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Stmt UttMi
IV. P. WALTON, . . . Miter and Pnpnttor
T, ft,, WALTON. -
Dutintss Manager
1'ntillnliril Tiirmtnu )tnl l'rilrii
cfltnwtilwi'i tfM imm In pijrmxt of eub
Htipiren, eapt I make ehnfa ami (hen of il
IKnn4nllwn mtnrr IhrMirMil.
noun jilonn op Titr.it,
A Jiutloo of Uio l'cnco, who was ono
fifty walking out for hi licnltli, ilincov
crcd n 1 tolilior in tlio not of going through
ft Peasant, lustonil of flying with nil
peal, tho llohlwr lioldljr stood Ms
ground nml mllrd ont :
"Your Honor, I iloniro to bring suit
ngniimtrtliU Peasant fur money longdno
"I owe him nothing-1 never even
haw him Ix-foro 1" liontal Uio Victim.
"Hint may nil fib," reiliel tlio .Tun.
tlw, m lie idowly Hrkled JiPi rtar, " tint
Law i. Law, 'Uio lUililier tn-ing tlio
Plaintiff in this coso it is ray duty to do
oido in his favor without going into jmr
tlmilant to discover who.ii tho IIoUIht
nml who tho Yfctinvf You nro both
lucky in linving Holcctoil mo to docidd
this matter? Logal'fetn, SlJ'olwhioh
tho county get ihnt I lutjipon to Irwo
ont of my vast ockot,"
Moral : Always bo toe llolilwr instead
of tho Yietim.
A Saloon-Kim'ikt, having given a bull
in his Mill, wiw presently hauled Iwforo
tho rourt for hnviug kept his doom oicu
nnd Bold Intoxicating leverages after
tho Hour irescribed by Law.
" Here nro six Witnesses who Swear
UmtJpnr doom .wcro open," said his
Hon6rto tho Defendant.
"Hut n plain' Ta!o ehalNknock them
highcrtlinn a Kite," replied tho Ao
enwd "Know jo, oh, wiso Caliph,
that 1 have no doom at all to my Saloon,
but ounlomorn como nnd go by Way of
tho Chimney."
".ilut thoy swear tliat yon sold whisky
nndbVcr."" " c
"So they do, bnt they touted not.
Tlioy only rawwilli their eyed, and Iim
thin court uny proof that thoy oro not
ctilor-liliud T' '
"Tlio point is well taken and tho
Accaicd in honorably diicliargcd," said I
hU Honor. " Thin court further dcairca j
to worn tlio public that, whilo nil Wit
neeinos can lo oatily mistaken, n Saloon
Keeper is always corrvct,"
Moral : Don't Iw nfruid of tho police.
iir-uusi: times. ,
Englishmen havo always tisod. their
nucient right to gnuublo freely, an a
writer tn tli J Ixiudorf Oldie points out .
CompIainU of tho adulteration of food
are of rospcctablo antiquity. J Tore than
1200) ears ago n oynioal jtbet discoursed
on "tho knavery of tlio world," and
Tbjr Inker and Ujr brewer
l wrong tbee night ma mam,
v- And thy atU'er h doth grind thee
la IhagrtftJIug of Ujj corn.
TbyrtJMaHJntthffl "IM" ,
ArelcgdlnkMUbeortr -
And tbe etbUiard 0 thy tallo ! -J 7
This writer,, one Cornelius May,!-
ceriauuy a iiiohi caDiproueaniTo gram
blor; ho paium in review nil occuja
tious, nud ull cIuumm only to cxiucludo
Ttf r la, Dot In IhworH,
'rtb, Kmlb, or eut or wot,
One to nulnUfa rlfbttout CHH
Agilmt liU Inlrrf.t
'" Alu kj tilou otiinot On J x n J
Of IjTjIi or low ifftfrro.
