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gm-m ecnm J mcnorjournai
Tuesday Mornlnij, - October 17, 1882
'X'ka told lj fortlgn tourists that,
wliUo many of our fences are reflected
in thoso of other Iruitls, llio counterpart
of Uio ElgzAg fenco la to bo bocu ia no
othor country. It is tjrjiicnl of Ynnkco
land. It In known iu tlio rmko or Virginia
fence, and rut tlio rclio of n lavish cm of
"nnllmitod forestry. History docs not
chronicle tlio nnmo of its invonlor, Imtl
linro long sinco lenrnod to cherish npro
found respect for tho tscmory of this un
known individual. It is hard for mo to
imngirjo'!i?t!io person of this primitive
roilsplittcr tho picluro of an nntiitorcd
backwoodsman, nnd I novcr follow tho
courso of ono of tlicso fences without
feeling that its original bnildcr must
havo Been his work through oyes artistic
'nil well ns practical.
Thd 'careless nbnqdon of its lines a
repetition of form in which absolute
repetition is continually dqfird by tho
.capricious involution of tlio grain, for
thero afo no two rails mado in tho Bamo
mold and tlicir gray satiny sheen, thoir
weather-beaten stains of moss and lich
en, and tho over-changing play of lights
and shadows from their waving weeds
and vines, mnko tho old roil fonco truly
an object of real beauty in our land
scape. Often have I lingered in its nn
gles, and a hundred limes havo I thought
'of tho host of pictures and reminiscences
which might fill a book to tho glory of a
fence corner.
Moreover, this peculiarity of confor
mation panders to a most worthy and
,b!cssod nhiftlcssncss happily latent in
tho ,boncs of almost every farmer ; for
whilo tlio plowsharo creeps closo along
tho basa of tho old stono wall, and tho
direct courso of most other fences offers
ft free scopo for tho mower's scytho or
Iholrcapcr's blade, tho outward corners
of 'tho zigzag fenco dodgo beyond its
reach, and thus escape. How often,
too, aro tlicso recesses tho convenient
storage quarters for tho stones and
stubblo of tho field, nnd as such rccoivo
L tvid'o berth from tho nowly-whcttod
ftcythd or cradle.
e-jThnsdoos tho old rail fenco bedeck
itself abundantly with wreaths and gar
lands. Tho refuse stono piles clotho
themselves in' tnnglos of creeping dew
berry, cinquo-foil and ground-ivy, nnd
tho round leaves of tho creeping mallows
conspire, to hido their nakedness. Tall
brambles rise and yield thoir showy
blossoms to tho rilling "bees, or later
hong- their purplo fruit in tempting
clusters to tho troop of boys in their
eager scramble among tho rails. Thero
aro .no - black raspberries so largo and
luscious, no hazel nuts so full and brown,
and no filberts so tantalizing beneath
their prickly pods, as thoso that grow
np under tho protection of tho old roil
fence. Hero- tlio rich green beds of
sweet fern givo out their oromatio savor
to tho wise old simpler, tho eager small
boy, or oven to tho squirrel in quest of
tlio nutty kernels among its seed bobs.
Tho dull red blossoms of thoglycino tell
.of sweet tubers beneath tho ground, and
tho bright sunflowers of tall artichokes
invito tho old-time search among their
11 - "
Hero in theso sheltered angles tlio
eddying November winds hurl thoir fly.'
ing leaves, and heap tho glory of tho
autumn present upon tho matted mold
of .many autumns past. Later, tlio
whistling gales of winter whirl about
Its Jsorncrs. Olouds of drifting snow
bedim .tho evergreens, and drive- along
the meadow, battling with tho army of
taSJI gaunt" mulleins and red-capped
sumacs'j and at lost aro whirled along
theso weather-beaten timbers, whero
fantastio-pcokod Alps arise, and over
lunging ' glistoning cliffs hem in tho
rambling rails in great blue-ehadowod
crescents whito and dazzling,
nero, too, tho Icy air shall ring with
tho shouts of thoso samo voicos that aro
'known so woll by tho rural fonco through
every month and season, with their rol
licking, testimonies of wild-liowcr par
ties and squirrel limits and hutting ex
ploits. William Hamilton tilbson, in
.Harper' Magazine
hasty junasiisxr.
' Nothing is moro unjust than to judgo
of n man by too short an acquaintance,
and too slight inspection ; for it often
happens that in tho looso and thought
lesg and dissipated thero is a sccrot radi
calvortbV which may shoot out by
proporucultivation ; that tho spark of
heaven, though dimmed and obstructed,
is yet not extinguished, but may, by tho
breath of counsel and exhortation, bo
kindled into a flame. To imagino that
,cvcry ononvho is not completely good is
irrevocably abandoned, is to suppose
that all aro capable of tho samo degroo
of ciccllcuicf. It is, indeed, to exact
frora all that porfectipn which uono can
over attain. And, sinco tho purest vir
tuo is consistent with somo vice, nnd tho
virtuo of tlio grcatost number with ol
rost: an equal proportion of contrary
'qualities, lot nono too hastily concludo
that all goodness is lost, though it may
for a tiino bo clouded and ovorwholmod,
-forjinont minds aro tho ulavos of oxternal
circumstances onu coniorm to any iiaud
that undertakes to mold them, roll down
any torrent of custom in which thoy
liappon to bo caught, or bond to any
imiortuuity that bears hard against
them. Samuel Johnton,
,vyiiiTia,thoi diflcnnoo bctwoon coU
ton nnd wool f Givo it up, oh? Well,
ono is growu down Bouth, and tho other
lj grown (in ft Boiith Down.
