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Editor and Proprietor
t'ubllnhnt Ttiriilnw nuf Frlitnv,
Wll.riO I'XJll ANNUM.
MFIM don't aenl lm'tln pymnt of ub-
errlptlon, tifrf t to Biikmhtnit, n. then of li
nonilntllont not eter Ihree tenia,
.' The Parson' i Mistake.
l'Arson I'vnc, who uacd to m settled
on iTfaahlonablo congregation in tlio
Cltyof Washington, listl a chronical
y imliajMwoil laily of groat intelligence
and sweetness of character in his flock.
Ho used to dread to visit her, so long
was tlio cataloguo of illi that alio was
vronl to unfold beforo him. Of courio,
lie was czectcl to sympathize, nnd ho
did hit brat. Hut it was weariness to
his impatient spirit nud nt times ho
.. found himself advising numerous (los
es to tlio lady when alio had detailed
her symptoms and aalccd his advice.
It happened nt last that tlio parson
fell tick and haul n long siego of ty-
phold fever. When ho had alowly re
covered ho was in hasto to resume his
pastoral work, and determined to visit
tlio sick first, lln madn inquiry of n
lady psrishoner as to tlio invalids and
was told that Mrs. Squire tlio lady
ajKikon of abovo had lecn very aick.
"Waa it her chronic nso of patent
,.'No," the lady replied, slightly
- stammering and blushing. Bhe bo.
liovcd that Mrs. Squtro had a run of
low fever and so mo other complies.
, lions. This waj enough. If alio had
really been aick alio muat havo tlio con
solations of religion as aoon as possi
bio. Arrived at the lady's house, Parson
I'yno sent in his card and Mrs. Squiro
came down stairs the picturo of health.
Tho dominie congratulated her on her
improved appearance. Siio had novcr
seemed so wolt and happy in her life.
j'Dut I hear you have been sick," ho
added, "and I called to bring you tho
the sympathy which you do not ap
pear to need."
"You havo been aick, Doctor, I un
derstand, and seriously."
"Yes," said tho dominie, with n
sih, "that ia the reason I can aympa
thiie with you bo readily. I know all
that you must have suffered. I havo
just had tho samo trouble and parsed
through all tho symptoms nnd suffer
ings myself."
Tho lady looked nt him earnestly
for a moment, as if alio wcro disposed
to bo angry. Then aim seemed to
think hotter of il; her faco brightened
(and she rose, went to tho parlor door
and cried: "Kate, como hero just
as you arc!"
Tho parson sat quiet and amazed ss
tho footsteps camo nearer. Then tho
door opened, nnd Kate, tho nurse, en
tered, bearing in her arms a chubby,
crowing, six-Koeks-old infant. A
light began to break utKu tho domi
nie's soul and a cold sweat stood out
upon his forehead.
"There, parson, that is what ailed
ino," cried tho laughing lady, "where
are your symptoms?"
Tho good parson blushed and fled;
but the story followed him and every
rualo member of his Hock called to ask
him what had ailed him and whero
'wore his "symptoms." From that
day to this ho has never ventured to
ask any lady about her ailments and
ho has forcsworu tho company of ba
bies. Now York Sunday Mercury.
Somo years ago, aaya 1'omeroija
Dtmocral, wo had in our employ a
rtuau who several times a day ran out
of tho office to buy a drink of whis
ky. Every time ho went out, the
cashier was instructed to drop ten
cents in tho drawer to our credit. At
tho end of seventeen months tho man
who had gonoout so ofteu had drank
himself ont of a good situation, and tho
drawer, when opened, was fouud to
contain $-100, which wo loaned to a
young mechanic at 7 per cent, inter
est. Ho used it to purchase a set ot
tlnnor's tools. On tho 15th of Feb
ruary, 187G, ho returnod it to us with
interest, saying in his letter that ho
had a wifo, two children, and proper
ty worth five thousand dollar.). Tho
other fellow is a hummer, hunting for
In Boston. "Say, sis,"
od the high-school girl's brother, "you
ought to see a now chap wo've got at
tho store; ha don't know beans." "Can
I uover teach you to uso proper lau
gunge?" inquired tho high school girl
severely. "You should nut say 'Ho
don't know beaus,' but 'Ho is not suf
ficiently versed in hotauy to recognizo
Unmatured ovule of a common logu -miaous
million tor Defense But Nertr a Cent for
"When I first kem to Claveland,"
remarket! a silver tongucd member of
tho Cuyahoga bar, n child of tho land
ol Ilurko O'Connell, blowing tho froth
from a glan of licor and setting it
down on tho bar to settle, "when I
first kem to Claveland I was fresh
from tnchin' school, nnd by no manner
of manes, the wido nwako lawyer I am
at priscnt."
