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Cditar and Proprietor
Buttnttt Managtr
tlMairil Tiirnittiu ""' I'rlilnU't
A Ternbl Tale of Safiering.
Tho Navy Department Is in receipt
of a report from Kngfnccr Mclvlllo,
of tho ill latcd Jeannotto, giving in
detail the tory of lih scnrcli for Do
Ijong-nuil party nml tlio discovery of
their dead Indies. TIio following ex
tract, aro from DoLonc's notebook.
Unilcr ilato of Monday, Oct. .'I, Do
Long writes his party thought thoy
saw a hut, lint, upon reaching tlio
spot, only n mound. A oauin wni
made in a holo in tho lilulf, anil n
roaring tiro was soon burning ami
drying their clothes, whilo tho cold
wind nto into their hacks. Nothing
was left to cat but their dog, which
was killed und dressed, nnd a stow
made of such parts as could not lio
cured. All partook of tho stow ex
cent Del.onc and tho doctor. Aloxy
was lent oil to oxannno wnni iney horrible nijjht
nnd dried out; ahead again nt ll;
used up; Imilt n (iro nml madoa drink
out o( tea-leaves and from tho alcohol
Iwttlej on again nt noon; vory hard
going; ptarmigan tracks plentiful; at
0 o'clork halted; used up; crawled in
a holo in tho hank; Aloxy went in
iicsl of game; nothing for supper,
except a spoonful of glyoerine;.nli
hands weak ami feeble, hut cheerful.
Tuesday, 1 1 dale-with snow; mi.
ulilo to move; no game; ono soonfiil
glycerino and hot water for food; no
mora wood in our vicinity.
Wednesday, 115 Jircnkfuslcdon tho
last spoonful glycerino ami hot water;
for dinner acouplo of handfuls of Arc
tic willow in a Kit of water nnd drank
tho infusion; every hody getting weak
er and weaker and hardly ablo to got
firewood; gala with snow.
Thursday, l!l Willow tcajnonows
from Niiidcrmaii; wo aro in tho hands
of God, and union He rolonts wo aro
lost; wo can not inovo against tho
wind, and staying hero means starva
tion; in tho nftcrnoon went nhcad a
mile: after crossing nnothsr river,
branch of Hig river, missed Lee; went
down on tho bank nnd camped; sent
back for Ijce;holind laid down nnd was
waiting to die; nil united in saying
tho Lord's I'raycr and cried; nfter
suppor a strong galo of wind unit a
thought was n hut, and came luck nt
night with n fnvorahlo report. It was
decided to wait till morning beforo
leaving. , It was then below xero.nnd
n wateh was set to kcop tho firo going,
and all huddled around it, and thin
tho third night without sleep was
passed. If Alexy had not wrapped
Kridav. II llreakfast. willow tea:
dinner, half n tcaspoonfui of sweet oil
and willow tea; Alexy shot ono ptar
migan; had soup; wind moderating.
Saturday, October 15 llreakfast
on willow tea nml two old boots; con
cluded to movo at Etinriso; Alexy
breaks down, nlso Lee; camo to an
ids sealskin nrnuiid DcLong and kept ompty grain raft, halt and camp;
him warm by tho iieat of his Itody ho jRn of smoko nt twilight to tho .South
(Dolmg) thinks ho would havo per- j wnrd.
ished, as ho was steamed nnd shivered Kunday, October 10 Alexy broke
nnd shook. At 8 A. m. the parly j down; divine service.
reached a hut largo enough to hold Monday Aloxy dying; tho doctor
them, and for tho first timo since Sat-! L iptt.ol him, nml had prayers for the
unlay they managed to get warm, j nick; Mr. Collins' birthday; forty
Krickson was very low, nml prayers , yean old; about suniet Aloxy died
wcro read for him hoforo the others jirom exhaustion nnd starvation; cov
sought rest. At 10 a. M. nil oxcopt orcd him with tho ensign nud laid him
Alexy laid down to sleep. Alexy in a crib.
