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Friday Morning, - January 5, 1883
Passenger Irtlni North...
" " Hoalh
2 IMF. M
Ilur I'AtNTitof Penny A McAlltter.
Nrw Mock of Jewelry and Bllrerwire it
IV nnjr A McAllster'a.
Watch M, Clock nml Jewelrr repaired
ml wiwrsnteil by Penny A McAlltter.
HrANDAiiK 8liwl Music, Vocal and In
etriimenul, fur 10 cent t Penny A McAl
ltter'. IAIkik tlork of Window (Has, nil sizes
Double thick -Im far llower it. Penny
A McAli.lrr.
J. I. DuMi.Ar, Ki , of Danville
here yesterday.
Dit. 1. V. Lcxun hi mored to the
liou cilrd I'jr Dr. Owsley.
MimCuaua Helm tm gonei to Louis
vllle to tetiinln till next Hiring.
Mr. HAMlT.t. IlmnilT, of Indiana. In
vUltlnR hi lirotlirr Mr. J. II. lltlght.
MlM Mamie Olix, o( I.tnctster, I
with her reUllTf, the Mlsse Wllsun.
Mm. Hour. MrAi.irrrn, went to Klcli
muml Ttierdy, with the MU'nIlronstun.
Hon. ltopr IIlaim l much worse and
fear are now entertained (bat Le will not
MfHxra Luov Moonr.and Maggie Da
tU, a tulr of Ptri bellm, are liltln Mn,
0. (XOltena.
Mil. John Merxiios haa mored from
Crab Orchard and now occupies tlie Cald
well prnrtT here.
Mivra .Ma Hi) a Wrnn and Mollle
Mocker, of Danville, spent a few daja with
MIm Katie House, this week.
Mim Lizzir Uailey, a ery hindinie
young lad; of Vi-rtiille, waa the Riirat of
Mra. J. II. MeAlister. at the St. Asaph
Mil IlAllllY II. I.I.IM, of Loulafllle,
who haa reformrd and Iwonme a railroad
man, after holdiiiK a case for several Tear,
la on a viilt to tho family of H. T. liar
ria rl.
Misum M Pkyton. Kx , our Miter
ty scribe, and Mr C 1. Ilrown, of the aame
town, are here. Mr. Peyton came up to
aee about locating and we are glad to rtate
he haa decided to do so after the lolli.
Col. C. II. ltociirjrtru lias gone on a
trip to Caeey, Adair and other counties In
the Intercat of the C.U. It A H it. It. Mm.
Ucheter acrompantetl htm la far aa Mr.
Jno O McAlitcr' to vl-il her daughter.
Mil Jons FoarEli, who haa been
book keeper fur the Woolen Milla and Mc
Alliter A lirictit. leave today to take
charge of hit father' farm, lodi which a
Tory flattering oiler wat made him by the
old gentleman.
Mn J.J Eubank, of Qrreneburi,
who I jet enjoflnj; hit honeymoon, having
recently married Mim Helen Shepperd, of
Indianapolis, Ind, hat been on a vltil to
the family or Mr. II F Kubank. He i
.engaged with Wright & llro. at $1,200 per
Kmmctt L Williamson, head olerk
oftheC.lt Mison Company, lessees of the
Kentucky rmllrntiary and exlemlve 11.
11, contractor, waa In town yetterday. We
fi'iijc knuwn Mr. W. fur yeara andean testi
fy to ltt worth, as a ncnlleman and busi
ne man The ptople of Frankfort will
therefor please treat him kindly.
Mn. Jos rru Hi.vkiukck, for year a
leading merchant here, h accepted a posl
tion traveling salesman for the large
dry goodt bouse of J M Itoblnaon A Co ,
Loutaville, and left on Tueadty to set hi
ample. Mr. Severance, by hi pleasant
manntra and a'commodating dltoitlon,
haa made blmself one of the moat popular
uira ny where and hi home a to be con
gratulated on securing him.. Hit legion of
friend here regret to have him leave the
retail trade.
