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Taewky Hentf , - - Jaw 12, 1833
roon now unco tin.
A Ftt ff Thrm H fie llnr llrrrniw f Vrel
iltntt of Iht Ittitttl AMfes.
Tho second ProsuloBt of tLo United
Htatcii, Juhu Adffi; m tlio rtou of s
farmer of moderate moans, who win
oeaipolKl to work cuiutantly for tlio
tupport of life fmiiily. Wliou, t the
goof 20, Ihosoii ijrnilimtiil nt HnrTBnl
College, lib etliicutioii iu his own caiii
tl for Ms (tart In aclUo lifo.
Andrew JacVmhi was born in a log hut
in oilrcmc jiovcrty. Ho grow tip in tlio
woods of North Curol.nn, living in tho
Lome of a rclntivo, wlicro his mother
worked to Mipixirt liirnclf and her throo
James K. I'olk, tho eleventh Presi
dent, uporit Ins early ilrivs on n farm ill
the wilderness of North Carolina. His
father placed liim in a storo with tho in
tentiou that ho should enter mercantile
life ; but his disliku for business was so
great that at the ago of 18 he was sent
to the Murfreesborough Academy to fit
him for college.
Millard Fillmore win the son of
New York fanner, mid his homo was an
liuinWe one. When he won 1 years of
ago he was sent nuay from homo to
learn tho business of a clothier. But
flyo Tears later he entered n law ofllce,
1 and at tho age if 23 was admitted to the
1 bar.
J James Buchanan was born in a small
town of the Allegheny mountains. His
father was poor, and by his own ai built
1 his homo in tho wilderness. When
i James was 8 J cars of ago ho was placed
at bcuooI, ana six years later entered
Dickuuou College, whero he graduated
with the highest bonora.
It is well known that Abraham Lin
coln was the sou of parents who were
tho ixtorest of the ioor. Till ho was
more than 21 his liomo was a log cabin.
Bis attendauco at school was limited to a
few months. Fronf-'cariy life ho was
compelled to depend pp. himself not only
for his living, but also for his success in
his busiuesi and his profession.
At the ago of 10 Andrew Johnson was
apprenticed to a tailor. Previously his
mother had supported him by her own
labor. He was iiocr able, it is said, to
atteed school. Ilia education ho gained
by his own efforts at night, alter work
ing all day at his tiudo, and by tho help
of his wife.
The early home of Gen. Grant, also,
on the banks of the Ohio, more than
fifty years ago, was without many of
the comforts of civilized life. Till he
was 17, when ho was sent to West
Point, ho lived the hfo of a common
boy, in a common home.
James A. Garfield, like so many of his
prodocessors, was liorn in a log hut
When ho was 1 years old his father
died. Tho family was poor. When ho
had hardly entered his teens ho was do
ing a man's work in tho liarvest Hold
He learned the carpeutcr's trade. Ho
worked on the Ohio canal. Ho was de
termined, however, to liavo an educa
tion, on , leaving his piano nrd his
scythe, ho worked his way through the
preparatory school, una, wtji some help
from friends, was able to graduate at
Williams College.
The lives of many of tho President
provo that no boy Is so poor but that h
may hope to attain tho highest honorr
which the American people cau aire.
'Prof. Young, tho mathematician and
astronomer, gives us sonio concrete il
lustrations of tho marvels of tho uni-
Terse that aro fascinating in their way,
The traveler who would mako the cir
cuit of the world in eight days would
require nearly tuenty- four years to cir
cumnavigate tho sun. Tlio sun's sur
face is nearly 12,000 timoj, and its vol
ume or bulk more than 1,800,000 times
greater than that of tho earth. If tho
earth is represented by a threo-inch
globe, tho nun, ou tho uamo scale, will
bo moro than tweuty-aovon feet in diam
eter, and its dUt iuco 3,000 feet. If tho
sun were hollow, and tho eaxtTNat its
center, thero would be room for tho
moon 210,000 miles away, and for an
other 100,000 miles beyoud her. The
mass of the sun, that is, the quantity
of mutter coutaiuod in it, is nearly
330,000 times as great as that of tdo
t'urtli. This muss is about 7J0 times ai
great as the combined musses of ull the
planets and satellites of thu solar system;
it Is two octillions of toua. The attract
ho pull of this tremendous mass upon
tho earth nt u illntauco of nearly 93, 000,
000 miles again trausceuds all concep
tion. It is thirty-ait quadrillions of
tons ; ki figures thirty-nix followed by
seventeen ciphers. It gravitation wero
to ocase, and steel wires were used to
hold tho earth In her orbit, each wire
being as large us the heaviest telegraph
wire (No. 4), it uould require nine to
well square inch of tho earth's nurfaco,
and tho whole suuwurd hemisphere of
our globe would have to lie covered a
'thickly us blades of grass ukm a lawn.