went oil to hunt, and soon returned Tuesday Calm nnd mild; snow
wet, having fallen Into a river. At falling; buried Alexy in tho afternoon;
(5 i. M. they roused up, and had n laid him on tho ico and covered him
iwtitid of dog-meat for each person j with slabs of Ico.
and actio of tea. tho day a allowance;' Wednesday Outline: up tent to
but thoy wctoso grntelui lliai mey male
were not exposed to tho torrlhle galo to find
which was raging nt tho timo that Tl
thoy Mill not minu snori rniions. un very
Wednesday they had ten and dog- V
meat for breakfast. Aloxy again , nhotit midnight botweon tho Doctor
wcut oil' hunting and camo back with and myself; Leo died about noon;
nothing. On lhursday thoy had a read jirayors for tho sick when wo
cup of third hand tea with an ounce found ho was going.
of alcohol in it. Aloxy was again Saturday Tim weak to oarry bodies
out to hunt nnd Krickson died while of Iams nnd Kaack out on tho ice; tho
he was gone. Alexy returned empty-1 Doctor, Collins and myself carried
handed. Tho notes nt this iwint say, them nrouud tho corner out of sight,
"What in Ood'snamo is going to bo ' then my eyes closed up.
como of us 7 Fourteen pounds of' .Sunday Kvery body pretty weak;
doe-meat left and twcnty-livo miles to ' glont or rested to day anil then man
n iMwihle settlement. Ihey could ngcd
A Rtmnlf (or Scarltt ttrer.
Dr. K. Woodruff, for nineteen yenrs
a practicing physician nt (Irand Kan
id. Mich., furnishes tho Springfield
Mil.) Journal tho following:
"Wash tho child from head to loot
with strong sal soda wnter, warm,
then wipo dry. Then Immediately
batho freely with oil from bcof mnr
row, or oil from butter, applied freely.
Then givo freely catnip tea, or somo
good sweating nrticle, jiennyroynl,
etc. Repeat every half hour, or ns
often as they get worrysomo or wnko
ful, nnd in ono or two daya thoy will
bo entirely cured. I havo been called
to cases whero thoy wero fully broken
out, nnd in this way entirely cured
them in twenty-four hours. I havo
had thirty cases on hand at n lime,
and never lost n enso in my lifo. Hut
now I nm old and nbout to givo up
my business, nnd seeing from the pa
ncrs that your town is infected with
tho epidemic. I wish to do nil tho
good J can. It is so simple
not need to call a doctor.
nurso can attend to thorn. If by op
cnlng tho pores of the skin nnd sweat
ing you can lot oil tho poison, which
is nn animalcula, or animal in tho
blood, tho euro is complete. Tho
samo is equally good in fovers of nil
kinds, hnrd colds and coughs.
I take tho ground that nil diseases
aro caused by a stoppago of tho pores
of tho skm, retaining tho poison,
livinir animals in tho blood, nnd
you havo to do at first is to open tho
doors of tho system and let them out,
or drive them out. All peoplo know
a warm bath is good. Hut you npply
the oil to tho skin nnd it keeps tho
poros open for a long time nnd gives
tho enemy a chanco to get out. I hopo
nil will try it, and thoy will soon bo
How th Judge Crotsetl the Stream.
Well, we were riding along the road
ono chilly day in November, talking
about court business and legal talent,
when wo struck n smnll stream that
nppeared to bo about thirty yards iu
width. "Hello," said .Judge Norton,
of Missouri, "this is a new stream to
When Widowt art the Most Dangerout.
Tho second year is that in which
tho widow isrcnlly happy. Tho som
ber depths of ho mourning cast aside,
sho enters tho world again and reopens
her jowel caso. Jivcn with n very In
coming widows cap on, lifo is moro or
loss n blank to n woman if sho can
not wear her jewels. Now, however,
tho diamonds ponrls nnd opals may
reappear, nnd with what delight nro
thoy not worn ? Villous of dresses In
delicnto half tints, pearl grays, soft
lavenders, mixtures of white nnd gray
or black and whilo float beforo her
mind, soon to be realized. Her year's
nbsenco from balls and parties and
crowded rooms has renewed her beau
ty, nnd tho samo retirement has bright
ened her oyes nnd tinged her cheeks
with tho freshness of enjoymont with
which sho prcpnres to re-enter tho
world. Now, indeed, is tho fashion
nblo widow a dangerous nnd seductive
creature .Sho knows that she is pret-
You do ! tier than over, nnd the consciousness
A good making her moro certain of coming
victories cives a genuine soiiuuss iu
her manner. Uowaro of widows in.
their second year! Always danger
nus, they aro then moro so than over.