1 do TO the "Twin Front "
t Fresh Oyater at II. a HrlR-hlV '
I Mr. John Dinwiiidik will continue to
f run the St. Aaaph Hotel until further no
i tlce.
I Foil Salk. Four handaome realdence
' ; Will ell very cheip Stanford, Dec S5,
'82. W. Craig.
I W. S. SrooNAMOlit: haa retired from the
(bar at the Commercial and want all in
debted to him to aellle at once.
(llv Titr return ol the aheriff It appear
that II pernon were Hated twice for poll
lax and property to the amount of $1,778,
Gait John II. Shanks held a policy
in the Equitable Life liiaurance Com
pany for $10,000, and $2,000 In the Ma
ejnlc ReneQl Aoclation.
The furnace of the Chrlatlan church U
undergoing repiir which are much heeded.
"Jim Crow" Dilllon, who ia getting It In
heating order, iaya he will have Iho church
red-hot next Sunday,
Kll.LKi) iiy the Cars Laat Monday,
Jame I.iir, of thl county, 'waa killed
while cnupllnv car at II irren Fork on the
0 8 U It and hi remain were brouiht
here Tueaday for Interrment. He wat an
honeat and clever young man and bore a
good reputation on the road.
Tub Firt National lltnk laaue a atate
ment which ahnwa that aince lla eatabliah
uj nit thre month ago, it ha earned $0,
805 01 Ita loan and dlacount amount to
$21(5,691 33 and It individual depoalt lo
$218,03701 Conalderlng (he abort lime
Ince II atari, the allowing I an excellent
County Trkasureb, Mr. E R. Che
nault tendered hi resignation a County
Treasurer Wedne'day, and D, II. Kdmlaton
wa elected to fill out hi term, over A- A.
McKinney, hit only competitor. A vote
of thank by the Court waa given Mr. Che
nault for promptne and correctneaa In
the diacharve of hi duty Mr Kdmlaton
qualified with Mr.l'henault and J S I lock
er as lecurille. Hi aelection ia a good
Br.r. I'ncmcTom'iCamx at the Opera
Hore Taraday night.
Mn. W Cjiaio haa aold hi house occu.
pie.1 by V J Anthony to Joseph CoflVyfor
It C. Jlurr.r.Y ha moved hi Tailor
Shop to the ttore room formerly occupied
by 'Squire Carson.
Tno-r. Indebted lo St. Am ph. Saloon art
requested to come forward and fettle with
out further notice.
If. C. Ruri.KY I needing the money due
him. Those Indebted to him are respect
fully reqiiealed to call and -title.
Ir rou want augar by the barrel or coffee
y me aacir, it will pay you to get my
price, I am headquarter for good In
quantity. H.C Drlght.
Hit ACELKT. Mr. John Ilrlght handed u
a gold bracelet that he picked up at the
Christian church laat evening. The owner
can get it by ptylng foa thl notice.
Klocutionahy KntihtAinment. D O.
I.aw-on, of (Itaagow, Scotland, an elocu
tionlat of great ability, will give an enter
tainment at the Opera Houre In Stanford,
next Monday night, 8th, under theauapl
ca of l'rof. Abner linger. Admlaaion
adult CO cent, childien i!5 cent.
TllR Kentucky Centra) did not take
charge of the Richmond Ilranch aa expect
ed, but, It I understood, will watt till the
completion of their road to Richmond.
IiATKR-Information received vetterday I
to the effect that the Company ha cent i
man lo arrange the tranafer at once.
Tub Dally Rowling Oreen Timtt aava;
"The talented Kentucky actrea, Mia Julia
A Hunt I mlwing, and it I ald that the
ha foraaken her huaband and gone to
Kurnpe with another man, but we do not
believe it." Nor do we. MIm Hunt I a'
genuine lady, and nothing but the bett
proof will convince u that the haa fallen,
l'lcrunw! Picture,! Shaffer the Pho
tographer I making the nlceat picture that
ha ever hern made In Stanford. Price
are very reasonable for Crat clam work
Mr. Shaffer' Ink and water color copie of
old picture are very fine, he enlarge to any
lie Cloudy weather no hlnderance to
itood reeult. No extra charge for children.