In eeurt, or out, or rmMntt,
A lau ( baardr,
Aa regards ndultoratlon of food it fa
probnblo that modern hoicneo has mora
dkillfiil arts for thU purjioso than wero
knou to our nuccstora ; nud jet con
nuiiicra in olden days complained as bad
ly us wo do of "tho trick of trade,''
nnd npiear to have hnd somo ground for
their griovnuoeti. In somo of tlie house
hold regulations of Henry YIIL it is ex
prosaly montioned that "tho brewers
nro not to put Lrimstono into tho ale,
s hlsnighnessVbnkcrshalUnot
put alum 'hi tho brcad,"nor mix "rye,
oaten or beau llour with tho name."
Luws nguiust ndultcration data back to
tho timo of Ednnrd tlio Confessor, it not
earlier ; and it hi singular that in niauy
cubes tho anmo ingredients of ndultcra
tion appear, to hnvo been in uso for cent
uries. Henry VIII. a. apjiarontly
groatly amazed nt tho dishonest tendon,
cios of his subjects, us ho issued
stringent regulations ngaitst tamper
ing with food.
jt.irmji ami Kiiir.r.AL.iu.
A rruuchmuu hod kouio words with an
IrUliumn in Paris and challenged him;
tlit) latter, of courso, had tho choioo of
wcupiHis, Without hesitation ho choeo
khllfiihdis at two paces. i '
"An what did ho say to that?"
"Ho miid, 'By gar, what weapon is
hu? I no lire hour, of bjro. I vill liavo
i roixfur.' An' I says, said I, oty
null, Miwsoo, bring on ycr rapoer nu'
''111(111 nu' I did; nu' hb mawthor's
imjriu' up his durty head in tho Huo
.lit k Murphy, down yonder by tho Hoy
JInlwiiy, at this miuit 1"
It eosts Mr. IJeechor $2,000 a jenr for
nio insurance.
tACTH Axn rmvttKs ahovt irirrr-
Tlio Engllsli-niienktng jicoplo of tho
earth, numbering not moro than ono
sixteenli of the entiro population of Uio
globo, publish over ono-linlf of tho news
papers in cxistonec The loin number
of publications of nil kinds wo find to 1h
51,271. Of theso 4,020 nro dailie.
a,57 nro tri nnd scml-wccklies, 17,889
weeklies, 4,8.10 "monthlies, and 3,072
scmi-montiilioi, rjuarterlics, annuals
nnd virions other irregular periods of
publication. Theso aro distributed
around tho hemitphcro as follows:
Unropa utilized 19,557, Nortli America,
12,400 ; Asia, 775 ; South America, (599 t
Australia, Oil, and Africa, tho original
homo of tho Fifteenth amendment,
brings up in tho rear with 182. Tho
total circulation iierfstno of these papers
is found to bo 110,400,000, whilo the
total number of copies printed annually
reaches tho enormous and almost incon
ceivable nmount of 10,589,499,418
Or rmnny publishes tlio greater quan
tity of papers, tho publications of that
country reaching 5,529 in number wRh
an annual circulation of 1,748,000,000.
or nlmut tlitrty-ciglit to each inhabitant.
Oreat llritnin has 1cm papers in num
ber, 4,082, but tho circulation is great
er than those of Germany, reaching
2,202,000,000 per annum, givteg tnixty
four copies each year to ca.-h of her citi
zens, .i'nxnco, hna 11,205 periodicals,
vvilli an annual circulation of 1, 557,000,
Whilo tho UniU-d States can show no
daily paper with a circulation of over
125,000 copios per lnue, I find that
Paris contitlns ono daily paper, entitled
Lc Petit Journal, which lias n daily cir
culation of 580,000. It contains all tho
news of tho day, besido plenty of gossip
and society uens, and sells for 1 sou, or
n cent. In London npticars a paper
called Lloyd's HVeXj, twenty-eight;
column sheot, which enjoys tho woWer
ful circulation of 012,000 copies' per Sk
sui Tliis pajier is rold for 1 penny;
Hnglish monoy, or nltout 3 cents in that
of tho United States. . P. Milliard,
(n llntUn Glule.