Light hearted as a girl, she feels
younger every day, and from her own
point of view there is no moro envi
nblo being to bo found in tho world
thau n young, handsome, rich and
nr I lively widow, whoso heart is not in-
nil conveniently soft, nor her feelings too
ncuto to prevent her going through
her lifo "woll pleased and careless."
and oxtrncting from it as much of tho
pleasure and ns little of tho pain ns
may fall to tho sharo of any moral
No Time to Tell a Lie,
Jesse C. had tho reputation of being
tlio "biggest liar" iu Georgia, and ho
was novcr known to como out behind.
Ono hot day IJill II. sat on tho shady
side of his barn. After dinner ho saw
Jess riding in great haste toward town.
Hill hailed him and went to the gate.
Jess nsked what he wanted. "Stop
nnd tell us a big lie." "No time for
lyimr now," said Jess. "Your uncle
and 1
Tiw.VAnMOK. WAr.LACBKivAamm.
T. W. A W. K. V AHNON,
Offit In Owiler A Hon'i new lnilMlnj- up iltiri.
-AvrxoiiNKv Ar IjA.'W,
Mailer Coniiiilwtoner (nil County Attorney. Will
practlreln nil the) Court of (lerranl and adjoining
rountle and In IhaCourtofAppeala.
A.a"roiiNj3v Ar XiAw.
Will nracllcilo lh Court ol Ihli and adjoining
rountle and in Ilia (hurt of Appeal, Office In
Uilr A Hon' new building up ataln.
Will iirif lie In the Oaurti of Ilojle and adjoining
countlMaml loliiauouri or Appeal.
swAivironn, it v.,
T i
Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils,
Toilet nil if Vnirt A rllrlnt, llnnko, shitlonrru, Tabnrco n ml f 'cnra Wine,
Liquor, At. 'I'huolrlnnn 1'rrnrrliitlon mirl J'irii-.
tiKirriillrul J'rrjirirriimiM a
A'.T'J.'OllIVJiJV A'A' J-iAW.
akd itxixmm Kr.RrjitrcouxTr,
Will raellceln all the Courti of Cater and ad-
Jolnlmr. counties, and In the Court of Apil9.
8 peclal attention ftlren to collection. Offlct oter
11. T. flerre'a (tore.
Dlt. J. O. OAiU'ENTEIt,
Office orer Roll. 8. 1.rtle' atore." OCce houri
from 7 to 9 a. x.j 12 to 1 r, .', 1 to ) r. u.
aunoEoN i jar'rtwj',
Office South tide Mln rjtreet, two door abort
the Mrer Hotel.
Purefiltroui Oxide admlnlitered when required.
w(-; ii. i i i t
liOtl fH I Hill MIIMI 4III lllf I V 111! llitlll Ui'll
. . ! huaco r lf ri ( " w .....-. -, . n
nil-; nun rimii u im-io m ar...,b -... .i.'i n . I
mil uuiiii: iUI mo wuiwuwi t'HI m ...
ndvnntago of his iguornncc, I protend
ed to survey tho situntinn, ami alter
cmorcinir from tho thicket, I solemn-
fin." And on he went. Bill ran to
tho house and told his wife. She
tratherod up tho children. He hitch-
. . . I ..,....... . nnit m malwtnir
o ftct gear; tlio tlootor went niieati j 'i - ""b- y-; '."."":. ed tho wairon. loaded in his family.
new camp; shifted by dark. "i.iKe a . n u ,, , , ,, f ?