Now ia the time to get your work done
while you cm do o at home. Satiafactlon
guaranteed. Gallery over Poat-OfDc.
Anthony A F.LLta' Uncle Tom' Cabin
Company, which appear here next Tue
day night, will Introduce during the play
which they give with wonderful realiatic
aflVct, a pack of blood-hound, a live don
key and a pony trained to take parta In the
erlormance. It will be a rare alcht for a
Stanford audlrnce and a the price are
fixed at the low rate of 23 and SO cent,
with no extra charge for referring, a big
crowd nuuhl to attend. Secure your tick
et at Mcltobert A Stagg'.
We invite attention to the new adver
tioementof A Owaley A Son, which appeara
in another column. Mr. Walter W, Owa
ley ha ahown excellent bualnea qualifica
tion and alrict attention to hi dutie.
which hi lather ha rewarded by giving
him an interest in hi large eelabliahment,
much to the gratification of hi friend. In
thl connection we are requeated to ay
that the bualnea of the old firm 1 now
ready for eeltlemrnt and that thone indebt
ed are expected to come forward and liqui
date at once. A worJ to the wire I ufli
cient. m 'm
The delinquent Hat allowed Sherifl
Menefee bv th Court ahowa 738 name
Lut year he returned only 339 and the
year before S. H. IUnghman failed to col
lect 001. Thl It a pretty bad allowing for
Mr. Menefee but he ia to a certain extent
excuaable. The bad crop of year before
laal left many people In comparative want,
from which the good crop of lt year had
not extricated them at the lime of collec
tion, beidde the additional 2 cent lax de
cided to bj collected after he had Milled
with a large number of pertona, necessitat
ed almoat double (rouble and gave him lea
time to ee alter the poll tax payer. lie
might have however, done a little better
and muat do o next time.
The Maglatratea of the county ailtinga
a Court decided on Tuesday, after numer
ou tpeeche advocating it, to exempt
from taxation for county pur pone the Cin
cinnati, Green River and Naahville Rll
road fur a period of thirty year and order
ed that the next Legislature be requeate'd
lo legalize the proceeding, The vote tood
7 to 5, a follow: For exemption, K. II
Caldwell, Jr.. W H. Caron, W. P. Grime,
M. 8 Peyton, W. M. Garnett, J. P. Dtnlel
and J, P. Hughe; agalnat, M. O. Portman,
John IUIley, M 8. Outiu, Adam Petrey
end Chrlatopher Ilrown. II. W. FarrI and
Craig Lynn were abaent, but we are told
they would have voted "aye," while two of
the "noes" were for 20 yeara exemption.
ItlaaturprUe that tome ol the five voted
aa they did because ordinarily they are tol
erably fair minded men but no one la sur
prised at any stand 'Squtie Portman may
lake. He uaually trie to be on the popu
lar aide and having apparently conceived
the idea that to do it to oppoae any rutai
ure that may benefit Stanford, he of court?
oppnted any and every thing proposed. Hi
factitious plea, hla evident Inalncerlty and
hla wall-known propentlty to talk in a looao
way, produced the opjKwlte efl'ect he In
tended, and he had the mortification of tee
ing himself moat gloiiouily aal down up
on. He made a atatement concerning this
paper that waa by no means substantiated
by the fact, of which he waa promptly in
formed at the time. We have nothing
agalnat him praonally,Wut we dUIlke deoia
goguery and do not think he ha helped
his avowed candidacy by hla action la this
matter, nor do we think he will attain the
meaaureof his ambition unlets the "coloi
ed troops come nobly to his rescue" sgain.
'Squire Carton deterve much credit for
the public spirit he manlfealed and for hla
telling little speech In favor of the exemp
tion. Since the building of railroad, no
county hat been requeated to do leu than
the C. G. R. A N R. It atka and to have
refuted her thl little Inducement, would,
it Mr. D. W Yandeveer expressed it, have
not only been mean but "niggardly and
YwTrniUY TCM a diimal dy In town.