Hoa cholera is a di&oaso which lias
boon known only about twenty-eight
years, it having first broken out among
iktiUcry frog at Aurora, lud,
Tint vnnrtKLT.A jiackkt.
A ILtrtford (Conn.) man was denounc-
!lng newspaper advertising fo B"crowd of
K."E,"A . -.. A
" Last week," said lie. "I hod an nm
brolla stolen from tho vestibule of tho
clmrclu It was a gift, nnd, valuing it
very highly, I upont double llio worth in
advertising, but I havo not recovered
"How did you word tho advertise
ment?" asked a merchant,
"Iloro it is," said tho man, producing
ft slip cut from n newspaper.
Tlio morchant took it nnd read":
"Lost from tho vestibulo of tho
Church last Hundayovcning n black silk
umbrella. Tho gentleman who took it
will bo handsomely rownrded by leaving
it nt No. , San Fernando street.
" Now," said tho merchant, " I am a
liberal advertiser, nnd havo nlwnyB
found it paid mo well. A groat deal do-
ponds upon tho mnnncr in which an
advertisement is put. Lot us try for
your umbrella again, nnd, if you do not
then ocknowlodgj that advertising pays,
I will purchnjo yon a now one"
Tlio merchant then took a rpip of
paper from his pocket nnd wrote :
" If tho man who was scon to tako an
umbrella from tho vestibulo of
Church last Sunday docs not want to
get into troublo and havo a stain cast
upon his Christian character, which ho
values so highly, ho will return it nt
onco to No. , Ban Fornando street.
Ho is well known."
This duly nppcared in tho paper, and
tlio following morning tho man was as
tonished when ho opened tho front door
of his residence. On iho porch lay nt
least half a dozen umbrellas of nil shades
nnd sizes, that had been tlirown in from
tho sidewalk, whilo tho front yard wna
literally paved with umbrellas. Many of
them had notes nttached to them, saying
that they had been taken by mistake,
nnd begging tho loser to keep tlio little
affair quiet. Louisville Commercial.
Wo need higher culturo for thoso
women who do not enter tho professions.
Our system of educating tho girls, as n
rulo, is very radically false, Thero nro
notnblo exceptions, but tho rulo is tho
following, that tho object Bought to bo
gained is nccomrilLsnmcnts rather than
solid knowledge Women aro taught to
play tho piano and to uso tho French
language. Thoy get n smattering of
many subjects, an intellectual grip on
hardly any. Even knowlcdgo is given
them as an accomplishment that is, not
for its own sako, but to mako them ap
pear pleasing. To bo blunt, womon aro
educated so they may please- men. Tho
fault is less with tho teachers than with
tlio parents, who crcato tho demand and
obtain tho supply in our fashionablo
schools. All this ought not to be. Our
education of girls should bo moro prac
tical, moro solidly useful than it is.
Every woman, whether she needs to
enter n profession or not, should bo so
trained that she can enter ono, or at
least perform somo useful scrvico for
which society will remunerate her.
Every girl should know that sho can
support herself if sho desires to do so.
If this wcro tho cose, women would havo
greater indejendcnco and freedom in
choosing their husbands than thoy now
havo, nnd tho knowlcdgo that thero is
on alternative open to them would causo
them to enter married lifo on a footing
of greater equality than is now accorded
to tlicm. Thero would then bo fewer of
thoso unhappy marriages into which
young women allow themselves to bo
hurried for fear of falling a burden upon
their father or their brothers ; fewer of
thoso cases in which a woman Bays
"yes " at tho altar when her wholo soul
means "no."
Tins Lonon Live Slock Journal gives
two methods of starting a balky horso :
"First, tiro your steed out by remain
ing perfectly quiet until ho starts of his
own accord ; second, when a horso ro
fuses to draw nt all, put him in n cart in
a shed and keep him thero until ho
walks out Iu- ono instanco tho obsti
unto ono was thirty-six hours in tlio
shafts beforo ho gavo in."
risn FAiwixa.