liursday-Ilright and, sunny, but --,,0 j.. Os3n. ,Wto UJ. Bol'c, (driving
ool.i; i.eonni immck uoncun. .-, ,7 - "J . - he found the family and two neighbors
riday-lvaack was found dead '. cm t, said J, so sup 030oustrii jt Sol buried-to
nil nn. otvim nnrnsa ininnrr inn iiniii n -- --
II ...I ..... hmmak fnailmro lltn ilnnlli
"""" "1 TJ2JT i."B.7":.;i!hovc8in half n biK watermelon
ol your experience." "All right." he Tlie surprise was iniitual, and osp a-
nail dismounting from his horse. Then "f0?9 o"- "V". 8af, B'J
1 .11 l:. j..,i.:.. .:i n. 1 "I asked Jess for n Inc lie, and not
in - III V-l4 I III! ( I'll 1 LI I I I I i . iir-11 LI1ITIII r.
together, placed them between his
teeth and started cautiously into tho
creek. I choked my handkerchief in
to my mouth to keep from laughing,
while the Judgo gravoly waded across
through exactly four luetics ot water;
C. MOHOAN, d. D. a.
Will be In Htanford two week
of each month, from lint MonJar. Dental rooms
In 8t. Auph Hotel, orer McA'Uter A ilrliht'.
iSceiljn.) AtUncaiter two week of each uionlU
Iroui third Mondjr. Dental room In Hnon House.
rleealgn.J l'ure nltroun olid gate admlnlitrreu
when nccrKiarjr. . C'J tf
hew mm and mm uillikery,
mmvm ii
This Xcw Mill, coiiOiIiiIbir (lie IuIchI nml
For iiiumifiiCiiii-liiK 111011I nml flour, Ih how In Tull operation.
Wo will nrliul Tor ciiMtomcrN, Tor llpo prcNcnt, on Tuesday, lVctl
hcmIhj, Tluirmlny, Friday ami Siiliiriliiy oTcaeli nnclf, nml on
Coiirt-DajH and all other public dayH. lVe noIIcK a liberal Nliurc
of patromiKC and if III endeavor (o uirc entire Hiiiuraclion.
Flour, Meal, Com, Bran, ShipstiiiT, &c.,
AIithjh oil hand and for wile. Highest ciihIi price paid Tor Corn,
Wheat, Vc. Orders left at Mill promptly attended to.
MIm IliLLKlIl'oiiudralre to Inform Hie Udlet
of thli Tlclnlljr that the Is conitantlf recelrlng a
.erf handtoiue line of aplendld new Spring and
8uidnierMllllnerr, which aheoflera to the public
at Terr low figure. Among her beautiful lock ol
Trimming are all the lateit dralgna. Including the
nge, irilhellc flower. Hhe lia also a Mantua
Making Denartment, where the greatest attention
I glTen to the cutting, Citing and making of all
klndiofdreisra. 27-
Stanford Female College.
With a Full Corps of Teachers,
ThI Institution will on Hi Thirteenth (iesaton
. on the 2d Monday In Sentemlier next.
Kel to get enough wood in by dark; I ut you would hovo died to havo seen
eiul part of divino service; suirering j ' lok, of, unutterable disgust when
. ! t.n .nnl,nil flm AnikAoiin Ikinlr Ilia
- . ! .1
not ilit: n crave lor j-riCKon, ns uio reai
L'round was frozen too hard, and they in our feet: no footcoar
had nothing to dig with, so they sowed Monday A hard night. Tuesday,
las Iwdy up in tho laps of a tent, cov- Wednesday, Thursday, '.27th, 137th
ercd him witli their Hag nnd buried ' day I verson brokon down. Friday
him in tho river. Three volleys from Iverson died during tho early morn
their Uemingtouj wcro fired over him. . ing. .Saturday, 29th Dressier died
Under dale of October 0, tho notos during tbo night. Sunday, Ojtober
say: "1 17th day llreakfast consiitnd :0th, MOthday Hoyd andOaiUdietl
of tho last half pound of dog-moat during tho night nnd Mr. Collins is
and tea; tho last grain of toa was put , dying.
in tho kettlo, nnd wo aro now ubout This is tho cud of Lieut. DeLong's
to undcrtako tho jourtioy of twenty-'diary. DoLong, Surgeon Ambler and
fivo miles with somo old tea leaves ' All nam, the cook, must havo died
nnd two ipiarti of alcohol. Howovor, goon after the last uote was written.