A cold dflilllng fain fell, the atore were
cloaed and everything wore a ombr hue.
The County Court on motion of 'rlnnlre
W. It. Cation decided to ubcrllxi $1,-100
toward building a bridge aero nix Rlv
er on the Stanford and l'reachertvllle turn
pike and made the neceaaary order to have
the action legalized by the Lrglalature.
County ATTonNf.Y, D. R. Carpenter
rather got away with the maglatratea thl
week. They iquabbled around for three
day aupppaing that they could vote them
aelve the uioal $3 per day. but when they
atarted to do o, he quietly Informed them
that It w $2 and no more and thowed
them a recent declalon of the Court of Ap
peal on the eubject. They all turned
white about the gill but hnd to auhmil
Score one for Doc.
Mr. Hirron, of Danville, married Mia
Llllie Armstrong at Lexington, Tueaday.
Craig Sim and Mi Relle Smith were I
married at Mr. Margaret Smith' yeater
W. Mr, Wm, Henry Padgett wa married
lo Mia Mary Jane Padgett, at Mr. Eph
Padgett yetterday.
Mr. John S.Ooodeand Mia Sallic,
daughter of Alex. William', K-q., were
married on the Itli.at fTu-lonvillc.
Wlnfield Scott Wood, of Iowa, ob
tained llcenae Wedneaday, to marry Mia
Kliitbeth Roger, at Hold an' Mill on
the 7th.
At the realdence of Mr. Hall on Main
atreet, Llndtey Stephenaon and Mil Mol
lie McCracken. Richmond Herald. Cap!
Stephenaon ia a popular employe of the
L.&N.R It.
Godfrey Ilaugh died suddenly at hi
home near Highland h! week of old age.
Biian KU After a abort illness of
pneumonia, Capt. John Henry Shanka
breathed hi last at 8;30 a.m. the morning
of Ihe .Id, aged W year, on the lGth of
December laat. He waa a native of thl
county, and after obtaining a good common
school education, followed the buaines of
merchandising in Stanford and farming
till the war broke out, when he espoused
the Confederate came and bore a promi
nent part In many of the great battle. At
Corinth, he wa appointed Aid-de-camp to
Gen. Hawes and iubsequently held the
same position to Col . Trabue in Breckin
ridge's divition. After the siege at Vicla
burg, he returned lo Kentucky, where after
taking an active part in organizing the
provisional government, he wa made a
member of it. Relieving, however, that
hi place wa at the front, he toon again
joined the army, this time a a Captain in
Col. Grlgaby' regiment of Gen, Morgan's
command and wa with him during hi fa.
mou Ohio rid,wa there captured and with
other placed In a dungeon at Camp Chase,
from which they escaped by tunneling under
It wall. He reached the Confederate line
in safety and joining a remnant of hi old
command, waa engaged In a number ol
ekirmishea and battle, in one of which.
near Hopklmville, Ky., he was wounded
almost identically as President Garfield
was. The enemy got possession St the
field and a Federal Surgeon, after taking a
bitty glance at hi wound, laid, "Il'a no
use taking Ihla fellow to the hospital, he'll
die in a few hourt." He waa not dead,
however, when they came to burry the
unfortunate, and he wa then tiken to
Hopklntville, where he recovered, and af
ter three month exchanged for a Federal
Captain. He then went to Gen. Lyon's
division, and wit with him during hit se
vere winter campaign and at the famous
battle of Selma. Shortly afterwards he
laid down hla arm and was paroled on
condition that he would not hereafter bat
tle against Ihe government.
The above ia but a brief outline of his
distinguished service for the cause he
loved. After the war, which left him al
moat pennile, he returned to Stanford,
where hi brother, S. II Shank, gave him
an intereat in hi (tore. Tn 18G3 he wa
married to Mis Louisa IUIley, of Shelby
county, and five children mourn with her
an irreparable loss. In 18C9 when the
Farmer National Rank waa organized he
waa unanimously elected lit president and
every year since on arcjunt of hla excel
lent management, he haa been tlmilarly
honored and waa ita president at hi death.
