiuoqueutly obtain tho largest discount aud
lowest rates of froight. Our motto is 1 First-olass Goods at Iteasonable Prions
tha Host is always the Cheapest." Bospectfully,
GEO. D. WEAKEN, Stanfoid.Ky.
iv. r. ivri'iintN.
ilsuatfer Lancsilsr leKt.
JHi:i: V .V1M.IAMN.
NaiUitta UiTaluiifllU Dt

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