I trust in tiod. nnd believe that Ho' - - . --
who lias feil us this far will not sillier Hot Mii.k as a Kiotoiiativi:.
us to dio of want now." Tho party , Milk that is heated to much nlwvo 100 1
left a record in tho hut, which was degrees Fahrenheit loses for tho timo ,
found by Melvillo ns already report-1 a degreo of its swcctnesH and its don
C(j. j sity; but no ono fatigued by over-
They got under way nt 8:30 A. M., oxertiou of b-xly and mind, who has j
nnd proceeded until 11:20, by which ever experienced tho reviving inllu-
time they had tnailo nooui inrce ence oi u niniuicr oi vuis uui-iKo,
miles, and wcro pretty well done up. I heated as hot as it can bo sipped, will
They had a hall ounco or alcohol in a wi iing.y lorego a rcsori to uica .ao , . . , ow thcir hau(h
.mrion fur ilinnor. Wont n head of its lavmc been roiulered somewhat , " . . .. , .:,
nnd soon struck what seemed to bo tho loss ncccptahlo to tho palate. The
main river again. Hero four ot tho ; promptness with which its cordial
.....i.. ll. ,i.rniif.li rim Im iii irvinre intbieneo is folt is indeed BUrnrisillL'.
to cross, und fearing frost bite, a firo i Somo portions of it seem to ho digested
ho reached tho opposite bank. His
feet wcro bluo with mud, but his an
kles wcro scarcely touched by the wa
ter. It was three straight days be
foro ho spoke to mo ngnin. General
James Craig.
Thcro nro no pockets in the trousers
of tho West Point cadets, nor in their
coats cither. Tho cadets wear no
vosts, ami aro traiued to do without
pockets. Thoy aro left freo to chooao
' between putting thcir handkerchiefs
, in their caps or breasts. Tho author
; itics say thoy must not uso tobacco;
the" nro not allowed to carry tnonoy,
and the ones who govern them do not
seo what need they have for pockets.
I When tho "plebs" first arrive they
swagger around with their hands in
their pockets, and, iu lact, do not
I scorn to know whero elso to put them.
Ono of the secrets of making soldiers
nt tho Military Academy is by de
priving tlio students oi pocKoisnnti
and arms to seek tho center of gravity.
was built. Aloxy was sent oil to look
for fuod, being directed not to go far
nor stay hng. Ho camo back nt&:30
with ouo ptarmigan, of which soup
was made, and with half nu ounco of
alcohol made their supper Saturday,
October 8 tho notes say: Called nil
hands nt 6:30; hrenkfiiBt half an ounce
of alcohol and n pint of hot water;
ulcohol proves of great advantage;
keeps oil cravings for fowl, preventing
gnawing of tho stomach, and has kept
up tho strength of tho men, who nro
given thrco ounces n day. Went
abend till 10:30, nud nfter live miloi
struck tho big river ngnin, and have
to turn back. Only mado nn advauco
of ono mile. Cold camp, hut littlo
wood nud half un once ot uloohol."
Sunday, 0th, called ull luiudi nt
1:30: half ounce nlcohol for breakfast;
read divitio service, sent Nimlernuui
and Korris nhend for relief. They
returned at sovon o'clock; cheered
them under way; at 8 crossed n cri"ok,
und broke through tho ice; nil wont
up to tho knees; dried tho clothing und
wero under way again nt 10:30; at 1
o'clock struck tho river bank; at-1
liml fur dinner a half ounco of nloohol:
Alexy shot thrco ptrmlguns; made
soup; wo nro loiiuwiug niiiuuiiimuo
track, although ho Is long slnco out nf
our sight; found u canoo nud lay our
heads In it to go to sleep.