Having lingered to tho last allowablo
moment with tho members of my family
" licreiubeforo mentioned " ns the legal
documents would term them it wns
after 1Q o'clock at night when I re
turned to headquarters for final instruc
tions, nnd, beforo going to tho General's
room, I ordered two whisky toddies to
lw brought up after me. When thoy
appeared I offered ono of tho glasses to
Jackson, bnt ho drew back, saying :
" No, no, Colonel, you must excuse
mo ; I nover drink intoxicating liquors."
"I know that, Ocnerol," said I, '"Tint
though you habitually abstain, as I, do
myself, from everything of the. sort,
thcro nro occasions and this is oneof
them when n stimulant will do us lxth
good ; otherwise, I would ncithvr tako it
myself uor offer it to you. So you must
make an exception to your general rule
nud join mo in n toddy tonight,"
Ho again shook his head, but, never
theless, took tho tumbler and began to
sip its contents. Presently, putting it
on tho tablo after having but partly
emptied it, ho said : t
" Colonel, do you know why I habitu
allyalietain from intoxicating drinks ? '
And, upon my replying in4tho negativo,
ho continued:
" Why, Bir, because I liko the. tusto of
them, and, when I discovered that to bo
tho case, I made up my mind atonce to
do without them "altogether." Phila-
ilclphia Timet. - . '
r Af.
" Do you kuow how tho growth of
tho press lu England compare with
that of America "
""Well" safdMr? North, smiling,
"without entering into many particu
lars, I can tell you that wo havo far out
stripped our mother country in jour
nzlism. 1 believe there nover liaa boon
auy comprehensive history of tho En
glish newspaper press writtoff, but wo
have n sufileieut number of facts to en
able us to form a comparison. For ex
ample, in 1810 only fourteen daily jour
nals'wero published in'tho United King
dom, whilo as far back ns 1810 thirty-slx"-cars
previous, wo had 859, includ
ing twenty.Boveu dailies, with a total
annual iscuo of 22.331.000 copies. In
1828 wo had 852 iietfupapom uitlSSO
1,000; iu 1810, 1,931, ami in 1850, 'J.bOO,
with a circulation of 420,409,07a"
"What is the number oCJEnglish
publications at present?"
"Since 1810 tho number Las in
crensed'slowly, nnd iu 1880" tho London
Quarterly Jit view sayB ouly 157 daily
newspapers wcro published in tlio
United Kingdom, to our 937, showing a
difTereuco of 805 in our favor." Inter
view xoitf t oentut expert.
A Hainq Justice of tho Peoeo uiod
this ceremouy at a mock wedding :
Unt4Ui llili root lu iitut neither,
1 Join UiU tuu ml uitlJ tamtlior.
lOioiii but Hlnrnbi rule i Uio thunder '
i rut this tain iml mild uundrr.
Tho courts held tho marriage woa
legal, and Uio town had to support tin)
wife, who was abandoned by tho bus
band, although it set up the claim that
tho contract was u bogus ono.
"Tim maids of Athens are not hand
onio," says a rcoeut writer; " tlwy havt
ii ge, heavy faces, dark hair and oyeo,
aud valg comvlexlons,"
Drfc Web'slor was n trno scion of tlia
old Now England slock. Upon his moth
er's sido lie was n descendant of William
JJnulford, tho Flpionlh Oovcrnpr. Thq
Clover llOTS rif NnW T.nntnn.1 tamWXam
were then ent,ti College, and Noah
Webster naturally entered Yalo College
in 1774. nis studies were Komowhat in
terrupted by-tho Hovolution; bnt ho
seccceded in graduating. Afterward ho
taught school ntid studied law, being ad
mitted to tho bar in 1781. In 1762 ho
kopt a classical school at Goshen, N. Y.,
nnd thcro "compiled two small ele
mentary lwoks for teaching the English
language." In 1783 ho pnblishcd his
" First Part of n Grammatical Institute
of tho English Languago," followed in
tho courso of tho noit two years by tho
second and third paris. Tho first part
wns tho basis or tha spelling-books
which ho afterward published. IIo had
on idea that Americans should havo
school-books of their own. and ho based
his compilations upon this. IIo ad
hered to this when ho published his
reader, and many of tho selections nro
from American writers and orators, nis
books were popular enough to mnkohim
feel tho need of a convriirht law. nnd to
socuro this by tlio legislation of the sev
eral States ho studied assiduously, Con
gress nndor tlio Confederation having no
power to protect literary property. It
did not enact a copyrmht lawnntil 1790.