He wa a born financier aa the accumula
tion of property and money variously esti
mated at $50,000 to $75,000 since the war
abundantly prove. He waa fully con
scious of hla condition and a day or two
before hla death made a will which is a
marvel of juatnes and an unfaltering faith
in the integrity of hi brother, Sam.
A a man no person stood higher in thl
community than Cipt. Shanks. Conacien
tious, moral, fIr In hi dealing and chiv
alrous, he enjoyed the respect of all who
knew him and hi death I In the the na
ture of a public calamity, and to hi fami
ly, Ah, there' the weight of woe. A kind
husband and a loving father has been la
ken when hi presence and hi attention are
moat needed but In their affliction they will
be sustained by a tender Providence and a
community of sympathising and loving
frirm'a. May the God of consolation to the
widow and orphana mitain them in this
terrible hour.
Aa a in irk of respect all the business
home, were closed from 11 till after the
funeral yetterday, while the Farmers Na
tional Bank of which he was prealdent,wa
paitlilly draped In mourning and remain
ed closed all day. Elder W, L. Williams
preached Ihe funeral diicotirte at the
Christian Church, after which a proceetloD
of mourning frlendt nearly a mile long,
and preceded by the members of the Ma
eonio Fraternity, of which he was an hon
ored member, followed the remains to
their lut retting place In Buffalo Cemetery.
The week of prayer begins next Sun
day. We have not heard of any special
service here.
Bro. Shackelford and I have futt clos
ed an eleven days meeting at Mt. Moriah,
Twenty one confessed, one from the Baptist,
two restored, two united, In all twenty fire.
The attention and order were very good,
also Ihe crowds. Martin Owens.
-The friend of Cipt, Shtnki lake con
olatlon In the fact that when Ml. HarrI
called and tiled If he w lahed her lo pray
for him, he replied. Ye. I would like lo
have the prayer of all good people."
The New York &m take but little
itock In the anointing bualnem, aathla Item
howa: We deatre (o be Informed ol any
caae of tuccea In the healing buaineaa
by the to called Evangellit Barne, who 1
operating In thl city, and who hi begun
to anoint people with oil for the cure of
their dlaeaae. e dealre lo have a eclen
ttfio Inveatlgatlon made of every alleged
caae of oleglnou healing under the opera
tion of Hrolher Rarne.
A car load of mute for sale.
Reid.Slanford, Ky.
First-class Utler hay prea for axle.
John Bright, Stanford.
-John M. Hall sold lo R. B. A E. P
Wood a yoke of oxen for $IC0.
E. T. Rochester otd to N, D. Lackey.
4 yearling cattle, 890-lb. at 4 cts.
Fourteen broke mule and 2 thorough
bred bull calve for sale. It. B. A E. P,
Wood, Stanford, Ky.
-J. E. Bruce bought of W. 8. Wfgham
108 ewes at $3 76 and Huff Dadderar
bought of same 33 at same price.
W. 8. Hocker aold hi farm of 100
acre lying In the Given neighborhood, to
Wyatt Sandidge, at $70 per acre.
D. D. Bell ha sold hi fine 300 acre
farm near Lexington, to Col. Me lea If, of
New Mexico, at $140 per acre, cash.
-It. 1). A HP. Woods bought of John
J. Bright 38 acres of land at $30 and 22
acre at $30. The land adjoin theirs.
Mr. Joieph Spalding aold to Messrs.
Dallas Simme and Tom Mattlngly 38 head
of mule 4t $113 per head. Lebanon
Jacoby Brother of Bourbon county,
sold to Jicob of Cincinnati, 31 ton of
hemp (the crops of three yeara) at $100
per ton.
For ssle, 147 hesd of extra good grade
ewes, bred to South-down bucks, now lamb
ing. Applly to J. E. Canon, Crab
Orchard, Ky.
The first lamb sale of the season waa
made this week by J E. Bruce to Bill
Prewitt. They are lo be delivered between
the lit and 10th of June at 5 cents.