Monday, October 10 Took tho last
half ounco of ulcohol ut 5:30, mid ul
(i:30 sent Alexy ofl to look for ptar
migaui; wo nto deerskin scraps; yes
terday morning ato my deerskin foot
tips; under way at 8; iu grossing tlio
creek threo of in got wet; built n firo
und appropriated almost immediately;
nnd many who fancy thoy need nlco
holio stimulnntB when exhausted by
labor of braiu or body will find in
this simple draught nu equivalent that
shall he nuumlanliy satisiying nun
more enduring iu its cL'ecls. Phren
ological Journal.
A nnrrativo of tho sullering und
death of DeLong ami his men would
ninke ouo of tho most pitiablo chap
ters in history. Much may bo infer
red from tho following extract do
soribini: tho dead ns thoy wero found :
"Nono of tho dead had boots. Their
feet worn covered with rugs, tied on.
Iu tho pockets of nil wero pieces of
burnt akin und ol tbi clotjiing. which
thov hud been cattiur. Tlio hands of
nil wore moro or less burned, audit
looked ns if whsn dying thoy had
crawled iuto tho fire, lloyd lying ovor
tho firo nud his clothing being burned
through to tho skiu, which wns not
Wo think wol'o iu tor pretty costly
troiisscnux, hut they are nothing com
pared with thoso provided unioiig Par
isian swells in tlio last century, That
of M'llo do Mutignon, who iu 1780
murried tho Huron do Montmorency,
cost 8126.000. It included 1,300
shifts. New York Sun.
A railroad engineer saying that tho
usual lifo oi n looomotivo was only
thirty years, a passenger roniarked
that such a tough-looking thing ought
tolivo longer thiiu that. "Well,"
rcsj;K)!idod tlio otiglnoor, "perhaps It
would ii it didn't smoko so much."
Tun Mauii: Haksim Cakk. In
Loxincton they havo tho Marie
Barnes Cake and this is tho way thoy
mako it: "Wash and cream, ouo cup
of butter, add to it two cups of sugar,
two und a hnlf offlour, silted nil vory
light; one half cup of sweet milk,
two teaspoons baking powder, nud
(without beating them) tho whites of
iiino eggs. Heat the mixtnro woll
and bako in smnll pans. Mako tho
filling of chocolate, cocoantit, or whnt
you like.
A barber iu Lawrence, Mass.,
thought it funny to cut tlio hair of a
tjimplo-miniled customer in u ludicrous
niaiincr, but tho Polico Justico looked
Ht it from a dillerent point of view,
and, telling the barber that ho had
been guilty ofn sorious assault, fined
him fifty dollars nnd costs, with the
alternative of going to jail.
It was a mean man und a Chicago
artist who annouuoed tho exhibition
of n magnificent pieco of sculpture,
"The Old Trapper," nnd then whou
tho deluded crowd paid thoir dimos,
a . 1 .. !. a. ..11 l.,i nlinilinil
lllld Weill IIUO lliu imu nu mwnwi
them a fine tooth oonib of the viutHgo
ol 18M).
A man whoo irrown up iluiiuhter
lioro tlio naino of Sarah lane, changed
it to Umber Kuan few months ugo,
in hopos that somo one would carry
her oil, but bIio still romnius on his
hands. There uro some Umber Kilns
safo any where
Miirdorora in Franco uro frequently
compelled, in addition to death on tho
galleys, to pay a ncavy compensation
in money, when thoy havo it, to thoir
viatim's family.
only got it, hut was fool enough to be
lievo it. I wouldn't believe him again
if I knew bo was dying." Marietta
"Indeed these bo the days of horning
grateful emotion. With gardens
laughing with rotund gladness, and
tho dinner table loaded with peas, po
tatoes, beets, dainty chicken-fries, and
last nud largest, a piling dish ot deli
cate blubber-covered beans, with fine
cut silver-skinned onion flavoring, and
almost enow-whito shapely cold-water
pones of Hint-corn bread of careful
browning, supplemented by a soup
plato of raspberries smothered in custard-sprinkling
sugar nnd stripping
cream, born of Alderny heifer and
oat heads and wheat bran, well
what mau would bo so mean as to let
a dinner get cold before ho would go
to it? Glasgow Times.
llico jelly for n sick person is very
nourishing, and is very easily made.