"Wnn day Jim Corrigan, n sailer,
rushed into niv oflico and said ho had
Ikkii sued for ?2.r0 by Charlio Hutch
inson, keeper of tho Ht. Charles Iward
ing houso. ! want yez to defind mo,
said ho. 'Do ycz owe tho claim I' sais
I. 'Av coorso I docs lw owin' it,' said
ho. 'Thin go pay it,' anij I. 'Pay
him, is it,' anij Corrigan. 'Had luck
to him, I'd spind twinty dollars beforo
1M pay that hill.' 'Mr. Corrigan,' sais
I, 'thero'a no mo in litigation, yez owo
the hill, nnd ho'll bato you in tho
"So ho went over to Bob Johnson
and stated tho case to him. 'Do you
owo tho money', snia Bob. 'Faix I
do,' aais Corrigan, 'but divil tho color
of my money will Hutchinson aeo.
I'll spind twinty dollars to halo him.'
'CJivo mo tho iiHinoy,' sais Johnson.
Kin you Iwto him m tho law case?'
asked Jim. 'As aisy as breaking
sticks,' returned Johnson. "Givo me
(him twinty dollars.'
"Wid that Corrigan counted out tho
money and left proraisin to bo around
the noxt day at 9 o'clock to attend tho
case. As soon as over ho was out of
sight Johneon went down to Hutch
inson a ami ped tho claim ; then he
went up to Kolbo's and paid the coals,
which amounted to 82. and nut the
$l.r0 in his pocket. The next day
Corrigan kcra nround and together
they wint over to Kolhe's. Divil tho
suspicion of tho other aido was prisent,
and Johnson had the caso called and
dismissed, lavin' Corrigan to go homo
pulled up will pride over his success."
"Sinco that tiuio," continued tho
eminent barrister, after putting tho
lager whero it would do tho most
good, Tvonover advised a defendant
to aittlo the claim." Cleveland
Herald. L
rV great many christians seem to
think they miss tho very esaenco of re
ligion unless they aro in a state of
testacy all tho tirao. Our Methodist
fricndi aro especially given to this de
lusion. When thoy becomo frantically
happy and aro compelled to givo vent
to their feelings' by shoutings and wild
gesticulations they think tho Holy
Spirit has taken possession of them
and that thoy aro rending their title
clear to hcaviiigly bliss. Ucal re
ligiou, however, ia remarkahlo for its
power of endurance, not for its efler
vcsciog quality. A man has tho gist
ot tho wholo matter in Ins heart when
ho can tell the truth in a trado and not
sand his sugar. Religion is not ex
citement either in whole or in pari,
hut a steady pull, a long pull and an
honest pull. A man is a pretty bad
specimen of what religion can produco
if nt tho prayer meeting ho goes oft
liko pop beer, all froth, and in his
business tho next day ia as 'stale aa
ilitch water. Unless a man can carrv
his religion behind the counter with
him ha hasn't enough of it to do him
nuy good.
John Moranda was a success fnl
fraudulent hero for a week In Salt
Lako City. Ho carried ono arm in n
sling, and said that ho had hurt it by
a fall. Then his confederate, William
Naylor, came forward with n thrilling
account of having been robbed by
highwaymen, who would havo mur
dcredhim had not Moranda gallantly
fought them off. "He'a so modest
that ho lied alwut his arm," Naylor
added, "it is wounded by a bullet.
1 ho scoundrels took my last dollar,
but as soon as I get a remittance from
Now York he has got to tako his re
ward." Both men were lavishly eu
tertainod while pretending to wait for
tho draft, and they found it easy to
borrow several hundred dollars before
tho timo came for disappearing.
The IIaum Uami'-Mki.tinos Do.
Tho better class of people havo become
thoroughly disgusted with camp
meetings. As a rule they aro penny
making schenfes under tho gulso of re
ligion, and without exception they are
placet whero many immoral practices
nru indulged, Thero is more siu com
mitted ngaiust Qod nud society in one
day at a camp-meeting thnn iu a whole
week on tho grounds of tho Kentucky
Association raco course. Nicholas
villo Journnl.
drier- Utll l.lver fill will jioailleel
curt) lick licmliclin mil reTthl iUtcliirii.