The grain production for the year
reads: Corn, 1,035,000.000; what, 510,000,
000; oats, 470.000,000; barley, 4,500,000;
rye, 10,000,000; buckwheat, 12,000,000.
At Lexington, corn Is selling at $1 85,
but little demand and Ihe farmers holding
for better price. Hay, extra good, $12;
oata, sheaf, good, $12; nothing doing in
barley; wheat, 85c Transcript
IVauis Court From 100 to 160 cattle
on the market, with a good demand and
selling at price ranging from 4 to 5 cents.
From 100 to 123 mule on sale, unbroke
ones selling for $75 to $100 per head, and
broke mnleafor$100 to $170 per head.
Good, sound horses brought irom $S0 to
$140 per head.
The cattle market Iti Cincinnati ia
strong and firm at 23 cents for common;
fair to medium, 34; choice to extrs
butcher grades, 45; common to choice
shipper, 46l, stockers and feeders 3J
4. There haa been a slight advance in
hojjs and best are now quoted as high aa 0
centa from which figure they run down to
5 1 5 for common. Sheep are stronger at
3($5. Lamb, are dull at 45
Sam. M. Burdett. Editor.
Dr. Grant, dentist, will be in Mt. Ver
non at Circuit Court
Judge T. P. Hill, Jr, Accepts the Call to Be
come a Candidate for Representative.
RlUor Interior Journal:
Borne week since, there was a call on
me through the columna of your paper to
become a candidate to represent the-county
of Lincoln in the Lower House of trie-General
Assembly. Since that time I have
conversed with a number of citizena from
various portions ef the county, and have re
ceived sufficient encouragement to induce
me to make the race. You will therefore,
please announce me a candidate, eubject to
the action of the Democratic party.
T P IIlixJu
Henry Matthews and William Men
n!s (colored), laborer on the Kentucky
Central extension, were blown to piece at
Winchester by the explosion of frozen dy
namite cartridges they had placed In a
etovMo thsw.
Because your bouse, or jour jooJi, or your lire
stack, or your other property bsre not been burnt
or Injured bj flror llgblnlDj, It no guirantr that
Ihejr c.kkot be. Don't you think, then, tbal It
woulJ be prudent to secure Indemnltr In rasa
aucb lost or damag should occur t I oOVr you this
tt the lowest rates obtainable In any flrst-clats In
surance Conipanr. X represent seven snd you inar
taka jour cho!c. 9-m JftO. M. 1111 LI I'M.
Notico to Stockholders !
Notice Is hereby siren that a meellng of lh
alocknoltlereor theVartuers National Bank ofBtui
lord will be held tt th office of aM bank on
The Stl TiiCHday In Jan., 18S3,
'or the purpose of electing a Board o( Directors for
ie ensuing jear. J, II. OMNI. EY.
Stanford Female College.
With a Full Corps of Teachers,
This Institution will open lu'.Thtrtteolh Bewloa
ontbeSd Monday Iff Beftember neit.
lr Uuiot, u will at
In Tultloa, price rani from SIS to toe In tb
uur iMparifutni. iTiiuarr, ro; ntermtMisio
rraparttNj, iw, ana uouefisi, ev.
For full particulars, at to Board, tt., addrow
HUM. H. C. TKUEHKAKT. Frlucliml,
SUn lord, Uiualn Co., Jty.
JUIH.K T. 1. Illlifi. J II.,
(a a cindMat M Reprraentitlr In the neat Leg
islature, snljict to th action ol th democracy
! a eimllilat for the democralle nomination for
Itepretentatlv In Iht ntst lrf.tilature. te
Late of Cbenanlt, Severance) 4 Co., Stanford, Ky ,
Importera and Jobtiert of Dry floods, Notions, Ac ,
S37, M, stl Main direct, Dor. Stith,
W will now paj special attention to
We iromlM Ia rite rsllsfsctlon. and whrn desired
will dte I'atent Flour for Wheat. Can make
either honed or unboltM mesi.
-ma -
or Tin
Ideal Company of America,
MemphisTJniversity Students
The Two Greatest Double Topsya In tlieWorld.