By attaching a pump, propelled by
tho wind, to a well, says tho St Paul
Pionecr-Prcta, you can supply a basin
from fifty to sventy-flvo foot in diameter,
and six to eight feet deep, with water
sufficient to raiso sovcral thousand carp
or other fislu Tlio cost of tho jwud and
appurtenances need not exceed 850. Tlio
bottom and bIcIcb need to bo cemented
thoroughly. WJicn tho basin is com
plete, placo in it a small quantity of
brush or floating weeds. If you intend
to raiso carp do not placo other fish of
a predatory character iu tha pond. Tho
tipawning will occur during tho spring
months, tho femalo laying from CO.OOO
to 600,000 eggs, Tho eggs will adhoro
to whatever thoy touch, and will soon
hatoh. Tlio green fcciunof a partially
stagnant pond is lino food for tho young
flslu Mud iu tho bottom of tho poml is
beneficial. Tho fish will feed readily on
kitchen-garden rcfuso, such as cnbbago,
lock, lettuce, hominy or other substances.
Water seldom becomes too warm for tho
fihli. During freezing weather thoy bury
themselves iu tho mud at tho bottom of
tho pond. Whilo iu this condition thoy
should not bo disturbed. In a jioud of
given dimensions saveral thousand fish
havo annually bcou taken. If weeds and
grass grow profusely about tho borders
of tho pond, so much tho belter for tlio
fish. In two years' time- you can havo a
constant supply of sport and food, and
tho advantage of a jond to assist in
boaulif ving your homo.
A Mkxicax bought and used an Ainer
can plow, but as tho summer was dry
and his erojw failed not another plow has
over boon told iu that locality,
New Orlrnnt Mlimtrtl litre October 'i'in
run c.vi op imiiijiatiix.
,. Tlio idea is now ingrained in tho
American mind that tho ono great desid
cratnmis nil Incrcnso of . populalfon.
This idea will survivo tho circumslnncca
which gnvo it birth, nnd then tlio Amor
ienns will nwnko to a senso of Jmnrovi-
doneo that is now taking no thought of
tho morrow. It may Iks olijcctcd that
tho timo is far distant when tho popula
tion will bo loo large, and when, there
fore, Iho growth of population may
threaten tho institutions of tho country
with danger. Hut is it bo? As wo havo
already jiointcd out, in nnother eight
years tho population of tho United
Slates will jicnrly oqunl tho populations
of Franco nnd tho United Kingdom add
ed together; whilo in nnother ten years;
if tha rnto of growth is maintained, tha
population of tho United States will
probably equal that of llussia, nnd, un
less eomo great disaster occurs to check
tho rato of growth, in another fifty years
it will havo readied an enormous magni
tude. Already tho population is densu
in parts of tho older Eastern States.
Aud when it is borno in mind that tlio
system of cultivation tonds to exhaust
tho soil, wliilo, nlso, na wo
havo said, tho desiro to increase
tho population is an overmastering ono
in tho American mind, it is highly probn
blo that the dangers attendant upon
over-population will como sooner than
is now anticipated, especially if tlio
competition of other raw-matorial pro
ducing countries should incrcoso very
rapidly, nnd should threaten American
supremacy in tho European markets.
Nor is it only tho United States that
have to dread this difficulty. European
populations nro multiplying in confi
dence that emigration is always avail
able for thoso who cannot livo at homo.
Out what will bo tho consequences when
the United States aro closed to tlio in
tending emigrant? London Satiinlay
Tho foremost placo in this gallery of
fautastio portraits is duo to tho most
popular " genius " in Oreoco; that ono
which, together with tho Nereids, has
tlio greatest hold upon tho imagination
of children nnd old people. Tho stichio
is known and dreaded ip all tho prov
inces, and no traveler, hnlting by tho
night on his journey under a peasant's
roof, can fail to hear it talked of. Tlio
stichio is n specter, a wondering bouI, a
vaguo phantom, sometimes invisible-, af
others assuming tho most widely various
forms. Wo shall sco presently that an
cient mythological creations havo bo
como mingled in tills being unJcr tho
somo namo and added to its attributes.
Tho characteristics of tho stichio nro
very numerous and various, but ho is
especially to bo regarded as tho house
hold "genius." Tho stichio is good or
evil, inoffensivo or harmful; every
dwelling has its inovitablo stichio, and,
ns thero is no possibility of getting rid
of it, tho groat obect is to render it 03
friendly and favorablo as possible. With
this view, no ono who builds a houso
would omit to slay a lamb over tho
foundations, letting tho blood run into
tho earth, so that tho stichio may drink it
and bo propitiated. This is an obliga
tory tribute, nnd if tho ceremony, which
is called by tho ancient namo of " thy
sia " (sacrifice), wcro omitted, tho dwel
ling would bo forover disturbed byn
"kako" or bad stichio. The JV7c
tceth Century.
An English prisonor who had been
bitten by a cat tried to simulate hydro
phobia and obtain an opportunity to es
cape. Ho crawled on tho floor, barked
likoadogand becamo furious when ap
proached ; but tho physicians of tho
hospital to which ho was taken could
not bo dnpod by theso tricks, and fright
ened him into confessing his folly by
talking of testing him with a largo clec
trio battery.
A raxsiciAX saya that nino-tcntlis of
our American wivos nro totally iguorant
of everything that pertains to their own
health or that of tho healthful rearing of
on infant
clay virus.