ThU U not UU, hut truth. One iit a
oio. To be hl of all druglsU. Sea
How can it bo proved that a horao
has alx Irgs? Becauso ho has fore
legs in front and two behind.
An old lady writing to her eon out
west, tells him to howaro of billions
saloons nnd bowel alloys.
Out west when n notoriously lazy
man is caught at work, they say ho Is
meddling with industry.
Is tlicro a word in tho English Inn-
guago that contains all tho vowels ?
Thero is, unquestionably.
It is a well established fact that
a person who is guilty of squirting
tobacco juico in tho houso of worship,
don't oxpec to ralo as a gentleman.
Tho wealth of flowers is sometimes
wasted on tho vacant air, hut not mora
frequently than tho wealth of men it)
wasted on tlio vacant heir.
Circumstances niter casoa. Thero
aro times when things nro not them
selves any more than mcu aro. A
tooth is not a tooth when It isa-king.
When tho lights nro low and a fel
low occupies a big rocking chair with
his girl, how ho does wish ho was at
the North Pole, whero it would bo aix
months beforo morning.
An exchanco wants to know how it
is Hint a woman nlwnya ait mi tho
flour whenever alio wants to put her
boots on. Wo guess it is becauso sho
can not conveniently Bit on the ceil
ing, Puck.
A young couplo wero found out at
tho front gato, ono night recently.
locked in each other's arms. Thoy
said the combination was lost, and
they could not get it becauso tho jani
tor was asleep.
A social philosopher has discovered
that wealthy girls who summer at tho
scasido do not get husbands as soon as
poor girls who remain at homo. ' l'eo
plo who havo seen girls coming out of
the water nnd shivering along to tho
bath-houses liko halfdrownod rats,
will not bo surprised to find that
lovers' suits and bathing suiu do not
mix very well.
There are now in the public schools
of tho United States, aa teachers, nt
least 60,000 more, women than men.
Not raoro than twenty-five years ago
tho number of men doubled that of tho
women. Every year, in increased
numbers, ''tho common school mas
ters" aro regulated to tho obscurity of
"general business" by that inexorablo
law, "the survival of tho fittest," and,
by tho same law, in still greater num
bers, the "lady teachers" are pushed
to tho front. During the last four
years the number of malo teachers in
creased 9.359, while tho number of
femalo teachers increased 15,817.
Discovering tho great change iu ro
tation to the employment ot teachers,
an "old-timer of tho profession" was
recently heard to exclaim, "tho
women nro absolutely taking our
schools ; tho ladies will bo tho primary
teachers of tho future." Chicago Ex
press. The Comi.no Stash. Tho now
two cent postage stamp which will,
after October 1, supcrsedo the present
three cent stamp, for ordinary letters,
is described as follows : "On a tablot
is suspended an incised shiold, deco
rated with bead work. Oval, forming
n framo work surrounding a cony of
Houdon'a lilo cost o Washington; at
tho baso of tho oval is a figure two
"two" on the left and tho word "cents"
ou tho right. Surrounding tho upper
part of tho oval appears tho words
"United Stales postage" The color
of tho stamp is metallic red. Tho
stamp is a hamlsomo picco of work-
mauship, and displays decided artistio
taste, tho shading being particularly
Tho Jimson, or Jamestown weed is
put to good uso to a great extent by
tho tobacco growers in the Bluegrsss
section of Kentucky. Iu many fields
one qf tho plants are set for every two
or three hundred tobacco hills, and
they have come on early enough to bo
of service. Tho bloom is poisoned with
cobalt every evening and tho flies de
stroyed early iu tho season. Planters
in the older tobacco growing sections
do not avail themselves of the advan
tages of destroying tho fly as they
should. They may learn something
yet from their rivals.
Life contists of cutting teeth iu
childhood, of tho pangs of unrequittod
lovo iu youth, a dyspepsia in man
hood and a fear of death iu old age
and an oppressive certainty that tho
lawyers will contest your will and
pocket moat of your money.