A man who on earth would weigh 250
pounds, would ul tlio kuu weigh nearly
two tons, urn) be uuublo to btir. A
planet us fur away as tho nearest fixed
tor, which is more than 200,000 times
more remote than the sun from tho
arth, if not disturbed by any other at
tractions, would still bo governed in its
niollou by tho sun, though, it moving
iu a circle, nearly 00,000,000 years
would be required for a single, revolu
tion. If the motion seems alow it is
because tho dUtaueo is so wwi ; but the
planet wvuld (.till bo held so powerfully
iu its orbit that it could ouly free iltuiU
from solar uttmctlou by ikrtkg away
with a voIocMjr of mm tiuut 300 hat a
uicoui. Mutton A(tt'rUtr.
jk .fr.itrv r.urr. ronr.
Tlio iViflf Lloyd says that Fcrdi.
iiauddo I.-sseps has been an Olhollo,
thongh without tlio misfrnblo ill-luck rt
Bhakspcnru's swarthy hero. Llko
Otliotlo,liowiin liU presciitlieantifulwifo
by the narration of his adventures and
dangers. M. do Lcnwps. is now on tho
verge- of 80, but iu spite of his great
ago ho retains tho hopefulness and fault
ness of youth, and ho has been com
pared, in this respect, to Pythagoras,
Titian and Alexander Von Humboldt, and
oven to tlioso lioroen of Indian legend
who enjoy their lifo twice over. At tho
ago of GS, M. do Loascps was left a wid
onjcr, and had n troop of grown-up sous
nud daiightetB. Home few years after,
it was reported, to tho amazement of tho
world, that tho lively septuagenarian hod
married a young Creole maiden of aston
ishing beauty who has since brought him.
six children. In a certain Parisian fam
ily, whero SI. do Lcsseps ' often visited,
thoro was a bevy of five sifters. Tlio
old man delighted to gather them around
him, and relate ntirring episodes from
his travels. One day, while tqieaking of
his experiences in Palestine, ho said that
ho had tindorgono great dangers and diflt
cultios among the Arabs, because (hey
could not conceivo how a man could live
without a wife. Tho prettiest of the
sisters, innocently asked, "Why, then,
do you not marry again ?" "Because I
am too old," replied M. do Leaseps
"Besides," he added, "if I were to full
in love with n youug girl, it would bo
absurd to think that sho would fall mlovo
with me." "Who knows?" observed
tho questioner. Lesseps told his young
listeners about tho roso of Jericho,
which, after being dried, and placed in
water, again bursts out into bloom.
Soon afterward he obtained one of
these roses, and presented it to tho
youug girl. Iu n few days sho appeared
with tho reblossomed roso iu her hand,
which uhe gave to the honored guest,
saying at the Baiuo lime : "Bee what a
miracle tho water has effected upon the
rose ; it is tho blooming of love in old
ago." Their eyes met, and 31, do Los
scps, believing tlint his Desdumoua had
a meauing inwhat slip said, quietly said :
"If you really" hinjt that you darovent
uuo to share the remaining years of on old
man, hero is my hand." But for this
marriage it is very uncertain whether
tho bold projector would liavo under
taken the lalxjrions task nt Panama.
Sho is always at his side, and has been
his chief help and supjiort throughout
his arduous conflicts with politicians,
monoy-lendera, inquirers and laborers.
London Echo.
TltK I.OClt Of aiHltALT.HL
Great Britaiu'u possession of the rock
of Gibraltar is a reho of a bygone age.
It has for many generations been ainon
ument of tho least azreeable side of Eu
ropean politics. Gibraltar is by tiosition
a Spauuh fortress, and its name is a
synonym for impregnability. Why,
then, should it bo occupied by a foreign
lower? Ou no theory of fair play can
tho fact be accounted for, but not till
recently has a British lovo of justico
seen anything improper in it. Agita
tion for tho recovery of the foi tress is
now in progress in Spain, and tho En
glish Radicals to a considerable extent
sympathize with it. Sentimentalism,
however, is not alono at tho bottom of
the talk of surrender. Modern modes
of warfare are such that Gibraltar is not
indispensable to British glory. IU
harlior is poor and is commanded by tho
guns of other forts. No force could
take Gibraltar, it is admitted, but that
docs not increase its imjiortance to En
glaud, for at this day a rendezvous for
tho Mediterranean licet of ironclads is
of mora importance than a land fort not
connected with good anchorago ground
for veesol of the class which compose
the British navy. There is a harbor on
tho African coast suitablo to receive tho
largest ilect of tho largest men-of-war,
well guarded by fortifications, and ac
cessible to supplies from abroad. Tho
changes in fifty years iu tho art of war
would make this port equivalent for
Gibraltar. It is not straugo that tho
mowug spirit of Spanish nationality
mourns for the recovery of tho historia
worth i'a wxixa.
WhenLover, the novelist, was residing
near Dublin, tho Eleventh hussars ar
rived in that city, and their notoriety
made then a great attraction, owing to
the Eail of Cardigan being their Colonel,
and tho numerous duels and quarrels
that hod occurred in tho regiment. After
a levee at tho castle, ono of thcirofllcers,
Lever recounts, was walking down Sack,
villo street, one sunny afternoon in hi)
full dress, and ho was met by two Irish,
men fresh from tho country. Quito.
Htnggrd at thrt glittmiiib and gorgcotu
apparition clanking toward them, they
riveted their eyes on tho blazing gold,
bluo uud crimson figure, and, with a
wondering gazo, tho one exclaimed to
the other, with a sharp nudge in the
ribs and look of cxquUite fun, "Begor
ru, shouldn't I like to pawn him 1 "
Llt'K AT I.K.tliyil.l.H.