Tho red-clay pipo is niado in this city
bt tho rato of about 2,000,000 a year,
worth 6 or 10 cents apiece, or $10,000 or
820,000. Tlio clay comes from Martha's
Vinoyard, Governor's island, N. T., nnd
Lako Michigan. Tliroo hundred tons
nro used in a year. The threo kinds of
clays aro mixed or ground together. A
workman with n pile of clay behind him
makes from it singlo rolls of clay, each
largo enough to mako n pipe, Tho noxt
worker places tho clay in a pipo mold,
runs n wire into tho stem part, puts
under a lover and makes tho bowl. Fif
teen hundred day aro molded by ono
man. Tho molds may bo of various de
sigus to form tho decorated bowl. Tho
latest is tho "Laud Loaguo," represent
ing eviction on ono sido and prison lifo
ou tho other. In pipes, as iu other
things, novelties must bo gtvou tho
smoking public, aud as thoso interested
in Laud Leagues aro fair smokers this
pipo will bo bought for uso and 'for
After tho molding process tho pipes
nro laid away to dry or drain until the
water is woll out of them. Thoy aro
then put iu fire-clay receivers, 100 in
each, and placed in tho f urnaco or kiln
to bo burned. Tho oven holds 70,000
pipes. Thoy ore thou hoatod to a whito
heat, Tho red-clay pipo has a wooden
stem and a silver band. Tho stems nro
mado from inaplo by machinery designed
for tho purpose They aro mado black
by tho process of enameling, Tho band
is mado from a circular picoo of brass;
that is to say, a circular pioco of brass
without break or seam is turned into a
cylinder about an inch in length. Somo
of the pipes aro btaiuod, whilo others
aro left in tha color of clay to bo stained
or colored by Iho smoker, J'rovldcnca
xnir.nrArKi: novrixn.
It k i hard to tell, from this dislanco,
whether von nro filled for Uio hard'llfa
of pnowspapcr wrflrpr uoV Tlintis
'llio only question to Iw decided, for
qualification is quite immaterial. You
must 1k prepared to rise from your Ul
as enrly as 10 n. ro., in orilcr Hint you
may havo finished rending your private
mail by noon. Lunch is always paid
for by tho office, but you havo got to
accustom yourself to but fivo coursoa
nnd to only two kinds of wine somo
papers stand tliroo, including cham
pagne, but thoy nro tho exception rnlher
than tho rulo. At 1 p. m. you aro ex
pected to read tho morning fapcrs, and
if you nro not too much exhausted by
tho effort you can havo n gnuio of
billiards for no well-regulated nows
paper office id without n woll-appoiuted
billiard room.
At 7 p. m. you nro expected to toll
tho city editor whero you will spend tho
ovening, ro that ho can scud for you in
caso your friends call, and then yon can
go to tlio theater, ocra, ball or dog
fight, to which tickets nnd n carriago
will bo provided. It you think you can
stand such laborious work, como on and
wo will sco what wo can do for yon; but
yon must understand Hint thero is nono
of tlio luxury to which you havo boon
liccufltonied iu a uowsiiajcr office.
Plain velvet carpets aro good enough for
tills class of laborers ; lounging choirs
aro of courso indispensable, but thoy aro
upholstered in plain satin with no tidies.
Only ono roll-top desk and four gold
pens aro furnished by tho ofllco; if you
need any moro yon will bo oxpected to
furnish them yourself. Ifut onu sofa
and ono silver drinking cup nra allowed
to each man, so you can sco there aro
soma discomforts to bo put up with.
llotton Jat,
.i.v r.nnuis.
Editor Wnttcrson, in tho Louisvillo
Courier-Journal, speaks as follows about
conducting n nowiipaper : " Somo poo
plo estimate tlio ability of a periodical
and tho talent of its editor by tho quan
tity of its original matter. It is com
paratively nn easy task for a frothy
writer to string' out n column of words
upon nny and all subjects. His ideas
may flow iu ono weak, washy, everlast
ing flood, and tho command of his lan
guage may cnablo him to string them
together liku bunches of onions, nnd yet
his paper may bo hut a meager and poor
concern. Indeed, tho mere writing part
of editing a paper is but a small portion
of tho work. Tho care, tho limo em
ployed in" selecting, is far moro import
ant, nnd tlio fact of a good editor is bet
ter shown by his selections than any
thing tlso ; and that, wo know, is holt
tlio battle. Hut, we havo Bald, an editor
ought to bo estimated, his labor under
stood and appreciated, by tho general
conduct of his paper its tono, its uni
form, consistent courso, aims, maulincss,
its dignity, and its proprioty. To pro
servo theso a they should bo prcsorvod
is enough to occupy fully tho timo and
at tention of any man. If to this bo add
ed tlio general supervision of tlio do
tails of publication which most editors
havo to encounter, tho wonder is how
they find timo to writo nt alt"
Never go into a nowspapor ofllco to
shoot tho editor. If yon do you had bet
ter Uko your coffin along. Many editors
havo skeletons iu their closets, and it is
no uncommon thing for " ghosts" to bo
found about tho haunts of printers.