Hrnmrr Talk. "How much Utler jou
look, Mrs. 8 I" "Ye, I hare kI"1 :1
toumh mi Hall' Catarrh Cure. Have not
felt mi well In 120 ji-ar. Il hat made a
comiltla ru re ami U worth f30 n hotlle to
any cue that liaa liio catarrh,"
Brewster, Athmry Central, How. he Ap'
pears At Long Branch
He is a big and portly man, with a
face awfully scarred by burns receiv
ed when bo was a boy; but even this
disfigurement is scarcely so notable as
his singularity of dress. Ho outrivals
tho dudes in tho frequency with which
ho changes his suits and nothing in
tho present extremes of fashion will
comparo for striking qualities with his
costumes, which aro modified revivals
of tho dandyism of n quarter of a cen
tury ngn. His hluo, swallow-tailed
coats, his nankeens, his high stocks
and low pumps, his varied hats, his
frilled shirt-bosoms nnd wrist-bands,
all thcBO mako ono wonder, not only
why ho wears them, but whero ho gets
them to wear. Wo nil know how hard
it is to get a mechanic to do any thing
in tho slightest degrco different from
what is customary, and how Mr.
Brewster prevails on a tailor to pro
duco his garments, is a mystery which
I was tempted to beg him to solve.
But if I had gained that information
I should have still been loft to search
for tho secret sourco of his hats, and I
could scarcely expect him to let that
out. "Brewster, Attornoy General,"
as ho signs himself, after tho English
oflicial fashion, has a very handsomo
second wile, a child by this lady and
several grown sons and daughters by
his first spouse. Ho occupies one of
tho largest suites of apartments at the
Howland Houso, drives good horses
and displays no lack of money. Very
dignified and irreproachable is Mr.
Brewster, with all his unavoidable and
assumed grotcequencss and all tho
laughing at him is done carefully be
hind his hack, for nobody thinks of be
ing disrespectful to his faco. Chica
go Tribune.
Papa. I Smell a Nigger.
On Friday night of last week, just
after Mr. M. T. Smith had retired to
bed with bis son, the boy remarked:
"Papa, I smell a nigger!" Mr. Smith
brought his olfactories into full play
and came to the samo conclusion. On
instituting a search, a negro bay,
named Warfield Johnson, was found
under the bed. On being ordered out,
ho confessed that ho had hid himself
thero with the intention of robbing
the house aa soon as the inmates fell
asleep. Ho was turned over to the
police and committed to jail.
This is the same negro who, at the
last September term of the Circuit
Court, was sentenced to the peniten
tiary for ten years for rape, but was
pardoned by Gov. Blackburn just be
fore entering the walls of tho peniten
tiary. Shelby Sentinel.
Grovo Kennedy is ono of tho worst
desperadoes and murderers that over
trod tho soil of Kentucky. He lias
halt a score of killings credited to his
maturing futurity account, is a devil
incarnate and the people of his section
aro much alarmed at his rolcase. Ho
was sent to the penitentiary for mur
dering his undo iu the streets of Lan
caster. Glasgow Times. All a mis
take, aa Grovo is as mild a mannered
man as ever cut a throat or scuttled a
ship, when sober, and if ho ever killed
more than ono man wo are not aware
of it. So far as his release is concern
ed, nobody is alarmed at it.
An object of much interest to bibli
ophiies is the discovery of what is
claimed to bo portions oi tho original
book ot Deuteronomy written upon
black sheepskin. The Hebrew who
owns these remarkable documents is
modest aud only asks 85,000,000 or
lib discovery. The now version comes
just in time, as the revision of the old
testament is now in progress, and the
nowly-fouud documents, being 1G cen
turies older thau any authenticated
manuscript of any of the old testa
ment, will no doubt throw valuablo
light on tho subject.
Proctor Knott, considering that he
suffered from neuralgia during tho
whole canvass for Governor of Ken
tucky, has a right smart show of a
majority. It is to bo hoped that, in
spito of neuralgia, ho will mako as good
au executive oflicer as old Isaac Shel
by, Kentucky's first Governor, to
whom Congress, for meritorious con
duct in battle, presented a gold med
al, which has just been given by his
sou to the State. Cincinnati Com
mercial. It is stated that the lied Sea is to
bo dragged by a party ot Frenchmen
iu search of Pharaoh's chariots and
treasures. Abbe Moigne, of Paris, is
tho projector of the scheme and has
succeeded in raising 81f0,000 to meet
tho expeuso of the work. The expe
dition, comosod of a number of scien
tists and experienced diver, is said to
bo already on its way to the sceuo of
operations. lugersoll started all this
Hour to Remote a Tight fling.