I know a mail hero wIkmo Eastern
homo has every modern luxury. He
litis mado $10,000 iu the camp, and is
worth well toward half a million. He
lives iu a two-roomed cubiu. Tho fur
niture cousists of three chairs, two rude
bunks, ono old stove and a large table.
There is u pile of oie in one comer, u
pilo of wood in another, tmd a heap oi
blankets, guuuy-sucks and old clothes
iu the third. The rear room contains a
small but very select assortment oi
kitoheu utcusils aud household supplies
placed within easy reaching distance oi
the stove. This gentleman uud his pai t-
uer do their owu cooking uud household
work, but the way iu which they do il
would make an Eastern housekeejiei
faiut LtudvllU htUr.
Pay your subscription to tkU ppr.
ifi 1 1 c HKi tnH roiM.
A reporter ukrd James N. Sampson,
tho ftiran di-'i i live at tho r3nb-triiu-
ry, to what the Government detectives
attributed Iho sudden iiicrcsKO in tho
numlierof clipped and punched coins,
which ho attracted co much attention
of late. Mr. Sampson said that it was
jrfcctly well known that nine-tenths
of the (lunching was dona in this city by
Cubans. A ihhuIht of silver coins wero
clamped together in a roll, and in lens
time than it takes to write nn account of
it a hole is drilled through tho whole
lot Tho filnoof tho silver obtained by
punching n hole of usual size iu a coin
amounts to nbout onc-tnenty-fifth of
tho nluo of tho coin, so that for every
roll of twenty-flvo quarter-dollars tho
vulnoof ono qunrtcr-dollnr is obtained
in a moment by running a drill througl;
tho roll. 3Ir. Sampson snys, also, that
many of tho punched coins come from
Mexico and South America, whero our
silver coins circuluto freely, and rarely
cscapo mutilation. Several attempts
liavo been mado of lata j ears to break
up tho systematic punching of coins,
but with littlo Buccess. Only two con-
victious for tho offeiuo have licen mado
iu ten years. 3fr. Sampon remarked
that, whilo tho business of punching and
filing coins was almont wholly in the
hands of tho Cubans, tho business of
sweating gold coins by shaking them up
in a buckskin bag is attributed by tho
detectives to the denizens of Chatham
street. By shaking a bag containing
100 eagles for threo hours the result in
gold dust will be worth nbout $20. Mr.
Floyd, tho chitf clerk of tho assay office,
said that the Government rules relating
to light-weight gold coins were defective,
and tended to keep such coins in circu
lation. When n gold coin less than
twenty years old is abraded to moro thau
per cent, of its value, it is stamped
with nn " L" at the Sub-treasury and
returned to whoever offers it, instead of
Ix-iiig sent to the mint. The object is
to force the holder to take it to the
assay office or mint to be sold at its real
value, instead of which it goes into cir
culation again. The trouble is that
Congress has never mado any provision
for redeeming mutilated or even abraded
coin. Many persons think that all pieces
that havo been worn down beyond re
cognition iu actual Hcrvice should bo re
deemed at par. Tho difficulty is to tell
when a pieco has been worn smooth
through use or brought to that condition
by sweating or other artificial means.
Mr. Fiovd considers that tho mutilation
of silver coin doe? not need Government
interference, because uuliko tho abra
sion of gold, the multilation of a silver
coin can be detected at once, and it rests
with the public to drive such coins out
of circulation. Arcu York Kvenlng
Queen Elizabeth loved flattery, and
on one occasion her passion was fully
gratified, as the following anecdote, told
in tho New l'ork Ledger, testifies :
" Whcu Hie Duke do Villa Medina
was at tho English court, ho was pres
ent, and took part at a tournament giv
en by Elizabeth, where his gallantry
and manly beauty made him tho ob
served of all observers. At tho close of
the sport, as tho Duko came near to tho
Queen, she said to him, pleasantly, that
sho would like to know w ho was the
chosen lady of so gallant a knight;
whereupon ho shook his head and would
not further answer.
" ' But,' persisted Elizabeth, 'there
must be, somowliero, a lady w hoso beau
ty and perfection of character gives to
her a deeper place in your heart than is
yielded to another ? '
" 'Ah 1 yes, gracious Madam, there is
ono such.'
" 'Aud moy I not know who sho is 7
"The Duko reflected a moment, aud
then nusweied that he would inform her
ou tho morrow.
"And en the morrow ho sent to tho
Queen, inclosed iu a box of sandal wood
and inothor-of-iearl, a small mirror.
"Those who kuow ElizuU-th'a charac
ter can imagine how deeply this bit of
flattery must have tounhed hex."
t VltlAH Von OltiaiNALlTY.
"William, you have again como up
uuprepured I"
"Yes, sir."
"But from what cuuse?"
"Lnziuess, sir."
"Johnson, give William a good marl
for uprightness."
" Bates, you proceed."
"I havo not prepared, too, sir,"
" From laziness, sir."
"Johnson, gives Bates a bail marl,
for plagiarism I"
duon t.xouuu rot: unit.