Char. Dudley Wauner remarks:
"Although thero aro scattered through
tho laud many persons, 1 am sorry to
say, uuablo to pay for n nowspapor, I
havo novcr heard of anybody unablo to
edit ono."
.11 XlltL Jl.lltlltC'CS.
" Do any of your customers over fall
asleep in tho shaving-chair ?"
" Oh, dear, yes," ropllgd tho barber,
flicking oft an intrusivo morsel of soap
suds. " That often happens in tlio cold
weather, when men opprcciato tho
warmth and comfort of tho saloon after
coming iu from tha street When I sco
au cldorly fat gentleman coming down
stairs with a toothpick in Ids mouth I
know I am going to hnvo troublo, bo I
ehavo quickly and talk to him nil tho
timo, making remarks tliat call for a re
ply, and occasionally splashing tho suds
into his oyo or gutting tho shaving
brush into his mouth. Of courso ho
doesn't liko it Hut it's tlio only way to
keep him awake. Worry him, sir, worry
him all tlio time. Kocp stirring him up.
Thero nro men, though, who will go to
sleep iu Bpito of mo, lolling back in tho
chair and drawing tlio skin of tho throat
bo tight that it's almost n temptation to
cut into it Thoy shut tlicir eyes at
onco, and only grunt when I ask if
Guitcau hfJi got a now trial, or out a
piece oft them, or stick tho brush in
their mouth ; but they're sound asleep
when 1'vo finished shaving them,
and they gut angry and swear when 7.
wako them,
"It is wondorful, too, how much
troublo somo of our customers take, un
der tha impression that thoy aro helping
us. When a man takes his lower lip
into Ids mouth aud draws tho akin over
his chin until it is tight as u drum he is
adding considerably to our troublo, and
tho slightest carelessness on our part is
sure to cut him. It is much easier to go
over a looso skin than n tight ono.
Now, it you will just blow all that air
out of your chock I shall shavo you
quicker and moro safely. Thank you.
You'll look youuger with your whiskers
off." A'ew York Sun.
Tiiu cultivation ol mustirooms is
paying branch of gardening in Franco,
whero this esculent is consumed ovcry
year to tho valuo of (1,800,000.
A homely but sonsiblo Philadelphia
girl, who never woro a big hat at tha
theater, has been married throa times,
nnd on each occasion married rich,
cjioirxiu) jir.Ans.
Th !." t'ntt tifttany Kingly Jlillrr.
from tho Qnclnnitl Blnrlr NUjhl.J
Did you over stop, gentlo reader, in
your ovcnly-balancod nnd unchecked
career ns n peaceful freomnn of our glo
rious Union, lo conrldor how fortunnto
it is for you that you woro not nlivo'GOO
or 1,000 years ngo? Hecauso If you had
lecn living thon you might, nnd in nil
probability would, havo lcon King or
Queen of England, in which caso your
wretched cxislcujo nnd miscrnblo doath
would havo licon nsBurcd.
Thero wna King Edmund, who, whilo
feasting with nil his nobles nliont him,
wna attacked by a noted robber of tho
day nnd stnblicd to tho heart. Without
pausing lo inqniro what tho nobles wcro
about to permit this murder, wo will
proceed lo King Edred, Edred was
hounded into dissoluteness by n favorite,
St Dunstnn, nn ambitious priest, who
wns permitted to run tho governmental
mnchino pretty much ns ho pleased. Ed
wy, tlio successor of Edrod, inhoritcd tho
partisanship of Hrothcr St Duns tan, but,
choosing to marry against St Dunstan'a
will, ho incurred tho violent displeasure
of tho man of God, who through tho in
strumentality of Odo, thon Archbishop
ot Canterbury, caused tho Queen's ftieo
to bo burned with hot irons, aud then
carried her away to Ireland, auu finally
killed her, tho shock breaking poor
King Edwy's heart
Tho next King, Edgar, rcignod for
seventeen years, nnd, strango to say,
had no troublo at all, and finally died on
ordinary, ovory-day sort of death, nt his
residence, No. so nnd bo, such a street,
Edgar, King of England, ngo 117 years,
11 mouths nnd 18 days. Friends of tha
family invited to attend. Tlio next to
nHsnuia Iho crown wns Edward, who, a
very short timo thereafter, wns stabbed
in tho back by n hireling of his mother,
Elfrida, whoso own son, Etholrod, then
succeeded to tho tlirono. lung Edmund
was murdered by ono ot his nobles;
King Harold died from tlio effects of a
shot in tho oyo ; William of Normandy
got n bruise that led to n wretched
death ; William II. was shot with an ar
row nnd killed ; nnd so it went, tho good
Kings nnd Queens lcing killed by tho
bnd ieoplo, whilo tlio bad sovereigns
wcro put out of tlio way by tho good
Kocin ml HulMln( I.umUr for il at Mill
2 tnllnSiutli of Highland, Ibl munly. (Inltri
ttUtltel tor Tltnlwr, Jeliti. KludJIiir. IJitt ,
Ac , rltht r Oak or li)iUr. IToini't HUnllon flt
mi tocTrrrtlilngln tin linn f rinlt'i Mill
JjrbulMluj. SC-lt n. It. IIOHI.NNO.