A novel method of effecting tho ro
moval of a ring which has becomo
constricted around a swollen fingor, or
in any other similar situation, consists
simply in enveloping tho slllictcd mem
licr, after the manner of circular ban
dage, in a length of flat India Rubber
braid, such as ladies mako uto of to
keep their hats on tho lop of their
heads. This should bo accurately ap
plied beginning, not clow to tlio ring,
but at tho tip of tho finger, and leav
ing no intervals Iretween the succes
sive turns, so ns to exert ils elastic
forco gradually and gently upon tho
tissues underneath. When tho bind
ing is completed, tho hand should bo
held aloft in a vertical position, and
in a few minutes tho swelling will bo
perceptibly diminished. Tho braid is
then taken ofTnnd immediately reap
plied in tho same manner, when, after
another five minutes, tho finger, if
again rapidly uncovered, will bo small
enough for tho ring to bo removed
with caso.
TnE Year or Horrors. Perhaps
no year known to history haa been so
fruitful in fatal disasters as tho present
ono. But seven months old, it is re
markahlo for tho number aud severity
of its cyclones, tornadoes, and Hoods;
for ils deadly railway accidents and
fatal fires by land and shipwrecks at
sea; for its panic in schools and thea
ters, and last and most horrible tho
earthquako which has rendered tho
smiling Island of Ischia ono vast chan
nel house; and which will, when this
year shall be ended, lead tho list of
ghastly horrors for which it will bo
Small flocks of sheep, like small
flocks of hens, are usually tho most
profitable; and on tho greater part of
our farms a small flock of sheep should
find a place, oven if it is but two or
three. Whero cows nro kept, the
same number of sheep may usually
be kept without hardly any expense
in tho summer season, as they will eat
herbago that is refused by the cows,
and with decided benefit to tho past
ure, a good profit may be made on tho
"In our country," says tho English
man as ho leaned back in his chair,
"before we marry wo arrange to set
tle a certain sum upon the wife'
"Yes, I know," replied tho American,
"but with us it is indifferent. It is
after wo aro married that we settle
everything on the wife and arrange to
beat our creditors." "Haw! I Eee.
And how do tho creditors tako it?"
"They never find anything to take."
Clarence Fitz Herbert sends us a
beautiful poem, beginning: "I will
wait for my lovo at heavven's gate."
Wo think you are about right, Clar
rncc. People who writo that kind of
poetry seldom over get any further
than tho gato. lou'll probably con
tinue to wait there long after the rest
of us havo passed on inside, unless you
reform and quit writing poetry and
learn to spell Heaven with ono v.
Wo hope for better things iu Ken
tucky under the administration of
Proctor Knott: Respect for publio
opinion, no more fooling away of the
publio money iu idlo military displays,
no pardoning of infamous felons, less
nepotism and a strict accountability of
public officers. Covington Common
wealth. Tho "fades," who havo displaced tho
"dudes" at Long Branch, wear silver
gray, tight-fitting pantaloons, patent
leather gaiters, broad-brimmed hats,
fashioned after the expansivo sombre
ro, aud very high collars. It is said
of them that they hope to elude the
pangs of death and gradually fado
away with the sun-light.
"Just my luck," moaned a Phila
delphia man. "Here I've been pay
ing heavy promiumsona hfmnsurance
policy for twenty years and I'm not
dead yet,"
A farmer in Scott county fouud a
potato iu his patch that was largo
enough fur a meal for his entire fami
ly, which consisted of twelve hearty
JJr. IiriMfMs'ai A'ip Vlntavevu for
I'll em II a radical cbang (rum tbe old reiuodlea
btrttofor Id uw, Tbe Ultcuiery ! (be mult of
yaaraorpatltutwieiitlocttudjr and loTtallt-atluu
Into Iu character of Ibla painful illaeaaa. To con
vine you ol III (real uirrll, call ou frunjr 1 Ho
Allaler, Stanford, or W. U. Waber, Ml. Yemen,
and get a aimplf lox free ol rbirge.
About two-flllua of all who ko tu au uulliuelj
grate die wllh Iba dreaded lUieiw.roniuiuplloii.
llruwu'a t"ictoraut baicuiej ettrjr raw II baa
Urn IrltJou aurralbe dlieau bai ikiI Uvii al
lowed Uluu UjonJ lb rviilrul of urJIilu told
Ij I'eiiuj i HcAlblcr, KUulord, ai d W. M. W.L.
er, Ml. Veruoii.