There is a btory told of a blunt old
sea-Captain who was noted for his ex
treme personal plaiiiness. Being pres
ent at u lirty, ha had tukeu no part ill
the dance, n-s his hostess had souio diffi
culty in providiug him with u partner.
At lust sho led him up to a prim and
btuid spinster, at Hiokiiuio time whisper
ing a few words of apology iu his cur
"O, you needn't iimku uuy apology,
madam," suid he, with alacrity. "Any
old thing is good enough for mo."
Tiik army wonu, having for tho most
part duuunded or been mustered out, is
now succeeded as a opu!ur sensation, at
least at tho South, by tho cotton worm,
which is making lunooin tho growing
crop. This unwelcome visitor is about
an inch long aud depoits its eggs ou
the under surfaco of tho leaves of the
plant, which the youug, on being
hutched, Immediately begiu to eat. The
scourge is a familiar one, uud has often
been ruinous to tho districts ft utlaeKs.
Unhappily, it has made rather uu early
rppearauco this year, aud it will have
time to do much damage before the
coming of tho cold weather, which kills
the worm.
MKMoiiir r moc.t rrn.vo.r.
Dnring . war, whilo tho bloodiest
battle ou tho Potomao wore bolng
fought, tho Southern and Northern
troops fratcrnlzod ou this ajKit, and not
n shot wnsTired nor a blow exchanged
on tho doinsin of Mount Vernon. It
was noutrni ground. Tho soldi-rs ex
changed coffeo and tobacco and lolled
amicably together under tho trees, then
went back to shooting and killing each
other m soon as they wero off tho sacred
ground. The most irreverent scoffer
must walk with reverence tlirough tho
tuuieiit fnuue house in which so much
of mir history is embalmed. Hanging
in the hull Is tho great key to tho
Bnslilo, sent to Washington by Ijifay
clte, and near It is the General's field
glass, hung ou its rack by Washington
liimtieH nud never disturbed. Of all the
memories of Mount Vcruou nono aro
more interesting than thoso of Eleanor
Cuslis iHxir Nelly, who died at 22, and
was her stepfather's pet. In ono room
stands her harpsichord, an immense,
machine, just the slzo of a grand piano
of tho pnuent day, with two banks oi
keys liko an organ. Beside it aro some
ancient blue chairs embroidered by tor
dead fingers a century ago. In tho
grounds stands her roso bush, bosido
whieh, t nulit loll says, she received her
first offer, nud which tho guiloless aud
ciednlom of henex aro persuaded to
walk around six times to bring a similar
event about. One of the ingeuuitieti of
the Ilegcnts of Mount Vernon was to
havo magnificent Turkish rugs made to
resemble as far as possible the rag car
pets which wero tho floor coverings in
Martha Washington's day, aud for that
purpose scraps of tho rag carpets wero
sent abroad to bo as nearly simulated as
possible. Aud way up high, under tho
roof, is a little hlj roofed, domcr.wiu
dowed rookery, which, alter Gen. Wash
ington's death, his widow chose as her
own room, because it was from that win
dow only that a view could lie had of tho
hideous brick tomb iu which the mortal
part of the General lay.
The uamo ia derived from a Greek
word signifying "sweet," and has refer
ence to taste As oil consists of acids
and glycerine, the latter is obtained by
separating tho oil the samu is truo of
fat into its component parts.
Tho uses of glyeerino aro becoming
moro and moro extended and valuable,
Thero is no application that is bettor
than a few dropa rubbed daily over tho
hands, to keep them moist aud smooth,
Tho hands should Iw first moisteued
with water, as the gijccrino otherwise
absorbs moisture from the skin.
Glycerine aud carliolio acid threo
ounce of the former to fifteen grains of
the latter Are umong the most effective
applications for chapped hands, and
equally for a scurfy skin. It may bo
Used two or threo times a day.
Glyeerino is also said to bo exceeding
ly eifective iu somo cases of piles. A
gentleman who had suffered from thorn
for j earn, and whose case appeared to
dofy medical treatmeut, was cured by
taking it daily with his food. A doso
would bo from a half to a whole tablo
spoonful. Writers iu tho London Lancet strong
ly recommend it for acidity of stomacli.
Its use for this trouble was first discov
ered by a private gentleman, who had
long been a sufferer from it. Having
read iu tho paiier thst glycerine kept
milk from souring, ho said to himself,
"Why won't it keep mo?"
He tried it with complete snecess, and
was ablo thenceforth to tako food from
which ho had been forced to abstain. It
was subsequently employed by physi
cians with liko results.
It does noT remove acidity; it only
prevents its occurrence. Tako from a
teaspoonful to a table-spoonful inimodi
ately after eating, or tako it in tho tea
in placo of sugar.
Miss Eouunoh, daughter of Senator
Edmunds, takes a daily walk accompa
nied by a fiuo Irish setter. Miss Hill,
daughter of the Senator, owus a fun
setter and drives a stylish dog-carU
KIAOKS. Tho Europe, of Brussels, publishes
somo curious statistics of suicides at
tributed to unhappy marriages. Ac
cording to this statement, iu Sweden,
out of every 1,000 suicides, thoso of 1G
men and 21 women wero said to havo
resulted from matrimonial misunder
standings or incompatibility of temper.