The Irnc anllilole to tho effects of mlaim
It HutU-tltr btomich IlilliT. Thlf mul
lein l one of the mot iHipuIar rcmcUli or
an mre of iiiccruful iiroprkury tivciflci.
anil I In imnirnte ilrmami wherever on
till Continent ftier and aguo cxltu. A
wlnefclaunil three timet a Uay I too beat
pottlble preparatira fcr encountering a
malarious atmotpbere, mrulatlng the liver,
ami Invlcoratlnir the. tlnmacb.
for tale by aft DruT?ltt uuil Dealcra
Cincinnati, New Orleans
&, Texas Pacific
lucUxtrVpt.21, l&M.
No. 17, Nu.5. NilS. No.1.
e I Mill
Lie. L'liclunitl.... .. ti IU
' UeoretowuH.mM. ... H&i
l-fjluKtoll 'J If
i Mcbulitille..... .....
11 llUh BrlJjja ..
D.uillle .... ......
11 J million Ulr-.....
bouierwt H...H...
1'ulul l(4jnuluV. .
I ltoiKWOod ...MM.M...M.
" Biirlug Cltjr ...... -
Arr. ClutUihtina ...... -....
II lu
ii a
i ic
3 IO
7 31
12 37
No. II
8 30
Nn.18.NuX No. , No a
!M. .1.. A.M. A.K,
4,to. Clittttaouita.. .....
i tetfkwiiul ...
1'olnl Hum. Mo
11 gouienel
Junctluu Lllr
Daurllle ......
High llrUKv
' Mcuoltnllle.
i IjtsluuUm..... .....
12 40
ft 001
7 05
2 13
3 3)
4 11
4 5J
7 40
r 7 4o
No. 1 9.
I 15
3 11
6. 11
10 23
3 33 1
6 30
4 00
4 29
Arr. Liuiiniuu..
I.e. UulUuooKa.. (K
AtlalU.. ...... ... .. ... -"- ...... 12 M
" lllruilnitlnul. ...-.... ... 13
" Tuk1uo ........... ft 33
Arr. Merljlio-............ ...... ... I00O
Ui: Meridian ...... ... i ...... j 3 30
Tu.clooi............. ... I J 67
11 H.rujlinbm..... .. J122I
' Atlalla.. . ..I I 260
Arr. CliMtmiuutu-.. .... - I I 3 30
Lio. IWiliiUu ........... ..; :I0 2U
" Korrtl. ....., 12 60
" Vrindon. . I IU
JckiMi............ IU
Arr. Vltt.buri.... ... 2U
I t. VIk.Un...... .......... I i Too
Jck.u .......... .. ... 1041
Urtudoo I. I 11123
' Koiwt. ..... ! . 141
Arr. MtrlUUn ...,........;.. ... -443
ic. Vkkiluru. ......,. 110
" Delia.... . 12 30
Arr. klouruii...... . 3 30
,Tt. Muoro.. ........... ........ i.!
' Delta ., 1130
Arr. Vtck.buni I 2W
JOHN BCOTT, V. 1. and (Jfii. Man. Clo Sou.
U'r, Cincinnati, Oblo; K. 1', WIIX1N, (1. K. aud
J. il. III. mui ..J. mjiHiii w ... -.-
IIKAN. II. V. A, A. 11. S. U'r. Oattanwwa.Teun.i
J. IIAltDY, U V. A V AM. U'r. VUktburn.
Mlaa., JOB V. IMIUIlli:. 0. I1 A, V., H. A. V.
IV f, jiourue, iju
T. W. VAaxnN. WALtAOl K. VAOI.
T. W. ft W.B VAltNON,
A'jri'OJlNaVM A.'!' IjA.'W,
Office In Owil.t A Hon't new ImlMlnit-np tUIr.
Mutter (VminilMloi.fr ami (Vuntj Atlornf. Will
praeilra In all thu Ointlt of tlarranl and adjoining
eouutliaand In IlieUiuit tl AppraK
couMIm and In Ibo Court of AtI.
AT'l'OltNim .l JAW,
.. .i-'.W'T.v. f v.
. ,.iRriii-v in nn ma unuriaui v afer an an
Joining muntlet, and In th Unuil or Aprealt.
MlMwIil atlnllAn l... a .Anu.l.. lint (...
..' ...;.""" M. i.Airiiini. um vtii
U. r. I'lerca'a ttoia.
Ult. J. O. OAIU'KNTDit,
HrANr-OUD, ..... . . KKNTUCKY
Offlca ortr Uolit. 8. 1.jtle'i tlore. Ode hourt
from 1 lo S) an. 7 to I r. .