Tlio spelling-book, as every liody knows,
was ctiormouslr Kiicvssfnl Tn 1fU7
24.000.000 copies 6f tho book had been !
published, the salo averaging 1,000,000 j
jcr annum. Upon this Dr. Webster ro-'
celved a premium of copyright of 5 mills i
n copy, and it was tho profits arising
from this book which, during tho twenty
years in which Dr. Webster was en
gaged uron the "American Dictionary,"
supported him and his family. New
York Tribune.
After all tho recent talk about tho in
crease of insanity in this country, it ia
encouraging to learn that wo aro not so
crazy ns some qthcr nations. At tho
Into meeting of tlio National Association
for tha Protection of Mio Insano and tho
Prevention of Insanity it was shown our
insane number about C3.000, or 1 to 777
of tho population, Tho ratio in En
gland is 1 to 350, part duo, perhaps, to
tho moro thorough separation of the in
sano from tho general population. By
sections tho ratio is in this country : In
Now Euglond, 1 to 588; Middlo States,
ltoCOO; Wostern States, 1 to 850;
Southern States, 1 to 1,100. Tho ratio
to which wo may look forward in tho
futuro is, in tho opinion of Dr. 0. F.
Dana : In Now England, 1 to 500; West,
1 to GOO; South, 1 to 800. In 1881 there
wcro seventy-four State nnd thirty-four
private asylums. Tlio cost of main
taining them was $12,000,000 a year.
Tho needs of the insane nro wont of
room in asylums, separation of ncuto
and chronic, patients and epileptics, im
provements in tho lawn of commitment,
moro amusement and work for patients,
and a separation of Btato asylums from
political influence. Sclenltlg Amcri-
To tho class in metaphysics at tho
nrivcrsity tho professor was trying ,tho
other day to impress upon a student Uio
theory that the mind ia always activo,
oven while tho senses sleep. In this
connection illustrations wero drawn
from certain powers possessed by tho
lower animal, together .with Uio infer
ence that man, possessed of higher in
telligence than brutes, must bo nblo to
do more than Uioy. '
"A turkey inn tree," said tho pro
fessor, presonUy, " will sloop all night
long on a twig not much larger around
than this lcad-pencil in my hand. How
would such an net bo possible If tho'ln
tolligenco or will was not conscionjly
activo in order to inako allowanco for tho
swaying caused by tho wind and enablo
tho turkey to strike point of equilib-
riumf '! ; i ;.,:
" Ilut. iirofessc.'!rt)ut in we) matter-
oVlohi studcnV,l ipu't think ft'correcVJI
to infer that a man could sloop all night
on such a twig without falling off."
Syracuse llcraltl.
Ono of our prominent atlomoyswMo
is at tho homo timo ouo of Uio leading
fishermen of tho valley, claims that tho
weather Invariably repeats itself, and
gives tho following as tho, result of his
observations, ,vir: ," .j
All years .ending iu 90, or 1 aro ox
trcmoly dry.
mi.... .....1Im l O O A R nv fl nM or-
A11UOO I'UUUIB 111 -, , , "I J -
tromely.wet.JK i IVifl
Thob ending in 7 or 8"nnrbrdlnnrily
Thoso ending iuC have extremely cold
ti,. mi.iiiirr n Q havo an carlv
.t.rfiftr.131 if A. " VI IV ...
Thoso ending In 1 hao a Into spring,
Thoso ending in 8 and 4 aro subject to
groat Hoods.-.c&anoi (iU) Timet.