In Norway tho figures wero 21 men and
18 women ; ill Prussia, 48 men and 61
women ; b Saxony, 20 men and 29 wom
en ; in Italy, 70 men and 70 women ; in
Franco, 138 men and 101 women. It
is remarked that tho largest number of
these suicides occur in Franco and Italy,
whero divorce does not exist.
Tub Illinois dog law requires tho
owner of uvery dog to pay a tax of $1
therefor, to bo collected as other taxes.
This money goes into a separate fund
to reimburse tho ownora of sheep that
may bo killed by dogs. Another ex
cellent provision is that, it tho owner of
a sheep-killing dog is known and u
silent, tho proceedings shall lie against
him for tho loss; otherwise tho loss ia
made good from tho dog fund.
TKAItfVh UtMiAatt,
There is at Brussels a curious case oi
chrouio drowsiness. A man about -ffl
years of age, apparently in jierfecl
health, has lately been uttacked by uu
irrepressible teudouoy to Bleep. As soon
as he stops walking or scuts himself even
to eat, ho fulht into a deep slumber. All
tho remedies prescribed by tho leading
Belgian physicians have failed to pro
duce any effect ujioii him. This is said
to be the first case of the kind iu Ewope,
although such cases uie by no weans
rare amoug tho negroes of Guinea, who
cull them Neluvaii.
Hustonville Nat. Bank.
Orricaor Court-mi its nr tiik (.'-'a-uti-cY
WA3IIINIHON, Arm 7, 18S)
Wil-tittM, Mr Mllt'urtorj- nl.lfnctr-rfnlr.1 o
th uodmlinnf, II hat tn ml la prf tlmt
Iht NMIomllUnti odlmton-illlo, In llm town of
HiiitoiulltF, In Iht rountf of Uarola ml But of
KtDtiukjr, hMtorapllM with ill lhrntlilono(
lh IMTlwJ SUtutu or Iht UnltM HIlM rrqulrnl
to t roropllfJ with lfr in snncUtlon ibill I
mithorliKl to (oiumrnro Ih ImilnoMol bunking,
Kiw, Ihrrrfor. t, John J Knot, (Vn
liolltrof Hi Currency, dn rfitHj thtt Iho Nn
llonil lUnkof lluilontlllf, In tb town of Hut
tontlll. In thrountf of Unrein sn-l Hlitu nt
Ktntutkr. It mitlinrlfct tnmnimrnr Iho l.uiln
of lnkln(, (iitliflrlrril In Pwtlon S.IG'J ot Hit
i;Tini nmiuiffloi in tmiivM pme.
lolMtlhionr whrrmf, wIIiimu tnr hun-l nnil
tl of offif. thlillh ilir fit April, 1S1J.
(etiiitrullr of lliw Cunrnrj .
IiiNiirancc Company !
American Aneti, - $5,212,737 81
Lones paid ia 31 yean
ia u. q. exceed 9Ji,uuu,uuu.uu
Solid, Prompt and Honorable. Pars
losses Vfiuioni uu uajs' uiscotint.
Does the Leading American Business.
rollclM wrltun l.y
rcwnUJ it Ibt MM irnrr. lulrt rMtooil.lf,
Representative Newspaper of the South.
Courier -J ournal
-AM oruiAN or-
Live Issues, Living Ideas
Ah Eifixr Op
Ai miloJInl In
That Thievinir Tariff
Uu no urlor M a jrnt limllr oJ i-ulitlol
paper iu tot Dtwijxfr woria ti cirrutaiiun
jtAxr ruins i.Aitomt
Than tnr iiolltlcalncwipair In tb 8oulh, and It
rxnllMl br but few In tho UnlltJ Mtatrt. It ran-
Ulna rcb wnk tbo taoat romplcto aummarr of
thanowaortbo wotlJ. nnl Ita rJllorlal rolumna
(llforr Wattcraon. fcJllor-ln-Cbltf) aro alwaia
aoie, airoog idu uriaoi. aiuodx ine
Are Ttlrfrapble Hprclala from all tbo leaJing poln ti
In Iho Unllnl htatraanj Kurop. Herlal aixl Khoit
niorira, lanuafe-aoermona inouar auer uviirrrj
Iu llrccklfn Talrnacle. Market Iterorla. lull-
Ion Ixtteia, Turf an.l block lUporia, Anawer to
ujrreapoooeoia- iieparinieni, t-oeirj ana iiefii
uient lor Cblhlreii. Ho Homo fti the Couatrjr
aiiouia uowiiuoui ii.
Dalljr, 111 jean HunJajr, 12 a year; Weekly,
alnely corr ono Tear, fl.oo- Hferoplee, one jear.
V1XO. Alter a club ot Bo baa Leen aent ui the
club rataer can, tbrou(bout tb joar, I'll alnifle
aubacrlptlon at our lowest club rate II 10 lor
leailjr aubaerlotlona. Yeoilr aubarrlptlona onlr
ran La rereited al tbli rale. Our leriua lor U
than a rear are II (oi elubt monlbi, 71 eenta
for alt luoDlha. SOcenta for ibreotnonika.