Dr.T. II lluil,ul AiliuKlou, lud , ) Hut
Jlruwu'e Kxecloraul U lb tuoil raluabb, rruiedy
for coiuuwpt'ou ralaut- tor ailo bjr IVuiij & lit.
AUilrr. blaufoid, aud W. M. Weber, Ml. Veruoii.
Opora House Block,
i)i:Aiii:nH in-
DniRH, Wall I'Hprr.
;iit;iiilrHlw, ItnnkM,
.hiiiih, NlHtlniierj',
Im, Nohin,
LunipM, l'orfiiinery,
Onr Jewelry, .Silverware anil (Ipllrat (lonus Ilenartment N In Charge or Col
Tlios. Illcliarils, who will ltepalr V niches anil Clocks Promptly anil In Hie besi
H. G.
Stanford, -
a a vr Ucd
V.- a" -,
Trad Matt SSHBBBilit;iUreJ.
A-tid ia:jLK;3srEss shop,
LNice lot of Horses and Fine Turnouts. Hates rcn-
iCs ffMBS
Is wanted by me. I will pay the highest market price. I also deal in
Andean supply it in any quantity.
A. T. NUtftfEIMEY, Nlanl-ord, Ky.
AT -
Sholf Hardware, Iron, Spokes,
Horse Shoo Nails, Buggy' Shafts,
Farming Implements,
Such as Oliver Plows, Meikle and Avery Double Shovel, and the Brinkley
Turning- and Single and Double Shovel and one-horse Harrow combined.
No farmer should be without it.
Straw Cutters, Improved Hocking
Valley Corn Shelters,
Evans' Corn Drills, Hand Corn
Ami tlio Best Pump iu Tho Market, tlio Mayflold
Tho unrivaled Jowol Rango
ware, uira uagos, uarDod and Annoalod Wiro,
Lime, Salt, Cement, Plaster Paris,
wouuen, uninaana uiassware.
The Interior Journal Steam Print
ing- Office does all
neatlyand cheaply.
w: . P.
Commercial Collego of Ky. University, Lexington, Ky.
StudenU received any ucek day of tfa year, Bumuicr vw now opt fvr rcctiunj ituJaits.
ltcpuhr Tall Session. Sent. 10. iSR. I " ii-cu-t. uiuu(fc.4
" PfW'f sv asntMiiii nmn m uw mamit)
O-"-- --"" '7 " ' . , "
tuf MiVtiBCiiT vtj wmim w ; a !(, M wltf
"' A'.." '".'?' S JJi!" " .K
Uli-Waa Hia-WM rJ tnm U .ft-Mlfc. TvUl Cvat,
m4m AtUfcMO.it. Uvwafil Uf, Mtlil l' rtiJ.wt. haMaaail. t
wot- h-. aB..M.. twn.NM.ln, r.M.M.!, .t 1W ltWI.1 M MibUM IN ..1
ln UlMM. Tat.1 Id, U.ala.r Tu. ak ll.ltt, u4 4 1. ,.
aiuk.lt W Itu t-tUi. ... aa kl U. ifta Ml., ( IU UMU,. Mtla, W lnM, H
J ft "-, w- mj .INI MHwH U tMK avUtlN S( IM UtM.MMaj. MtekMf H
yaw frM of tWt. Wb mf twltr b.Ur, a rliMue ml K m .Mb ' Ultt-a watl U ti
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I,..! , yi,lf. Ml ltkUti, 4i VIBU ft. SMITH. PrMl. Ln4A-4. M
Stanford, Ky.,
I'lro Arum,
- Kentucky,
Drugs, Books, Stationery
and Fancy Articles.
I'lijijeln' (irncilptloni accunlelj compounded,
A In
I jkwki.kum; i
Largest Stock of Matches,
Clocks, Jewelry It Silverware
Etf r Wought to tbli market. Ytlcn Lower than
Ilia Lowest. Walcbn, Clotlci and Jewelrr Im
paired on abort notlro and Warranted.
Cook Stovos, Stop Stoves, Tin
&c. A general stock of Oroceries,
kinds of Job "Work
Try us.
Walton, Prop'r.
, IIML JkVl))WlL
Uuf. UftUr itk U
ftAllk. tBith ii aJtaaluti f liurUi MS
, - M ty OaattlM tU M
Ihuful bfMUC&l eV
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