Bishop Uloomtteld has bejon widow
or and had several children. He mar
riod n second time a widow with a
family. Ono day ho asked a country
clergyman to diuo wiUiihim telling him,
"You will only meet our family party.
Tho clergyman found a much larger num
her assembled in tho drawing-room than
ho had anticiiatod, and was introduced
by tho Bishop Urns: Tliuw ore. wine,
thoso aro hers, nnd thoso aro ours."
Tiir'niJiKti nooTir.
Upon tho elder Ilooth's acting Mrs.
Clarke's most significant remark fs that
ho was always in tho soul of tho charac
ter and never resembled IJoiloau's writ
er, who, "inspired by self-love, forms
all his heroes liko himself." Wo shall
not hero nttcnipt a summary of this ex
traordinary licing in his transfiguration
ns an 'Actor. Tlio fact which seems to
suggest, if not to define, him is that ho
is heedlossanJl imperfect as an artist,
bnt electrical nnd fascinating as a hu
man being. IIo would, for example,
when acting Macbeth deliberately go to
tho wing and get n broadsword'wlth
which' to fight tho final battle, and would
do this in full viowof tho nudlcnco jus
ins Iliitori, when acting lady Maqueth,
would carry her husband's letter to tho
sido and throw it uway. Ho was not
particular, when acting Itichard, wheth
er ho woro an old dressing gown or a
royal robe, and he cared very littlo
where other persons entered or stood,
so that they got on and were somewhere.
His acting had no touch of tho finish of
Macready. Ilut tho soul that he poured
into it was nwfid and terrible ; tho face,
tlio hands, tho pose, the movement, all
was incarnate cloquenco; and when tho
lightning of tho blno-gray eyes flashed
nnd tho magnificent voice gavo out its
deep thunder-roll or pooled forth its so
norous trumiiet-noles, tho hearts of lila
hearers wcro swept away on tho wings
of a tempest. Each tono and each ac
tion was then absolutely right. Even
Iiis marvelous elocution, which, brought
out Uio subtlo meaning of every sound
in every syllable, seemed inspired, such,
nnd so great was tho vitality which a
glorious imagination thoroughly aroused
could strike out of a deep and passion
ato heart Xeu York Tribune.
Tho llrltlnh Medical Journal asserto
that tho local effect of tobacca on tho
muecos membrano of tho nose, throat
nnd cars is ns predisposing to catarrhal
diseases as is inefficient and insufficient
clothing in the case of women tho fact
liemg that sucli effect on tho mucous
membrano of tho superior portion of tho
respiratory tract causes a moro perman
ent relaxation and congestion than any
other known agent. Therefore, aa to
bacco depresses tho system whilo it is
producing its pleasurablo sensation, and
ns it prepares tho mucous membrano to
tako on catarrhal inflammation from even
slicht exposure to cold, tho Journal
thinks it should require no fnrthcr evi
dence to show that its use ought to bo
discontinued by every catarrhal patient.
The St. Louis schoolmarm has an av
trago remuneration of 8015 per annum.
No matter how thattered the sytlem may
be from excesses of iny kind, the Great Ger
man Inyigorator will secure health and hap
pintM. See adrertieement. For sale br
Pennv & McAlitr, Stanford.
I hire rerrntlr opcnrJ In Richmond t large od
complete Hi nine Mill, nd am prepared to futuhh
tftr alodof
WcHtlicrboRrding, Flooring,
Doorx, Nh.m1i, IUIiiiIh, I.rIIih,
NhiuglcH. HouiaiiigH, Ntair
vthjs, Ac.
Aa I aell at prlcn tucb aa tha above article can be
bought In LouliTllle, Cincinnati, or other wbole
aale nouaea, I am mra i can make it to joui ad
Tantaae to natronlte home lnalllnUona, I am
alao a practical
And am prf plrrd to furnlah dtalgni and cetlmitee
for Lulldlcg. and all klnda of acroll work.
That I am doing no iniall butlowa, can be Judg
ed from the Tact that my bank account runa from
II.MU to ti b04 per week.