The Wonderful Mechanical Walerful ( Fail of
Real Running Water.)
Era and Her Tet Tony.
The Only Imporlnd rack of Trained blberlan
Our Educated Donkey, (Knoxj) the SrualUit
Donkey on the Stage.
Ie?ofe' I'ojiiifnr Price! V5 mid SO
rent! no higher; no extra IteUeta.
On nle nt Helloberta Jb btngg'H.
I will offer lor site on HntunlnVr -(in. O,
JANS, on the premises In Stanford, at 2 o'clock,
SeTeral Excellent Town Lots. Those desiring to
tee them, can apply to me.
)0S St JOIIS It It 1G JIT.
Lincoln County Farm For Sale!
loOerforule rrltit-lr iut farm of 373 acres
on Wx.Wlrr.iy, miles Eastol Stanford, within
a half mile of the new turnpike nw belna; con
structed from Stinford to rreecbersTtlle. An ex
cellent dirt-road from the dwelling tothepue.
Ilulldlnga are brick and frame, with 10 rooms
Well watered with line springs, some ot them med
ical water. Iropro-emtnts first-class, Including
the fencing. Terms liberal. Address or call on
79-lm blsDlord. Lincoln county Kj.
On Jan. 1, the Arm otMcAltHter&llrluht
will be dls-olted, J. II. McAIIster retiring. II. C
Ilrlght will continue the business alone. We are
anxious lo settle the old partnership businesses
toon as possible. Your account Is readj for y. u,
riease call and settle Jan. 1st by rash or note. All
luting claims against the firm will present tbem
for payment. Rescctlully,
J. 11. JlcAHHTEtt,
Ml. C. II It I O JIT.
E. H. BURNSIDE, - Propr.
This Old and Woll - Known
Hotel Still maintains its
High Reputation,
Its Proprietor it Determined that
it Shall be Second to no Country
Hotel in the State in its Fare,
Appointments, or Atten
tion to Comfort of
their Queiti.
RtrtTSgt will kt esarered to aad from thedepet
rree orcnargs. -.prciai tcrommousuoB. to
to Commercial Traselera. The liar will be
alwaj tippllsd with the choicest
triads of Liquors aad Cigars.
N. Y. Weekly Herald
The circulation of thla popular newspaper Is con-
tantlj increasing. It eonlslus til the leading
newt of the Dally Herald tod Is arranged in band j
department. The
Embrace special dtipatchet from til quarter! ol
the globe. Under the bead o I
Aregleen the telesrsphlo dispatches ot the week
from all parts of the I'nlm. This fe.ture alone
uskeetbeTUE WEEKLY 1IEKALU the most
valuable chronicle tntbew rid, as It la the cheap
est. Erery w. ek Is gl-eu a fslthiul report of
Embracing complete and comprebensl-o dispatch-
slroni Wublogton, including lull reports of the
speeches ol eminent politicians on Ihe questions
of the hour.
Of the Weekly Herald gliea Ibe Ist.st aa well as
Ihe most pracllctl suggestions tnd dlscoserle re
lating lo the duty of the Isrmer, hints for raising
cattle, poultry, gralo, trees, Tegslablet, Ac . Ac ,
with suficstloks for keeping building and firming
utensils In repair. This is supplemented by a
well edited department, widely topled, under the
head of
Qlflng reclpea for bractlcal dishes, blots for uak
Ini rluthliiir sod for keevloii uu with the Utest
fashions at Ihe lowest price. ter j lleui ol cook-
lug or econouij euggcsiM in mis urpsmucn. is
praillcallr tested by exrtt before publication.
Lettsrt from our l'srls aud Loudon corrtsiwndeols
ou the ser j Isttst luhloot The Home Depart
ni.ni r the Weeklr Herald will sate the house
wife mora thin on hundred lime th price ol
th paper. The iniere is ot
Are looked alter, and eserjthtng lelttlug to me-
There Is a page devoted to all the latest phases of
the business msrkets, crops, merchandise, do., Ac.