Offlrt and ItctlJtnre, Upper Main M.
Offlce South tlj Main Htreol, two doora aboTt
lot h yen iioiei.
ruraNllrout Oxldt Oat adinlnUtarrd who ra
qulred. It. O. MOItQAN, D. 13. H.
Will 1 In Blinford on eek
ofenth month. from nrit Morula?. Dental noma
In8t. Awph llotel, oier lie liter A llrlhl'
Hoilfn.)AlIjinfajlrr three week! of each mnlb
(row third Molidar. Dental nnin In Minn llouxi
eailgrt ruraullroui oild gaM admlnllerel
when lierrMnrr. 42 If
nam .ii. mucmrrr,
Mt. Vornon, Ky.
Will practice lilt profewlon In Itorkraalla and
adjoining countlet and In tha Court ot AppcU.
Special attanUo glean to cnllrctlont.
The era 1 1 tor ol J. I.. lIar lierebr notlSnl
to prewnl their clIi.u,,proilr proreo, on nr -foraOctoUr20,
IM1. tfaoiecaa lleft wllhT. W.
AW. K Varnon. J, I'. llVl.lt,
(VtoUr3-lteot Tniilre ef J. I. (Kle.
Stanford Female College.
.STAN.'OItl, II V.
With a Full Corps of Teachers,
Thlt Initllutinn willoienlla Thlrtecalh feulan
on the 2d Mnndajr In beplewWr neat.
Are taught, aa widl at
MU8I0. THE LANUUA(U:h. lilt AW'
in luuion, priera range irew taa lo ai in iu
regular liepartuienta. Primary. Ma; Interuedlat
U0; Prcparatojf, 110, and Cullrgtale, fM.
For full particular!, at lo Poard, Ac , tddie.
TlltN. H. V. TlttIi:ili:.KT. I'rlrirliml
sunford, Lincoln Co., Ky.
nv THE
Steam Engine and Saw Mil
Sihlblled at Atlanta In legt
Manuftcturcrt of 8teara I'ntinx, llolltri,
Baw Millt, Hang t.Jgcrt Lath M. bln.i. Hub ,
and Hooko Mathmerr tihafling. Ilangera. I'ul
leri.Oouiillngt, Ueartng. tirlitand Flour IHIIl i
Send fr Hprclat llreolarof oar ,e, I riaatatle.
jail Mill, nalch ne aell f.r
Ppccitl tlttntlon clvto to IMntatioo M
cbiQQry. iituitrtttcit Vtrruttirm tYm
J i, Aim ,C II.iIt Kit., Clnrlnnnll
laiexioi? imtmA.
Is Froparod to do all kinds of Printing in tho Best
of Stylo and at City Figures. Try us.
flkVHI IVJl 1 llaLYU UlaAUa 1)11. I
'a liu
iwrutv nto icaxa lu modlclue. tiava uovcr found
lVf1 tw Uix. In iiianrcaMt of titrvoua 1'rtxt allon, tiuuivDluaut, llytptiula, audauliu.
iHvrriilul oomlltlon of tlio blood tlila pitrli-ia remedy, luu In toy liaudn, iiia.io auiu wuiulrrful curet.
I ihi Hut have baillul touioof our uioal luilmul pliytlciam, liat J ) Ii hlrd to thlt gnat aud luroiuuar
llilnrvniclr I iir,K:rtlmllla iirtfiriiirtiUi any Irou preparation uiaJe. la fact, tuth a riiiiiiioujid
at Liu. llAUrill'a 11 W.I TuMlo It a ni-ctwltr lu my prai-Ucr I'M. ltullt.lt I' HA kit KIJ1,
fcr Un i. tin . Nov tetli. put tint Wakll Aernnn.
It ulte foTur la Hi Mood A
lite if ircaf lea oryoni (inn
tirrroua iittem,uiaktntf
ii timttleaJtta to fcnerii
Drbltltit, Tm tt .Irirw-l
tilt. l"rattrltlitn nf lllnl
JWera tmimt'litt.l
Ill I' IK II lUllll'Ttllil.
LVltnr, HerleerjWundi Morning and night
"rarer MeellngaTlinrla nlghta. tlundaThchoo
I if no a. M. J. M. Wini, nuptrlnten.ltnt. Thi
irTJnlilur MlllfTii tlL. i a .... I
mw . hi .i. n. pun. niiTrintenuf ni. idi
Wnmtn't Mlnlnntrr Hocletr raeett her on the lit
.....I.. 1. ..! ...... 11. .1 t. ...i.l .. n
Quini in I.'" mivmiii, .. . v nm
Darleas I'letldent.
Mia. T. T,
AIT1BT. UT. J. M. Ilaitrx, 1'aaUir. rVieleel
night, Prater Meeting arerr Wrdmwdaj after
noon. Hundaf Cehool at io a. v. It, K. Ilarro
CIIHIMTIAN Worship tiy the rnrHtreg'atlon ar
er iMd'adar. rreachlngbr Dr. JWCo
on flrit anl Third Ixird'a data, tiundaj Hchnol
at l. Jna Hereranee, Haperlhtendent.