Mix two heaping tca9poonfulls of nico
Hour, with enough cold water to mako
a thin paste; add a cupfull of boiling
water, nuttinir it in gradually; then let
it boil until it is transparent. When
you take it from the stovo sweeten and
llavor it. If it is for a fever patient,
flavor with lemon juice; it it is for one
with summer complaint, put a stick of
cinnamon in it whilo it ia boiliug.
An edict signed by tho Czar, and
published in tho official Qazetlc of St.
Petersburg, virtually bankrupts overy
rich Jew in Kussia. It provisionally
suspends nil payment for contracts or
debts duo to Jews, prohibits them from
settling outside towns and villages,
and otherwise provides for their speedy
extcrpation throughout Czardom.
A wifo at Uoone. Iowa, cot a di
vorce from her husband solely on the
testimony volunteered by her sister,
who then proteased to detest mm; om
within a month tlio sister married tiio
man, and confessed that sho had
schemed to part tho couplo for that
Iu tho sweet, balmy, delicious hap
piness of lovo's first young dream a
youth will not only insist on cracking
walnuts for his girl, but in picking
out tho goodies ns well. Two years
after marriage ho will not let her
have tho picker until ho is through.
A Missouri woman was astounded
when n man took her suddenly iu his
arms and lumped into a ponti wuii
her; and gruteful when she learned
that her dross was in a blaze which
tlio leap extinguished.
The Houso of Representatives has
passed a bill giving to Mary llullard,
of Iowa, $100, tho valuo of a horso
ridden to death bv her in obtaining
uid to reecuo Union soldiers twenty
years ago.
. ,
iu ouo of the
Are taught, a well u
lliiTcjiiNt received nml will keep ooimluiiUy on IiiiikI u freli
lino or (Im choicest
All or which llipywlll
Soil at the Very Lowest Possible Margin.
They lire Ih ngciils lor the wile of Jlntfiiiglj'M superior
Woolen CiJooiN nml YnriiH.
In Tuition, price range from f ii to S50 I J tb
regular Deiartuient. rriniarr, tii; Intermedial,
13V; 1'reparatoJx, flO, and Collegiate, no.
For full particular, aa to Board, Jc, adJreu
MRN. N. V. Tltllr.IIKAKT, l'rlMclpul
Stanford, Lincoln Co.,Kj.
Main Street, - Stanford, Ky.
.. Wenrcn,
Asuiih Hotel
I have bought out my brother, It.
ami will continue tlio Furniture ami
business at the same stand, in the St.
building. I will keep a full slock of Furniture of ev
ery description and sell at iigures that cannot bo beat
en. 3ly stock of Collins and Caskets will bo compre
hensive. Shrouds and Itobcs always on hand. I also
repair Furniture and do carpenter's job work.
(Orders by telegraph promptly attended to.) B. K. WEAREN.
To IIjoM Irlendi an J to I lie public on
Eutirely New Management.
Oen. Jas. F. Eobinion. of Lexington,
Tho office in charge of Men. John
Fleet and 0. P. Moore,
Per Day 82.50
ler Week 11.00
Per Month (SSUiiyn) 15.00
Water Elevator.
Destroys All Water Insects;
Draws Fresh Water from Bot
tom of Cistern;
Has No Tubing and Does Not
Foulest Cisterns Made Pure by This Elevator.
I .ate Im Inelmletl. will a ftunnlleJ to tueala. and
ttier are atiureJ that In e my reaulalte of a II rat-
elm Hotel the Manaiemeot doea not lutend to to
turixueU by aur In America.
Now in Uso in This County.
Try One, and If Not Satisfied, It Will Bo Ta
ken Back.
A recent convention
agricultural districts of Massachusetts
decided that farmers could not oilord
to grow potatoes for loss thau soventy
live conU per bushel.
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0r Op 4 E-OhS ? SB
u r i M & m UJ m. o ttWk I I
SJsir i H S - ? ; H
M t wS. tfl p Qf ' i-1
-; aaai r-t- M i r r- J mimmmmmK .aw m

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