A valuable feature Is found In th iilally report
ed prices aod conditions ol
Siwrtlng nw at bom and abroad, tosther
with a story erj week, a tenuoo by somt ml
nent dlsltte, lileitrj, musical, dramatic, p-rsvnal
tnd aea notes. There la no paper In the world
which cootslns to much news matter Sieij week
tithe Weekly Herald, which Is sent, iwstsge free,
gorons dollar. You rai subscribe at tuj time.
Tbt New York Herald in a weeklj form, one
dollar t year Address
Broadwty tnd Auu Street, Ntw J oik,
rhin m ins isuor BiTini is isreiuuT itx-ururo.
Hiring concluded tor-more loTeiis, I offer for
IIcI'1chco V IIiiftltiCHf) Hoiinc, ,
Combined In one, United In ih town of Trab Or
chard, Ky., on Uncsiler street Th h'llfdlng It
two and one-halfstorlet high, Ox fret arxlron-1
Isms In all eight rooms 1 he stnre-nMm Is 20x10,
with counters and shelling nlceljsnd pteperlj ar
rsnged. with all the nuttrulldlngsneeeiwsrr to con
venience and the taste ot the most ftsildlous, tnd
tn ihundanre of pure wtt.r for drinking ind
honsehold piiiposre.lmnllful shade tnd fruit trees
adornlni and beautifying Ihe entire ptrmlsct, all
In gnd and health condition Any one deslr
In ehesneet vsttialit rMl1nr. im... . !
ersnd tiro-peroris people, would do wsll to call
mi examine ine picmiseo rior purchasing eUt
where Terms ressonsMe.
w-tf joiim r. sTittinr-
WM. DATJGHliillTY'Wa8n9ton' 3hi'at,eiPniaN-Y-
' D""hmr "''
Makcfactuoihi or
Fine Carriages, Buggies,
We manufacture Carriages of all descriptions,
employing onlr flrst-class workmen and using
only nnt-clsia material, aod sell at reasonable
Bgures stjle, workmsnshlpand material cr.nsld-
ed. ii) nm. iai'iiii:rtt.
DiiLia lit
Fhysiclans' Prescriptions accurately compounded. Pharmaceutics! Preparttiont aspeclslty.
Harclware and Groceries, Glass
ware, Queensware,
Wooden and Willowware, Stoves, Grates
and Tinware,
Full line of Pocket and Table Cutlery, Patent
and Family Flour, Hames, Traces,
Salt, Limo, Comont, Fiold
xmpiomonts. uau ana seo tno genmno Hamilton Flow.
ozf:e:r,.a. hotjsb blocs:.
We Will Sell Everything
AT -
FOE if
Purchases Must be Cash,
or interest from date.
We Annually Reduce Our
Stock, and
fine farm for slei
I offer for sal prlvalel jmy eierllent little Farm
of Inn terem. In the west end of Lincoln ronn
ty, within Smile of I-Inn's Well. It It If of
mil from Ihe Mtlledgevllle Stanford pike nd
IS miles Irom Mttnlord A llo.nlnn-tller.lke, Is well
watered, nsl gond ImpmTrnients.ahnut K Is In grass
n. n.iTH.piin, uaiBiirn ivi if,n ri jnir. i. ia
very prodnrtlve Any person applying st one
isn obtain ahsrgaln .tt J, HtlllTT.
lOI-Im Mtlledgevllle, Ky.
Kentucky's Kouto East
I The only line running
. A,D
liOiiiHTlllo, Cincinnati Hiull.cx-liiK-on,
Connecting In same depot with. fait train lor
JXTe-vr "STorls...
The Direct Routo to Lynchburg, Dan
ville, Norfolk,
All Virginia and North Carolina
For tickets and lurther Information, applr to
your neurit ticket office, or address
ftenl. Houlhwestern Agent,
SI0 W Msln St., Louisville. Ky.
C. W.N.MITII, 11. W. FUI.I.EK.
Osn'l Manuer, (len'l I'ass'r Ag't.
ltlcbmond, Virginia
Soods, Plows and Farming

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