A aaiople copy of Weekly Cburler-ortoil I, aenl
freo ol cbarKo for examination ou application
Liberal caah eoumilulon allowetl canvauera, ant
outni aenl mem free of cnarKO. Adtireaa
W. N. iiai.ii:an,
I'realilint Courier-Journal Co., IxiuUfllle, lij
Democratic and for a Tariff for EaTenue
For more than a tblrU of a oontanr the I
known to lullllona ull over tbo world m B
the only-eafo reliance for tlio relief oil
acclucnu anil tuiln. It 14 a nnxllulncl
above prlco unit pralao the beat or IK I
bind. roriTuryXorinorexU-rualnolnl
Mntanir Liniment la wllliont nn onual.
It ieuetratra Jleali ami muaclo o
tho very liotte iiialdnff tlio oontlnu-I
uuco of pain iiikI tnnniiiiuution ltupoa-1
Iblo. IU tiroclnupoalluimill l-'loalianill
tlm Unite Crentlmi uro equally womlir-l
iui. juuxiuigaii
Unlmoiit U nccJcil by aouiobody In
every liouvo. Kvcry iluy brlnirx news of
the atuuy ufau awful aculil or burn
ubUuix). of i-heuuiatie umrtvr ru-
atarot, or n alublo horaa or pi
va by tbo hculliii; jiowcr of tlila
vrbleti tpeoilllr cures kuoli nllracnU of
tbo HUMAN H.KSll as
KliouiiiKtlain, NiTllln((a, Ollff
juaii, l ouirat-irii jiiuacjca, jiurua
uuil Heuttla, Cute, llrulaea ami
Npraluai I'olaoianii i lllli ami
hihlua, Stimieaa, , Olil
Noree. t'lrera. l'ror ll.lalua.
dure IMpi'lre, Cat. uat, ami
ludoeil every fonia u v-atirual tlla
II litula trllbout acare.
tor tlu) UUUTU COUTIOM It CU104
Hpralua, Mwliiuy, Hllir Jnluta,
l-'ouUiUr, Ilarncaa Norto, Hoof Ilia
eaeea, foot Hot, Ncronr lvoriu. Noli,
llullutv Horn, Ncralcbea, luU-
Sella, Nlinvlii, Tliru.li, Ithi(l""e,
Id Korea, l'oll Uvll, I'llnt upon
tlio filfilit and eveiy ullier ulluieitt
t wblclt the ore u pun I of Ilia
Mtabla uml Hlock Vul.l are liable.
'Ibu Mailcait MuataiiK I.luluieut
Blwuya lurea ami uovir JLujijKjiuUJ
and It U, poaltlvuly,
MITIIt)PHT,80UTII-niT. II. V Mottleio,
I'aator. Denkc every (uoJir uornln anil
nlhl except the thirl I'rayer Meet In evtry
1 buralay nUhl Hun.lay Bchool at 1 M A. M.
IteT II I pioilivtii, nuTiiDi.iiurio
BArTIHT RtT J M Ilatrcw, t'utor Bertlree
onriecoml rt t'omth Munilara, notnlntand
night, IVaier Meetlnc every We4nealay afler
nooo, Hun.lay rVhool at it A H, II. K, Harrow
CIIKIririAN Wonhlp b; the toiurrttion ae
err IdnTa ltr. rreachlnc br Iir. J. W. (ox
onMerond anil fourth lr.l'l daya. BunJay flchool
at It. Joa. rieteranre, Mnperlntendaot.
roT, pallor. Monday Hrhout at -W. John W.
nt,HnpnrlnterKlent. Union Trartr Ueatlnoa
Wedneaklay nlfhle.
-UTArirOKIi. KY.-
W. P. WALTON, - Proprietor.
Blieof Hlf, TOiM. Rltht romnlele aela ol n
ery Beatlnc rapacity, Incluillnc nailery, too.
lU-nonitile ralea lo rood, attractlona. Adilreea
a at ore.
Stanford Female College.
With a Full Corps of Teachers,
Thtelnelltutlon will open III Thirteenth Heealon
on the M Monday In rleio(r next
Are lauiht, aa vail aj
In Tuition, price ranta from tH lo fie to Ik
regular llepartmenta. Pllmtir. IU, Intermedial
110; ITtparatojy, IM. and Collegiate, HO.
Par full parti culare, aa to Board, At., addnea
MM. N. V. THUF.IIKAHT. Prlneli.el,
Slintord. Uneoln Co.. Ky.
Cstnrrti of tho Naaal Cotlty-Chronlo nnd
Ulcerntlrel Catarrti of the Ear, Eio or
Throat. It la taken INTIHH ALLY, nnd
acta OIRCCTLY upon tha Blood and
Mucou Surfnoe of the Sratem. It
if tho beat Blood Purifier In the
WORLD, aid Ii worth ALL that la
charged for It, for that, atone.
ittik tui: MAHKKT.aU
And we offer One Hundred Dollar tor any
Crtao of Catnrrh It will not pure. -
Offloo U A. T 8rwiT Cb.l
Cbicioo, 11U J una , IHK I
Xleurt. F J, Chnty ft Cu.. Toledo, (.
tVeaUrmea. I take) 1 kuuure In Informlos you
that I bate used Hall a Calarrb Cure. It bat
cured me Iwatvery bad and don't beellateto
aay'batltwUIrureanyraaecf C'atarrblf taken
properly. Youra truly,
J. II. Wutnmiou.
K. Vraaar, Jacknon, Mich., write Have bad
Catarrh for W year. Hall's Catarrh Cure cured
me. OuruUer It wortb JiaOOa bottle. -
riTMold by aU Pnipitlui at 56 rta per bottle.