Contracting and building; done promptly and at
llflng price. Addreaa
:o-t-ijr r. n. NTArroHD.
MOT. it, IU2.
Ex. Hun,
Le. Hlchmoud.......
Lancaater -..,
' London...M....,H
" LlTlDgiton,...
Crab Orchard.-
i &Q "
S 00 "
7 00
8 00 "
W "
60 "
Bhelbr CitT-
10 IS "
' OanTllle Junction....
i Mltchallaburg ...-...
' Lebaoon........
" New HateCL. .....
Arr. Lebanon Junctlon.
" Cincinnati Junction.,
LouliTllle .
10 19 "
10 U "
11 40
1 M "
S 15
Nov 2. 1885T
tEx. bun.
Lie. '"i'l"IM i i IISiu
Lie. bunfurd............-.- JMpm
CrabOrchard......... 2 Si "
Arr. I.lilug.ton . ........... 4 10 "
" London ...........-......-.... ao "
11 Willi. iu.borg.,......- T JO
Lie, I-aDca.ter. ........ ' 2 SO '
Arr. ltlehmond - .i6al "
To Memphis, Utile Bock, Mobile, Monlgouerf,
and New Orleana.
Emlgranla to Tetaa bare their choice of I wo routes:
ia Memphis or Tla New Orleana. Time uucU
quicker and ratea lower than bjr any other
route, ma also ine
lloute to ell points InMlasourl, Xanaas, Illlnolt,
Indiana. Iowa, Nebraaka, Colorado. Alkanaaa.
Oulr oue change to Chicago, bt l-oul. and Kaat.
for further loforui.tlon about tlcketa to Ibe
South, Kansas, Colorado, an I en Igrsnt rates to
Honda, addreaa C. 1. ATMUKK,
Un. 1'aaa. aud Ticket Agt UuUillle, Ky.
Or V, J. Antbour, At. Utanturd, Ky,
T. w.viaaoi. WttLACS X. VAlxox.
Office In Owiley A Son'a new bolldlng-up tulra.
Will nracllre In the Cnnrta of RavUand adlfllnlne
counlle and In the Court of Appeal,.
A.nrx'ourvjijv at jia.av,
LIllhltTY, KY
Will tiractlre In all lhf Anuria Af Ctww and ad
joining countlra, and In the Court of Appeala.
divi.i ueniion girrn 10 coiieciiona. umca orer
K.T. Tierce' atoie.
Office orer Robt. 8. 1.jtla'e atore. Office houn
from I to and 7 to r. at. ,
Office and lttaldence, Upper Main St.
Office South aide Main Street, two doora abote
the Myen Hotel.
PureMtroua Oxide Oaa admlnlatered when re-
nam m. nuitDiyrr,
Mt. Vornon, Ky.
Will practice hi, rrofeaalon In Itockcaalle and
aljolnlng countlea and In the Court of Appeala
fpeclal attention glren to collectlona.
IPEUTO are reaping" a har
'l Autll I O vest aclllntr our
Kitchen Queen safety Lamps
ami other hmiaehnlri articles.
on the market KnrHnmnlM
nml Trrme, addma tho
No. 288 Walnut St.. Cincinnati, O.
W. P. "WALTON, - - Proprietor.
8Iie of Stage, 20x50. Elaht complete acta ot Scen
ery Seating capacity, Includloa gallery. COO.
lteaaonable ratea to good attraction!. Addrce.
aa above.
ThouMtndof gniTfS irr
nnuiJly robbed of their
Tlctlmi. llTft prolorgnl.
liippiofUfod health rr
storrd bj use of the great
Which poillltely and permanently rurea Initio,
trllcil, (cauMd by txcessee ol any kind,) Srml
mil llrnA-iaruK, and all dlsentea that follow a
aequenceof Srlf-Aliuiv, aa lou of energy, 1. moI
memory, iiplreraat laMltude, pain In the back
dlwneuof tliion, premature old age, and many
Atherdlieasei that lead to comuinntlon and a pro.
mature arafe. OJTbend for cirrulara with teall-
mom, it iree uy niiu. ino .? , iifiiicj a ft.
la aold at fl per box,oralx boxea for IS, by all
drugnUta, or will be tent free by mail, Merely
aealed, on receipt tf price, by addreriln;
K. J. lllt.VKV.
113 Adamaatrcet, Toledo, Ohio.
Sole agent for the United Statea. 191-lyr
Kentucky's Iloutc East
Washington, Philadelphia N.Y.