1llKr'llYTI.It!AN. Hot Til.- Ile. iT S. Mf 1H
ror. patnr Nundaf Hrhonl at KW. John W.
Itaut, iiirlntendenl. Union I'rafer Meeting on
Wedneeilar nlgbta.
onreennn ami loorin nunoaja, morning and
5, B, WINE,
Utlll. Work
ot all klndt
aeallf eiecu
ImI and Mile
fiction guar
anlrcl. Ho
tline and rati-nittralurnlih-Ml
on appllca
lion. 4-1
W. P. WALTON, - . Proprietor.
SlteofKlage, JoiSO. :iaileai .latetelt nl Pern
erf Keeling raiwrllr, Inuludlng gillrry im,
llMMnalila rah to g.l allraclfoni. Addieat
at atora.
A favortta rrmrrlntlon ef Ana n thai
mott noted and tuceaMhjl fpeclalUlt In tha D.ri,
nowrellrvOl tor the cure l.f Xerrwwa DrHHtv.
raf Mnnh4, tlrAMeaaaud Jfeeaii. heul
Uplalnaealedaurtloty, DrufgUiacauullib
AdJrait DR. WARD A CO.. UultUaj, M.
hX& KL, ACUinr 'n tr ' ii with-
W AI'IMhii'IAS.ii ht.ar-a
"j 'yZr i ",H,i li't iHMt
" i)i J iT ' ' ' '" "!IH lri,ft, i.i r I
ti i ' II, I- Hoik .ml alBtd Narie,
"l'rtMrlpMi,H r i all'l Irrlrl, U It tftlN,.
mfH ihleti II ere. Vrirm R.U. Adi!rt
THE PUQLISHtn D. 134. Milotykaa, Wit.
-. " jit re EXPnessm 1
) a. i'i jt3(Ai mu Tut mr
jia '
Mn ... itritT , eM 1 w4 itM Ii4&
.f ..) . H -m t,T -..m4ml UftfiftM
m . trmm '!. I nmw rf-l m4m lW I cm
I r- I fl-i .11 r nil ti'llg ww all tte (mi tUl
t . m 'm4i m4 t Mto Umtirt. Iffli
' .,c.w i, I !... 1rl ttfMl MMfDJ
N -M M tt I ut lhU 1MM MellM I
Tnrvury y iiir. ii i ui or old fnnn
trvn'.-l with nnvf'U or rHylitl labili
ty wr iirtotncj " air. itiivuUr 1 nnl
nlfu U tr an pet.tl mnt to
Hl.ttS MM .OY CO. &t.Loul,Mo
w i r u' i VtuB4 wur ii uacdr
t.-i ..4 Lm ow, v i j. a r u. JU
'- . -. lagMlak. 149.
lAa of . ppotit, Ilowott coitlro. I'ain In
110 UenJ. wti i a till acnaatlon In tha
i, port, t'a n un mr tbs Bhoulder
', ..: . luliiieaa after catinp. with a illtln
. I iirttma to exertion f f butlr or mind,
ii nubility uf tomp r. Low tplntt, with
. lorun.T of havlnr: U' elected tome duty,
e in o.. liailnet, lutterln at tho
II. '. 1) .a b-Ioi tho oyca. Yellow rJkin,
lt"ii'iaoh. guneraiijr ov.r tha right ore.
It. .t uiiini, with I.tful dream, highly
cotiroJ Urine, .ml
nrit r.tfttnntrduo rlTprls Hiirhn rlmnco
of frlinc u tit nlunlli tlm u(Trrrr
Tit- InrrrttM Hi Anthill. emrii. riuk iho
lxv I.. Titk t I Ut tliut Ibo r'l.fMU jj)
i(irl4lirl. !!.- ' Tml Art Ian on the
ltljcrlltf llrVNHt, llrMltr 1HINi prct
dun-rj V u XI Hurtms M.. M. Y.
n.AV lUiitnn WmtKitaa tbtngrd IniniiHr
llLatK r atincleapplititliinoriuia line itlnt
Carta a natural color, acta IntaDlaniKiualy. Hi4d
T DruuKtt, or tent by f ipreu on receipt of II.
rrt T, M MI'RRAY NTM !tl:W YORK.
(Or. TITT-a ICIL eT .I..IU UWstUM u4
CmNI .Iu -lUk, BUU4 I Kit tnUMUm.t
A tmnhlnnltoH nf PVa.
toxlitriif Irvu, l' ruttnu
JlarK oiiuT J'ioajiivriia (il
it tKl'iifubfa furtii. Jhe
onluiirri-irutliiH uirwn
ki trill Hot MilcArn thlt
leeti,ao thuructrrUtttv
.other Iron rviiiriiorij.
M 1,NIL lu UjV l.raifli e. ali,l lu an iitu H, 1,1. .".e
auylluog to alto llio reeulu tliat liu. llaiiTLu'a

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