Manuracturrll and eolAy K J CUE.VEV CO.
cole lrvnrietors. TOUOjO. OUtO.
For aale In Hunford ky Penny A McAllitrr.
Afflicted, Attention
The world la nlW with the wonderful, beeutl
ful and Intricate Imentlona ol wan, jet all the
couiUoed talent and nenlue thit tb world haa st
ar known baa neier produced any thins that ran
roiiipar with -'Hr. (lane's IleBsdlf " kletlcal
aklll and acleoee hate, u yet, lalltd to dlacoter
any tblDg piual to theui, for the curt of the Ula
ssaea for which tbey are reroinmended. Aa tbelr
vlrtuea ami uat-a are pralird by tbouaauda through
out lb leotlli and breadth ol lbs land, andaa
Standard rauillv Medlcluee, they cannot bs st
celled, an tare fully auUUntlaled by the ttroor
eat tealluioolala.
torCoufba, Colda, Croup, Hronchllli, Consump
tion end all Uieeaaeaa ol lbs Throat and buoji,
Umo Dr. Ohhh'k C'otiKb Nymp.
For liter Complaint, Dyipepala, Indlfeatlon Jaun
dice, Conatlpstlon, Sour rloioach and sll Slllout
lino Dr. tinmt'H Liver Hre.
For Itbeuuatlaiu, Meuralsla, 8pralna, llrklara and
8welUuja-sn external application for man or
ITmo Dr. Obiiu'm IJultHciit.
Forlllea, Ileuioribolda, Uurui, Fltlula and all
alinllar dlwaaos,
Uho Dr. Ghiiii'm I'lle Oluliucut.
For Fresh Cuta, Duma, Ulcere and Old lions,
17ho Dr. Ohiiu'h IIKIcr-Nweet
1)ho Dr.OHiin'M NIoiuhvIi IIIUvrH
A Itellable Tonic. Appetlwr and Illood I'uilter,
and alao cures liyiieeela. Indigestion, Liver
Complaint, Malarial liters and all erlodlcal
Ulaeaars. Manufacturrd and lor sale by
w. 2-c. o-A3rar, uc. d.,
Bole proprietor, aloutlrtllo, Ky. axsrAII orders
by uull will rerelre piouipt stteutlon, M-tl '
Ken lucky 'h ltuulo Eust
Washington, PhiladelphiaN.Y.
The only line running
LeulHTllle, C'lncluHHtl hhI I,ox
IiikImh, Hy.,
ConoecllDK In aauit deiwl wllb fast trains lor
The Dirwt Route to Lynckburff, Dan
ville, Norfolk,
All Virginia aud North Carolina
For lid eta and further Inforutllon. ai-i'lr to
your ueerat llckttincaor addraas
Haul Westeru Agant.
3IU YV. Main Ml., lulullle.lCy
tian'l alinuar.
llab'l I saa'r Ag't.
eUchiuoad, VlrgluU
Louisville, New Albany &,
Chicago Railway.
- tiik .vm urn: IIUNHINII
rulIiiiHii TaIhcu Curs!
Hrnrlat Nntii K taenert Iroru Ike Knot
villa branch or LA H. It. It. arrive In UmlavllU
In time to lake the etching train of the "Monon
lloule" and gn through lo
Orceiirimllo, C'ranftirtliTlllPa Idtratrtte
ami Clilcnge rillheHt clirinicr.
timi: TAIH.K.
I.te, lulTllle....
Arr. ilrrencaitle.. ....
" Ufayelt
' Chlr.ro. ...
7 41 p ni lllau
I 01 a in IHpn
1 0.1 a m M p m
I IX am S It pm
I 7 Warn a tit y ia
The runatdlrrc! route, with only one thangeof
rare, leall polnta In Wix-ontln, MlnneMta, Iowa,
ebraaka,Ae tor further Information, a-IJree
in. Loultvllls, Ky
Through Trunk Line
WllnUt Change ui wltb ZfWt UirhaM
Without chaais le
Kaabtrtle, Mesapkla,
Llltle Hock, Msalxomary. Atlanta, fiataaaah,
Jackaoarltle, Mobile, and New Urleeee.
la Palace L'ara Wlthoat Change
froaa Loolatllls la ratsceCsrswItbeatcbssge
PMIHRaUTC tsalc homeaonthe
CITHUnHrl 10 line ol this road will
receive special law rates.
See Areata of IM ( nmpant for ratie, roolea
Acer write C. P MHORf. 0. P. & t. A.
' Loulavllle. Kr.
Don't Be Led Astray !
Ity the i-eulleily trordeJ aJtertlaenienlaof rlral
routes, which are llalde lo derette the public
The Ihorteal and (julckcal ttoute from Cincin
nati West la the
10 IToura
Clnriinmli to St. Louis !