The only line running
LiOmImyUIc, Ciiicliiiinti aud Lex
ington, KyM
Connecllng; In aame depot with fait tralna lor
The Direct fionte to Lynchburg, Dan
ville, Norfolk,
All Virginia and North Carolina
H Points.
For tlckel. and lurtber Information, apply to
journea.-eat ticket orbce, or addreaa
Clenl. bouthweatern Agent,
310 W.Malu St., UmlsTllle, Kjr.
:. W. NB11TII, II. W. I'DI.I.EK.
Uen'l Manager, (len'l Pasa'r Ag'l.
lllchmond, Virginia.
Afflicted, Attention
The world ia filled with the wonderful, beauti
ful and Intricate Inientlona ol man, jet all Ihe
combined talent and genius thit the world tiaa ei
er known baa neter produced anything that can
com oara
wstb "Dr. Uann'a itemraies." Meuirai
kill and science hue, aa let.
jet, lauevi to aiacorer
or the cure of the dts-
anr ining oiuai to tnem lur
(jr which ther are recommended. Aa their
f lrtuea and usee are braised br thouaanda throuitb
out the length and breadth ol the land, and as
Biamiara raulllr ueiiiciaea, inej cannot ue ea
celksd, aa I are fullf suUtautl.ted bjr the strong
eat te.tlmoniala.
For Coughs, Colds, Croup, Bronehllla, Oonsomp
(lou and all Ulwaacaa ol the Throat aud Lungs,
ttae Dr. Ghiiu'h CourIi .Syrup.
For Liter rrjinnlilnl.Dl.nenala. Indljiestlon.Jaun-
dice, Constipation, Sour Stomach and all Bilious
Uhu l)r. Ghhh'm Liver Cure.
For Rheuuatiaiu, tf euralgla. Sprains, Brul.es and
riwellluga-an external application for man or
Vmo Dr. Ghiiu'h I.liiiiiivnt.
Forlttea, Hemorrhoid., Burns, Fistula and all
similar aiaiaaea,
Cmo Dr. Ghhh'm l'Uu Ulaliueut.
For Freah Cuts, Burns, Ulcers and Old Sores,
Uho Dr. GHHii'ri llttcr.8wcet
UHoDr.GHiin'HNtoHiach lilttcrM
A Reliable Tonic. Aptler and Blood l'urtlltr,
and alM cure. Djiwci.la, Indigestion, Llrer
CoiuplaUt, Malarial r.ier. and all rlodlcal
Illwaaea. Maoufactund and for sale by
W. 3C. OAiTIT, 3&. X).,
Sole proprietor, Moulicello, Kf. erAU orders
lj mall will recclre piouii.t-alttutlou. M-tl
Opora House Block,
l)J2A.ITifIlM IN-
Willi Paper. M'Iiicm, Musical
ItooliH, l.lqtinrM, IiiHtrtiHicnlM,
Matloncrj', C'iRHrH, I'ockct
NonpH. Tnliacco, Ciiltlrrjr,
rcrfiuiicry, I'lrc AriiiH, Marhltic
Our Jewelry, Mh enrnrc nnil i pilc.il d'ooils llrnnrtiuciit 1 In Cliargo of Col.
Tlios. Illclinrtls. who will Itennlr Matches nntl Clocks l'roninllr nml In Die lirt
Mvwj iate s Wqg&
HtiYing bought out S. II. Jliuiglmmn, wc will keep
on hand n nice lot oi' Horses nml lluggics, which we
will let nt reasonable rates. Will also board Horses
by the day or week. We arc also in
And will swap for all kinds of Feed. Hope to receive a
liberal share of the patronage of the public in general.
Respectfully, A. T. 2S!L'MItfEML,EY, 8TAXfntScDkV.
Decalor in Furniture
Hai Jmt receUcd a full line of Parlor Suites, Cham
ber Suites, cheap lied.. Unreal!., Walh Standi,
lst Cotton Mattresaes, Limp SUnda,Cornrr
Brackete, Cent e Tablea, Kxlenalon Ta
bles, Eiten.Ion Tablea, Parlor Chairs, Din
ing Chairs, Ac. I alao keep constantly on hand
A full line o( Rotts, Shnuds, Collins and Caskets
t aNo keep on hand the celebrated B yd Burglar
Proof Graro Vault, guaranteed to be perfect pro
tection from rerinlne, ground lorcgoplicrs, dump
nesaand burglars.
I aell at figure that cannot be beaten Call and
see me Orders by telegraph promptly attended to
In ornamentation and is unequalled.
Adapting the Range to any kind of fuel. The Firo Sack is made in
three sections. As the center barns ont much faster than the ends, this piece
can be replaced without the expense of the entire back. Ventilated
Chambor behind the fire box, which protects the back from intense heat.
The Broiling facilities are superior to any other Stove; tilt the grate and
rako the coals on broiling grate, or an independent fire of charcoal built
on it, if desired.
Many other conveniences are attached to this Stove, which I ask you to
examine before buying. I also refer you to Mrs. Dr. T. B.Montgomery,
Mrs. W.F. McKinney, Mrs. W. 0. Welch, Mfs. 0. H. McKinney, Mrs. 8. J.
Embry. Mrs. Dr. J. B. Owsley and Mrs. 0. A. Lackey as to the advantages
the Jewel has over other Stoves. Very respectfully,
W. H.
la fit t, there Is no Knglae that equa'a It hr I'rl.-e, Slumllcllr. Durability and Reliable Work. It Is
Wood SinvN,
Cotton Gins,
Corn Mills,
anananr9ll 1
JansnsnNflFrW I
s. --m eT 1B
Cull at Tlio Interior Journal Oillce autl ncoouo of tho tlcHlrable
IhiKiiiL'H iu oiicrallftn. lloHieiubcr every 12hk1ho
Iiiih our Kiiarautue. Head it t
Weeajr to all purchaaera that we guarantee our Dookwaltcr Eojlncato be well aoj subalantlallj
uiaJri tube sale, sluiilf, durable and uiiupUU In cooatructlon, to work well auj aire the full power
tlalueJ when prverlatlaihe.l anj manage I We make the abut guarantee, anj aell on Ihe follow.
lui eomlitluue. la will glie the urclirtb nr.t JU.Iajs after the arrlialof the tDjIn. to (Ue It
a lair and satUfaclorjr trial, lucaieihebuglnefallatncouienploouriuaranlre. we will lake back the
Knglue, refund ererr duller rccelrtd on ihe tnjlue, proildtd the purtnawT r. turns the Loglne to his
nrarcai railroad ttailon. audlcaieslt subject to our order br thecluMolaaldSDdaja' trial.
Itttalulr no win uouu a k or a more liberal oueraua ooatraut
S-Horie l'owtr Kujrlne aud Boiler
4Vllerae l'ower
Ine and llulfer..
UlIoiae Tower uuloe aud Holier . .
sU.lterM l'oetr Bdeine and lloll.r
lciiverru.uu (era ai opriugovio, uuiu
Kor further loforuiatlon and derlptle pamphlet, address the manufacturer.,
03 tf JAMES jLUFFJUIa A CO., KirlMKHeltl, Okie.
Stanford, Ky.,
I desire to calx
your special at
tention to the
which for util
ity, durability,
perfection in
operation, taste
Feed Mills,
Hay lre.s.ses,
liatlie.s, Ac.
S210 M
. ltd 00
..i3 M

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