IlourttbeaJ of ali other lluw.
pally Tnlna, with notbauge of rare for any
C claaaol aeengrra.
31ally Tralna to Loulatllle, wltb Free Pallor
21allf Tralna lo KreuMllle. 4 koura la sd
tanreof allMber routes, with one lees change
of rare.
2 Dally Tralna lo Cairo, 7 hours quicker than
soy other Hue, end no change of cars,
2 Iially Tralna te Mew Orlrena. Mo change of
rare from Cincinnati.
12 Hours QouJi?h1EH,,"n """" Kou,'",
lancie P.u To Huri lu Tlioeonlhe
IXdllSdS Ull ran, and Ires change of rare
than by other Hare.
The O. X' M. la the only line with 4 Iially
Tralna from Cincinnati lo HI. Luola, making dlreet
connectlona In the Union leiwt (at Ml. IuUlwItb
Mlieourl I'sclde Uallway,bt. lula. Iron Moun
tain A Houtbera Hallway, Chicago ft Alton Kail
road, Chicago, burling ton A (Julacy ItallroaJ, Ke
okuk A W. foula llaflrosd, WaUih. HI. loulaA
faclllc Hallroad, sllawurK Kanaaa A Trias Ball
way, Ht Umla A Han Franrltru Hallway
Imprest This Upon Your Memory.
The . efr JM. la the only line by which you
ran get tbruugb cars from Cincinnati to til. Louis
wllboutpsylug extra lare In addition la money
paid for ticket.
lurtlcketa. rates, or snr Inlottnatlon, call on
Ticket Agenta of connecting Unce.
-IN- f I'lrsae call al IW Walnut at, it
jlllCIIlildll (or Uei-ot fool of Mill street.
(leu'l Manager. Uaa 1 1'aueogor Agt
J V. HILL, I'siaenger Agent, Lebanon, Ky
r f .
r IV C I N N A T I !
And decidedly the Popular Koute, affording, u It
doua, leaa cbaugeaand auperlor accommodations la
Minonri, Iowa, Kaniai, Texai,
The Mortb, Northwest and IV eat. In fact, If you
coutsuplatea trip In any direction, your Intereat
will be Lealaertrd by purcbulng your tickets via
K. U aud Cincinnati, 1 Trains each way J; Pull
man Palace I are; Mrgsnt Mew lsr Coaches, and
neudeouiely furnlahed Kecllnlng Chair Cars lorra
the uneualed equlpuenla of this Old KsllaUs,
thereby making a trip over this line one el luxu
rloui comfort and pleasure. Try II.
Mu.X No. 4. No. 4.
Lve. Cvlugtoo
" Kaluioutb
" Cyntblaua
" 1'srla.
Arr. Lexington....
Lve. Lexington
Arr. Wlncbealer
Ml. Hlerllug
lluollnglen. -
10 60
11 so
11 IS
12 64
I 03
7 41
a u
3 01 p in
4 10 pm
C 49 put
7 W put
4 10 iu
a m
a u
p u
p m
p b
p ui
ft IU p u
6 84 p in
6 15 p in
G 44 p ui
7 SO p iu
04 p in
II 31 p IU
p ur
p UI
is iu a
No. 3.
No. 3.
Lve. llunllngtou..
Arr, Lsslngton
Lve. lsslngton.
Paris .....
' CynlM.ua... .
' raluioulb
Arr. Cuvlugtoa, .
6 10 p m
5 4s p ui
6 20 a ui
IU a m
0 to a ui
10 Ola in
1 Upin
I 40 put
20 put
7 25 a ui
It 30 a m
U 07 p D
W 65 p ui
2 00 p ui
45 p to
7 W a m
7 30 a m
II p ui
IU uo a ui
II JO a u
4 SO p in
imp ui
tTo. vl.v Lexington 4tpm,Arr. Maysvllle7 Mput
No. 10 Msyatllle 6 uu aui. Lexlagtoa 9 10a ui
No. II Uxlugton Cam " Mayetllls OOOau
No. II " Matsillle II 31pm Letlugtonll 4put
No. 4 runs dally aud has day coatliti trout Cin
cinnati to Waiblngtou, Pullman Hlseperslo Xsaa.
whs Kalla. W Vs HI ope only at alstloaa on K.
0. It. K.wbere time le given. No. 1 ruua dally
except Huuday, baa through roaches lo Huutlog
ton. No. 4 ruua dally exrspt Sunday between
Cutlngtou sud Ltxlnglon, No t runt dallyt
sud baa elegant day coach from Washing
ton. Pullman ttleeper from Ksuswba Falls and
tiarlor rare from Ltxlogion to ClnelnnatL Osly
Ibras stole. Noa. 1 aud S run dalle, eaceut Hun-
day, aud bate through roaches from Huntington
aud Ml. Blullng. 1) 1 1 act connection at Lexlagtoa
with atagee for Klchwead,ICy., Lawrencsburg.Ky..
aud Veimlllea, Ky,
rjupwluundtnt. (leu'l Pass. A Tkl. Alt
11 ,. ...I, sea... r. -!...- 1 "
lliHNMbWl)l kvtjf IliUiM, BV

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